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Due to size, the 2006 page has been divided into two halves.
This page is thebeanienews 2006 Part 1 - January, February, March, April, May and June 2006

Click here for thebeanienews 2006 Part 2 which covers July, August, September, October, November and December 2006.

6-30-2006 FRIDAY

Summertime Fun the bear (Dallas Show Exclusive) has RETIRED !

Ty Warner Sea Center Edition Finn has been introduced! This is the second Ty Warner Sea Center Beanie. Now, Opie has a friend! Opie was introduced as an exclusive with brown eyes only available opening day at the Ty Warner Sea Center and as a retail beanie with blue eyes. Finn will likely follow a similar route having both exclusive and retail versions.

And the new July 2006 Beanies are....

Beanie Babies:

PomPoms, Charlie & Admiral

Houston Outlaw & Dooley

Finn, Anchor & Starboard

Spongebob friends... Muscle Man Star, Patrick Star keyclip, Musclebob Buffpants
& Spongebob Squarepants keyclip

Dora Del Tenis Dora wearing a pink outfit and holding a tennis racquet...

Keyclips Dizzy, Luke & Poofie

Beige and Pink Purses Glam Bag and Cool Clutch

Beanie Buddies:

Admiral and Kiki

Happy Birthday (Blue Birthday Hat and bowtie &
Happy Birthday (Green Birthday Hat and bowtie)


Sugarcoat and Pinwheel

Faithful and Charisse

Stubbs, Boone and Colonel

Catalina and Lyric

Raj and Regent


Keyclips Silky and Frilly

Baby Ty:

Gwowls, P'nut, Twacks


Tiptop and Bloose

Dotters and Leapers

Hallmark Exclusive Beanie Babies:

Lovebirds, School Rocks, School Rocks and School Rocks
2 Cool 4 School, recess rulz and allstarkid! Notes from the Ty Cyberboard:


"I just got back from seeing the new Superman Returns Movie which opened in Theaters today. Anyway I could have sworn in one scene of the movie I saw a stand of Ty Plush in it. Its the scene when the breaks on a car go out and the car dives into a stand of Plush and I could have sworn for a split minor split second I saw Snort the Bull Beanie Baby on the stand when it hit the windshield of the car. Of course I won't be able to be sure if it was a Stand of Ty Plush or not until it comes to DVD and I can hit pause on the scene. I just thoguht I would share this with you because maybe this means that the rumor to there being a Superman Beanie Baby could be true if indeed this was I did See Snort the bull and possible other Ty Products."


The beanies came from Aussie Bear and Friends....

They are a store in The Rocks, in Sydney, Australia. The whole movie was shot in Sydney in 2004 / 2005 and the producers purchased a large amount of toys from Aussie Bear and Friends for a scene that had something to do with a car crashing through a window.

We dont get the movie for a while yet in Australia so it will be interesting to see.

aussiebeanie Don't foret to participate in Ms. Janies Memory Contest! Follow the links, it's an enjoyable and historic journey!

6-29-2006 THURSDAY

Notes From the Ty Cyberboard:

Washing Question
"I have an old Ty classic that needs to be washed, is it okay to put it in the washing machine or not? just wondering, thanks in advance."

Re:Washing Question****Go For It...instructions...
"I have had great success washing flea market finds to near perfect condition. I remove the ribbons and the hang tags prior to washing, using a tapestry needle and embroidery thread to mark the holes the hang tags go back in. The item is tied in a pillowcase or put in a zippered laundry bag. I use Woolite and cold water, gentle cycle, then shake them out real good before letting them air dry for a couple of days. I put the ribbons back on and the paper hang tags. Sometimes you have to snip the threads that hold the ribbons in place and then retack with matching thread. Brush the dried fur with a toothbrush. The critter suffers a bit of abuse smushing his head through the neck ribbon, but it all comes out in the wash, hah!"
five bears

Notes From Ms. Janies Message Board:

New Ty Trademark!
Good Morning Everyone!
I discovered a another newly registered Ty Trademark this morning!
On June 21,2006 Ty applied to register a trademark on


Ty lists the following as the goods and services: Plush toys; Soft sculpture plush toys; Stuffed toy animals; Stuffed toy bears
I honestly have no clue as to what this Trademark will be use for?
Your guess is as good as mine! LOL!
So what your guess?? LOL!
as always.....
Tyme will tell!
Sly The Beanie Guy

Ty in The News:

News briefs from California's Central Coast

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (AP) - Beanie Baby mogul Ty Warner's proposal to upgrade the Rancho San Marcos Golf Course won approval from county planners.

After a four-hour hearing Wednesday, the Santa Barbara County Planning Commission unanimously approved the plan.

Warner purchased the 18-hole, 200-acre course near Lake Cachuma last year. Renovations include a new pro shop, kitchen, locker room and a small golf academy as well as refurbishing the links.

Commissioner Joe Valencia said his biggest concerns were related to traffic and fire hazards.

"I'm happy with the traffic report, and it looks like they have a management plan to deal with the fire issue," Valencia said.

Beaniehut has confirmed that 42 new July Newbies are on the horizon for July 2006!!!

According to Beaniehut:
"We Know These 42 Items Are For Real, We Have The Order Numbers."

Pictures of all of the new Beanies, Buddies, Pinkys, Pluffies and Classics are on The Beanwatcher's website!

I have posted the early edition of the June 29, 2006 Bean Watcher column. Of interest are the following two articles:

* Early Pictures of the July 2006 Introductions (Beanie Babies, Beanie Buddies, Pinkys, Baby Ty, Pluffies, and Classics)

* Early Picture of Summertime Fun the Bear from (includes poem information)

Peace Mania Magazine is back!
The third issue of Peace Mania Magazine is out. This time it's in color and has a full color insert. Also new is the ability to not only order it by mail for $16.00 (plus shipping) but to be able to download a pdf version for only $2.47! Click here!

Beanie Baby Lollipup and Beanie Buddy Bonsai


Beanie Babies:

6-28-2006 WEDNESDAY

An Update from Ns. Janie:

Ms. Janie's Ty Memories Contest has STARTED


A quick note from Ms. Janie,

Please be patient as I am behind on answering e-mail. Our weather problems have hampered my ability to get on line and conduct business as normal. I will answer your messages as quickly as possible.

Have a great evening,

Ms. Janie

6-27-2006 TUESDAY

My Collection Complete

Click above for the regular price ($14.99) and to see all of the available versions...


Use the link below to buy My Collection Complete for All of the Beanie Categories included for only $9.99!!!!

My Collection Complete has every Beanie ever made!!! Beanies, Pinkys, Bow Wow Beanies, Buddies, Teenies, Beanie Greetings, Aquatic Beanies, Attic Treasures, Classics, Boppers, Baby Ty and more!!!

June & July 2006 Software Sale! SAVE $5.00 off with today's link below!!!

Offer ends July 31, 2006

Ms. Janie's contest is temporarily delayed...

"Please be patient as the weather channel states we should get a break in the weather tomorrow. I try to get on line in between storms and update as quickly as I can. I am not fond of lightening and therefore have not been able to launch the contest and maintain it properly."

The Beanwatcher has posted a list of shipping costs in Australian Dollar amounts to ship the Angel Flight Australia Alpha Bears!

Fun and Laughter key clips first seen at the New York show, were also given away at the Dallas Gift Show.

Ty Cyberboard Notes:



I received this beanie today from the ty store....(wasnt sure I would be able to get it retail since the stores I have to go to now days are so far away and I only go about once a month) and I must say I like it but for one thing...there is hardly any beanies in the arms......alot in the tush area and the feet but very few in the arms, they just sort of hang there and no way to shift the beans as the body is pollyfill and there arent any beans there to shift to the arms.
Anybody else have this problem?

6-26-2006 MONDAY

Ty Cyberboard Notes:

Needing some information
I haven't been on the boards lately and am curious if the up4trade site has gone by the wayside. I haven't been able to get them for quite some time.

Yes, It Has Gone Out-Of-Business n/m

6-25-2006 SUNDAY

Ty Cyberboard Notes:

everyone Ready?
Ms. Janie's 10th anniversary contest starts tomorrow!!
Thanks Ty Inc and Ty Warner for those AWESOME prizes!!!
Those prize items donated by Ty inc. will be a Ty collector's dream come true! a truly unique Ty memorabilia Item. I know I would love one in my collection! Happy 10th anniversary Ms. Janie!!
let the fun begin! :)
Sly The Beanie Guy

6-24-2006 SATURDAY

According to reports, there will be a Tradeshow Beanie Exclusive for Each show named Summertime Fun. Each one of the seven differently colored beanies will have sunglassed and the name of the city on their foot! The first one is from Dallas...

A new Superman Beanie is also expected @ the 28th of June...

Planet Beans Lisa has noted that a Spongebob Muscle series, a Cheerleader bear called Pompom, an orange Monkey and a new Happy Birthday.

Update! Cindy of attended the Dallas Show and has contacted the Beanwatcher with the following factoids which he has posted!

"Please note that the names have not been confirmed -- some of the names differ slightly from a list I received earlier this month. Here is Cindy's report of new styles" :

Beanie Babies

Summertime Fun - Bright orange with 20 Years of Fun on feet, written in embroidered green thread, and Dallas on swing tag. There will be seven different versions of this beanie 1 for each of the 6 shows.

Pom Pom - Cheerleader in red dress with blue and white trim
Houston - the dog
Dooley - the dog
Outlaw - the dog

Aquatic Beanies

Admiral - Penguin
Starboard - Dolphin
Fin - Dolphin
Anchor - Whale

Key Clips

Patrick Star
Sponge Bob

Baby Ty

One dinosaur
Two new bears


Sugarcoat - Blue Bear
Regent - Lion
Catalina - Multicolored Cat
Sharisse - Tan Bear
Pinwheel - Brown Dog
Faithful - Dog
RHA - Cat
Boone - Dog
Colonel - Dog
Lyric - Cat Stubby


Admiral - penguin
Kiki - Monkey
Happy Birthday - Blue hat
Happy Birthday - Green hat


Bloose - blue moose
Leapers - green frog
Dotters - Dalmatian
Tip Top - Giraffe

Read more about the Dallas Show by clicking here at Ms. Janie's!

A comparison of these reports to the anonymous list on 6/12/2006 listed below finds many similarities to those on the list...

Bush election theft saga heats up In Ohio

"It seem that when investigators raided Noe's company, Vintage Coins and Collectibles, in May 2005, they found collectibles including everything "from Beanie Babies to 19th-century political banners to Bob Gibson-signed baseballs -- worth an estimated $3.5 million," O'Keeffe said."

How advertising affects kids
"Marketers have discovered something about children that parents have long known - they love to collect things. Kid's collections used to consist of marbles, stamps or coins. But now, thanks to our consumer culture, kids amass huge collection of store-bought items such as Beanie Babies, Barbies or Pokemon cards and figures only to be discarded when the next fad comes along."

6-23-2006 FRIDAY

June 2006 - 6/23/2006 Retirements :

Beanie Babies
Fun and Laughter
Ruby and Homeland
Bali and Little Star

Beanie Buddy:


Derby 132 turned out to be very similar and to have the same number to the winning Kentucky Derby horse Barbaro, who later broke her leg in the next competition and preventing her from racing again.

The Beanwatcher has found that a new Beanie and Plastic replica are going to be made for Barbaro, Click here to find out more!

A note on the Ty Cyberboard asked if it was true that there was society of women who dressed like Ruby the purple bear in a red hat who has now been retired.

The Red Hat Society has adopted and is now selling Ruby!

Beanie Universe's Daniel has reported that the following Beanies have been silently retired...

Pluffie: Winks Large
Pinkys: Hug Me!
Pinkys: Squeeze Me!
Baby Ty: Funky Monkey
Baby Ty: Kitty Cat
Baby Ty: Little Piggy
Baby Ty: Pretty Puppy
Ty Classic: Bangles
Ty Classic: Billingsly
Ty Classic: Chips
Ty Classic: Eggsworth
Ty Classic: Gloria
Ty Classic: Hatcher
Ty Classic: Memphis
Ty Classic: Musher
Ty Classic: Omelet
Ty Classic: Streaks
Ty Classic: Thatcher

The Dallas Gift Show began today and Planet Bean's Lisa has posted the Summer Show Schedule!

The Beaniehut has presales for the Summer Show exclusives!

New York
Toronto Canada

Be sure to check out Ms Janie's today! She will be posting pictures of the upcoming prizes for the "Ty Memories Contest"! A number of the prizes were actually donated by the Ty company specifically for this contest and should prove to be quite interesting!

Ty Memories PRIZE Pages

Ms. Janie's TY MEMORIES CONTEST - Ms. Janie's Prize Page

At this time I would like to extend a BIG Thanks to Sly The Beanie Guy, Sue Owen from Cherish and TY US for their generous donates and support throughout this contest.

Please know that all prizes will be combined and broken down into (8) WINNING packages.

Sly's Prize Page -

Sue Owne's Prize Page - -

Ty's Prize Page -

The official launch for the CONTEST will be Monday night Good luck to all who enter!

Ms. Janie

6-22-2006 THURSDAY

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Ty Store ShaqBear bear says retired. However, 3 ShaqBears are still on current list. I wonder if it just means they are no longer selling them via Ty Store. Did anyone order it? Did it have Ty Store on the back or barcode? Thanks for any information.
Love; Karen


What do U think of the new special olympics beanies?
I never saw a beanie with so many tags before. JMHO

All of the Special Olympics bears last year were created with the red (I Love) Canada Beanie each having one of 5 colored shirts that said Special Olympics and each bear had a pin one one ear. Those having a white shirt on were signed by celebrities.

According to the Beanwatcher , the (I Love) Canada Bears have run out so several other beanies are being used in addition to the (I Love) Canada Beanie. The 2006 Special Olympics Beanies have been reported to have 5 different tags!

Here is what the Beanwatcher had to say...

"Brian from Special Olympics Canada , Senior Marketing and Development Consultant, shares news of its latest releases. Brian states that it will be offering specially-tagged promotional beanies featuring the following Canadian exclusives: (I Love) Canada the bear , Northland the bear , and True the bear. Also, the charity will offer a small number of assorted, specially-tagged beanies, such as Maple the bear , Bongo the monkey , and Kaleidescope the cat . Each promotion will have five tags attached to its left ear, and a Special Olympics Canada pin its right ear. For more information, you may send Brian an email by sending an email to ."

Daniel at Beanie Universe has more pictures of the new Beanies here!

6-21-2006 WEDNESDAY

Happy first Day of Summer!
Today is the longest day of the year!

Proprobid , the official Canadian Special Olympics site is up and running again!

Shaqbear, Homeland, and Lollipup are expected to be SOLD OUT by early this afternoon!

6-20-2006 TUESDAY

Ty Introduces ShaqBear(TM) the Beanie Baby(R) Created for NBA ...
... Shaquille O'Neal. "I am honored to be the first athlete for whom Ty created a Beanie Baby," said Shaquille O'Neal

Shaqbear is not the first however. If you visit The Beanie News 2003 Page, on 5/5/2003 "Dusty" named for the Cubs Dusty Baker was introduced.

The Beanwatcher has researched and found a better way to order Alpha, here is what he has posted on his web site:

"I was informed that collectors can send their purchase information -- in the body of their email -- to the following address":

"In your email, please include the following information so that shipping costs can be determined: "

"Quantity of Alpha key clips wanted at $5.00 (Australian dollars) each Name, mailing address, and country where your Alpha key clips are to be shipped."

"You will receive a response, informing you of the shipping costs. In the near future, the organization will be providing me with standard shipping costs for different international regions, which I will post on this site."

6-19-2006 MONDAY

Tystore Beanie Dad 2006 retired today...

I wrote to find out the cost of shipping Alpha to a US address:

Subject: Angel Flight Beanie

What is the cost to ship the Angel Flight Beanie to New York?

The address is:

XXX XXX Street
New York, NY 10XX

Thank you,


Here is the reply I received:

Thank you so much for the enquiry.

You can download an order form from our website at and we'll forward it to our distributor who will confirm freight charges before processing your order.

Kind regards,

Peter Riachi
General Manager

Ph: 07 3852 3300 Fax: 07 3852 6646

Angel Flight Australia

PO Box 1201, Fortitude Valley 4006

Toll free: 1300 72 65 67

Dale Huffman: 8,491 Beanie Babies answer call for war zone duty in Iraq

"The search for Beanie Babies was instituted by Brian Holsten, the midday personality on the radio station known as the Rebel, WPFB-FM (105.9) in Middletown."

"Holsten said he got a request from Lt. Col. Ron Green, who is from Ohio and is a member of the 142nd Corps Support Battalion now stationed in Mosul, Iraq."

"Ron's mother lives in Fairfield Twp., and she told Green that we are interested in backing the military in any way we can, and that we are involved in charity events," Holsten said. "Ron's request was that, if possible, that we try to send his unit some Beanie Babies."

Click on the headline above to read the whole story!

6-17-2006 SATURDAY

According to rumors, there will be three new Special Olympics Bears introduced. They are expected to be Gold, Silver and Bronze!

The Garfield movie on which the Beanie "His Majesty" was based opened in theatres this weekend. The movie title is "A Tale of Two Kitties".

6-16-2006 FRIDAY

Alpha ia a new key clip Beanie Baby exclusive for Australia.

The words "Angel Flight" are embroidered on the chest witha blue halo over the "A"of this new silver winged Beanie!

Daniel at Beanie Universe has made the following keen observation about Alpha:

"On the site they have a picture of Alpha and a place where you can purchase him for $5.00 + shipping! Now here comes the big surprise...the picture they show of him on the order form and the main site has Alpha with a Jingle Beanies Hang Tag! If he is a Key-clip he shouldn't have a Jingle Beanies Tag. It may be a mistake, knowing Ty there could be variations, or maybe he is just a Jingle Beanie! Ty currently has him in the Current Beanie Baby List so maybe we will have our first beanie with a Jingle Beanie Tag! "

Click HERE to find out more about the charitable work of the Angel Flight Pilots!

* * * * *

It seems that Ty has donated prizes for Ms. Janie's Ty Memories Contest!

Here is what Ms. Janie had to say!

I will give you a taste of what's to come at the following links.

Welcome to MEMORIES

Memories shared by Ty Collectors

If you have not shared your Ty memories, I encourage you to do so. Please send your messages to - PLEASE post Contest in the subject box.

A letter from Ty

And a little something to make you smile! Feel free to clap along.

Look for more links to be posted soon along with the official launch of the contest!

Ms. Janie

* * * * *

Shaqbear is getting a bit of news play through a press release from Ty Inc. ...

Ty Introduces ShaqBear(TM) the Beanie Baby(R) Created for NBA Superstar Shaquille O'Neal

"ShaqBear(TM) is a 10" medium brown Beanie Baby' bear, wearing a white jersey and shorts, with red and yellow trim. The jersey front is embroidered with "SHAQ" and the Dunkman logo; the jersey back reads "O'NEAL" and has the number 32, all in red lettering. ShaqBear(TM) also wears Dunkman athletic shoes with the name "SHAQ" on the tongue. ShaqBear(TM) has 3 different hang tags; each tag variation has its own poem, Shaq Fact, and an inspirational message for children from Shaquille O'Neal."

6-15-2006 THURSDAY

Todays Retirees:

All 12 Asian Pacific Flag bears both black nosed and flag nosed have been retired today.

Korea and Aotearoa
Korea and New Zealand Bears

Starry and Maju
Australia and Singapore Bears

Hikari and Negaraku
Japan and Malaysia Bears

The entire set of Asian Pacific Bears are those pictured on the above links with flags all over and also includes their flag nosed counterparts who became very hard to find and rather expensive to buy.

Troop's time capsule turns clock back to 1997
"Nicole Samuel, 18, who will study psychology at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pa., in the fall, had included a list in a 9-year-old's bubble handwriting of the things that were popular in 1997, including The Limited Too clothing store, the Spice Girls, the movie "Clueless" and Beanie Babies."

A different kind of Beanie!

Tradition important for Sangamon County fairgoers
"On Wednesday, Carrie Winkelmann, agriculture literacy coordinator with the Sangamon County Farm Bureau, was helping kids learn about planting soybeans. She was handing out "beanie babies" - plastic bags filled with Moisture Plus watering crystals that had a soybean inside. The package was transformed into a necklace, and body heat in seven days causes the bean to germinate. It can later be planted in the soil."

"Kids can watch the bean grow, and they learn what a bean needs - heat, soil, water and air," Winkelmann said.

John "The Phoenix" has provided some comparison photos of the two versions of the Beatriz Potter Beanies for Planet Beans!

6-14-2006 WEDNESDAY

For those of you updating your My Collection Spreadsheets, take care adding new entries from the 6/12/2006 list below, it might be best to wait for the official introductions to assure accuracy. Often names are not what we expect and anything that might still be unnanounced is subject to change. Remember the name changes from Fun and Smiley to Fun and Laughter?

Beanie Baby Sites like Ms. Janie's and The Beanwatcher have also received the lengthy list posted below of upcoming releases, but have chosen not to post the list.

Who can blame them! Formatting and posting such a long list was rather tedious. Both sites seem to want to keep the secret though. Here is what they both had to say...

A Note From Ms. Janie:

For Your Information
I have received a copy of a rather large detailed list of upcoming Ty products with style numbers. I have decided not to share this list for fear of spoiling the excitement for others!
I will say that Ty does not have a shortage of products or names. Look forward to new releases throughout the year! Some of these releases sound cute and interesting!

Ms. Janie

A Note From the Beanwatcher:

June 14: Unconfirmed List of Ty Products
Yesterday, I received a long list of Ty products to be introduced up to September 2006. The list appears to be authentic, considering that specifi style numbers are included. I have decided not to post the information, as I want to keep collectors' interest high. However, I will say that the list contains some interesting new styles. We'll know more as the year progresses!

A Note From Planet Beans:

A rather large list of yet to be confirmed Ty releases has made it's way around to several of us webmasters. I will not be sharing this list at this time. I will say that there are some interesting things to come. If you like the key chains.. you will be happy! Looks like a colorful bunch. :o) Given a rough count it looks like there are to be 48 new release for July, 13 for August, and 18 for September. It sure does sound like a lot of new releases for July, doesn't it?!

According to the Beanwatcher, who contacted the Tystore regarding Shaqbear, there is no difference between the Tystore version and the Retail version of this bear.

There are still three hangtag variations and the recceipt of onor the other cannot be guaranteed as they are randomly sent according to what is in stock.

Usually a Tystore Brwould have a different Hang Tag with the word Tystore replacing the bar code on the back of the tag. This apparenly is not so for Shaqbear.

6-13-2006 TUESDAY

A new Shaqbear has been intoduced today and can be found in the Tystore !

6-12-2006 MONDAY

Would you believe... GARFIELD!!!

His Majesty!

There are three hangtag variations for His Majesty.

It's Good to be King

My Kingdom.
My Rules.

Cats Rule...
Dogs Drool.

The Garfield introduction page shows a DVD Movie called "A Tale of Two Kitties". It seems that Garfield is to be portrayed in a situation like "The Prince and The Pauper", a classic story about an heir to the throne and a less fortunate lad who are identical to eachother and who switch places with one another to live a life opposite to their own, one rich and one poor.

A Note From Ms. Janies Message Board:

"His Majesty"-Our guesses were waaaay off!
We weren't even close!! LOL!
Ty got us all on this one!
It's not a counry exclusive,it's not for a king or a prince either!

check it out!!

I should of known! The new movie hits theaters this week. You even got me Ty! Nice going!!!

Sly The Beanie Guy

A Note To Email:


Today i got a list from TY USA with the news july - september. May be, there will be a few more, but that are the main news.

You can put it in your beaniesite!!!

Dont tell anyone my emailname!!!!

(Undisclosed Sender)

10018 CATALINA July 2006
10019 LYRIC July 2006
20031BOONE-DOGJuly 2006
20032STUBBS - BASSETJuly 2006
31014BEAR PINK July 2006
31015BEAR BLUEJuly 2006
31016PURPLE MONKEYJuly 2006
31017MINT GREEN DOGJuly 2006
31018GWOWLS - PINK LIONJuly 2006
31020TWACKS - BLUE MOOSEJuly 2006
31021PUDDLESJuly 2006
31022GRINS July 2006
32075TPTOP - GIRAFFE July 2006
32076LEAPERS - FROG July 2006
32077 BLOOSE - MOOSEJuly 2006
40406Spongebob KeychainJuly 2006
40407Patrick Star KeychainJuly 2006
40382 SB musclesJuly 2006
40389OUTLAW - BLACK LABJuly 2006
40390COOL CLUTCHJuly 2006
40391GLAM BAG July 2006
40392ADMIRAL - PENGUIN July 2006
40394FINN - SHARK July 2006
40395ANCHOR - BLK WHALEJuly 2006
40397KING GARFIELDJuly 2006
40398SILKY - KEYCHAINJuly 2006
40399FRILLY - KEYCHAINJuly 2006
40400POOFIE - KEYCHAINJuly 2006
40401DIZZY - KEYCHAINJuly 2006
40402LUKE - KEYCHAINJuly 2006
70013 REGENT - LION July 2006
70014 RAJ WHITE TIGERJuly 2006
90053PENGUINJuly 2006
90054MONKEYJuly 2006
A9125POODLE - BEANIE BABYAugust 2006
A9890BLACK & WHITE CATAugust 2006
4355BROWN DOG - PLUSHAugust 2006
B9413PUMPKIN W/ARMS & HATSeptember 2006
B9372PUMPKIN CAT W/PUMPKIN September 2006
9088GHOST BEARSeptember 2006
9088BREAST CANCER BEARSeptember 2006
B9043BONES - BOW WOW September 2006
B9339PUMPKIN - BOW WOW September 2006
156GOUL - GHOST BOY September 2006
170GOULIANNE GHOST GIRL September 2006
155PUMPKIN W/HATSeptember 2006
172 BLACK CAT W/HATSeptember 2006
171 SPIDERSeptember 2006
3075BLACK CAT September 2006
2288L BROWN BEAR September 2006
CT136 CANDY BAGSeptember 2006
B9379 GHOUL GHOST BOY September 2006

This list is not confirmed, it seems we have a secret information guru!

Only Tyme will tell!

Keep up with your collection!
Get My Collection Software for your Beanie Baby Collection Today!! Keeping it up to date is easy. Just add the new beanies to this easy to use excel spreadsheet as they are introduced. It will calculate the value of your collection and help you keep track of your beanies!!!

Ms. Janie is having a CONTEST !!!

6-10-2006 SATURDAY

Lisa at Planet Beans has generously posted the Ty Summer Show Schedule

According to the Beaniehut, The New 2006 Asian Set Will Be Announced Within The Next 60 Days!

Bali and Ruby have Sold Out!

6-8-2006 THURSDAY

The gold lettered Beatrix Potter Beanies can be purchased at Harrod's and online at as well!

6-7-2006 WEDNESDAY

Happy 92nd Birthday Grandma K!

It seems that the WWF - World Wildlife Beanies in the Tystore might be retiring soon according to a Beanwatcher report that includes Tystore window pictures of each of the beanies with their retired banners.

6-6-2006 TUESDAY


News from the Ty Cyberboard:

Hunt the rare golden embroidery on Peter & friends.
But note, they're not just where you think they'll be or where the rumours have begun......
Secret Bean

6-5-2006 MONDAY

Tystore exckusive, First Dog was introduced in the Tystore today!

The first three Beatrix Potter Beanies also were officially introduced today!
Peter Rabbit, Mr. Jeremy Fisher and Pigling Bland!

According to a Beanwatcher report, there are "two versions of each of the newly announced Beatrix Potter Beanies," There are differences in the name stitched on the jackets. One set has gold stitching, and the other set has blue or black stitched lettering.

Under the table with the header, Beanie News Sites, the following site has been added:

The Geraldine from the USA is the webmaster of this site, which shares beanie news and provides helpful collecting tips.

Thank you Beanwatcher!

6-3-2006 SATURDAY

Dabbles has retired...

The Beanwatcher has posted pictures of the first three Beatrix Potter Beanies !

There are three hangtag versions of Shaq, a new beanie named after basketball player Shaquille O'Neal.


im not in the beanie babue aspect of collectibles, i do cards, however, i have HUNDREDS of beanie babies i just don't know where to sell them or get rid of them. My daughter collected them when she was younger and now theyre all in bags and in boxes sitting in a closet in the house. all of them are retired and most of them were at the time very hard to find items. I know nothing about their worth now, but re4ally am looking to get rid of them at a fair price.

if you know of anyone that would want them or if you want any of them yourself please let me know. If you or someone else is interested i'll send you a list of all the onese that i have. I'm sorry to be a burden by asking you this, i just don't want to have to throw them away after we spent SOOOO much money on them.

Thanks for everything,

Russel Smith

If you are interested, you can reach Russell through ebay. Russell's ebay name is rrmaxer(258) and he has been a member of ebay since December 6th, 2003:

Ty Cyberboard News:


I just got off the phone with the Shedd Aquarium Gift shop a few hours ago and they said they SOLD OUT Yesterday of the Bail the Komodo Dragon Exclusive Version. They gave me another number. They say when you call that number leave a message with how many you want and IF they get any more in they will go down the list and do First Come First Serve. Below is the number in numeric instead of alphabet.


6-2-2006 FRIDAY

News from Ms. Janies Message Board:

Dear friends,

I apologize for not being present on the board as often as I would like. The simple truth is I am overwhelmed with a SECRET Ty project NO, NO, NO, I will not spill the beans. I will say that the project is exciting and will offer memorable events.


Secret Ty project? Thanks for the clue. No, don't spill the beans, but you could let the cat out of the bag.


6-1-2006 THURSDAY

Aces, a Las Vegas Exclusive was introduced today.

June Beanies were introduced on the Ty website, then they dissappeared!

The new Beanie Baby of the Month is Grumbles !

June 2006 Wallpaper has been posted too !

5-31-2006 WEDNESDAY

The June Beanies, Pinkys and Classics have been posted!

Beanie Babies:

Wailea and Miami
Aces and (Shaq) Shaqbear
Baaabsly and Moosly
(Shedd Aquarium) Bali




Beans, Buttermilk and Kissed

The Beanwatcher has posted ordering instructions for the exclusive Shedd's Aquarium Bali, the Komodo Dragon!

5-30-2006 TUESDAY

The Beanwatcher newsletter sent out a message today! The BeanWatcherNewsletter at Topica has been re-activated! The fact that it is back is the news of the day! If you have not received it, sign up today! Don't miss out on upcoming insider news!

Lisa of Planet Beans has noted that there are three versions of Bali the Komodo Dragon!

Bali retail
Bali US Exclusive
Bali Shedd Aquarium Exclusive

5-29-2006 MONDAY

A Reminder from Lisa at Planet Beans:


Weekends May 27-29, June 3-4, 10-11, 17-18, and 24-25

It's TY Beanie Baby Days at Knott's Berry Farm!

Every child (ages 3-11) with paid admission will receive a FREE Specially tagged Beanie Baby.

Five exclusive items to collect in all! While supplies last!

American Blessing (May 27-29)
Weaver (June 3-4)
California (June 10-11)
California Poppy (June 17-18)
Union (June 24-25)

News on the Ty Cyberboard:

new exclusive hallmark buddy

i went to the hallmark store this eveing. was speaking to the manager as i know her well . she checked her oustanding orders and she saw this item called red white and blue buddy. it did not have an order number but the word hall mark next to it. she told me that when it has the word hall mark instead of an order number it is an exclusive. it will be very exclusive because thw quantity that will ship will be 1. she will save it for me when it comes in so i can inspect it. everyone get in contact with your hall marks stores


5-27-2006 SATURDAY

A question on the Ty Cyberboard:

Is the Bali release a key chain? n/m

Karen-it doesn't look like a key-clip on the secondary sites. It is a different color though from the original Bali from a few years back. This one looks to have shades of blue-sometimes it is hard to tell on the internet but if I remember correctly the first one was a dark brown.

Thanks Orangeicecream, i found the photo and yes it looks a different color.
I have Bali with reptiles behind my computer and it is a great beanie, and brown like you say. I'll look forward to adding another to my collection.
Love; Karen

A note from

The Bali Beanie and the Bali Key Clip are identical except for two differences.

Their body colors are the same. The two differences are first of all, a difference in size and secondly, the color of their toungues.

The Beanie sized Bali has a green toungue and the key clip sized bali ha a pink toungue.

More Ty Cyberboard Notes:

Re:be careful, be very careful when dealing with this place

Well, I guess Up4Trade has fallen by the wayside. The E-mail that I sent them yesterday was returned as undeliverable. This irritates me as I have been a member since they first started and they didn't even let their subscribers know they were closing. Thank my lucky stars, I didn't do the Lifetime Membership they offered a few weeks ago. Guess we live and learn. Everyone have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

5-26-2006 FRIDAY

The Beanie Hut has posted presales and pictures of the new June 2006 Beanies!

The June 2006 Set of 6 Beanies include Baaabsy, Sheed, Miami, Moosly, Shaq and Wailea .

Mascotte, Basilico and Jurgen have all been retired!

5-25-2006 THURSDAY

Welcome Back Beanwatcher!!!

Wow! The Beanwatcher is back with plenty of news!!!

The Beanwatcher has posted pictures of June 2006 Beanies, Pinkys and Classics!

The second retirement of the Beanwatcher the first at the end of 2004 and the second at the end of 2005 left the Beanieworld of Collectors without a regular source of inside news. The Beanwatcher has always had the knack of providing information about upcoming introductions and events as well as news about many special Asian Beanie introductions reissued for special events often in beautiful costumes.

The Beanwatcher could sometimes be found on the Ty Cyberboard and also during his hiatus, was a staff writer for Peace Mania Magazine.

News from Ms. Janies!

Dear Ms Janie,

I believe that every one wishes the very best for the injured derby winner, Barbaro and thought your readers might enjoy seeing a photo that appeared in my yesterday newspaper.

In the attached photograph you can see a get well gift/ tribute left on the fence of the New Bolton Center for large animals, where Barbaro is being treated for his leg and ankle injury. So now I can truly say that beanies are not just for people, dogs and cats to have and enjoy, but they are for horses too!

Sending my warmest regards from S.E. Pennsylvania,


May Retirements !

Beanie Babies

Alabama and Mississippi
Louisianna and South Carolina
Hutch Clutch and Cool Chick (Purses)

Beanie Buddies

Star (Blue and Gold)
Veggies and Herald

5-24-2006 WEDNESDAY

Fun and Laughter have both been Sold Out!

Cyberboard News!!!

I for one am thrilled to have him back.
Welcome back Beanwatcher

Silent Retirements for May 2006

Punkies (say goodbye to this line)

Flair- Pink Poodle
Shreds- Dog
Splash- Duck
Zig Zag- Monkey
Large Zig Zag- Monkey

Ty Classic

Brook- Deer
Dancer- Husky
Diploma- Class of 2006 Dog Toasty- Holiday Bear


Cruiser- Turtle
Quackies- Baby Chick
Snackers- Rabbit


Welcome back Beanwatcher !!

5-20-2006 SATURDAY

Ms Janie has posted news about Knot's Berry Farm's "Beanie Baby Days" !!!

5-19-2006 FRIDAY

Ty Cyberboard Notes:

Question for Secret Bean or any one else that might know!
Hi, Will the Beatrix Potter Beanies be for sale in all shops that sells TY beanies or only in certain ones?
Re:Re:Question for Secret Bean or any one else that might know!

As far as I know, the Beatrix Potter set will available for all Ty retailers in the UK to order if they wish, although delivery to them may be after the release on June 10th at the Beatrix Potter Attraction in the Lake District and at Harrods on the same day. At least that's what I've been told! My local retailer has got an order form this week - she rang me yesterday to tell me.
the phoenix

5-18-2006 THURSDAY

George has retired!

5-17-2006 WEDNESDAY

Ms. Janie's Message Board Notes

Can I share this wonderful news with others here? tradersring

The above link will take you to a Video of soldiers in Iraq!

There have been rumors that our troops do not want beanies anymore. This is wrong and this video will show you just what these little toys mean to the troops and the children. One of the main people that take care of mailing these out At her own cost. Published this message when she saw the recent letter published in MsJanies new letter.

A big thank you from . We are still running as we have been for a little over three years, same name, same objective. We are non-profit and our only objective is to help the soldiers help the children. This is a request of the soldiers and our latest contact took a hit his first week there and he got in contact with us as soon as he could to make sure we kept him for a contact.

I have other soldiers wanting things sent to them and the needs only get bigger. We have a great bunch of soldiers serving for us and some great friends from other countries serving right along with them. I am very proud of all of them and appreciate everyone of you that has helped make this program work. You are the best and looking forward to good things ahead. Donna for LTC James Barker of

If you have beanies, buddies or any other type of stuff toy that are good clean that you no longer need. Thank of this group. They have pictures showing the troops giving them to the children, stories and all Even have their own web site where you can read the instand messages from the troops and those who support them.

"Thank you for letting me list this wonderful group here and their good deeds."


Ty Cyberboard Notes:

**TRADERLIST has been updated with latest complaints and an ARREST AND CONVICTION! Please check it out, and if you have any Internet problems, please contact a mediator at TRADERLIST for help.
Thanks, Pat

1st Kernow, then Majestic......
Bye Bye George.... ;O)
Secret Bean

5-15-2006 MONDAY

The official Ty Tag covers offered in the Tystore can open when in use to reveal the poem inside of a tag. However, unlike those that shut into a clam, they are not waterproof and they have open seams. The following message reports some kind of change, what kind of change, is not evident though...

Cyberboard Notes:

Ty tag protectors in Ty store, new and improved?
I just noticed the tag protectors in the Ty store look different then looking closer it looks like it says new and improved. Anyone order these? Are they now light weight?

5-14-2006 SUNDAY

Happy Mother's Day!!!

5-13-2006 SATURDAY

News On Ms. Janies Message Board:

New Ty Trademark!!
HI everyone!
This Morning I discovered another New Ty Trademark!!
On May 5,2006 Ty applied for a trademark on


Good and Services listed as: Plush toys; Soft sculpture plush toys; Stuffed toy animals; Stuffed toy bears

Could this be another country exclusive and if so,for which country? My guess it is a country with a King. What would be your guess?

as always....
Tyme will tell!!
Have a Great Saturday!!
Sly The Beanie Guy

5-12-2006 FRIDAY

Majestic retired.

5-10-2006 TUESDAY

The Beatrix Potter Beanies are expected to make their debut today!

According to a report from John on Ms Janie's, "The Three Beanies - Peter Rabbit, Jeremy Fisher and Pigling Bland will be officially launched at the World of Beatrix Potter there on June 10th, and also at Harrods on the same day!! These will be the only outlets initially."

The most recent gripes on the Cyberboard posts are the fact that no one has seen the Bow Wow Beanies anywhere yet and that the 2006 Graduation Owl is not here but is instead a 2006 Graduation Bear this year. Perhaps the empty window in the Tystore will soon display the missing Owl?

Charm and Pirouette have Sold Out!

5-7-2006 SUNDAY

Notes From The Cyberboard:

Derby 132 from Churchill Downs has the winning horse's photo on the extra tag
Barbara, #8, came in first place. I wonder if the next race at Preakness Baltimore will have a promo too, and if Barbara will be photographed on the extra hang tag, or if it'll be a different horse. Thought it was interesting that they chose the winning horse to put on the hang tag before the event...maybe we should pay attention if there's another one :-)
Love: Karen!

5-5-2006 FRIDAY

Kernow retired!

5-4-2006 THURSDAY

Smelly Solutions - Cyberboard Notes:

Mastercard Buddy Smell continues...
I tried the vinegar and paper bag on my MC Buddy, but the smell is still there. So now I'm trying the wrap up in the newspaper for 4 to 5 days. changing the newspaper daily.
Sure hope something works soon. So he is still smelling up the room I stuck him in.

Re:Mastercard Buddy Smell continues...
if you have a garage put him in the garage, and by that spray stuff to spray the room that smells, after a while go and see if the smell has gone yet.

tip how I resolved the Mastercard Buddy Smell.....
using a foam carpet refreshner the kind in a can you spray on but don't vac off. MC Buddy's fur felt stiff after the foam dried. I brushed him and it fluffed right back up, feeling,smelling Grade A ONE!
Another hint I didn't let any foam go on his plastic bits (eyes & nose).

5-3-2006 WEDNESDAY

A special Beanie Key Clip has been found by a collector who wrote to Ms. Janie's web site !

Hi Ms. Janie,

I stopped into a Pizza Hut in a Chicago suburb today and found a special Ty Beanie Baby Key-clip of Bali, the Komodo Dragon. It is a promotion with the Shedd Aquarium ( to promote their new Lizard Exhibit.

My pictures came out nicely, but my tag scan turned out in black and white. I hope these come through okay for you.

Judy in Illinois.

In addition to previously announced Hallmark Exclusives listed below, Cindys Beans has noted the following upcoming Hallmark Gold Crown Ty Exclusive Beanies!

July 2006 3 School Rocks bears :
All Star Kid
2 Cool 4 School
Recess Rulz


Love Birds
2 white birds sewn together
#1 black top hat with back bow tie
#2 white veiled head

September 2006
"Black bear with Boo written all over it in orange with a orange ribbon & orange nose "

October 2006

Two bears
#1 white with Red snowflakes all over it
#2 Red with white snowflakes all over it

"burgundy pot belly bear with gold crown and Happy 80th birthday on its chest"

Beanies In The News:

Man convicted in Super Bowl scam

A 21-year-old Hudson man was found guilty in federal court yesterday of defrauding 41 customers of about $230,000 in an Internet scam to sell them tickets to the 2005 Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.

''It was a very hard ticket to get," Cohen said.

Deppe has had an Internet business since he was 13, starting with Beanie Babies.

He pleaded guilty in March to 10 counts of mail and wire fraud in a scheme involving 27 victims who tried to buy merchandise worth $115,000.

Leave the Daily Grind Behind

"One day I had a really bad day waitressing I made like five dollars and I was there for five hours and my fiance said you could have made way more on ebay messing around with the beanie babies at home,"

Super-volunteer loves children

"At Good Sam, I give out Beanie Babies and I feed and I cuddle."

5-2-2006 TUESDAY

Dad 2006 is the new Tystore exclusive!

The Master Card Beanie Buddies are still stinking up the homes of those "lucky" enough to have them. The smell can be subsided but it seems to always come back. The following Cyberboard posts confirm that the problem persists. An admission to the problem, a solution and analysis of the cause would be appreciated from Ty Officials. However posting the problem on the Cyberboard is appreciated especially knowing the often used censorship of unwanted posts.

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard

Mastercard Buddy, can anyone tell me how to get the smell out?
I've had my Mastercard Buddy airing out for a long time, but he just smells up whatever room he is in. Has anyone figured where the smell is coming from and how to get it out? I would appreciate any help.

Try Newspaper
Wrap in loose newspaper, change daily for about 4 days, the newspaper will absorb the smell

Re:Try Newspaper
I guess I'll have to try this, I have tried everything else and mine still smells.
I'll let you know if it works.
Ty do you have any clues on how to get the smell out? teddybear23

Re:Re:Try Newspaper
A friend gave me one and it smells terrible - I thought it was just mine. Too bad they can't be replaced.

5-1-2006 MONDAY

The new Beanie Baby Of The Month (BBOM) is Dabbles !

Click this link for the May 2006 Wallpaper !

According to rumors Kernow has Sold Out!

4-29-2006 SATURDAY

The Birthday Bear originally pictured as retired on Friday 4/28/2006 was the small Birthday Bear that held a gift and was similar in size to the Alphabet Beanies. The picture now shows the larger Yellow Birthday Bear that has a Jester's Hat! Click here to see...

4-28-2006 FRIDAY

Kernow has been announced!

May 2006 Beanies!

Beanie Babies:

Fun and Laughter!

Independence (Red Nose and Foot Pads), Independence (Blue Nose and Foot Pads) and Independence (White Nose and Foot Pads)

Homeland Beanie and Key Clips USA, Soar and Spangle

Rowdy, Alana and Ruby

Basilico and Jurgen (European Exclusives)

George and Mascotte (European Exclusives)

Beanie Greetings Collection Beanie Babies:

Forever Friends, Thanks A Bunch and Happy Birthday!

To Brighten Your Day, Love And Kisses and You Did It!

Beanie Buddies:

Thomas, Benjamin and John

True (Canadian Exclusive)


You're An Angel, Spring Angeline and Spring Angeline (Large)


Smokey, Peaches and Angel


4-25-2006 TUESDAY

Derby 132 retired ...

4-26-2006 WEDNESDAY

Have you checked out the Horizon Notes above? If not, here is a reminder... Click Yankees Home Game for more...

Cyberboard Notes:

**NEWS** Yankee Buddy Oct 1st
There is going to be another buddy giveaway at the Yankees game on Sunday October 1st, 2006. PHOTO on the yankee official website. Go to schedule, then promotional giveaways, then all the way down to October. Looks like Tradition only navy with white. AWESOME!!!
five bears

4-25-2006 TUESDAY

Just in case anyone had received notice that your item was shipping and had been delayed because of Punchline, here is the follow up from Ty Customer Service...

Dear Ty Store Customer,

We are contacting you regarding your recent order number 161XX25.

Although it was our intention to process your order upon receiving it, an inventory shortage of the Beanie Baby Raine prevented us from doing so. Ty Store offers are limited and occasionally sell out quickly. In the case of this item, the demand for the product exceeded available inventory resulting in a quick sell out. Because inventory for this item is no longer available, we are unable to fulfill your order for Raine.

We appreciate your understanding and support.

Customer Service

Ty Cyberboard Note:

Beanie Inventory
How do you all inventory your beanies? Is there a program available?

My Collection Software for Beanie Babies and for All Ty products is an easy to use excel spreadsheet that can keep an inventory of your entire Ty collection and it can also calculate the value of your collection!

4-21-2006 FRIDAY

Majestic was officially introduced today!

April Retirements were also posted today:

Beanie Babies:

Oriel and (small) Happy Birthday...

Romeo & Juliet and Pup-In-Love


Happily, Hippily and Hoppily

Basket Beanies:

Billingsly and Marshmallow

Sugartwist and Meekins

Cyberboard Notes:

Today's Silent Retirements
Ty Classic:
Apricot the Cat
Shearly the Lamb

Hallmark is expected to release 3 new exclusive Ty Beanie Baby Bears in July 2006! They are named :
2 Cool 4 School
All Star Kid
Recess Rulz

BeanieHut has opened a new liquidation sale web site at, !

Beanies In The News:


What: Tour Teddy Beanie Baby.


Why: Move over, Rally Monkey. Tour Teddy is here, and he's on a mission. The white bear is the second collectible Beanie Baby (remember ChariTee back in 2004?) to be adorned with the PGA Tour's "Giving Back" logo. Some of the proceeds from the sale of Tour Teddy will be donated to PGA Tour charities. Tour Teddy comes dressed in an argyle sweater vest and matching Scottish tam. He also comes with this poem: "Being part of the Tour is fun/We love to golf out in the sun/But the best thing, we all agree/Is the work we do for charity!"

How much: $5.

George, the tiny puppy that touched many lives
"George grew slowly and steadily, until at the age of 2 months, she finally had reached 16 ounces. She was about the size of a cell phone. She began to investigate her environment, walk around, show an interest in objects and people. Her favorite toy that she eventually was buried with, was a brown puppy Beanie Baby..."

Kris Kringle Haus a downtown fixture for 15 years
"In the Christmas off-season, the Gieruckis showcased the store's ample stock of premium collectibles such as Precious Moments, Limoges, Swarovski, Hummel, Armani and authentic German beer steins. But, according to Jim, even the collectible market isn't what it used to be."

"I don't really know why that is," he said. "Maybe it has something to do with the collapse of the whole Beanie Baby thing."

4-20-2006 THURSDAY

Cyberboard Notes:

Juergen, a German Bear Coming Soon

Hello Collectors!

Be on the lookout for a bear to be released called Juergen. It is a white bear with a German flag.

Also, there is an unconfirmed report that there will be a red bear with the UK flag on it. Also too, there reportedly are plans to introduce a blue bear with the flag of France, and a green bear with the flag of Italy.

Seems like we can look forward to exciting times ahead!

Happy Collecting!

4-19-2006 WEDNESDAY

Cyberboard Notes:

Love U Mom feet...
I just purchased Love U Mom, and only because the printing on the feet was upside down/backwards. Has anyone else seen this "mistake", and if so, I wonder how many were produced this way. Nothing like a "faulty" beanie to be unique.

No Difference in Tour Teddy tag info

There has been a bit of speculation here, so I wrote to customer service to find out if the tags on the Ty Store Tour Teddy are different from the retail tag and this is what I got back.

Thank you for your e-mail regarding Tour the Beanie Baby.

Please note that there is no difference between the Tour Beanie sold at retail locations and the item being sold on-line through the Ty Store.

The listing of Tour on the Ty website is intended to raise awareness and support for the PGA Tour Charities. A portion of the proceeds from sales of this item at retail locations and our website go directly to support the PGA Tour Charities which have help raise over $1 billion dollars to date!

We appreciate your interest and support. Customer Service


4-18-2006 TUESDAY

Mom 2006 has retired in the Tystore.

Bow Wow Beanies are expected to reach the Ty Dealers by May 2006.

Beanies in the News:

PGA TOUR: TOUR Teddy collectible now available

"The PGA TOUR and Ty Inc. recently introduced the newest member of the Beanie Baby collection to wear the TOUR's 'Giving Back' logo and support the TOUR's charitable initiatives through each sale."

"TOUR Teddy, a white bear dressed in an argyle sweater vest and matching Scottish tam, is the second collectible to be adorned with the TOUR's Giving Back logo. As with all Beanie Babies, TOUR Teddy will wear Ty's signature heart-shaped hang tag explaining that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to PGA TOUR Charities and poem that reads:"

Being part of the TOUR is fun
We love to golf out in the sun
But the best thing, we all agree
Is the work we do for charity!

"The first Beanie Baby to wear the TOUR's Giving Back logo, ChariTee, was released in June 2004 and has been popular among people of all ages, with nearly half a million sold to date. Proceeds from the sale of ChariTee contributed to the efforts of the TOUR and its tournaments to successfully reach the $1 billion milestone in all-time charitable donations in late 2005."

We are delighted to continue our partnership with Ty Inc., said Leo McCullagh, vice president of Retail Licensing and Consumer Marketing for the PGA TOUR. 'We think Beanie Babies are the perfect product for TOUR charity themed offerings, especially given Ty's history of extensive charitable support and the high regard consumers have for Beanie Babies.'

'We couldn't be more proud of our partnership with PGA TOUR Charities,' said Ty Warner, founder and CEO of Ty. 'Their dedication to giving back is something we should all strive to achieve.'

"TOUR Teddy is available at Ty authorized retailers, a complete listing of which can be found at and PGA TOUR merchandise venues, including tournaments, Tournament Players Clubs, PGA TOUR Airport Shops and PGA TOUR Superstores. Additionally, Ty will have a limited quantity available to sell direct to consumers for $5 each through their website at A portion of all original sales will support PGA TOUR Charities, Inc."

4-17-2006 MONDAY

A new Tystore exclusive, Tour Teddy was introduced today!

April 2006 Retirements:

(I Love) New Zealand and (I Love) Australia

(I Love) Korea and (I Love) Malaysia

(I Love) Japan and (I Love) Singapore

World Wildlife Fund Beanie Chitraka has retired in the Tystore.

Cyberboard Notes:

Tour Teddy in Tystore:

Re:How is this one different

He is a read bear with a white Special Olympics shirt. He has a hang tag with Brandon 2006 Summer Games from Special Olympics Canada. The tag is numbered up to 1000

Beanies In The News:

Delone teen to study Down Under
"Stover's career plans include becoming a writer for a fashion magazine. Her writing experience goes back to when she was 6 and wrote a magazine of her own. When she was 10, she wrote for a friend's newsletter. 'It was about Beanie Babies,' she said with a little embarrassment. "But I wrote some in-depth articles for it," she said."

4-15-2006 SATURDAY

Today is Easter Sunday as well as Passover it is also the 100th Anniversary of "The Great Quake" The San Francisco Earthquake. It occurred along the San Andreas Fault which runs through the length of California.

Cyberboard Notes:

O.K So that one was easy, but......

It's not just the U.K that getting things new, For those in the U.S, there's something for you, So hang in there people, enjoy this next round, By George, there's some lovely exclusives inbound

Happy Hunting
Secret Bean

Think Angeline is over? None for Easter then? Never saw them sell very much.nm

Angeline will go the way of Attics, Beanie Boppers.
teanie beanie boppers, teenie beanie babies, beanie kids, punkies, collector cards, yada yada yada. I never saw Angeline in a store. And all of the ones I've seen on the bay sell for less than store prices.

Beanies In The News:

Approximately 100 children attend Chamber Easter Egg Hunt
"While most of the eggs contained candy, a select few were designated as special eggs for first and second place winners. Children who found these eggs became proud owners of huge Easter Baskets filled with goodies such as savings bonds, gift certificates, Beanie Babies, stuffed animals and candy, which were donated by local merchants. "

Club News
"Nine members attended the AMVETS Post 5 meeting Wednesday at the post, 841 E. 38th St. President Hattie Hulse presided and reported the 266 total memberships. Items discussed included bingo with the patients at Marion VA Medical Center on Thursday, Pizza party at the VA hospital on May 16, collection of logos, socks, beanie babies, children's movies, coloring books, play dough, ball and bubbles for Afghanistan orphanage and the national commander's visit April 24."

4-15-2006 SATURDAY

Beanies In The News:

Kids give veterans token of thanks
"The youngsters also have been involved with selling Beanie Babies for the March of Dimes and a program through which Hubs donates coats, sneakers and clothing to the school."

Yoga for Kids
"Knock before you enter -- the door opens right into a studio space painted in soothing pastels. Most likely, children's instructor Ceci Monahan will be waiting inside with a pile of Beanie Babies she uses with students to assist in the yoga experience. (She's also starting up her own business this month, adorably titled Red Wagon Yoga, since she schleps around all her equipment -- including those Beanie Babies -- in a red wagon."

Twins days a mixture of routine and discovery
"Familiar trappings of a hospital blood pressure cuffs, oxygen tanks and alcohol swabs play a supporting role to a menagerie of stuffed poodles, bears and Beanie Babies that cascade over two nearby shelves."

Beanie Babies
"The Lebanon Altrusa Club's project to provide Beanie Babies to children in Iraq... the Altrusa Club sent 200 Beanie Babies to soldiers. Iraqi children loved them and they helped the soldiers build rapport with families"

WWW News:

Daniel Janis has noticed that the new Beanie Baby of the Month has a new feature. Canters has a clear plastic Hang Tag attachment instead of the usual Red Plastic Hang Tag attachment that has been the norm for all Beanie Babies!

It looks like we are going to have a bit of Majestic Purple Rain!

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Some Royal News.......
For thise that couldn't wotk out the clue on the previous thread
Our Majestic friend is the color of a PRINCE precipitation song......
Secret Bean

I'm going to be a spoil-sport!
It's a purple pot-bellied bear.

GRINS! Just received an 'oddity' from Ty Store...
My 2006 Mom beanie from Ty Store has I Love Mom on its feet.
This is only suppose to be on the Love U Mom beanie which is sold retail.

Thanks Ty for the new tag for price sticker!! You listened!! :D nm

Hallmark Stores Going Out Of Business?
My best friend recently talked with a Hallmark store manager here in WV. The manager told her that all Hallmark stores would be closing nationwide. This came from the store owner also. It seems that Hallmark is getting out of the gift type stores, but will be continuing to sell Hallmark cards, be it online or by other means. Can this all be true? If so, there goes another source to buy beanies.

Yes, over 17 Hallmarks closed in our area (NE PA) since Christmas. I will miss them. I now have no place to buy any beanis, so I have stopped now. I was fun while it lasted. Now to sell 675 beanies!
Ty is Best

More MC Beanie Buddy Reports From The Ty Cyberboard:

MC Buddy !! How many got one that has an odor?

Please post if you got a MC Buddy that smells like a automotive garage.

I placed mine outdoors today and now I think it smells more. I was hoping some fresh air might make it smell better.

TY PLEASE::: Do you have any ideas as how we can get the odor out of these MC Buddies?


i trade for 2 and they both had an odor but it has faded. i thought it was just mine/would love to know as well how to get rid of odor.

mine is wonderful and has no smell.

Mine smells like matches nm

Re:Mine smells
It has a very strong smell like chemicals

Mine is the black nose one and I didn't notice an odor until I read these posts. I checked and yes it does smell. Now I notice it every time I enter the room. It's probably the dye.

Re:MC Buddy !! . . .Mine smells. It has the lt brown or gold colored nose. Just threw that in wondering if the ones that don't smell are the dark noses.

ptamom I don't think it matters what color the nose is, seems to be both black and lt brown. Mine has the black nose and its smell is strong.

I have both black & brown noses and they both smell. n/m

Yes, Mine also has a odor.I got him on ebay. Thanks Sharon

4-14-2006 FRIDAY

On 4/5/2006, reported the odor that the M.C. Beanie Buddies have. It smells like a really strong body odor or like metal, oil and fuels found in a mechanics shop or garage. It seems that others have noticed the odor as well.

To remove the odor, place your M.C. Beanie Buddy in a garbage can sized clear plastic bag or container filled with balled up newspapers, then seal the container or bag. I did this without covering the tag, because i did not want to seal in the odor that the tag has already absorbed. Use a clear bag and make sure the beanie is visible so you don't throw it away by accident.

You will need to keep is this way for several weeks and then do it again with a new container or bag and more newspaper. You can hang it perhaps in an out of the way open area. After this process has been done twice or more, The odor will have subsided.

Next you might put the tag protector in place then let the beanie get lots of fresh air. If the bear is indoors, DO NOT PLACE IT NEXT TO OTHER BEANIES! They will take on the foul odor. You can take a wire hanger, and bend both sides inward. Place the waist of the beanie inside with the arms hanging over the wires. This will form a kind of belt around the beanie with the hanger having a hook in the back so you can hang this smelly bear somewhere without having it mixing odors with the other beanies. Over time, hopefully the smell will subside.

The toys mentioned in the April 4th, 2006 report below, had no recourse but to be returned for a refund or to be disposed of. They were reported in the news for their toxic odors.

Notes From The Cyberboard:

M C Buddy
Has anyone else noticed an odor from their M. C. Buddy. Everytime I walked into my computer room there was an odor that I couldn't figure out where it was coming from and the only thing new I added was the MC Buddy. I picked it up and it was coming from it.

If you have, did you find anything to get rid of the odor?

THANK YOU teddybear2- I thought that it was just my imagination. I have had mine sitting in my room for about three weeks now and he certainly does give off an odor. In fact, if the smell doesn't soon go away he is going to need to find another room to occupy. I had asked another poster if her buddy "smelled" and she said she hadn't noticed. I think that perhaps it may be the dye-that is just my guess.

I even bought him/her a real nice Happy Mother's Day sweater to wear but like I said-it may need to re-locate!


Re:M C Buddy
Yes it something in the material kind of an odor like you would smell in an automotive garage.

It is really bad. I just set him outside, hopefully the smell will go away some.


Yes mine has a bad odor as well I thought it was just mine as I bought it secondary. Glad to know I am not the only one.

My MC Buddy smells the same way. TY had another buddy years ago that had the same smell it was the 1st Birthday Buddy. The smell never did go out. I remember when they arrived at the Hallmark store and were opened up. It smelled like an auto shop. It has to be in the dye they use. I have set mine out side to see if the smell goes away. If any one has any ideas on how to get rid of the smell please post it. Emily :)

We returned ours to MBNA they said they would replace them. We tried for over a week and couldn't get the smell out. Haven't received the replacements yet!!!

I never noticed any smell but it could be because I use gauze bags filled with cloves as seats for my beanies and buddies. In fact they are used to repel insects wherever I store or display my collection. Now that the MC buddy is out of the his case I can notice a faint smell other then that of cloves. Does anyone know if the source of the smell will have any effect on the storage life of the material?
Just wondering*

Re:Re:Re:M C Buddy
As of a few minutes ago, my MC Buddy is sitting in a large brown paper bag and next to him is a container of baking soda. I think some years back someone suggested this to get the smoke smell out of beanies. I don't know if this will work on dye. To begin with----LIFE has been ultra busy here----we have WEDDINGS going on this year. Two MCBuddy's arrived and sat in their boxes awhile. Then I mailed one off to a friend, I put the other one in a spare room in a corner. I did NOT think my MCBuddy smelled---a friend had asked me this question. Hubby and I BOTH sniffed the little fellow this morning and yes, he smelled a little (nose pressed to the fur). However, I placed him on the diningroom table as I am cleaning the spare room--wrong choice--- now the whole dining room smells. Oh, joy!

Re:M C Buddy. Yes,. mine smells really strong. I mentioned this when I first got mine. I did not get any replies or feedback so I asumed that mine was the only one that smelled. I have had mine a long time and he is still as strong as when I first got him. I sprayed Febreze and everything and it did not help.

Re:Re:M C Buddy. thanks ptamom.......
I was wondering if maybe Febreeze would take the smell away. I just went out and got mine from sitting outside and now I think it smells worse.

If anyone out there finds something that will get rid of that odor, please let us know.

Thought about putting him a tight container with something that smells good and maybe that would work. Not sure, don't want to ruin him.

I thought that when since i purchased the MC Buddy Secondary as well that it came from a smell in the home. but then I for some reason decided not to contact the seller because I had my mom smell it and think I was over-reacting and that there was no smell at all. So I left it at that and put it in a storage bucket with the other beanies i have. I think the odor either spread to the other beanies in teh bucket or the smell is mostly gone. I wonder if the differ nose colors have anything to do with this foul odor. I was sent a Brown Nose MC Beanie Buddy from the seller.. I think this was before they noticed a nose variation beteween the 2 buddies.

maybe the box got wet when it was shipped?

Re:M C Buddy
That is not good! I don't have one but I have used a product called zero odor that I ordered online. You could try that. Just search for zero odor it comes in a white spray bottle and works wonderfully on odors. It almost sounds like some chemical was exposed to all those buddies in the shipping.

Having worked many years with materials-
I strongly believe that the odor is being caused by the dye used on the fabric. There are way too many that have the odor for the odor to come from something in the "shipping process" as previously posted. I spent many years working in sewing factories and we sometimes had a particular color that had a very strong odor like "garage chemicals"

Beanies In The News:

Update: Boca father upset daughter can't collect beanie babies for Iraqi children
...the Crowell's haven't given up the beanie baby project. They handed out letters to parents outside of the school and left a box outside their Boca home for donations of beanie babies.

"We've collected a couple hundred at this point," Crowell said.

The father and daughter will continue to collect beanie babies for a few weeks, then they will hand deliver the gifts to an air force base in Panama City.

Nicol Jenkins can be reached at or 561-549-0844.

"Their best chance is with mom. We're poor substitutes," said Sue Campbell, Wildlife Center supervisor at the Monterey County SPCA and baby-sitter-in-chief for two teeny Beanie-Baby-size raccoons who have been living at the center for the past two weeks.

Operation Beanie Babies
"Over an eight-month period, Soldiers began collecting stuffed animals, or Beanie Babies. What began as a small collection grew as the mail continued to flow."

"Out of the hundreds of schools in the area, the Soldiers of the 142nd CSB visited a total of six primary public schools to include one at the kindergarten level."

"...Tent & sleeping bags, Beanie babies, Iron bird bath, 3 tier moon stand & more."

4-13-2006 THURSDAY

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Ty Warner Sea Center 1st Anniversary
The Ty Warner Sea Center in Santa Barbara, CA. is celebrating their first anniversary on April 23. I wonder what Ty has planned for this special event. Any ideas?

New Special Olympic Brandon!!!
I bagged the New Special Olympics Brandon Beanie Bear from Canada. Rumor is they will be Very Limited and each hang tag is numbered. Suppose to be only 1000 worldwide. I sure do like the bears in those cute tee shirts. Anyone else adding this beanie to their collections?

It is the end of my collecting days.
Well my Beanie friends, the time has come for me to stop collectiong Beanies. Both of the stores that I used to go to for Beanies have closed. I visited the second one for the last time yesterday and got most of the newbies. I am so very sad, our local Hallmark closed last week and now the small family owned store has closed. I guess I will only be getting the Beanies of the Month now. I wish you all the good luck in finding new friends for you collections.

Report From Ms Janie!:

A note from
These poor people can not get a break! - Ms. Janie

I first want to thank all of you that thought about us when you saw the news about the tornadoes that went through Hendersonville (our current home town) and Gallatin (where we recently moved from) and have sent emails or called to check on us.

This is the first chance I have had since Friday to actually use the Internet because our power was out for a couple days and the cable was out even longer (we have cable internet).

I wanted to let everyone know that we were very fortunate and came through the storms w/ very little damage. The home we had in Gallatin was completely destroyed - Very surreal feeling to see something like that. There are hundreds of families in our area that were not as lucky as us, and have lost everything.

We are obviously running a little behind because of all of this, so please bare with us as we try to get caught up. Thanks again for all the concern and support.


Beanies 4 You
112 Warren Place
Hendersonville, TN 37075

If you are buying anywhere else, you are paying too much !!

Beanies in the News:

Separated at Birth? "Helloooo there, I'm King Taft," Chandra intones as his sons Akaash, Chthan and Karthik squeal with delight. "You know what I did? I'll tell you what I did. What I wound up doing was taking 50 MILLION DOLLARS of money that was meant for injured workers, and you know what I invested it in: Rare coins, Beanie Babies and autographed baseballs!"

4-12-2006 WEDNESDAY

And the winner is...

Derby 132!!!

Canters came in a close second today as they both arrived via separate routes in today's mail!

Both were shipped via USPS but Derby 132 arrived early in the morning and Canters arrived later in the afternoon.

Derby 132 has the famous new extra white Heart shaped tag which fits easily into a Heart Tag Protector fitting behind the Ty Heart Tag. Canters did not have the extra tag.

Derby 132 also has a Kentucky Derby Tag that says:

132 Kentucky Derby
Run for the Roses

A hologram on the lower portion of the tag states:

Churchill Downs
Official Licensed Product

Next to the hologram is a unique number for the beanie.

The back of the tag says:

Churchill Downs
Home of the Kentucky Derby
The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports

The fabric is soft like velvet.

Beanies In The News:

Collections are an analogy for our own lives: they create enjoyment and fun, they become more valuable as time goes on, and everyone else pretends to be interested in it.

For many collectors, there is a need to have a "complete set" of the object of our desire, like having every Beatles album or every 1977 Cincinnati Reds baseball card, including Johnny Bench (will accept all reasonable offers).

Whether it's a few items that hold great sentimental value for us like a ticket stub to the 2001 Super Bowl, or every single Beanie Baby ever made, we all have that near-obsessive urge that drives us to amass huge amounts of, well, junk

Bonding with Beanies
When Scott Simpson told me his neighbor Tim Fox was serving in Iraq, I thought it would be nice to send over some dolls,' explained Lillian Griffith, who headed up the project. She never thought 150 Beanie Babies would be such a big hit.

'The dolls helped us immensely,' Fox told club members Tuesday. 'When we first arrived in Kuwait and then Iraq, people ran from us. They hid from us. But when we began giving the children candy and then the Beanie Babies, we started to form a bond with them. When the women saw we were not there to harm their children, but to help them, that made all the difference.'

Itta Bena health fair will be on Saturday
Medical personnel will be on hand to check your blood pressure and answer questions about cancer, diabetes and kidney care.

A bus with Mississippi Blood Services will also be on hand so you can donate blood. Free T-shirts and Beanie Babies will be handed out to donors.

EBay chief stays cozy in cubicle
"When Whitman joined San Jose-based eBay, it had $14 million in annual revenue and focused on auctions of such collectibles as Beanie Babies in the United States. "

4-11-2006 TUESDAY

There have been quite a few reports about the new beanies having a second tag that is all white. This tag has been said to be available for signing, as a gift tag or as a price tag area. A note from Karen Brit on the Ty Cyberboard indicated that she would be removing the extra tag. It seems however that removing the tag would be just as wrong as removing the heart tag. The second white heart tag is a little something extra and new and removal would make a difference it seems.

There have also been reports of the BBOM, (Beanie Baby of the Month) Canters having been shipped and already received by many collectors.

Many expected that Raine was the cause for delay of Tystore shipments. An email from the Tystore posted below however states that the delay was due to a limited supply of Punchline, which is no longer available.

On The Cyberboard:

Kernow & Beatrix Potter

Hi folks, Secret Bean here!

Despite many rumours, this gorgeous exclusive will ONLY be shipped to TY retailers in CORNWALL. No other retailers will receive this bear. Obby Oss Day will be your 1st chance to see `Kernow' in person..... Catch it while you can, they won't be around long.

This is a UK Exclusive range which will be launched in the near future. Peter, Tom, Jemima, Piglin, Jeremy & Mr.Todd are looking forward to seeing you, although maybe not all at once...

See you soon,
Secret Bean

Something Very Majestic......
Watch this space.......
Secret Bean

Lions Are Very Majestic animals.

They are but......
not this time....
I think this something Majestic may be quite Royal......
See you soon,
Secret Bean

For those of you that are wondering, majestic is a bear but I won't have any better description until tomorrow. I have 3 on order (myself and two friends) for $39.00usd total shipped ($13.00usd per bear)and couldn't be happier that we have finally found someone in the UK that is willing to ship! Same with the Potter set, I will buy in the UK and ship.

New UK Exclusive Majestic
New UK Exclsuive to be coming out for the Queen Jubliee

Called Celebrations 2 - UK, AUS, NZ exclsv... ? LOL

Traderlist has not been updated in April yet...

**I'm working on it! :) It should be ready tonight. Sorry for the delay..I was helping my elderly parents, and just hosted a team in the World's Largest Trivia Contest for the 32nd year.

Dear Ty Store Customer,

We are contacting you regarding your recent order number 16XXX25.

Although it was our intention to process your order upon receiving it, an inventory shortage of the Beanie Baby Punchline prevented us from doing so. Ty Store offers are limited and occasionally sell out quickly. In the case of this item, the demand for the product exceeded available inventory resulting in a quick sell out. Because inventory for this item is no longer available, we are unable to fulfill your order for Punchline.

If you had other items on your order, they will be processed and shipped shortly.

We appreciate your understanding and support.

Thank you,

Customer Service

News from Ms. Janie's!

"To coordinate with last years fundraiser, this years bear will be THE FINAL BEAR OF THE 6 BEAR SPECIAL OLYMPIC SET., wearing the white jersey..."

Beanies In The News:

Toys go to the Dogs
"JAKKS Pacific recently signed a worldwide licensing agreement to develop and market pet products based on the iconic rap artist and music mogul, Snoop Dogg. The new Snoop Dogg-branded line of pet products will cover toys, beds, leashes, apparel, treats and more for dogs and will begin shipping in 2006 to retail locations nationwide."

"...Jakks isn't the only toy manufacturer going after the pet market. Beanie Babies creators, Ty, Oak Brook, Ill., will enter the segment this year with Bow Wow Beanies, a collection of plush toys designed exclusively for pets, designed in Beanie Babies styles and as fashionable plush dog bones."

' "Over the years, some of our products have become quite popular as pet toys," said Ty Warner, chairman and CEO. "It's a natural fit." '

Teams rally for the March of Dimes
" It didn't take too much convincing to get Tammy Bloodworth involved in raising money for the March of Dimes. 'I've been involved in the March of Dimes for 14 or 15 years,' she said. 'It's a good cause that helps kids.' Her team is selling beanie babies to raise money."

Reality of fast food dished out to kids
"Why are those toys given away or sold at low prices? For starters, they're pretty cheap to make usually in factories in China, but Schlosser and Wilson argue the real answer is that they help sell more food. In one 1997 McDonald's promotion, giving away Ty Teenie Beanie Baby toys over a 10-day period boosted sales of Happy Meals from 10 million to 100 million."

"Beanie Baby' motion denied in kitten tossing trial
"Judge Marc Gilner denied a defense motion this morning to introduce results of a Beanie Baby experiment into the animal cruelty trial of Gerald Schmitt."

Columnist's nest well-feathered with cardinals
"My collection has to be close to 400 items, a dozen cups, all different, some hooked rugs, bells, candles, a wrist watch, fly swatter, envelope opener, big and little Beanie Babies, ceramic tiles and many framed pictures of cardinals."

4-10-2006 MONDAY

Derby Update:

The Kentucky Derby Store ALWAYS had the statement that the item was out of stock.

According to a phone call this morning from The Kentucky Derby Store, the order has actually been shipped!

Beanies In The News:

Teen hurt in crash that killed friend emerges from coma...
'Sam came out of the coma within the past week to 10 days, his father said. His most common written message is "When can I go home?" '

"Sam lifted weights and worked five minutes on an exercise cycle Friday. On Saturday, therapists scattered Beanie Babies; and Sam, supported by a belt from behind, picked them up and put them into a basket."

Steps to self-esteem
"Down syndrome children can learn. It's just on a different level," she said. "Our children can do more than (people) think they can do."

"Four days a week, one can stand at the Noe's open garage doors in Fountain City and see her and two of her children, Rebekah, 15, and Isaac, 13, directing students to do wall push-ups as warm-ups to strengthen their arms or walking around with Beanie Babies on their heads to practice balance. "

News from Planet Beans!


Barbara of Illinois provided a link to the Beatrix Potter Store for Lisa of Planet Beans at:
The scroll at the bottom of the page says: "We are looking forward to new Peter Rabbit stock this year, especially the spring launch of the new Ty Beatrix Potter Beanies . . ."

Click here for the page where various items are listed. Those that say Beanie are possibly Ty Beanies, however without Tags this can't be certain. There are more listed as Beanie than are expected however.

The six upcoming Beatrix Potter Beanie Baby names are Peter Rabbit, Mr Tod, Tom Kitten, Jeremy Fisher, Pigling Bland, and Jemima Puddleduck!

4-9-2006 SUNDAY

Beanies In The News:

Young soldier says thanks to second-graders who touched his heart
"20-year-old Ramos, now serving as a military policeman with the 82nd Airborne, was desperate for contact from folks back home... Men, women and children of all ages wrote to him. Some made cards, many even sent care packages filled with everything from tuna to warm socks and Beanie Babies to hand out to the native children."

The following excerpts from Ms. Janies are it seems from the same person who posted on the Ty Message Board yesterday, where the first note was identical:

News From Ms. Janies Newsletter and Update:

Dan kindly shares the following information

Ms Janie
Just thought I would pass this along.
The Kentucky Derby Store is currently not letting people order the exclusive beanie Derby 132 from their store.
This beanie may be sold out or soon to be retired.
Message says out of stock on the website
At this time who knows if they will be selling again
I guess tyme will tell
Congratulations for those who ordered
Dan Hamlin


4-8-2006 SATURDAY

Skips has been retired in the Tystore!

Offer Cancelled - Sold Out - Expired???

Originally, an order was placed on April 1st by for the Churchill Downs Kentucky Derby Store Derby 132. The $1.00 per Beanie discount for Twin Spires Club Members would not apply, so Customer Service was contacted.

A reply from Customer Service resulted in the cancelling of the first order and placement of a second order which included the discount.

A refund has been issued for the second order with no explanation!

The Derby 132 Beanies from the Kentucky Derby Store are individually numbered. Have they run out??? Any follow up news will be posted asap!!!

Beanies In The News:

Smarty Beans

"This year's limited-edition Derby Beanie Baby is officially out of the gates. While his name, Derby 132, is quite dry and clinical, I think he could still outrun both Smarty Jones and Giacomo if he wasn't inanimate.. Anyone who knows anything about Beanie culture knows that each toy's tag features a personalized cutie poem. Here's Derby's: "

The stands erupt with cheers and cries
Thoroughbred's most prestigious prize
Run for the Roses; win, place or show
At the starting gate . . . and off they go!

LANce Provides Friendly Home Automation
"Just the thought of some intruder getting their mitts on my Beanie Baby collection gives me the willies."
- Beanie Babies for needs school supplies, beanie babies or small stuffed animals and kid's clothing.

On The Cyberboard:


The Kentucky Derby Store is currently not letting people order the exclusive beanie Derby 132 from their store.
This beanie may be sold out or soon to be retired.
Message says out of stock
At this time who knows if they will be selling again
I guess tyme will tell
Congratulations for those who ordered


4-7-2006 FRIDAY

A Special Report From Ms. Janie!

Ty signed Beanie for charity!

Take Home Bahati, a Limited Edition African Elephant Beanie Babies, personally signed by Mr. Ty Warner, Founder & CEO of Beanie Babies


Help save endangered species by winning Bahati. This adorable African elephant is part of an exclusive Beanie Babies limited edition collection. This adorable Beanie Baby will make and adorable and invaluable addition to your personal collection.

Mr. Ty Warner, founder and CEO of Ty Inc., has signed the hangtag of each of the first five in the series and generously donated them for this WWF benefit auction.'s%2025%20Years%20of%20Panda-monium%20Charity%20Auction

Beanies In The News:

Farmers must create value
You only have to think of the distinction between stuffed animal toys and Beanie Babies to see the difference between producing a product and creating value.

The Beanie Baby story is about taking a standard commodity item and packaging and marketing it in such a way that its creators extracted much more value from the marketplace than the sum of its component parts.

It is quite possible that Beanie Babies have even increased the market for stuffed animal toys by displacing other valuable collectibles, for those who are so inclined.

Of course, it makes no sense at all except that the package tapped into a market that was waiting to be found with the right blend of product, story (each Beanie Baby has its own name), marketing and price.

School refuses 'From Boca to Baghdad'
"A young girl wanted to collect beanie babies at school and send them to children in Iraq, but school leaders wouldn't let her collect them on campus. The girl's father says the school fears controversy but school leaders have a very different explanation."

RIT prof interviewed on 'Daily Show'
"During the taping, Manning said, he told faux reporter Dan Bakkedahl that for credit-card companies, getting students to sign up is like hunting in a baited field. The students get a free gift something like a Beanie Baby with a (Master Card) nose and think it's adorable, so they sign up. "

All Baseball.
"Mariano Rivera is the exception that proves the rule. The rule that the average closer has a shelf life of a Beanie Baby in the late 1990s. In the years from 2001 to 2005, exactly one team, the New York Yankees, has had the same closer for each of those five years. Mariano Rivera. "

On The Cyberboard:



4-6-2006 THURSDAY

News From Ms. Janies Message Board:

Hey everyone!
I discovered a New Ty Trademark today!
On March 30,2006 Ty Inc applied to register a trademark on....


Ty Inc lists the Goods and Services as follows-
Plush toys; Soft sculpture plush toys; Stuffed toy animals; Stuffed toy bears not sure what this one is all about But I guess as always.....

Tyme will tell!

Sly The Beanie Guy

Another oddity with numbers is occuring in NYC today. A weather reporter stated that the high temperature would be 55 degrees today and the low temperature would be 44 degrees. Yesterday, NYC even had snow! Very strange!

Beanies In The News:

Teen group planning safety fair
"There will be a cruiser here and the mobile crime lab, I think, and a fire truck. State Farm is planning on handing out smoke detectors. There should be some bike helmets, Beanie Babies, boo-boo kits, all sorts of things. The kids will handle the registration and door prize drawings will be done during the last 15 minutes, but you don't have to be present to win."

'Miracle' has 1st birthday
"When he wore a cotton ball for a diaper. When the blue Beanie baby bear in his isolette rivaled him in size. When he was so fragile his mother could not hold him, but rather cupped his entire body in her hands."

Liar: A Poem Lynn Crosbie Anansi: Toronto, 2006.
"Crosbie's diction tends to be flat: The Beanie Babies are still boxed at my parent's (sic) house:/ limpid animals, with birth-date tags and names like Cheezer, Blessed, and Schnitzel./ "

4-5-2006 WEDNESDAY

Hints from "The Butler is Back" on the Ty Cyberboard seem to indicate that the front page on the Ty site will change again. The top of the page has already changed with the removal of the Punkies Heart and the addition of the Bow Wow Beanies Heart.

Right now the large Heart that was once just that, a Heart, instead has a dog peeking out from behind it who barks every so often. One Cyberboard member stated that the bark occurs when passing the cursor over the Bow Wow Beanie Heart.

Cats will it seems be also getting their own set of pet toys and the likely theme will have to do with aquatic animals, "beanies that swim". Perhaps they will be, Meow Beanies!

The Butler is Back also says to look out for Wink. This might be a new beanie's name. Perhaps an owl? Owls who stay up all night blink. Many are hoping for a Graduation Owl to show up in the Tystore.

On The Cyberboard:

2 minutes and 3 seconds after 1 A.M. this morning,
the time and date will be:


wont happen again for 100 years



This time phenomena was reported by Ms. Janie then again by Lisa of Planet Beans.

It will happen again this afternoon however after 1 PM!

The Butler Has Returned:

Hello All My Friends - The Fun Never Ends ...

Hello and Good Cheer -
The Butler is here.
I just wanted to say ...
remember my posts?

Well they all came to pass.
That hint in the rainbow
that didn't belong?
Alas - but alas - it was time to move on !

I know you like hints -
So here are some others ....

Beanies that swim ?!?
and some rats for the cats ?!?
Don't know what this means -
saw a note that went passed.

So --- Keep your eyes open - don't take a blink!

Cause things keep on changing! Keep a look out for WINK!

So sorry to run -
but ...
the job of the butler ...
is never done!

The Butler Has Returned

Is the d in Day capitalized on the flower? .....n/m

Thank You...I thought maybe they would fix the d before it shipped in my opinion the d should be one writes Happy Mother's's always Happy Mother's Day, just like Happy Valentine's Day.

Thank You for taking the time to reply and enjoy your beanie.


Mom 2006 arrived on doorstep this morning. The Ty Heart Hang Tag is on the Beanie Babies Right Ear. This seems to be helpful keeping the tag out of the way of the flowers held tucked between the chest and the bear's left arm.

Confirmation was received today that Canters, the April Beanie Baby of the Month was shipped on 4/4/2006. Also, anyone who might still be waiting for Raine should not have long to wait. It is very likely that likely had the very last order after a glitch caused the original order to have to be resubmitted. If you have not yet been charged for your order, contact the Ty Customer Service at also, if you ordered Punchline along with Raine, Punchline's arrival was late due to Raine.

In the 1980's there were dolls that were made outside of the USA and sold in plastic packaging. When opened, a toxic odor eminated from the dolls. The dolls were considered to be poisonous and unable to be played with.

Observation of one Ty MC Beanie Buddy resulted in it's being placed twice in containers filled with newspaper, to absorb the odor. Observation of a second Mastercard Beanie Baby which seems to have been stored in a ventilated place, has revealed that the same odor is in the second MC Beanie.

Beanies In The News:

'Dedicated accumulator' defends the species
(Click to read the whole article...)

"Collectors are fully aware there is absolutely, positively nothing wrong with hoarding. It is part and parcel of the phenomenon."

"Thanks to the collapse of the secondary Beanie Babies market, the hoarding of contemporary products for future economic gains appears to have halted. The public-at-large now knows that the speculative bubble for any contemporary product will eventually collapse."

"The tragedy is that it took Beanie Babies to make the point. There were many similar lessons in the past. The collapse of the secondary market in baseball card boxed sets, collector and limited edition plates and other items, and toys such as Tickle Me Elmo, Holiday Barbie and Pogs are just a few examples. Alas, these lessons were largely ignored."

"Hoarding is part of the collecting process. Most collectors display less than 50 percent (actually I think the number is much lower) of their collection. The rest is in some type of storage. To suggest that this is some type of disease, i.e., obsessive-compulsive disorder, does a great disservice to collectors."

"Perhaps the thing that differentiates collectors from the hoarders described in Gurnon's article is that collectors are fully aware and conscious that they are hoarding. There is no denial. Collectors hoard because they want to, not because they feel compelled to."

"If you did not know me, you might immediately conclude I am obsessive compulsive. I most definitely am not. I am a collector, and I know tens of thousands just like me."

"Collectors beware. Do not fall prey to these do-gooders. You do not need drugs, a behavioral change, or a Web site visit. You only need another trip to the auction, flea market, shop, show or Internet to acquire another goodie or two for your collection. Happy hunting!"

In Fond Memory of...

Hugh R. Dealy III

"Mr. Dealy enjoyed gardening, collecting Beanie Babies, barbecuing, reading, and watching videos of military history and old John Wayne movies, his family said. He also enjoyed spending time with his family and friends."

Shop honors memory of late Disney fanatic.
"Bruce Felty loved everything Disney and collected all types of Disney memorabilia."

"He filled every room of his house except one that was designated for his wife with Disney-related items, from cookie jars, pins and lunch boxes to pictures, Ty Beanie Babies and Walt Disney Collectors Society porcelains."

4-4-2006 TUESDAY

Derby 132 has been reported to be the first one of a series. So far there is a retail version and a Kentucky Derby Store version that seems to be an exclusive.

There are a few people who have commented online, the opinion that if two beanies are alike in every way except for their tags, then there is no difference. Tag variations however can make a very big difference. Derby 132 online versions have been reported to have in addition to the Ty Heart Tag, each have an extra Kentucky Derby tag that is individually numbered with no two numbered tags being alike. This is a very significant feature.

Beanie Babies without tags lose over half of their value. Tag variations such as a Beanie having the name tag of another beanie have been common or rare. One tag variation occurred when the first Pinky named Delights was sold in the Tystore with a Red Beanie Baby tag instead of a Pinkys tag. That difference in tags is approximately a $75.00 difference in the two Delights Beanies values. If they were to lose their Red or Pink tags their values would drop significantly.

On The Cyberboard:

I'm not a race fan but maybe there will be 3 horses...
one for each race of the Triple Crown...
Kentucky Derby, Preakness and I think the Belmont is the 3rd. What do you think?

wellit makes sence -3 races in the triplecrown

the kentucky derby
the preakness
the belmont


The Marketing manager called me back. He clearly stated there will not be a Churchill Downs/Kentucky Derby exclusive. They are available to order at the online "Kentucky Derby Store" (we knew this) and will be available in the "On Track gift shop" April 29th. No mention of the Museums Gift shop.

So, the horse you can buy at Hallmark and Cracker Barrell is the same horse the online store and gift shops will have. My hopes of getting an exclusive at the Derby have just been dashed.

My humble opinion: The derby store swing tag doesn't make the horse an exclusive, it makes the tag an exclusive.
I'm glad thats cleared up.

The following news is from Lisa at Planet Beans:


On The WWW:

EBay aka "The Bay" is often mentioned on the Ty Cyberboard as having auctions with counterfeit Beanie Babies. Now there is an easy way to report problematic items on each EBay auction page!

"I'm happy to say that the "Report this Item" feature will be here over the next few days. Every item page will have a "Report this Item" link at the bottom of the page. Using this link will bypass the Contact Us flow and take you directly to a list of possible reasons why a listing needs to be brought to our attention. This will save you valuable time and help us review potential listing violations quickly. The item number will be included automatically when you use this link."

Naresh Narwani

Beanies In The News:

Women (UMW) collect for New Hope for Women

New Hope for Women Program, helps women in crisis. "During April these items are being collected: phone, gas and grocery cards; stationery, blank greeting cards and stamps; organizers and date books; coloring books and crayons; board games and card games; small stuffed animals, beanie babies and squeeze balls; shower curtain liners and curtain rings; inspirational books and "hide-a-key" chains."

Florist wins round in court
In a case that has garnered national attention, a Henry County judge ruled late Monday that the city of Stockbridge cannot use eminent domain laws to buy the shop and use the property for a downtown revitalization project.

Co-owner Regina Meeks was the one feeling revitalized Tuesday as she stood among the elegantly arranged roses, Easter egg baskets and Beanie Babies and fielded congratulatory telephone calls from strangers in Detroit, Dayton, Ohio, and Tennessee.

4-3-2006 MONDAY

On The WWW:

Doodles Page has reported:

The Kentucky Derby Store has added additional info to the earlier posted news on the Beanie Baby 'Derby 132' (see Saturday's news). Thanks to one of our readers (Cindy), who points out that the Kentucky Derby Store has now added the following new (hang tag) information:

Inside Ty ear tag states: Derby 132 tm Date of Birth May 6, 2006. The stands erupt with cheers and cries Thoroughbred's most prestigious prize Run for the roses; win, place or show at the starting gate and off they go! Inside tag also includes the 132nd Kentucky Derby logo.

A Report From Lisa at Planet Beans...

"Cindy's Beans informs me that since Ty has to pay the residuals to the Kentucky Derby for Derby 132 there is a cost difference. Derby 132 will cost retailers $3.00 + 5.5% shipping. A standard Beanie normally costs retailers $2.50. You may have noticed that the Kentucky Derby online store is charging $8 for TSC (Twin Spires Club) members and $9 for non-members. It is not yet known if this Beanie will be different from that offered at retail. There appeared to be a slight difference in color but keep in mind the resolution at which the picture appears could be misleading on the coloring. I believe we could see a Kentucky Derby exclusive and a retail, US exclusive. I will keep you posted as I learn more information. "

If you first Join the Twin Spires Club , you can save $1.00 on each Derby 132 Beanie located in the Collectibles section of the store. Many people had difficulty getting the discount when the Twin Spires Club number was not accepted in the Kentucky Derby Store and was considered invalid. If this happens to you, contact Customer Service and place your order by telephone. Customer Service Reps do not know yet if there will be different versions of Derby 132.

On The Cyberboard:

Beanie Collectors....

The Kentucky Derby's online store now has in hand, the Derby 132 Beanie Baby. The hang tag has on the inner left side, "The Beanie Babies Collection" with a picture of the horse and 132 on it. The right side has the beanie's name and its poem.

It seems that the store has added a "Churchill Downs" tag to its beanie, which has the UPC code on it.

I've been told by the store that this particular beanie is exclusive to the store, but I could not confirm this information. The tag itself does not seem to imply that it is exclusive to the Kentucky Derby store, although I was told by a store worker that it is.

We'll have to wait and see!


More about Kentucky Derby's Derby 132 Beanie Baby...

More about the KY Derby Store's Derby 132....

The inner left side of the tag not only has "The Beanie Babies Collection," and the KY Derby logo below it, but also the "KENTUCKYDERBY" web address below it.

The inner right side has "Derby 132," the date or birth, the poem (same as seen on the Ty site), and the "TY" web address.

A second tag, shaped like a race track, is attached. One side has the KY Derby log. The other side has "Churchill Downs," the UPC Code, the name of a credit card company, etc.

Style number is 40374. Color is leather brown. The picture on the Ty site is a very dark brown. I have not seen the retail version. If there is one, it will be interesting to see if there is a color or tag variation....!

Happy Collecting!


Beanies In The News:

Bulldogs to Host No. 3 Nationally-Ranked Mississippi State

"Louisiana Tech will put its four-game winning streak on the line and have No. 3 nationally-ranked Mississippi State to beat to make it five in a row, when the two teams battle toe-to-toe at J.C. Love Field tomorrow at 6 p.m."

"Free t-shirts will be given away to the first 50 fans in attendance, along with beanie babies and Pizza Inn gift cards to children."

Can't part with all that stuff you've amassed?
Pat Tompkins is in the news again! Her impressive collection of beanie Babies has attracted the attention of reporters!

"Pat Tompkins of Wai'anae, Hawaii, keeps her Beanie Babies collection, holiday decorations and an old bed in rental storage."

Is Blogging a Fad? Not According To Astrology...

"This is kind of a general world question, not specific to me. A couple of years ago, blogs became a very big deal. Everyone and her brother was writing a blog. But the whole blogging phenomenon seems to have died down a lot recently. Is there anything astrological that could explain this fad?"

"This is out of my realm of expertise but I'll offer my thoughts, and if we're lucky, some other astrologers will offer their views in comments. First, I'm not sure I agree that blogging is a fad or is dying or has died down. I don't think it's a beanie baby thing. Now that was a fad."

"Back when everyone was collecting everything, there were a bunch of planets lined up in Taurus, the sign that rules "possessions" and is known to horde things and hold on to them forever. Just ask my son, a Taurus, who wants to save the Spiderman packaging his underwear came in."

"And because it is "as above, so below," when all these planets were stacked up in Taurus, everyone was hoarding "stuff." Women my age were lined up early in the morning to buy the new beanbag toy and people were greedy, too another Taurus trait."

"For example, here in Denver, they gave out these beanie babies at a Broncos game, free with the price of a ticket, and people were scalping them outside the stadium that night for $1000 and up! And get this. Some people wouldn't sell, lol!"

4-2-2006 SUNDAY

On The Ty Main Page!

The Ty Heart on the Main Page has paw prints running across it and a dog peeking out from behind the heart!
Click here to hear the Ty Dog Bark!

Beanies In The News:

Chippewa Falls dentist leads mission to Bolivia
"At the airport, as MPs surround our plane, we're guided through customs. Officials check our passports and stamp our visas. We're good for up to 30 days. We go downstairs to claim our luggage. Suitcases are mixed in with three dozen big Rubbermaid containers. Each tub contains dental supplies n such as toothbrushes or medication or donated items, including t-shirts, baseball hats or beanie babies"

Defying her mental illness, a Wichita woman rebuilds her life
"Her downtown office, filled with plants, fish and Beanie Baby bears, overlooks a flowering Bradford pear tree."

Comic book comeback continues
Beanie babies are considered in this article, to be a trend that has faded away...

4-1-2006 SATURDAY


The new Beanie Baby of the Month is a horse named Canters

Ty April Wallpaper is Happy Easter Bunnies and Bears eggs, and a little lamb too!


Clocks "Spring Forward" tonight!


Ty site Beanie Baby visitors were still waiting to find out who will be the April 2006 Beanie Baby of the Month (BBOM).

Also, the new April 2006 Ty Wallpaper Calendar was expected to be posted.
Both were posted today!

In My Opinion:

Bow Wow Beanies and Beanie Babies remind me of how when looking for rental housing on the West Coast in beautiful Sunny Southern California a number of years ago, many places advertised, "NO CHILDREN NO PETS".

I like pets and I like children but I thought it was rather insulting to equate children and pets and to regard them on the same level in an ad.

It is true that many people keep pets as if they were their own children. Children are however human beings and deserve more respect than to be treated as equals in advertising.

Beanie Babies are usually off limits to dogs, but people often give a dog or cat a beanie baby to play with. A pet can become accustomed to playing with the beanies and accidentally get into the real ones, and TEAR THEM UP!

A famous cold cereal commercial in the US says that "Tricks are for Kids!" and so are (were) Beanie Babies... I am sure there is a big market for Bow Wow beanies. This is however, the end or an era and it's not an April Fools trick, it's fur real!


On The Cyberboard:

LOL! The home page "barked" at me!
I was looking at all the nifty icons spinning and turning and the dog peeking out from behind the heart, when all of a sudden I heard barking! LOL

Beanies have officially gone to the "dogs"
Not too sure that I like the idea that Ty has now made beanies for dogs (bow wow beanies). What does everyone think?

They are okay. I guess a good way to recycle the old beanies. Trap the mouse could be a good "cat" toy. JMO. Nancy

Not too impressed! I don't even have some of the beanie babies that are now dog toys. This is very sad to see them made into dog toys.

I think they're pretty cute... and I'm a cat person! It is pretty funny that here we've all spent years protecting our precious Beanies from getting dirty or mangled, and Ty comes out with a line toys that are MEANT to have doggie slobber all over them! LOL!

TY goes where the money is. Look at all the plush line for dog clothing and toys. Look at all the stores devoted to dogs and other pets. TY has to stay on top of the market, and the dogs are taking over at this time.

Well, I'll have to agree with you that Beanies have officially gone to the dogs! I have enough trouble trying to keep our little Jack Russell away from "the real thing" - Now, how am I going to teach him the difference? Really don't like seeing this happen! There are many other beanies (which, I thought were intended for children) - which could be produced, before we turn the collection over to the dogs. Don't get me wrong, I love our little dog, but, he doesn't know the difference between his "toys" and those for the grandchildren.
Really sad to see this happen! Come on TY! What has happened to your "creativity?"

There are those who have been complaining about the "cartoon" beanies--Garfield, Spongebob, Blue's Clues and Dora--but I find the whole "dog" thing just toooooooooooo ridiculous!! I won't be buying any of them. I would much rather have beanies that are more suitable to children than to our four-legged friends!!

Have Been Giving My 2 Dogs Pillow Pals(I know,I Know-Gasp!!)But I get them at the Thrift store for virtually nothing,they Do not have tags,and I can wash them easily! I also Send one or two out with rescues,so they feel comforted when they go to a New Home!!!!I welcome this new Idea!
peace :)

No graduation owl 2006

I am so disgusted. My son graduates in June and there is no "owl" this year. As much as I love dogs, the owl symbolizes wisedom....very disappointed. Tiger#1

I am disappointed it is not an owl too since it is different than the other ones already own.
I probably won't get the bear one this year, although I do think the idea of glasses was cute

This Honors bear reminds me of any of the other grad bears you can find in stores. It used to be that the Ty grad beanie was different from the rest and really stood out. Not so, with this this one.


GRRR!!! I'm verrrrrry upset. I've been collecting Beanies since 1997, and I've gathered every graduation owl every year since Wise. Finally, the year I graduate high school, I was finally going to be able to have a graduation owl with my year on it.

WHAAAAT?!?!?!? a BEAR?!?!?!?! LAME-O!!!!!
Ty better introduce an owl in the Tystore or something, cause I'm really mad about this.

We need April wallpaper... Dear Ty... You were right on the ball last month in getting that wallpaper up by March 2nd (I think)... please post it soon.
Thanks, Vtigna





Lisa at Planet Beans
has reported the following important news about Derby 132!

"I'm sure that some of you have wondered if there will be a Kentucky Derby exclusive Derby 132 Beanie Baby. Deb from Doodle's page has info posted as well as a photo comparison of the Derby 132 listed on the Ty website and the one listed at the Kentucky Derby store.
Notice below where it states 'First Derby Beanie in a series'."

250501 - KY Derby 132 TY Beanie Baby
"Will ship mid-April! Prebook your order(s) orders now! Derby 132 the Beanie Baby is a 7" tall, 8" long thoroughbred horse with a brown coat and white star on its face. It is wearing a saddle and green blanket with the Kentucky Derby 132 logo embroidered on the blanket. First Derby Beanie in a series. Start your collection now! Available while supplies last."

3-29-2006 WEDNESDAY

They're Here!!! Bow Wow Beanies!

The Ty Homepage Heart has even gone to the dogs!
Nuts, Inky, Lizzy
Weenie, Stinky, Patti
Prickles, Quackers, Snort
Trap, Lil' Bones, Bones
Legs, Lil' Legs
Pink Stripe (small), Pink Stripe, Camouflage (small), Camouflage
Hearts, Paw Prints, Red White and Blue Stars, Palm Trees

April 2006 Beanies!

Beanie Babies:

All-Star Dad, Cool Teacher, Honors
Catsby, Doogie, Fairy Dust
Saffron, Pinkerton, Violetta
Derby 132


Poodle Caboodle

Clomps, Tromps, Stomps

Ty to Make Its Mark in the Pet Toy Industry With the Introduction of Bow Wow Beanies(TM)
OAK BROOK, Ill., March 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Ty's newest creation, Bow Wow Beanies(TM), made its worldwide debut today, after a highly successful introduction at the American International Toy Fair this past February. This newest collection of plush toys designed exclusively for pets, has been created in both Beanie Babies(R) styles and as fashionable plush dog bones. Bow Wow Beanies will be available at Ty Retailers beginning in April and will be sold at a suggested retail price of about $5.

(Logo: )

Bow Wow Beanies(TM) are designed with squeakers and crinkle sounds that dogs just love, and are available in two sizes, with a special size for smaller dogs. Bow Wow Beanies can be found both as popular Beanie Babies(R) styles, such as Trap(TM) the mouse and Quackers(TM) the duck, and as dog bones in fabulous fabrics and with their own designer logo. Bow Wow Beanies are safe for dogs, containing none of the Beanie Babies signature "beans," and with all characteristic features and logos embroidered onto the pieces. "Over the years, some of our products have become quite popular as pet toys," said Ty Warner, Chairman and CEO. "It's a natural fit."

Founded in 1986 by Ty Warner, creator of the wildly popular Beanie Babies(R), and celebrating its 20th year, Ty is the leader in plush toys. In addition to Beanie Babies(R), the company's product line includes: Bow Wow Beanies(TM), Pinkys(TM), Punkies(R), Pluffies(R), Ty Classic(R), Beanie Buddies(R), Baby Ty(R), and Angeline(TM). The red Ty Heart Logo(R), recognized around the world, can be found on all Ty products available at finer specialty gift retailers. Visit Ty on the Internet at .


Mom 2006 is shipping!
Thank you for your order from the Ty Store.

This is to confirm shipment of the following order: 23142xxx

Ship date - 3/30/2006

Item Detail:
Qty Description
2 MOM 2006 - bear

Beanies In The News:

World Wildlife Fund and Coinstar(r) Offer New Promotion To Support Conservation
"WASHINGTON, March 30 /U.S. Newswire/ -- World Wildlife Fund and Coinstar, Inc. will jumpstart Earth Day awareness with a special promotion to raise funds for WWF conservation programs. From April through June, a promotional screen on Coinstar(r) Center kiosks will inform patrons about the plight of endangered wildlife and encourage them to donate their loose change to WWF. People who donate $15 or more during these months will have the opportunity to receive a one-year WWF membership and Li Mei(tm), a limited-edition giant panda Ty Beanie Baby(r)."

Volunteer and Information Center
"Beanie Babies for needs school supplies, beanie babies or small stuffed animals and kid's clothing."

Family counsel: Internet pornography
"Innocent queries on many popular Internet search engines can lead children to sites with inappropriate or explicit sexual material. The trigger might be such common words as "toys," "boys," "Britney Spears," even "Beanie Babies." Sometimes click-throughs on "safe" Web sites end up at porn pages."

Garage full? Rent a new one
"Tompkins' hundreds of Beanie Babies are safe from the Goodwill truck, for now. The 33-year-old Ethan Allen canopy bed that belonged to her oldest daughter can stay, too. Tompkins is saving it for that cute cottage she'll own someday."

Holmgren sweetens cookie donation
"Nadine Gulit of Issaquah was just as excited. She's the powerhouse grandmother behind Operation Support Our Troops who organized Saturday's packing party. Besides the cookies, the boxes included toiletries, Beanie Babies for the military to share with Iraqi children, socks and school supplies destined for the Abu Ghraib region."

Beanie Babies Drop mission cheers children
"On March 15, 1983, Fairfield High School graduate Lt. Col. Ronald Green and about 50 soldiers in the 142nd delivered 3,300 Beanie Babies, along with other toys and school supplies, to schools in Zakho in northern Iraq. For security reasons, Green could take only the small contingent of his 1,000 soldiers on the mid-March mission."

'It was interesting to see the effect it had on them delivering freedom to the Iraqis,' said Green from Iraq. 'We literally touched 3,300 children's hearts.'

On The Cyberboard:

punkies logo
Have you noticed the punkies logo has gone from the home page. Replaced by bow wow beanies. I guess that is the end of the punkies which is a shame as I collected all of them and was hoping for more.

Backyardigans Tasha and Austen
I am looking for a Backyardigans Tasha and Austen beanie baby. I found the 3 other characters from this show...Tyrone, Pablo and Uniqua. Does anyone know if Tasha or Austen were made and/or where to find them?

Re:Backyardigans Tasha and Austen haven't been made into beanies yet- perhaps in due tyme Ty will make them along with more of the Dora characters. In which case he has only made Dora.

A Deke Beanie was selling on EBay recently as an oddity.
Today, Ms. Janie has reported that this can easily be duplicated!

She received the following from Karen Boeker and Karenbrit.

Hi Ms. Janie,
Karenbrit & I had heard that you could remove the decal on the Deke hockey puck very easily with common household chemicals. Guess what? You sure can! We both tried it with success. Here is a picture of my homemade oddity :

Deke Oddity Creation from Ms. Janie's

Addition of Plain White Swing Tag
Rumor has it that the April Beanies will have an "extra" heart-shaped white swing tag that is blank on both sides. It is intended to allow retailers to indicate a price either by writing it or using a label/sticker.

At first, I did not think it was a good idea. But, I reconsidered after thinking about how many Beanies I saw at retail where the store slapped a sticker on the back of the swing tag. I'm sure many have had experience with "sticker residue".

I also realized that it will give Ty Warner another place to sign Beanies without covering the poem. Depending on how you look at it, this may be good or bad.

Any thoughts on this?


Hi Daniel,
Thank you for the editing. It is greatly appreciated. Beanie Universe adds variety to the Beanie Baby WWW World. Keep up the good work!
All The Best,

3-30-2006 THURSDAY

Beanies In The News:

An Infantry Colonel's Foxhole Report from Iraq
"They can no longer give beanie babies to the kids, because Al Qaida has taken to placing explosives in them, giving them to kids, blowing their arms off or killing them, and blaming the Americans."

As war grows longer, troops' patience is shorter
"The fight is really for the people and their mind-set," said Lt. Col. Richard Greene of Germantown, Md., the battalion's executive officer.

"While frustrated at the often-tense relationship with Iraqis, soldiers take solace in the swarms of children that greet them wherever they go. Although the children often are after the Beanie Babies and candies that soldiers dole out, their response offers much-needed reassurance."

Click here for American Girl Jewelry recall info!

News From Ms. Janie's Message Board:

Good Morning everyone!
I discovered another New Ty Trademark this morning. On March 24,2006 Ty applied to register a trademark on....


Ty lists the following as the goods and services..

Goods and Services: Plush toys; Soft sculpture plush toys; Stuffed toy animals; Stuffed toy bears; Stuffed toys
Could this be the Ty beanie baby greeting card line that I have been hearing rumors about for some tyme now?
as always.....

Tyme will tell!!
Sly The Beanie Guy

3-29-2006 WEDNESDAY

New Tystore Exclusive today! Mom 2006!

It is nearly the end of the month and the beginning of a new month is on the horizon. New Beanies should be officially announced soon and we can expect as well new wallpaper and the announcement of the new Beanie Baby of the Month.

There has been a lot of talk about the possible "dying out" of the Punkies line. Phasing out the Punkies just like the Phasing out of Attic Treasures in the past, would create new space on the Ty opening page for new Hearts with the names for upcoming new categories.

The Ty Hearts at the top of the page got smaller to add on an extra heart for Beanie Boppers. Later, the Attic Treasure and Beanie Bopper Hearts were replaced with Pinkys and Angeline Hearts.

A possible change should the Punkies Heart dissappear might be to add the Bow-Wow Beanies and Beanies Greetings Hearts. These two new categories have not yet been officially introduced, but if you scroll down this page, you will see the unofficial list of names of these new beanies.

Bow Wow Beanies are dog toys. On January 18th, 2006, Sly The Beanie Guy reported finding out that Ty had applied for a Trademark. On February 13th, news from the New York Toy Show included the introduction of Bow Wow Beanies and Beanie Greetings that were on display there! On February 18th, 2006, Sly the Beanie Guy wrote a really funny Top Ten Questions about Bow Wow Beanies.

Beanie Greetings are Beanies with sayings much like Greeting Cards. The Ty site actually has a section called Beanie Greetings where you can send an electronic Beanie postcard online!

Update on The Case of The Stolen Beanies and Collectibles posted on Ms. Janies Message Board on March 8th, 2006 !

I'm here , I got out of the hospital last Wed. but am at my mom's now. I can not do much of anything even typing [hurts my chest where they cut my breast bone] I am doing good and the were wonderful at the hospital.

Other news, you knew my house was broken into and over 400 dolls taken? Well around 200 of them are now in the police protection waiting on my return. I got the call from the Dect. same day of my operation. Seems the person I thought was selling them on ebay WAS! They claim they were selling them for someone else who claims their Grandfather passed away last year and left the collection to them!

1 very special person sent me the Barbie with Courious George to me while I was in the hospital. I got it the day I got out of ICU! It was so wonderful! That was the last doll Gene got me. He liked monkey's and me Dolls and said that it fit me purfect! Needless to say evey time I saw that doll it made me feel safe, safe in knowing someone cared, safe in knowing Gene was with me in spirit, and safe in knowing there is STILL Good people out there that don't wish to throw stones at ya every change they get. Of all the dolls that were taken and will never be return, none of them ment as much to me as that one. Not even my 60's Barbies. I've been blessed with friends and wish to thank each and every one of them.

Thank you

From The Ty Cyberboard:

love u mom w/extra tag
got mom today and there was a additional tag on swing tag that looks like spanish or french, possible washing instructions-anybody else get something like this??

bought in az, love you mom,also has extra black tosh tag, swing tags says,
mesure de securite
veuillez enlever toutes les etiquettes volantes
et autres accessoires.
conservez les etiquettes pour vous y referer.
pour less enfants de 3 ans et plus
lavage en surface

Sounds like a Canadian beanie!!
I haven't seen any for sale here yet!!

That extra heart tag is a recent thing--seems to be the french translation of the info on the back of the hang tag.


A second hot topic that was started by Bunches of Beanies on the Cyberboard yesterday asked "Who collects ALL new beanie releases????"

Many people it seems have slowed down on collecting, however Karen Brit, a Beanie expert and author of the latest authorized Beanie Book stated that she still collects them all. In a previous post on a similar subject, Ms. Brit explained that as a Beanie expert she has to stay up to date to have each one on hand to know about each release.

It can become quite costly to keep up with every one. Keeping a collection often means to have every thing in that collection. If you collect more than one category, it can cost even more. The categories of Beanies that have ended allow those collectors to reach a point of completion. Attic Treasures, Beanie Boppers and Beanie Kids have all ended and those collections can be completed. Hopefully the Punkies as predicted will end too, then that category can be consided complete for people who collect them. The Great Big Kiss and Great Big Hugz costed $150.00 or more for those who purchased them. Overall though there are a lot less Punkies than Beanies.

Beanies, Buddies, Classics, Angeline, Pluffies, Baby Ty and Pinkys are all still in production and the complete set for each category is unending. Some of the responses about collecting all of the beanies referred to the lack of display space and storage room (lipsy), RacersLover6 prefers to trade and not to "break my bank account to get them all at once... half the fun is the hunt anyway!" Tap still collects certain sets but states that "They are so darn cute, but lack of space and $$ won out. Also the "thrill of the chase" has worn off." Ottergongo avoids "the cartoon characters and the purses." twinmom1 collects horses and Hallmark Beanies and "never tried collecting them all".

Some people just collect bears and many people have their beanies stored away in bags and boxes or stored under a bed. There are so many to collect to have a complete collection of just Beanie Babies.

3-28-2006 TUESDAY

Beanies In The News:

Saltus students reach out to African children

"Saltus students raised $6,300 at three grub-days to help a school in Africa and help Oprah Winfrey build homes for Hurricane Katrina survivors."

"Mrupanga has roughly 160 pupils in four classes of 40, ages 7- to 14-years-old," Ms Jones said in a release. "The children currently share one text book among four or five and it is difficult for them to learn or reach their full potential. The students and their families are very poor and for many it is a struggle to arrive equipped with an exercise book and pen or to pay their school fees of $5 per year..."

"After Junior Department and Cavendish students raised $3,512.06 with two grub days and the sale of 'beanie babies,' the release said a presentation was made..."

Bend and stretch
"The burrito exercise was great fun. So, too, was balancing Beanie Baby animals on their heads. Finally, before storytime, the boys put eye pillows on their relaxed dads, who stretched on the floor as Nicoll read the story. "

Annawan All-Stars meet
"Tori Goodman brought in small portion of her beanie baby collection and spoke about the different types of them."

Investors can take 'bubble' bath
"Many investors watch for a while before buying that soon-to-be priceless Beanie Baby and then purchase when they can't stand it anymore. Gotcha!"

Ms. Janie has reported that a special large edition of Li Mei is going to be given to people who participate in the partnership between Ty and Coinstar between April and May of this year.

The report stated that the "World Wildlife Fund and Coinstar, Inc. will jump-start Earth Day awareness with a promotion to raise funds for WWF conservation programs. From April 1 through May 31, Coinstar Center kiosks will inform patrons about the plight of endangered wildlife and encourage them to donate their loose change to WWF. People who donate $15 or more during the months of April, May, or June, have the opportunity to receive a one-year WWF membership and Li Mei, a limited-edition giant panda Ty Beanie Baby."

A giant panda named Li Mei was offered in 2004 for the launch of the WWF limited edition collector's series on July 5th, 2004. This bear was available in the WWF Tystore.

WWF and Coinstar have a current Beanie Promotion to Save Big Cats. Pennies for the Planet "is a place where kids... learn about wildlife and wild places around the world... and then join forces to help protect them."

On The Cyberboard:

Every now and then a post draws a lot of comments from members. A hot topic on the Cyberboard today is "Does anyone collect just for the fun of collecting anymore?" Posted by RacersLover6

Collecting Beanies for enjoyment or for their value is the issue being discussed. Most people who have answered it seems, collect Beanies for the enjoyment they get from having their collection and for the new friends they make along the way. Collecting Beanies for their values is said to be over rated because the values more often than not, go down and very few maintain a high value over time.

Beanies are not my only hobby, I collect beanies for the fun they give me. I collect, trade and sell old post cards and postage stamps where value is expressed with dollar signs. Beanies are fun to hold and fun to share! Beanies also give me a feeling of connection to the friendly family of beanie collectors! The "value" of my beanie collection is expressed in giggles, smiles and laughter.

is beanie going up? post please
are they the same, is it over, will it come back again thank you

Re:is beanie going up? post please
I don't think it will ever go up as much as it was in 1997-1998 but maybe someday there will be more interest in beanies than there is now. But until all those millions of boxes of beanies that are being stored in attics and basements are given to little children the value will remain low.

Forbes says beanies sales are falling each year.
So there's your answer. And that's as I see it.
As I See It

Re:Forbes says beanies sales are falling each year.
As I see It,You are correct! twigs also has a valid point.I have said In previous posts,when,In many years from now,the Kids that bought and traded them will grow aduldts we often long for thing from our child hood.when that starts there will be a need or demand.
as for forbes,they are right on the money with their statements,as sad as It may be.
peaCE :)

Re:Re:Forbes says beanies sales are falling each year.
As I have mentioned before. I don't think the demand will ever happen, because so many Grans/aunts/friends will have kept them. All the adult kiddo has to do is raid Gran's attic/basement/garage. LOLOL

3-27-2006 MONDAY

March 27th 2006 - Beanie Retirements

We have had a few Beanies added to the retirement list today!

Beanie Babies:
Lucky O'Day, Erin (keyclip), Eggs 2006, Veggies, Sunbonnet, 4-H (gold), Hobo, Patrick Star, Ireland, Opie (Blue Eyes), Sweetiekins, William (Open Book), William (Closed Book), Starlight (White), Starlight (Black), P.F.C. and London.

Beanie Buddies:
Carnation, Lullaby and Large Diggs.

Valentines Large, Valentines and Happy Valentine's Day
(All misspelled as "Valenties" without a "n" on the Ty Web Site)

From The Ty Cyberboard:

April Beanies

I saw someone was pre-selling these April beanies...

Beanie Babies...
All-Star Dad the bear
Catsby the cat
Cool Teacher the bear
Derby 132 the horse
Doogie the dog
Fairydust the bear
Honors the bear
Pinkerton the cat
Saffron the cat
Violetta the cat

Caboodle the poodle purse

Ty Classics...
Diploma the dog

Clomps the parasaurolophus
Stomps the tyrannosaurus
Tromps the triceratops

Sound awesome!

(Reported by holidayteddy2002)

Updated Info:
Lisa at Planet Beans has provided the Presale link at Addie's Attic!

Beanies In The News:

Tragedy solidifies US and Iraqi police's bond

"One minute he'd be involved in a firefight with the bad guys in Buhriz, and the next he'd be passing out Beanie Babies to Iraqi kids,"

Selling and trading abound at Collector's Show
"There was everything from coins and stamps to baseball cards and Beanie Babies at the Meadowbrook Mall Collectors Show Sunday,"

One of those rarely published beanienews newsletters was posted today!

In addition to the most recent news posted today, The Week in Review was included as well.

Additional information included:

That there is a new Business Directory on Web site at

My Collection Beanie Baby Inventory Software for keeping track of and calculating the value of your Beanie Baby Collection, Hess Trucks, or any kind of collection

Click on the Links next to your choice to find out more or visit the site map at:

You can now buy Rich Dad Poor Dad's Cash Flow 101 and 202 E- Games, Board Games, Books & CD's on the web site! Visit

For more visit

Have a great day!


Google Newsletter

Topica Newsletter

Joan C. Schroer, very outgoing
"Mrs. Schroer's hobbies included collecting baskets and Beanie Babies. "Her big hobby, though, was visiting with her grandkids," said her son..."

Breaking Afternoon News From Ms. Janie!!!

Will kindly shares the following information

March Silent Retirements from Ty Retailer Site

Punkies (it seems like this line is being phased out):
TREETOP- giraffe

Baby Ty

Ty Classics


Baseball Agenda Yankees Home Game - NYC:

October 1st, 2006
Yankees vs. Toronto - 1:05 PM

Limited Edition Ty Beanie Buddy Day
1st 18,000 Fans 14 And Under
Sponsored by adidas

This new Buddy will be the 5th Yankees Buddy Exclusive!
Previous Yankees Buddy introductions have included:

World Class
(Navy Blue - NY Yankees Symbol on foot & 2004 Button)
World Class
(Navy Blue - Ty Heart and August 8, 2004 on foot & 2004 Button)
(Navy Blue - 100th Anniversary 1903-2003 Button)
(White - with Blue NY all over)

A NOTE for D.J.
Your EDITING has not gone unnoticed and it is all greatly appreciated. A n update will be posted for your efforts to correct the problem upon completion...

3-26-2006 SUNDAY

Beanies In The News:

Keeping up with the crazes
Without a doubt, the Beanie Baby craze of the late '90s was the biggest merchandise boom J.R.'s has ever experienced, Cynthia Sue said. "When you get a product that comes in and goes right out the door, that's exciting," she said. "It was a great profit those years. I don't know when another item like that will come along again."

"They might have been cash cows, but the little bean-filled animals also caused the employees some headaches."

"We got so annoyed with that phone," Wynn said. "That phone would ring 50 times a day. People would call every day and ask if we had Beanies."

"When the store had Beanies in stock, staff set up a roped-off area to keep people in a line to the display, Cynthia Sue said." "One little girl got knocked down while she was in line," Wynn said.

"Customers' Beanie devotion didn't stop there. If a UPS truck was in the area, they would stop the driver to see if he was making a delivery to J.R.'s."

"If he said yes, they'd follow the truck," Wynn said.

"Although Beanie Babies' popularity has dwindled, J.R.'s Hallmark carries other lines that are in demand."

On The Cyberboard:

Thought we were long past this,,,
I went into a Hallmark store on Friday & was surprised to see price stickers on the back & inside of the hangtags(Eggs 2006). When the salesclerk exclaimed she couldn't remove them (without damage) & told me I could just cut the tag. I tried to explain this no-no to her,but I think she was just bewildered. She may still be as I left the store with her still holding the beanies & plotted where to go to purchase sans price stickers!

3-24-2006 FRIDAY

On The Cyberboard:

Raine just arrived!!!!
Raine is beautiful, love the green color. Arrived with beautiful springtime flower tissue paper. Nicely stuffed, plump bear. Some beans in the legs.

Ty Beanie Babies, Ty Classic, Beanie Buddies and Pluffies pages each have a new Group Shot on their opening pages! On each one, some of the newer introductions were included in the group.

3-23-2006 THURSDAY

According to reports on the Cyberboard, Raine has been marked as "shipped" for many Tystore customers. Raine, an exclusive which was introduced in the Tystore on 3/2/2006 was retired on 3/15/2006.

Beanies In The News:

Japanese Community Youth Council Hosts Annual Japantown Fun Fest and Craft Fair
"Vendors include Okada Originals Ty Beanie Babies dressed in yukata and taiko drummer outfits; Shiro Designs, featuring hand-carved Japanese calligraphy and designs in glass; Green T, a sweatshop-free T-shirt line sporting Asian American pop culture themed T-shirts; and original designed vintage silk kimono shirts, vests, jackets and purses by Waka."

Marge Schott's memorabilia goes on auction block
"There are Reds uniforms and replica World Series trophies, autographed baseballs and leftover Beanie Babies, a Pete Rose jersey and thousands of packs of baseball cards."

"The auction is one of three to liquidate Schott's belongings and raise money for Schott's foundation, which has donated millions of dollars to various religious, civic and charitable groups since 1965. It's also a chance to get an inside look at the woman who symbolized baseball's first professional franchise for 15 years."

"What do you collect"?
"As a child, I collected Beanie Babies."
"Carly Babington was born and raised in Keokuk".
"She is a full time student at Western Illinois University in Macomb, majoring in broadcasting."

Middle school project reaches out to Iraq
"The ripple that started out as a basic service project for a Monticello Middle School homeroom class turned into a wave that has crossed national boundaries." " an extremely dangerous environment ...Carlson estimates handing out nearly 1,000 Beanie Babies to children throughout his patrols."
'The kids smile every time we drive by, and give us a thumbs up,' he said."

3-22-2006 WEDNESDAY

Judge Tentatively Sides With Warner on Coral Casino
"A group behind a lawsuit to thwart Ty Warner's plans to renovate ... In a tentative ruling, Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Thomas Anderle sided with the Beanie Babies magnate and hotelier..."

The remaining three of the last five retired Beanies were all removed from the Tystore windows today.

3-21-2006 TUESDAY

I would like to give a SHOUT OUT to JZ at Tystore Customer Service!

Raine is finally being charged and my order had a glitch. JZ was able to correct the problem and Raine will soon be on the way! THANKS JZ!!!

On The Cyberboard:


Beanies In The News:

New emergency youth shelter director named

In a photo by Helen Barrett, you can see how "new Northwest Family Services Emergency Youth Shelter Director. Amber's office is filled with a large collection of Beanie Babies which he has available for children placed in temporary custody."

What does Titanium have in common with Beanie Babies?

Titanium Jewelry: Not Just Another Trend

"Much like the Beanie Baby or Pet Rock, Platinum seems to be a metal that will be here for a while but will not last the test of time"

Lisa at Planet Beans has reported that there are variations in the nose of Lucky O'Day! According to a reader, Josephine who bought 2 Lucky O'Day Beanies, "I noticed one had a black nose and the other had a green one."

Lisa has also reported a new Beanie Site that will also have Video at

The site author is pictured on the Opening page with Great Big Hugz, Great Big Kiss and their decending sized counterparts. Contests where a person can answer by email and win a free beanie are offered, the first contest already over asked which was the first beanie to be sold out on the Ty site. Auction listings are shown and News of retirements up to when Iceberg retired were given as news reports.

There are Polls, a Guestbook, a Quiz, Chat area, a Newsletter and a Beanie Store. Various Beanie categories are listed with a short history as well as their "Ebay Value" prices. The site author states that "Now in the lists below, I am not selling those items for those prices, I am just listing their value (ebay prices + the web site authors calculated value). The price for each one is the price it would be if the product had its hang and tush tag."

The site creators apologize for the static of the video content and promise that it will get better. That is however not the worst. The playback is at times not discernable due to the loud music that overcomes the speech, also the playback seems to echo as the same audio can be heard behind the audio repeating what was heard. That is not a problem I am sure that can be fixed. Apologies are due however for the inappropriate finale skit. at this time has found this new site to have great potential that is unfortunately rather misdirected. The video contained a rather disturbing graphically acted out satire of "Broke Back Beanie" which had inappropriate references, acted out by puppet style beanies of Poke Beanies with cowboy hats who "went fishing a lot" which was inappropriate for children and adults alike.

This site still has great potential. A few changes would make it more suitable for the general public and lessen the need for a warning. The video ending was crass. Click the following link for the definition of "shameless" at


"I just wanted to say on my behalf that I am sorry if the Brokeback skit offended you. I found it online and thought the public would enjoy it too. Some did and some didn't. It was a beginners mistake and I hope you forgive me for it. Your site is great and I one day hope to be affiliated by it and I would affiliate you likewise. Sorry again. Daniel Beanie Universe"

Perhaps all is not lost! Hopefully the particular offending skit could be deleted from the archive. If it is, then the Beanie Universe site could potentially be a great resource!

Update After 7:

As, an expert in the field of Audio Visual Entertainment having a B.A. and an M.B.A. in this field and having had several years of Beanie News experience, I would like to say:

Beanies bouncing around like childs play with adult entertainment content, beanies and smoke, beanies and fire, beanies in relationships of some kind, these things and Beanies, don't mix...

The skit clips are too long and their content is meaningless...

The long drawn out skits need to be replaced with some other type of meaningful content...

Whatever it is, it has to have visual and audio content...

These statements are useless without providing some sort of suggestions so I'll try...

1. If this is someone else's idea, find an original idea.

2. Think globally and try to stick to content that anyone could find enjoyable. Don't alienate.

3. Your Format is News or News Magazine. Stay true to your Format. watch the news and see how they fill up the time.

4. Perhaps you could do live, telephone or pre-recorded or text read aloud interviews with people associated with Beanies.
For example, interview Dealers, Collectors, Children and other Enthusiasts.

5. Have a Feature segment to discuss a Beanie Category. All about the start highlights and current status of a beanie category.

6. Show some beanie Art, Decorated Beanies, Color Me Beanies, Artwork, Original poems or essays by collectors...

7. Talk about counterfeit beanies, bad dealers and how not to get scammed.

8. Talk about Beanie Lingo, this site has a dictionary here that might help.

9. Talk about the Ty website features like the membership, BBOC, Master Card, Tyfolio, Chat boards, Search features, categories, past news, retail locator...

10. Talk about Secondary dealers, Beanie magazines, Beanies in the news, on tv, in Iraq and Afghanistan, Special Charity Beanies and more...

OK? If anyone else has any suggestions please send them!

All the Best!


Update (3/23/2006):
It is a shame that you feel the need to keep the R Rated use of Beanies in so called skits as a part of your content. References to Beanies using adult content that would normally be restricted on a children's site is reprehensible and doing so while knowing that it is offensive, apologizing then keeping the content anyway is shameless.

"This video does have a short "Brokeback" spoof in it. Please don't view that part if it will offend you. The video was found online and shows 2 Slowpoke beanies acting as the 2 cowboys from the movie. Sorry if it offended anyone.) " Exerpt from Beanie Universe.

Keeping the content available in your video archives makes the apology null and void and meaningless. I removed this before but will reiterate at this time that references to sausages, behinds and beanies and graphic presentations using Beanie Babies is poor use of your site and is not Beanie worthy content. Editing is desperately needed.

3-20-2006 MONDAY


A building blocks toy called Magnetix has caused the death of several children. The problem is that the very strong magnets which should be encased in the plastic building blocks get loose, and can be swallowed by children. The danger does not involve choking. ABC News in a report today, described how the magnet can get into the small intestine at different intervals, then attract each other causing the intestine to form a closed loop. As a result, bacteria from the intestine is forced into the bloodstream and can result in death. Magnetix is a toy similar to Legos or Lincoln Logs only the pieces join together magnetically.

We start off in Winter this morning and at 1:26 PM this afternoon, Spring will begin! It's still cold though. There will likely be some revisions in the Tystore today where there is still a snow covered rooftop decorated with clover to celebrate last week's St. Patricks Day. There are also still 5 retired beanies in the windows as of this morning.

Talk about changes, the Tystore and Retail Banners for Beanies to help support relief for those who were effected by Hurricane Katrina were recently removed. Unrelated to this on the news, FEMA is asking thousands of the recipients of emergency funds to prove that they deserved to receive them or to begin paying the money back with interest by the end of a week! Meanwhile, the new Hurricane Season is due to return shortly in the next few months.

Yes, the Tystore has been redecorated. The Clover leaves have been replaced with Spring flowers and "Happy St. Patrick's Day" has been replaced with "Spring is in the air". The snow on the roof has melted away and the sky is blue with a few clouds. The two WWF Beanies, Icepack and Shiloh of the five retired Beanies in the windows have been removed as well.

Beanies in the News:

Beanie Babies headed to Iraq
"Debbie and Ashley Seufert of Corvallis have started collecting small stuffed Beanie Babies for Sgt. Robert Gardner, Debbie's son and Ashley's brother."

Attaining success with bear market economics
"The idea for Build-A-Bear grew out of conversation Clark had with a young girl in the mid-1990s at the height of the Beanie Babies craze."

3-19-2006 SUNDAY

Beanies In The News:

For what it's worth
But how much are those earrings or vintage teacups really worth? The collection of Beanie Babies or books, antiques, jewelry or Cousin Joe's old trumpet? Or how about a horse, a helicopter or a boat?

News From The Cyberboard:
Bank of america bought out mbna
"Was at the bank yesterday getting a bank draft to send my last payment to MBNA (TY) credit card company. The teller said did you know we (bank of america ) bought them out?
Last fall there was posts on ty talk about it. She also said she didn't know when we will making payment in there. I hope nothing changes about our points etc." Sis ann

When was the I love bears banner on the home page removed?
I just noticed it was gone yesterday

Re:When was the I love bears banner on the home page removed?
Wasn't it also at the very top of the page in the TY store? It is no longer there either. I don't know when it disappeared. They are still listed as current. The only way they could be ordered (that I know of) was to click on one of those two places.

The Katrina Bears link was still on the Ty Opening Page as well as in the Tystore above the rooftop on March 12, 2006. The Tystore link was gone by March 14th, 2006.

Cyberboard members now and then coin a new term that sticks. The last great term was calling Beanies with no beans, Stuffies .

Now it looks like there is a new name that will likely stick around, and will be added today to our Beanie Lingo Dictionary, Cartoon Beanies !

Cartoon beanies are giving me concerns...

I haven't collected for about 3 years now, and I have come back to a whole collection of what I like to tall "cartoon" beanies, because they are based on cartoons and children's television shows such as Dora, Spongebob and Blues Clues..

What do you all think of this?

I think this is very UNORIGINAL of Ty. I'm not sure if they are simply deals Ty has made with these shows, or if Ty was running out of ideas..

Again, if someone has an opinion or answer.. post it up!

Thanks, .court


3-18-2006 SATURDAY

Fun, Smiley & Laughter Update from the Ty Cyberboard:

"Do you mean the order form at the NY Show?"

"I know this was not addressed to me but I thought I would respond. The order forms that were being used at the NY Toy Fair had the names Fun and Smiley."

"Retailers could place early orders for them at the show but once officially introduced, both would be available to order by any retailer. The only versions that are considered "show exclusives" are the two unnamed keyclips."

"Since Fun and Smiley are scheduled to be April releases (base on what information the Ty Reps provided at the NY Toy Fair), they are not yet listed on the Ty Retailers website."

We will have to wait to see whether Smiley is changed to Laughter when officially introduced.


3-17-2006 FRIDAY

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
The first day of Spring is coming up on Monday, March 26th. For now, the tystore is decorated for St. Patrick's Day, the roof is still covered with snow and Shamrocks adorn the front door and the rooftop. Snow often continues through April in parts of the US. There are still 5 retirees this morning in the Tystore windows who were retired in the recent past.

All of the Ask Ty questions this past week had something to do with St. Patricks Day! An answer will likely be posted today. Click here!

If you caught a leprechaun, what wish would you ask it to grant?

I would wish for everyone to have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day !

Updates on Kernow:

Ty Cyberboard participant mags 2002 has pointed out that:
"He's not due to be released until May 1. Have patience. All of the ebay auctions for pre-sales right now are in violation of the 30 day pre-sale policy. eBay is pulling them. You wouldn't want to get stuck buying from an auction ebay invalidates."

Ms. Janie has posted a picture of Kernow!

Ty Email Invitation:

A FREE Beanie Baby offer for Ty Collectors!

Dear Ty Enthusiast,

Get more of the rewards you want with a No Annual Fee Ty MasterCard credit card. Each time you use your card you'll be closer to the rewards you're looking for.

Earn Points toward Ty products by using your new credit card. You'll earn one point for every net retail purchase dollar you spend with the card; no matter where you spend it! Redeem for:
1000 Points = 20oz. Travel coffee mug
3000 Points = M.C. Beanie an exclusive Beanie Buddy sized plush bear
4500 Points = Ty Windbreaker and much more!

Get an exclusive Beanie Baby every anniversary year of your credit card account when you accumulate $5,000 in new net retail purchases annually. And the exclusive M.C. Beanie V Beanie Baby is yours to adopt for free after using your card for a qualifying transaction.

We give you more.

The Ty MasterCard credit card comes with an introductory 0% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Cash Advance Checks and Balance Transfers through your first 15 billing cycles, and no annual fee. You'll also receive 24-hour professional Customer Service, secure online account management, and zero liability for unauthorized credit card use. Also, add an authorized user to your account so you can share the exclusive rewards and benefits, plus earn more points!

To apply, click here to go to our online application. Enjoy rewards and services that were made with you in mind. That's what makes the Ty MasterCard credit card so special. Start earning Ty rewards today!


Your Friends at Ty

Apply Today!

Beanies in the News:

Hopes Ride On New Iraq Army

"The Marines fight back with force as necessary. And with Beanie Babies the rest of the time."

"As they go from house to house searching for weapons and insurgents, they hand out the little stuffed animals to the kids, who always want more. Capt. Jim Eagan, 31, of Baltimore, said the toys seem to help put people at ease."

Florida Defies Boot Camp Trend

"Tony Haynes and Gina Score were 14 when they were sent to boot camp, he for slashing tires and she for shoplifting Beanie Babies. The experience was supposed to turn their lives around."

Instead, it killed them."

High school sweethearts are even closer now

"He surprised me, and on Valentine's Day he brought me a Beanie Baby tiger and balloon, and he asked me out," she said.
(Killarney & Erin animations courtesy of Beaniemotion!)

3-16-2006 THURSDAY

Icepack has been retired in the Tystore today!

Still no word about the shipping of Raine. Raine was bound to retire quickly, such a cute bear couldn't last for long. Planet Beans', Lisa suspected that it was a name problem, there being a store having the same name, Raine.

Skips Ships:

Thank you for your order from the Ty Store. This is to confirm shipment of the following order: 2309XXXX

Ship date - 3/15/2006

Item Detail: Qty Description
2 SKIPS - bear

Not Beanies in the News, NY:

Bill Gates is required to refund money to those who purchased a PC - Personal Computer between 1994 and 2004 due to a settlement. To see if you are eligible to receive the $12.00 go to - - -

Beanies in the News:

On patrol with a new army in Fallujah

"The Marines fight back with force as necessary. And with Beanie Babies the rest of the time."

"As they go from house to house searching for weapons and insurgents, they hand out the little stuffed animals to the kids, who always want more. Capt. Jim Eagan, 31, of Baltimore, said the toys seem to help put people at ease. "

Tornadoes bust out with a new CD

"While most of the band is retired now, Gerald Sanders continues his practice for Riverside County Mental Health counseling three times a week and Roly, retired from US Air, is the private pilot for Ty Warner, the owner of Beanie Babies."

Girl Scouts Collecting Care Packages for Troops

"Boxes can be filled with items requested by soldiers, including DVDs, CDs, computer flash drives, prepaid calling cards, disposable cameras, hand-held games, lip balm, towelettes, Beanie Babies, Yo-Yos, pens, note cards, paper, pre-stamped envelopes, athlete's foot medication, hand sanitizer, AA and AAA batteries, dental floss, hand lotion, flashlights, warm socks, eye drops, bandanas, nail files/clippers, sewing kits, shoe polish kits, sugar-free hard candy, eyeglass repair/cleaner kits, high SPF sunscreen, pain reliever compresses, Fabreeze odor eliminator, books, magazines, crossword puzzles, Rubik's cube, sidewalk chalk, gum, Frisbees, Nerf balls, harmonicas, Kazoos, playing cards, chips and dice, shampoo and conditioner, soap, wash cloths, mirrors, deodorant and insect repellent. Food items desired include protein bars, Pop Tarts, sunflower seeds, tuna, crackers, cookies, candy, popcorn, pretzels, trail mix, banana chips, nuts, breath mints, peanut butter and jelly, spices, mayonnaise, mustard, relish, ketchup, hot sauce, Cup O' Noodles, Top Ramen, dry cereal, instant oatmeal, powdered Kool-Aid, powdered Gatorade, instant coffee, ground coffee, cream and sugar packets, small cans of fruit, boxes of tea bags, hot chocolate packets and hot apple cider packets."

"A personal letter to a soldier also can be included. "

Nancy Oster "enjoyed knitting, reading and collecting Beanie Babies." An online memorial is at

"Parents during the 1990s were no stranger to Furbies, fanny packs and Beanie Babies."

Out-of-space solution

"Don't tell Pat Tompkins that the stuff in her self-storage unit is junk."

"Her hundreds of Beanie Babies? They're collectibles that could be worth a pretty penny."

On The Board!

Carlton Cards
On the Carlton Cards website, you can print out a coupon for the month of March for Buy 1 gift, get another gift for 1/2 price. This morning I used that coupon to buy the Spongebob Buddy and then I got the Patrick Star buffy for 1/2 price. Thought that was a good deal!

3-15-2006 WEDNESDAY

Raine has been retired in the Tystore!

The March 2006 retirements were posted on the Ty site today.

Beanie Babies:

Nara and Ocker

Silver and Cinta

Joaquim and Hannah

Teenie Beanie Bopper:

Baystars Bruth

Ms. Janie has a picture of Kernow ! Kernow is a new Cornwall, UK Exclusive bear!

Beanies in the News, Pacifica, CA

Pacifican Makayla Berndt battles devastating symptoms of Lyme ...
Makayla Berndt "sent all 250 of her Beanie Babies to Africa for the children." Makayla also "posted a request on Craig's List and received hundreds more Beanie Babies."

"Makayla will not be able to attend her upcoming benefit at the Sanchez Concert Hall in May, but she has one request. She wants everyone to bring a Beanie Baby to send to the African children. (The date of the benefit concert is not yet known; details will follow.) To donate Beanie Babies in the meantime, contact Makayla at home at 355-3277."

"To assist the family financially, The Makaya Berndt Fundraiser account has been established at First National Bank in the Linda Mar Shopping Center. Donations can be accepted there or at any First National branch."

3-14-2006 TUESDAY

Punchline has retired! It seems that the wishes of the Cyberboard participants for the "good old days" when items were hard to find or retired quickly are being fulfilled. Beanies are no longer lingering on the current list and a quicker pace is being set in motion!

Tystore exclusive Skips was introduced today!

Retired Beanies Hug Hug Buddy and Loves Me Beanie have been removed from the Tystore windows. The store is now 9 stories tall, having lost the 10th floor.

Cyberboard Update:

Hot and heavy news about UK beanie KERNOW - only $40!!!
These UK beanies must have golden pellets in them. I keep hearing bout how exclusive this beanie is, how rare it is, and to get one, you have to pay $35 - $40 for somethin that ain't even announced.

Skips DOB
I'm sure it is no surprise but Skips birthdate is April 16, 2006 (Easter).

From Ms. Janies Message Board!

New Ty Trademark!!!

Hi all!!!

I discovered a new Ty trademark this morning. On March 6,2006 Ty applied to register a new trademark on The word..... Snowbelles.

Ty lists Plush toys,soft sculpture plush toys,stuffed toy animal and stuffed toy bear as the goods and services.

Since winter is almost over ,I suspect we won't see this trademark used for some tyme?

Sly The Beanie Guy

3-13-2006 MONDAY

Beanies on TV!

TV Judge Hatchett had a case today that included a a rent deposit, a gift of furniture from the wife's grandmother and a bunch of Beanie Babies! The husband held his wife's Beanie Babies hostage. The Beanies, a mixed bunch lay piled up on the desk on the husband's side of the courtroom. The wife had the already owned Beanies long before meeting him. The Judge ordered the husband to give back the furniture or the deposit of $385. to pay $500. in Child Support and to pack up the Beanies and to give them back to his ex wife immediately!

In The News:

Voices from Iraq: Stryker brigade 1st Lt. Ben Tiernan

"Not long after returning to Mosul, I began to receive the boxes of Beanie Babies, Hotwheels, Crayons, Legos, Buzz Lightyear, Barbie dolls, Ken dolls, doll dolls, toy phones, pencils, pens, paper, markers, chalk, a never-ending supply of the things that kids like."

"We took these, added them with the boxes from a class in my home town, loaded them onto our Strykers and drove out of Mosul into the sparsely populated areas to the north. We were given the opportunity to deliver these toys and school supplies to a small school in Tall Kayf."

"We chose the kindergarten. Just a couple of classes make up the school totaling about 140 children. Members of the platoon took their time handing out toys to each student, letting them pick from boxes and helping them choose what they thought each child would like best. It was a fun day."

On Sunday, March 12, the Children's Champion Awards Banquet presented by Children's Hunger Fund (CHF) will honor world and business leaders for their help in serving children in need, at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library's Air Force One Pavilion in Simi Valley, Calif. One of the award recipents will be Ty Warner, the creator of the Ty Beanie Baby and Founder of Ty Inc.

Cyberboard Notes:

Re:prototype Beanies........

The way to tell a Prototype is that the authenticator authenticates it has has checked it's authenticity before authentication. Many of

them have PAX tags or the Advent Corp. tags on them. Some of them have tush tags that say "sample," but many of them do not have either a swing tag or a hang tag. They are totally tagless and there is no evidence of a swing tag or a tush tag ever being on them.

As long as they are "authenticated," rest assured the authenticator has taken the time to confirm their validity. The authenticator only puts their signature confirmation on beanies or prototypes they believe to be real.

Tagged or no tags, either way, if the authenticator knows it's a real Prototype -- they will authenticate it. Otherwise, they will not.

Prototypes are one-of-a-kind designs before the mass-produced beanie is selected. If you own any of them, you are very lucky!


read more about Prototypes here.

Beanie Bopper Gift with Purchase at Local Hallmark
I just returned from my local Hallmark (south Jersey) with Dear Heart, Dear One, Charm and Bluebonnet..With a $15 purchase of beanies, I was given Beanie Bopper "Fun Phoebe" I'm curious as to the location of other Hallmark stores involved in this promotion..Please respond if you have received Phoebe..Needless to say, I was ecstatic!!

3-12-2006 SUNDAY


On The Cyberboard:

New Exclusive to UK
Has anyone heard any rumours of a new Bear to England named Kernow? rosebowl

Re:New Exclusive to UK

No, but Kernow is the old Bretton word for what is now the county of Cornwall. In the past, Cornwall was a seperate country and had their own language as the river Tamar practically seperates it from the rest of the country.

It's a very popular holiday destination as the climate is very temperate. There are great beaches and the best surfing in the UK. Cornwall is also associated with pirates and smuggling.

The Kernow flag is a white St. Georges cross on a black, rectangular background - this is one rumour I hope is true, I love Cornwall!


Re:New Exclusive to UK
I do not know if the name is correct BUT my trading partner in the UK has been telling me about this bear for the last two weeks....And she tells me that it will available in two weeks. Only tyme will tell!!

In The News:

Kalama family provides treats for the troops

"Fifth-grader Emily Stiles of Kalama set a goal of sending 25 boxes of "home" to soldiers overseas. ...One unit asked for letters to give to soldiers who don't get mail, another requested birthday party things. A Fort Lewis hospital unit in Afghanistan treats a lot of Afghan children and wanted Beanie Babies and little treats to give to them. "Most of them want food," Emily said."

Shreveport Region I Social Studies Fair winners!
Economics --
First Prize: The Hidden Cost of Obesity, Ashley Sherrand and Mariah Hawkins, Judson Fundamental Magnet.

Second Prize: Beanie Babies-Why So Popular, Jamie Sullivan and Casey Friday, The Cathedral School.

Third Prize: Wal-Mart, Mikayla Kerry and Erin Rizzo, Cope Middle School

Welcome CBS Radio Listeners!
Be sure to check out My Collection Software for Beanie Babies, Hess Trucks and for Any Collection ! Keep track of your Collection Value and Inventory and record your costs while you watch the dollar value of your Collection grow! Get My Collection for Your Collection TODAY!

New! Rich Dad Poor Dad's Cash Flow 101 and 202 E- Games


Question: "Knowing what you know now, if you were just starting out with your idea for Beanie Babies, what would you do different?"

Answer: "Looking back, the only thing I would have done differently is . . . . . introduce Zip the cat along with the original 9 !"

3-11-2006 SATURDAY

There have been several requests on the Ty Cyberboard for massive retirements as the Tystore had over 20 windows in its skyscraper. When the Tystore first opened, anything more than two to four windows high was a full house!

Well today the wishes of the naysayers has come true. The store is full of retired Beanie offers and the skyscraper will soon lose several levels when they are taken away.

The retired Tystore Beanies still in their windows this morning are Patty O'Lucky, the most recent retiree, and former retirees Shiloh, Hug Hug and Lovesme. Patty O'Lucky has retired preceding the Holiday he represents by a week, St. Patricks Day which is not until next Friday on March 17th. The other Holiday themed Beanies lasted past their relative holidays.

Beanies In The News:

The Lucky Green Beanie
"Kallie Hovatter slumped in her chair following Stonewall Jackson High School's 65-53 defeat to Clarke County in the Group A girls' basketball semifinals, looking like she was just trying to catch her breath.
The 5-foot-11 junior, clutching a green Beanie Baby, was then asked to describe her team's defensive strategy in the game's final minutes Thursday afternoon at the Siegel Center."

Look here to see Ty Warner on the Billionaire List! Marth Stewart who made the previous list was dropped in this recent tally. Warner's listed product item is Beanie Babies and not Four Season's Hotel Chains or Real Estate. Oprah Winfrey whose product is Television is also on the list!

The Ty Warner Sea Center is a new attraction on Stearns Wharf and has tanks full of sea creatures such as a two-spot octopus, eccentric sand dollars, sunflower stars and sea cucumbers, which you can pick up to examine. Some visiting teens were grossed out by the newest exhibit, a pregnant dolphin that died of natural causes and has been "plasticized" with its insides, including the fetus, on view."

3-10-2006 FRIDAY

WWF - World Wildlife Fund Beanie Shiloh has been retired in the Tystore today.

According to Lisa at Planet Beans , Darlene who has won her battle with cancer is back and has started a new contest at Beaniemotion! Participants will have an opportunity to win Canadian Exclusive, Northland. The contest will end on April 15th 2006 and the winner will be announced on April 16th 2006. Beaniemotion offers a variety of Beanie Animations.

On The Cyberboard:

Ty Still Among World's Richest
According to the latest list of billionaires just released, Ty Warner is still ranked among the world's wealthiest clocking in at number 140 on that list with a net worth of $4.4 billion.

Re:Ty Still Among World's Richest
TY has diversided into real estate, as the sale of beanies wane. His real estate is doing well.

**Please be aware of unscrupulous sellers who are altering flag nose beanies...
Of course you may do whatever you wish with your own beanie.

The problem is that some black nose exclusives sell for $6-$8, but with rare flag noses, they can bring over $250. An altered beanie with a flag charm glued to its nose is worth about $6 but scammers are attaching the charms and selling the beanies as rare authentic flag nose beanies for very high prices. It is very difficult but not impossible to get refunds once these beanies have been received. One seller has already sold at least three of these.

Please use caution.


Beanie nose job
That's funny - beanie nose job! We've already seen the amputations with the wingless quackers! Some wanna be surgeons just never give up. Shame on them. There are honest ways to make a dollar!

In The News:

The Joliet JackHammers have officially announced their promotional schedule for the 2006 season.

"Giveaway items include: magnet schedules, bobblehead dolls, seat cushions, piggy banks, autograph books, logo baseballs, blankets, wristband wristwatches, baseball card sets, stress balls, pint glasses (two games), lunch boxes, visors, koozies, team photos and TY ? Beanie Babies. The four bobblehead doll giveaways throughout the season will feature Major League Baseball umpire Mark Carlson, Jammer, Noah and JackHammers pitcher Luis Villarreal."

Cartoonists step in to pen strip for colleague with cancer
"Pop culture often turns up in the cartoon. Ellen DeGeneres challenged Wink to a dance-off in one strip, while a ChapStick-addicted Dusty once roomed at a rehabilitation center with Beanie Baby-obsessed Brad Pitt. "

Eyewitness News' Lauren Glassberg

(Do you have the next must-have toy sitting in your head? Or on the drawing board? FAO Schwarz wants you.

Eyewitness News reporter Lauren Glassberg takes us to the toy audtions. Maybe it's the next Beanie Baby or Rubik's Cube. Well if you think you've created it than this is your big chance.

Usually toy makers attend toy fairs and shows to market their wares and find a buyer, but FAO Schwarz is cutting out the middle man with this casting call.

In a week, the toy creators will receive a letter letting them know whether or not they made the cut and if they do succeed and their toy or game is manufacture ready then you can expect to see it on shelves or in the store's catalogue this fall. The next toy audition is in May.

Toy Audition Schedule for 2006:

Thursday, May 11th, 10a.m. - 2 p.m.
Thursday, July 13th, 10a.m. - 2 p.m.
Thursday, Sept. 14th, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

FAO Schwarz invites toymakers to present their creations for our consideration at our Toy Auditions, held at the FAO Schwarz store in New York City.

FAO Schwarz
767 Fifth Avenue
(Fifth Avenue at 58th Street)
New York, NY 10153

3-9-2006 THURSDAY

The March 2006 BBOM - Beanie Baby of The Month, Billingham has shipped and arrived on many doorsteps today!

Cyberboard Report:

All BBOC beanies silently retired???
I noticed that all of the BBOC beanies have been removed from the current listing. I guess that makes them retired???

3-8-2006 WEDNESDAY

Just in from the Beaniehut , Fun and Smiley Key Clips, 2006 February Set Of 6 Beanies, Arabesque, Tour Teddy, Allegro, Bloomfield, Lollipup and Pique, Deke Canadian Exclusive, Patty O Lucky Ty Store Beanie, Blues Clues Beanies Blues, Magenta and Periwinkle, Gemma Pinky, Purrrse Beanie Purse, Scrum UK Exclusive, Hug Me, Squeeze Me, Loves Me, Yokohama Japan Exclusive and Scribbly With Pen... Every piece is BEAUTIFUL! But...

Scribbly With Pen is large and has some awful fabric. It is not up to par with other Pinkys or with any other Ty product! The fabric is hard and tightly stuffed with no beans. The pen is non-distinguishable other than being pink plastic.

From The Ty Cyberboard:

Re:Scribbly... I have two questions...
Where did you find it and what did the shop charge you.
Thank You for any reply*

Maybe you are not familiar with these, but eons ago when I was in school, we brought these types of dogs to school for classmates to sign. I had one for each year.

You needed a special pen to write on the hard fabric. They don't fade out much over time.

I wish I had a daughter or niece to buy this for, since I don't have a use for it anymore.

LOL maybe the Beanie Friends will use them when they meet this summer!


Dear 1geraldine,

Your post to the Ty bulletin board was not approved.

Reason for denial:Advertising

You are not permitted to advertise your business or website, or give your User Name for other websites or auction boards.

Post Subject: Re:Re: That's because Scribbly is an autograph hound

Post Content:
Oh, thanks americanmaid. Riski, the Hut.

Oh, thanks americanmaid. Riski, I am not allowed to say or hint but others perhaps can and have blatantly done so in the past.

Dear 1geraldine,

Your post to the Ty bulletin board was not approved.

Reason for denial:Level 1 violation

Your posting violates the Ty Talk Cyberboard Rules & Regulations. For a full explanation, see

Post Subject: Re:Re: That's because Scribbly is an autograph hound

Post Content:
Oh, thanks americanmaid. Riski, I am not allowed to say or hint but others perhaps can and have blatantly done so in the past.

Starting Today, is keeping a tally of "Ty Cyberboard Inconsistency" using a Table on the Beanie Baby Chat, Message Boards & Discussion Groups page...

Third time posting. Everything I have posted was deleted to the most I can say is to you both, is Thank you. If allowed to...

Beanies In The News :

Marines Thank Wilmington Group for Overseas Shipment

"The thank you's were said at a meeting of the Rotary Club. The club sponsored a year-long effort to collect and ship supplies to members of the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing stationed in Iraq. They sent the Marines nearly three and a half tons of items such as snacks, soap, sunscreen and coffee."

"Not only did the Rotary Club help the Marines, they also sent along beanie babies for the troops to give to Iraqi children."

Please keep in mind...

Beanies for

3-7-2006 TUESDAY

BBOC has officially ended
Did anyone else notice that it was not offered at this time

Beanies In The News:

"Teams are forming to take part in the Starlight Stroll, a WalkAmerica event to raise money for the March of Dimes. Money raised through the March of Dimes helps fund research into finding out why premature births happen and how they can be prevented. It also goes to educating women about the signs of pre-term labor and what to do if they have them. The Commerce Bank team is already raising money through the sale of beanie babies at its branches in Farmington and Desloge." Click here to read more!

3-6-2006 MONDAY

From the Ty Cyberboard:

2 new Ty store retirements
Ty has retired Hug-Hug the buddy and Lovesme the beanie today. Just thought I'd let you know!

Ty Store Lovesme and Hug Hug retire today...
loves me beanie and hug hug buddy retired today.

**Please remember to always check TRADERLIST for the latest information about those people with whom caution is necessary before you deal on the internet. You can check by email address, or city and state or country. If you need help with a problem transaction, the mediators at Traderlist will be happy to help!

Good Trader Rules

From Ms. Janies Message Board:

Please help me I have been robbed!

They broke into my home and stoled over 300 Barbie Dolls, Betty Boops dolls, Elvis Dolls, the orignal Cabbage Patch dolls, Peewee Hermans, and very very old hand made dolls from th 20's!

I had 2 complete sets of the holiday Barbies [both white and black] I had BobMackies! Almost all theme Barbies dating from the late 70's to 2000. These were still in there boxes never open and most with price tags! Oh I also had 2 complete sets of the "dolls of the nation", Hardley 1-4. These dolls belong to me and two of my daughtrs.

Also taken were almost all of our beanies I had all the peace bears sizes and my beanies dated back to 95. [but at this time I don't care a lot about them] They even took my coke beanies [tee hee shows me they don't know the value of what they were taken there. LO]

I had dishes taken and know these theifs were not through for some items was still in bags to be carried out.

My son's spawn, he-man, and comic books were also removed.

Most of these items are very old, still in packages and well taken care of. Should you see items like this being sold or on auction and coming from Illinois or Ind. Please let me know.

The only main thing I wish back is the Barbie with Courious George, It was the last doll my husband gave me and he died last year, my grandmother's watch which was to go to my granddauther named after her,

Don't get me wrong I have had thousand of dollers worth of things taken, insrance will not cover most of it for I did not have a ritter on my policy. I am grateful I wasn't home when this took place, but sad that someone felt the need to do this.

I am limited to what I can do at this time, due to my heart and I go into the hospital the 13th for my operation and try very hard to stay calm [ which is hard at this time ] But I know if I don't put a plea out now for watchful eyes in two months [when I should be able to do more] it might be too late and all the items sold

Please help me catch them!



I posted your note so possibly more people might see it and reply if they find out anything.

I always have believed that people reap what they sow and that what goes around, comes around. If this is true, then the robber will be punished one way or another.

Don't let this get to you meanwhile, your health is more important than anything that has been taken.

All the best...

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3-5-2006 SUNDAY

What has been believed to be a U.S. Exclusive, Tour Teddy, has been reported to have been distributed in Canada as well. Canadian Beanies are distinguishable by their required extra Tush Tag.

From The Ty Cyberboard:


I have Deke and live in Canada if you open the tag protector you will have a full tag with info on the back and half a tag behind it that has french writing on one side and nothing on the other hope this helps.Also checked my Scrum it has the same 1 whole hang tag and another part tag behind with writing om both sides.

Beanies In The News!

Alumni ship beanie toys off to Iraq
(By Michelle L. Start)

When Robin Richardson heard that former Fort Myers High School classmate Robert Campbell was stationed in Iraq, she wanted to surprise him and do something special.

So, she spoke to some friends and other classmates about sending Campbell, a graduate of the class of 1980, care packages on a weekly basis.

"Somebody told me the troops take Beanie Babies and give them to children as a kind of peace offering," said Richardson, a graduate of the class of 1982.

She said troops tuck the tiny stuffed animals inside their jackets and surprise the children when they meet. Richardson asked Campbell if she could send some Beanie Babies, and he told her it would be appreciated.

Former classmates from all across the United States have sent donations. They learned about the project through a Fort Myers High School alumni connection Web site that Richardson runs.

"We need funds for postage," Algaier noted.

This week, Richardson discovered generic beanie stuffed animals at Walgreens that were selling for 99 cents each.

Goodwill gifts get big bucks on Web site

"Goodwill has taken resale retail to lucrative levels with its online auction,, which in Southern California nets some $25,000 a month in sales, the second highest in the country, according to estimates."

"What doesn't sell is pretty standard. The market is saturated with baseball cards from 1980 on, post-assassination memorabilia of President Kennedy and Beanie Babies, making them worthless."

3-4-2006 SATURDAY

You can keep up with on your handheld or cell phone internet browser! While pages with frames are not always accessible, is frameless! Just set your bookmark to or and you will be always up to date on the latest breaking news!

From the Ty Cyberboard:

You're all gonna think i'm daft...
what does JMHO stand for? and what is a hang tag, tush tag, 2nd and 3rd generation tag? i really dont have a clue and it's what alot of you talk about i asked this before but it wasn't posted for some reason! so plz answer my Q's!

JMHO = Just My Honest Opinion...tush tag's are found on the "bottom" of the beanie and hang tage are the read "TY" hearts that are usually on the "ear" of the beanie. Generation of Tags can be a sign of around what time period the beanie was made.
Shimmery Gloss Loves Ty
Visit The BeanieNews Beanie Lingo Dictionary!

First Yellow, then red, then last year we were blue. Well this July the Beanie Friends World Wide will be Green, Green, Green.
We have set the date for the last weekend in July. We have set the place Boston, Massachussettes. And it will be Green Shirts for the 4th annual reunion Of BFWW.
We would like to again extend an invitation to Mr. Warner to join us. He has declined in the past, but maybe this will be the year.
Look for more exciting news as we make our plans.

Re:First Yellow, then red, then last year we
What exatcly is BFWW? and what do you all do?
Shimmery Gloss Loves Ty

BFWW is Beanie Friend Worldwide - a group of collectors who meet once a year n/m

3-3-2006 FRIDAY

From The Ty Cyberboard:

*Question*Please Read!!!
How come Shiloh and Chitraka's tags are different?They were both released at the same time right? I have them bot and just realized that Chitraka has a shiny silver star next to the word "original" in white and Shiloh has a yellow star behind "original" printed in Shiny silver letters.If you have an answer, please let me know!!

Shiloh's 14Gen hang tag, Chitraka 13Gen hang tag. Tags typically change with new releases of the year.
Love: Karen

In The News:

Beanies for still needs to be sent donations of school supplies, Beanie Babies, small stuffed animals and children's clothing. This need is not just for today but is ongoing as long as anyone can help.

Lisa at Planet Beans has noted that another group who does similar charitable work in Iraq and Afghanistan is .

Beanie Babies Now Serving in Iraq and Afghanistan

Spirit of America, a nonprofit, which is supported solely through private-sector contributions has a project that supplies Beanie Babies to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan so that they can distribute them to the children there.

The troops are handing out the Beanie Babies to the children in their daily patrols throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. This accomplishes two things.

First of all, Beanie Babies make the children happy. Which child wouldn't be happy to get one of these cute stuffed toys?

Secondly, handing out Beanie Babies gives the troops the opportunity to build goodwill with the Iraqi and Afghani children. The troops need all the friends they can make there and children can provide friendship, support and perhaps critical information that might just help to save the lives of our troops because friends look out for friends.

These children are the next generation in Iraq and Afghanistan, so it is important that we make a connection with them through our goodwill and the goodwill of our troops.

Spirit of America is a 501c3 nonprofit supported solely through private-sector contributions. They do not receive funding from the government or military.

BarrysBeanies is responsible for the supply and shipping of the Beanie Babies. BarrysBeanies will also be donating one Beanie Baby for every retail Beanie Baby ordered on their web site until March 31, 2006. (

Royal Oak Rotary prepares for its awesome auction

"Sports buffs can bid on sports memorabilia, U of M football tickets, and special Beanie Babies of Mark McGuire, Terry Bradshaw, Derek Jeter and Willie Mays. Mirror Publisher and Rotarian Ron Shamma is donating a full-page ad in the Mirror to the lucky bidder. The Mirror also provides the auction program."

3-2-2006 THURSDAY

Blue Bonnet and Raine
Raine a new Tystore exclusive was introduced today!

Thomson event benefits school
"It's an event that will benefit all involved, but more specifically, those students who attend Thomson Primary School."

"The larger baskets will be featured during the live auction, with the smaller baskets, Beanie Babies and a variety of tee-shirts to be sold to the top bidder during the silent auction. Lending his talent in calling for bidders will be John Clatworthy. "The auction is geared towards both adults and kids," Griffith noted."

* * * * *

Beanie Babies, take them or leave them alone...

Yesterday on the Ty Cyberboard, mooseybean wrote:

Beanies Mentioned On the Radio This a.m. and they had a Gentleman who calls himself the Collector Inspector. he Was a Guest on the station I listen to. They discussed collectables,and the current market,and He mentioned Beanies!!! He said It was Completely over. He also stated the Beanie Market was driven up by adults, and There has not been anything remotely close to Them,since.

He suggests a small Handfull will be be worth a few dollars 25 or so years from now! They will gain vaue when the kids that had them Grow up and want them for nostalgic reasons!
Very Interesting!!
for those thinking of quitting Beanies
this Is worth pondering.
peace :)

On February 26th, Zinniabell wrote:

Beanies are being dumped in the trash; yes, I am not kidding; stopped at a charity in NoVa today to donate canned food items & I noticed bags & boxes of stuffed toys (incl.Ty)dumped on the pavement near their thrift shop.I asked the attendant why the toys were placed outside rather than at the thrift shop; he stated that was their "trash" pile, where they dump items for people to help themselves!! I noted many older beanies & attic treasures all in fairly good condition, nothing damaged or dirty, esp. Princess beanie was mint condition. Very sad, beanies are no longer getting the respect they once they had; other charities would jump in a "heartbeat" to take these beanies and sell them for .50, 75, or whatever;looks like the beanie heydays are really over for some folks!!

In the Palm Beach Neighborhood News, " Beanie Babies need home: A reader of last week's column about elementary students donating teddy bears to Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue called in with a question.

"Could you tell me where I could get rid of about 150 Beanie Babies?" Betty Troy of Pine Ridge South asked. "I've got to get rid of them. They're a pain in the neck."

Beanie Babies aren't as huggable as the teddy bears that firefighters and paramedics prefer to give upset children for comfort. But I loved her question. Call Betty at (561) 433-0617 if you have a good cause for her babies."

It looks like Betty is going to need a new phone number, many people don't understand collecting Beanie Babies. A close friend of recently said about Beanies, "they found something to make grown people act like children." So what! What about Baseball, Hockey, Football and Basketball, Collecting Baseball Cards and Comics and Barbies aren't those grown folks playing games too?

Some people don't collect Beanies but are understanding of those who do. Those people are to be commended, and remembered...

"In Debbie Chandler's house in Toney there are lots of wooden reminders of her carpenter father, Sherrell Thomas."

"Her brother and sisters and their children have them, too. Shelves, benches, footstools, carefully crafted cradles for dolls, little barns for toy horses and houses for Beanie Babies. ...Sherrell Wayne Thomas was 68 when he died of cancer on Friday."

3-1-2006 WEDNESDAY

The March 2006 Beanie Baby of the Month is Billingham!

The 2006 March Wallpaper is here!
Windows - Macintosh

A Report from Beanieholics On From Ms. Janies Message Board!

Run For The Hills!!!

The new March Pluffies introduced by Ty have been eaten by a huge basketball, football and soccer ball!!!

Oh the humanity!!

It's like something straight out of "Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes."

If you see these Ty items rolling towards you......RUN!!!!

The basketball will dribble on you. The soccer ball goes straight for your head. And the football has been known to make passes.

Don't say I didn't warn you.


2-28-2006 FAT TUESDAY

The Cat who was never introduced, Chiffon...

From The Ty Cyberboard:
Mysterious Pinky...................................
Whatever happened to the Pinky (a cat--but can't remember the name), that was introduced in UK, but not in the U.S.?

When the Pinkys were first introduced, there were actually a bunch like that, (available in UK, but not US) but I think they have all been slowly made available in US, except for one or two.

Anyone remember about this?
all my beanies

It never came out anywhere, Chiffon was its name, but it was very similar to Orchid, so i wonder if they just decided to call it Orchid instead of Chiffon.
Love; Karen

was a laydown style and Orchid was a sit up style. I still have both pictures posted on the website. I guess I should remove Chiffon since it wasn't really introduced as a permanent part of the Pinkys line. :o) -Lisa
Planet Beans FLASHBACK 2005!!!

The Pinkys link to 22 Pinkys Beanies has reportedly changed and now links to only 16 Pinkys Beanies. Sources say that the five missing Beanies are the same five that have only been found in Europe and who were not part of the official introduction on the Ty web site. A sixth missing Beanie is the unannounced Chiffon.

They are in all, Ratzo, Taffeta, Chiffon, Frilly, Glitters and Sparkles!

Nearly all of the missing Pinkys can be purchased on ebay in the UK. This Beanie Baby collector's order arrived last week. Little Pinkys Ratzo, Taffeta, Frilly, Glitters and Sparkles! The only one missing is Chiffon. A picture will be posted shortly.
According to Reuben50 on the Ty Cyberboard who forcasted yesterday's list, "Ty is going to announce all of the ones (Pinkys) from the UK before announcing anything new (unless, of course, it goes to the Ty Store like Delights). Taffeta and Chiffon will be released in July and then in August, new Pinkies will be available."

Taffeta the cat
-No reports of Chiffon

The March 2006 Beanies have been posted!

Beanie Babies
Love U Mom, Bluebonnet and Charm
Manes and Stripers
Spotter and Tundra
Dora the Explorer
Hallmark exclusives Dear One and Dear Heart

Beanie Buddies:
Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star

Fanciful and Paradise

Basketball, Football and Soccer Ball


Cyberboard Report:

2 Spongebob Buddies and 2 Patrick buddies
I just was looking to see if the 2 new Beanie Buddies Spongebob and Patrick were showing up yet on teh current list....well here is the interesting part.....there are 2 SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS and 2 PATRICK STARS BEANIE BUDDIES LISTED AS CURRENT!! Now at first I thought ok probably Ty got carried away and accidentally added 2 of each of them to this by accident.... but the reason why I don't think its a mistake is because each of the 2 Patrick and 2 Spongebobs have differ Hangtag sayings

Lisa at Planetbeans has noted the same point, that there are two Spongebobs and two Patrick Stars! Lisa notes that each one having the same name, "has a different tagline. "

16838 - Spongebob

16842 - Spongebob

16839 - Patrick Star

16841 - Patrick Star

Ms. Janie has a report that has to do with the recently retired Birthday Bear Which was reported on this site:

Happy Birthday (Orange w Jester Hat), Happy Valentine's Day (Garfield) and Spongebob Squarepants

Hi Ms. Janie
For those who keep records of retirements, it was confusing as to which Happy Birthday bear retired, as it showed the yellow New Face one, yet it was the red pot bellied bear that moved to the retired list.

I see it has been corrected now, and the yellow New Face's photo replaced with the red pot belly's photo.

So, yellow Happy Birthday is still current, and red pot bellied is retired.

Love: Karen

Retired List Correction:
Happy Birthday (Ruby Red w Gift), Happy Valentine's Day (Garfield) and Spongebob Squarepants

Mardi Gras and Masque were introduced in 2005 prior to the Katrina Disaster. Three Bears introduced to raise Funds to help after the disaster are still on sale in retail stores. They are "I Love" Alabama, "I Love" Mississippi and "I Love" Louisiana.

Bourbon Street which was one of the few areas that remained untouched and stayed open throughout the Katrina disaster, is the very street where the Mardi Gras Parade has traditionally always been held. Revellers are celebrating and parading today in spite of the recent disaster celebrating their survival and keeping strong a long held Mardi Gras has always been a big part of the pre-Katrina economy typically adding 1 Billion dollars to the local economy. In the past 150 years of having Mardis Gras in The French Quarter, it has only been cancelled 13 times due to War.

It has been 6 months since Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans and the surrounding areas in August 2005 when 80% of the city was covered with water. The hurricane season is due to return in 3 months and the city while celebrating today and putting on a happy face, has not yet recovered from the blow. A short drive away, the city is still in a horribly destroyed shape. Homes and entire cities are in disrepair, there is a severe lack of suitable housing and supplies, stores are abandoned and people still try to stay on and survive. 1,902 people are still listed as missing. New problems include violent gangs from L.A. and Chicago who would rather kill a law officer than get deported according to news reports. Only half the number of plane arrivals come into Louis Armstrong Airport and while many businesses could open lack of housing for returning workers is a problem.

The Red Cross and FEMA posted on this site last year have undergone drastic turnovers in leadership since that time. 84% of the 2 Billion dollars collected by the Red Cross has already been distributed and 2/3rds of the money collected by all charities has also already been given out. Many Katrina victims who migrated to other cities have still not received the help they need and have been evicted from hotels that were no longer being paid for.

Many celebrities and companies have contributed to rebuilding and helping the less fortunate who were suffering due to the ravage of Katrina.


The Tystore is already shipping and confirming the shipment of Punchline !

From The Ty Cyberboard:

It saddens me t say that I decided to quit TY
I have been collecting on and off for the past 5 years. Due to the recent types of products being introduced I have decided TY is no longer for me. I am therefore selling my entire collection.

I have met some wonderful people over the past fews years whom I promise to always get the UK ones for.

Goodbye and thank you.

This post received numerous replies and this sentiment has been echoing throughout the Beanie Baby Collecting World. Ever since "The End", more and more Beanies have been introduced at an ever increasing rate. One has to be a working adult with a large disposable income in order to keep up with this rather expensive hobby of collecting Beanie Babies. Some of the complaints include not enough bears or too many similar bears, not enough animal varieties and disliked designs.

Recent changes in the product have assisted many in breaking the addiction. Yes, Beanies are addictive. The "just too cute" looks along with the "feel" of the "beans" (plastic pellets) has in the past, made the adorable litle toys irresistable. Nowdays, the feel has been lost as several newer Beanies suffer from a lack of pellets. A perfect term was coined last year by Ty Cyberboard participant, gibill to describe these beanless Beanies, when he posted' "Ty Is Shilo A Stuffie or a Beanie? Thank You." Last year, beezbee reported; "Picked up Enchanting tonight and I can't believe how BEANLESS he is!! He doesn't even feel like a Ty beanie. Only a little beans in his legs. :) Diane". Some of the "Stuffies", beanless beanies have been Charming, Iceberg and Enchanting.

Another trend welcomed by some is a "Turn Off" for others. First came the Mastercard, Learning Express, McDonalds, Harrod's and Cracker Barrel Beanies. Next, some Beanies lost their brand uniqueness by becoming other brands such as Sponge Bob and his friends Patrick Star, Squidward and his Pineapple home, Backyardigans Tyrone, Uniqua and Pablo. There have been a number of Garfields and also his friends Luca, Odie, Arlene, Nermal Louis, Odie and even Pookie. Now, coming soon, Dora The Explorer and Beatrix Potter Beanies.

Beanies are going to the dogs this year, the year of the dog. Coming soon for real live dogs are the Bow Wow Beanies. Really! Some are shaped like dog bones.

Several well liked categories of Ty were already discontinued such as Beanie Boppers, Teenie Beanie Boppers, Beanie Kids and Attic Treasures. Beanie Boppers and Beanie Kids contained some plastic pellets "beans" in their legs and Teenie Beanie Boppers, smaller versions had wired bendable legs and arms. A lot of people have expressed missing the beanless jointed and poseable Attic Treasures.

2-27-2006 MONDAY

The party is "ON" for Mardi Gras!
Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday! Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday!

Kids prove carnival-ready

"Among the flying beads was a boy passing out children's reading books. Others threw Beanie Babies, gifts to Coast children from elsewhere, to replace things lost in Hurricane Katrina. One miniature float of plywood sported candles and canned food to represent life after the storm."

From The Ty Cyberboard:

Punchline is 3 holidays in 1!!!!!
look; his collar and hat are the colors of Mardi Gras, he is for April Fool's Day (with the name, collar, and hat), and is a Chihuahua for Cinco de Mayo! just realized it today. hope you get yours soon!

National Make A Blanket Day!
The Joplin chapter of Project Linus at Sewtown, "encourages any and all volunteers. If you aren't able to sew there is still room for those who can attach labels, donate fabric, or even donate stuffed animals or Beanie Babies for blankets with pockets. "

Teens pass first test to become next Idol
"Broser and her friend Jaclyn Hill, 18, sat in the purple velvet theatre seats of the Centre in Vancouver for the Performing Arts, hoping to one day stand on stage as the next Canadian music sensation. After their auditions, Broser and Hill returned victorious, clutching the yellow tickets that would send them onto the second round. ...Hill also brought along her good-luck charm, a Ty Beanie Kid, just in case."

Lower than low
"My sister collected bears during her lifetime... 'To Carol, We Love You and Miss You, Love, Mom, Dad, Sis, Shawna & Trisha'... "

2-24-2006 FRIDAY

In modern slang, the term Beanie Baby has not maintained the best conveyed meanings for all people. Calling someone a Beanie Baby is not often a favorable term. In sports however, Beanie Babies is a name used for Bonus Points in a game! To earn Bonus Points, you have to "Pitch the Beanie Babies"!

"Foothill needed the bonus points.
"Everyone at Friday's Northern Section Masters needed the bonus points. Pitch the Beanie Babies, there's a new fad collectable. "

Is My Beanie Real?

From the Cyberboard:

HELP want to no if my thank you is real
can any one tell me where i could find out if my thank you 2003 is real? i live in england. thanks

Re:HELP want to no if my thank you is real
You can send it to have it authenticated.

Re:Re:HELP want to no if my thank you is real
but where? im in england and can't find any where that does it. does any1 now any names i can start with plz

Re:HELP want to no if my thank you is real
aboutbeanies has pictures of beanies and a lot of information about them. You can check the beanie you have against the picture, also check the hang and tush tags. Just enter the beanie name in the basic search.

The few that do authentication do it by mail so the only problem is the cost of having it authenticated and the cost of postage.

Having a Beanie Baby Authenticated should add value to your Bear. It would be returned to you in a sealed container with a certificate of authenticity.

Research online to find the best and most used authenticators.

Some of the most used Beanie Baby Authenticators are:

Becky's True Blue Beans

Peggy Gallagher Enterprises, Inc.

Pbbags - Professional Bean Bag Authentication and Grading Service

2-25-2006 SATURDAY

Bernie Jackson to retire as NJHS principal
Neosho Junior High School Principal Bernie Jackson is retiring from public education. ... As students walk into his office, they see Jackson's collection of Beanie Babies. 'I bought a Beanie Baby nine years ago, and my daughter and my wife told me that it was a collector's item,' Jackson said. 'I would say that I have more than 2,000 of them (Beanie Babies).' Jackson even has about a dozen signed by Beanie Babies inventor Ty Warner.

Something tells me that my reply is either not going to post or will post and get censored after...

From the Cyberboard:

I'm curious, what happened when Ty inc. stopping Beanie Babies with "The End"

I'm glad it wasn't the last Beanie Baby, but does anyone know what the whole "The End" the Beanie Baby was about. I recently read an article publiushed back before "The End" was released. They said it was to be the end of Beanie Babies. I'm glad it wasn't, but I'm curious, does anyone know what caused the change in plans, or was the article just jumping to conclusions.

U-feline of Canada
Note: THe article was published BEFORE "The End" was released, but I only saw it on a site recently.

He changed his mind n/m

They was a big worldwide vote and peeps elected to keep beanies
missing message

worldwide vote and more info....

If you collected beanies back then the big rub for collectors was Ty was charging $.50 cents for people to vote via a phone line or the internet. Ty Warner said he would add $.50 and double the amount for every vote and all of it would go to Charity. I forget which charity? Collector weren't too happy about this! Lots voiced their opinions on Beanie message boards and website throughout the internet.

One Collector posted a open letter and Challenge to Ty Warner on beanie message boards and beanie websites to triple the amount he was donating. I believe the collector was Sly the Beanie Guy?

Well Ty answered that challenged and posted a message on the Ty Website the next day and said he would quadruple the amount! At the end of the vote collectors had raised $750,000 for that Charity and Save beanie Babies with a "yes" vote.

Ty Warner ended up donating a million dollars to that Charity instead of $750,000 too! Way To Go Ty Warner!!! beaniefun4me writes:

Re:I'm curious, what happened when Ty inc. stopping Beanie Babies with

It costs a lot of money to keep up with the collection so why would he want to stop the cash flow?

If you had a product that sold well, and made you as well as secondary dealers a reasonable living and profit, would you stop making it?

2-24-2006 FRIDAY

A new Europe, Australia and New Zealand Ty Exclusive Love U Mum!

February 2006 Ty Retirements!

Beanie Babies:

Punxsutawney Phil 2006 (Red Tie), Snookums and Punxsutawney Phil 2006 (Black Tie)

Happy Birthday (Orange w Jester Hat), Happy Valentine's Day (Garfield) and Spongebob Squarepants

I Love You


Kiss Me, Be Mine and You're A Cutie

From The Ty Cyberboard...

Today's Silent Retirements

Big Kiss, Bitty Kiss, Great Big Kiss, Itty Bitty Kiss

Alfalfa the Rabbit
Truly Yours the Bear Duo

I'm sure more are to come.

Just noticed some Ty Classics retired-Alfalfa, Hugston, Sofi and Truly Yours. nm
PattiBuddy, FerociousPlatypus

Hey! I read that! More Hanky Panky on the Ty Site! What ever happened to Freedom of Speech? I know the Board is moderated but the Cyberboard Moderaters go TOO FAR unnecessarily!

Planet Beans report:
Still shaking my head. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother posting on the Cyberboard. Why do the mods find it necessary to allow postings only to remove them minutes later? It's very noticeable that they play favorites with certain posters and websites! The last post of mine that was removed was in reply to thoughts on Punchline. I just said that I wasn't impressed with this design since it looks so much like Tiny and reminds me of that annoying Taco Bell dog from years ago. This was a harmless post so why was it removed?! LOL There's a decent size thread under "Grins & Gripes" where people are stating they aren't impressed with this new Beanie. hmmmm

A new page Whatever! No Beanies! is a new section that will have odds and ends of links and information that has nothing to do with Beanie Babies. This is just interesting or useful information that you might find to be of interest!


Beanies for still needs to be sent donations of school supplies, Beanie Babies, small stuffed animals and children's clothing. This need is not just for today but is ongoing as long as anyone can help.

Many children have ignored the dangers of being in the middle of a war and have played outside anyway, trying to live a normal life. Prayer and statistics, the fact that not everyone gets hurt, is the only hope. The recently imposed curfew restricts the children from being able to play outside. allows soldiers to share a happy thought and goodwill through the provision of a little something something for the children. If you can now or if you can at a later date, your help added to others will grow and make a big difference and a lifetime memory.

2-23-2006 THURSDAY

The Tystore has a new beanie dog named Punchline!
Punchline seems to be celebrating Mardi Gras!

Ty Cyberboard Comments:
Tiny - Punchline

bneebob says that "Punchline, the new Ty Store exclusive for April Fool's Day has a birthdate of April 1, 2006."

mooseybean says "Punchline is Tiny Dressed as a court jester???"

"Is this cute puppy a cartoon character or is it Tiny disguised as a court jester?"

Fun and Laughter!

A Most Beanies Contest?

The Ty Cyberboard had a posting this morning from a man who said that he and his son had every beanie made stuffed away in a safe deposit box, unknown to his wife. He mentioned a Ty contest to see who had the most beanies.

I replied to the "Real Men Collect Beanies" post saying that the safe deposit box must be the size of a small storage room and asked him to tell more about the contest. Later today, Lisa at Planet Beans included the post in her newsletter.. only one thing, the post from beantalker had dissappeared!

A follow up newsletter was issued by Planet Beans about the dissappearing post. Barbara wrote: "WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?! "Hi Lisa, Just reading your newsletter about Real Men Collect Beanies...LOL, that thread has been removed. I can't understand the mods on the Ty site..they allow posts to be posted and poof the posts are gone." believes that it was the mention of a contest, is the reason why the post was removed! As they say, Tyme will tell!

Lisa at Planetbeans noted that there might be favorability on the moderators part toward certain posters or web sites. This is very likely. The rules do not allow you to post a website yet even though my posts that mention web sites are censored, so many others are obviously posted. Messages on the board appear, then dissappear and are often truncated.

For an example, the thread that talked about Fun and Smiley not being New York Exclusive Beanies but being New York Exclusive Key Clips given to retailers at the show was edited after the second day. Posts were removed from in between others and a favored few were left intact. The same editing occurred with two posts from thebutlerisback. Sections were removed and posts from days apart were combined as if they were one. The Ty moderators censor many messages, delete others and adjust postings to appear differently than they were submitted. Favored websites are blatently posted while if I mention that an answer to a question can be found on this site, the post is deleted and a reprimand is sent.

Beanie Babies in the News...

A Beanie Baby Tiger traveled the world for 7 years!
In 1998, "Paws" left America. "Back in 1998, the Tiger Cubs Pack 197 were talking geography. Beanie Babies were front-page news. And the Internet had taken off." "The stuffed animal visited Antarctica, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia and the United Kingdom before its return in December (2005). While away, he remained in the care of troops that agreed to host him."
Click here for the whole story!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cowley County
Occasionally, they (Sarah Bryant and her "little sister') would exchange little gifts with each other. Nothing big, but just small tokens of their affection for one another. For Sarah, it was one of these gifts that showed her just how important her role as Big Sister really was.

"She had given me a little Ty beanie bear," Bryant said. "She told me that the bear was named Hope."

"Sarah's emotion showed through as she explained the significance of the bear.

"She said, 'I wanted to give this to you because it is named Hope, and that is what you give me, hope,' " Bryant said.

A Shirland Kindergarten class celebrated the 100th day of school by "collecting school supplies, Beanie Babies and hard candy... So far, they've filled 60 bags with school supplies, 85 bags of hard candy and collected 179 Beanie Babies. Their goal is to fill 100 bags and collect 200 Beanie Babies." The whole school got involved!

When Jack Arnold, (the organizer of a School Partnership Program in Abu Ghraib for Iraqi children) "and his battalion receive the packages, they will distribute them to Iraqi schools"! read more...

The Decatur police caught a couple of Beanie Baby thieves on Valentines Day in Tennessee... "Each of them allegedly stole a Hallmark card and a Beanie Baby".

Last Thursday, at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Union County's 4th Annual Father-Daughter Dance in Plainfield, NJ, "Every father received a boutonniere, every daughter a Beanie Baby toy of her choice and a pink corsage"! more...

In honor of the late Mabel Scott, Planetbeans, Lisa with the help of some friends, donated over 200 toys including a little over 100 Beanie Babies to help hospitalized children to feel comforted during their time in the hospital. On August 2, 2000, a local newspaper recognized Planetbeans good will !

2-22-2006 WEDNESDAY

Ty Cyberboard News:

Fun & Smiley or Fun & Laughter?????
I know everyone is saying that the names are Fun and Smiley, but I saw a retailers order and it says on their order (on their Ty retailer account) that the names are Fun & Laughter. Guess we'll see when they actually come out!!

There are Black Nosed and Brown Nosed MC Beanie Buddies according to a report from Lisa at Planetbeans!

"Laura writes: "Hi Lisa, I just received my MC buddies-did anyone mention the noses? I recieved both a brown nose and a black nose-I know with the beanies the brown nose was rare! I know I was lucky enough to get a brown nose beanie signed by Ty-but none of these are signed!... Here are the pics-Laura" "

2-21-2006 TUESDAY

Sasha Cohen is an Olympic Skater on the American Team who shot into first place by 3/100ths of a second today! Sasha, whose parents emigrated from the Ukraine after it opened up, was born in California. One of her hobbies is "collecting Beanie Babies"! Click here to read more...

Beanie Baby Lingo
It's easy to assume that everyone else knows what you're talking about. Beanie Baby message boards, auctions and sale sites are filled with terminology that everyone assumes everyone familiar with beanies knows. This is not however neccesarily so!

ur all gunna fink i'm daft but plz answer my Q's
right then where 2 start LoL. what is a hang tag? and a plush tag? what's a 2nd/3rd generation tag? i totally dont know and alot of peeps talk bout them sayin how great they r. i dont have a clue wot ur on about LoL plz answer my Q's thanx xxxx

Here are some helpful links!

"Beanieology is the study of Ty Beanie Babies and the terminology that surrounds them"


Extra Facts!
Beanie collectors sometimes use certain terms, when talking about Beanies. Here is what these terms mean: MIP: Mint in plastic MWBMT: Mint condition Beanie baby with both mint tags. MWMT: Mint condition Beanie baby with mint tags. MWCT: Mint condition Beanie Baby with creased tag. MWM3T: Mint condition Beanie Baby with 3 mint tags (Tush, swing, and Canadian tush tag).

Heart Tags

Good Trader Rules

The 5 links above and the BeanieNews Beanie Lingo Dictionary links below should cover most if not all of the Beanie Baby Terms. On the Ty Cyberboard, people refer to d/t. A d/t or d/t's refers to a Daily Timer, a person or persons who frequent the Ty Talk Daily Tymes Page, the main Message Board!

The BeanieNews Beanie Lingo Dictionary

*A*B*C* D*E*F* G*H*I* J*K*L* M*
*N*O* P*Q*R* S*T* U*V* W*X* Y*Z*

by Barry Stein

"Most counterfeit Beanie Babies are easy to spot if you know what to look for. If you don`t know what to look for then you will probably have a hard time telling most counterfeit Beanie Babies from authentic Ty Beanie Babies."

Click any of these links to read more!
1. Click here or 2. Click here or 3. Click here

Unfortunately, ($609.11 US) TY Harrods exclusive Jumbo Stardust introduced in November 2003 did not sell today on Ebay.


Here is some great advice from Ms. Janie's Message Board! Ever wondered what to do with those scamming emails?

A warning about a possible scam
My husband got an email from someone on whose item he supposedly bid on ebay. They wanted him to pay the bid. It was one of those that come right from ebay? I haven't dealt with anyone on ebay recently but I understand they do things differently now.

Anyway, he knew he hadn't bid on anything recently so we went to check the item number. It still had 18 hrs plus before the auction was over. The auction was a Dell monitor and definitely something he would not have bid on.

He decided to "reply" to the email and a page came up asking for personal info.

This is the third one he's gotten. The first he just deleted, but after the second one came he contacted ebay and they advised him to change his password, which he's done.
Mary Ann43

forward all such emails to: and they will follow up on it. I have had 3 such offers (payment requests) and forwarded them all to the spoof email. You will get a reply from ebay advising you to delete. (same goes for paypal, I have had similar requests for updated info from paypay..also is just: then delete em -

2-20-2006 MONDAY

Collectors have been asking for more Beanie Baby Birds and perhaps that wish will be fulfilled! News from Ms. Janies Message Board's Sly The Beanie Guy:

New Ty Trademark!! Sly The Beanie Guy
Hi everyone!!!
Happy Presidents day!!!
I discovered another new Ty Trademark this morning.
On February 10,2006 Ty applied to register a trademark on

"Love Birds"
Ty lists Plush toys,soft sculpture plush toys,stuffed toy animals as the Goods and Services.
Even though Toy-fair has come and gone it looks like Ty still has some surprises up his sleeve?
as always.....
Tyme will tell!!

Sly The Beanie Guy

I am still confused about Fun and Smiley! Are there or are there not two different sets? Any help will sure be appreciated.

There are two kinds, key-clips exclusive to the show who really have no names and pre-sales of full sized beanies. The picture of the key clips is being used to sell both and the full sized are not exclusive.

There lies the confusion and purposeful or "accidental" deception, by calling the full sized exclusive and using the picture of the key clips which were exclusive to confuse the two different kinds.

Also keep in mind when you see the set available for under $10... they will be for the retail sized Beanies and NOT the exclusive clips. When in doubt.. ask! -Lisa
Planet Beans

Ty Cyberboard Controversy Continued:

Bneebob Were only retailers attending the NYC Show able to order the beanies?
It could be why some sellers are calling them NYC Show exclusives. In the past when retailers were only able to order from shows, i think we called them show exclusives...Discover, NY Bear, etc. However, now there are key-clips that only show attendees got, so a clearer way maybe needed to differentiate the two.
Love; Karen

Were Retailers Able........
Any retailer will be able to order the 20th Anniversary retail Fun and Smiley Beanies. Retailers that attended the show were able to order early so they may receive the shipments of these first. I asked a Ty Rep if there were "show exclusives" and was told "NO". Only the keyclip versions are "show exclusives" and the keyclips COULD NOT BE ORDERED.

Re:Bneebob Were only retailers attending the NYC Show able to order the beanies?
It seems that the same picture which looks like the key clips is being used for both types of sales, key clip and full sized. That is what I believe adds to the confusion.

The following two news links are to some really great beanie stories. Click on each one to read the whole story!

THE DRIVE FOR LIFE: A series of health setbacks taught Dover Township's R. Kim Ratto how to live for today
"I'd wake up, and there would be Beanie Babies all over me. My nephews would put them with me," she says, smiling at the memory."

Blanket project aims to comfort children
"Since starting the effort in late 2001, she's delivered more than 16,000 blankets to area hospitals, shelters other social service agencies. The group has also started collecting stuffed Beanie Babies toys."

"For information on Project Linus, go online at, e-mail or call (513) 604-2161."

North East EST TV viewers, on WB11 the movie with the exploding Beanie Baby will be showing tonight at 8PM... "Agent Cody Banks".

2-19-2006 SUNDAY

Have you checked out the BBOC Newsletter lately?

The BBOC Newsletter is filled with information that covers the past year.

Ty Cyberboard Controversy:

For the record the $9.95's are full sized and the $49.95's are key clips...

There are several ebay and yahoo auctions for Fun and Smiley with costs starting at $49.95. These auctions are for the un named "Fun and Smiley" key clips given to dealers at the New York Toy Show at Jacob Javits Center. If you plan to bid read the auction carefully to know what you are bidding on.

There are similar sales on Secondary sites for "Fun and Smiley" New York Toy show exclusives. I have confirmed that two of the Secondary sites, Beaniehut and Cindysbeans are pre selling full sized beanies. Descriptions can "sound like" and "look like" the key clips but are not.

One Cyberboard member has warned that if the full sized beanies turn out to be rare, you might not get your order. This is true because I too have been dissappointed personally by purchases made on these sites and later, not getting what was ordered.

In one case I was told that I had ordered a different item then was only offered store credit. In another case I was credited my payment and in all cases this was only after months of waiting and hoping. I still have orders on one site that have yet to be filled after many months of waiting. I am still hoping.

From the Ty Cyberboard:

True, you can pay 9.95 now, but GOOD LUCK GETTING THEM.....
From my past experiences with Secondary Sellers....I've tried them ALL....You will need some pretty "SERIOUS LUCK" trying to get these Sets for the 9.95 presale asking price. Right now these Sets are still going for 50+ on the bay.

Presales are VERY risky, especially for the buyer. If the value of the Beanies goes UP....good luck trying to get them from the Seller. If the value goes DOWN....then no problem, you will get these Beanies.

Ty Cyberboard Countefeit Warning!
If it sounds to good to be true DON'T DO IT
I was sent a Flag nose Aotearoa with a glued on metal flag charm on a black nose Aotearoa. This person had good feedback. I'm asking for my money back but if a person is willing to go this far to rip someone off there is no chance. First time in 4 years I got ripped off.It had to be this bear.

2-18-2006 SATURDAY

Have you seen this picture?
You will find it at the WWF Website where you can also get Free WWF E-Cards!
You can also play games there in the Virtual House!

According to a news report today, the American Bald Eagle is going to be removed from the Endangered Species List!

Beanie laughs!

From the Ty Cyberboard:

Has anyone figured out what kind of monkey Zoomer is...................
or is he just a monkey monkey? (o:

Not even a guess? )o; lol nm

A green and blue one? lol It almost looks 'winged' with the fur on the back. n/m

Re: Isn't he a Spider Monkey, like Mooch? NM

Looks like a flying monkey from the Wizard...
of Oz, only green. LOL.

From Ms. Janies Message Board:

Top 10 ? about the Bow Wow Beanies...

here is Sly's Top 10 Questions about Ty's New Bow Wow Beanies??

1) I wonder if there will be tag protectors for the Bow Wow beanies?

2) I wonder what dogs will do with a Ty Autographed Bow Wow beanie?

3) Will Dogs start buying plastic cases to keep their Bow Wow beanies in?

4) Do you think there will be rare Bow Wow beanies?

5) Will there be foreign country exclusives of the Bow Wow beanies? LIke a scotty for Scotland, an old english sheep dog for the UK and a German shepard for Germany?

6) Do you think there will be a whole bunch of Bow Wow Beanie websites popping up on the internet who's webmasters are dogs?

7) Will Bow Wow Beanie collectors message boards start popping up on the internet too?

Will there be a Marybeth's Bow Wow beanies magazine?

9) Will there be Doggie Happy meals with teenie Bow Wow beanies in them this summer at Mcdonalds?
and Number 10 is....
drum roll please!!

10) Will dogs start lining up at pets shops early in the morning to scarf up the newest releases of the bow wow beanies?

Stay tuned!!!!

Tyme will Tell!!

Sly The Beanie Guy
Go Back To 3/29/2006

There are fewer Hallmark Beanie Baby Retailers. So many other stores now carry Ty Products. Walmart, Cracker Barrel, Harrod's...

From the Ty Cyberboard:

one of the stores I live near sells beanies, but...
they aren't on the retailor list. When I looked at them I noticed that they had canadian tush tags. Does this mean the store is ok, or not. If it helps, the store is Claires. I don't commonly go in there because I'm a boy, but still, it has beanies.
any info would be appreciated!

On October 18, 2005, Sofi a Ty Classic and a Claire's Club Exclusive appeared silently on the current beanies list.

2-17-2006 FRIDAY

Ohio Children's Generosity Reaches Abroad
Blackanthem Military News, SOUTHWEST ASIA, February 17, 2006 13:03

"Students at Clearcreek Elementary School in Springboro, Ohio, raised more than $750 to ship 67 boxes of Valentine's candy and other goodies to military people at the Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC)."

"Colonel Penson also found another way to continue the good will when he discovered one of the boxes was full of Beanie babies."

' "We are forwarding the box full of Beanie babies to the chaplains at Manas AB, Kyrgyzstan, so that they can distribute them to a children's orphanage they sponsor there," Colonel Penson said. "This way the love and generosity of the Clearcreek Elementary students and staff can have an impact on the Global War on Terrorism in a way they never imagined." '

It's St. Patricks Day in the Tystore!

Taking pictures in the Ty booth was prohibited.
This photo was taken by Leah with a zoom lens from another fair booth.

2-16-2006 THURSDAY

Planet Beans has posted a picture of Dora The Explorer Beanie Baby!

Condolences to the family of Tracy Rutledge and her 15 year old son, James who both did not survive a car crash in London.
London funeral today for two killed in crash
News about the accident was posted on Ms. Janies Message Board.

In January, John of Beaniehut informed everyone of the loss of 75 year old Mr. Robert Cole of Georgia who he described as "A True Beanie Lover From The Heart".

Beanie Friends are extra special people. They are in fact, Ambassadors who form worldwide friendships through this mutual hobby.

2-15-2006 WEDNESDAY


Investigators say 22-year-old Jaime Freeman assaulted three girls, 13 and 14, after meeting them on
Freeman convinced the girls to meet him in person by buying them gifts like cell phones, Beanie Babies...

2-14-2006 TUESDAY

Cyberboard Report from I Aphroditi I:

Talk about falling in love....

I'm back from the Toy Show and I must say that the best of all the items introduced are the Ty Classics: Smokey, Angel and Peaches. Now I fully understand why they were a big hit when first introduced and people just fell in love.

For what I went through getting to the Toy Show, traffic and all, the puddles and mushy snow everywhere (2 hours and 10 minutes), were all wiped away when I saw these Ty Classics.

Everything about these stuffed animals is just right - very detailed, from the pinkish hue in the inner ear (which no one would probably notice unless you're a detail oriented person yourself), to the color the eyes, to the texture, feel and color of the fur. I think Ty already had it down to a science. What more, they were prototypes I was holding in my hands. My favorite of the three is Smokey. Continued...

I didn't notice any trace of the Beanie Greetings but I did see Angeline in a jealous yellow floral!

Fun and Smiley's material is like a Pluffie's - very soft. I bet the children will love this.

Lastly, I saw Dora Beanie, which I admit, looks really cute and would probably make Dora cartoon lovers happy.

The Ty Booth looks fantastic as usual, very well-decorated, very nice and professional sales reps. Of course, being "aphrodite" I couldn't put a lid on my naughtiness and signed Scribbly (Ty Pinky with pen). They have Scribbly on display and I noticed some people have signed their names on Scribbly. So I signed mine as well..."aphrodite was here." You should keep that one,! Happy Valentine!

The jungle cat beanies are made out of fine quality material. It's a different type of fur that makes them look like closer to "real." The style also makes them really look like the "cubs" they're protraying. My favorite is Stripers. They are all adorable!

The Bow Wow beanies, to my surprise, almost look like regular beanies. There are 2 sizes, the bigger one, (which would retail for $2.50) is slightly bigger than beanies, and the smaller size (retail $2.00) is slightly smaller than beanies. As you've read from the report from Planet Beans, the Bow Wow beanies don't have beans but a squeaky toy built inside. I find the price amazing - very affordable for pet lovers.

I snapped a few pictures: the Ty banner, the Ty booth from afar and the steps where there's a Ty advertisement saying "20 years of fun," and something else Ty related (a Toy Fair advertisement) which I found very interesting. If they come out clear, I'll send them to Ms.Janies.

(Now will the gremlins please stop playing with my sim card? Why not say hi to me instead? LOL!)

2-13-2006 MONDAY

A Planet Beans reader has reported news about the New York Toy Fair now in progress at the Jacob Javits Center!

New Ty categories included Bow Wow Beanies toys for dogs and Beanie Greetings. New Beanies included Dora the Explorer and several jungle cat cubs. There were Sponge Bob and Patrick Star Buddies as well as several new Classics.

"Fun and Smiley, two pot bellied bears on whose left paw are embroidered with the Ty logo and on the right paw pad with '20 years'. Fun wears a red party hat and and Smiley wears a blue one. The embroidery thread color used for the words 20 years is color coordinated with the hat, hence Fun's embroidery is red and Smiley's blue."

"Retailers placing an order for Ty products received a keyclip version of either Fun or Smiley although the keyclip versions are not named, neither on the swing tag nor on the tush tag." The keyclip versions are exclusive and are available only to retailers placing orders at the Ty booth during the New York Toy Fair. According to this report, Ty Warner was there too!

Fun and Smiley look similar to Pookie, Garfield's Teddy bear.

Bow Wow Beanies:
Legs, Lil' Legs , Lil' Bones, Lizzy, Inky, Nuts, Patty, Bones, Weenie, Quackers, Prickles, Snort, Stinky, Camouflage, Camouflage (small), Trap, Pink Stripe, Pink Stripe, Cow Print, Palm Trees, Stars and Hearts

Beanie Babies:
Fun and Smiley Bears, Fun and Smiley key clips, Dora, Manes, Stripers, Spotter and Tundar.

Beanie Greetings:
Forever Friends, Thanks a Bunch, Happy Birthday, To Brighten Your Day, Love & Kisses, You Did It!

Beanie Buddies:
Sponge Bob and Patrick Star

Angel, Peaches, and Smokey

2-12-2006 SUNDAY

Beanies for still needs to be sent donations of school supplies, Beanie Babies, small stuffed animals and children's clothing.

"In a country where having a toy is a rarity, Soldiers passing out beanie babies to Iraqi children can become very popular." "The children's faces just light up when they see you," said Sgt. 1st Class Alan Certain, Company C, 490th Civil Affairs Battalion. "It's amazing to see what an effect a simple toy can have on a kid."

2-11-2006 SATURDAY

I have a MBNA platinum plus card and have 7,084 points on the TY inc rewards program how do I order , redeem my points .

Hi Grannyg65, is not a part of Ty or MBNA.

Click here for the Ty Inc. Points Program Guidelines.You will find the following information there:

"To redeem Points for Reward(s), the Cardholder should call MBNA at (800) 421-2110. The Reward(s) will be sent 10-12 weeks after the request is made and if multiple items are requested best efforts will be made to ship all items together."

I hope this helps!


A list of available items and their point values is also listed there!

The Olympics whose opening ceremony took place last night in Torino, Italy yesterday will be getting started today. In addition, Mardi Gras is getting started today too!

2-10-2006 FRIDAY

Only 10 days late into the shortest month of the year, the February 2006 wallpaper is finally here!

The reason for the lengthy delay is not known, perhaps it was discontinued but returned due to popular demand? Perhaps the artist was unable to deliver sooner? Whatever the reason, many people are glad to have it! The wallpaper has a Valentine's Day theme and is a calendar as it has been in the past. So it is not late after all, but is in time for Valentines Day!

Ty Cyberboard Notes:

What is the Ty Tracker, and does anybody have one, if so what does it do and is it good to have and easy to use?

The Ty Tracker is an excellent reference book that lists most Ty products and contains a lot of useful information on hang tags,tush tags etc.

It is quite outdated now because Ty had such a busy year last year with introductions... perhaps if we ask Mr Warner nicely he'll give permition for a new edition to be published.


Please Help. I have been surfing the net trying to find some place to get a current up to date price guide list for all the Ty beanie babies and can't seem to find anyone with a current up to date list. Does anyone here know where to go and look. Thanks for the help.

values. The values change from day to day depending on supply and demand. Smartcollecting has a price guide based on metaexchange value information.

2-9-2006 THURSDAY

The Beatrix Potter Beanie names are Peter Rabbit, Mr Tod, Tom Kitten, Jeremy Fisher, Pigling Bland, and Jemima Puddleduck! `

2-8-2006 WEDNESDAY

Patty O'Lucky, a new Tystore Exclusive was introduced today!

2-7-2006 TUESDAY

Ty Cyberboard News!
UK NEC Birmingham Show
Scrum is the newest UK exclusive
There were on show "sample" Beatrix Potter beanies, set of 6- no tush or hang tags, TY UK indicated a release date of possibly as far as June, there may be more characters in the set!!!!! NO orders were being taken at the show.
so keep watching!!!!!!!!!!! :o)

Ty has silently retired PUNXSUTAWN-e Phil 2006 from the Ty store. The CofC version and the retail version are still current.

The February 2006 expectation for Ty Wallpaper, a monthly calander for your desktop picture has been high. It is a hot topic on the board that no wallpaper was offered so far for this month which is already going into the second week.

2-6-2006 MONDAY

Beanies are being used to help children to develop their motor skills!
Anne Larson "incorporates Beanie Babies into the lesson, asking each child to throw one of the stuffed toys at a cone positioned in the arena while sitting on a horse." (A Chance To Ride by Cara Eastwood)

From The Ty Cyberboard:

Beanies R4 Kids
When I had an opportunity to meet Ty and talk with him, he said that he wants to get beanies into the hands of children again. Right after meeting him, the Alphabet beanies came out, then the Ty babies and blankets and other products geared for babies and children.

Think it's wonderful that he's coming out with Sponge Bob and Blues Clues and maybe Dora, too!

Anything he can do to accentuate the positive in our children and grandchildren's lives, he's moving in the right direction.

He's been in business for a long time and he certainly knows what he's doing. Let's all give him a chance.

Sure wish he'd do a Beanie Mobile and go from school to school, too! Please do a line of beanie-related books to promote reading!


2-5-2006 SUNDAY

Ty Cyberboard Update!!!

According to BEANWATCHER. there will definitely be a rabbit, pig, and duck. They will not be "cartoonish" in nature, unlike Spongebob and Blues Clues. They are rumored to be limited (but with Ty, who knows?) and will be distributed slowly (e.g., two per month at a time).

Hayley from BeanzAddiction shares the following:
Beatrix Potter Beanies.
There will be six in this series featuring the characters: Peter Rabbit, Mr Tod, Tom Kitten, Jeremy Fisher, Pigling Bland, and Jemima Puddleduck


Set of BBOC 9 Puffkin Soft Locket Tag Protectors $3.00

(Plus $2.00 Shipping Continental US ONLY)

Clear Clam

Click here for additional set(s) $1.00 shipping.


Cyberboard MBNA Letter Posts:

Has anyone else got this letter? To me it sounds as tho there will not be a free beanie for spending $5000.00 per year. Is that the way you read the letter?

Yes, I got my letter yesterday. That is exactly what it sounds $5,000 bear anymore. It states the 5,000- point Anniversary Coupon will be discontinued for future redemptions. As of, 1-21-2006. I am very disappointed, and I am conidering closing my account.

I got the letter, and that's how I read it, too........
I'm reconsidering the credit card I use on a regular basis. But, hopefully, maybe there will be other good offers for our points in the future.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY-the 5000 points are for shirts or some type of clothing items. You never had to redeem the 5000 points to get the beanie baby-it was and is sent AUTOMATICALLY on your anniversary if you have spent the $5,000 to get it. That is the way that I understand the program!

(February 06, 2006)
orangeicecream, you are correct. This has been reported in previous posts and confirmed by MBNA

2-4-2006 SATURDAY

From The Cyberboard!

This set of 6 Beanies will be introduced at the Spring Fair UK Show tomorrow (February 5th).

Ask Ty!

Question: What exciting things have you planned for your 20th Anniversary?

Answer: What would an anniversary be without a party? Who knows . . . maybe we'll kick it off at Toy Fair !

The Ty February calendar for 2006 is missing!

2-3-2006 FRIDAY

Ms. Janie has posted a list of the Trade Shows contributed by Kathy! She also has noted that Ty will only attend two shows.

The Ty Cyberboard moderator doesn't want anyone to know how to find the Beanwatcher!


Dear 1geraldine,

Your post to the Ty bulletin board was not approved.

Reason for denial:Advertising

You are not permitted to advertise your business or website, or give your User Name for other websites or auction boards.


Post Content:
Check out the Peacemania magazine to find the Beanwatcher!


Dear 1geraldine,

Your post to the Ty bulletin board was not approved.

Reason for denial:Complaints

Please be advised that it is up to the complete discretion of the Ty Talk Cyberboard Moderators to deny any post that they deem inappropriate. As well, it is within their discretion to move any post placed on an inappropriate board. If you are unsure as to where to post your message, please refer to the Cyberboard main page. Zero penalty points.


Post Content:
watcher is writing in a mag but my post to tell you was not allowed

2-2-2006 THURSDAY

The new February 2006 BBOM Zoomer a blue monkey has been officially introduced!

It's Groundhog Day

Official word is that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning so we will be having six more weeks of winter!

"Each Feb. 2, thousands of people descend on Punxsutawney, a town of about 6,100 people located about 65 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, for a little midwinter revelry, celebrating what had essentially been a German superstition."

"The Germans believed that if a hibernating animal casts a shadow Feb. 2 the Christian holiday of Candlemas winter will last another six weeks. If no shadow is seen, legend says spring will come early."

Visit Bean Talk, where There Will Be a New Contest Coming For Free Beanies And Many More Fun Events that Will Be Planned, So Be Sure To Sign Up For Their Mailing List!

The Butler Is Back Hints:

Whatever the meaning, here is the difference.
I have been saving Ty front pages for years. Last year on the opening page the background behind the Ty Heart was a solid color.
The rainbow background behind the heart is the something new that was not there before.

2-1-2006 WEDNESDAY

The new Beanie Baby of the Month is a monkey named Zoomer and can be found under Current Beanies!

What is the meaning of Scrum?

Ty Cyberboard:

why is it called scrum

According to KarenBrit's Ty Cyberboard post:
"Scrum is a rugby move, when they all form a circle. It's birth date Nov 22, 2003 is when England's Rugby team won the World Cup.
Love: Karen"

WlAdZiA also added that:
"A scrum is an important way to restart play during a rugby match. You can read more about it just search for rugby or scrum."

Ms. Janie's News report can be read online today! You can also subscribe to receive it by email!

My Collection Order Tracking - E-mail Facts

ATTN: LPetenbr. please click the link above.

1-30-2006 TUESDAY

Wow! The new February 2006 Beanies

were introduced this morning!!

Arabesque, Pique and Allegro

Blues Clues Beanies Blue, Periwinkle and Magenta

Lollipup, Bloomfield and Tour Teddy

Deke Canadian exclusive and Scrum UK exclusive

Corkie and Charming

Gemma and Pursse

Sugar cat and Scribbly

Hug Me, Squeeze Me and Love Me

Chomps, Growlers and Gallups

Grizzles and Snowfort

Fiddle (with squeaker in nose) and Baby George

Baby Ty:
Pretty Pony (blue) and Pretty Pony (Pink)

Once again Sly The Beanie Guy has posted a new discovery on Ms. Janie's Discussion Board!

2 More New Ty Trademarks! - Sly The Beanie Guy
I discovered 2 New Ty Trademarks this morning!
On January 24,2006 Ty inc applied to register trademarks on the following 2 phrases

"A Special Bone for a Special Dog"
"Every Doggie Needs a Beanie"

Ty listed the following as the Goods and Services:

Dog toys; Pet toys; Plush toys; Soft sculpture plush toys

I Guess Could Ty be going to the dogs? LOL!

As always.....
Tyme will Tell!

Have a Great Tuesday everyone!!

Recently, Sly The Beanie Guy posted finding:

Bow Wow Beanies." The goods and services included in this Trademark are "Dog toys, Pet toys, Plush toys, Soft sculpture plush toys, Soft sculpture toys and Stuffed toys!"

Thank you to all of the great My Collection users!
Your comments are greatly appreciated!


Praise : Wonderful program!!!!!! Thanks a bunch. GREAT EBAYER! A+++++++ ( bksmg5)


Praise : Pleasure doing buisness with . Highly Recomend (chatterbox1961)

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I am very happy w/ time of delivory and the simpleness of how to use product, A+ (snhngrl77)

Received the file,thank you.Its very helpful for my inventory. (puma12559)

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Good seller, perfect transaction, fast friendly emails, highly recommend, thx

As advertsed. Thanks! (mikeleger)

sent it out riki tick-- honest and fair-- will use again (pokermovieguy)

Great seller, highly recommended, thank you for the program (mmuffet7)

Beanienews Feedback Page

An Open Letter To Kathy Evans:

Ms. Evans,

You should be ashamed of yourself. Your poison pen is not very becoming of you and actually speaks to your character. Flaming should not be encouraged in any forum. Expecting something for nothing or even 3 somethings for nothing is not the way the world functions today. A mean spirit is the best description I can find for you and I hope that you do not reap what you sow for your own sake.




From : MsJanie
Sent : Tuesday, January 31, 2006
To : "Beanie News"
Subject : Re: Mean Spirited Opinion

I am sure your program is a very good one and I am sorry all of this has happened. Something told me not to post her comments and I now know why.

I will be posting the following in tonights newsletter. You may want to add some testimonials to yoru page so that others can view them.

Ms. Janie


A quick note from Ms. Janie,

Often times I am asked to post comments from some of my readers concerning this hobby and related items. I strive to refrain from posting anything that may be harmful to others or in other words, upset the apple cart.

Opinions can often times be read differently and for that reason I have decided to share three tracking programs for your consideration. I will NOT offer an opinion on any of the programs as they are each designed differently and information about them can be found at the links below.

Many collectors find FREE checklist offered on various sites such as my own to satisfy their needs, while some get a little more technical and organized and desire a little something more. For those of you who are meticulous and want it all, checkout the following programs and enjoy.

For more information, read Ms. Janies Newsletter and web page tomorrow...

1-30-2006 MONDAY

From The Cyberboard!

Top of the page .... It's all the Rage

Need a hint
or maybe two?

Ok - here's something for you.

Look up at the top -
Follow along.

See the rainbows colors ... what dosen't belong.

Could there be something to see? a hint maybe?

For you ... from me?

The Butler Has Returned

Ms. Janie reports that a new Canadian Exclusive Beanie Baby bear holding a hockey puck named Deek was revealed at the Toronto show! The puck in his hand says "Team Canada".

From The Cyberboard Too!

Hi There!
There are rumors circulating around the internet that a new Canadian exclusive called Deek the bear, presumable a NHL (National Hockey League) Beanie Baby, will be available in the near future. I have not been able to confirm these rumors, but the reports seem to be genuine. Like all things, we'll have to just wait and see!

The first issue of the new Peace Mania Magazine JAN/FEB 06 has arrived! This bimonthly magazine covers "Peace, Beanie Babies and their collectors".

The cover is color while the rest of the magazine is printed in black and white. You can find out more at ! The staff includes David Vogel, Nancy Mecum, Susan Ehret, Jan Sisko and the well-known Bean Watcher! "

The 32 page magazine costs $6.50 plus $4.00 for shipping totaling $10.50.

1-29-2006 SUNDAY

Today is the start of the 13 month long Year of the Dog.

Google has an interesting graphic today to celebrate.

Children born during this year will be loyal, confident and will have the ability to keep secrets!

The Two Day ONLY Sale! ONLY $129.99!!
My Collection Complete 'All Ty Categories 12 Month Subscription!!!
Ends today...

1-28-2006 SATURDAY

Pictures of the new February 2006 Beanies have been posted on the Beaniehut and Cindysbeans web sites.

Arabesque, Tour Teddy, Allegro, Bloomfield, Lollipup, Pique, Pursse,

Blues Clues:
Blue, Magenta and Periwinkle

Chomps, Gallops and Growlers


Pretty Pony, Pursse, Scribbly with Pen, Hug Me Monkey Pink, Loves Me Monkey, Squeeze Me Monkey

Charming, Corkie,

Baby George, Fiddle, Grizzle, Snowfort, and Sugarcat

Baby Ty:
Pretty Pony Pink,

1-26-2006 THURSDAY

The Year of The Dog begins on Sunday!

The New York Gift Show at The Jacob Javits Center begins next month on February 12th and will run until February 15th.

Tunnels and New Year (2006-white) have retired!

Sly The Beanie Guy, has reported that he discovered a new Ty Trademark!
"On January 18,2006 Ty Inc applied to register a New Trademark on Bow Wow Beanies." The goods and services included in this Trademark are "Dog toys, Pet toys, Plush toys, Soft sculpture plush toys, Soft sculpture toys and Stuffed toys!"

Two Day ONLY Sale! ONLY $129.99!!

My Collection Complete All Ty Categories 12 Month Subscription!!!

Congatulations to all of yesterdays Sale Recipients!!!
Today's sale is for a 12 month $179.98 VALUED Subscription!
Receive a new list each month for 12 months!!
SALE ends SUNDAY 1/29/2006 at midnight.

This My Collection Complete All Ty Categories link will be regular priced after Sunday!

1-26-2006 THURSDAY

Hug-Hug / Hug-hug / Hug Hug /HUG HUG / Hug hug controversy!

This Beanie when introduced at was spelled HUG-HUG.

He is listed under Ty Buddies as Hug-hug. received an angry note that "Hug Hug should be Hug-hug."

Cindysbeans lists him as HUG HUG and beaniehut lists him as Hug Hug.

Today a Cyberboard member wrote:
Re: What's the deal on Hug-Hug again? My two arrived...
with Hug-hug hang tags. Is there an actual Hug-Hug tag?

Hi sonora3! I'm guessing there is a hang tag discrepancy on Hug-Hug, but not quite sure what it is? Is it the capitalization of the 2nd "Hug", or the (missing?) hyphen? I noticed on the Buddies current list he is named "Hug-hug". I just spelled it in my first post how I thought it was spelled, since I have not received mine yet. Hope you like your Hug-hug Buddy!

Hugston has been officially introduced !

One Day Sale! ONLY $8.99!! (has expired)

My Collection Complete All Ty Categories !!!
This My Collection Complete All Ty Categories link will be regular priced after today!

1-24-2006 TUESDAY

Introducing Japan and Australia exclusives Yokohama & Melbourne!!!

The "WHAT A WELCOME HOME !!! - NEED ANOTHER POEM ???" clues thread and the replies to it were returned today to the Cyberboard as an addition to the original post as a reply to its originator from himself!!

The Hints have been speculated by some to have something to do with the new I Love bear introductions. Clues say to look for the Capitals, and to pay attention to FAIR, MINTS, COASTER and FUN. MWMT - MINT WITH MINT TAGS does seem to have something to do with Mint as well. It also suggests that beanies will be limited in availability. Many Cyberboard participants have said that they wished for the good old days when they had to wait in lines...

1-23-2006 MONDAY

Ty Cyberboard Report:

Read something about a new magazine on PeaceMania-
check it out! Our good friend Beanwatcher is suppossed to be one of the writers. I haven't ordered it as of yet but I did see the advertisement.

Peace Mania!
Peace Mania does have a new "bimonthly magazine covering Peace, Beanie Babies and their collectors". The first issue JAN/FEB 06 can be found through the Peace Mania website or on for $6.50 each.

"Description: The perfect publication for Beanie collectors! The magazine has tons of pictures and articles about Peace bears, Beanies and their collectors!"

"Check us out online @ ! Our staff includes David Vogel, Nancy Mecum, Susan Ehret, Jan Sisko and the well-know Bean Watcher! "

The 32 page magazine costs $6.50 plus $4.00 for shipping totaling $10.50.

Ty Cyberboard Report 2:

MC Anniversary Baby NOT discontinued
I phoned MBNA about the confusing information in the letter stating that "the 5,000 point anniversary coupon will be discontinued". This does NOT refer to the Anniversary MC Beanie that users of the card get after their anniversary date if they have spent $5,000 over the year. Rather this refers to a jacket that was previously available for redeeming 5,000 points.

1-22-2006 SUNDAY

Today, ABC News reported a story about actor Gary Sinise who spoke on "This Week" about how he founded a charity, named Operation Iraqi Children.

"We've sent hundreds of thousands of school supplies over to the troops in Iraq. And they've taken them out all over the country and given them to the kids. It's a way for you to support the troops by sending some pencils, some beanie babies, some soccer balls, some erasers, some notebooks. And that all started because of one of those convoys that I went on."
more at noticias...

Yesterday, 19 wonderful responses followed "The Butler Has Returned"s poem.

This legendary Cyberboard member is well known for breaking news about Ty products! ...


The Butler Has Returned

So many remember - things from the past
Do you recall .. when beanies moved fast?

Heard he was there - you drove really fast -
none on the shelf - well get ready .. time's back.

The few in between - are back to be found-
Good luck to you all - you'll be out and about.

Remember to read - about where I've been.
The FAIR and the Hall.
See the colors .... and things.

I ate MINTS at the Fair
and rode a grey mare ... I saw all my friends ...

rode the COASTER again ...

See you all later ... I'll be back ...
look for the Capitals ... for some hints .... make a stack.
Always have fun and be good to your friends ... 2006 is bound 2 be grand.

song bird

Missing your hints and stories in rhyme,
Glad you're back - please stay for a tyme!
Saw the caps in new poem you wrote,
Having special meaning, so taking note!

Don't think it's really a maiden so FAIR,
So wondering if it's carnival-type there! Is it a show or some great invention,

Where Mr Ty appears - magical dimension!

MINTS we love to eat or type Beanies,
Like "MWMT" - search to find - wonderful gleanies!
A COASTER ride is thrilling at best,
However up and down doesn't give tummy a rest!

Will be watching the boards for more from you, sir..
Guess you noticed, your presence created a stir!
So rhyme away, oh, Butler, dear,
We'll be waiting for next rhyme to hear!

These clues are really HOT!!
The "WHAT A WELCOME HOME !!! - NEED ANOTHER POEM ???" thread and the replies to it were quickly removed from the Cyberboard and were not allowed to time out the way other posts are usually treated.

1-21-2006 SATURDAY

I Love Melbourne is on pre-sale on secondary dealer sites, Cyberboard's osiris2 has reported that this new bear is "for the World Games in Australia"!

Ty Cyberboard!

Hello My Old Friends - Let's all have some FUN
The Butler Has Returned

Let's all have some fun there are secrets to share-
It's been a long time - I'm back from the fair.
I've been down the hall ...
Tys getting more daring.
What fun things I've seen ...
more colors ...
and sheen.
Old friends will be back -
Old faces and new -
What styles ! - what patterns !- just for you.
get ready for stuff -
Ty won't get too too mad....
It's just been so long ...I've just got to blab ....
I'll let you in later - I've got to unpack.
But, friends don't you worry - The Butler is Back.

1-20-2006 FRIDAY

IamRodeoQueen reports a "Carlton Cards exclusive Classic!"
Carlton Cards has an exclusive Classic dog according to Ty Cyberboard's IamRodeoQueen that is " brown with a Valentine's ribbon around his neck. The sign said it was 'exclusively ours' ". Ms. Janie reports that this American Greetings dog's name is Hugston!

Introducing... MC Beanie!! (MC Buddy V)



Great observation. there will probably be more like you have suggested.

Ty Is Shilo A Stuffie or a Beanie? Thank You.

Stuffie or Beanie
That's a good description for a beanless beanie!


Did you recieve a letter from MBNA today or lately?? I rec'd. mine today, and this is what is says: RE: Important changes to your TY,Inc. Rewards program account number ending in ****! Teh purpose of this letter is to advise you of some important changes to the TY, Inc. Rewards program. Ty has decided to offer an exclusive Beanie Buddy sized redemption option for 3,000 points! Also, the Ty polo shirt redemption option has been reduced from 3,000 points to 2,900 points! In addition to the new options, the 5,000 point Anniversary Coupon will be discontinued for future redemptions. All other redemption options will not be affected. These changes will take place on January 21, 2006. :)to be cont.on next posting! :) DIDR

Continued post of MBNA Changes:...

Details on the new redemption options:
1,000 points= one 20 oz. non-spill Coffee Mug w/ TY logo
1,300 points= one ebay Bidder Beanie Baby
1,500 points=one Beanie Baby, currently MC Beanie V
2,000 points= one white T-shirt with a embroidered TY Logo
2,500 points=one 6 panel black Baseball Cap w/ embroid. TY logo
3,500 points=one gray sweatshirt/TY Logo
4,000 points=one denim shirt/Ty Logo
4,500 points=one Black Windbreaker w/ TY Logo All apparel is one size..XL
Hope this helps with "NEW" info..DIDR :):):)


1-19-2006 THURSDAY

New Tystore exclusive WWF, Shiloh has been introduced!

There have been questions and rumors about the 2006 Toy Fairs.

"Conover Square Mall in Oregon will host its 19th Annual Toy Show Saturday, Jan. 21." Click here. Midwest vendor will diplay a variety of "collectibles, memorabilia, NASCAR, Beanie Babies, farm toys and more".

From the Ty Cyberboard:

Are rumors for this upcoming New York Gift Show?
Or is it just something for the dogs? I have no pets so I'm looking to find something new beaniewise.

I aphrodite I

This year, 2006 is "The Year of the Dog" and rumors of Ty dog toys have already surfaced on Ms. Janie's Message Board.

Last year, Pinkys debuted and Pinkys pink poodle - Pinky Poo keychain was an exclusive found only at the New York Toy City Toy Fair.

Remember Ms. Janies reports from "John in Germany" ? Check out his Ebay auction Autographed Beanie Baby, Challenge Coins, AAFES Pogs, + to help support Infants in Need/Linda Ray Children's Center!

Ty Cyberboard Report 2!

MBNA Letter - Please read
I received a letter from MBNA today dated Jan 3, stating as of Jan 21, changes are being made for Ty card. There will be a beanie buddy for 3000 points, and the 5000 coupon redemption will be discontinued. I thought this meant the anniversary beanie, and the first rep I spoke to stated she did not have any info, since it did not start until Jan 21. She transferred me to someone else, who stated she will order the buddy Jan 21. She stated it is the 5000 point anniversary apparel item that is no longer available for 5000 points.


Re:OK - Ty MBNA Mastercard has answered the questions in a letter...
I think the 5000-point coupon they are referring to is the one you order to get the Ty 10-year anniversary shirts which you could order last year. Don't believe they are discontinuing the anniversary bear that comes with $5000 purchase annually. That's how I read the letter. I got one of the 10 yr anniversary shirts and they sent a 5000-point coupon to use to place the order.


Have you checked out the Gallery Photos at Bean Talk yet? There are some really great photos there of personal Beanie collections and autobiographical stories about their collectors experiences! The auction site has launched as well. You can list your beanies for sale there for free and also can use a few paid extra options to make your listing stand out!

1-18-2006 WEDNESDAY

Ty Cyberboard Report!

OK - Ty MBNA Mastercard has answered the questions in a letter...
received a letter today about the Ty MBNA Mastercard points! It will continue but just not the 5,000 point anniversary thing. AND... there will be a Beanie Buddy available to order with 3,000 points beginning 1-21!!!!!


Lovesme and Hug Hug have shipped and have arrived in some cases!

1-15-2006 SUNDAY

It's Valentines in the Tystore!

According ty Ty Cyberboard member allanf, there is a rumor at the Atlanta Mart that Dora is coming out soon!

Randy, otherwise known as Beaniholics has reported that "in connection with his soon to be released line of 'Kona Beer' at his hotels and resorts, Ty will be announcing a new Ty Beanie Baby bear exclusive" named "Tipsy"!

1-13-2006 FRIDAY

Hallmark exclusives Hippily, Hoppily and Happily!

COC Phil has already been shipped and delivered to several beanie collectors!!!

1-11-2006 WEDNESDAY

Punxsutawney Phil went on sale today, Jan 11th at the Punxsutawney Chamber of Commerce via telephone order only. After many calls, it was quite exciting to finally get through to a sales representative. The salesperson was kind and easy going.

Ty Cyberboard:
I paid $5.95 for postage for 3 Punx Phil 2006. Three beanie is the max that they can ship for $5.95. The cost of each beanie was $6.00. My total cost was $23.95. I did not have to pay sales tax because I'm not a resident of PA.

The shipping cost for 1-3 Beanies was $5.95 and the shipping for 4-6 Beanies was $8.50.

Shipping charges are as follows:

Up to $20.....................$5.95
$ 20.01 to $40..............$8.50
$ 40.01 to $60..............$9.50
$ 60.01 to $80............$11.50
$ 80.01 to $100.......... $13.50
$100.01 to $150......... $15.95
$150.01 to $200......... $18.50
$200.01 to $350.00......$19.95
$350.01 to $400.00...... $24.95
Shipping charges on orders over 401.01 are determined by weight and destination.

Number of $6.00 PunxysShippingTotalCost per Beanie
1 X $6.00 = $6.00$5.95$11.95$11.95 each
2 X $6.00 = $12.00$5.95$17.95$8.98 each
3 X $6.00 = $18.00 $5.95$23.95 $7.99 each
4 X $6.00 = $24.00 $8.50$32.50 $8.13 each
5 X $6.00 = $30.00$8.50$38.50 $7.70 each
6 X $6.00 = $36.00$8.50$44.50 $7.42 each
7 X $6.00 = $42.00$9.50$51.50 $7.36 each
8 X $6.00 = $48.00$9.50$57.50 $7.19 each
9 X $6.00 = $54.00 $9.50$63.50 $7.06 each
10 X $6.00 = $60.00$9.50$69.50 $6.95 each
11 X $6.00 = $66.00$11.50$77.50 $7.05 each
12 X $6.00 = $72.00$11.50$83.50 $6.96 each

1-10-2006 TUESDAY

Two new Tystore exclusives, Lovesme and Hug-Hug have been introduced!

Hug-Hug is a Beanie Buddy and he costs $10.00 while Lovesme costs the usual $5.00.

1-9-2006 MONDAY

Punxsutawney Phil will go on sale Jan 11th at the Punxsutawney Chamber of Commerce.

"Our exclusive version of the Ty 2006 Punxsutawney Phil Beanie Baby will go on sale at Punxsutawney Phil's Souvenir Shop on Wednesday, January 11 at 9 a.m. There are distinctive changes to the appearance of the fur, hat, paws and a tuxedo jacket.

There is a limited quantity of this version and it is only available by calling Punxsutawney Phil's Souvenir Shop at 1-800-752-PHIL (7445). It is not available through this web site. No faxes will be accepted."

"Ty has produced two other versions of "Punxsutawney Phil." The version being sold on the Ty web site features a silver bowtie. The version that is being sold at Ty retailers nationwide features a purple bowtie. The 2006 Ty Punxsutawney Phil Beanie Baby will retail for $6.00 plus tax (for PA residents) and shipping. There is a quantity limit of 12 Beanies per customer."

Tystore exclusive Happy New Year 2006 (black) has been retired.

QUESTION: Will you give us a hint on what's in store for 2006?

ANSWER: I would love to say "expect the unexpected" but instead let's just say . . . every dog has his day !

Well, it is the Year of the Dog, and Ty has already released the Beanie, 2006 Zodiac Dog in honor of that fact! There are so many Beanie dogs already, each one, different from the other in all types. It will be quite interesting to learn what Ty means. Special dogs? Limited releases? "Tyme will tell"!

1-8-2006 SUNDAY

The Official Groundhog.Org website store has sent out E-mail to remind buyers to keep watching their website for a new Punxsutawney Phil 2006 Beanie announcement.

Punxsutawn-e Phil 2003
Punxsutawn-e Phil 2004
Punxsutawn-e Phil 2005 PUNX-e 2005 - Gold/Silver Tie
Punxsutawn-e Phil 2006 Tystore Exclusive Silver Tie
Punxsutawney Phil2003 Rare
Punxsutawney Phil 2004
Punxsutawney Phil 2004Punxsutawney Chamber of Commerce
Punxsutawny Phil 2005Punxsutawney Chamber of Commerce / Red Tie
Punxsutawny Phil 2005 Retail Black Tie
Punxsutawny Phil 2006Punxsutawney Chamber of Commerce / Tie
Punxsutawney Phil 2006Retail Purple Tie

Cyberboard elephanny's breakdown:
The first year had the Ty Store, and the COC, ones - no hat, no bowties.

2003 had Ty Store, COC, and retail. The Ty Store and COC have different tags. Retail has a smoother, softer, darker fur. They all have black top hats and black bowties.

2004 had the same three. The color of the bowties was the difference. Ty Store had a gold bowtie. Retail had a black bowtie. COC had a red bowtie.

Gift of Beanie Babies !
Pat Kuhlman donated her collection of 514 Beanie Babies worth more than $4,300. The Beanies were placed in St. Paul Fire Department's ambulances to comfort children during ambulance rides to the hospital "to ease what can be traumatizing experiences".

Do you know the value of your collection? You should know whether it is for inventory, personal knowledge, insurance or for reasons of making a tax deductible charitable donation. Click here to get My Collection Software for your Collection!

Ty Cyberboard member reminder:
US Postal Service Rates changing - daily tymes please
Everyone out there in beanie land that buys and/or sells beanies, remember that postage rates change tomorrow, priority is going up to $4.05 for example, so use this information when you are pricing beanies to sell or to buy in calculating if you are getting a good deal. Thanks all!

1-7-2006 SATURDAY

According to Dottie Gruhler at Katrina's Toybox, "Santa will be hanging around a little longer than expected". You can assist her by being an off-season Santa's Helper! There are still many Katrina victimized children who have been displaced and who have still have not received a gift. Over 4,000 donated toys, dolls, books, and Beanie Babies did not fill the need, and many children are still dissappointed.

"They didn't ask for any of this. Why should we say, 'well, because it's December 25th, I'm sorry you just have to wait for next year," said Gruhler.

According to Deborah Ross, the Maldives have a species of very interesting bats! "There is nowhere to go and nothing to see, beyond sea, sun, sand, papaya palms and the cute fruit bats who look like Beanie Babies in PVC capes."

Beanies for still needs to be sent donations of school supplies, Beanie Babies, small stuffed animals and children's clothing.

1-6-2006 FRIDAY

Hallmark exclusive Sweetiekins has been silently introduced.

Ms. Janie has posted the following message from Beanies 4 You:

A note from "Beanies 4 You"

I am so sorry you have not heard back from us yet. My name is Michelle, I am Mark's wife.

Mark has been in the hospital for the past 10 days. The doctors believe he had a heart attack, and the fell he took down the stairs during it aggravated his back injury. It looks like all the stress of this business, all the work he does for his "real" job and everything else caught up with him. Fortunately he has improved and the doctors do not think any more surgery is necessary. He is scheduled to come home on Thursday.

In addition to that I have also had to make several trips to Kentucky where my Mom lives because she had a stroke just before Christmas and is not doing well at all. And then my older brother also had a heart attack and they discovered 90% blockage and he had to have surgery.

So needless to say our holiday season has been a mess. I know all of our troubles have caused trouble for you, and I want to say how sorry I am for that. I had been trying to answer emails a little at a time, but just could not make any progress. Mark suggested I write an email that I can send to everyone in our Inbox so everyone will know what is going on.

So, please know that we have not disappeared. We will get an answer to your email as soon as possible. If you can wait just a little longer, please do not send any more emails about a topic you have already emailed us about. It will just clog our Inbox more and make it difficult for me to get us caught up.

If you are waiting on an order to ship, we are working on shipping too. We have had a lot of problems with Ty's shipping department the last few months and that combined with these medical emergencies has made a mess for us when it comes to orders. If you do have a pending order, PLEASE give us a chance to get it out to you. I promise we will do everything within our powers to do so.

Let me close by again apologizing for any stress this caused you during the holidays, and ask that if you are not opposed to it, say a prayer for Mark - I am very worried about him.


-- Michelle Flick

Here's wishing Mark a speedy recovery! - Ms. Janie

Michelle and Mark, I hope all goes well for you and your families. Get well and get the rest you need. Life can be going well one minute then turn completely around the next. All the best...

Ms. Janie's 2006 New Year's message!

Earlier this week, a Cyberboard member posted concern about not being able to reach Addie's Attic . A number of concerned posts followed. Finally it was confirmed that all was well. A message was posted on the opening page of this popular site to confirm that the site was up and running.

1-5-2006 THURSDAY

Garrett Saunders, age 14, will make his delivery of donated stuffed toys like Cookie Monster, Nemo and Beanie Babies on Friday. "Officials use them to comfort visiting children who have become dependents of the court".

From the Ty Cyberboard:
Info Beanie mentions Dr Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday as next holiday...
I wonder if we'll see a new Beanie to commemorate this holiday??
(BTW...the date is January 16th)
song bird

1-4-2006 WEDNESDAY

January Wallpaper!

Tystore exclusive Punxsutawn-e Phil 2006!

A third new 2006 Punxy will soon be introduced and exclusively available on the official, Groundhog.Org website!

Beanies with the most votes so far as nominees for retirement are:

(This includes one more vote for each for the "All Beanies before 2006" vote)

Alphabet Beanies8 Votes
2006 New Year6 Votes
Meekins5 Votes
2006 Dog4 Votes

1-3-2006 TUESDAY

There are 3 new Hallmark exclusives coming!
They are named Hippily, Hoppily and Happily!

Ty Cyberboard member bneebob has noted that 2006 is the 20th year for Beanies!

"Congratulations on Ty Inc.'s 20th anniversary."

Happy Hannukah and Muffler have been retired in the Tystore today!

BBOM Flicker the December 2005 Beanie of the Month has also retired.

On December 31st, 2005, Ty Warner wrote the following message on the Ty Cyberboard:

New Year's Retirements
a New Year's question for everyone: If you could retire one piece, which one would it be? You will determine which Beanie retires next. Tell me what you think

The following is a list of Beanies who were nominated:

both of the New Year bears 2006
all the alphabet bears, and all exclusives
the New Years' bears
New years the bear,,Hoops the bear ,,and Captain the whale
Lucky O'Day
New Year
New Year
All the Alphabet beanies 2006 Dog
2006 Zodiac Dog
Retire anything your little TY heart desires
Schweetheart Buddies
Alphabet beanies White Starlight
I (heart) u.
The Alphabet Beanies the Alphabet Beanies as one piece, then P.F.C.
Sundar and Bahati

white starlight-everything retire, except the new January releases. Start the New Years off with a clean slate

loong and smash
2006 happy new year Ty Store and retail
they all could stay "un-retired"
Aotearoa-both versions! Or hey, the whole 2005 Flag AP Set!! New Year!
New Year should retire--both versions
New Year bear
Goodnight Garfield
The alphabet beanies
All the Country Exclusives!!
New Year
Treetop Punkie
Zodiac 2006

2006 New Year's beanie retail and Ty store and all Garfield beanies

Meekins and Erin clip!
I LOVE Hawaii
All the WWF ones except the newest
I love Wisconsin
I (heart) Ireland
I love Arizona
all beanies prior to 2006
Meekins...all of them!
Carnation the Cat Beanie Buddy

1-2-2006 MONDAY

The Beanwatcher wishes everyone a Happy New Year!

Many Collectors have been concerned about the points earned to win free M.C. Beanies and other Ty products. Cyberboard postings time out, however the most recent inquirys about MBNA point benefits were removed.

RALEIGH, N.C. Bank of America today completed its 35 (b) billion dollar acquisition of M-B-N-A.

Ty 2004 Holiday Greeting! Ty 2003 Holiday Greeting!!! Ty 2002 Holiday Greeting!!

2005 2006

The new January 2006 Beanie Baby of the Month is Icecubes!

When does the party start?

From the East Coast to the West... What a fun Cyberboard party! Ty invited everyone to write poems and asked readers to decide which beanie to retire next. As midnight fell across the nation, Each time zone received a Happy New Year's greeting from Ty.

New York...
Happy New Year East Coast !
Ty Warner

The Midwest...
Sweet Home Midwest Happy New Year !
Happy New Year Chicago and my home town Oak Brook !
Ty Warner

Finally when New Year's reached the West Coast...

Happy New Year to all
Ty Warner (Jan 01, 2006, 12:59 AM)

"Happy New Year to you. Thank you for a wonderful 2005. I'll never forget this past year and I look forward to a great 2006. I wish everyone around the world all the best, and I pray for peace and healing. I will do my best to continue the tradition, the unexpected. Thanks to you, we can celebrate 20 years of fun. From my heart to yours . . . Happy New Year ! Ty"

The party continues! Come on and join in!!!

12-31-2005 SATURDAY

Ty Warner is expected to pay a visit to the Ty Cyberboard tonight to ring in the New Year!!!

Two snow and icicled ledges of Tystore windows are adorned with Shades and Curtains inside. It seems that some new Beanies will soon be revealed!

The Beaniehut has launched a new website that is promised to bring new excitement to collecting Ty Beanies! "Things Are Going To Get Hot In The Beanies".

Bean Talk is in it's "first phase" and very exciting news and excitement is promised to be forthcoming!

Four Chat rooms and subscriptions for news briefs are available. Significant sums of money are being sought from investors to assist in the sites development. For $24 per year, Subscribers can show their collections and tell their stories to other Beanie Baby collectors.

Imitation is said to be the highest form of flattery. The new site uses this sites title, Beanie News and has a running description of recent beanie news styled much like what has here on this page. Auction links are promised to be forthcoming as well.

12-30-2005 FRIDAY

January 2006 Beanies have been announced today, as well as Angeline retirements!

January 2006 Introductions!

Beanie Babies:
Lucky O'Day, Punxsutawney Phil 2006, Eggs 2006
Veggies, Meekins, Sunbonnet
Fluff, Happy Birthday, Erin
Cool Chick, Hutch Clutch Purses

Beanie Buddies:
Meekins, Veggies

Basket Beanies:
Billingsly, Marshmallow, Sugartwist, Meekins

Happy Valentines Day, Valentine Angeline, Valentine Angeline (Large)

Eggsworth, Hatcher, Billingsly
Macgilicuddy, Wentworth, Boudraux
Willow, Boggs, Brodie
Brinksie, Bramble, Thatcher
Pinstripes (Large), Pinstripes

Glitters, Rosa, Julep Keychains
Minuet Horse

Baby Ty
My Baby Bear (Pink), My Baby Bear (Blue), Bunny Hop (Pink), Bunny Hop (Blue)

Quackies, Snackers

Angeline Retirements
Holiday Angeline (Large), Holiday Angeline, Happy Holidays, Holiday Angeline Clip

12-26-2005 MONDAY

Exactly one year ago today, a powerful Tsunami destroyed coastal communities in 12 countries from South-East Asia in Thailand to Northern Africa. While some relief has helped many are still in need.

The Gulf Coast later in 2005 was hit by Hurricane Katrina which severely destroyed parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. This year, an earthquake of great proportions shook Pakistan. These major catastrophes in addition to war, and those everyday disasters usually suffered around the world as well as where you live, have greatly strained the ability of charitable organizations.

They still need your help. It will take many years to recover. Please continue to support your charitable organizations. Scams to collect money by people impersonating charitable organizations have surfaced. You can verify a Charity by calling 212 416-8400 Office of the Attorney General Charities 1 800 SAL ARMY 1 800 HELP NOW 1 800 435 7669 ALL Katrina & Rita Evacuees SEE Red Cross or call 1 800 621-FEMA to register to receive your $2,000.00 Bank Transfer or Check! {No More Debit Cards 9/9/05)*** Craig's List Help for Katrina Survivors new orleans austin batonrouge montgomery mobile pensacola houston shreveport jackson Red Cross. Help Tsunami, Pakistan Earthquake & Hurricane Katrina, Rita, Wilma,& Alpha Victims --- Sponsors Create Great Products to Aid Red Cross Mission. Usher's New Look

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