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Ty Calendars:
Monthly Desktop Beanie Calendars called Wallpaper provided on the Ty Website. They are used as a Desktop Screen Background.

Ty Calendars at Ms. Janie's: 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001
Ty Calendars at www.ty.com: *****
January 2006 Wallpaper February 2006 Wallpaper March 2006 Wallpaper April 2006 Wallpaper
May 2006 Wallpaper June 2006 Wallpaper
July 2006 Wallpaper August 2006 Wallpaper September 2006 Wallpaper October 2006 Wallpaper November 2006 Wallpaper December 2006 Wallpaper
January 2007 Wallpaper February 2007 Wallpaper March 2007 Wallpaper April 2007 Wallpaper May 2007 Wallpaper June 2007 Wallpaper
July 2007 Wallpaper August 2007 Wallpaper September 2007 Wallpaper October 2007 Wallpaper

The Ty Wallpaper Desktop Calendar was been posted late every month from February 2006 to December 2006. However on January 1st, 2007 it was posted on New Years Day and has been consistantly on time thereafter!

Canadian Tags:
Beanie Babies purchased in Canada have a required 2nd Tush Tag.

Beanie Baby Collector Cards are similar to baseball or other sports card. Some are rare and they are no longer being issued. There are some cards that are actually puzzles. There are Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, and Platinum cards. Click here for more information about Beanie Baby Collectors Cards at Planet Beans.

Cartoon Beanies:
A term coined by Ty Cyberboard participant, Court better known as RockOutRoses.

"Cartoon beanies are giving me concerns... I haven't collected for about 3 years now, and I have come back to a whole collection of what I like to tall "cartoon" beanies, because they are based on cartoons and children's television shows such as Dora, Spongebob and Blues Blues... "

Cartoon Beanies would likely include the Garfield Beanies, Sponge Bob Beanies, Blues Clues Beanies and Backyardigan Beanies. There is also Dora The Explorer and expected in June 2006, Beatrix Potter Beanies.

A Ty Classic is a category of Ty products. Classics are large like Buddies and are pre-posed Plush but they are not poseable.

There are a number of recipes for cleaning Beanies. According to Gramma Pat, >I>"The safest way to clean a beanie is to spot clean it with a tooth- brush or cloth and cold water. If this doesn't work, sometimes sprinkling cornmeal on the dry spot and letting it sit for 24 hours before vacuuming off the cornmeal will help."
"Do not use chemicals if at all possible as they can damage or stain the fur or plush. For really tough jobs, you may need to take your beanie to a professional."

Fake Beanie Babies. Rare Beanies are often copied and sold for profit. Click here for information about Counterfeit Beanie Babies.

**Please be aware of unscrupulous sellers who are altering flag nose beanies...
Of course you may do whatever you wish with your own beanie.

The problem is that some black nose exclusives sell for $6-$8, but with rare flag noses, they can bring over $250. An altered beanie with a flag charm glued to its nose is worth about $6 but scammers are attaching the charms and selling the beanies as rare authentic flag nose beanies for very high prices. It is very difficult but not impossible to get refunds once these beanies have been received. One seller has already sold at least three of these.

Please use caution.

Beanie nose job
That's funny - beanie nose job! We've already seen the amputations with the wingless quackers! Some wanna be surgeons just never give up. Shame on them. There are honest ways to make a dollar!

A Current Ty item is one that is still in production and who has not been retired. A current Beanie can however be Sold-Out.

Custom Made Beanies:
There are artists who take regular beanies and decorate them in many different ways.

One example of a Custom Beanie is the decorated Beanie. Some artists decorate the beanie in many ways. Artwork, painting gluing and adding other objects to a beanie are various ways to decorate. Some that have been observed have had large wings added, clothing, beading or paintings added.

Another example is dying. A Beanie can be dyed to a color different from the original color. There are dyed Halos in every color. Another Beanie that has been dyed is the Sheets Halloween Ghost Beanie. Any Beanie can be dyed.

Decorated Beanies have added value and cost more than regular beanies.

The Ty Talk Official Ty Message Board.

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