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A Rare Beanie Baby or other Ty item that is or was limited in production and hard to obtain. Examples of rare Beanie Babies or other Ty are Royal Blue Peanut, Senna Pink, Ronald McDonald Beanie and Bears like Old Face Teal Teddy.

Some of the most rare beanies are the one of a kind Prototypes . Prototypes are one of a kind examples that can actually be purchased online at Beanies 4 You , a Beanie and Ty product Secondary Dealer.

A rare Beanie might be readily obtainable but for a very high price. Rare Beanies are often counterfeited and sold. A Buyer could end up with a fake Beanie not worth the price paid. BUYER BEWARE!

From The Ty Cyberboard...

what are the rarest and most valuable beanies ?

Look for beanies like...
Trap, Old and New face colored Teddys, Bumble, Chilly, Peking, Bumble, Flutter, Steg, Rex, Bronty, Nana, Humphrey, Orange Digger, Wingless Quackers, Spot without a spot, Happy Grey, Slither, Web, Tye Dyed Lizzy, Caw, and any first or second generation hang tag beanies. If those are not included, look for Libearty, Lefty, Righty, Coral, Tank no shell, Sting, Kiwi, Bubbles, Tabasco, Radar, Garcia, Manny, Grunt, or Sparky. To figure out how much you should pay for them, check out how much people are buying them on ebay for. Also, I agree, educate yourself about what to look for when checking for fake beanies. Do an internet search for "identifying fake beanie babies".
india tiger2

A Retired Beanie or other Ty item is one that has been discontinued and is no longer in production.

Rolling on the floor, laughing out loud.

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Retired, ROTFL

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