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Sea Center:
See Ty Warner Sea Center .

Secondary Dealer:
Sellers who sell Beanie Babies in places other than Hallmark or the Tystore. There are many Secondary Dealers who sell Beanies online and in auctions. These days, Beanies and other Ty products are no longer exclusively sold in Hallmark Stores. Many Hallmark Stores have discontinued selling Beanies and Ty products while others still carry them. Many other stores now carry Ty products including some Walmarts and more.

A possible name for a Beanie that was changed to Laughter before it was introduced. A Smiley is also "a short sequence of keyboard letters and symbols, usually emulating a facial expression, expressing a feeling that supplements the message." ;-)

Click here for the Smiley Dictionary :-)

Sold Out:
A Sold Out Beanie is a Current Beanie whose availability has been depleted.

Sports Promotion:
Several Ty products were introduced at games of sport as exclusives such as Yankees Game Buddies World Class, Centennial and the original Addison Beanie introduced at a Cubs game. There have been specially introduced Beanies, Buddies, Teenie Beanie Boppers and Beanie Boppers that were available to a certain limited number of children on gameday at certain stadiums on certain dates.

Stuffie / Stuffies:
A term coined by gibill on the Ty Cyberboard to describe a late 2005 trend of Beanies with no Beans.

Recent changes in the product have assisted many in breaking the addiction. Yes, Beanies are addictive. The "just too cute" looks along with the "feel" of the "beans" (plastic pellets) has in the past, made the adorable litle toys irresistable. Nowdays, the feel has been lost as several newer Beanies suffer from a lack of pellets. A perfect term was coined last year by Ty Cyberboard participant, gibill to describe these beanless Beanies, when he posted' "Ty Is Shilo A Stuffie or a Beanie? Thank You." Last year, beezbee reported; "Picked up Enchanting tonight and I can't believe how BEANLESS he is!! He doesn't even feel like a Ty beanie. Only a little beans in his legs. :) Diane". Some of the "Stuffies", beanless beanies have been Charming, Iceberg and Enchanting.

Style Numbers:
Each Ty product has its' own specific Style Number which distinguishes it from all other products. Sometimes a Beanie has a variation that may have a different Style Number or the same Style Number. There could also be two Beanies with the same name but a different look or made in a different year. These would likely have different style numbers.

Swing Tag:
Click here to see Heart or Hang Tag.

Click here for S at aboutbeanies:
Secondary Market, Secondary Market Value, Sports Promotion, Swing Tag (Heart Tag)

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