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A locket is a plastic cover for Heart or Hang Tags. There are different brands of lockets which come in various sizes. Some lockets fold over and enclose the tag closing like a clam shell while others hold a tag open so you can read the poems inside. There are also Tag protectors that just slide on as a plastic cover. The tag covers found in the Tystore are the open locket type. They are not waterproof. The closed lockets are more likely to be water proof. Heart Tag covers keep the tags from getting bent or mutilated or lost which causes the item to drop in value drastically.

Different types of Ty products have different sized Heart or Hang Tags and therefore require different sized Lockets or Tag Protectors. The Beanie Babies have a regular size and the BBOC 9 ahave a different shaped heart that is larger than a regular Beanie. The BTP Puffkin heart tag protectors fit this larger sized tag. Beanie Buddies have the same sized Heart Tag as beanie Babies. Extra Large Beanie Beanie Buddies, Large Punkies and Ty Gear Purses have two different extra large sized Hearts and require larger Heart Tag covers or lockets.

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