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12-31-2003 WEDNESDAY

Ty has revealed a new Beanie named Jersey!!!
Jersey the bull is the new January 2004 Beanie Baby of the Month!!

January wallpaper is now available at

Goodbye Randy and Theresa!!! Beanieholics has closed. We will miss the wonderful insight and news that has been provided for us so long. We will miss you dearly. ALL THE BEST!!! Click here for more info... 12/31/03 Goodbye, Farewell And Amen

12-30-2003 TUESDAY

Ty has revealed the new January Beanies!!!

12-28-2003 SUNDAY

Randy and Theresa at Beanieholics report that Cindysbeans! has pictures of the new beanies!!

12-26-2003 FRIDAY


12-25-2003 WEDNESDAY

Merry Christmas!
Happy Kwanza!!!
Happy Hannukah!!!

12-22-2003 TUESDAY

Ty has put a link to the Holiday Greeting on the Ty web site!

Click here to see the 2003 Holiday Greeting!!

Click here to see the 2002 Holiday Greeting!!

12-20-2003 FRIDAY

The new January Beanies will be:

Beanie Babies:
Chopstix, Corsage (like Bloom), Corsage, Demure, Killarney the Bear Punxsutawney Phil 2004, Lefty 2004 and Righty 2004.

The new Beanie Buddies will be:
Bo, Dublin, Filly the Horse, Lullaby, Parfum, Peace (symbol) and Sampson.

The new Beanie Boppers:
Rah-Rah Rachel, Sassy Sidney and Totally Trish

The new Punkies will be:
Butters, Marbles and Shockers

The new Pluffies will be:
Googly, Pudder and Tinker

The Ty Classics will be:
Alfalfa, Baby Goldilocks, Bayou, Digits, Galaxy, Griddles, Goldilocks, Lilac, Ripples, Shultzie, Truly Yours - 2 bears holding a red "I Love You" heart, Tucker and Weensy the Elephant.

12-19-2003 THURSDAY


12-15-2003 MONDAY

The new Decade Bear is Brown!!!

Brown Decade is a TyStore exclusive!!! Brown Decade!!!

12-13-2003 SATURDAY

A new beige Thank You Bear has been given to Ty retailers!!!
One has made it to Ebay and a Japanese beige Thank You Bear is at!!!

There are 2 versions of Red Bearon, and 2 versions of Brown Bearon.
Each Bearon has a Midwest Airline Tag Version and a regular Ty Tag version.

12-08-2003 MONDAY

Tidings is no longer available in the TyStore. Tidings has retired!!!

12-01-2003 MONDAY

The new Beanie Baby of the Month is Tinsel!

December Wallpaper!!!

Today is the last day to order Clubby VI and the Decade Jingle Beanies at the BBOC - Beanie Baby Official Club!!!

11-29-2003 SATURDAY

It's time to renew your Beanie Baby of the Month Subscription!

BBoM Renewal Link!

11-28-2003 FRIDAY

Valor has retired at the Tystore.

Ty Beanies and more magazine subscriptions are available at the Tystore too.

11-27-2003 WEDNESDAY


11-26-2003 THURSDAY

The offer at Midwest Airlines for Bearon ends today! Brown Bearon sold out quickly!

Call 888 888-8006.
Orders for Red Bearon will be taken up till 4:00 PM!

There were several retirements this week, Tidings was introduced today, and new December Beanies have been announced!!!

November 2003 Retirements!

Tidings! !

December 2003 Beanies!!!

11-17-2003 MONDAY

The new and final Decade Beanie Baby will be Black!!!

The 10 Decade Colors are:

Gold, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Green, Orange, White, Red, Purple, Hot Pink and Black!

11-16-2003 SUNDAY

Kissy, Secret, Valentine and Sonnet December 2003 Beanies (Beaniehut) are coming!!!

More December 2003 Beanies (Ms. Janie's) are coming too!!!

Blushing is a new Classic,
and the new Buddies are Colosso and Cupid!

11-15-2003 SATURDAY

Super Shuto the Teenie Beanie Bopper has been retired!!!

Twinkle is rumored to be a new Beanie like Star!!!

11-12-2003 WEDNESDAY

Tom-e has been retired!!!

11-10-2003 MONDAY

"To honor 100 years of flight", Red Bearon has been introduced!!!

11-10-2003 MONDAY

Asian Pacific Flag Beanie Buddies were introduced today!!!

11-7-2003 FRIDAY

Stardust the Harrods exclusive Ty Classic Bear was first sold at Beaniehut for $29.99.
Two hours after the first offer, the bear and the $29.99 price offered were removed.

Several days later, the bear was found at Beaniehut and on Ebay
selling for $49.99 and on various web sites for $99.99 and more.

Stardust was released and has now been sold out.
It is not known whether or not the store will stock more Ty Classic Stardust bears.
This bear is going to be quite an expensive catch!!!

Tom-e and Comet have both been shipped!!

A new beanie baby named Bidder is being offered by Ty Mastercard!
Bidder Introduction!
Bidder has an Ebay logo on his chest and is a rainbow colored bear.
How to get Bidder...

Mukluk has ben found with two variations.
Beniewonderland has photos of Mukluk:

White Eyes Mukluk--- Green and Blue Eyes Mukluk!!

11-4-2003 TUESDAY

Tystore exclusive Beanie Baby Tom-e has been introduced!!!


Mukluk has two versions. The variation Mukluk found has one blue eye and one green eye! Check out Marilyn's photos at Ms. Janies!!!

Mukluk variations!!

The image of Cure is no longer featured on the opening page at, where the Ty Heart logo has returned.

11-3-2003 MONDAY


There are two new exclusive Ty Beanie Babies named Bearon !!

Red Bearon and Brown Bearon can both be found at the Beaniehut!! has pictures too!!!

Popcorn has retired, and Comet the new Beanie Baby of the Month has been introduced!!!

11-1-2003 SATURDAY


A new Harrod's exclusive Ty Classic named Stardust has now been officially announced on the Ty website. Stardust is also shown in this month's "Beanies and more" magazine.

Ms. Janie has photos of Stardust!! Check out Stardust at the Harrod's London opening with Sue after the parade!!!
Stardust opening and photos as reported to Ms. Janie by Eddie!!

10-31-2003 FRIDAY


A new Shimuzu S-Pulse Football Club Japanese exclusive Teenie Beanie Bopper named Super Shuto has been announced!!!

Ms. Janie's reader Beanieaddiction has found that both versions of Star have been shown at times on the Ty site announcement page for November 2003.

Blue Star!!!

Gold Star!!!

November Wallpaper is available now on the Ty website.

Beanie Babies Trick-e, Quivers and Buddy Scared-e retired today.

Bat-e has also retired today as well!

10-30-2003 THURSDAY

The new beanie photos can be viewed at this Ty Site link: November Beanies!!!

10-28-2003 TUESDAY

The new beanie photos can be viewed at the Beanie Connection !!!

10-25-2003 SATURDAY

The new Beanie Baby of the Month is going to be a dark blue bear named Comet who will look like a Star System.

The new Decade Bear will be Gold.

The new Beanie Babies are going to be Toboggan, Fins, Mukluk, Star (Hallmark) a gold star bear and a blue star bear (Ideations) exclusives.

Stardust is a new Beanie Baby Classic, a white bear with $$$ dollar signs.

Tom-e and Tidings are coming soon to the Tystore too!!!

10-24-2003 FRIDAY

Ty Harrods is a new UK Exclusive! Ty Harrods was pre selling at the Beaniehut!!

The offer was removed after only a few hours. This bear is expected to become very valuable!!
Ms. Janie has a picture of Star!!

According to a report at Bears and Beans Star is really named Stardust and Stardust is not a Beanie Baby but is a Ty Classic of limited edition!!!

10-23-2003 THURSDAY

Two versions of a new Hallmark Beanie Baby named Star! is pre selling at the Beaniehut!!

Don't forget to ENTER the Beanie Babies Official Club Sweepstakes and to ENTER the Halloweenie Beanie Prize Drawing Every Day!!!

10-17-2003 FRIDAY

ENTER the Halloweenie Beanie Prize Drawing!!

ENTER the Beanie Babies Official Club Sweepstakes!

10-08-2003 WEDNESDAY


10-07-2003 TUESDAY

Bat-e Tystore Exclusive!!!!

10-01-2003 THURSDAY

The October 2003 Ty Wallpaper Calendar is now available on the Ty website!!!

10-01-2003 MONDAY

The Beanie Baby Official Club Promotion is going to be made available today to BBOC members!

Three versions of Clubby VI and 4 Jingle Beanies will be available to purchase online at the BBOC Store or by mail!

9-30-2003 TUESDAY

Popcorn is the new Beanie Baby of the Month!!

34 NEW October Beanies, Buddies, Punkies, Pluffies, Teenie Beanie Boppers and Classic Ty have been officially ANNOUNCED!!!

Click here for the October Announcements!

The 4 new Beanie Babies are Rudy the reindeer, Snowdrift the polar bear, 2003 Holiday Teddy and Chillin the snowman.

The 2 new Beanie Boppers are Heavenly Heather an Angel and Festive Franny.

The 3 new Beanie Buddies are Kirby the dog, Gigi the poodle and 2002 Holiday Teddy

The 8 new Jingle Beanies are 2000 Holiday Teddy, 2002 Holiday Teddy (green), 2002 Holiday Teddy (red, Flaky the new face bear, Roxie the reindeer, Herald the Angle Bear, Jangle the cat and Chillin the snowman.

The 3 new Pluffies are Melton the snowman, Puppers the dog and Lumby the moose. The 4 new Punkies are Trapeze the monkey, Static the bear, Skitters the spider and Dominoes the panda.

The 3 newTeenie Beanie Boppers are Wishful Whitney, Magic Molly and Terrific Tessa.

The 7 new Ty Classics are Iceberg the bear, Baby Iceberg the bear, Omelet the pig, Garland the bear, Gloria the angle bear, Porridge the bear and Wynter the dog.

9-29-2003 MONDAY

A new Cracker Barrel exclusive is coming soon named Cornbread!

9-28-2003 SUNDAY

Skitters, the new Punkie is going to have suction cupped feet, also coming are Trapeze, Static and Dominoes Punkies. A new charity bear named Cure was introduced within this past week too, to help with breast cancer research. Two more new Teenie Beanie Boppers are coming too named Magic Molly and Terrific Tessa!

The new Decade is Green!.

Porridge, Omlet, Iceberg and Baby Iceberg Classics and Kirby and Gigi Buddies are coming soon too!

9-25-2003 THURSDAY

Two new Teenie Beanie Bopper exclusives are coming!

Blocka Bobby is coming soon to to Australia and New Zealand. Blocka Bobby!

Captain Colin is also coming to Australia & New Zealand. Captain Colin!

9-22-2003 MONDAY

Sparks! the UK exclusive has been introduced!!!

9-21-2003 SUNDAY

Skittles Punkie is coming!

Billionaire VI is coming soon to to Ty employees. Beanieholics report!

There are going to be 3 versions of Clubby VI. Doodle's report!

9-17-2003 TUESDAY

Hoofer Buddy has retired!

9-14-2003 SUNDAY

Centennial has retired!

9-11-2003 THURSDAY


9-8-2003 MONDAY

Adios Amigo!

9-7-2003 SUNDAY

Jingle Beanies are coming:

Decade Green, Decade Gold, Decade Red and Decade White will be BBOC Exclusives

Jangle, a cat with a hat, Flaky a bear, Chillin' a snowman, 2002 Holiday Teddy and red nosed Roxie are all coming soon too...

9-5-2003 FRIDAY

The Four new MC Beanies are at

. MC Boppers Set Of 4 (Sluggin Steve, Curve Ball Curt, Change Up Charlie, Lead Off Larry) Beanies $49.99!

Beanie & more Magazines !

Beanie Retirees !

Happy Birthday Ty 9/3/03!

9-2-2003 MONDAY

The Four new Color Me Beanie Birthday Kits are at Ty.

Color Me Bear, Color Me Cat, Color Me Dog and Color Me Unicorn.

Color Me Beanies Birthday Kits!

9-1-2003 SUNDAY

Current Teenie Beanie Boppers found by BeanieNews today !!

Meet Change-Up Charlie, Clean Up Clark, Curve Ball Curt, Lead-Off Larry & Sluggin' Steve.

08-31-2003 SUNDAY

Wahoo Wally Teenie Beanie Bopper was both introduced and retired yesterday too!!

08-30-2003 SATURDAY

On 8/30/2003 - Wrigley Field Cubby Casey Teenie Beanie Boppers will be given to children! He was both introduced and retired today !!

The new beanies have been presented and Ty has pictures!!!

The new Beanie Babies are Hamlet the Pig, Mandy the Panda Bear, Sherwood the Bear, Tangles the Cat and Tommy the Turkey!!

September 2003 Beanies!!

September 2003 Wallpaper!!

Kippy September 2003 BBOTM!!

08-27-2003 WEDNESDAY

The new beanies have been found out and Ms. Janie has pictures!

The new Beanie Babies are Hamlet the Pig, Mandy the Panda Bear, Sherwood the Bear, Tangles the Cat and Tommy the Turkey.


The news about to break at the Beanie Babies Official Club Store is about a Birthday Kit. The Four new Color Me Beanies Birthday Kits are a Color Me Bear a Color Me Cat, a Color Me Dog and a Color Me Unicorn.

Color Me Beanies...

The new Beanie Buddies are Fraidy, Scared-e and Woody.


08-24-2003 SUNDAY

New M.C. Teenie Beanie Boppers were found under Current Teenie Beanie Boppers at
Meet Change-Up Charlie, Lead-Off Larry, Sluggin' Steve and Curve Ball Curt!!!
Click here to see the Beanieholics Report...

Something special is about to happen on the 1st of the month at the BBOC... an offer for new Ty items will be available!!!

The newest Decade is Purple!!!

08-21-2003 THURSDAY

M.C. Anniversary 2nd Edition can now be found under Current Beanie Babies at

08-18-2003 MONDAY

M.C. Beanie III was introduced this week!!

08-15-2003 FRIDAY

The BLACKOUT of 2003!!

08-14-2003 THURSDAY

M.C. Beanie II has retired!!

08-10-2003 SUNDAY

A new New York Exclusive was expected to be revealed at the New York Gift Show.

Ms. Janie has discoveed:

"The New York show exclusive is Godzilla in a Ty Classic form with a different hangtag.

Special sticker gold colored only found on Godzilla product purchased in New York

Two styles - one is white eyed and one is black eyed."

08-9-2003 SATURDAY

Today the Beanie Buddy Bravo as well as Beanie Babies Bubbly, Fizz and Toast have all been officially announced on the Ty web site!!!

This week MC Anniversary 2nd Edition Beanie Baby was introduced!!

There were also a few retirements. Say goodbye to Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Lightening and Private Pete.

08-6-2003 WEDNESDAY

MC II Anniversary Beanie Baby retired today.

08-3-2003 SUNDAY

Randy and Theresa report that Centennial the Beanie Buddy will be given away at Yankee Stadium on the 4th of September 2003 to the first 18,000 visitors vged 14 or younger!

08-1-2003 FRIDAY

August Wallpaper!!

Many Retirements today!

07-31-2003 THURSDAY

August Beanies have been introduced!
4 Beanie Babies!
5 Beanie Boppers!
1 Beanie Buddy!

The next Beanie Baby of the Month is Khufu the Camel!

Beanie Babies are handmade!

Ask Ty!!!

How long does it take to put one Beanie Baby together at the factory? (beachbumb)

The process is much longer than you might imagine. There is no automation used in the production of Beanies - every one is handmade!

Having a warm Summer? Here is a Wintery blast from the past!!! Click!

Many retirements today!!!!

07-28-2003 MONDAY

The new Beanie Boppers are reported to be:
Star Spangled Suzy, Boppin' Bobbie, Paisley Payton, Elegant Ellie & Punky Penny.

Ms. Janie has pictures!!!!

07-27-2003 SATURDAY

Randy and Theresa have discovered the new beanies that were formally introduced at Ty
at the Gift Show!!

Orange Decade, Tricky, Orion, Quivers, & Bonzers Beanies, also Herald a Buddy.

Tricky is reported to be an old faced bear in an orange pumpkin costume, Orion is a lion,
Quivers is an old faced bear with a ghostly body and Bonzers is a Eucalyptus eating Koala.

07-24-2003 THURSDAY

Premier has been formally introduced on the Ty web site!!

07-16-2003 WEDNESDAY

William!!!! Both William Bears were introduced today together on the Ty site! William with the open book from Germany and William with the closed book from UK are both Trade show exclusives!!

07-15-2003 TUESDAY

Amigo!!!! is here in the Tystore!!!

07-14-2003 MONDAY

White was retired today after a two a week TyStore run. Look out for the next expected Tystore exclusive, Amigo!!!!

07-13-2003 SUNDAY

There will be 2 versions of the Beanie Baby William. The UK version features a closed book and the newly announced German version will have an open book.

07-12-2003 SATURDAY

The USS Ronald Reagan was commissioned and manned today. It is the first aircraft carrier to be named for a living president. Ronald Reagna, 92 years old was unable to attend but Nancy Reagan spoke for him. The 20 story ship is as long as the Empire State Building is tall. It is nuclear powered and has two nuclear reactors. The USS Ronald Reagan can run for 20 years without refueling. Beanie Baby Ronnie sales will be used to support the ship and provide needed improvements. The USS Ronald Reagan is expected to be in use for the next 50 years.

White is on the way and we should soon be hearing about White- in hand.
Keep a look out for Amigo coming soon to the Tystore.

07-09-2003 WEDNESNDAY

Ty Free, North, Strong and True are all new Canadian Ty exclusive Beanie Babies coming soon!!!

New Ebay Auction Rumor:
Germany will have a new Exclusive beanie intoduced at the Munich Trade Fair on Saturday, July 12th. Only retailers who attend the fair and order directly at the TY booth will be able to receive this bear. Only one shipment per customer of this rare bear.
The TyStore picture, and the Tradeshow caption don't add up

07-07-2003 MONDAY

Too cute!!! Ronnie will be found in Ty retail stores!

07-05-2003 SATURDAY

On this Monday, 7/7/03 Ty is expected to unveil a new Beanie Baby that honoring President Ronald Reagan as a part of the fund-raising effort to be conducted by the Santa Barbara Navy League on behalf of America's newest aircraft carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan, that will be commissioned on July 12, 2003.

Birthday Buddy is coming soon. Birthday Buddy wears a Birthday Hat like the 2002-2003 Birthday Beanies.

07-04-2003 FRIDAY

Happy 4th of July!!!

William is named for William Shakespeare according to news discovered by Randy and Theresa. President Ronald Reagan will be honored this Monday with a Beanie created in his name too!! Click here !!

Jacqueline Greenwood the editor of reports that there will be a navy blue, pot-bellied 100th Anniversary Beanie Buddy bear given to the first 18,000 guests age 14 and under on September 14th, 2003 in Tampa Bay at 1:05 p.m. !

07-2-2003 WEDNESDAY

The new Hot Pink Decade is also the next Beanie Baby of the Month!
Decade is already being shipped out!

Date: Wednesday, July 02, 2003 07:12:52
Subject: BBOM Shipment Confirmation

Thank you for your order from the Ty Store.

This is to confirm shipment of the following order:

Order - 76xxxxx-x
Ship date - 7/1/2003

Item Detail:
Qty Description
4 DECADE - bear

Ship To Address:

Item(s) cost - $20.00
Shipping & Handling - $4.50
Sales Tax - $0.00
Duty - $0.00
Grand Total - $24.50

Please note, all prices are quoted in US dollars. Your order is being shipped through the Postal Service.

Thank you for ordering from the Ty Store.


Ty Store

07-01-2003 TUESDAY

Quick! Order now!! White is in the TyStore on Sale today!!!

The new July Beanies have been officially announced! There are new Beanie Babies, Pluffies, Classics, Buddies and Teenie Beanie Boppers!!!

True has been announced and will soon be found in Canada as an exclusive Canadian Beanie!!!

A new UK Exclusive Beanie Baby named William is coming soon!!!

Hot Pink Decade has been officially announced on the Ty web site too.

Get your new July Wallpaper !

06-28-2003 SATURDAY

Here goes the low down on the new ones!!! Bravo is a Buddy and his look alike Beanie Baby is Fizz. Fizz has two look alikes too named Bubbly and Toast. They are all Trade show exclusives. White will soon be in the TyStore and the new Decade is Hot Pink!! There are more new Beanies, Amigo and Rumba! So, there are:

Amigo, Rumba, L'amore, Bubbly, Toast, Fizz, Hot Pink Decade, Frosty, Fidget, White, Blessed & 2003 Signature, twelve new ones - 12 !!!

06-25-2003 WEDNESDAY

A new UK exclusive Beanie Baby named Premier is coming soon according to the Ms. Janie Grapevine.

06-16-2003 to 06-21-2003 SATURDAY

So much news!

There are 5 new beanies coming soon. They are, Lamore a French Poodle, Fidgit a Brown Dog, 2003 Signature bear, a Dark Brown Bear with a Ty Signature and a Gold Ty Heart On his Chest, Blessed, a Praying Bear with Wings and Frosty an Ox.

Blue was officially introduced and was on sale in the TyStore...Blue

Blue was just retired this evening...
Blue was a Ty Store exclusive and Red was a USA exclus--ive.
A White version should be coming soon so keep a watch out for it...

Fizz is a new show exclusive beanie introduced with Bravo.
Some say that Fizz IS Bravo!!!!

New Buddies are:

Bravo, Happy Birthday Buddy with a hat, Charmer a Unicorn, Empress an Orange cat, Bonsai a monkey and Schnitzel a dog.

New Teenie Beanie Boppers are:

Crosscourt Cathy, Ace Anthony and Witty Wendy.

New Pluffies are:

Catnap a lion, Purrz a cat, and Grazer a cow.

Virunga, the Beanie Baby of The Month Gorilla arrived early this week...

06-15-2003 SUNDAY


Beanie Buddy and Beanie Bear Bravo, Ty Tradeshow Exclusives have been discovered by! Click here for the announcement at
Blue has also been discovered ! LOOK!!

06-13-2003 FRIDAY

Hero UK, Hero Australia and Bloom have retired!
Click here for the announcement...

06-12-2003 THURSDAY

There are three versions of swing tag poems on the Peace Sign Bear.

06-10-2003 TUESDAY

Soar Buddy retired.Click here for the announcement...

06-09-2003 MONDAY

There are 5 versions of Military Ty Hero, 1. USA Hero, 2. USA Hero Reversed, 3. UK Hero, 4. Australia Hero all with a Flagged right arm and 5. USA with the Flag on the bear's chest.

The US Ty Hero bears are dark green camouflage while the other Hero bears are sand colored camouflage.

June Beanie Babies

Red and Red, White, Blue have both retired. Click here for the announcement...

06-08-2003 SUNDAY

There are 4 versions of Hero, USA, USA Reversed, UK and Australia Flagged.

Ty Dusty started off on Ebay at $58.00 soon went to $75.00 and then $99.00 within 24 hours of his exclusive gameday release. Today, Ty Dusty is selling for over $200.00 and has been seen on Ebay selling for total of $335.00!!!

Ask Ty Question:
When you make the Beanies, what do you think about most? As in the most important feature? (froglover93)

Answer: There's really no set feature that I concentrate on or that is more important than another. Sometimes I may design the Beanie to fit a name I like. Other times, a design comes first and then a poem. With Pappa, the orange and yellow stubbly fabric was created first with a Father's Day theme in mind.

06-02-2003 MONDAY

The new June 2003 Beanie Baby of the Month is Virunga! He seems to be a Gorilla!!

Ask Ty Hint !

Question: I am a member of the Beanie Baby of the Month Club. What is the June, 2003 Beanie going to be? If you can't tell me, can you tell me when the announcement is going to be made?(submitted by beekneeman)

Answer: You know I can't just tell you and spoil the surprise, but how is this for a hint - June's Beanie of the Month can be found in the Virunga Volcano region in the highlands of eastern Zaire. Here's one more hint . . . watch for a Newsflash very early next week !

June Wallpaper Calendar!

05-29-2003 THURSDAY

May Beanie Baby Retirements! March, Dublin, Smitten and Dippy!!
June Beanies Babies Ty Announcement!

05-29-2003 THURSDAY

BeanieNews Update: New Beanies, Decade, New Boppers, Hero Australia, links & more...

Ty Hero Australia was introduced and retired in the Tystore all within ONLY ONE DAY!!!

The new Decade is Royal Blue!

Ms. Janie has found the newest Beanie Baby releases!
Private Pete and Sailor Sam are 2 new Beanie Boppers.
Also found are3 new Plush, 2 new Buddies and 6 New Beanies!

June Beanies Babies!! The Official Ty Announcement!

Beanie Babies! July, Shebet, Shebet, Sherbet, Muddy, Lumberjack, Fancy and Colosso!!!
June Beanie Buddies!!! Soar, Sherbert & Sherbert!!!
June Teenie Beanie Boppers!!! Sailor Sam the Sailor and Private Pete the soldier!! Too cute!!!
June Classics!!! Glitz, Glamour and Disco!!!

05-26-2003 MONDAY

A Respectful Memorial Day!

Click here to learn more about Memorial Day!

On this Day, Heroes lost in US Wars both in the present as well as in the past are honored and remembered. Visit The Department of Veterans Affairs!

05-24-2003 SATURDAY

Liberty Buddies have been retired!
Click here to see Liberty Buddies retired on 5/21/2003!
Click here for the Tystore!

05-21-2003 TUESDAY

Blue Decade and Buttercream have been retired with no announcement!

There are two versions of the Peace Sign Bear. Both are listed now on the Ty site.

Click here for the Tystore!

05-17-2003 SATURDAY

It's Spring Tyme in the Tystore! Dad-e 2003 was retired on 5/14/2003!
Click here for the Dad-e retirement announcement!!!
Click here for the Tystore!

05-13-2003 MONDAY

It's Spring Tyme in the Tystore! Dad-e 2003 has been announced!
Click here to see Dad-e !!!
Click here for the Tystore!

05-11-2003 SUNDAY

Happy Mother's Day!!!

05-10-2003 SATURDAY

05-08-2003 THURSDAY

Dusty is here and Cappuchino is on the way!!!

Dusty Baker's wife collects Beanie Babies! Click here for the Cubs story!

Ask Ty:

QUESTION: Hey Ty! Since you're doing a Beanie for the Cubs, are you going to do any for other baseball teams? (Mrs. White)

ANSWER: I think you could be in for a real treat at the ball park this summer ! And for those of you wondering if I like bananas . . . they're ok.

05-07-2003 WEDNESDAY

It's Mothers Day in the Tystore! Mother is at retail stores according to banner posted there. Click here for the Tystore!

05-05-2003 SUNDAY

Dusty was given away at Wrigleys Park today! Click here for Dusty's Retirement!

05-01-2003 THURSDAY

May Wallpaper available! Click here!

04-30-2003 WEDNESDAY

The new Decade is RED!

New Asian Pacific exclusive New May Beanies Buddies and Punkies have been announced!!!

$1.00 Teenie Beanie Boppers found? Why does everything end up in the .99 Cent Store? Click here for more at Randy and Theresa's Beanieholics!!

Ask Ty:
Question: Do you design most of the Beanies or do you just give the "OK" to produce them?(scarecrowkid)

Answer: I am very much involved in the design of all the Beanie Babies. In fact, I am involved in the design of all my products. You can be sure of this . . . if it has Ty on the tag, I have approved !

04-28-2003 MONDAY

New Asian Pacific exclusive Flag Beanies have been announced!!!
They are Singabear, Kiwiana, Ai, Coreana, Aussiebear and Wirabear!

April Retirees:

Beanie Babies January, February, Eggs III and Pegasus
Beanie Buddies Curly, Diddley and Huggy

04-27-2003 SUNDAY

Ask Ty|

Question: Do you plan on selling Peace Symbol or the new HERO bears in the Ty Store? (dietpop)

Answer: I see the Bear only available at Ty retailers. What's my plan for HERO ? Let's keep that a surprise !

Duck-e has retired...
BeanieNews Auction! My Collection©! A Ty Beanie Baby Collection Value and Inventory Spreadsheet!

Click here!

My Collection© Ty Beanie Baby Value Calculator is a Spreadsheet that you can use to quickly browse through your entire collection, calculate your expenses and see your profit grow! My Collection© currently has sections for entering Ty Beanie Babies, Beanie Kids, Beanie Boppers, Teenie Beanie Boppers, Jingle Beanies, Attic Treasures, Beanie Buddies, Teenie Beanie Babies, Beanie Buddies, Basket Beanies and more! Add new categories or items to your Ty Beanie Baby list. Simply enter the quantity, current value and your average cost per Beanie and watch your Collection's value GROW!!

May 2003 Beanies:
Sunray the Stingray, Tubbo the Hippo, Bloom, a Bear, June Bear; Bo, a Dalmation; Red, White & Blue, a Bear and Red, a Bear.

Liberty in three colors, red, white and blue!

04-24-2003 THURSDAY

Mom-e 2003 has been delivered!!!

04-19-2003 SATURDAY

Hero made an television appearance in a Fox 5 News segment early this afternoon and again later in the evening in New York City. An East Village Ty Retailer display of heroes was shown while the news reporter recited the poem:

We all pray
when the day is done
and everyone comes
to Freedom.

04-17-2003 THURSDAY

Mom-e has retired!!!!!!

The Tystore sent a picture of Mom-e and a link to the Tystore this evening in an e-mail invitation to buy Mom-e. Apparently the campaign was successful since Mom e 2003 has sold out!!!!

From Your Friends at Ty
Sent Thursday, April 17, 2003 6:14 pm
Subject TyStore exclusive Beanie Baby for Mom !

Ask Ty:

Question: Is there a book or checklist of Beanie Babies from day one to present day beanie babies? And if so, how can I order one or get my hands on one?(submitted by mikes4x4s)

Answer: There are several different places to go for this information. Our website has a listing of all the Beanie Babies past and present. There are also a few good checklists available on the Internet. Check out Ms. Janie and Beanieholics Of all the sources available, I like the Beanie Babies Buyer Guide found in Beanies and More magazine. Watch for the May / June issue at a Ty Retailer near you soon !

04-15-2003 TUESDAY

The USO will be given all of the money paid for the new Hero camouflage bears!!!

04-14-2003 MONDAY

Mom-e 2003!!!

04-11-2003 FRIDAY

Ask Ty !

Question: Ty, is the Peace Bear for the Armed Forces or are you going to do something different for them? (submitted by joeswife)

Answer: I created PEACE with eveyone in mind. HERO was created to help us all show our support for the men and women of the Armed Forces.

Both versions of the Ty Support your heroes bear will be available in U. S. Ty retailer stores! The entire cost paid will be donated to the USO!!

Hero's birthday, March 12th marks the day that the war in Iraq began.

Local Retailers!

04-10-2003 THURSDAY

Support Your Heroes says the Ty opening page Pictures of 2 new flag bears shown will be coming soon! The bears have brown heads, a camouflaged body and each has a flag, US and UK.

04-09-2003 WEDNESDAY

Yours Truly has retired!!! Click here to see the official Yours Truly retirement announcement!

04-04-2003 FRIDAY

According to the Ty opening page, Peace II will be IN STORES THIS WEEKEND!

04-03-2003 THURSDAY

Ask Ty!

Question: How soon is very soon? When will we see Peace II? (beanie teach)

Answer: The search begins this weekend. I hope everyone finds Peace soon.

04-02-2003 WEDNESDAY

The Beanie Baby of the Month is no longer in the Tystore!!!
The next new Beanie of the Month has still not been revealed!!!

04-01-2003 TUESDAY

The new Beanie Baby of the Month is...
still unknown!!!

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO JOIN THE Beanie Baby of the Month CLUB!!!!

Beanies and more retired??? Click here for Randy and Teresa's exclusive report!!!


03-31-2003 MONDAY

April Beanie Babies and Pluffies have been posted!

Click here to see the new April Beanies and Pluffies!

April wallpaper is available now on the Ty website too!!

Click here for April Wallpaper!

Two more retirees today... say goodbye to Wattlie and Sakura II!!!

03-30-2003 SUNDAY

A new Yankees exclusive Beanie Buddy is coming! Click here to see Yankees Giveaway schedule!

September 14, 2003 is "100th Anniversary Exclusive Beanie Buddy Day" at Yankee Stadium for The New York Yankees vs Tampa Bay Devil Rays gameday at 1:05Pm in Bronx, New York.

03-29-2003 SATURDAY

Talking to Ty at Ty Talk!

Ty reported that he was going to Hallmark the next day to buy the Yours Truly Beanie Baby in an answer about how to go about purchasing one. When he got there however, the clerk refused to sell him the bear! Click here to read the postings!

Duck-e is here!! Packed with rainbow striped tissue paper, Duck-e was delivered this morning, just a few minutes ago!!

03-27-2003 THURSDAY

According to an e-mail sent on March 26th, 2003 by Your Friends at Ty, "Everything is just Duck-e at the Tystore!" The e-mail consisted of a picture of the Duck-e introduction page that linked to the Tystore. Today, reports that Duck-e has been shipped!!!

Date: Thursday, March 27, 2003 06:02:33
Subject: Ty Store Shipment Confirmation

Thank you for your order from the Ty Store.

This is to confirm shipment of the following order:

Order - 1xxxx500
Ship date - 3/26/2003

Item Detail:
Qty Description
4 DUCK-e

Ship To Address:

Item(s) cost - $20.00
Shipping & Handling - $4.50
Sales Tax - $0.00
Duty - $0.00
Grand Total - $24.50

Please note, all prices are quoted in US dollars. Your order is being shipped through the Postal Service.

Thank you for ordering from the Ty Store.


Ty Store

To be or not to be? Shakespear has been rumored to be coming soon, however there has been no confirmation. He is currently selling for about $38.00 in Ebay Auctions.

Ty has retired December,Glider, Hodge-podge and Twitterbug today. See the March 2003 Retirements.

New Beanies on the horizon! Coming soon are White Decade, May the Birthday Bear, Poppa an Orange bear with a blue tie, Sport the dog, Silly the horse, Smartest the graduation owl and Wish the starfish!!!

03-25-2003 TUESDAY

The new Decade Ty Beanie Baby is White!

White Decade can be seen in the Current Beanies List!!!

03-24-2003 MONDAY

The new Ty Beanie Baby Duck-e has been announced and is now available at the Tystore!!!

03-20-2003 THURSDAY

The new Ty Beanie Baby Peace is featured on the opening Ty Homepage Peace is featured with an American Flag waving behind him. The Peace emblem on his chest is has a red, white and blue background.

Click here to see Yours Truly!!! Beanieholics have found him!

Ask Ty:

Question: Mr TY, what happens to all the prototypes that never make it to being made into a Beanie? (yellow bear)

Answer: I have a special place at Corporate Headquarters for all the prototypes. Sometimes, a past prototype may get lucky . . . and with a few tweaks . . . still become a Beanie Baby!

03-19-2003 WEDNESDAY

Ty now has officially announced a new Beanie Baby named Peace!!!

The first online Mary Beth's Beanies and more subscribers are now up for renewal to get the new Ty Beanies and more magazine.

Click here to see Yours Truly!!! Beanieholics have found him!


Date: Wednesday, March 19, 2003 18:09:28


Subject: Beanies and More Magazine Subscription Alert

Time Is Running Out!

According to our records your subscription to Beanie & More magazine is almost up! We know that you won't want to miss all of the great features, photos and information you have grown to love. Just click on this link to renew your subscription to this wonderful magazine!

Don't delay! Renew your subscription today!

03-17-2003 MONDAY

Luck-e has retired and it's now Springtime at the Tystore. A bunny shadow is behind one window and the St. Patrick's Day decorations are now gone.

Last week, an announcement was made that Ty Canada, which was undergoing difficulties and reportedly has closed will now be receiving support from the Ty USA team.

03-14-2003 FRIDAY

Ty now has officially announced Decade with a link to an image of the new Ty Blue Decade. Click here!!!

The former editor-in cheif of Mary Beth's Beanies and More Mary Beth Sobolewski and Karen Gomes, have left a message! Click here to read more and comment!!!!

There is an official announcement of the new Ty Beanies and more!!! Click here!!!

Ask Ty:

Question: What one thing that happened in your life mainly contributed to your idea to make Beanie Babies? (ciicii)

Answer: I can't think of just ONE thing that happened. I can tell you that my wish was to create a cute, fun, and affordable plush toy for children . . . and looking back over the past 10 years, with your help, I think my wish came true !

03-09-2003 SUNDAY

Ty sent an email Tystore link with an image of the new Ty Beanies and more magazine. The former editor-in cheif Mary Beth Sobolewski and Karen Gomes, who was the executive editor reportedly left the magazine Mary Beth's Beanies and more due to creative differences associated with this new issue! Click here to read more at Randy and Theresa's!

03-08-2003 SATURDAY

Beanie of the Month Bear Dreamer has arrived!!
Click here!

The Ty Web site opening page has a new look, Attic Treasures, Baby Ty and Beanie Kids are gone and Teenie Boppers have been added!

This week in Ask Ty:

Question : How do you decide what the next Beanie Baby to be made is going to be? (kelseyb)

Answer: I design many different Beanie Baby styles throughout the year and have prototypes made. Many times I will sit with my newly designed friends and pick the one that will be our next Beanie Baby.

Beanies and more magazine, is undergoing a major change. Mary Beth is leaving! Click here to read more at Randy and Theresa's!

03-02-2003 SUNDAY

The new Beanie of the Month is a grey and white cat named Cappuchino!!
Click here!

No new memberships wll be accepted after April 2, 2003.


Duck-e is coming to the Tystore!!!


Question: In the section "Most Wanted" what determines which is the most wanted? (smc25)

Answer: You determine the Beanies that are "Most Wanted" by adding them to your "Wish List". I'm guessing that Decade may stay at the top of the list for quite some time.

BeanieNews is proud to be in the spotlight this week at Collectibles Top 25!

03-01-2003 SATURDAY

BeanieNews is proud to be in the spotlight this week at Collectibles Top 25!

Luck -e is here!

March Wallpaper is available! Click here for March Wallpaper!

02-28-2003 FRIDAY

BeanieNews is proud to be in the spotlight this week at Collectibles Top 25!

The new March Beanies have been officially announced!!! CLICK HERE!!

Beanie Babies: Frisco, Nutty, April, Mother and Zeus

Ty Gear: New!! Yellow Flower Ty Tote, Purple Leapard Ty Tote and Ty-Dye TyTote

BeanieBuddies: Siam, Frolic, Sherbert Yellow, Sherbert Green, and Mum

Ty Pluffies: Winks, Slumber and Whiffer

Ty Classic: Superdog!

02-27-2003 THURSDAY

Pardon the delay!

Luck-e has been shipped!!

The Ty catalog has arrived!!

Ask Ty:

Question: Do you think it would be possible to make a Special 10th Anniversary Beanie? (joeswife)

Answer: Your wish is granted ! Last Sunday I introduced Decade, the 10 Year Anniversary Beanie Baby, at the New York Toy Fair. This very special Beanie kicks off some very special surprises . . . Stay tuned !

It seems that Decade may come in different colors! So far, Light Blue Decade and Purple Decade!!

The new Beanie Babies are...

Decade the bear, Mother the Mother's Day Bear, Frisco the cat, Nutty the Squirrel, Zeus the Moose!!!

Sherbert the Bear, Mum the Mother's Day Bear, Frolic and Siam !!!

Slumbers the Bear, Whiffer the Dog and Winks the Elephant!!!

Flower Case, Zebra Case, Ty-Dye Case !

02-24-2003 MONDAY

February Retirees...

02-22-2003 FRIDAY

Ty 2003 Product Catalog Special Consumer Anniversary Edition! SOLD OUT!!!

02-17-2003 MONDAY

LUCK-E INTRODUCED The Tystore has announced a new bear named Luck-e, a green bear with a green and white bow tie!!

Ty Warner signed 100 Decade bears that were given to retailers, at the New York Toy Fair. Some of these signed Decade Bears are reportedly selling for over $1,000.00 on Ebay!

02-16-2003 SUNDAY

Sal's Attic has a great Ty 2003 catalog review that shows the differences between the retailer and consumer versions!

02-15-2003 SATURDAY

Decade, a new Ty bear is coming soon, representing 10 years of Beanie Babies!!

From Your Friends at Ty
Sent Saturday, February 15, 2003 5:48 pm
Subject A decade of Beanies?a Decade for you!

The headlines say...


And have we got some news for you! In honor of this occasion, Ty has created something incredibly special for Beanie Babies fans around the world! Decade celebrates the 10th year Anniversary of Beanie Babies.

We know you won't want to miss out on this limited 10th Year anniversary edition! Call or stop by your favorite authorized Ty Retailer soon!

To unsubscribe from important Members Notifications from Ty, click on unsubscribe

02-14-2003 FRIDAY


Kiss-e retired

This week's ASK TY:

Question: Why did you pick a heart for the hang tag/logo of the Ty products? (song bird)

Answer: The idea for the Heart Hang Tag came during the development of my original line of plush cats. I envisioned someone giving a gift from the heart. As a matter of fact, some of my original hang tags had the words "With Love" printed inside.

02-12-2003 WEDNESDAY

Ty 2003 Product Catalog Special Consumer Anniversary Edition!

A new 10 year catalogue - Limited Edition is now at the Tystore!

Punxsutawn-e Phil has retired!!!

Beanie Baby of the Month Holmes is here!

February Beanies, Teenie Boppers and Basket Beanies are here!!!

02-06-2003 THURSDAY

The Hallmark Gold Crown Beanie will be named "YOURS TRULY"!!! Click here for the Color Me Beanie announcement!! If you click on the Color Me Beanie Bunny picture, you will see a collection of colored Color Me Beanie Bunnies!!!

02-04-2003 TUESDAY

Kanata has retired!!!

02-03-2003 MONDAY

Get your Ty February Wall Paper!!!

02-02-2003 SUNDAY

Groundhogs Day at

Groundhogs Day at

Groundhogs Day at

The new Beanie of the Month is Buttercream!!!

02-01-2003 SATURDAY


For Our Space Shuttle Columbia Crew

01-30-2003 THURSDAY

It's REALLY Official!!!

Click here for the TY announcement!!!!

The Teenie Beanie Boppers are, Chillin Charlie, Midfield Mandy, Caring Carla, Classie Cassie, Playful Peggy and Trendy Tracy!!

Beanie Babies!!!! Basket Beanies!!!! Teenie Beanie Boppers!!!!

01-29-2003 WEDNESDAY

It's Official!!!

Six new Beanie Babies:

Eggs III, March Birthday bear, Dippy bunny with 6 variations possibly, Nibbles bunny, Color Me Bunny in case and Lullaby lamb!!!

Four new Basket Beanies:

Eggs III, Eggs II, Chickie and Hippie!!!

There will also be SIX new Beanie Boppers!!!

Ms. Janie has pictures!! ! Click here!!!!

01-27-2003 MONDAY

Rumored Beanie Babies expected to be coming in February are:

Eggs III, March Birthday Bear, Lullaby the Lamb, Dippy the Bunny,
Nibbles the Bunny and Color Me Beanie Bunny in a case with a blue ribbon!!!

Rumored Basket Beanies on the way for February are:
Eggs III, Eggs II, Chickie and Hippie!!!!

01-20-2003 MONDAY

Babe-e retired today! Click here for Babe-e's retirement announcement!

01-17-2003 FRIDAY

The January/February issue of Mary Beth's Beanies and more can be found at Ty retail stores! Click here to see the announcement!

This week's ASK TY:

Question: How can I purchase the new Beanie Baby called Punxsutawney Phil?

Answer: This little guy has become quite a celebrity. As many of you know, there are 2 different versions of Phil. There was a limited number of Punxsutawney Phil sold by the Punxy Chamber of Commerce . . . I think this version may be sold out. The second version, PUNXSUTAWN-e PHIL is available at the TyStore. Keep an eye on this little guy . . . . you never know where he might pop up.

Sparkles has been shipped and PUNXSUTAWN-e PHIL has been delivered to many who had ordered the online Beanie Baby. Presales of Captain and Hotshot are going higher and higher on Ebay. The silhouette of a leprechaun appeared last Monday along with Kiss-e. His green buckled shoes are seen at the small curtain opening. Valentines Day will be on February 14th and St. Patrick's Day will be soon after in March! Smitten has two nose versions, pink heart and black button!

Date: Thursday, January 16, 2003 10:22:52 AM
Subject: Ty Store Shipment Confirmation

Dear Geraldine,

Thank you for your order from the Ty Store.

This is to confirm shipment of the following order:

Order - 1234567
Ship date - 1/15/2003

Item Detail:
Qty Description
4 Beanie Baby of the Month

Ship To Address:
123 Sesame Street
City State Zip

Item(s) cost - $20.00
Shipping & Handling - $4.50
Sales Tax - $0.00
Duty - $0.00
Grand Total - $24.50

Please note, all prices are quoted in US dollars. Your order is being shipped through the Postal Service.

Thank you for ordering from the Ty Store.


Ty Store

01-13-2003 MONDAY

Kiss-e IS HERE in the Tystore!!!!! Click here to see the announcement!BE CAREFUL when you order!!! So far the confirmation page is calling Kiss-e mistakenly, The Beanie of the Month...

Beanieholics has located an Indiana Gazette article that reported the mayhem that erupted in Indiana over the Groundhog Ty Retail Beanie Punxsutawney Phil! Click here to see the article!

01-11-2003 SATURDAY

There are two versions of the new Ty Groundhog Beanie Baby. One Is an e-beanie internet exclusive bear and the other is an exclusive retail bear sold only at the official Punxsutawney Chamber of Commerce store. Punxsutawney Phil Beanie Baby was completely sold out at the official store. Punxsutawn-e Phil is still available online in the Tystore. The retail version is selling for from $30.00 to $200.00 on Ebay!

01-10-2003 FRIDAY

Herschel retired today! Click here to see the announcement!

UK exclusives Captain and Hotshot Teenie Beanie Boppers bearing Ty emblems and the Portsmoth Football Club emblem have been announced! Click here to see the Teenie Beanie announcement!

Chinook Beanie Buddy has retired today! Click here to see Chinook's retirement announcement!


Question: Was the fabric used on the Punkies the most difficult to manufacture & if not, which fabric was?

Answer: The fabric I created for Punkies, TyTips, was challenging. I wanted a fiber that would spring back into shape but was soft to the touch. Many of our fabrics have special characteristics . . . Tylon is cool to the touch and can be produced in millions of colors and TySilk has a wonderful sheen and softness.

01-09-2003 THURSDAY

Date: Thursday, January 09, 2003 07:15:58 AM
Subject: Ty Store Shipment Confirmation

Dear Geraldine,

Thank you for your order from the Ty Store.

This is to confirm shipment of the following order:

Order - 9xxxxx2
Ship date - 1/8/2003

Item Detail:
Qty Description
4 PUNXSUTAWN-e Phil Ship To Address:
123 STREET #abc
NEW YORK, NY 12345

Item(s) cost - $20.00
Shipping & Handling - $4.50
Sales Tax - $0.00
Duty - $0.00
Grand Total - $24.50

Please note, all prices are quoted in US dollars. Your order is being shipped through the Postal Service.

Thank you for ordering from the Ty Store.


Ty Store

Flaky and Charmer Beanies and Dizzy Buddy have all been retired today!

Just in from Beanies and more...
Beanies and more arrived accompanied by bopper magazine. A 2003 calendar suitable for sticking onto a computer is included in the center fold. It seems that the two new exclusives Captain and Hotshot are Teenie Beanie Boppers. Hotshot is the first "brown skinned" Beanie Bopper Boy! He has long locks just like Jazzy Jessie. Bopper magazine features a "how to" article on Journal writing your life story. The magazine has wallposter and a variety of activities including bopper bios, activities and all about their trip to Hollywood.

The Ty web site features a special heart commemorating the 10th year anniversary. Mary Beth"s beanies and more cover features beanies stacked forming a number 10 to mark the 10th Anniversary.

Collecting Nation and KNK Collectibles have closed down their web sites.

01-08-2003 WEDNESDAY

Two exclusive United Kingdom Soccer Beanie Bopper Boys named Captain and Hotshot have been announced in the new MBeanies and more magazine.

Smitten has been found in two variations, black nose and pink heart noses have been found.

01-07-2003 TUESDAY

Kiss-e is coming soon!!!

01-06-2003 MONDAY

Punxsutawn-e Phil is here!

Click here to see and order Punxsutawn-e Phil!!

Click here for more information about Groundhogs Day at!!

01-05-2003 SUNDAY

Punxsutawn-e Phil, a Groundhog Day Beanie Baby, is coming soon to the Tystore as well as to retail stores! The sale of each release will benefit two different charity organizatons.
Click here for more information at Ms. Janie's!!
Click here for more information about Groundhogs Day at!!


Question: Dear Ty, How long does the process take from the time you decide to create a product until it gets produced? What is that process? (elaw25)

Answer: There have been times when the process took a matter of weeks. The more sophisticated the product . . . special fabrics or hand painted eyes . . . the longer the production time.

01-03-2003 FRIDAY

Rose, Thistle and Dafodil have retired... Click here!!

01-02-2003 THURSDAY

Pompey, the Porstmouth Football Club Bear.

Valentines Day Cards have been discovered! Click here!!

01-01-2003 WEDNESDAY

Cand-e has been retired. Click here to see the announcement!!

The new March 2003 Beanie of the Month is a purple bear named Dreamer!

January wallpaper is now available! Click here for Ty January wallpaper links!

Keep the following dates in mind!

• This entire 2003 is a year long 10th year celebration of the Anniversary of the Ty Beanie Baby Line! Happy Anniversary Beanie Babies!!!!!

• A new Beanie of The Month will be made available at the start of each of the next 10 months. Each one will retire at the end of their introduction month and will only be available in the secondary markets!

• The Hallmark Gold Crown Exclusive Beanie Baby bear will be available in Gold Crown stores to members beginning March 21st, 2003

• Cubs Beanie Baby Baker will be given away to children at the May 4th, 2003 game

• The Cleveland Indian's are giving away a Ty Teenie Beenie Bopper on August 30th, 2003 to children aged 14 and younger

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Click here for Breaking BeanieNews 2002!

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