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Beanie Baby Lingo
It's easy to assume that everyone else knows what you're talking about. Beanie Baby message boards, auctions and sale sites are filled with terminology that everyone assumes everyone familiar with beanies knows. This is not however neccesarily so!

ur all gunna fink i'm daft but plz answer my Q's
right then where 2 start LoL. what is a hang tag? and a plush tag? what's a 2nd/3rd generation tag? i totally dont know and alot of peeps talk bout them sayin how great they r. i dont have a clue wot ur on about LoL plz answer my Q's thanx xxxx

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"Beanieology is the study of Ty Beanie Babies® and the terminology that surrounds them"


Extra Facts!
Beanie collectors sometimes use certain terms, when talking about Beanies. Here is what these terms mean: MIP: Mint in plastic MWBMT: Mint condition Beanie baby with both mint tags. MWMT: Mint condition Beanie baby with mint tags. MWCT: Mint condition Beanie Baby with creased tag. MWM3T: Mint condition Beanie Baby with 3 mint tags(Tush, swing, and Canadian tush tag).

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The Language of Beanie Babies

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