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MC Beanies:
Master Card Beanies.

MC Beanies at Ms. Janie's.
New. According to Gramma Pat at Traderslist:

A MINT beanie (or any toy for that matter) is one that has never been played with. It is in perfect..fresh from the store..condition. It is smoke-free, dirt-free and stain-free. MINT does not mean that you washed it after the dog played with it, or after you dug it out of the toybox. MINT tags are tags that are perfect. The color has not faded, there are no tears or wear caused by the tag attacher or tag protector. There are NO creases. If "spidervein" creases are visible from one side but not from the other, that should be mentioned when the toy is advertised. If the tag once had a price sticker which was removed, this should be mentioned as well, (although this doesn't necessarily affect the value if the tag hasn't been damaged by the removal of the sticker and as long as there isn't any sticker residue).

Sometimes a tag attacher will leave a dent in the tag... this does not affect the value, but should be mentioned as a courtesy in case the buyer is very particular. When a toy is purchased with a price sticker, it is better to leave the sticker on and advertise it as such. The tush tag may have bends, but should not be all wrinkled and faded, and should have no writing or stains on it.

Mint in package (this refers to Teenie Beanie Babies who are packaged).

Mint in Package or Mint in Plastic.

Mixed Bag:
The Ty Talk Cyberboard is the Official Ty Message Board. There are several forums named Daily Tymes, Grins and Gripes, Bright Ideas and Mixed Bag.

mods / mod:
Cyberboard or any Message Board Moderators

Mint condition Beanie baby with both mint tags.

Mint With Both Tags OR Mint With Bent Tags
(you need to ask for more information)

Mint condition Beanie Baby with 3 mint tags (Tush, swing, and Canadian tush tag).

Mint condition Beanie baby with Mint Tags.

Mint condition Beanie Baby with Creased Tag.

My Collection:
A specialized software in Excel Spreadsheet format used to keep inventory, keep track of the cost of beanies and to calculate the value of an entire beanie collection. My Collection has entries for a Beanies price, current value, total value, increased value, birthdate, tag generation, description, date of introduction and total collection cost, increase in value and total collection value. My Collection is available for various types of beanies, for Hess Toy Trucks and for any other type of Collection as well.

Click here for M at aboutbeanies:
MetaExchange, Mint, MIP, MWBMT, MWMT, MWMNT

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