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Ty Paper is tissue paper used by Ty when packing shipped Tystore and BBOM items.

Ty Paper 1 // Ty Paper 2

Beanies are not stuffed with "beans" but are filled with plastic beads. There are two types, PE and PVC. PE Pellets are Polyethylene pellets. You can tell if your beanie has PE or PVC Pellets by reading the tush tag.

Usually pink colored Ty Beanie sized, Classic sized and key clip items similar to Beanie Babies and Ty Classic collections. There are also a Pinkys T Shirt, Pinkys Pen, Pinkys Baseball Cap and Pinkys Backpack and Pinkys purses.

The first Pinky and one of the rarest was sold in the Tystore was introduced with a red Beanie Baby Tag instead of a pink Pinkys Tag. Another rare key clip Pinky Poo Pinky was only given to retailers when Pinkys were introduced at the 2005 New York Toy Fair. The only non-pink Pinky so far is the white monkey Love Me! One Pinky named Chiffon was pictured and rumored but was never introduced.

Please let me know.

Ty Plush for babies.

A general term for stuffed toys. When refering to Ty Plush could mean a Ty buddy, Classic or any other type of Ty stuffed toy product.

Pooh Face:
The Ty 2000 Holiday Teddy has a "Winnie The Pooh" bear look, with a large belly. Subsequent releases of bears with this look have come to be called "Pot Bellied Bears" or "Pooh Faced Bears".

Pot Bellied Bears:
See "Pooh Face" above.

One of a kind Ty products made as a tryout for a new product. Prototype Beanies are sometimes the same as what is eventually offered to the public or in many cases varies in design and color as new combinations are tried out and tested for desireability. Prototypes are part of the the first decision stages before a Beanie or other Ty product goes into mass production.

There was a lot of controversey over the sale of prototypes in 2005. Ty Warner noted on the Ty Cyberboard that prototypes were the property of Ty and the sale of prototypes on Ebay and other sites was illegal. There was a threat to prosecute those who sold prototypes.

The controversy which was heavily discussed on the boards ended and since that time, prototypes are still being sold. One source today is at the online Secondary Dealer store, Beanies 4 You where a variety of Authenticated Prototypes can be purchased. Click here for more about Prototypes.

Ty product with spiky soft fabrics.

PVC Pellets:
Beanies are not stuffed with "beans" but are filled with plastic beads. There are two types, PE and PVC. PVC pellets were used to stuff beanies in the past. PVC Pellets are polyvinylchloride and are considered to be higher quality compared to PE pellets. Beanies with PVC pellets sell for a higher price on the secondary markets. You can tell if your beanie has PE or PVC Pellets by reading the tush tag.

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