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Hangtag / Heart Tag:

Hangtags at aboutbeanies.com

Hangtags from Karen Brit at Ms. Janie's.

2006 Hangtags from Karen Brit at Ms. Janie's.

2007 Hangtags from Karen Brit at Ms. Janie's.

2007 Hangtags at Beansmail.

Attic Treasure Tags Collectible Treasures.

Hang Tag - Generations 1-2 *** Generations 3-4 *** Generation 5 at Collectible Treasures.

The Heart Tag also called a Swing Tag, hanging usually from a Beanie or other Ty product's ear is a hangtag. The differences in the look of hangtags have to do with what category of Ty product it is and the Generation of the item (when it was made).

"The hang tag is the heart-shaped tag with the poem on it." (sweetsuede7, Ty Talk)

Re:The tagless 50% value reduction is years out of date
This is a rule of thumb that appeared in the 1990's and has stuck around as being still valid. The fact is that all beanies are struggling to sell in todays's market. Buyers can afford to be, and almost invariably are, picky when purchasing beanies. They want mint with mint tags and museum quality. Beanies without tags have almost no value in most cases. Only ultra rare and authenticated beanies will sell for anything worthwhile without the tag. Of course some will argue that you can get 50 cents for a tagless beanie but I would rather donate them to children than sell them for that sort of money.
(kwalityinfo, Ty Talk)

Hang Tags also sometimes have a space to fill in the names To:____ and From:____ and are often the place where a signature can be found in the case of a signed Beanie, autographed by a Celebrity or by Ty Warner.

Categories of HangTags include Beanie Babies, Beanie Buddies, Pinkies, Attic Treasures, Classic, Jingle Beanies, Beanie Boppers, Ty Gear and more... Tags can indicate if the item was made in the USA, EU or UK. Lockets or other types of plastic covers are used to protect Heart or Hang Tags. A Beanie or Buddy can be issued with tag variations making each one different. An example of this is the 2005 New Years Beanie that had different numbers in poemd counting down to the New Year. Another example is the two different Sponge Bob or Patrick Star Beanie Buddies basically the same but with different hang tag poems. The most recently introduced Tag Generation seen on Shiloh in March 2006 is 14G:

From The Ty Cyberboard:

*Question*Please Read!!!
How come Shiloh and Chitraka's tags are different?They were both released at the same time right? I have them bot and just realized that Chitraka has a shiny silver star next to the word "original" in white and Shiloh has a yellow star behind "original" printed in Shiny silver letters.If you have an answer, please let me know!! Monica (booklvr95, Ty Talk)

"Shiloh's 14Gen hang tag, Chitraka 13Gen hang tag. Tags typically change with new releases of the year. Love: Karen" (KarenBrit, Ty Talk)

Hard to find.

Click here for H at aboutbeanies:
Heart Tag, HTF

Click here for more details about Heart Tags

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