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Tag (Beanies 2.0):
Beanies 2.0 were introduced on January 2, 2008. The Ty Heart Tag on the Beanies 2.0 have codes that can be used online to create an interactive version of the purchased Beanie Baby 2.0

In order to access the code the tag has to be cut. One collector found a way to make a small incision into the tag to get the code without cutting the tag. below is an exampple of how in pictures posted on The Beanwatcher.

"You will not want to use this procedure on valuable BB 2.0s."
Bean Watcher

See Hang Tag or Heart Tag .

Tag Protectors:
See Locket

Tush Tag:
The Tag found on a Ty products bottom or tush (behind).
Canadian Beanies have two Tush Tags.
Tush Tags at Ms. Janie's.
2006 Tush Tags at Ms. Janie's.
Tush Tags at Collectible Treasures.

Ty$ known as Ty dollars is virtual money earned by playing games on the Ty Girlz web site. The Ty$ virtual money can be spent in the virtual Mall there.

Ty Girlz:
The Ty Girlz range from Ty known as Ty Girlz are dolls made of fabric with no "beans" or plastic pellets, that are found in many other Ty products. In the real world, their hair that feels real and is combable. Each doll stands 14" tall and has her own unique look. Ty Girlz whose outfits are sewn to their bodies, have virtual lives online.

Ty Girlz online virtual world is where doll owners can interact with other owners of Ty Girlz dolls. Each Ty Girlz doll has a secret code inside their hang tag than can only be used by the initial owner who logs in with it on the interactive site. Their online virtual world has a virtual home, "My Room" and a Mall. In the virtual Mall there is a Bank with Ty dollars, Ty$. The Mall shops include the Bank, Threadz, the clothing store, Salon Sassy, the hair salon and Diva Decor, the furniture store. Virtual clothing, accessories and furniture can be purchased in the stores. New virtual hair dos can be had at the salon, no appointments are neccesary. The site also has a Chat Club and an Arcade as well.

Click here to visit the Ty Girlz official website

Images From The Ty Girlz Interactive Site

In Hand Pictures of Ty Girlz by Paul and Allán

Click on the picture below, save the Microsoft Word Document and you will have your own template for Ty Girlz Paper with this picture as the background on your typed page!

See Tysilk and Tylon... Note: Ty Classics and Baby Ty used to say "TyHair" on their tush tags to describe the shell material, but the more recent releases now say TySilk.

Ty, Inc.
Ty Incorporated
Contact information for Ty, Inc. at aboutbeanies.com

Ty Island:
A fabric design found on beanies who have the same theme with stencilled flowers such as Palms, Reefs, Sandal, Surfin, Sunburst, Sunnie, Sunrise, Sunset, and Tiki.

Tylon / Tysilk:
Ask Ty Question: Do you have your own fabric designers or do you just view fabric samples until one strikes you? (submitted by QB_Sue)

Ask Ty Answer: I look at thousands of fabrics every year. When I can't find just the right one, I create it. Tylon and Tysilk are two examples of fabrics I created exclusively for Ty product.

"Tyme will tell". This is a combination of Ty from the name Ty Warner and the passage of time. Ty + time = Tyme

Ty Paper:
Tissue paper that is used to wrap Beanies in packages purchased from the Tystore or BBOM shipped by mail. Ty Paper

Ty Points:
Ty Points are Ty Mastercard Points earned by using the Ty Mastercard . One point is earned for each dollar spent. The points can be exchanged or redeemed for Ty merchandise only available though the Ty Mastercard program. MC Beanies are earned for reaching spending plateaus.

See Tylon above.

Ty Talk Cyberboard:
The Ty Talk Cyberboard is the Official Ty Message Board. There are several forums named Daily Tymes, Grins and Gripes, Bright Ideas and Mixed Bag. This forum is somewhat biased and Moderators often Censor or rearrange messages, printing only what they want to be seen. Sometimes entire threads are removed or rearranged to make the posts say what the moderators want. Even though a Grins and Gripes page is provided, Gripes are deleted because no Complaints are allowed. Names and references to web sites are supposedly not allowed yet they are not censored when one refers to favored names and sites.

Ty Wallpaper:
Monthly Desktop Beanie Calendars provided on the Ty Website.
Ty Calendars at Ms. Janie's: 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001
January 2006 Wallpaper February 2006 Wallpaper March 2006 Wallpaper April 2006 Wallpaper
May 2006 Wallpaper June 2006 Wallpaper July 2006 Wallpaper August 2006 Wallpaper
September 2006 Wallpaper October 2006 Wallpaper November 2006 Wallpaper December 2006 Wallpaper - TBA
Since February 2006, the Ty Wallpaper Calendar has been posted consistantly late each month.

Ty Warner:
Beanie Baby Creator and owner.
Ty Warner at wikpedia.org
Ty Warner at factmonster.com
Ty Warner U.S. News Feb. 2004
Ty Warner at infoplease.com
Ty Warner at aboutbeanies.com.

Ty Warner Hotels and Resorts:
"Ty Warner Hotels & Resorts was founded and is solely owned by Ty Warner. Properties owned by the company include the Four Seasons New York located on 57th Street. Other properties include the 75 year-old Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara and the romantic San Ysidro Ranch retreat which sits on 500 acres in the affluent Montecito community in beautiful California. Warner also owns the magnificent Sandpiper golf course which is situated on a Pacific Ocean bluff."
Ty Warner Hotels and Resorts at Hotel Online.

Ty Warner Park:
Located in Westmont, Illinois.
Ty Warner Park.

Ty Warner Sea Center:
Located in Santa Barbara, California.
Ty Warner Sea Center.
Ty Warner Sea Center Webcam.
Ty Warner Sea Center santabarbara.gov

Click here for T at aboutbeanies:
Tag Protector(s), Teenie Beanie, Tush tag, Ty, Tylon, Tyhair (Tysilk)

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