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12-31-2002 TUESDAY

Keep the following dates in mind!

• This entire 2003 is a year long 10th year celebration of the Anniversary of the Ty Beanie Baby Line! Happy Anniversary Beanie Babies!!!!!

• A new Beanie of The Month will be made available at the start of each of the next 10 months. Each one will retire at the end of their introduction month and will only be available in the secondary markets!

• The Hallmark Gold Crown Exclusive Beanie Baby bear will be available in Goldcrown storews to members beginning March 21st, 2003

• Cubs Beanie Baby Baker will be given away to children at the May 4th, 2003 game

• The Cleveland Indian's are giving away a Ty Teenie Beenie Bopper on August 30th, 2003 to children aged 14 and younger

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

12-27-2002 FRIDAY

New Beanies, Boppers, Punkies and Classics have been announced!
There have also been a number of retirements announced too.
The last 14 current Attic Treasures have all been retired. Is this the end?

41 Ty January Introductions
55 Ty December Retirements!

New Beanies:
Dublin, February, Smitten and Fridge are the bears, Schnitzel a dog, Carnation a cat and Twitterbug a cicada.

New Buddies:
Clover, Romance, Mattie, Kissme, #1 Bear, Baby Boy, Baby Girl and Spring the bunny.

New Boppers:
Pajama Pam, Dainty Darla and Fun Phoebe

New Punkies:
T Bone, Polka Dot, Pipsqueak and Flip Flop

There are quite a number of new Classics too! Click the link above to see them all!

One of the orders for Babe-e it seems was filled with MC Beanie II Anniversary Bear instead. When the purchaser who was entitled to the one EARNED #1 MC Anniversary Bear as well as one PAID for Babe e 2003 complained, other y members labeled this member a whiner. Ty did however reply with an amicable solution. Here is the Ty reply:

Ty Store (Dec 26, 2002, 09:34 AM)
Message Id: 247861

Thank you for your post.

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention!

We have found that there were a number of orders for Babe-e 2003 that were shipped incorrectly. If you believe we have shipped you something in error, please email us at

We apologize for this error and will resolve all issues very promptly. Thank you for your support and patience.

Ty Store

Click Here!
BeanieNews Editor Comment:


I know you are not whining, just trying to get your just due, that is, the ONE free and EARNED MC II Anniversary Bear AND the ONE PAID for Babe-e. It should not be so confusing. You should not have to sell one to get the other either. Each of these are likely to be limited in supply and every collector just like you would like to have at least one of each.

Those of you who have ridiculed this Ty member labeling and calling names are the actual whiners because in the same situation you would want to receive the two Ty Beanies as well, without having to resort to sale and trade after earning and paying for the right to own them already. Try being supportive! It could be you next time.


This weeks Ask Ty!

Question: Why did you put beans in the animals? How come not regular stuffing?

Answer: Regular stuffing just didn't have the right feel. I wanted Beanies to comfortably sit in the palm of a child's hand or on their lap. And . . . . without beans in Beanies what would I have named them?

12-26-2002 THURSDAY

The Portsmouth Hallmark Stores have received the first order of a possible two orders of Pompey Bears that were originally meant for the ovewhelmed Portsmouth Football Club Hallmark Store. Pompey in hand can be found now on EBay!

12-25-2002 WEDNESDAY


12-24-2002 TUESDAY

BABE-E is here!!!

Ty has put a link to the Holiday Greeting on the Ty web site!

12-23-2002 MONDAY

Ty has sent a Holiday Greeting! Click!

12-22-2002 SUNDAY

More Rumors!!!

According to the Ms. Janie, unverified upcoming Beanie Babies will be:

Beanie Babies:
Three rabbits, Eggs III

Basket Beanies:
Chickie and Eggs III

Beanie Bopper:

A black and white cow, and a pink elephant

A moose, horse, dolphin, whale and a white seal.

New Buddies will be:
Kiss Me, It's a Boy, It's a Girl and many more...

The end is coming for Attic Treasures, Baby Ty, Ty Kids and Ty Gear!

12-21-2002 SATURDAY


According to the Undeground Bean, upcoming Beanie Babies are going to be:
Two new monkeys, Thimble a Bunny, Smitten a Valentines Day Beanie, February Birthday Bear, Dublin Bear, Fritz, Carnation a cat, Snittzel a dog, and Twitter a fly.

New Punkies will be:
Pip squeak, Flip Flop, Tea Bone and Polka Dot

Buddies will be:
Kiss Me, Spring, Romance, Clover and #1 Bear.

New Classics will be:
Flipper, Seal, ......., Dolphin, ......., Whale, Melvin, Moose and Tornado, Horse

Dogs are: Scrappie, Nippie and Nipsy. There will also be 4 bears.

"Effective December 24, 2002 The Underground Bean will be closed."

12-19-2002 THURSDAY

Babe-e has been shipped!!!

Date: Thursday, December 19, 2002 06:17:24 AM
Subject: Ty Store Shipment Confirmation

Dear Geraldine,

Thank you for your order from the Ty Store.

This is to confirm shipment of the following order:

Order - 9XX5XXX
Ship date - 12/18/2002

Item Detail:
Qty Description

Ship To Address:


Item(s) cost - $32.00
Shipping & Handling - $4.50
Sales Tax - $0.00
Duty - $0.00
Grand Total - $36.50

Please note, all prices are quoted in US dollars. Your order is being shipped through the Postal Service.

Thank you for ordering from the Ty Store.


Ty Store

FREE BEANIE BABY OFFER ! Qualify to receive a free Ty Beanie Baby! Simply go to for more details on the Ty Beanie Baby offer and to apply for the Ty Mastercard(R) credit card.

This weeks Ask Ty!

Question: What have you got up your sleeve for the 10th anniversary of Beanie Babies? (americanmaid)

Answer: This is a very special 10 year anniversary and . . . . I think a year long celebration is in order !

12-16-2002 MONDAY

A new Beanie Baby Kid named Babe-e 2003 is here!

Rumors are still strong indicating that the Beanie Kids and TyGear lines have come to an end. Attic Treasures are also expected to be discontinued! Is this the last kid?!

The BBOC Clubby V bears and Color Me Beanie link has been removed from the Ty opening page. The offers for Clubby V Beanie and Buddy, Color Me Beanie bears and official BBOC pin sets end in two days on December 18th.

12-14-2002 SATURDAY

This week's Ask Ty seems to support the theory of massive retirements.

Question: Have you ever had a Beanie retire sooner than you expected and that Beanie became more rare and popular than you would have ever expected? If so, what is the Beanie? (Happy21)

Answer: I've learned to "Expect the Unexpected" when it comes to anything having to do with Beanies. I was surprised to see how quickly the June Birthday Beanie retired and . . . I have a feeling I will be surprised again real soon !

12-13-2002 FRIDAY

A new #1 MC Mastercard 1st year Anniversary Beanie Bear is being sent to those who have spent over $5,000.00 using their special Ty MasterCard! Click here to see MC II anniversary Bear at Smartcollecting!

Rumors are still strong indicating that the Beanie Kids and TyGear lines have come to an end. Attic Treasures are also expected to be discontinued!!!

The December wallpaper link has ceen removed from the Ty opening page.

12-8-2002 SUNDAY

Ms. Janie has discovered news of a new Hallmark Gold Crown Beanie Baby. It will be a Hallmark exclusive! Click here to see The Gold Crown Beanie Baby bear!

12-7-2002 SATURDAY


Dusty, an exclusive Cubs Beanie Baby will arrive on May 4th, 2003 !!!

... in a new twist on one of the team's most successful giveaway programs, the Ty Company has agreed to create a first-ever team Beanie Baby toy bearing the Cubs logo and to be named ''Dusty.'' The toy will be given away to children at the May 4 game. It will be a Sunday game against Colorado.Click here to see The Chicago Sun-Times!
Click here to see The Chicago Cubs Official Web Site Article!


The following Ty Beanie products are expected to soon be retired:

Brigitte, Cheery, Magic, Frisbee, Cuddlepup O'Malley, Slush, Baby Li-Li, Jake, MacDougal, Kitty, Bonsai, Herald, Herder, Elephanthugs and Christmas Carol!

Beanie Kids are going to be discontinued, no more will be produced along with their clothing and accessories!

' US History:

December 7th, 1941... Pearl Harbor Day -Click here to learn more.

12-6-2002 FRIDAY

Todays Ask Ty!

Question: Do you ever use ideas posted on Bright Ideas?

Answer: I must say . . you all come up with some great ideas !
Keep a close eye in January and let me know what you think.

12-5-2002 THURSDAY


Date: Thursday, December 05, 2002 06:30:52 AM


Subject: Ty Store Shipment Confirmation


Thank you for your order from the Ty Store.

This is to confirm shipment of the following order:

Order - 8XXXXX8

Ship date - 12/4/2002

Item Detail:

Qty Description

4 CAND-e

Ship To Address:



Item(s) cost - $20.00

Shipping & Handling - $4.50

Sales Tax - $0.00

Duty - $0.00

Grand Total - $24.50

Please note, all prices are quoted in US dollars. Your order is being shipped through the Postal Service.

Thank you for ordering from the Ty Store.


Ty Store


Qualify to receive a free Ty Beanie Baby! Simply go to for more details on the Ty Beanie Baby offer and to apply for the Ty Mastercard(R) credit card.

This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you have received this email in error please notify the system manager.

This footnote also confirms that this email message has been swept by MIMEsweeper for the presence of computer viruses. **********************************************************************

12-4-2002 WEDNESDAY

Jeff Vorva, Staff writer for The Daily Souththtown of Cook County in Tinley Park, IL has reported an upcoming Beanie Baby who will be named Baker after Chicago Cubs manager, Dusty Baker.

Dusty Baker will make toy history next year when he will have a Beanie Baby made (with a Cubs logo on it) in his honor.

In the past, Beanie Babies have been named for Cubs players, including Sammy Sosa and Mark Grace, but none had the team logo.

"When Dusty heard about that, he said, 'I must have really arrived,' " Cubs vice president of marketing and broadcasting John McDonough said.

Click here to see The Daily Southtown!

12-2-2002 MONDAY

Ty says to "Expect The Unexpected"... on the Beanie of the Month Page. The chance to order Sparkles now is gone, Holmes the 2nd Beanie of the Month is available (during December only) for sale in the Tystore!!! Holmes is a Floppy eared Brown and white dog. If you have already signed up for the Beanie of The Month Club, then Your order is already processing as a Beanie of The Month member and you will receive the number of Beanies that you first ordered each month. One to four Beanies can be ordered.

DECEMBER WALLPAPER!!! Click here !!!


The following has been shared from a very reliable source.

Ty Reps will be on the Today show Monday December 2 from 7 - 10 AM . It is the annual show where they donate to Toys for Tots.

From Ms. Janie


Tania Lundeen a New York Ty Vice President was on the Today Show for The Today Show Toy Drive, interviewed outdoors in 36 degree weather at 8:30 AM est surrounded by show enthusiasts, native New Yorkers and visiting Tourists. The Today Show format alternates between indoor studio and outdoor activities. Ms. Lundeen said, "Collectors inspire us to do something wonderful everyday!" She stated that 2.6 million $ in products had been donated toward the Toy Drive. She introduced the Beanies in her arms who were Flaky, a Teenie Beanie Bopper, one Pluffy and one Punkie!!!


11-29-2002 FRIDAY

Happy Holidays!!! Turkey is gone! See the new Tystore holiday theme and a new Beanie Baby Bear White with Candy Canes all over and red and green bows named Cand-e who is now available for sale in the Tystore!!! Click here to see Cand-e!!!

11-28-2002 THURSDAY

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Turk-e will probably be retired by tomorrow so today will also most likely be the last day to order one at the Tystore. There are only 4 days left to order The Beanie of the Month and still be able to get the first January Beanie named Sparkles.

fairyaine asked Ty:

Question: As someone who has achieved so much, what is it you are most thankful for?

Answer: I'm thankful for so many things . . . . my health, my family and all my wonderful Beanie friends around the world !

11-27-2002 WEDNESDAY

The new December Beanies have been officially announced!!! See the announcement and pictures!

There are new Beanie Babies, Classics and a new Punkie too! January, Tabs, Glider, Snocap and Flaky are new Beanie Babies and the new red Punkie is named Sizzles!!!

11-26-2002 TUESDAY

Retirements were announced!!! September, Harry and Surprise have retired!!!

11-25-2002 MONDAY

Herschel has been officially announced!!! See Herscel's announcement and picture!

11-23-2002 SATURDAY

New December Beanie Babies are rumored to be:
January a Bear, Flaky a Bear, Glider a Bird, Snowcap a Silver Bear and a kitten whose name is not yet available!! A red Punkie,and 42 new January Beanies are also rumored to be on their way!!
See Randy and Theresa's !!

11-22-2002 FRIDAY

Doodle's Beanie Rumors !!

New exclusive Asian Pacific Beanie Babies with Flag emblems are rumored to be coming in January! A new Beanie Baby named Herschel exclusive to Cracker Barrel has also been reported!!!

11-20-2002 WEDNESDAY

Teenie Beanie Bopper Backpacks!!

You can now purchase 6 Teenie Beanie Boppers and get a free Beanie Baby Bopper Backpack
filled with the 6 Teenie Beanie Boppers of your choice out of 24 different available
Teenie Beanie Boppers at the TyStore!!

11-17-2002 SUNDAY

Mary Beth's Beanies and more magazine!!! & COLLECTABLES EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

Mary Beth's Beanies and more is arriving in mailboxes. Ms. Janie is editing a new magazine too!
Go to Ms. Janie!!!

A snail mailed postcard from Ty!

Date: Saturday, November 16, 2002 08:17:12 PM
Subject: Limited Time Offer - Beanie Baby of the Month

11-14-2002 THURSDAY

2 Variations of Christmas Carol!!

Beanie Of The Month Club

11-08-2002 FRIDAY

Sign up now to get your Beanie of the Month! Sparkles, who will be the first Beanie of the Month will arrive on your doorstep during the month of January !! Up to four beanies can be ordered as well as up to four display cases and four packages of heart protectors to be charged and delivered directly to you via UPS each month! Click here for the order form!!!

The following beanies have been retired:

Beanie Babies: Starlett and 2002 Holiday Teddy

Beanie Buddies: 1998 Holiday Teddy and 1999 Holiday Teddy

! Click here for the announcement!!!

11-06-2002 WEDNESDAY

Turkey and Pie get your Thanksgiving wall paper!!!! Click here!!!

11-05-2002 TUESDAY

Turk-e was announced today!!!! Click here for the announcement!!!

The Tystore has been redecorated for the celebration of Thanksgiving!!!

10-31-2002 THURSDAY

Happy Halloween!!!! Scared-e has retired... Click here for the announcement!!!

The Frankenteddy prototype reached a final auction price of $17,505.00 which will be donated by Ty to UNICEF!!! Click here to see the results!!!!!

10-30-2002 WEDNESDAY

New Beanies, Buddies and Classics for November were announced today!!!! Click here for the announcement!!!

There are four new Beanie Babies, December Birthday Bear, a horse named Charmer, Herald a Winged Bear and a dog named Hodge-podge!

The three new Beanie Buddies are Beani, Giganto and Hoofer!

The new Ty Classic is a dog named Tanner!

10-29-2002 TUESDAY

August, Sequoia, Panama and Sledge are all now retired!! Click here for the announcement!

10-28-2002 MONDAY

The new Jingle Beanies have already arrived in retail stores! Jinglepup has been reported as having different variations just like the Beanie Babies. While a green trimmed hat and white tipped tail was found in the US, the UK version has a green trimmed hat and a green tipped tail!

10-26-2002 SATURDAY

Two new beanie babies in November will be a pink Unicorn named Charmer and an Angel named Herald! saw this story on and thought you should see it.


Ty Beanie Bear Orders Continues To Go Through The Roof

Read the full story at,,10396~291135,00.html

Message : FYI

10-25-2002 FRIDAY

The following message is found at Ty, the whole site is still down at 6:45 AM EST. According to a report at Ms. Janies, the Ty Portsmouth Football Club Bear Pompey is thought to be responsible. High demand and/or an inability to fill orders is suspected... is currently unavailable. We apologize for this inconvenience and should have the site restored within the next several hours. Thank you for your patience. Ty

10:30AM the Ty web site has returned, the TyStore is still down and the link to the announcement and the graphic for Pompey is gone!!!

Get your credit cards ready, Christmas at the TyStore is coming, Ty was asked the following question by BBOC member Buttercupmouse:

Question: Hey Ty, what's in store for the Ty Store?

Answer: I know how busy we all get around the holidays. I think you'll find that the TyStore just made your holiday shopping a whole lot easier !

10-24-2002 THURSDAY

Frankenteddy has been retired today!!!! Click here!!

With 7 days to go, the Frankenteddy prototype auction is now up to a whopping $12,515.00 US dollars!!!
Click here to see the Frankenteddy Auction!

At 9:15 this evening EST (Eastern Standard Time), the following message was found at Ty, the whole site will be down for a few hours. WHAT'S UP??? is currently unavailable. We apologize for this inconvenience and should have the site restored within the next several hours. Thank you for your patience. Ty

10-23-2002 WEDNESDAY

Pompey has been officially announced on the Ty website!Click here to see Pompey !!! Pompey is an exclusive available only through the Porstmouth Football Club. (Don't worry, you can find it on Ebay!)

10-20-2002 SUNDAY

A new beanie baby, exclusive to the Portsmouth Football club football beanie baby, named POMPEY has been found!!! Click here to see the Ty Pompey Beanie Baby Bear at Ms. Janies!!!

10-19-2002 SATURDAY

This week Ty was asked:

Question: Mr Warner, will we see a Color Me Beanie colored by you posted in the gallery? (submitted by SeeMist)

Answer: I can't answer right now . . . . I'm busy coloring !
Click here!!!

10-18-2002 FRIDAY

1. Rose(England), 2. Thistle (Scotland), and 3. Daffodil (Wales) have been officially announced!!! Click here!!!

10-17-2002 THURSDAY

A new Halloween Fun Page has been added to the Ty Web site. There is a daily contest drawing going on now for Halloween. You can also bid on the Frankenteddy hand stitched prototype! Within a few minutes, the bid which increases in increments of $5.00 went from $305.00 to $2005.00!!!. The auction will end in 13 days! Proceeds will be donated to UNICEF. Another feature there is a vote for the Halloweenie Beanie.

10-11-2002 FRIDAY

This week's Ask Ty Question and Answer indicate new beanies are coming soon!

Question: What other Beanie Babies are you going to come out with? (submitted by Wheelersburg)

Answer: I can tell you this . . . . you are in for some great Beanie surprises!

The first surprise looks like the Three new International beanies that are coming soon!
They are 1. Rose(England), 2. Thistle (Scotland), and 3. Daffodil (Wales)

By the way, the Ty Store Beanie Kids and costumes arrived in homes this week. The outfits were in separate Ty Gear packages. Just as well, this time it makes sense for children to be able to to dress up the kids for halloween.

10-09-2002 WEDNESDAY

The "Lucky" Thirteen Canadian versions of Kanata found so far are:
Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territory, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec Saskatchewan and Yukon!!!

10-08-2002 TUESDAY

The Ty Store house is decorated for a "Happy Halloween! A ghost, witch, spider, black cat and a full moon are all found there...Click here to see the Halloween Ty Store!!!!

America Buddies have retired!Click here!!

10-07-2002 MONDAY

Prinz Von Gold has retired! Click here!!

TyStore orders are already being shipped!!!

Date: Monday, October 07, 2002 09:51:28
Subject: Ty Store Shipment Confirmation

Dear Xxxxxxxxx,

Thank you for your order from the Ty Store.

This is to confirm shipment of the following order:

Order - 68X217X
Ship date - 10/5/2002

Item Detail:
Qty Description

Ship To Address:


Item(s) cost - $20.00
Shipping & Handling - $4.50
Sales Tax - $0.00
Duty - $0.00
Grand Total - $24.50

Please note, all prices are quoted in US dollars. Your order is being shipped through the Postal Service.

Thank you for ordering from the Ty Store.


Ty Store

Qualify to receive a free Ty Beanie Baby! Simply go to for more details on the Ty Beanie Baby offer and to apply for the Ty Mastercard(R) credit card. .

10-04-2002 FRIDAY

It has been found out that there are actually 10 different versions of the new Canadian Exclusive Beanie Baby Kanata. There is one Kanata for each of Canada's Ten different Provinces!

10-02-2002 WEDNESDAY

A New MasterCard Beanie will be available around between mid November and early December for $5000. in purchases with specific guidelines!

December Ask Ty Weekly Question and Answer:

Question: "Can you give us more information on the $5000 TY Mastercard surprise?" (submitted by ywebl)

Answer: "The good news is I have just finalized a brand new Beanie Baby exclusively for those customers that spend $5,000 on their Ty MasterCard. The not so good news is this special Beanie won't ship for 8 - 10 weeks. (Here comes the legal part - Please see the points program guidelines for official details about this special $5,000 anniversary Beanie)"

Haunt has retired! Click here for the announcement!

Who is that new cat on the Ty October Wallpaper? It's Scared-e! 3 Beanie kids in Halloween Ty Gear are being offered as TyStore Exclusives! Click here!! They are Rascal in Skeleton Gear, Blondie in Witch Gear and Tumbles in Count Gear. Last of all is the new Beanie Baby Cat, Scared-e! The TyStore is now OPEN!!!

Last July The Beanie Kids offered in the TyStore in TyGear arrived in their original outfits with the TyGear in packages. Many were dissappointed when the kids arrived not dressed as they had been pictured.

10-01-2002 TUESDAY

Ty October Wallpaper! -Click Here!

The Winner of the BeanieNews August/September Teenie Beanie Baby T Shirt and Beanie Babies Raffle is...

You did not enter! If you had, your brand new Beanie Baby T Shirt 1999, New Ty Flitter Beanie Baby, and New Ty Romance Beanie Baby would be on the way to you (free shipping in Continental USA)! You would have won and your name or screen name (with your permission of course) would be displayed here!


The BeanieNews August/September Raffle Prize will now be the Second Prize in the BeanieNews October/November 2002 Teenie Beanie Baby T Shirt and Beanie Babies Raffle.
Any raffle entries received between midnight 09/30/2002 and midnight 11/30/2002 will be entered into the new BeanieNews October/November Teenie Beanie Baby T Shirt Raffle!!! First Prize for the BeanieNews October/November 2002 Raffle are a Teenie Beanie Baby T Shirt, Ty Mr. and Ty Mrs., and Ty October Birthday Bear 2001.
Click on October Birthday Bear to enter. Good Luck!!!!!

09-30-2002 MONDAY

Attic Treasure Logan has retired.
All of the New Beanies have been announced!!! Beanies, Boppers, Teenie Boppers, Buddies and Classics!!! OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! See a complete list below for 9/29/2002.

There are probably 9 different pins found in Ty Pin sets in addition to the regular 4 pins found in every set. So far now there are Legs, Cubbie, Punchers, Patti, Splash, Squealer ...

The winner of the August/September BeanieNews Raffle will be announced tomorrow after midnight tonight! So far, any single entry at this time is practically guaranteed to win first prize!!!

09-29-2002 SUNDAY

New Beanie Babies and Beanie Buddies and Beanie Boppers are coming soon! !!!

Beanie Babies:
2002 Signature Beanie, 2002 Holiday Teddy, November Birthday Beanie, Seadog, Bonsai and Kanata (Canadian Exclusive). Go Ms. Janie -Go to Ms. Janie

Beanie Buddies:
Billionaire Buddy, 1998 Holiday Buddy, 1999 Holiday Teddy Buddy -Go to Ms. Janie

Beanie Boppers:
Merry Margaret, Naughty Natalie, Christmas Carol -Go to Ms. Janie

Teenie Beanie Boppers:
Sunny Sue, Dear Debbie, Kool Katy, Rockin Ruby, Shy Shannon, Darling Daisy, Pretty Penny, Home Run Hank, Lucky Linda, Brave Buddy, Beautiful Belle and Snappy Cindy -Go to Ms. Janie

Ty Classics:
Fluff -Go to Ms. Janie

Jingle Beanies:
Halo 2, Santa, Zero, Mistletoe, Jinglepup, Beginning, Snowgirl, 2001 Holiday Teddy and Dizzy with a red scarf and a white fringed hat! -Go to Ms. Janie

09-28-2002 SATURDAY

Wales and Scotland Beanies Have been retired. Click here to see the announcement!!!

This week Ty was asked if more Punkies or Pluffies were going to be introduced. He answered that we could expect Punkies sooner and Pluffies later! Click here for the Ask Ty Question!

09-26-2002 THURSDAY


Clubby V is Pink with light blue patches!


Clubby and the pins arrived today via UPS!

The last pin in each set of 5 pins in the Pindemonium Trade are:
Patti, Punchers, Splash, Cubbie and Squealer. There are 5 pins that differ, 9 pins in all to make a complete set. The other 4 pins found in every set are the Ty Heart Pin, the BBOC Club Pin, the Clubby V Pin and the Patriot Pin.

09-25-2002 WEDNESDAY

There are quite a few September Beanie Baby and Beanie Buddy retirements today on the Ty website. Matty, Pounds and Toothy Beanie Babies were retired as well as Cashew, Fleece, Hero and Dearest Beanie Buddies. Click here to see the the announcement!!!

Don't forget to visit the new surprise magazine that arrived with the latest "Beanies and more" called "bopper magazine" and it's own website!!!

09-23-2002 MONDAY


I received a phone call today from Peggy Gallagher's husband Dan. Dan informed me that Peggy had suffered from appendicitis, which burst over the weekend. She is currently in the hospital and is expected to be there a few days.

Peggy would like to notify everyone that she expects to be back at her desk on Friday and will get all orders out ASAP.

I ask that you please be patient and keep Peggy in your thoughts. If you are a webmaster reading this newsletter please pass this information along to your readers.

Ms. Janie

09-21-2002 SATURDAY

The new "Mary Beth's Beanies and more magazine" arrived in the mail today, accompanied by a new surprise magazine called bopper magazine that has it's own website!!!

Beanies and more features a raised designed title and purple footed Frankenteddy surrounded by a spider web and pumpkins. The magazine's feature articles include Beanie inspired Halloween costume patterns, new beanie introductions, information about other than Ty bear and beanie products, collecting things other than Ty and a Ty Buyers Guide.

"for girls like you bopper magazine" has its own web site at Visitors get to choose if the bopper girls will go to Hollywood or to Yellowstone National Park on the Beanie Bopper Adventure Great Bus Tour. Back to school fashions, Brain Fun, Bopper Careers, How to fix a friendship and a Sleepover Sensation tear out poster are some of the magazines features.

09-20-2002 FRIDAY

The Tystore curtains have changed today. The half drawn shade is down and the parted curtains have been closed.

Earlier this week, the BBOC Store sent out a letter asking if there were any concerns about the prices charged in orders made on the Ty BBOC Web Site. On September 16th, the three items for sale on the BBOC site were listed with their prices on the order page. The $10.00 five pin sets were listed for only $3.00 each. However, once you clicked throuh to the final order page, the right price of $10.00 per set would be final.

09-17-2002 TUESDAY

Six New

Beanie Buddies

were introduced today! They are Asian exclusives Mugungwha, Vanda, Ferny, Wattlie, Bunga Raya and Sakura II !

09-16-2002 MONDAY

The Beanie Baby Official Club Store opened today.




was retired.

09-15-2002 SUNDAY

Tomorrow, on September 16th, 2002, Pin-demonium will be starting when the B.B.O.C. Store finally reopens for business. You will be able to purchase Clubby V Beanie and Clubby V Buddy as well as a set of 5 Ty Collector pins. Four pins in each set will be the same. In each set however, the fifth pin will be a surprise, one of a number of additional pins of the first beanie babies ever introduced. A trading site for pin collectors is a part of the new B.B.O.C. site.

09-11-2002 WEDNESDAY

A good friend asked me to keep this fire lit...
I asked God for water, he gave me an ocean.
I asked God for a flower, he gave me a garden.
I asked God for a tree, he gave me a forest.
I asked God for a friend, he gave me YOU.

"There is not enough darkness in the world to put out the light of one candle."
The Candle of Love, Hope and Friendship
This candle was lit on the 11th of September, 2001.

Thanks J!

TyStore 12:05 A.M. "This portion of the web site is currently unavailable. Please try again later. "
Later the curtained windows and door returned...

09-10-2002 TUESDAY

Sherbert has retired!!!!

Sherbert Beanie & Franny Attic Treasure Retirement Announcement from Ty!

09- 06 to 09 -2002 TUESDAY

Yankees Beanie Bopper Fastball Freddie was introduced and retired on Saturday, September 7th. Several additional Beanie Babies and Buddies were also retired.

Pin-demonium will be starting on September 16th, 2002. You will be able to purchase Clubby V Beanie and Clubby V Buddy as well as a set of 5 Ty Collector pins. Four pins in each set will be the same. In each set however, the fifth pin will be a surprise, one of a number of additional pins of the first beanie babies ever introduced. A trading site for pin collectors is a part of the new B.B.O.C. site.

America Buddy is arriving in all 3 colors. A red America Buddy with a white ear and a blue ear was found that looked similar to the TysStore Beanie Baby according to one report. Someone has also spotted the red with reversed ears America Buddy as well as reversed ears white America Beanie Buddy.

Color Me Beanie comes in six versions of the same bear with six different ribbon colors tied around the neck each matching one of the pen colors. ( pink, orange, yellow, light blue, green and red ). Be careful of the markers though, the ink can get onto your hands and the colors also may bleed. Visitors can upload their Color Me Beanie to the Ty website to be judged.

Frankenteddy was reported to have seven versions previously, however the word now is that there are six versions of Frankenteddy. The colors of Frankenteddy’s feet vary.

Two new beanie bopper girls Lucky Lucy and Precious Pammy were introduced and have arrived in stores along with the new beanie babies. Randy and Theresa at have discovered that Lucky Lucy has an American Flag on her jacket, a red, white and blue ribbon on her hat and a twin sister!

The TyStore door continues to change it’s window from open to closed. One person seems to think that Rescue and Courage are there in new versions. With the September 11th Rememberance coming up soon, it seems to be a good guess. That would explain the long wait. A Charity Bear would be appropriate at this time.

09-05-2002 THURSDAY

It's here!!!! SEE the New B.B.O.C!!!!! WOW!!!

Trotter Dottie and Addison Buddies have retired...

09-03-2002 TUESDAY

Happy Birthday Ty Warner!!!!

New September Wallpaper from Ty!

09-01-2002 SUNDAY


Q: Are you ever going to make anymore Jumbo Size Buddies? Jumbo Peace was great! (Ty's answer from 8/22) - Good question . . . . let's have some fun ! You tell me which item you would like to see JUMBO-IZED. (submitted by Ty Warner)

A: Thanks for all your great suggestions, you really had the Bright Ideas board buzzing. I've got a pretty good idea of what to JUMBO . . . . just about everything !

08-31-2002 SATURDAY

Bunga Raya and Vanda have been retired!

08-30-2002 FRIDAY

Father's Day in Canada, the U.K. and the United States is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. In Australia, Father's Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in September.

08-29-2002 THURSDAY

The new September Beanies are:
Rusty (Panda)
Franken Teddy (bear in 7 variations!)
Woody (tanish/brown bear)
October (birthday bear)

Three new September Buddies are:
America (bear)
America Buddy will be in three different colors, Red, White and Blue!
Haunt (bear- like the beanie)
Magic (Dragon with wings)

The new September Beanie Bopper Girls are:
Lucky Lucy
Precious Pammy

The Retired Beanies Today are:
Gizmo, Smarter and Poofie.

There are new Classics too!!!

The TyStore door was changed back again. It's curtain was closed, covering the window. The sign and the inside view were gone. Later it reopened again! Perhaps that door will be a clickable link one day. What do you think?

A copy of the 6 page Beanie Baby Official Club Newsletter was received today. You can order the Clubby V set, the display case and the 5 pin set (2 of each item maximum per order) through the club offer. Orders will be taken only between September 16, 2002 and December 16 2002. ColorMe Beanie it seems however, will either be found in the TyStore, or in local Hallmark stores.

Did you know that an Australian Pops exclusive is expected? Father's Day in Australia will be on Sunday September 1st!

08-27-2002 TUESDAY

The TyStore door has changed. It was closed with a curtain covering the window. Now, it has an open 24 hours 365 days per year sign, the curtain has opened to a tropical plant and a stairway where purple beanie-like legs seem to be inside, climbing the stairs...

08-26-2002 MONDAY

A new blue-curtained window, a red curtained window and a shaded window all empty, have appeared on the TyStore page today. What could be in store? A new green curtain is sported on an "Open 24 Hours" window as well.

A few days ago, Ty was asked if any new Jumbo Beanie Buddies would be created. He turned the tables by asking for suggestions. you can input your ideas for a Jumbo Buddy at Ask Ty! The choices are:

Toothy the Tyrannosaurus (submitted by Ty Warner)
Brigitte the Pink Poodle (submitted by Ty Warner)
Trotter the Horse (submitted by Ty Warner)
Sassy Star (not a buddy but . . . .why not) (submitted by Ty Warner)
Other (post your suggestions on the Cyberboard) (submitted by Ty Warner)

08-23-2002 FRIDAY

Well packed TED-e Beanies arrive!

08-22-2002 THURSDAY

According to Ms. Janie , starting on September 16th, 2002, the Beanie Baby Official Club will be offering the new Clubby V Beanie Baby and Clubby V Buddy, for $15 per set. The BBOC will also be offering a Ty Beanie Baby display case for $3.00 and a 5-piece Collector Pin Set for $10. A Color Me Beanie white beanie with a BBOC pin, in a plastic box will also be available with 6 colored markers to color the beanie.

On Saturday, September 7th, 2002 new game exclusive Yankees Beanie Bopper Fastball Freddie will be making his debut!

08-21-2002 WEDNESDAY

Newsletter Mailed

According to the graphic at the Beanie Baby Official Club, a Newsletter is on the way to B.B.O.C. Club members by mail.

08-20-2002 TUESDAY

Sent Tuesday, August 20, 2002 6:44 am
Subject Ty Store Shipment Confirmation

Thank you for your order from the Ty Store.

This is to confirm shipment of the following order:

Order - 67XXXXX
Ship date - 8/19/2002

Item Detail:
Qty Description
4 TED-e

Ship To Address:


Item(s) cost - $20.00
Shipping & Handling - $4.50
Sales Tax - $0.00
Duty - $0.00
Grand Total - $24.50

Please note, all prices are quoted in US dollars. Your order is being shipped through the Postal Service. Please allow 10-14 days for delivery.

Thank you for ordering from the Ty Store.


Ty Store

Qualify to receive a free Ty Beanie Baby! Simply go to for more details on the Ty Beanie Baby offer and to apply for the Ty Mastercard(R) credit card.

08-19-2002 MONDAY

Don't be alarmd but, Ted-e has left the building! The picture of Ted-e that had the word "Retired" across the Old faced Brown Beanie, has been removed from the TyStore.

08-17-2002 SATURDAY

In "Ask Ty", Ty Warner was asked by whitetiger33 which beanie best repesented him, it seems that at one time or another, they all do...

Q: What Beanie do you feel most represents you?

A: I would say there are quite a few Beanies that I could compare myself with. Some days I'm like Squealer or Speedy or Pellet. Other days Strut, Fuzz or Beginning Bear come to mind. I probably have something in common with all my Beanies.

08-16-2002 FRIDAY

M.C. Beanie II introduced! To see the announcement click here!!!

The new M.C. Beanie II, golden peach in color is accompanied by a new look in the TY MASTERCARD as well. Formerly silver, the new card sports a picture of a bunch of Beanie Babies on the front.

The Punkies Heart link has returned to the Ty opening page. Individual pictures have returned as well in sync with their arrival in authorized Tydealer stores (Hallmark). You can now add Punkies in your My Tyfolio.

08-15-2002 THURSDAY

M.C. Beanie retired! To see the announcement click here!!!

08-14-2002 WEDNESDAY

Look who showed up on the doorstep!

08-12-2002 MONDAY

Ted-e has been retired!!!Go to the TyStore.

To e beanie or not to e beanie. It's like lotto, somewhat of a gamble. YOUR ORDER IS CONFIRMED... The Ty page if you have noticed, scrolls down a little more than it used to. There is a new Pricing Philosophy and Shipping Policy posted.

According to the shipping policy, only the most supportive accounts will be first to receive ordered TyStore merchandise. That means orders are not shipped on a first come first serve basis. Does it also mean that people who abuse the flaw in the link that allows you to order a limited number of 4 per sale again and again and who as a result order limited beanies by the gross are "more supportive"?

Here is the closest thing to an update on the BBOC, a letter from Clubby IV:

Subject BBOC Registration Information
Congratulations! Your Beanie Babies Official Club membership is now active. We are so excited to have you with us. You may begin using the member's only sections of our website, by using your membership number and zip code. A copy of our most recent newsletter is available to you on line as well as a What's New section and our BBOC Store. At this time, we are in the planning stages of our next exclusive offer. Stay tuned for updated information as it becomes available.

Thank you for your interest in the BBOC.


Clubby IV

08-11-2002 SUNDAY

Ty retires new Astros Baseball Team Beanie Bopper Boy on 8/10/2002 Home Run Harry arrived 08/10/2002 Gameday ONLY at Minute Maid Park!!!

08-10-2002 SATURDAY

Ty introduces a new Astros Baseball Team Beanie Bopper BoyHome Run Harry arriving 08/10/2002 Gameday ONLY at Minute Maid Park!!!

Click here for the announcement!

08-09-2002 FRIDAY

Celebrations is retired....

08-07-2002 WEDNESDAY

A new Tystore exclusiveTED-e is available for purchase at the Ty website in sets of 4 at a time at $5.00 each. The Tystore is also selling heart tags as well as the Mary Beth's Beanies and more magazine subscription which is sporting a new cover in the display box there. People have ordered more than 4 TyStore exclusives it was learned in the past quite simply by ordering again. Only 4 beanies are allowed per order but an unlimited number of orders can be processed.

08-04-2002 SUNDAY

No new news. The Ty Store and the BBOC are still wrapped up in secrecy. The 3 July Beanie Bopper girls arrived a week ago for those of you who are anxiously waiting. I will post the photo asap.

08-02-2002 FRIDAY

Click here for Ask Ty "Q: Are you currently making a new style of Beanie, or are you just updating the site when it says, "Top Secret BBOC Meeting in Progress"? I understand if you can't answer this directly, but at least give us a hint!" Ty replies wih a reference to the scribled note at the BBOC. It is shorthand after all, Smart Collecting has discovered the translation!

08-01-2002 THURSDAY

August 2002 Desktop Wallpaper is available now at the Ty website!

"Meeting Adjourned."
The secret meeting at the Beanie Baby Official Club has been adjourned. A link on the BBOC site leads to meeting notes, an image of a page of scribble or is that stenography?

07-31-2002 WEDNESDAY

Mugungwha Retired Today!

Korean exclusive beanie Mugungwha, a flower bear retired today!

T Shirt Raffle!

BeanieNews Beanie Baby T Shirt Contest! From now through the end of September, BeanieNews is sponsoring a Beanie Baby T Shirt Contest.

The winner will receive:

One Teenie Beanie Baby T Shirt 1999
(Large or X Large)
One Flitter Butterfly Beanie Baby
One Romance Beanie Baby

Click on the picture to enter the BeanieNews Teenie Beanie Baby T Shirt and Beanie Babies Raffle as often as you like throughout August and September. The BeanieNews Aug/Sept Raffle Winner will be announced on October 1, 2002. The Contest begins Wednesday, July 31, 2002. Good Luck!!!

This is a brand new T Shirt from McDonalds 1999 Ty Teenie Beanie Babies collection. The shirt was only offered to McDonalds staff and was never offered to the general public. It is dark blue with a small Ty Teenie Beanie Babies emblem on the left top front. The T Shirt also has a small picture of Spunky the Cocker Spaniel on the front. On the Back is a picture of all 12 of the 1999 Teenie Beanie Babies with their names under them.

They are Freckles the Leopard, Antsy the Anteater, Spunky the Cocker Spaniel, Smoochy the Frog, Stretchy the Ostrich, Nuts the Squirrel, Chip the Cat, Strut the Rooster, Iggy the Iguana, Nanook the Husky, Rocket the Blue Jay, and Claude the Crab. Under the pictures of all of them it says 1999 in light blue letters.

07-30-2002 TUESDAY

There are 7 new beanies on the horizon. The 2 Buddies are Cashew and Curley. The Beanie Babies are Pegasus, September, Sherbert, Tooter and Zoom. Sherbert has 3 different color variations, aqua, yellow and pink.
Click here for Ty Official Announcement!

07-29-2002 MONDAY

Pierre the Canadian exclusive bear was retired today.
Pierre Retires...

07-28-2002 SUNDAY

Announced at the Chicago Gift Show Ty will soon introduce three Sherbert colored bears (aqua, yellow and pink), Pegasus, (blue horse) Tooter (baby dinosaur) and Zoom (multi-colored checkerboard turtle) as well as several new beanie buddies!

Nectar almost wasn't introduced!

Ty almost left Nectar out of the Beanie Baby collection!

Q: Would you, or have you ever considered introducing a Beanie that you had earlier decided not to?

A: Yes, on more than one occasion. I wasn't really sure about Nectar and originally decided not to introduce this style. Looking back . . . . I guess you liked it.

Click here for "Ask Ty"!

Nectar was retired early. Nectar the hummingbird can be purchased on Ebay for about $28. to $30. or more today.

07-25-2002 THURSDAY

A few Beanie Babies, Beanie Buddies and Attic Treasures were retired today. They are: Beanie Babies May, Rescue and Courage, Beanie Buddies Cheeks, Rescue, Courage and USA and Attic Treasure Adelaide. The Tystore as result now has no beanies on sale. The magazine Mary Beth's Beanies and More is still available for subscription purchase.

07-23-2002 TUESDAY

This is so strange that I just had to share this google search. It can't be old because Tytrade moved to the Ty website some time after it was introduced.

Ty beanies $2 to $3 each! MUST SELL!! Maximum shipping $4.35!
... Ty beanies $2 to $3 each! MUST SELL!! Maximum shipping $4.35! Farkwar5 (10:32 am. ... Followups: Ty beanies $2 to $3 each! MUST SELL!! Maximum shipping $4.35! ... - 25k - Cached - Similar pages [ More results from ]

The link goes here where a Tytrade message states the following and I quote:

"This portion of the Ty website is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience and ask that you please check back later."

"Thank you for your patience and support."

The secret is out! The secret meeting at the BBOC and the recently reported Ty WWW poem about new offerings at Ty that would come and go quickly, some things new and even some old! You heard this first at the BeanieNews!!!

Do you think that the news at Tytrade has been discovered? Read the Hot Off The Beanie News Press link then send your comments to:

07-22-2002 MONDAY

The club store is about to reopen and the key is in your Clubby IV kit! Clubby IV is the new spokesperson for the BBOC. Go to to register! The welcome page which appeared then dissappeared today said:

"Greetings from "The Club!" If you're a free (oops! a typo must have been a former...) BBOC member, welcome back! " The page goes on to say that you can find the membership kit at a retailer, and be able to take advantage of all the club has to offer. There is mention of a way to get a free beanie baby. Most likely it's the MC Bear.

The magazine, "Mary Beth's Beanies and More" whose subscription is now available in the Tystore July/August 2002 Issue has been arriving in mailboxes since the end of last week. The secondary market issues sold on ebay arrived about two weeks before the Tystore deliveries.

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