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There are Beanies that were made with "flaws" during production. These differences sometimes are one of a kind and make the Beanie Baby more valuable. An oddity can be real or counterfeit . Recently, Deke was offered with no writing on the hockey puck but it was soon discovered that the writing could easily be removed.

"Love You WOW"
My "Love You Mom" bear has the MOM upside down. It says Love You WOW. Does this mean my bear is an oddity? Is it worth more to collectors? I just thought it was different and neat.

You bet thats an oddity if I ever heard of one
Congrats and i would think it would be worth more to a collector...just depends on who would want it and how much they were willing to pay for it.. but it most defintely is worth more than the retail one for sure perhaps you could send a pic to ms janie

Beanie Oddities at www.smartcollecting.com

Beanie Oddities at Beansmail!

Old Face Beanie.

Old Face:
There are New Face and Old Face Beanies
Here are two examples:

Ronald has the New Face

Original 9:
The first 9 Beanies ever made. A replica set of the original 9 Beanies was issued by the Beanie Baby Official Club in 2005. The replicas are known as the BBOC 9 and are distinguished by haveng a different larger than normal hangtag as well as a BBOC Botton on their rumps.
The Original 9 at Ms. Janie's.

Click here for O at aboutbeanies:
Old Face

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