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Alphabet Beanies:
Small Brown Beanie Baby Bears about 5 inches tall, each one holding a capital letter of the alphabet from A to Z. There are 26 Alphabet Beanies .

Ask Ty:
A Ty website feature where 5 submitted questions are chosen to be voted on. The question that receives the highest number of votes is answered by Ty Warner.

Attic Treasure:
A discontinued Ty category of poseable jointed dressed plush animals.
Attic Treasure Tags Collectible Treasures.

A real Ty product.

A real Ty product that has been confirmed to really be a Ty product by a Beanie Baby expert, sealed in a case and has been given a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

The Authentication Process

Ty Beanie Baby experts who determine the authenticity of a Ty product. For a fee the Ty product can be eveluated to find out if it is real or fake.

There are three major recognized reputable authenticators. They are:

Beanie Phenomenom - Peggy Gallagher
Becky's True Blue Beans - Becky Estenssoro
PbBags - Jordan and Jacob Sadoff

In March 2007, The Beanwatcher "asked each authenticator if they would authenticate Ty-related collectibles (e.g., Ty Girlz purses), beanie promotions, oddities, and other unusual Ty-related items." He "received separate responses from Peggy and Becky" and awaited an "email from Jordan and Jacob". The Beanwatcher found that "each authenticator appears to have his or her own policy. You should contact each one to see if they can meet your needs".

Here is the March 2007 Report:

"Yes, we will authenticate TY related items as long as the product is the authentic Ty and not a counterfeit or an altered copy".

"I can authenticate almost anything Ty. There are 3 exceptions. The first are the prototypes. Ty Legal requested that authenticators no longer authenticate these types of beanies back in early 2005 and I abide by their request. It isn't a question of authenticity but a question of provenance. In other words, it's questionable on how they were obtained."

"The 2nd exception is Ty signed items without any documentation that they were signed by Ty himself. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people who have perfected Ty's signature. They sign random items and pass them off to beanie collectors. A good example would be the Ty Girlz purses. Some were legitimately signed while others weren't. Without any proof of that signature there is no way to know whether it is legitimate or not."

"The 3rd exception are beanies with buttons/badges. An example would be a Classy with a Clubby button. There are machines out there that will remove and then replace a button with no visible evidence of tampering. This would also include upside down noses such as the MC bears and upside down buttons. These types of so called oddities can be homemade."


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