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Ty 2004 Holiday Greeting! Ty 2003 Holiday Greeting!!! Ty 2002 Holiday Greeting!!

2005 2006

When does the party start?

From the East Coast to the West... What a fun Cyberboard party! Ty invited everyone to write poems and asked readers to decide which beanie to retire next. As midnight fell across the nation, Each time zone received a Happy New Year's greeting from Ty.

New York...
Happy New Year East Coast !
Ty Warner

The Midwest...
Sweet Home Midwest Happy New Year !
Happy New Year Chicago and my home town Oak Brook !
Ty Warner

Finally when New Year's reached the West Coast...

Happy New Year to all
Ty Warner (Jan 01, 2006, 12:59 AM)

"Happy New Year to you. Thank you for a wonderful 2005. I'll never forget this past year and I look forward to a great 2006. I wish everyone around the world all the best, and I pray for peace and healing. I will do my best to continue the tradition, the unexpected. Thanks to you, we can celebrate 20 years of fun. From my heart to yours . . . Happy New Year ! Ty"

The party continues! Come on and join in!!!

12-31-2005 SATURDAY

Ty Warner is expected to pay a visit to the Ty Cyberboard tonight to ring in the New Year!!!

Two snow and icicled ledges of Tystore windows are adorned with Shades and Curtains inside. It seems that some new Beanies will soon be revealed!

The Beaniehut has launched a new website that is promised to bring new excitement to collecting Ty Beanies! "Things Are Going To Get Hot In The Beanies".

Bean Talk is in it's "first phase" and very exciting news and excitement is promised to be forthcoming!

Four Chat rooms and subscriptions for news briefs are available. Significant sums of money are being sought from investors to assist in the sites development. For $24 per year, Subscribers can show their collections and tell their stories to other Beanie Baby collectors.

Imitation is said to be the highest form of flattery. The new site uses this sites title, Beanie News and has a running description of recent beanie news styled much like what has here on this page. Auction links are promised to be forthcoming as well.

12-30-2005 FRIDAY

January 2006 Beanies have been announced today, as well as Angeline retirements!

January 2006 Introductions!

Beanie Babies:
Lucky O'Day, Punxsutawney Phil 2006, Eggs 2006
Veggies, Meekins, Sunbonnet
Fluff, Happy Birthday, Erin
Cool Chick, Hutch Clutch Purses

Beanie Buddies:
Meekins, Veggies

Basket Beanies:
Billingsly, Marshmallow, Sugartwist, Meekins

Happy Valentines Day, Valentine Angeline, Valentine Angeline (Large)

Eggsworth, Hatcher, Billingsly
Macgilicuddy, Wentworth, Boudraux
Willow, Boggs, Brodie
Brinksie, Bramble, Thatcher
Pinstripes (Large), Pinstripes

Glitters, Rosa, Julep Keychains
Minuet Horse

Baby Ty
My Baby Bear (Pink), My Baby Bear (Blue), Bunny Hop (Pink), Bunny Hop (Blue)

Quackies, Snackers

Angeline Retirements
Holiday Angeline (Large), Holiday Angeline, Happy Holidays, Holiday Angeline Clip

Firefighters' charity group brings cheer to New Orleans

"...80 percent of the city's firefighters are homeless and living on a Carnival Cruise Line ship that's docked on the river. Police officers and other displaced municipal workers live on that ship, plus a second cruise liner docked there."

"Chicago firefighter Richard Pinskey, who set up the Ignite the Spirit Fund, said he and other Chicago firefighters spent the month of December holding fund drives for their Santa Claus mission to the hurricane-ravaged state of Louisiana. They managed to raise $22,000, and also received donations, including 2,000 "Mardi Gras" Beanie Babies, from Ty Inc."

Not enough coverage of good news in Iraq

"4-H of Ulster County sent over Beanie Babies and other stuffed toys. We were able to distribute those to the kids in the communities. They were kids who didn't otherwise have much in the way of toys or personal belongings."

The Science of Holiday Sales
"Stuff Half Off in Limited Quantities!" Tricks retailers use...

"Scarcity: The makers of Beanie Babies had it right when they made limited quantities of these furry friends. Consumer desire skyrocketed for a beanbag toy... Look around you, and see whether you can pick out any item in your possession that you could not live without -- or live with a different brand."

12-29-2005 THURSDAY

Massive retirements! Ty has retired 57 Beanie Babies, 15 Beanie Buddies and 9 Jingle Beanies!!

December Retirements

Goody, Yummy, Tasty
Plymouth, Hollydays, 2005 Holiday Teddy
Merry Kiss-Mas, Happy Hanukkah
Spongebob Sleighride, Patrick Claus, Spongebob Jollyelf
2005 Signature, Merrybelle, Happy Holidays Garfield
Pluff, Fleur, Aware
Weaver, Fumbles, Dundee
American Blessing, Snoops, Cheesly
Hero, Curls
Flurry, Prunella
Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings

I Love...
Washington D.C., Washington, California
Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Ohio
Massachusetts, Illinois, Georgia
Kansas, Florida, Tennessee
New Jersey, Big Apple

Flower Bears
New York Rose, Texas Bluebonnet, Pennsylvania Mountain Laurel
Georgia Cherokee Rose, California Poppy, Illinois Violet
Kansas Sunflower, Minnesota Lady-Slipper, Ohio Scaret Carnation
Washington Rhododendron, Massachusetts Mayflower, Alberta Wild Rose

Beanie Buddies:
Gifts, 2005 Holiday Teddy, Pooky
Booties, Empress, Cutesy
Mom, Mrs., Mr.
Bloom, Colosso, Fancy
Gigi, Bo, Filly

Jingle Beanies:
Twinkling, Presents, Gifts
Yummy, Mr. Frost, Goody
Gift of Joy, Gift of Peace, Gift of Love

Promise is also retired. There are two Promise bears, Blue & Brown.

Unannounced Classic Retirees reported by Patti Buddy, FerociousPlatypus on the Ty Cyberboard:

1 Alacazam
2 Bashful
3 Bearnard
4 Beasley
5 Binks
6 Bojangles
7 Carvington
8 Cashmere
9 Champagne
10 Chewey
11 Cody
12 Dodges
13 Forest
14 Fresco
15 Galaxy
16 Glamour
17 Goldilocks
18 Iceberg (ivory)
19 Iceberg Baby (ivory)
20 Mac Dougal
21 Meadow
22 Melvin
23 Mugsy
24 Paws (maple)
25 Paws Baby (maple)
26 Porridge
27 Rebel
28 Rumbles
29 Schultzie
30 Scooter
31 Scraps
32 Skippy
33 Squirt
34 Topanga
35 Tugs
36 Buckshot

Ms. Janie has posted some Wonderful photos sent by Doris of Children in Iraq.

Ms. Janie has also posted photos of a Christmas tree decorated with Teenie Beanie Boppers !

Chitraka who has arrived got his well deserved WWF - World Wildlife Fund branding symbol added to his picture in his Tystore window today!

12-27-2005 TUESDAY

Surprise! Ty visited the Ty Cyberboard today! Drop in and say hello!

Ty Talk:

"Hello everyone. Sorry I did not check in sooner. I was out of town and didn't have access to the internet. I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday !Thank you so much for your support this past year. I hope to join in on the party on New Year's Eve ! Talk to you soon."
Ty Warner

His, Hers and #1 Teacher have been retired in Ty Store!

Steve St. Pierre owner of Once Upon a Toy says his niche is to be a specialty toy retailer!

"Q: What are you looking for in a toy for resale?"

'A: "I love to buy the best toys. I love to find the things that no one else will think will be a hit. I'm not only looking for a super-duper hit, I want to buy something that can sell. So many times, my employees and people around me, see vendors selling something. Beanie Babies are a good example. When I first saw them, it reminded me of a bean bag toy I had. It was very inexpensive and I bought some in huge quality. I thought they would be cool, and the sales person selling them said, 'Wow.' " ' Read more...

12-26-2005 MONDAY

Happy Kwanza a!!!

The Macomb Daily

"Dee Richards' American Legion Post 261 Ladies Auxiliary in Roseville sent Beanie Babies toys to a military police unit in Iraq last year."

"They passed out the Beanies to the children in their area," Richards said. "The group that was designated has now been deployed home, and I still had around 50 Beanies to send."

"Richards hooked up with Merritt, who oversees Operation Caring Friends, who connected Richards with Master Gunnery Sgt. Constance Dillard, public affairs chief at Camp Fallujah, Iraq."

Merritt, a resident of Romeo. "She assures that items such as Beanie Babies and school supplies are given to the Civilian Affairs Group. Right now, the 6th CAG is in place. These are the units that visit the schools, the orphanages, and talk to the children on the streets. These are multiforce groups consisting of all branches."

Exactly one year ago today, a powerful Tsunami destroyed coastal communities in 12 countries from South-East Asia in Thailand to Northern Africa. While some relief has helped many are still in need. The Gulf Coast later this year severely destroyed parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. This year, an earthquake of great proportion shook Pakistan. These major catastrophes in addition to war, and those everyday disasters usually suffered around the world as well as where you live, have strained the ability of charitable organizations. They still need your help. It will take many years to recover. Please continue to support your charitable organizations. Scams to collect money by people impersonating charitable organizations have surfaced. You can verify a Charity by calling 212 416-8400 Office of the Attorney General Charities 1 800 SAL ARMY 1 800 HELP NOW 1 800 435 7669 ALL Katrina & Rita Evacuees SEE Red Cross or call 1 800 621-FEMA to register to receive your $2,000.00 Bank Transfer or Check! {No More Debit Cards 9/9/05)*** Craig's List Help for Katrina Survivors new orleans austin batonrouge montgomery mobile pensacola houston shreveport jackson Red Cross. Help Tsunami, Pakistan Earthquake & Hurricane Katrina, Rita, Wilma,& Alpha Victims --- Sponsors Create Great Products to Aid Red Cross Mission. Usher's New Look

12-25-2005 SUNDAY

Today is both the first night of Hanukkah as well as Christmas Day!

Happy Holidays!!!

Krystal Johnson, age 7, of South Bend, sold her own toys to raise money for St. Lawrence Catholic Church’s Giving Tree. This year donations will benefit the Katrina Hurricane victims in Bogalusa, Louisiana!

“I didn’t go higher than one dollar” for the toys, Krystal said. Three Beanie Baby dogs were special, she said, “because dogs are my favorite animals.” But “Brownie,” “Blackie” and another dog were sold to help people “that were in the hurricane.”

Ty 2004 Holiday Greeting! Ty 2003 Holiday Greeting!!! Ty 2002 Holiday Greeting!!

12-24-2005 SATURDAY

Happy Holidays!!!

Ty 2004 Holiday Greeting! Ty 2003 Holiday Greeting!!! Ty 2002 Holiday Greeting!!

12-23-2005 FRIDAY
Beanie Babies for needs school supplies, beanie babies or small stuffed animals and kid's clothing.

11-Year-Old Donates More Than 1,000 Beanie Babies to Charles County Sheriff's Office!

12-22-2005 THURSDAY

Ty Cyberboard:

This afternoon, Karen Brit posted a message to "Please put WWF on Chitraka in the Tystore."

The posting link went instead of to an expanded message, accidentally to the Ty Cyberboard Main Menu! The post was quickly removed and hopefully will return with the proper link.

All of the endangered species Beanies proceeds go to help the World Wildlife Fund. They each have a WWF symbol posted over their Tystore pictures. Chitraka is missing his symbol which would identify him as a WWF Beanie and a WWF donation oriented offer.

Re:could someone explain the different bboc packages

Asst #1 49012 has Patti Maroon in it
(does not have light pink Patti in it)

Asst #2 49013 has Spot no spot in it
(does not have Spot with a spot in it)

Asst #3 49014 has Brownie in it
(does not have Cubbie in it)

Asst #4 49015 has Punchers in it
(does not have Pinchers in it)

Asst #5 49016 has Patti Deep Fuschia in it
(does not have light pink Patti in it

All assortments/packets, have Chocolate, Squealer, Flash, Splash, Legs
Unless it has it's hard to find version in the package, it contains Cubbie, Pinchers, Spot with a spot and light pink Patti...

14 different beanies were reissued in total.
Love: Karen

Normal Taxi pricing by Midnight!
HOV-4 Lanes end by Midnight!
Subways running by morning !

12-20-2005 TUESDAY will gladly post any news or pictures submitted


12-19-2005 MONDAY

Click here to see the Ty 2004 Holiday Greeting!!!!

Click here to see the Ty 2003 Holiday Greeting!!!

Click here to see the Ty 2002 Holiday Greeting!!

On 12-31-2004 we bade farewell to Beanwatcher who however returned to give us all a full year of great Beanie news. On 12-31-2003, we bade farewell to Randy and Theresa.

It is with regret and hope for the best in the future to come that we say goodbye this year 2005. We will miss the timely news and great dedication to learning more about Ty Beanies...

Beanwatcher retires....

December 19: You Will Surely Be Missed
Originally, I was planning to post news of a retirement on December 31, 2005 - a time when we "ring out the old" before we "ring in the new." However, with Christmas soon approaching and my desire to spend more time with family, friends, and loved ones, I've decided to post the news right now. Effective today, the Bean Watcher site has officially retired. To view the announcement, click here.

Goodbye, Farewell, Adieu, Sayonara, Aloha, So Long, Cheerio, Hasta la vista, Bye-Bye, Ta-Ta, Cheers, Au revoir, Ciao, Adiós, Arrivederci, Shalom, Auf Wiedersehen, Toodles, Bon voyage.

No matter how you say it, you will surely be missed.

Ty Cyberboard:

I am so sad to read of Beanwatcher's retirement the news and pictures there were worth checking everyday. It was always nice to see news there before it was announced on this site. Beanwatcher will be greatly missed!! Thanks for all of the info for so many years!!

I just finished reading my "last report" from Beanwatcher. How very sad to see this site close. He will certainly be missed by a lot of Ty collectors. I would read his site faithfully every morning before even "waking up" properly. A well informaed site indeed-always the latest happenings in Tyland-sometimes even before they officially happened.

I wish you all the best BEANWATCHER and you will definitely be missed by this collector! GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS!

I am saddened by the departure of this very wonderful site. Orangeicecream, once you told me that you visited this site every morning, I did too! It became a way of life for me. Yes, the site had GREAT news and was well written and I so much enjoyed the pictures that people sent in! Like the ones Ann and Tim of Texas just sent in----pictures of their home decorated with BEANIES for Christmas. Such pictures light up ones heart and make for HAPPY feelings! I printed out the farewell page and so tomorrow and for several days---I will have to refer to that page to know that it is REALLY gone! Hugs to you, orangeicecream and to the many others that read this daily! IT WILL BE MISSED! Merry Christmas and God Bless!

NEWS OF THE DAY!!! BEANWATCHER Website Retired - Oh My !
Too bad - I will miss it!

This is yet another SAD day for this Collectible....n/m

Bean Watcher has RETIRED his site!!!
I read the awful news this morning. The Bean Watcher site will no longer exist. I love Ms. Janie, but I felt his site was more informative and more up to date on TY products than any others. Bean Watcher will be MISSED!

Beanwatcher site is no more!!
A sad sign of the times for beanies. Beanwatcher will be missed!!

Doesn't It Tell Us About the State of Beanie Collecting or What? n/m

Re:Beanwatcher site is no more!!
Yes Beanwatcher site will very much be missed.
I wish him well! :-)

OMG. Just the other day Beanwatcher led me to photos of Jan. beanie releases.
I emailed a goodbye message to the Beanwatcher.

Re:OMG. Just the other day Beanwatcher led me to photos of Jan. beanie releases
I will miss Beanwatcher very much as I LOVED the pictures that so many people sent to this site. It was so well written and such a pleasant site to visit----a MUST for me every morning. GOODBYE HUGS to this very sweet person that wrote for this site!

Re:Beanwatcher site is no more!! Maybe now Ty can keep the newbies a secret
until Ty announces them. Beanwatcher posts what they are then everyone wants to post it to the Ty board and I like waiting till Ty announces them with pictures

Re:Re:Beanwatcher!? Say It Is'nt sooo!!!!!
I remember Him saying a while back He was Closing the site.then after Many folks asked him to reconsider,He kept It going!
I for one will surely miss Bean watcher!! I have Been a Regular reader from day one!
I loved the news,Photois,and the Style In which It was presented! Beanwatcher Rocks!!!
P.S. to twigs...I'm so sure That others will stay on the web and share the New releases before they are official.
Happy Holidays!!!

Re:Re:Re:Beanwatcher!? Say It Is'nt sooo!!!!!
I also will miss his site, i found it very informative, and loved the idea , of seeing the new ones before ty put them out,,
He will be missed by me

Maybe now Ty can keep the newbies a secret
Please keep in mind that Beanwatcher posted news that was SENT to him. News of newbies will still be out before the "official" Ty announcement since that news is also available on other sites.

Thanks for the information
I will surely miss the beanwatcher. It is/was a great site. Sad!

I will really miss BW, I looked forward to reading it every day!
I wish BW nothing but the best though! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! TC

ODE to BeanWatcher.......
Beanwatcher was the best beanie baby site out there. He always had the news updated WHEN IT HAPPENED! Always posted pictures promtly and never had any other articles about stuff that wasn't beanie related(and we really didnt care about). This is the last site that was worth checking everyday. I understand why he closed, just took too much time. I am also getting a little tired of beanies latley. They aren't what they used to. Will be very selective next year.
Thanks Beanwatcher for always posting my pictures of IN HAND beanies and for always being so nice. Although it would have been nice to see a face, age, and name to the person who ran this site, its ok. Have a great 2006 Year Beanwatcher!

My sentiments echo CRB exactly. Beanwatcher was the site to go to for current info and photos. I, too, will miss it immensely
mz magoo

Re:ODE to BeanWatcher.......RIGHT ON CHGO!!!
Well said! I too thouroughly enjoyed Beanwatcher since the begining. I also Loved the fact that It was The Beans And Nothing but the Beans!!
I too am Becoming Disenchanted with Beanies Lately,I too plan to cut back In 06.
HaPPy Holidays!!
peace :)


Beanwatcher was a beanie news site.....NM

GRIPE! I certainly see alot of BAH HUMBUGGING!
I see beanie collectors that say they are cutting way back because they don't like the 2006 releases. Wait a minute! Ty just gave us some gorgeous beanie releases this Fall & for Christmas! Let's count our beanie blessings! Well, now that I've got that said, I am sad to see Beanwatcher go. He will be missed.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas!
My Ty heart

We will miss the timely news and great dedication to learning more about Ty Beanies...

Sorry to see another site go but I can understand why. Sites like this takes up a lot of time not to mention money. Wish you the best in the coming year and thanks for all the memories, take care Beanwatcher.
yellow bear

Darn it, it was the best site for beanie news...
Neat pictures...

12-18-2005 SUNDAY

According to rumors we can expect to see:

Ty dog toys?!?!

13 new 2006 Hallmark exclusives

12-17-2005 SATURDAY

January 2006 Beanie Babies:
Eggs 2006
Happy Birthday 2006
Lucky O'Day
Punxsutawney Phil 2006

Many collectors onthe Ty Cyberboard have made complaints about the looks of the new beanies, while a few others have said that they think they are ok.

Whatever the look, please let them have their "beans"! Beanies without their "beans" (plastic pellets) are not beanies!

12-14-2005 WEDNESDAY

The new World Wildlife Fund Tystore exclusive Beanie Baby Chitraka is a Cheetah!

12-13-2005 TUESDAY

This evening in NYC at Yankee Stadium, Fox 5 News' Lisa Evers reported and showed how Derek Jeter's "Jeter Leaders" were packing Derek Jeter stringed fabric backpacks with T Shirts and the Yankees Beanie Buddy named "Tradition" as gifts for 1,600 lucky underprivileged children.

Tradition the Yankees Buddy was originally given away to fans on 9/25/2005.

Updated Beanies with No Beans:

Charming, Iceberg, Enchanting...

From the Ty Cyberboard...

Picked up Enchanting tonight and I can't believe how BEANLESS he is!! He doesn't even feel like a Ty beanie. Only a little beans in his legs. :) Diane - beezbee

That's awful! These no beans beanies should not even be called beanies!

Also From the Ty Cyberboard...





12-9-2005 FRIDAY


Ty Paper 1


Ty Paper 2

Hallmark exclusive Sweetiekins, an unannounced new dog is rumored to be in Hallmark stores! NEWCOLORMEFRANKENTEDDY has noted on the Ty Cyberboard that "It's the first non-bear Hallmark Exclusive Ty Product"!

Patrick Claus Sold Out !!

12-7-2005 WEDNESDAY

The rarer single BBOC Beanies offered at first for $19.95 then shortly raised to $29.95 are now being sold by Cindysbeans, a secondary dealer for $49.95 each!


The entire set of 9 Beanies is still being sold in the Ty BBOC for only 45.00, while supplies last. The offer was scheduled to end on December 2nd, 2005.

12-6-2005 TUESDAY

Ty Cyberboard:
I hear in Canada that we may be getting a new Canadian Exclusive ...maybe this is just a rumor!
Name: Hudson
Style: Sitting bear
Color: White Bear with red jacket and on the back of Jacket has our Canadian Flag.

Ty Cyberboard:
We had the rumor about North,Strong,and Free sometime back that never materialized in Canada.

12-3-2005 SATURDAY

December 2005 Wallpaper

Flicker BBOM

UK Exclusive Leonard

12-1-2005 THURSDAY

Official December 2005 Introductions!

Hug Hug, Kiss Kiss, Pup In Love

Romeo & Juliet, I Love You

Enchanting, New Year 2006

Happy Valentines Day, Goodnight Garfield,

Backyardigans, Pablo, Uniqua, Tyrone

Arizona, South Carolina, Wisconsin

2006 Zodiac Dog

Always, 2006 Year Of The Dog Asia-Pacific Exclusive

Meows, KissyCat, Caressa

Crush, Pitter, Patter

Itty Bitty Kiss, Bitty Kiss

Big Kiss, Great Big Kiss

Be Mine, Kiss Me, You're A Cutie

There are still 10 free newly updated copies of My Collection Complete waiting to be claimed! See the November 21st Topica or Google Newsletter titled "The BBOC Edition Original 9 are being shipped!" for details!
(Note: The truncated e-mail address is

11-29-2005 TUESDAY

Tystore exclusive 2006 !!!

This Tystore bear is black. The retail version listed below is white.

Angeline retirees...
more Angeline...
Angeline with To Cheer You
Angeline with I Love You
Angeline with You're an Angel
Angeline with Just For You
Angeline with Happy Birthday
Angeline with You Are Special

The new Beanies, Classics and Punkies are on sale on the secondary sites!

The 12 Beanie Babies are Enchanting, Garfield Happy Valentines, Goodnight Garfield, Hug Hug, Kiss Kiss, I Love You, Pup In Love, Romeo & Juliet, Happy New Year 2006 and 3 Backyardigans TV Show characters, Uniqua, Pablo and Tyrone.

Always is a new Beanie buddy.

New Valenteenies are Be Mine, Kiss Me & You're A Cutie - Clips

The Punkies are:
Great Big Kiss (Over 4 FT Tall!)
Big Kiss (24 Inches Tall)
Bitty Kiss (Classic Sized 15 Inches Tall)
Itty Bitty Kiss (Beanie Sized)

The Classics are Caressa, Crush, KissyCat, Meows, Pitter & Patter

The only secondary dealer carrying the BBOC variations as individual beanies, started off by charging $19.99 for each of the desired BBOCspecial edition beanies, Spot with no spot, Brownie,Punchers and Patti.

The price was raised one day later to $29.99 for one special beanie from each set of 9 BBOC Beanies. The entire BBOC set of 9 sells for $45.00

In order to get all of the oddities, a buyer would have to buy 5 sets and hope that 5 different sets are sent.

I would rather pay extra $$ to get a real Spot with no Spot than to pay $20 or $30 for a BBOC Spot with no spot. Anybody feel like I do?

I tend to agree with you. I was fortunate in getting my original Raspberry Patti's, but I can't see paying out so much for these replicas. They are cute, but I think that is too much to pay to get all of the so-called rare ones.

I would like BBOC to offer them individually for sale @ $5 each n/m

That is a wonderful idea to have individual or sets of the rare ones perhaps for a limited time if that would help.

That could help prevent the current price of $30.00 plus shipping @ $35.00 being charged for 1 of 9 that costed $50.00 with shipping.

If that site is charging $35.00 are they selling the 8 leftovers for $15.00 plus shipping?

Yeah, sure...

Puffkins heart tags fit the oversized BBOC hearttags according to elephanny, a Ty Cyberboard member.

Ms. Janie's Holiday Contest has started. Be sure to check the rules which will change everday of the contest!

There are still 10 free newly updated copies of My Collection Complete waiting to be claimed! See the November 21st Topica or Google Newsletter titled "The BBOC Edition Original 9 are being shipped!" for details!
(Note: The truncated e-mail address is

11-26-2005 SATURDAY

Bean Watcher Reports !!
Beanie Babies:
Happy New Year 2006
Kiss Kiss
Hug Hug
Romeo and Juliet (hugging monkeys)
I Love You (connected bears)
Pup In Love
Enchanting (white unicorn)
Nick, Jr. Backyardigans - Tyrone, Uniqua and Pablo
Garfield-themed Beanie

Kissy Kat

11-25-2005 FRIDAY

Beaniehut has sent notice of an updated delvery shedule. There was no mention however so far, of the Asia Flag bears.

Hopefully this will not turn into cancelled orders.

In 2003, Beaniehut canelled an order for Teenie Beanie Bopper Super Shuto only when asked about the long time shipping delay.

According to posts on Ty Cyberboard Grins and Gripes:

Aotearoa New Zealand flag nosed bear is selling for over $200 on the bay and has 14 bids."

"I think this must be the rare one I just traded for 1 from New Zealand and the person I traded with told me the bay in New Zealand just sold one for $300. it seems to be the very hard to find bear"

I saw the complete set of 6 flag nose bears sell on the bay for under $300. Just can't tell about the non shoppers.

Ty Cyberboard Question:

Did any one get a punchers bboc...


Yes, I got Punchers in Asst. 4

I don't know which ones will be hard to find.

America the Asst. 2 and she was real lucky, she got two oddities in her package, a Spot without spot and a Brownie.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone...I'm off to visit with my family. God Bless!!

11-23-2005 WEDNESDAY

BBOC ASST #3 ITEM # 49014 contained the variations Brownie, Pink Patti and Spot with a spot.

BBOC ASST #5 ITEM # 49016 contained the variations Cubbie, Magenta Patti and Spot with a spot.

The Beanwatcher has 3 photos of ASST #5 opened package. Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3

In order to get all of the variations, 3 different Patti, 2 different Spot and 2 different Cubbie/Brownie there is are 5 ASST packages.

The heart tags are oversized and pointy. The standard plastic heart tag protectors are too small!

According to KarenBrit on the Ty Cyberboard:

When collectors placed orders for a set of Original 9 beanies, Ty added some variations to them too. Hence, there are 5 different packages, a.k.a. Assts (assortments). The assortment # and 'package number' is only known when you receive the package, not when you order.

Asst #1 49012 Patti Maroon (for both Raspberry & Magenta colors)
Asst #2 49013 Spot no Spot
Asst #3 49014 Brownie
Asst #4 49015 Punchers
Asst #5 49016 Patti Deep Fuschia

All packages received 1 of above and Chocolate, Squealer, Splash, Flash and Legs and then the more common other beanie variations, such as light pink Patti, Spot with a Spot, Pinchers, Cubbie.

Love: Karen

Ms.Janie has pictures of ASST 2 and ASST 5,Click here.



Badges & Minsky
Hocus & Moonlight
Spongebob Frankenstein & Spongebob Pumpkinmask
Ghoul & Ghoulianne
Smarty & Shooting Star


Ratzo & Hocus


Merlin, Hocus, Pocus & Ghosters 10 "My Collection Complete ©" Contest Winners ?

You are not too late!!
(SEE the Google or Topica NEWS LETTER!)

11-22-2005 TUESDAY

So far Beanies with No Beans:

Charming, Iceberg... 10 "My Collection Complete ©" Contest Winners?

You are not too late!!

Beanie Updates

This Is A Holiday Week
Please Refrain From Emails
Asking About Orders Until Next Week

We Need All The Processing Hours
Possible This Week And Emails
Just Slow Us Down From Getting Orders
Shipped. The Updates Below Should
Answer Most Questions.

November Sets. Ty Has Not Shipped
Pluff. It Will Be Next Week, If You
Ordered All 8 Nov Beanies Or Your
Order Contains A Pluff, It Will Be
Shipping Next Week. Other Nov Singles
Will Ship This Week If No Pluff Is On
The Order.

Arizona, South Carolina, Wisconsin
Will Not Be Out In Volume Until
Mid December.

Katrina Ty Store Sets Are Coming
In This Week

Harrods Beanie Shipping Next Week

Senna Beanies Third Week In Dec

Hope Everyone Has A Great Thanksgiving

Our Giant Christmas Sale Will
Start On November 23rd
As Always The Hottest Sale Of The Year

Please Understand, Ty Is Shipping
Product In Waves, We Have To Wait
On Some Items. So Be Patient With Us.
It's A Known Fact, We Can't Ship
Until Ty Ships The Product.
All This Product Delay Information Is Posted On
Ty Site Or Beanie News Sites. We Just
Have To Wait On Ty Sometimes.
The Mystery Of Ty Lives On !

Have A Great Holiday
And We Appreciate You


11-21-2005 MONDAY

BBOC Edition Original 9 shipped!

Dear BBOC Customer, We are pleased to let you know that your BBOC Order #90xxxxx shipped 11/17/2005.

The shipment included:

Qty Description
1 BBOC Edition Original 9
1 BBOC Edition Original 9

Each set is listed separately instead of as two of a same item. Perhaps this has to do with the variations.

BBOM Stuffings is shipping and if he has not arrived on your doorstep yet, he'll be there before the Thanksgiving holiday! "My Collection Complete ©" Contest Winners!


hi there,
im just wondering if you can identify the stuffed animal (attach in
the picture, the yellow beanie on the left, not the nemo one)
on the tag it says, Ty Inc. 2002
i bought it from hallmark during valentine month 2003.
any help would be appreciate it

many thanks,..


Please send your answer to

It seems that the Tystore versions of the Hurricane Beanies are no longer on the main page which now links to the Retailer finder page.
They are still available however in the Tystore which has a purchase link above the store!

From the Ty Cyberboard:

Question regarding the Hurricane anyone who can help
The homepage now says the trio are 'available at a retailer near you' the option to order online is no longer there. my question is = are the beanies at my local hallmark the same exact beanies we had the option of purchasing online? or are there noted variations/differences?

The difference between the two sets are:

Tystore tags with a $2.00 donation

Retail tags with a $1.00 donation

According to elecboy, "the online's donation goes specifically to victims of Katrina whereas the retailers beanies'go to the rc disaster relief fund."

Plymouth made a tv appeaance this morning on the Today Show. 5 million in Beanie Babies were donated to the toy drive. A big Classic dog possibly Kodi was there too!

11-19-2005 SATURDAY

Tystore Exclusive Hurricane Katrina bears Louisianna, Mississippi and Alabama are shipping and some have already arrived!

Hopefully, the new BBOC 9 will be next!

11-18-2005 FRIDAY

The Tystore Hanukkah Beanie is similar but different from the retail version. The emblem on the retail version has a Menorah and the Tystore exclusive has a Dreidle emblem on it's chest.

The Ty Cyberboard allows some criticism but censors most on the Ty Cyberboards.

Here is one censored sentiment.

Is a Beanie still a Beanie without any beans or plastic pellets, or is it just another stuffed toy?

The Cyberboard has chosen not to post this simple question asked about Iceberg who barely has about 8 barely detectable pellets in each paw.

A bean bag has a certain feel and gives a specific form of comfort when touched, held or sat on your lap. Ty beanie fabrics add to this soft and floppy sensation.

When placed on a flat or an uneven surface, a bean or pellet filled item will take the form of that surface and can be adjusted to take a preferred position as done when sitting a beanie down.

A photographer can use a bean bag or a beanie to steady a camera.

People who collect Beanie Babies expect Beanies. There are other Ty plush lines that sport that posed stuffed toy characteristic, and there are collectors of those categories of Ty products.

It is starting to be difficult to know if a beanie will or will not be a beanie. Please Ty, put the pellets back in ALL of the Beanie Babies.

11-17-2005 THURSDAY

Two new Beanies have been introduced as Tystore exclusives!

Happy Hanukkah & Muffler!

Icepack has arrived and unfortunately although he may be pretty;
there are less than 10 pellets in each paw, barely detectable.
The body of the bear is non-distinguishable from any other stuffed toy.







seriously considering quitting the product is defective


more from Ty Cyberboard:

Getting ready for the Holltdays and cant help but notice...
that there is a REMARKABLE difference in the amount of beans--in comparing beanies from '97 to present day.. I know that someone is always posting this and today it's my turn! :) But it's a splash of cold water in the face and I can't help but feel a little betrayed-


You are so right. I have stopped buying all the common beanies, and just collect special ones. The beanies are not soft anymore; they are spongy.


Ty Cyberboard


B.C. Dogwood
Just heard from my Ty retailer that all the left over B.C. Dogwood are being pulled and put in a vault, to make them scarce.


11-15-2005 TUESDAY

Thank you for your order from the Ty Store.

This is to confirm shipment of the following order: 218xxxxx

Ship date - 11/14/2005

Item Detail: Qty Description
2 ALABAMA - bear
2 LOUISIANA - bear

Ship To Address:


Item(s) cost - $30.00
Shipping & Handling - $6.00
Sales Tax - $0.00
Duty - $0.00
Grand Total - $36.00

Please Note: Prices quoted are in US dollars format.

*US Delivery Information: US orders will ship through a local Postal Service. Delivery times will vary.

*Canadian Delivery Information: Canadian orders will ship via FedEx. Delivery times will vary.

*International Delivery Information: International orders outside of the US and Canada will ship via FedEx. Delivery times will vary.

Thank you for your order,

Ty Store

$2.00 from each of these Tystore Beanies will be donated to the Red Cross to Help Hurricane Katrina victims.

11-14-2005 MONDAY

Motomachi, Kitamura, Japan, Exclusive Senna Kun!

The Beanwatcher has discovered that "there are three versions... two Beanie Babies and one Ty Classic".

11-12-2005 SATURDAY

The Beanwatcher has found proof! The discussion boards have been the sounding board for a number of lively discussions about whether or not beanies were being sold or not in Walgreens.

The sale of beanies in such a venue was rejected by most who thought it would cheapen the product usualy sold in Hallmark or higher end stores. Beanies would be mishandled, less clean and hangtags would be bent by unknowing handlers or store customers. Others did not mind and expected lower prices.

The Beanwatcher visited Walgreens online store and has found beanies being sold at one store, 2 for $10.00!

The Saturday Night Live, "Thomas and Dobbins" lawyer comedy skit mentioned Beanie Babies in the dialogue.
It read, "remember the big beanie baby crash of 96"?

11-11-2005 FRIDAY

A respectful Veterans Day...

11-10-2005 THURSDAY

Pluff Sold Out!

Who's Pluff
Pluff was introduced October 31st.

Pluff & Shooting Star (grey) Sold Out!

There are reports on the Ty Cyberboard of processing status as well as shipped and Credit Cards being charged for the Hurricane Beanie Trio Tystore exclusives!

11-9-2005 WEDNESDAY

The bombing of Hotels today was tragic. The news reports report a 9-11
- 11-9 link and same responsibility. Please help the Hotel victims of this tragedy. We need more PeaceMania.

11-9-2005 WEDNESDAY

Bean Watcher's Boxed White Shooting Star Contest Rules!

(November 9 - 18, 2005)

Ms. Janie is having a Holiday contest soon!!

Several months ago there was a bit of controversy about the sale of Ty Beanie Baby prototypes on EBay by various sellers.

Since then Beanies 4 You has been selling authenticated prototypes for quite some time now and it Seems that that issue has not resurfaced and may have been resolved.

11-8-2005 TUESDAY

BeanWatcher is going to have a contest tomorrow!
See the prize package!

There will be a one day "Contest to Win a Boxed White Shooting Star"!

Contest details will be posted tomorrow!

Peace Mania's contest ends today. Last chance to enter!

11-6-2005 SUNDAY

The report of grey/gray/silver Shooting Star being sold out was from a Harrod's employee.

Visitor's to the store following this report have stated that the bears were plenty.

This occurred when Smash was reported to be online at the US Open site.

There were no Smash bears on the web site but at the same time while selling for over $50.00 on EBay, the visitors at the US Open in Queens, NY reported that there were plenty of bears on site at the Arthur Ashe Stadium.

The Hurricane Katrina charity Ty bears, Alabama, Misissippi and Louisiana were sold in two versions, as Tystore exclusives and retail.

A Beanwatcher report states that "these fundraising bears made their premier at the UK-based store"!

Many had assumed that these were in production and that was the reason they had not been seen yet.

These US Charity Bears are available at Harrod's in London, England!

None are available HERE in the USA yet. Very Strange!!!

Some on the Cyberboard think that because this is charity related that anyone who complains is a Scrooge. Common sense dictates in this sites opinion that the bears for US relief should have been released in the USA where pre-orders were taken and where this event occurred first!

The US doesn't get to buy UK, European or Asia Pacific themed beanies before the country the beanie represents gets them first.

The Tystore beanies have not been sent.

Credit cards have not been charged.

The $2.00 per beanie donations have therefore not yet gone to charity.

The Red Cross is reported to be going broke.

that was a little hard on msmundy, the concern over why the UK has received these beanies and customers in the US have not; is no way a lack of respect for the victims. Obviously if someone purchased the beanies, they supported the cause. Wondering why you have not been shipped your beanies when Harrods has them; is no lack of respect for victims. Especially when there is no updates from Ty regarding the shipment of the beanies.


BIGCOLLECTOR a Ty Cyberboard member posted the following!

I posted this below but I'll repeat the information I was told by Harrods Customer services.

1000 boxed/certificated white Shooting Stars
500 boxed/certificated silver Shooting Stars
White Shooting Stars in boxes numbered 1 to 100 were signed by Ty Warner in black biro on the left hand side of the swing tag.
No silver Shooting Stars were signed by Ty - I have been advised any that appear are fakes.
Of the two Shooting Stars there are less Silver than white - Please don't ask me to speculate on quantites of these, but we're talking thousands!

The certificates have a printed signature on them. The interesting thing is that it is Ty's full signature 'Ty Warner', rather than the familiar 'ty' we see are used to seeing. The swing tags are personally oversigned in back biro like the Billionaire bears.

The White Shooting Star's certificates have a single number, i.e. 14. The silver ones have the number of a total i.e. 037/500.

The texture of the materials is that of regular Beanies, such as the I Love bears. They are also following the recent trend of having more fiberfill and less beans.


On Nov 05, 2005 redrover50, a Ty Cyberboard member commented:

more uk beanies - again filled with golden beans

I give up buying uk beanies. when secondary dealers buy 10 or 20 of the rare ones at a time and sell them for 10 or more times than what retailers sell them for, it' just isn't worth it no more.


11-5-2005 SATURDAY

The new Harrod's Toy Kingdom Exclusive Shooting Star (Grey) has SOLD OUT according to Beanwatcher!

A recent Ty Halloween Daily Prize drawing for a Ty signed Ghoul Beanie Baby as well as a Certificate of Authenticity for the autograph has lost it's bidders.

The auction began at $10.00, was soon $51.00 then $200.00 (Reserve Met) with 2.5 more days to go.
Now with 13 hours to go the current bid is $41.50!

1.44 minutes to go.
The current bid is US $75.98 (Reserve not met) !

Bidding has ended for this item.

11-4-2005 FRIDAY

The three new Harrod's Toy Kingdom Exclusives are Classic Beanie Moondust and Beanie Babies (Grey) Shooting Star and (White) Shooting Star.

Ty Harrod's Exclusives!

redrover50, a Ty Cyberboard member has noted:

Merrybelle - two types?
I bought my Merrybelles today. They had two different head angles. One just slightly turned to her left and the second was turned all the way left so she is looking over her shoulder - pretty much profile. I bought both, but think I like the profile best. She is one adorable beanie.

Gramps and Grams have been retired in the Tystore!

BeanieRick, a Ty Cyberboard member has noted:

Goody-Tasty-Yummy! Color combinations

all should have the following:

Goody: Green Trim, Red Hat, Green PomPom

Tasty: White Trim, Green Hat, Red PomPom

Yummy: White Trim, Strip Hat, White PomPom

On the BAY there are currently 2 auctions which show Goody with a White Trim.

If someone has something other than these color combinations, please send picture to a Beanie site.


The three TyStore Exclusive Hurricane Bears are going to start shipping in 4-6 weeks according to Ty Cyberboard member mybabymu!

11-3-2005 THURSDAY

A winner of the recent Ty Halloween Daily Prize drawing received a Ty signed Ghoul Beanie Baby as well as a Certificate of Authenticity for the autograph as a part of their prize package.

A number of Ty Cyberboard participants thought it to be ungrateful and wrong for the winner to have immediately auctioned the win. A sympathetic poster noted that the seller for all we know could need the cash. (Everybody should understand that!)

The auction began at $10.00, was soon $51.00 and is now $200.00 (Reserve Met)with 2.5 more days to go. Unlike Opie, this one is SOLD!

11-2-2005 WEDNESDAY

Icepack WWF Tystore exclusive!

Ratzo Halloween Beanie retired in the Tystore.

Two new Beanie Babies and one new Ty Classic are going to be introduced at Harrods this November 5, 2005!

I Love Arizona, I Love North Carolina and I Love Wisconsin are coming soon!

Pocus has retired...

The Beanwatcher reports that although the Rugby Store in England lists two versions, only the small version of the unannounced Ty Classic Leonard now on sale, will be available.

On 10/17/05 cbonn431 wrote:

I have collected beanies for close to 10 years now. I have a huge collection of these lovable well made babies. Does anyone think they will ever be popular again?

On 11/1/05 Cheri wrote:

I have been collecting beanies since peace bear first came out. I really dont care if they go up in value, I just like collecting them. Besides its alot easier to find them, and no more standing in long lines.

11-1-2005 TUESDAY

Happy All Saints Day!

There have never been so many occupied windows in the Tystore since its opening!
This has never happened before!!!

20 Windows each have items for sale and none are closed curtains.

Including the Hurricane Beanies in the Special Tystore, the variety is much greater by comparison to any offers on the Ty Site in the past.

There are Ratzo, Giblets, Dimples, Caipora, Pinkys Pack, Gramps, Grams, Pungo, You're Special, #1 Teacher, Ty Beanies Tracker, BBOM Link, Ty University Sweatshirts Grey/Red & Pink/White, Sundar, Stony, Bahati, Hers & His, Tystore exclusives I Love Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, Ty Heart Protectors & Ty Plastic Cases for sale.

The new BBOM Stuffings is a Turkey!!

November Wallpaper!

Collecting Beanie Babies is a great hobby. Collecting Beanies can also be quite expensive. A collector who seeks to have all of the Beanies can spend quite a bit of money doing so.

First of all, there are all of the Beanies ever made. A collector can buy older introductions in a wide variety of price ranges in auctions and from secondary dealers. At some point the rarer new and old beanies will cost more than $2.00 - $5.00 - $10.00 - $15.00 - $25.00 - $50.00 - $75.00 - $100.00 - $200.00 - $500.00 - $2,000.00 - $5,000.00... You have to decide where to draw the line. Billionaire Bears can cost from $400.00 to $1,200.00 each!

Next there are the monthly introductions and the special occasion or International beanies. No matter what it is or what it looks like without it the collection is incomplete.

If you collect Attic Treasures, Beanie Kids or Beanie Boppers, great!! These categories of Ty have been discontinued! But Beanie Babies keep on coming!

A few recent Beanie introductions were missing their "beans" (plastic pellets). This was greatly protested by collectors. Without their "beans" their special attraction is lost. That particular feel of a beanie, along with fine workmanship and attention to detail makes up the beanies attraction and desirability.

Hence the controversy, Wallmart vs. Hallmark

-Beanie vendor placements in discount stores vs. Beanie vendor placements in fine stores....

The following Ty Cyberboard Post regarding reports of Beanies in Walmart addresses the high cost factor...

Re:A thought on shelf life of Ty products and where they are sold

Yesterday, Catsbeaniholic2 wrote:

Happy Halloween! How are you doing my friend? Long time not see...or chat.

I think the key words about collecting Ty are "can afford to" Ha ha! I still LOVE my Ty collection but can't afford to keep sending the little money I get to Ty :(

I agree with you Patty Buddy, Ty product is good enough and its price is affordable enough for people (those who actually have some income)to continue buying and collecting as long as it is available, regardless of what stores sell the product.

We might not be able to get a lot of money back for our collection as it was years ago but then again most of us collectors wouldn't want to sell it. Right?

Bear Hugs and Kitty Paws, Catsbeaniholic2

10-31-2005 MONDAY

Official November Introductions !
2005 Signature, Charming & Icing
Hoops, Pluff, Prima
Garfield & Titan
Smooches & Style Pinkys
Caboodle Classic

10-30-2005 SUNDAY

An autographed Limited Edition Ty Warner Sea Center Opie™ Beanie Baby® posted on Ebay has 3 hours left for this Ty Warner Sea Center auction however at it's current bid of $510.01, so far the Reserve has not been met!

$520.01 (Reserve not met)
$530.01 (Reserve not met)

Item title: Limited Edition Opie the Octopus SIGNED by Ty Warner!
Time left: Auction has ended.
Reserve not met

10-29-2005 SATURDAY

From the Ty Talk Cyberboard!

Ok, have any of you guys heard of Stone Soup magazine? Well, they have a website. If you go on it and click on 'writing' and then go in 'stories' and THEN go in 'animals', you'll scroll down and see a story called Stripes. IT'S A STORY ABOUT STRIPES THE BEANIE BABY!! NEAT!! I just read it, it's so cool!! Go on the site and read it NOW!! LOL!!

~Wolf Flower

10-28-2005 FRIDAY


Loong a Beanie Baby who looks a lot like the Zodiac Dragon is available at Beaniehut and Cindysbeans both for $14.95

This Asian exclusive is yet to be formally introduced!

It has suddenly appeared out of the East with no formal introduction! How mysterious!!!

You can find pictures of Loong at and at!

10-27-2005 THURSDAY

November 2005 Beanie Babies!!

Charming, Garfield, Happy Holidays, Hoops, Icing, Pluff, Prima, Signature 2005, Titan Pinkies Purses!!!

Smooches (red), Smooches (pink)and Styles

Smooches are in the shape of Lips and Style is a pink horse shaped purse.


Caboodle, a cute tan, white and pink cat, sitting up with it's front paws between its oversized back paws wearing a pink and clear striped ribbon.

You can find pictures of November 2005 Beanies at and at!

10-26-2005 WEDNESDAY

Daily Tymes Cyberboard member report!!!

I was looking through the harrods magazine and i notice they are relaseing a new ty harrods bear on the 5november and also they are having a ty beanie day on the 28 october..susan

"On Friday 28th October kids are invited to have a go at winning the chance to design a Ty Beanie bear, which will be made next year and sold exclusively at Harrods on 4"

Hallmark Exclusives! !

10-24-2005 MONDAY

A new Learning Express Beanie Bear named Flurry has been posted on !

It's official! Flurry!!!

A Ty Warner Autographed Limited Edition Ty Warner Sea Center Opie™ Beanie Baby® has been posted on Ebay !

10-21-2005 FRIDAY

9 Spinners Today !!!

Angeline, Halloween, Giblets, Tyler, Dimples, Fenwick, Caipora, Little Star and now...

Ty has retired a few Ty Beanies and a Ty Buddy!

October 2005 retirements; !


Free & Cure !

Smash & Colorado Columbine!


Top Dog !

Subject: Will they ever return?

cbonn431 - Oct. 17, 2005

I have collected beanies for close to 10 years now. I have a huge collection of these lovable well made babies. Does anyone think they will ever be popular again?

Subject: Re: Regarding Your Post Will they ever return?

Hi There,
To be honest with you......No. I don't think they are coming back and to be honest with you I think the better one sells them the better. The market is nearly bottomed out. Unless you want to hold on to them for 50 years I think all of got stuck with a bunch of stuffed animals.
Sorry.......I am sure it is not what you wanted to hear. But it really is the way it is.
D. Mathison

10-20-2005 THURSDAY

Today Ty has introduced the BON-TON & ELDER-BEERMAN EXCLUSIVE Ty Classic Tyler !

10-19-2005 WEDNESDAY

The Tystore Official 2005 Turkey Giblets introduction!

10-18-2005 TUESDAY

Official Fenwick introduction at Ty!

PattiBuddy, FerociousPlatypus on the Ty Cyberboard has also noted that Sofi Ty Classic a Claire's Club Exclusive silently appeared on today's Current List too!

Goody Beanie Baby and Jingle Beanie Variations:

According to the Beanwatcher, "the variations are... on the gingerbread cookies that Goody is holding"!

The dots on the cheeks can be pink or white and the facial expression can be looking to the right, forward or to the left! See Beanwatcher's pictures!

Subject: Will they ever return?

cbonn431 - Oct. 17, 2005

I have collected beanies for close to 10 years now. I have a huge collection of these lovable well made babies. Does anyone think they will ever be popular again?

Subject: Re: Regarding Your Post Will they ever return?

They still have some popularity with adults as well as children, however I think the craziness has gone out of it. Nobody waits outside a store that is expecting a shipment and the prices have finally settled down some with very few exceptions. The collecting of bears has definitely slowed down, animals, especially cats and dogs are still selling well. Fred

Subject: Re: Regarding Your Post Will they ever return?

Thanks yes
I'm eBay ID aj$

subject: sent to Mrs Janie 12/20/2004 read the part about Tulip bulbs

I never thought I would be saying someone 41 was Younger than me, I'm 47 "Arthur J. Schiavo", aj$ on eBay's most hated! But as an Older Gentleman (using that word lightly) and still Collecting Myself I hope this makes you feel a little better!

As a Mercenary I did start collecting because, Where can you buy retail a $5 beanie that many times was worth $30+! Prior to me getting involved in early 1998 much more than that I heard!

I was never fooled into thinking these beanies would make me rich someday, I just now collect because I like them and love to get the old 3rd Gen. tags sometimes just discarded when I buy Bulk beanies at 50 cents each! Still a Thrill what can I say!

My son came home from school in 1997 and said one of the Girls that I coached when my now 17 year old was playing T-Ball had a collection of beanies. Arthur Jr. said "Kayla has 30 beanies and we don't have any." I said go ahead buy them. I didn't want the kids I coached thinking I was cheap. So as we got more and more beanies, I got kind of hooked on the financial similarity to the Tulip Bulb mania of 1600's and stock market mania I had observed at the time.

My older son Charles now 21, Listed a few in eBay auctions in late 1998 when Halo was hot. I couldn't believe somebody trusted a Zero rated person and bid $169 for Halo, Santa, 1998 Holiday teddy and a couple others. I was not only cynical of the internet but amazed someone would send money over the Internet. As a Stockbroker I had been negative on the Internet stocks and lost money Selling them Short.

Now a Believer and while teaching the kids Business by selling at shows on weekends we bought $200 worth of Ty Series 1 cards and when I was lucky enough to find a Ty Warner Signed Gold Patti clear Series 1 Card.

Only 9 in 96 million cards were this rare. When I sold this card on eBay for $3550 on 1/24/1999 I was hooked big time.

I decided that I would become a commodity trader on the Internet nearly full time. That is my way of saying I sell beanies on the internet.

I hate to Bore you with all this and Like you beanies aren't as profitable for us either anymore.

But like you are doing now Diversify a bit into other area's but keep your WEBSITE Going!

Not just for me but, look at it this way, NFL Franchises and Baseball Franchises always complain about losing money but at the same time the Value of their Franchise keeps going up.

Your website My aj$ on eBay are like these many years ago! Like many who didn't think NFL teams etc. would make it if we can hang in there during the tough times Nothing as big as beanies got will just go away!

Like I mentioned in the Tulip Bulb mania of 1600's that was in Dutch Holland in 1674.

Many saw their Rare Tulips go down in value 93% or more and lost fortunes trading them ( at one time a Rare Tulip was worth the equivalent of 6 Oxen, a House etc.)!

BUT Today the Horticulture center of the word is in Holland! The Point I am trying to make Like the Players who played for the Love of the game in the Early years and have watched their Sons benefit and prosper today, we are collecting for the love of the Hunt whatever, but I honestly believe we are building are own Franchises that hopefully our Aires can squander!

Seriously, I was a very successful stock trader who watched these internet stocks sky rocket and then Fall and thought to myself this internet Phenomenon is for real and I decided I would try selling a Commodity on eBay, that you call Beanies!

I liken it to McDonald saying, do you really think we sell burgers to make Money, then when people say "yes", they laugh and say we are In the Real Estate Business and have Prime locations in every city!

Between your hits on your website and the steady customers that continue to hit my site, I would say we have some pretty good REAL Estate on the internet and THAT should not be taken lightly!

Please stay with it if not for the Mercenary reasons I suggest, then because I check your site every day and rely on it for the best beanie info on the Net!

Arthur J. Schiavo

10-17-2005 MONDAY

Fenwick Holiday Teddy Classic...
Beanwatcher has a photo!

Beanwatcher has a Contest to win Fenwick too!!!

Goody Hat Variations

The trim on the hat is different. One has white trim and one has green trim.

Subject: Will they ever return?

cbonn431 - Oct. 17, 2005

I have collected beanies for close to 10 years now. I have a huge collection of these lovable well made babies. Does anyone think they will ever be popular again?

Subject: Re: Regarding Your Post Will they ever return?

Who knows? Toys that are 20 years old or more are worth money.

Thank you,

Subject: Re: Regarding Your Post Will they ever return?

Sorry, I think its over.

Ty Halloween Activities!!!

Ty Halloween!!

The daily prize drawing will run each day, Five registered members who enter will be selected randomly to win a special a box full of Ty goodies !

10-13-2005 THURSDAY

Fenwick Holiday Teddy Classic... Beanwatcher report!!

10-12-2005 WEDNESDAY

Tystore exclusive Dimples was introduced today!

10-6-2005 THURSDAY

World Wildlife Fund Caipora Tystore exclusive was introduced today!

10-5-2005 WEDNESDAY

The BBOC variations!!
The three different color versions of Patti are Pink - Purple & Wine.

10-4-2005 TUESDAY

There was speculation amongst collectors who wondered if the Original 9 Beanies with a Special BBOC Button Beanies would be smaller sized.

Ty Talk participant gmapink stated that "according to customer service, they are exactly the same as the originals... They just have an added button on them."

According to the Beanwatcher, by refreshing the ordering page and clicking on the same picture for Pinchers reveals Punchers, Brownie reveals Cubbie, Spot with a spot, Spot without a spot and three different colored versions of Patti.

10-3-2005 MONDAY

The BBOC Store Opened Today!!
The cost of the Original 9 Beanies with a Special BBOC Button will be $45.00(US) plus $5.00 shipping per set!
Secondary dealers prices have started at $59.99(US).

The offer in the Tystore is October 3rd, 2005 to December 2nd. 2005.
You can order online or call 1-877-797-8218 Monday-Friday 9:00AM-5:00PM CDT.
You will need to have a Membership Number and a Credit Card number.

There are 3 new Hallmark exclusive Jingle Beanies.

There are also 2 Hallmark Beanie exclusives named Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings!

10-2-2005 SUNDAY

Click here to see the Alphabet Beanie Display

The BBOC Store Opens on Monday. You will need to be a Club member to purchase the Original 9 Beanies with a Special BBOC Button.

Club cards can be found in Clubby II Kits.
Clubby IV and Color Me Beanie Kits have information to join on their packaging insert.

The Pinkys Bag is super soft weave that looks & feels like velvet and is large, 15 inches long X 13.5 inches wide!

Click here to see all of the Pinkys Pack items!!!

10-1-2005 SATURDAY


Pocus is the new Beanie Baby of the Month!!
Pocus Introduction!!

Update #2!!

Ty is bringing back the Original 9 Beanies with a Special BBOC Button!!!
Legs, Patti, Brownie, Splash, Squealer, Spot, Chocolate, Flash & Pinchers!

The 2005 The Original 9 BBOC Special Edition includes 9 Beanies with a Special BBOC Button.
Legs, Patti, Brownie, Splash, Squealer, Spot, Chocolate, Flash & Pinchers!
See the BBOC 9 picture at Ms. Janie's!

The BBOC Store Opens on Monday. You will need to be a Club member to purchase.
Club cards can be found in Clubby II kits and Clubby IV kits have information to join on their packaging insert.

9-29-2005 THURSDAY


Beanie Babies 2005 Holiday Teddy, Plymouth, Happy Hanukkak,

Beanie Babies Merry Kiss Mas & Hollydays

Beanie Babies Tasty, Yummy & Goody

Beanie Babies Patrick Claus, Spongebob Jollyelf & Spongebob Sleighride

Introducing Canadian Exclusive Beanie Baby Northland along with Merrybelle

Buddies Gifts, Star & Star

Buddies 2005 Holiday Teddy & Pooky

Classics Mr. Flurries & Toasty

Classics Icicle & Presents

Pluffies Candy Cane, Beary Merry

Punkies Jolly Santa Claws, Santa Claws, Lil Santa Claws

Jingles Presents, Yummy & Gifts

Jingles Twinkling, Mr. Frost & Goody


Ty is bringing back the Original 9 Beanies with a Special BBOC Button!!!
Legs, Patti, Brownie, Splash, Squealer, Spot, Chocolate, Flash & Pinchers!

gmapink a Ty Cyberboard member, reports:
"According to customer service they are exactly the same as the originals...They just have an added button on them." Great Grandma Pink The 2005 The Original 9 BBOC Special Edition includes 9 Beanies with a Special BBOC Button/
Legs, Patti, Brownie, Splash, Squealer, Spot, Chocolate, Flash & Pinchers!

It's all happening at Cindysbeans!

Holiday Angeline, Holiday Angeline Clip, Angeline Holiday Gift Bag With Tissue Paper

October Beanie Babies
2005 Holiday Teddy, Goody, Happy Hanukkak, Hollydays, Merry Kiss Mas, Merrybelle, Patrick Claus, Plymouth, Spongebob Jollyelf, Spongebob Sleighride, Tasty, Yummy

October Beanie Buddies
2005 Holiday Teddy, Gifts, Blue Star, Gold Star, Pooky Holiday Buddy

October Punkies
Jolly Santa Claws, Santa Claws, Lil Santa Claws

October Classics
Icicle, Mr. Flurries, Presents, Toasty

6 October Jingle Beanies

October Pluffies
Candy Cane, Beary Merry

Thank you for your order from the Ty Store.

This is to confirm shipment of the following order: 220XXXXX

Ship date - 9/29/2005

Item Detail:
Qty Description
4 RATZO - mouse (SEP)

9-27-2005 TUESDAY

A Beanie Baby version of the Halloween themed Ratzo is a Tystore exclusive!!!
Ratzo Halloween Beanie Baby!!!

Free has been retired in the Tystore!

9-26-2005 MONDAY

If you look now, you will see that Tradition has come and gone and has become a legend because it is no longer posted on the opening page as an introduction or as a retiree!!!

9-25-2005 SUNDAY

Beanwatcher has a picture of the new Yankees Buddy that will be given away to fans today!

The name of the new Yankees Beanie Buddy given away to fans today is Tradition !

The Official Ty INTRODUCTION! Ty Classic... Tradition !!


The Official Ty RETIREMENT! Ty Classic... Tradition !!

Tradition was given to children 14 and under Gameday - Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium September 25, 2005 with a Yankees Pin on a card.


9-24-2005 SATURDAY

Billionaire 8!

9-23-2005 FRIDAY

September 2005 retirees...

KarenBrit and nanatimes2 have both noted on the Ty Cyberboard that Pirouette's Birthday was 7-27-05 when it was first announced but, changed to 11-17-04 since it's distribution.

"Looking Forward" might be the name of the new Yankees Beanie Buddy according to speculation based on advertising according to the Beanwatcher

9-17-2005 SATURDAY

BBOC Club Clues Clues Clues!

Several BBOC Clues have been.

Two Ty Cyberboard members kittenkatter & JollyJanie2 have both it appears solved all of the clues!


Math problem = 9 (original beanies)
Fill Blanks (Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry = Chocolate
Sounds like Batty = Patti
Preschool Storage = Cubbie
Heaveyweight Champs = Punchers Don't Make Waves = Splash
Stain Remover = Spot Without a Spot
Sudden Bright Light = Flash
Tight one, Bright one, or Hot one = Spot
Long or Short of it = Legs
Delicious Dessert = Brownie
Shh don't Tell = Sequealer
P+inch+ERS = Pinchers

JollyJanie2 wrote:
Re:CLUES NEWS? LOL, yes...pi ARE round! :o) My guesses..............

Shhh, don't tell=Squealer
Long or short of it=Legs
P+ ruler + ERS=Pinchers
Heavyweight Champs=Punchers
Sudden bright light=Flash
Preschool storage=Cubbie
Delicious dessert=Brownie
Sounds like Batty=Patti
Don't make waves=Splash
Can be a tight one, bright one, or hot one=Spot
Stain Remover=No spot Spot

That math formula..........I don't have a clue! LOL

What do YOU get everyone?

Ty UK has been seen instead of Ty Europe on some Ty Beanie Baby Aware tags.

Ty UK Teenie Beanies were expected to arrive in Europe ever since the last release of Happy Meal Teenie Beanies in the US that included a Ronald McDonald Teemie Beanie plus 11 more.

Unexpectedly in addition to the Ronald Teenie, new Teenie Beanies have been introduced / renamed. There are eight UK Teenie Beanie Babies. Only 5 of the 8 Teenies names are known so far. They are, Pete (Purple), Rachel (red), Molly (Magenta), Ryan (royal blue), and Ronald McDonald.


My comment on Jimbo was censored on the Ty Cyberboard. This Beanie has been reissued as a Beanie for a child who has lost a loved one.

The subject of this issue is however off limits on the Ty Talk Cyberboard. The words "killed" & "Passed away" were not allowed so I changed those words to "un alive". Here it is:

Your post to the Ty bulletin board was not approved.

Reason for denial:Language

Sometimes it may not be what you say, but how you say it. Please revise the tone of your post. Thank you.

Post Subject: Re:Abby Press has a new beanie

Post Content:
This is rather odd and disturbing use of a circus beanie.

I had such an occasion last month. My son was made un alive (edited for posting). My post here was censored. I decorated (Around the Urn) with flower holding beanies, Bandage, You're Special, Grandmother, Dearly, Star (Blue & Gold), Adore (holding a heart), several Flitter, Pride, Ramble & Weenie.

I would never consider a Circus beanie unless the person worked for Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey (some of the best people in the world).

Posts are often censored. Criticism is restricted. It was thought by Ty Cyberboard participants at the time of the posting that the introduction by Abbey Press of Jimbo as a grief bear was unauthorized.

According to The Beanwatcher the Abbey Press Jimbo Kit is authorized by Ty after all. (Type beanie in the search box).

What do you think ...about Jimbo ...about censorship of differing opinions?

9-15-2005 THURSDAY


Teenie Beanies Ty UK


BBOC Club Clues

British Columbia Pacific Dogwood the bear was introduced on September 11th.

9-14-2005 WEDNESDAY

The Asis-Pacific Beanies have black noses. There will also be limited versions of these bears with flag noses. Retailers will receive only two flag noses in each package only, with their own country flag.

9-13-2005 TUESDAY

Prunella was introduced today .

9-12-2005 MONDAY

The 6 new Asia-Pacific exclusives introduced today are Hikari, Korea, Maju, Starry, Aotearoa & Negaraku .

9-11-2005 SUNDAY

9-10-2005 SATURDAY

Retail versions of the 3 disaster relief bears I Love Alabama, Mississippi & Louisiana have been introduced. A $1.00 donation will be given for each bear sold. This set has different tags.

9-6-2005 TUESDAY

Text Messaging has been said to be the best means of communication.

You can try to locate friends and family at &

ALL Katrina Evacuees SEE Red Cross or call 1 800 621-FEMA to register to receive your DEBIT CARD. This is under development and when available, the card will be sent to you, wherever you are.

Hurricane Help
This is a service to help connect Hurricane Katrina victims with their friends and family.

Evacuees who have left the state will also receive assistance. It is hoped that they will return in the future to their homes when New Orleans and it's surrounding areas are reopened.

9-6-2005 TUESDAY

The Tystore has a new outlet for I Love Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana. The embroidered hearts are gold like Tennessee instead of red. They also have gold ribbons on their necks. Two dollars from each bear sold will be donated by Ty to the American Red Cross.

Pinkys Pack, Gramps, Grams, Pungo, You're Special, #1 Teacher, Free, Delights, Ty Beanies Tracker, BBOM Link, Ty University Sweatshirts Grey/Red & Pink/White, Sundar, Stony, Bahati, Hers & His, & Ty Plastic Cases are all still in the regular Tystore.

Smash is no longer available on the US, they were sold out.

9-4-2005 SUNDAY

Fearless the English bulldog (UK Exclusive)

9-2-2005 FRIDAY

Ty Inc. Donates 150,000 Beanie Babies to Hurricane Katrina's Child Victims

9-1-2005 THURSDAY

The new September 2005 BBOM is Frisky!

September 2005 Wallpaper!

Grams & Gramps

1 800 SAL ARMY

8-31-2005 WEDNESDAY

New Orleans, Louisianna
Biloxi, Mississippi

Help to bring food, shelter and comfort to the victims of Hurricane Katrina

1 800 HELP NOW

1 800 435 7669

Cash is needed most. Pick your favorite charity, send cash & give blood.


September Beanies

Blitz, Happy Birthday, Hocus
Ghoul, Ghoulianne, Moonlight
Spongebob Frankenstein & Spongebob Pumpkinmask

Ratzo & Hocus

Carvington & Alacazam
Plumpkin, Merlin, Gourdy

Punkies Screamers & Shriekers

Halloweenie Beanies
Ghosters, Merlin, Hocus & Pocus

Introducing WWF Tystore exclusive Stony !!!

Little Star is coming to a Ty Retailer near you.

So is Breast Cancer bear Aware!

8-30-2005 TUESDAY

US Open Smash is currently sold out.

We are sorry that this
item is now sold out

Please check back on this web page
September 6 for any further availability.

We cannot accept any backorders.
Please do not phone, email or fax.

8-29-2005 MONDAY

It's Official! Ty has posted an introduction to the official US Open version of Smash !


RE: Rumors

Hi would you please let me know if the rumors I've heard are true that none of the ty beanies are worth anything and not worth collecting? While I was in Florida for a few months during the summer my son told me this was on TV in New York and I find it very hard to believe.

Being that I am very worried about this I've been checking out ebay and other sites to find out what the beanies are now selling for and I am finding the prices for them have dropped drastically and the original beanies are selling for practically nothing at all now and can be bought for as little as $1.99 on ebay, such as Tabasco and Germania and others. Being that I have many of the original ones and from 1998 and 1999 I am not wondering what I should do with them and if I should just get rid of them at this point.

Is there any truth to this and the fact that they said on TV that many people have been collecting them for nothing and they are worthless? If this is the case what do we all do with them now? Throw them all out?


Hi, This was the subject of a recent thread on the Ty Cyberboard - Daily tymes.
Many beanies start off at a high price or go up in value only to deflate drastically later. M.C. Beanie and Addison are two examples. However, while many lose value there are still prized beanies that go up as well. Look at the Billionaire Bears and New York Issy and Coral Casino, all out of reach for most budgets. Then there are beanies like Ronald McDonald who started around $60.00 to $75.00 selling for $350.00 now at

Ty Bay Stars Bruth, Suntory Sungoliath and Super Shuto are Teenie Beanie boppers going up, White Starlight, Harrod's Bonnet, New York Toy Fair Pinky Poo, red tag Delights and Great Big Hugz Punkie are going up in value.

Many Beanies are less value. Many are holding their value. How about dark blue Peanut?

The best you can do is watch for those few that might become rare and buy early. Promise started off at the two for $100.00 and within less than a day the two Promise bears were being sold for $100.00 each. Buying early can also cause you to have spent more when a price goes down. It's a gamble.

The consensus on the board was, collect them because you enjoy collecting beanies. If you collect, you will not be able to part with any of your beanies and you will have to collect them all. You will probably not get back what you paid for most. This is an unfortunate fact.

Thank You,


8-28-2005 SUNDAY

The Beanwatcher has noted that a reader has noticed a variation of Smash!

The logo of the US OPEN is gold on the retail version while the logo of the US OPEN is silver and red with white stars and blue on the logo at the US Open Shop.

Pinky Poo Key Clip, found in the Pinkys Pack is reported to be a new 5th version of Pinky Poo!

8-26-2005 FRIDAY

Pinkys Pack!
Includes a Pinkys Cap, a Pinkys light up pen, a Pinkys Screen printed T Shirt and Drawstring bag.



August Retirements:

Beanie Babies:
Thomas, Benjamin and John, Books,, and Holy Father.

Beanie Buddy:

Pre sales for September Beanies start today!

According to secondary dealers, Cindysbeans, & Beaniehut. the September 2005 Beanies are:

9 Beanie Babies:
Aware, Blitz, Ghoul, Ghoulianne, Orange Happy Birthday, Moonlight, Hocus, Spongebob Frankenstein, Spongebob Pumpkin Mask

2 Beanie Buddies:
Hocus, Ratzo Halloween

3 Pluffies:
Plumkin, Gourdy and Merlin

2 Punkies:
Screamers, Shriekers

2 Classics:
Alacazam, Carvington

4 Halloweenie Beanies:
Pocus, Merlin,

And of course, Hallmark Special Beanie Prunella.

8-25-2005 THURSDAY

Delights was retired in the Tystore today.

8-23-2005 TUESDAY

What's New at BBOC !!!

Login to the Beanie Baby Official Club here!

8-15-2005 MONDAY

Gramps and Grams are 2 new Tystore exclusives being sold separately in the Tystore!!

M/C. Beanie V!!!

UK Shipments were arriving however some are delayed due to the London Bombings. Mail is moving at a slower and safer pace.

8-14-2005 SUNDAY

New York Rose!!!

Alberta Wild Rose!!!

8-13-2005 SATURDAY

Quietly introduced, Minnesota Lady's-slipper.

8-12-2005 FRIDAY

Retired today,M.C.Beanie IV

Go to Shabazz

Thank you so very much to my friends on Ms. Janies Message Board.
You have been a big help to me at this time.
Ms. Janie, feel better soon!!! I hope your treatment goes well...

8-5-2005 FRIDAY

Books SOLD OUT!!!


8-4-2005 THURSDAY

World Wildlife Fund Pungo!!!

8-2-2005 TUESDAY

MC Anniversary Fourth Edition!!!

8-1-2005 MONDAY

Ty Paper! Click here!

M.C.Anniversary 3rd Edition retired today... (more info.)

BBOM Ramble!

I'm such a loyal pup, you know
And where you lead I will follow
We'll laugh and play and smile and grin
Hand in paw, through thick and thin !

These two will remind me always of Shabazz who beamed up to join Scotty today... Peace and Love Son

Go toShabazz Muhammad's Web Page.

7-30-2005 SATURDAY

Reliable Cyberboard member Reuben50 has posted:

Prunella is a HALLMARK GOLD CROWN Exclusive!
Prunella the witch bear will be available for ordering in August, but will not be shipped until September

It is a pumpkin-colored teddy bear holding a witch's broom and has on a purple witch's hat. There is a small black spider on Prunella's witch hat. This may be just a prototype that Ty is working on, but I just saw this picture through a retailer's sheet that looks like it will be a pre-sell.

Anymore news I find on this, I will report back. This confirms that Halloween releases will be out next month.

Style #47016

If you could use a spell or two
Prunella is the witch for you
Just ask the spider on her hat
It used to be a kitty cat!

The Beanwatcher has posted the following letter regarding the Exclusive Beanie Baby Promise.

July 28, 2005

Dear Beanie Baby Collector:

In celebration of our company’s 125th Annual Meeting of the Association of Network Representatives, we collaborated with Ty Corporation to create a commemorative Northwestern Mutual Beanie Baby. In turn, the Beanie Baby named Promise was born, featuring a poem that speaks to our company’s values.

Our intention in creating this Beanie Baby was to offer employees of the company and network representatives (licensed agents of our company) an exclusive item to help commemorate this special anniversary. We appreciate your interest and enthusiasm for this Beanie Baby, unfortunately, it is not intended for distribution to the general public.

We hope you do not find the exclusivity of this item unreasonable. Since it commemorates such a historic year, we must ensure that our employees and network representatives have an ample supply and time to obtain this item.

Thank you for your time and understanding.


Marie Squire
Brand Consultant
The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company

7-29-2005 FRIDAY

The August Beanies!!!

Beanie Babies
Pirouette, Snookums & Juggles

Smash, Tibby & Sweeper

Stripey & Tunnels

4H & Clover .

Clover is available through . According to mauibear, New 4-H exclusive-I was told that it's not available for order until August 22.

It turns out however that the site has been updated and you can order now!!


Baby Ty
Cubby Cuddles, Snugger Pup & Kutie Kat

Ms. Janie shared the following observations from Beverly (aka indyba):

There are 2 Promise bears on the Ty current beanies list. One says exclusive to NWM and one only says the name, Promise. I do expect TYME will tell that there will be one available to the public like with Opie. Hope so! That keeps more people happy!

Ms. Janie wrote that "Ty sure has mixed it up this time! New faces and sewn on mouths are being introduced into the Beanie Line."

Ms. Janie has also shared photos of some wonderful collectors who recently met for Beanie Friends Worldwide. Checkout to "meet" some of the great people many Beanie Baby Collectors have already met online through their work! Ty Beanies Tracker author Karen Brit, Photographer Collector Marilyn, Ms.Janie and friends!

7-27-2005 WEDNESDAY

Retirements today!

Dad (G-Y-B) & Delilah

Tender & Stubby

Bits & Tux!

The Beanwatcher has investigated and found that the two new exclusive Northwestern Mutual bears both named Promise and Promise will only be sold to Northwestern Mutual employees (for $6.50 each) and will not be available for purchase by the others! Auctions on Ebay have already started with opening bids at approximately $50.00 each!

7-25-2005 MONDAY

News from Ty Cyberboard member TEBEAR53 !!!

"The store I buy my beanies from received the three versions of Books yesterday!"

7-15-2005 SATURDAY

There are more silent introductions including two new unexpected Northwestern Mutual exclusive bears both named Promise!

Promise (Bluish/Purple with Gold Ribbon)

Promise (Light Brown with Blue Ribbon)

Illinois Violet

7-22-2005 FRIDAY

California Poppy the State Flower bear was silently added to the Current Beanie list today!

Reuben50 has once again shared a wealth of information with Ty Cyberboard readers:

Introducing the August 2005 releases...

I have seen pictures of all of them, but do not have names for very many of them. This is not a rumor, this is 100% fact.

(1) A scraggly brown dog with a red bow; dark chocolate ears and paw pads
(2) White-and-cream colored Lhasa Apso
(3) A dark brown bear like Shortstop but holding a soccer ball
(4) A ballerina bear
(5) A new tiger in old dark Stripes' colors.
(6) A scraggly gray dog holding a heart that says "Sweetie Pie." I imagine that could be its name.He appears to be a gray Poodle. Half of its face is white and the other half is covered by the gray scraggly fur.
(7) A bear for the U.S. Open with a white body, red arms and blue ears with white stars on them.
(8) Juggles - clown bear, not jester bear as previously thought. Red shoes, yellow overalls with blue polka dots, funny looking hat. Juggles is a big, fat clown... like the We Do pair.
(9) Golden-colored bear with a shamrock on its chest and a green bow.

Taffeta the cat
-No reports of Chiffon

-Baby pink curly bear
-Baby blue curly dog
-Baby yellow curly cat

7-21-2005 THURSDAY

Reuben50 has informed Ty Cyberboard members of the following news!

Tux (Beanie Babies)

Las Vegas, Patrick Star (Beanie Babies); Bonsai, Carnation (Beanie Buddies); Pinky Poo - Beanie version (Pinkys); Catnap, Corkscrew, Dangles, Purrz, Slumbers, Tubby, Whiffer (Pluffies); Calhoun, Foofie (Ty Classics).

7-17-2005 SUNDAY

Tux is no longer available on order sheets and it has sold out according to Ty Cyberboard's Reuben50. Reuben50 predicted that Tux would not last too long when it was first introduced citing its similarity in name and look to a Linux Operating System Company toy.

Beanies 4 You has likely inadvertently predicted a new set of 10 Beanies. On the Beanies 4 You web site, Alphabet Beanie pictures spell out the web site name. The letter H is altered to appear as the number 4!

The Beanie News predicts that there will be a set of Beanies named:

0 -1- 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 and 9 !

All of the Alphabet Beanie Babies are Upper Case letters. Perhaps a set of lower case Alphabet Beanies are in the future? You heard it here first!

(Don't expect to see any credit for any ideas from the Official Ty site! Read the small print before posting ideas there!)

7-15-2005 FRIDAY

Georgia Cherokee Rose was silently introduced today!

7-14-2005 THURSDAY

Smart Collecting has discontinued its Classified section and it's Ratings service. Click here to read more...

An alternative Ratings service can be found at

7-13-2005 WEDNESDAY

# 1 Teacher is a new Tystore Exclusive! This Bear has a big red apple in its lap!

The reportedly rare Alphabet Beanies are not rare at all according to Ty Cyberboard writer pink kitten who stated:



7-12-2005 TUESDAY

Angeline has arrived !!!
Read her story here...

7-11-2005 MONDAY

According to Reuben50 on Ty Cyberboards' "Grins and Gripes", next month a Frankenteddy Beanie Buddy might be introduced. Later there might also be a new beanie called Santa Claws!

Nearly all of the new beanies have been reported to be in hand, all except for Books, all 3 who have not shipped to dealers yet.

7-10-2005 SUNDAY

Pennsylvania Mountain Laurel has been silently introduced as a current Beanie Baby bear !


Can you tell me how to acquire an up to date Mary Beth's Beanie Babie catalog. I have some retired Beanie Babies and I don't know their value. THANKS!


Mary Beth's Catalog was discontinued and then she was responsible for Mary Beth's Ty beanies and more sold on the Ty site. Mary Beth later dissaccociated from the Ty publication which then became Ty beanies and more and also was discontinued after several months, and I am not aware of a new publication.

You can find values on web sites that sell or trade beanies. You can find links to some of the most recent widely used sites at

I hope this helps. I will let you know if I learn more.

Readers, if you have any suggestions, please send them to

7-9-2005 SATURDAY

Angeline dolls are all the same, the difference in names refers to their packaging (similar to how greeting cards are for different occasions).

Ebay has posted the following advice:

***London Bombings – Trading Advice***

July 07, 2005 | 12:05PM PST/PT

Everyone at eBay is saddened by the terrible news of the events in London today, and our thoughts go out to those affected. If you are involved in a transaction with a member in the UK, particularly around the London area, please keep in mind that it might be difficult for some people to mail or communicate about packages and payment at this time. We encourage you to be patient with these members and to keep communicating with them if any concerns arise.

Royal Mail has issued a statement on its website about its service and will be providing updates at over the next few days.

The eBay UK team will also post any updates on the UK Announcement Board as they get them.


Rachel Makool
Director, Community Development

7-7-2005 THURSDAY

Many new Beanies are being reported to be in hand today including Mystery, Pride, and Y Ddraig Goch UK exclusives, Texas Bluebonnet, You're Special, Alphabet Beanies and Founders!

7-6-2005 WEDNESDAY

According to Ty Talk's Reuben50, we can look forward to seeing 4 Canadian Exclusives, part of 15 show exclusives coming soon:

I Love Vancouver bear
Alberta Wild Rose
Quebec Iris Versicolor
Ontario White Trillium

Also coming soon... Juggles the bear !

A few days ago, I spotted Beanie Babies in the strangest place... Pathmark!!!

I spotted a rack of Beanie Babies all for $6.99 each. Surprisingly as well was the selection which included Tystore exclusive Li Mei!

7-5-2005 TUESDAY

Texas Bluebonnet was introduced in secret today on the Ty website!!

All of the rest of the State Flower bears were also secretly introduced in closed presales!

Set Of 11 State Bears:
New York Rose
Pennsylvania Mountain Laurel
Georgia Cherokee Rose
California Poppy
Illinois Violet
Kansas Sunflower
Minnesota Lady's Slipper
Ohio Scarlet Carnation
Washington Rhododenron
Colorado Columbine
Massacchusetts Mayflower


“WE BELIEVE that in the best American tradition of helping others help themselves, now is the time to join with other countries in a historic pact for compassion and justice to help the poorest people of the world overcome AIDS and extreme poverty. WE RECOGNIZE that a pact including such measures as fair trade, debt relief, fighting corruption and directing additional resources for basic needs – education, health, clean water, food, and care for orphans – would transform the futures and hopes of an entire generation in the poorest countries, at a cost equal to just one percent more of the US budget. WE COMMIT ourselves - one person, one voice, one vote at a time - to make a better, safer world for all.” G8 CAMPAIGN

The ONE Campaign is the U.S. partner in the Global Call to Action Against Poverty. To get involved in your country click one of the links below:

In the United Kingdom

In Canada

In France

In Germany

In Spain

In Japan

If your country is not listed above, please visit for a list of current international partner campaigns.

7-4-2005 MONDAY

Happy 4th Of July - Independence Day!!!

The 4 different beanies that were given away one per guest were American Blessing, Free (Black Breasted), Benjamin, John and Thomas.

There were reports of dissappointed collectors who had travelled a long distance to Ty Warner Park in Westmont, Illinois only to receive non-distinctive Beanie Babies with no special tag that could beboughtatany Ty dealer store.

According to rumors a Visa Bear might be on the way !?

7-3-2005 SUNDAY

There will be 4 different Beanie Babies given away at Ty Warner Park on the 4th of July!! Beanwatcher has the scoop!!!

7-2-2005 SATURDAY

The Fifth I Love Canada Special Olympics Bear wearing a black shirt is a part of the set of 4 Canadian Special Olympic Beanies. The five colors are Black, Yellow, Red, Gold and Orange. There is also a sixth color!

There are also several thousand I Love Canada Canadian Special Olympics Beanies in White shirts that have been signed by celebrities. The sets and the autographed Canadian Special Olympics Bears can be purchased in auctions at . Some of the black shirted ones may also be signed. Cindysbeans has the black shirted I Love Canada Beanie available too (unsigned). The black shirt Special Olympics beanie has not shipped yet. A Ty connection is expected to be announced on the Ty website!

The Alphabet Beanie Sets of 26 started off selling online for $65.00 to $69.50 plus a $12.00 shipping surcharge in one case. The individual beanies sold all for the same prices on each site ranging from $2.45 each to $3.99 early yesterday.

Later in the day various web sites raised the prices of the individual beanies! Some were as high as $4.99 each! The full set has been spotted being sold now from $69.99 to $129.99.

Beanwatcher has reported that The Beanie Hut has informed that the letters F, Q, U, X, and Y are short in the number of them being shipped. The parameters set for dealers to order this possibly one time shipment which is being sent all at once can be costly for the buyers. People buy various letters to spell out things like their children's names. For an example, our WWW neighbors Beaniehut and Beanies4You have both done this in their web sites! The Beanie Hut has added to their site a picture of Alphabet Beanies spelling out their name B-E-A-N-I-E H-U-T! has also used images of the Alphabet Beanies in similar ways.

The Ty Europe McDonalds Promotion will be the same new Teenie Beanies introduced last year in the USA.

7-1-2005 FRIDAY

The Beanie Baby of the Month for July 2005 is Founders!!!

Here is the July 2005 Wallpaper Calendar!!!

According to a Beanwatcher report, Ty Europe, Ltd. is now Ty UK, Ltd. and Ty products will begin shipping on July 1, 2005. Mystery, Pride, and Y Ddraig Goch UK exclusives will ship beginning July 1st. Friedrich and Deutschland, German exclusives, will start shipping too, but only to Ty accounts in Germany. The UK trio will be a one time shipment.

Beanwatcher has also reported that Ty UK, Ltd plans to have a McDonalds Restaurant promotion, beginning in September 2005 !

Exciting Information reported by Ty Talk member c1315 yesterday stated that Angeline will be available to order and receive starting in July and the doll will sell at Retail for $8.00 ! The 7 versions will be:

Angeline with To Cheer You
Angeline with I Love You
Angeline with You're an Angel
Angeline with Just For You
Angeline with Happy Birthday
Angeline with You Are Special

There will also be a Keychain, a Blue gift bag with tissue and a hardcover book!

Yellowhippo also on the Ty Cyber board has noted that Angeline merchandise does not have Ty tags. They have star shaped Angeline tags with a very small Ty logo. He stated that regular dolls are pre-priced at $6.99 US and $8.99 in Canada!

There is a 5th version of the Special Olympics Bears!
Cindysbeans is selling a Black Canadian Special Olympics Bear, a Red I Love Canada bear wearing a black shirt with a gold star in the front.

6-30-2005 THURSDAY

The new July 2005 Beanies!!!

Oriel, Shortstop, Tux & Weaver

3 Books with purple, red and blue backpacks !
Books has "Back To School" on it's chest!

Beanie Buddies:

Sport and Avalon


Radiance Beanie and Keychains Ratzo, Pinky Poo and Dazzler!

Alphabet Beanies!!!

A - B - C - D - E -

F - G - H - I - J -

K - L - M - N - O -

P - Q - R - S - T -

U - V - W - X - Y - Z !!

The Alphabet Beanies are small like the mini Happy Birthday Bears.
The bears are various shades of Brown and Tan and the letters they each hold are in 10 different colors.
Red, Yellow, Aqua, Light and Dark Green, Light Blue and Lighter Blue, Purple, Orange & Lavender.

Ty Classics:

Jazzy, Rocker, Roller, Bluesy

Cats Lexie, Destiny, Cassidy

Dogs Dodges and Rabble

Bears Bristol and Whistles

Baby Ty:

Pretty Puppy, Funky Monkey, Kitty Kat and Little Piggy!!!

These four are explosively colorful in their multicolored bright neon eye catching fabrics!

We are all also waiting for the new BBOM announcement and Ty Wallpaper for July.

Tomorrow they will likely be announced.

6-29-2005 WEDNESDAY

According to Reuben50's report in the Daily Tymes, there will be only 3 keychains, Ratzo, Pinky Poo and Dazzler. Reuben50 has also noted that there are two new bear Classics not mentioned before and Radience is holding a flower. Weaver is a Chimpanzee, not a Monkey!

Yellowhippo, also on The Daily Tymes has reported that all of the Alphabet Beanies are brown with about 6 different letter colors. The new beanies are neon like crazy looking colors similar to the last batch of Ty Pillow Pals. Radience Pinky is the same pink shade as Delights.

Yellowhippo has also reported that Angeline will be available. Angeline dolls, minature books, gift bags with tissue that have Angeline all over, and Angeline dolls in a gift set box are being ordered now by dealers. The Beanwatcher has noted that there will likely be a flower bear introduced one for each State flower where a Tradeshow is held and has created a list of possible Beanies based on State flowers!

Blue Bonnet the Beanie baby, coming soon represents Texas' state flower. Blue Bonnet is a light brown bear with a bluebonnet stitched on it's chest!

Oriel the Angel Fish is blue and yellow striped.

Books carries a backpack and has "Back To School" on it's chest!

According to a Beanwatcher reader who is also a Ty Europe LTD retailer in Germany, there are big problems with Ty. They have not received any orders in three months. There have been rumours are that Ty is bankrupt but Ty Europe Ltd has not informed them if orders will be filled or if they will get nothing. Their representative who was on holiday had his termination notice from Ty Europe in his post and when he returned. "It is hard, our customers are very angry why we don´t receive our orders.... "

Beanwatcher expects that new beanies will start appearing next month.

A number of Beanies have retired today!

Muff and Demure

Harrison and McWooly

Marshmallow and Spuds

Laptop and Cutesy

6-28-2005 TUESDAY

Tystore Exclusive You're Special!!!

The 26 new Alphabet Beanies, 8 new July Beanies and Pinky, Beanie Buddies and more are being offered in presales by secondary dealers starting today!

6-26-2005 SUNDAY

Breaking News Update!!!

Reports from the Dallas, Texas Show from Anthony & Cindy at!!!!

Tux - Penquin
Oriel- Angel Fish
Weaver - Monkey
Short Stop - Bear
Books the bear ( Red, Yellow, Green) 2 per bag of 6

Pinky- Beanie
Radiance the bear

Pinky Key Chains

Alphabet 26 different letters minature beanies

Blue Bonnet
- Light brown bear with Blue flower with Texas on it's chest


Smaller sized Classics
Jazzy - Blue Mouse
Rocker - Grey Mouse
Bluesy - Pink Cat
Roller - Purple Cat

Medium sized Classics:
Lexy - Cat
Destiny Cat
Cassidy Cat
Dodges dog
Rabble Dog

Baby Ty:
Kitty Kat
Pretty Puppy
Funky Monkey
Little Piggie

There will be both Angeline and Pinkys keychains according to rumor. The Alphabet Beanies are expected to be small like the miniature birthday Beanie.

6-26-2005 SUNDAY

According to recent rumors, we can expect to see Alphabet Beanies, a Texas Flower Bear and more soon!

There have been a number of auctions for celebrity-signed Special Olympics I Love Canada bears!

6-24-2005 FRIDAY

Happy newborn birthday Isaiah!!!

6-22-2005 WEDNESDAY

The red Canadian Special Olympics Beanies in their 4 different shirt colors are shipping now. 900 sets were distributed through specific Beanie Baby (R)e-tailers like Beaniehut.

Look Who's Here!!!

Each I Love (Heart)Canada Bear has a Ty tag, An Oval Tag that says on one side "let me win, but if I cannot win let me be brave at the attempt" on one side and "winning at life" on the reverse side as well as Special Olympics - Jeux Olympiques Speciaux. The pin says Special Olympics - Jeux Olympiques Speciaux.

A Rumor started on the Ty Cybertalk Website announced the upcoming end of Beanie Buddies! Take it or leave it alone. Like they say in the realm of Beanie Babies, Tyme will tell!

Ty Europe went into Receivership then into Administration, the UK equivalent to US Bankruptcy. It was believed that Ty US would purchase Ty Europe. This is all very similar to the Ty Canada closing a while back.

Ty Europe is now Up for Sale! Beanwatcher has posted a letter that states that all prior orders paid now to Ty Europe, Ltd. will be filled.

6-10-2005 FRIDAY

The cat is out of the bag! Beaniehut has announced some new Canadian exclusives!!!

A 4 color set of four Canadian Special Olympics Beanies!!!

6-2-2005 THURSDAY

Tystore Exclusive Free!!!

6-1-2005 WEDNESDAY

Happy Newborn Baby Birthday Haile!!!

The new Beanie Baby of The Month is Trident!!!

June 2005 Wallpaper!!

Happy Newborn Baby Birthday Haile!!!

5-31-2005 TUESDAY

They're Official!!!

Beanie Babies:

June 2005 Introductions!!!

Happy Birthday - Muff - Smudges!!!

Captain & Snoops !!!

UK Exclusives Y Ddraig Goch, Mystery & Pride!!!

These three are Ty Europe Exclusives! According to Ms.Janie , a reliable source has informed her that "Ty Europe was sold to TY US"!

Germany (I Love Germany) & Friedrich (I Love Deustchland)!!

Beanie Buddies:

Sundar & Li Mei!!!

Classic Beanies:

Laces & Fletcher!!!



Ratzo & Glitters!!

According to Reuben50 on the Ty Cyberboard who forcasted yesterday's list, "Ty is going to announce all of the ones (Pinkys) from the UK before announcing anything new (unless, of course, it goes to the Ty Store like Delights). Taffeta and Chiffon will be released in July and then in August, new Pinkies will be available."

5-30-2005 MONDAY

Coming in June!

According to recent rumors, the following beanies are coming!!!

Beanie Babies:
Captain - Happy Birthday - Muff - Smudges - Snoops

Beanie Buddies:
Li Mei & Sundar

Glitters & Ratzo


5-26-2005 THURSDAY

May 2005 Retirements!!!


Dearly and Mom !!

Bianca and Canada !!

Did you order your Opie before the Sea Center opened?
If you did and if you bought from one particular popular web site, don't
expect to get the Sea Center Opening Day Brown eyed Opie!
It is conveniently (at the expense of the buyer and for the benefit of the
seller) being replaced with the retail version introduced much later.
Shame on you deceptive dealers!!!

Opies Eyes!!

Sparkles UK and US Tags differ on the back!

Cool Cat is here!!

My JTMYS Gift from Ms. Janies & Lindas Message Board gift exchange!!
Thanks Robin!!!!

5-24-2005 TUESDAY

Wow!! Check out OtterGongo's Beanie Count posted to the Ty Cyberboard!

This is a Beanie count only. Variation on an animal are included in the main
count ( Champions), but tag variations (where each animal is the same
and only the tag is different like Issys are in the parenthesis count).

Bears - 483 (74)
Bird - 63
Bunny (and Rabbit) - 28 (5)
Cat - 48
Dog - 106
Alligator 2
Anteater 1
Armadillo 3
Baboon 1
Bat 4
Beaver 2
Bee 2
Beetle 1
Buffalo 1
Bug 1
Bull 4
Butterfly 3 Camel 3
Chameleon 4
Cicada 1
Cougar 1
Cow 5 (1)
Crab 3
Deer 1
Dinosaur 7
Dolphin 2
Donkey 4
Dragon 6
Eel 1
Elephant 11
Fish 7
Fox 4
Frog 6
Ghost 2 (1)
Giraffe 3
Goat 2
Gorilla 2
Groundhog 8
Hamster 2
Hedgehog 1
Hippo 3
Horse 12
Iguana 1
Jaguar 1
Jellyfish 2
Kangaroo 2
Koala 2
Ladybug 4
Lamb 6
Leopard 2
Lemur 1
Lion 2
Lizard 4
Lobster 1 (1)
Lybx 1
Monkey 12
Moose 5
Mustledae 1
Octopus 7
Otter 1
Ox 1
Panther 2
Pegasus 1
Pig 7
Platypus 4
Porcupine 1
Pumpkin 1
Raccoon 2
Ram 1
Rat 1
Ray 2
Reindeer 5
Rhino 2
Santa 1
Scorpion 1
Seahorse 1
Seal 3
Shark 4
Skeleton 1
Skunk 1
Sloth 1
Snail 1
Snake 3
Snowman 3
Spider 3 (1)
Sponge 3
Squirrel 2
Star 1
Starfish 1
Tiger 8
Turtle 4
Unicorn 7
Walrus 3 (1)
Whale 2
Witch 1
Wolf 1
Worm 3
Zebra 3

5-20-2005 FRIDAY

Delights , a Tystore Exclusive that is a Pinkys was delivered to some collectors with Beanie Baby Tags.

Ty Talk Cyberboard Comments:

"I just viewed a picture of an in hand Delights in Ms. Janie's newsletter, and noticed that its hangtag was not a Pinkys hangtag. It had the red beanie babies hangtag. I wonder what is up with that??" (8885083)

"Although he is (pale) pink, he doesn't have a Pinkys' tag. So I wonder why he is listed under the Pinkys category and not the current "beanie" list, then?"(prescient)

"That is strange. Perhaps the reason is that it might be a Tystore Tag without a barcode. Pinkys are Beanies, well, at least the smaller ones are." (1geraldine)

"I am also wondering what this is all about; I thought Delights was a Pinky, not a Beanie, but the hang tag is a regular Beanie tag, NOT a Pinky's tag. Is this an error, or what??" (LIbeaniemom)

According to the Beanwatcher, readers have reported a delay in receiving their Delights Beanie. Speculation is that the Tystore Red Beanie Baby Tags are being changed to Pinkys Tags. Tyme will tell!!!

Another Ty Cyberboard member, CHGO RICAN BOI made another Pinkys Delights observation on May 19th, that Delights doesnt have the Pinkies ribbon !

"Pinkies have the silver dotted SILK pink ribbon around their necks, and Delights doesnt. Not a ribbon, hang tag, tush tag, or HOT pink color (its more a Pale Pink). I think this bear wasn't supposed to be a Pinky at all and US true Ty Collectors know that. I am dissapointed with this one Ty. Why list it as a Pinky and get me excited to own a Ty Store Pinky, when it's really not (in my opinion). ..."

Canadian Beanies by law always had a second Tush Tag. The Canadian version of the Holy Father Beanie however has the tag on it's ear! This Beanie also has a gold heart Ty Tag.

A reader of Ms. Janie's has reported that a new U.K. trio due out in June, which are:

Lion - England
Dragon - Wales
Serpent - Scotland

5-12-2005 THURSDAY

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12-26-2004 SUNDAY

A Tsunami was reported to have devastated and killed many in South Asia. The destructive tsunami was triggered by the most powerful cataclysmic earthquake in 40 years that struck off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, on Dec. 26, 2004.

Click here for current news.

Click here find out where you can make a Donation for Tsunami Relief.

Paypal Donation link.

Ty Tsunami Relief link to the Red Cross.

You can also use this link provided prior to this disaster to make a donation to the Red Cross.

Red Cross Video Collage of "America's True Angels" the Volunteers who "bring personal comfort and hope to the despair that disaster victims face, everyday."

Scams to collect money by people impersonating charitable organizations have surfaced. You can verify a Charity by calling 212 416-8400 Office of the Attorney General Charities

The Tsunami hit in Somalia Too.

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Tash on the Ty Talk Cyberboard asked what the steps were to getting the smell out of his Beanie Babies.

A reply was received from mooseybean who wrote:

"In a Brown paper bag put a small bowl of white other side place the beanie. carfully fold top of bag closed let set over night. It works like magic! when you take the Beanie out let it air out from the vinegar! my Uncle Is a scientist,He gave me this method. I have used It many times with awesome results!"

5-10-2005 TUESDAY

The Beanwatcher has reported that Doodle's Page has discovered the official announcement of the upcoming Limited Edition Ty® Beanie Buddy® Day !

A picture of the new Yankees Buddy can be seen if you go to the official website and click on the date of the game giveaway! Click Here!

Unlike the past 3 Yankees Buddies which were Blue, this one is white with big NY Logos all over.

The 1st 18,000 fans 14 & under will be given these Buddies. The promotion is sponsored by Adidas.

Guess Who!

It's an exclusive version of DAD in the Tystore!

The Retail D-A-D has Green-Yellow-Blue lettering.

The Tystore D-A-D has Green-Pink-Blue lettering.

5-8-2005 SUNDAY

Happy Mother's Day!

5-6-2005 FRIDAY

Jokester has been retired!

5-05-2005 THURSDAY

The promise by Ty to look for something pink in the Tystore has come to pass. A new Pinkys named Delights can now be found as a Tystore exclusive!!!

5-4-2005 WEDNESDAY

Ms. Janie reports that Laurie in Illinois has information about a new Beanie Giveaway!

" Marshall will be given away at the Arlington Park Racetrack on Monday, May 30, 2005."

Thomas, Benjamin and John's names and birthdays were derived from the following according to the Beanwatcher, making them the oldest Beanies of all so far:

Thomas' birthday is April 13, 1743 for Thomas Jefferson's birthday.
Benjamin's birthday is January 17, 1706 for Benjamin Franklin's birthday.
John's birthday is October 30, 1735 for John Adams' birthday.

The E Beanie Smarty 2005 and the Retail Beanie Smarty 2005 appear to be the same in a photo, however the retail version has a maroon paisley background on it's chest.and the Tystore version has a Navy Blue paisley background.

5-01-2005 FRIDAY

A grey mouse named Breadcrumbs is the new May 2005 Beanie Baby of the Month!!

The new Ty May Wallpaper calendar is also now available!

4-29-2005 FRIDAY

The new May Beanies have been posted!!!

Beanie Babies Thomas, Benjamin and John!!!

Free, American Blessing and cool Cat (a Garfield Beanie with Sunglasses)!!!

Dad and Cheesly!!!

Opie (retail)!!

Villager (Canadian Exclusive) !!

Beanie Buddies Sam (Red), Sam (White), and Sam (Blue)!!!

Yapper and Twitch!!

Pinkys Sparkles!!!

Beanie Baby of the Month Order Management!

Ty Customer Service:

There is an account update form available to you online. If you need to change your Beanie Baby of the Month information, please copy and paste the link below into your Internet Browser's Address bar:

Order Number: (Your Order Number)
Zip Code: (Your Zip Code)

. Select one of the choices provided:

What would you like to change -

Credit Card Information
Billing and e-Mail Address Information
Shipping Address Information
Billing, Shipping and Credit Card Information

. Once you have selected one of the above, complete all of the information fields and submit.

Changes take 24-48 hours before becoming visible on-line. To maintain security, do not e-mail your credit card information.

4-28-2005 THURSDAY

Beanie Baby Retirements!

Beanie Babies Poet & Always!

Beanie Babies Peeps & Colorado!

and Beanie Buddies Baby Girl & Baby Boy!

4-27-2005 WEDNESDAY

Tystore Exclusive Smarty has been introduced today.
Smarty Exclusive looks just like retail version of Smarty .

4-25-2005 MONDAY

Ty Warner Sea Center exclusive edition OPIE has RETIRED!!!

4-24-2005 SUNDAY

Yesterday Opie helped to make for a very eventful day. Members were first to be admitted at the Ty Sea Center to be present for the opening ceremonies. Everyone else was admitted at noon. Orders online froze and telephone orders were on again and off again. Ms. Janie and the Beanwatcher posted information to help out, Ty Talk Cyberboard members posted their experiences and helped each other too.

Ms. Janie has photos of the Ty Sea Center on opening day.

4-23-2005 SATURDAY

Order Opie today online at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History web site!!

"This very special limited edition beanie baby was created for the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Ty Warner Sea Center. "

1 $5.95
Shipping: UPS Ground: $7.45
Sales Tax: $0.00
Total: $13.40

There will likely then be a retail version of Opie.
The Opie being sold today will be a Limited Edition!!

Click this link to read about the

See the Limited Edition Opie Introduced on Ty Website Today!!

4-22-2005 FRIDAY

Re:Is it my imagination, or are there fewer posts now on the Daily Tymes... I just...

Wake up and smell the coffee!!! Just in case it is not posted, here is my reply :

The posts are being censored. Mine was. Content too controversial.

The above was actually submitted and it was censored and not posted on the Ty Talk Cyberboard!!

Ratzo Ratzo and Ratzo!!!
Large Ratzo Pinky, Ratzo Beanie Baby and Small Ratzo Pinky

4-21-2005 THURSDAY

The introduction of Holy Father the bear has been very controversial. So controversial in fact that the Ty Talk Cyberboard does not seem to be posting all of the comments.

Holy Father the bear is the first Beanie specific to a certain religion, Christianity. There have been other beanies such as Halo I and II, Hope the praying bear and a praying bunny as well. There was an Angel Beanie Bopper too.

Religion and Politics are two very touchy subjects best avoided in mixed groups. People believe strongly in their own beliefs and conclusions. For every Lefty Beanie, there is a Righty Beanie resulting in a balanced view. The only problem with the Holy Father bear which is beautiful and for a good reason being to honor the memory of the late Pope is that there are other religions in this world and Ty may be seen as leaning toward one belief excluding all others. There are not only other religions but there are non-believers of any religion as well known as Atheists.

The Beanies have incorporated several brands of late including Mastercard, Learning Express, McDonalds, Cracker Barrel, Garfield, Sponge Bob and Hallmark. Now going into religion, the door opens to a variety of faiths or lack of to also desire to have a beanie to represent their honored leaders who have passed on. Beanie Baby Collectors who are from all over the world come from a wide variety of experiences and beliefs. Holy Father the bear is a great addition, a beautiful bear introduced with the best in mind. The Beanie Baby themes should however be more Universal and less controversial.

Opie availability Update!
The Beaniehut has raised the price of Opie now to $14.99 and Cindysbeans is no longer offering it for sale. The Opie Beanie will be sold in person and online starting April 23rd at The Ty Sea Center!!

4-20-2005 WEDNESDAY

Some have reported having received Serenade while most have been waiting for any news at all. Serenade it seems is shipping out to all of the patiently awaiting BBOM - Beanie Baby of the Month subscribers now.

Opie will be available Online at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History web site as well as at the Sea Center but will not be sold over the phone. Opie will cost $5.95 + tax + shipping (only UPS) on the official web site. You can also buy Opie in presales on several websites!

One site, Beaniehut is selling Opie for $7.99 and another site, Cindysbeans is selling Opie for $7.95

These sites will add shipping charges as well.

Uh Oh!!! A Ty Cyberboard member wrote that there would of course be many Opie's produced because it is a fund raising beanie for the Ty Sea Center. There has been a development however that is being reported by Ms Janie. Only ONE Opie Beanie will be sold per customer!!!

The Beanwatcher reports that a new Beanie, Holy Father the Bear will be coming to retailers soon. This new bear is in honor of the late Pope John Paul II!

Click here to see Holy Father!!!

Holy Father is a white new face bear with a golden dove in flight holding an olive branch in its beak. The Ty hang tag is gold as well.

4-18-2005 MONDAY

The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History web site has posted a countdown clock to mark the Grand Opening of the Ty Warner Sea Center!!

Opie has a web page there as well!

Click here!!!

4-15-2005 FRIDAY

Today is the Ty Cyberboard Anniversary Party!!!

Click here for the Ty Talk Cyberboard

The Beanwatcher posted an announcement about the new Ty Warner Sea Center that will open in two weeks!!!

Click here for more...

According to a post by Sly the Beanie Guy, there is a "new Beanie Baby exclusive coming!! It's Opie the Octopus and Opie will be exclusive to the Ty Warner sea center in Santa Barbara and will only be sold there. :)
Opie's profits will go to help support exhibits at the New Ty Warner Sea Center. "

Ms. Janie reports that the Opie Beanie Baby will be available by phone and on the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History web site after April 23rd, 2005!!!

Ms. Janie has reported an aution for Opie as well already on Ebay!

Color Me Beanie Ribbons
1geraldine writes:

One of the Color Me Beanies was missing a ribbon color from the completed set. Which one was it and what color ribbon was not issued?
Thank you!

Re:Color Me Beanie Ribbons

dinofan writes:

Here's the info you're looking for:

2002 Color Me Beanie (New Face Bear Set)
Blue Ribbon
Green Ribbon
Orange Ribbon
Pink Ribbon
Red Ribbon
Yellow Ribbon

2003 Color Me Birthday Kit (Pooh Style Bear Set)
Blue Ribbon
Green Ribbon
Orange Ribbon
Red Ribbon
Yellow Ribbon

Have a Great Weekend!

Re:Re:Color Me Beanie Ribbons

1geraldine writes:

This is a really detailed list. Thank you very much dinofan! I'll post the info on thebeanienews web site and correct the My Collection Spreadsheet.

4-13-2005 WEDNESDAY

The Beanwatcher has reported that Ty Chat participant mooseybean has reported that The N.Y. Yankees Ty Buddy promoday will be held in September and will be given to children aged 14 years and under!

This will be the 4th Exclusive Yankees Beanie Buddy. The previous ones are Centennial, World Class and World Class.

We Do the Beanie Baby Bears are reported to be wearing Wedding Bands with the female bear having a diamond ring and flowers!!! This is the first beanie to have bead work. Previous wedding bear beanies include Mr. and Mrs., His and Hers and Bride and Groom. The Wedding Beanie Buddies are Mr. and Mrs.

There are many other Valentines Day themed couples as well but these are the specific Wedding Beanies and they are all white in color.

The Ty Talk Cyberboard turns 6 years old this Friday and there will be a "Cyber Party" at the "Daily Tymes" to celebrate!

Queenies-Beanies reports that the Coral Casino reported to be auctioned on Ebay on this web site 4-1-2005 has sold after all!


Saw the article about the Coral Casino Bear. Just want to give you an update that the bear did sell with a Second Chance Offer for $2,848.00 to a client in England. He just left a glowing positive feedback for me as he has now received this awesome bear safely.

We just posted a lot of other awesome auctions, including another Coral Casino Bear, Ty Signed "I Love NY" Bear, Nana, Brownie, Punchers, Tan Inky w/No Mouth, Wingless Quackers, 1st Gen Chocolate, 1st Gen Cubbie, Spotless Spot, 1st Gen Patti. Please take a look at our auctions and you will see these awesome beanies, all rated MWMT/MQ!

Thank you!

Have a blessed day!


E! Entertainment has a contest to win a 20th Annual IFP Independent Spirit Awards Basket that includes a Hallmark Gold Star Beanie as part of the prize package! Click here. The basket was created by On 3 Productions and has everything from a Titanium Turbo razor and a Netflix gift certificate to Kiehl's products and rhinestone flip-flops!

4-12-2005 TUESDAY

Last week, an observant Ty Talk Cyberboard participant pointed out that the Clubby and Snips Beanies had been silently retired. Also, the most recent Ty answer in "Ask Ty" says to "think pink" for the next Tystore exclusive.

Ty plastic display boxes have returned to the Tystore!

Beanwatcher reports this morning that Angeline photos can be found a Shaskana's Beanies Click Here!

The doll Angeline is pictured in a display holding a cat. There are also assorted Angeline cards with various messages and a book written in German.

I Love Hawaii bear was reported not to be an oddity if there is a misspelling of Capital incorrectly spelled C-a-p-i-t-o-l. Many of the I Love beanies are said to have the same error. Capitol is the name of a building in Washington D.C. and Capital is used for the Capital City of a State.

4-4-2005 MONDAY

A request was made earlier today on the Ty Chat Board for Masque and Bonnet to be retired.

This afternoon, Bonnet Beanie and Buddy and Masque were all retired in the Tystore.

4-5-2005 TUESDAY

Tystore exclusive!! Mom-e 2005!

I Love Beanie Exclusives I Love Tenessee, New Jersey & Las Vegas official introduction!!!

Tystore Surprise!!

The new 2nd edition of the book, Ty Beanie Tracker is now available at $16.95 in the Tystore!

Ms. Janie has a link to a less expensive copy of the same for $9.95!

4-4-2005 MONDAY

A new Beanie for 2005, DAD is pictured at

Dad has his name spelled out just like MOM and MUM !!!

4-1-2005 YADIRF

The new Beanie Baby of the Month!Serenade!

April Wallpaper!!!

An ebay auction for Coral Casino offered by seller queenies-beanies is about to end, however, the current bid at $2,798.00 will not win since the reserve has not been met!!

Item number: 5965191373 !!
Update: The price got as far as US $2,848.00 (Reserve not met) !!!

3 New I Love bears!!!

Las Vegas!
New Jersey!

3-31-2005 THURSDAY

April Beanies!!!

Beanie Babies!!!
Happy Birthday (small) and We Do!
Hobo, Bandage and Smarty!
Baby Girl and Baby Boy!

Beanie Buddies!!!
Mom and Delilah!
Fitz and Top Dog!


3-30-2005 WEDNESDAY

It's A Boy and It's A Girl have retired...

Here are the promised photos of the UK Pinkys found on ebay!

Big Ratzo, Little Ratzo and Glitters...

Frilly, Sparkles and Taffeta!

3-29-2005 TUESDAY

Nearly all of the missing Pinkys can be purchased on ebay in the UK. This Beanie Baby collector's order arrived last week. Little Pinkys Ratzo, Taffeta, Frilly, Glitters and Sparkles! The only one missing is Chiffon. A picture will be posted shortly.

3-24-2005 THURSDAY

March 2005 Retirements across the board today...

Beanie Babies

Eggs 2005 & Mardi Gras...

Fairytale & Winksy...

Crinkles and Aria...

Beanie Buddies

Kirby & Zeus...


Basket Beanies

Candies & Baashful...

Duckling& Baskets!

A few weeks ago, the Angeline Book changed to a page turning format.

Alphabet Beanies have been seen and are expected to be coming soon as well as Exclusive Rainbow Beanies, each one a different color exclusive to Ty Affiliates such as Cracker Barrel - orange, Harrods - purple and Learning Express - red.

3-22-2005 TUESDAY

Woolins has been retired in the Tystore.

3-20-2005 SUNDAY

Ms. Janie reports that four new possible lines of Beanies might be in store for the future!! New Trademarks found include:

1) The Silly Sidekicks Collection
2) Silly Sidekicks
3) The Sophisticats Collection
4) Sophisticats

3-20-2005 SUNDAY

This past week, several beanies have been discontinued in the Tystore.
Woolins Sold out. Nami, Punx-e 2005, Adore and Secret retired.
Now, there is a new closed curtain in the lower right window indicating a possible surprise to be announced!

3-17-2005 THURSDAY

Have you ordered your copy of Ty Beanies Tracker ? Karen Brit has already introduced the Second edition! It is a great companion for your Beanie Baby Collection as well as your My Collection Beanie Baby Spreadsheet!!

Click here to order!!!

3-10-2005 THURSDAY

Jester Hat on or Jester Hat off of April Fool the new Beanie exclusive in the
Tystore Jokester!! has been shown originally in the Tystore without a hat then later, with a hat. Is this a variation or will Jokester come both ways? It is an expensive joke for sure because one does not know if you have to reorder to get one with the hat or not...

There will be only one Jokester with the hat. (TY) kindly cancelled my duplicate order. If you reordered as well and would like to cancel one of your orders, send the order numbers with your request. I'll be dissappointed for having cancelled if Jokester turns out to be a rare one though!

The Pinkys link to 22 Pinkys Beanies has reportedly changed and now links to only 16 Pinkys Beanies. Sources say that the five missing Beanies are the same five that have only been found in Europe and who were not part of the official introduction on the Ty web site. A sixth missing Beanie is the unannounced Chiffon.

They are in all, Ratzo, Taffeta, Chiffon, Frilly, Glitters and Sparkles!

Harrods is now selling a version of Bonnet with the Harrod's tag.

Yokoohams Bay Stars Teenie Beanie Bopper Exclusive Bay Stars Bruth!!!

TThe New York Toy Show exclusive Jingle/Easter like Beanie Pinky Pooh has been added to the Ty web site!

3-8-2005 TUESDAY

Backwards and Upside down are the words "April Fool" on the new Beanie Baby Tystore exclusive Jokester!!

3-7-2005 MONDAY

Pinkys now have a Heart of their own on the far right upper corner of the Ty Home Page!

The heart links to the new Pinkys Beanies Homepage!!! There are 22 Pinkys listed!

3-4-2005 FRIDAY

Angeline has been introduced and the first pink heart on the Ty page leads to Angeline and her story!!

Angeline Story Cover

Angeline Story Page 1...

Angeline Story Page 2...

Angeline Story Page 3...

Angeline Story Page 4...

Angeline Story Page 5...

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3-1-2005 TUESDAY

Dearly has been officially announced!!

The new Beanie Baby of the Month is Fritters!

Ty March 2005 Wallpaper!!

Officiaally introduced today... Dearly!

2-28-2005 MONDAY

Asia-Pacific Exclusives!( I Love ) Japan! Korea! Singapore!

( I Love ) Malaysia! Australia! New Zealand!!

Official March 2005 Introductions...

Beanie Babies Mom, Spongebob Tuxedopants and Spongebob Thumbs Up...
Mom is spelled out in big letters just like Mum 2005!

Beanie Buddies Cutesy and Spongebob's Pineapple Home.

Beanie BuddiesFumbles and Whittles.

Classics Champagne and Cartwheels...

Classics Sandy and Buckshot...

Pinkys! Pinky Poo, Rosa, Chenille, and Dazzler...

Pinkys!! Julep, Silky and Baubles...

Pinkys!!! Twinkles, Ratzo and Pinky Poo (Large)...

Pinkys!!!! Gloss, Lil Gloss and Orchid...

Pinkys!!!!! Fab, Chic and Shimmers !!!!

2-25-2005 THURSDAY

February 2005 Retirements!!!

Hawthorne and Lani...

Diggs and Truly...

Bali and Phil 2005 (Black Tie)

Speedster and Croaks.

Some of the new Pinkys as well as Dearly, a new Mother's Day Beanie holding a flower with the word Mom on one flower petal can be found at Cindysbeans!

2-22-2005 TUESDAY

Two new Tystore exclusives!!!

Beanie Baby and Beanie Buddy Bonnet!!

Bonnet is a pink bear with bunny ears!!!

2-21-2005 MONDAY

A new Yankees Exclusive Beanie Buddy is going to be given away on September 25th to the first 18,000 children 14 years old and under to arrive at the game.

Pinkys Beanies have their own pink Ty Heart hang tags and Angeline has no Ty Tag!

Spongebob Thumbs Up and Spongebob in a Tuxedo Beanie Babies as well as his Beanie Buddy Pineapple Home were shown at the New York Toy Show!

What to do in the event of purchasing Beanies Online and not receiving your purchase.

For starters, research before you buy:

1. Is the web site or auction seller well known or reputable?
2. Subscribe to Beanie Newsletters.
3. Note the age of the website and if the information is current.
4. In auctions note the amount of time that a seller has been a member.
5. Also note the amount of positive as well as negative feedbacks received.
6. There are sites that report known bad traders.

Make your payment using Paypal or a Credit Card.
Paypal and Ebay provide assistance within specific standards of time and how the item was paid for.

1. Communicate with the seller.
2. Write to the seller to try to settle any claims.
3. Calling, writing e-mail or postal mail are ways to contact the seller.

If nothing is solved:
1. Notify your credit card company, paypal or auction provider to find a solution or get a refund.
2. Note the time period in which action must be taken for whatever payment source that you use.

Sometimes life is just not fair and you don't get the item or your money back, so be cautious from the start.

2-19-2005 SATURDAY

Mitsukoshi Department Store Exclusive Retired... Snow Angel!!

Bali has Sold Out!!!

2-18-2005 FRIDAY

Beware! Bait and Ditch!!!

Have you ever placed a Beanie Baby order Online?

Did you pay cash for it and wait for delivery?

Now, after your long wait, were you told that the now unavailable Beanie will never be delivered?

How about this, that you won't get a cash refund but a store credit???!!!

Now how are you going to buy it with credit from a store that doesn't have your Beanie and who has also has been earning interest on your money?

more to follow...

2-15-2005 TUESDAY

Tystore Exclusive! Woolins!!

Bali has Sold Out!!!

2-14-2005 MONDAY

Happy Valentines Day!!!

2-11-2005 FRIDAY

Lilac colored Mum has MUM in letters colored pink, green, and blue.
Her birthday is on March 6th which is Mother's Day in the UK!

Freidrich and I Love Germany are two new beanies introduced at the fair in Germany!

ASK TY!!!!


Can you please clear up some of the confusion about the prototype issue? (americanmaid)


As I said before in the statement I posted on the Daily Tymes Board with respect to the prototypes, I'm taking action to ensure that this situation is resolved soon and never happens again. Please know that I'm taking this very seriously and I appreciate your concerns.

2-10-2005 THURSDAY


The Ebay Fee to post an item that costs up to .99 cents(US) is .25 cents.
The Ebay fee to post an item that costs up to $9.99(US) is .35 cents.

2-9-2005 WEDNESDAY

Another Beanie Baby has been added to the Sold out Truly announcement,
Croaks has Sold Out too!

2-7-2005 MONDAY

Mum 2005 is coming. She holds the word Mum. It is expected that Mum 2005 is a UK exclusive and a variation called Mom will be released for Mother's Day in the US!

A new "Species" of Ty is coming called Pinkys or Pinkies that includes so far 10 Beanie Babies and One Beanie Buddy all PINK!!!

The Beanie Babies are Baubles, Chenille, Chic-Kitty purse, Dazzler, Fab-Poodle purse, Frilly, Glitters, Julep, Pinky Poo, Ratzo, Rosa, Silky, Sparkles and Taffeta.

Classic sized Pinkies are Gloss, Lil-Gloss, Orchid, Pinky Poo, Ratso, Shimmers and Twinkles!

Ebay Fees Reduced!

While the cost to post an auction is going down, the lowest going from 35 cents to 25 cents to sell some thing that costs up to $9.99.

The fees for ebay stores are going up 50% from $9.95 to $15.95 per month!!

2-4-2005 FRIDAY

Truly Sold Out!

2-2-2005 WEDNESDAY

Masque arrived today!

Announced yesterday and already shipping today!

BBOM Adonis is on the way!!! It's Groundhog Day!!!

2-1-2005 TUESDAY

There were two Large Pink Hugz versions:

1. American Greetings (USA) exclusive Pink Hugz 5756_lg

2. Carlton Cards (Canada) exclusive Pink Hugz 5754_lg

The new Beanie Baby of the Month is a red and white dog named Adonis!!

February Wallpaper Calendar

1-31-2005 MONDAY

Official Announcements!!

February 2005 Introductions:

Beanie Baby Mardi Gras!

Beanie Buddies Pookie and Garfield!!!

Pluffies Whiffer, Winks and Dangles!!

Baby Ty My Little Bear and My Little Bunny !

Blessings To Baby in 5 pastel colors, blue, green, yellow, pink and white!!!

Classics Squirt, Jumbles and Chips!!

BBOC Kit with Beanie Baby Bits!!!

1-30-2005 SATURDAY

New Beanie Babies:
Mardi Gras

New Beanie Buddies:
Garfield and Pookie!!

Whiffer and Dangles!!

Ty Classic:
Jumbles, Chip and Squirt !!

Baby Ty:<
My Baby Bear, My Baby Bunny and Baby Blessing in white, blue, yellow, green, and pink!!!!!

Ms. Janie reports on the PROTOTYPE CONTROVERSY:

Subject You decide!!!

A quick note from Ms. Janie,

On Friday Ty posted the following message on the Cyberboard.

I need your help !
Ty Warner (Jan 28, 2005, 05:20 PM)
Message Id: 924112

Ty Warner writes:

I was shocked to see the auctions for my prototypes. I have not given anyone the authority to sell these items. I do not know how they found their way out of our office, or if they are even authentic. Please know one thing is for certain, I will find out how this happened and who is responsible. I ask you not to bid on any prototypes until I have resolved this issue. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of my prototypes please email my office at Thank you for your help and your continued support.,1581,1_19-924112-0-1,00.html

Ms. Janie wrote:

This post has generated a ton of responses.

I have been sent the following information and have been asked to share it with my readers. I believe my readers are smart enough to read between the lines and make their own decisions. It is my place to share the news and allow you to determine the final outcome. It is not my place to decide who is right or who is wrong.

I would like to think that Ty would update us with a resolution in this matter, but as they say, tyme will tell!

Ms. Janie
Ms. Janie has also reported receiving the following from Peggy at

Dear Ms. Janie

It appears that the mediators on the Ty cyberboard are being very selective who and what they are allowing to post on the Ty Cyberboard.

I want to reassure ebay and the wonderful Beanie Baby collectors that the Peggy Gallagher authenticated Ty Beanie Baby Prototypes and authenticated Ty Beanie Babies are authentic. The Prototypes are precious and extremely rare. The are worth whatever a secondary market person is willing to pay. Some of the rare Prototypes have been sold for thousands of dollars! THEY ARE WORTH EVERY DOLLAR! They are rare and a one of a kind design!

If anyone needs any clarification or are confused please do not hesitate in emailing me at


Peggy Gallagher

Ms. Janie also reported receiving the following by e-mail from Phyllis / Queenies-Beanies who Janie clarified "This is NOT Sue Grosso known to my readers as QueenieBeanie*".

Phyllis / Queenies-Beanies wrote:
Hi, Ms. Janie, Here's an auction I just posted on ebay with comments concerning Ty Prototypes.

Thank you, Phyllis Miceli Queenies-Beanies

All weekend long we have been trying to get the word out through the Ty Talk site that there are serious discrepancies in the posting, but none of our comments get posted, including those of Peggy Gallagher and Grandma Pat, or anyone else that is saying anything positive about this whole situation. This is the official comment from Peggy Gallagher:It appears that the mediators on the Ty Cyberboard are being very selective who and what they are allowing to post on the Ty Cyberboard. I want to reassure ebay and the wonderful Beanie Baby collectors that the Peggy Gallagher authenticated Ty Beanie Baby Prototypes and authenticated Ty Beanie Babies are authentic. The Prototypes are precious and extremely rare. The are worth whatever a secondary market person is willing to pay. Some of the rare Prototypes have been sold for thousands of dollars! THEY ARE WORTH EVERY DOLLAR! They are rare and a one of a kind design! If anyone needs any clarification or are confused please do not hesitate in emailing me at I also am very alarmed that whoever the employee is that wrote the comment, on the Daily Tymes Page, after business hours (5:20PM) on a Friday evening is very suspicious. Asking people not to bid on an auction is an insult to the dedicated and devoted collectors. Ty Inc. can cancel auctions at any time! The Prototypes authenticated by Peggy Gallagher are AUTHENTIC!"

Respectfully, Peggy Gallagher This is the official comment from Grandpa Pat from the Traders List: "Concerning the posting from Ty..please don't jump to conclusions about anyone..including the poster, himself." And this is the official comment from Queenies-Beanies: "When I heard about all the hoopla over Ty Prototypes, I cancelled my auctions temporarily until we can find out what's going on over at Ty, Inc. Please rest assured that these are not stolen from Ty. These are given to Ty employees over tyme. When someone gives a gift, the recipient can do with it as they wish. Many Ty Prototypes have been bought and sold over the years. So why all the hoopla now?

I sincerely doubt that Ty wrote this. This matter will be cleared up shortly.

Tyme will tell!"



1-28-2005 FRIDAY

January 2005 Retirements are:

Beanie Babies Sugar Pie and Honey Bun

Lovey Dovey and Chuckles

and Beanie Buddy Heartford!

1-28-2005 FRIDAY

Ms. Janie reported a note from Michael about a posting by Ty:,1581,1_19-924112-0-1,00.html
I need your help !
Ty Warner (Jan 28, 2005, 05:20 PM)
Message Id: 924112

Ty Warner writes:

I was shocked to see the auctions for my prototypes. I have not given anyone the authority to sell these items. I do not know how they found their way out of our office, or if they are even authentic. Please know one thing is for certain, I will find out how this happened and who is responsible. I ask you not to bid on any prototypes until I have resolved this issue. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of my prototypes please email my office at Thank you for your help and your continued support.

1-27-2005 THURSDAY

Ty has donated Beanie Buddies to Assist International

Masque has shipped and is on the way!!!

Countdown has been "Sold Out" in the Tystore!!

1-26-2005 WEDNESDAY

Children's Hunger Fund and Ty Airlift One Million Beanies for Iraqi Children!!!

1-20-2005 THURSDAY

More Sold Out!!!

Honey-Bun and Sugar-Pie have been added to the sold out list!!

Retired today, beanie exclusive AI!!!

1-17-2005 MONDAY

Sold Out!!!

Chuckles, Heartford and all of the Hugz Punkies!!!

1-16-2005 SUNDAY

On January 13th, Karen K. asked:
why can't ty beanies and more magazine continue? How can we know if the new beanies babies arrive ? amd ty beanies show ?

Beanienews Reply:
As soon as we learn more, it will be posted on the Beanienews web site.

This past week it has been reported that not only the entire Hugz family are no longer available but the following are unavailable as well:

15" PJ Bear-Pink, Chuckles, Tidbit, Heartford, Parfum, Truly Yours, Hutch, MacDougal, Baby Rumbles, 15" PJ Bear-Blue, Dangles, Slumbers & Winks are all out of stock.

1-14-2005 FRIDAY

Punxsutawny Phil from the Punxsutawny Chamber of Commerce will be shipping starting on Tuesday after Martin Luther King's Day.

A Large Pink version of Big Hugz was shipped to Canada!

There are two versions of the January Happy Birthday Bear, one is red and the other is orange. The Orange version has been retired.

Fresco comes with two different color ribbons, pink and white/clear.

1-13-2005 THURSDAY


Dear Valued Subscriber,

We are sorry to inform you that effective immediately we will cease production of Ty Beanies & More Magazine. We have truly valued the continued support of you, our loyal readers, over the past three years. Unfortunately, we are unable to continue and must sadly say farewell.

The January/February 2005 issue is currently shipping and should have arrived on your doorstep by the time you receive this message. Many of you may be in the middle of your subscriptions and we assure you that you will be reimbursed for the balance of your subscription. We will review your subscription to determine the number of issues you have remaining, and we will issue a refund to your credit card for the cost of those issues.

Ty will continue working hard to bring you the most adorable, huggable, and simply the very best product in the world - that will not change. Again, we thank you for your loyalty and support.


Your Friends at Ty

1-12-2005 WEDNESDAY

Ty Tsunami Relief link to the Red Cross.

They're here!!!
Adore and Secret were introduced as Tystore exclusives today!!!

Punx-e (gold tie) shipped and delivered!

Phones at Punxsutawney Chamber of Commerce store were off the hook today taking orders for the Red tie version of Punxsutawney Phil!
There is a 12 beanie limit and they cost $5.00 each plus shipping.

1-8-2005 SATURDAY

A new Beanie named Adore and a new Buddy named Secret are said to be coming soon according to Beanies and more magazine.

It is believed that there will be a total of three Groundhogs in all.
Each one will have a different color tie, red, gold and black.

1. e beanie - PUNX e - gold tie
2. Retail - Punxsutawny - black tie
3. Chamber of Commerce Punxsutawny - red tie

So now it remains to be seen, which one is Punxsutawn-e?

1-7-2005 FRIDAY

I Love Australia" will be introduced on January 21st, 2005!

1-6-2005 THURSDAY

The New Mardi Gras 2005 Tystore exclusive Beanie is Masque!!

Coming on January 12th, 2005, will be three official Chamber of Commerce Punxsutawney Phil Ground Hogs at
Each one will be wearing a different color bow tie.
Check out the full story here!

1-4-2005 TUESDAY

Now I am confused. Are there two?

Thank you for ordering from the Ty Store.

This is to acknowledge receipt of the following order: 20xxxxxx Qty Description
4 Punx-e 2005 Beanie Baby

Thank you for your order from the Ty Store.

This is to confirm shipment of the following order: 20xxxxxx

Ship date - 1/4/2005

Item Detail:
Qty Description


Ship date - 1/3/2005

Item Detail:
Qty Description 4 January 2005 Beanie Baby of the Mon

Question To the Tystore:

Are there two different Groundhogs from the Tystore?

Answer from the Tystore:

Dear Geraldine,

Thank you for contacting Ty Store.

There is only one version of PUNX-e 2005 in our Ty Store.

Customer Service

Beanwatchers reports that there WILL be a Punxsutawney Phil 2005 but that you will have to watch the website for the date and details about purchasing it.

Right Now, the 2004 Ty Beanie Baby: Groundhog Phil is listed there as "Temporarily Sold Out".

One Year Subscriptions to Ty Beanies and more magazine are available for $30.00 in the Tystore!

1-4-2005 TUESDAY

Tystore e version Punxsutawn-e 2005 is now listed as PUNX - e in the Tystore.

The Beanwatcher Web Site is back!

Discover has been quietly retired.

Looks like there will be no more subscriptions.
Ty Beanies and more will be available at your Ty Retailer.

1-3-2005 MONDAY

Tystore e version Punxsutawn-e 2005 is here!

The official Punxsutawney Phil will be available online at However they will have the 2004 version not 2005. The proceeds of those sales will be donated to charity.

Ty Beanies & More January/February 2005 is here!

The New Club Kit that will be available in stores in 2005 will have a new beanie named Bits who comes with a travel mug, decorating stickers and a mug wrap.

1-1-2005 SATURDAY

Happy New Year!!!

The New January 2005 BBOM is a beautiful cat named Fiddler!!

January 2005 Wallpaper!!


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