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12-31-2004 FRIDAY

Last year we bade farewell on this date in 2003, to Randy and Theresa.

It is with regret and hope for the best in the future to come that we say goodbye this year 2004 to Beanwatcher.

Ms. Janies Message Board had a posting about there being over 100 current beanies just before the recent retirements on the 29th. Now a Ms. Janie reader has reported a number of quietly retired beanies!

All of the Beanie Boppers

All of the Teenie Beanie Boppers

Punkies - Pipsqeak, Slim and Kitty

Pluffie - Goodies

2005 Jingle Beanies - Rudy, Toboggan, Star, 2003 Holiday, Melton, Herschel and Cornbread

Plush - Thomas, O'Malley, Kitty, Glitz, Tanner, Nippey, Nipsey, Disco, Mercury, Wynter, Merry, Alpine, Java, Camper, Baby Camper, Lilac, Blushing, Jake, Kivu, Twitcher and Flopster

12-29-2004 WEDNESDAY

January 2005 Beanies announced today!!!

There are new Beanie Babies , Beanie Babies , Beanie Babies , Beanie Babies , Beanie Babies , Beanie Babies , Beanie Buddies , Baby Ty , more Baby Ty , Basket Beanies and Classics , Classics , Classics!!!

The U.K. has a new Ty ExclusiveIreland!!!

12-29-2004 WEDNESDAY

Massive Retirements today!!!

Beanies Avalon, Luca, Arlene, Nermal, Huntley, Durango, Ooh La La, Odie, Yapper and Secret!!

Beanies Signature 2004, Gift Love, Gift Peace, Gift Joy, Oldtimer, Moostletoe, Sleighbell Green, Sleighbell White, Kringle and Stockings!!

Buddies #1 Bear, Herder, Frisco, Sherbet Lavender, Sherbet Pink, Darling and 2003 Holiday Teddy!!

According to Beanwatchers there will be no more. Clubby VI Buddy has sold out!!!!!

The Ty BBOC Store is however, still accepting orders!

"You've successfully selected 1 Clubby VI Beanie Buddy . Your total comes to: $ 15.75 "

12-27-2004 MONDAY

December Retirements!!

Premier Beanie!

Nipponia Buddy!

January 2005 Beanies coming!
Curls, Eggs 2005, Happy Birthday Bear, McWooly, and Twirls!
Binxy, Harrison, Marshmallow, Mixsy and Winksy!
Punxsatawny Phil 2005, Chuckles, Bali, Badges, Croaks, Delilah, Dundea, Fumbles, Fairytale, Peeps, Speedster, Spuds, Pretzels, Stubby, Tender and Willoughby!

12-26-2004 SUNDAY

A Tsunami was reported to have devastated and killed many in South Asia. The destructive tsunami was triggered by the most powerful cataclysmic earthquake in 40 years that struck off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, on Dec. 26, 2004.

Click here for current news.

Click here find out where you can make a Donation for Tsunami Relief.

Paypal Donation.

12-25-2004 SATURDAY

Happy Holidays!!!
Click for a Virtual Yule Log!!

12-21-2004 TUESDAY

Click here to see the Ty 2004 Holiday Greeting!!!!

Click here to see the Ty 2003 Holiday Greeting!!!

Click here to see the Ty 2002 Holiday Greeting!!

12-10-2004 FRIDAY

The Ty website Heart is wearing a green Santa Hat!

There are Three versions of Countdown!

The first Countdown hangtag poem includes 10, 9, 8...
The Second Countdown hangtag poem includes 7, 6, 5, 4...
The Third Countdown hangtag poem includes 3, 2, 1

12-9-2004 THURSDAY

TY is sponsoring a Red Cross Video Collage of "America's True Angels" the Volunteers who "bring personal comfort and hope to the despair that disaster victims face, everyday!"

12-7-2004 TUESDAY

Cindy's Beans has a pre sale on palm tree decorated I Love Hawaii!!

12-7-2004 TUESDAY

The rare pink version of Honeybun, named Lovey Dovey has been officially listed on the Ty site according to Ms. Janie!!!

12-6-2004 MONDAY

Talk about Beanies in the Ty Beanie Babies Google Group!!!
All members of the Beanienews Topica Group as of 12/6/2004 have been added as this discussion group as members.

12-2-2004 THURSDAY

New Years 2005 Beanie Baby Countdown!!!

12-1-2004 MONDAY

The Beanie Baby Official Club doors have opened to revealSnips Beanie Baby and Clubby VI Buddy!

Snips Beanie Baby comes with a with a Kit that includes:
A Memory Album
6 Sticker Sheets with 3 patterns
8 pattern sheets with 4 patterns
5 Special Postcards
and 4 Color Markers

BBOC Site Map

The New Club Kit that will be available in stores in 2005 will have a new beanie named Bits who comes with a travel mug, decorating stickers and a mug wrap.

The new Beanie Baby of the Month is a green goose named Greetings!

December Wallpaper is available now!

The BBOC My Beanie and Me Contest has begun. You can download a blank beanie to design. You are also asked to name it, give a birthday and a poem for your beanie!

11-30-2004 WEDNESDAY

The new December Beanie Babies were officially announced on the Ty site today!!

Always, Truely, Poet , Honeybun White & Sugarpie


Hugz, Little Hugz (Pink), Little Hugz (White), Big Hugz & Great Big Hugz

Lovesy & Winks

Bangles, Opal - new

11-26-2004 SATURDAY

Ty's answer in Ask Ty it seems, say's to look for new Beanies on Wednesday in the BBOC!

11-25-2004 FRIDAY

More beanies coming soon ! Order these 3 exclusives today at the Tystore!!!

Tiny Tim

Icebox & Lil Icebox

The new December Beanie Babies are on sale at Cindys Beans!!

Always, Truely, Poet, Honeybun Red, Honeybun White & Sugarpie


Little Hugz (Pink), Little Hugz (White), Large Hugz, Big Hugz & Jumbo Hugz

Lovesy & Winks

Bangles, Opal - new, Bashful and re-intros Truely Yours & Blushing

11-24-2004 WEDNESDAY

The new WWF Beanie Sundar is in the Tystore!

Lots of Retirees!!!

11-23-2004 TUESDAY

11-16-2004 TUESDAY

FTD has joined up with Ty for another special selection!
The Ty Happy Holiday Tin!

Update 12/30/2004:
"Ty® Happy Holiday Tin - #X856 Sorry, the product code that you've selected, Ty® Happy Holiday Tin (X856), is unavailable. To view other products, please use the tabs on the top of this page. "

11-11-2004 THURSDAY

Wow!!! Toronto has been retired!!!

11-10-2004 WEDNESDAY

The new Portsmouth Football Club Exclusive Beanie Baby is white with a Ty logo on one foot and the PFC Emblem on its' chest just like Pompey and Premier!!!

The Two new Jingle Beanies Herschel and Cornbread have been officially introduced!!!

11-7-2004 SUNDAY

Update!! The Beanie version of this Harrod's Exclusive will be black as well as white! They are two versions of Beanie Babies!!

11-6-2004 SATURDAY

Official Introduction!

The Beanie version of this Harrod's Exclusive will be black while
the Classic version will be white!!!

11-5-2004 FRIDAY

2 New Cracker Barrel Jingle Beanies are being sold!
See Cindy's and Ms. Janie's photos!!

11-4-2004 THURSDAY

Very interesting, on the day after Election Day, 11/3/2004, Lefty 2004 Retired!!

11-3-2004 WEDNESDAY

Redford Sold Out!!

11-1-2004 MONDAY

Tystore exclusive Drumstick!!

November Wallpaper!!

I Love London!!

Tystore retirees are Jinxy, Quivers and Spookers...

10-29-2004 FRIDAY

Starting today!! The Beanie News 2004/2005 Raffle!!

See all of the November 2004 New Beanie Announcements!!

See the new Baby Ty!!
Snugglepup, Huggypup, Kittyhugs and Cuddlykitty!

See the Official Spongebob announcement!!
Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star and Squidward tentacles!!

See the new Beanie Babies!!
2004 Signature Bear, Bianca and redford!!!

See the new Punkies!!
Larger Polka-Dot and Zig-Zag with regular sized Flair!!!

See the new Classics!!
Melville and Alpine!!!

See the new I Love Canada!!

10-27-2004 WEDNESDAY

Evening Update!!! ..and the new beanies are:

2004 Signature Bear, a Cardinal named Redford, a cat named Bianca and three special beanies, Sponge Bob Squarepants, Patrick Star and Sqwidward!!!

Lots of Retirees!!!

Beanie Baby Retirees!!!

Roxie Buddy Retired!!!

Adriana, a Ty Website member reported to Ms. Janie that her prize in the >Ty Site Holloween Contest arrived. It was A signed Little Feather in a Ty display case, Bat-e Buddy, Quivers Buddy, Shivers Beanie Baby and Count Beanie Baby with a letter in an envelope with the Ty logo!!

According to The Daily Globe News, several women in Ironwood, MI are preparing to send donated Beanie Babies to children in Iraq!

Norwell, MA Girlscouts are also collecting donated Beanies for children in Iraq!

There are several Beanies for Children drives like the one reported in the Chatham, NJ Courier

The Beanienews joins in hoping that these ventures will help to bring a smile to childrens's faces, generate good will and bring with their presence, a hope for a better future in Iraq as well as throughout the world.

10-26-2004 TUESDAY

Ty has announced the new Beanie Baby of the Month Astra!!

Astra looks a lot like Comet but with only one color of Cosmic material-like design over a solid blue instead of rainbowed. The Beanie also appears to have rows of stars on the displayed beanie example!!

Back by popular demand! Check out this auction for My Collection Beanie Baby Value Calculator!!

10-24-2004 SATURDAY

Auction ending today ! My Collection!!

10-20-2004 WEDNESDAY

The Third year of The Beanie Baby of The Month starts in 2005.

So be sure to check out the BBoM Order Renewal Link!!

Cindy's Beans has two versions of Starlight!!

One is a Beanie Baby and the other one is a Classic!

I Love Canada Beanie Baby is coming!!!!

10-19-2004 TUESDAY

Harrods exclusive Starlight!!

10-18-2004 MONDAY

Back To School Tystore exclusive Ty University Hooded Sweat Shirts!!!!!!

There are 2 versions, one is grey with red writing and a red lining.
The other is pink with white writing and a pink lining.

"Ty University", an emblem underneath, & below, "Home of the Beanie Babies" .

10-15-2004 FRIDAY

Retirees Halloween Fun, Contest and Daily Drawing!!!

Gameday exclusive Teenie Beanie Bopper Suntory Sungoliath!!!

10-14-2004 THURSDAY

Retirees 2004 Halloweenie Beanies, Little Feather, Denver and Boston!!!

10-13-2004 WEDNESDAY

Ms. Janie reports that a new Harrod's Beanie Baby exclusive is expected soon!!!!

...more at Ms. Janies'

10-8-2004 FRIDAY

England, Scotland and Wales have retired!

10-7-2004 THURSDAY

2004 Holiday Teddy... SOLD OUT!

10-6-2004 WEDNESDAY

Learning Express exclusive Lex!

10-5-2004 TUESDAY

Dotson, & Little Feather Sold Out!

10-4-2004 MONDAY

I Love England, Scotland & Wales... Sold Out!

Meet WWF Bahati!

10-1-2004 FRIDAY

Peace, Love & Joy at Hallmark!

9-30-2004 THURSDAY

Have you seen...

October Beanies !

Jingle Beanies !

Beanies !

Buddies !

Pluffies !

Classics !

9-29-2004 WEDNESDAY

October Wallpaper...

Cure 2004...

"As many of you know, October is Breast Cancer awareness month. I introduced CURE last year and with your help we raised 1 million dollars for The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Your support was so overwhelming that I felt CURE should be re-introduced for this worthy cause. Please help me welcome again . . . CURE."

9-28-2004 TUESDAY

September 2004 Retirements:

Bat-e_Buddy !

Pooky & Twilight !

Fireplug BBOM

9-27-2004 MONDAY

New Tystore exclusives Jinxy Beanie, Quivers Buddy & Spookers Punkie here for "Halloweenie" !

Cracker Barrell has a new exclusive too named Old Timer!!

Beanie Pictures

9-25-2004 SATURDAY

Ms. Janie reports that has listed the following new Beanies...

Beanie Babies:

2004 Holiday Teddy, Bixby, Crinkles, Cutesy, Diggs, Dotson, Fleur,
Hawthorne, Kringle, Lani, Laptop, Moostletoe, Sleighbell (Green),
Sleighbell (White) & Stockings.

Beanie Buddies:

2003 Holiday Teddy, Demure & Roxie.


Winter Classic

Jingle Beanies:

2003 Holiday Teddy, Melton, Rudy, Star (Gold) & Toboggan


Goodies & Windchill.


Dancer, Kodi, Merry & Mootina.

9-22-2004 WEDNESDAY

The World Wildlife Fund lists several endangered species on its' web site. Clues to what new WWF Beanies
can be seen as shadows in the latest "Ty Beanies and more" magazine. A Rhino and Panda have already been
introduced as Beanies. The species likely to follow in the future are:

Atlantic Salmon
Elephants Bahati introduced October 4, 2004
Marine Turtles
Pandas - Already introduced as Li Mei Beanie Baby
Polar Bears
Rhinos - Already introduced as Nami Beanie Baby

9-21-2004 TUESDAY

Discover Sold out!!

9-20-2004 MONDAY

Ty has listed a link to Help Hurricane Victims through The Red Cross.

Toronto is a new beanie listed as current on the Ty web site.

Sweetest Day is coming next month, according to a banner in the Tystore.

9-18-2004 SATURDAY

According to one EBAYER, "This was some surprise. MBNA sponsored a promotion at
YANKEE STADIUM where the Limited Edition World Class buddie was offered
with the signing up of a new credit card.

You should have seen the commotion going on over this... THIS IS NOT THE SAME

As you can see by
the photo, this ORIGINAL TY BEAR has the NY Symbol on its foot not the ty
heart. IT was given out for the Yankees Red Sox Game so you can imagine the
World Class."

9-15-2004 WEDNESDAY

Tystore exclusive!! New Beanie Buddy Sweetest!!!

9-14-2004 TUESDAY

Boston Sold Out!!!

9-10-2004 FRIDAY

Young Retirees !

Goodbye Jaz, Carnation, Jack, Peace Symbol Bear, Luau, Seattle and Columbus!!!

Welcome Tystore exclusives!!! Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria!!!!

9-7-2004 WEDNESDAY

First Twilight Sold Out !!!!

Then all of the Halloweenies Sold Out !!!!

Later on, Grandmother & Grandfather, then Victory all retired in the Tystore!!!!

9-5-2004 SUNDAY

Ms. Janie reports:

I Love England, I Love Scotland and I Love Wales !!!

Ty has announced these 3 new Exclusives!!!

9-4-2004 SATURDAY

International rereleased Beanie Exclusives & a new Beanie Bopper!!!

9-3-2004 FRIDAY

Meet Nami!!!

9-1-2004 WEDNESDAY

Meet Pippo!!!

Meet the September BBOM Alps!

Get your September Wallpaper!

8-31-2004 TUESDAY

I Love Denver has SOLD OUT.

M.C. Anniversary 3rd Edition has had a bit of a delay. MBNA sent the 2nd Edition bear to around 3,000 customers that were supposed to get the 3rd edition of the Anniversary bear.

8-30-2004 MONDAY

The Ty web site has announced State Bears!!

State Bears 1!!

State Bears 2!!

State Bears 3!!

The Ty web site has announced the new September Beanies!!

5 Halloweenie Beanies!!

4 Beanie Babies!!

1 Classic - Gourdin!!

1 Buddy Bat-e!!

1 Pluffie - Plumpkin

One Buddy retirement Sakura II

8-29-2004 SUNDAY

Coming soon in the Tystore...

Beanies BBoM Alps, Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria, Nami & Buddy Sweetest.

The new MBNA World Class Buddy, with NYY on it's paw, instead of Ty logo version.

The new Ty Classic Gourdin.

The new October 2004 Learning Express exclusive bear will be Lex.
The new September 2004 Cracker Barrel bear will be Old Timer.

8-27-2004 FRIDAY

Beanies and more Magazine!!!

WOW Beanies!!!!!!

I Love Boston
I Love California
I Love Colorado
I Love Denver
I Love Georgia
I love Illinois
I Love Kansas
I Love Massachusetts
I Love Minnesota
I Love New York State
I Love Ohio
I Love Pennsylvania
I Love Washington

Little Feather

& Pluffie Plumkin

8-26-2004 THURSDAY

I Love Seattle SOLD OUT!!!

9 August Retirements!!!

Ask Ty:

Question: Can you tell us a secret? (thunderroadrider)

Answer: You know I don't normally tell secrets but this time I'll make an exception. Here you go . . .
I am introducing a very special collection of Beanies on August 30th ! Remember, this is a secret - mum's the word.

8-23-2004 MONDAY

I Love Columbus SOLD OUT!!

Discover is a Canadian Exclusive...

8-22-2004 SUNDAY

Shivers & Count Beanies!
Bat-e Buddy!

Quivers, Fraidy Cat, Scared-e, Bat-e & Tricky!!!!

8-21-2004 SATURDAY

I Love Columbus City!!

I Love Seattle!!

8-19-2004 THURSDAY

The Ty web site has announced Big Apple Soldout !!!!

The Learning Express is going to get a new exclusive Ty Beanie!

8-16-2004 MONDAY

Apple is the new NY exclusive at the New York Trade Show.

Introducing... Ty M.C. Beanie IV !

Ty introduces Ty Pooky Garfield Beanie!

Ms. Janie reports that the following new beanies might be on the way:
Shivers the orange ghost, Count Dracula Bear, Gordon the Pumpkin & Little Feathers an Indian Bear'

8-15-2004 SUNDAY

BIG APPLE Bear is the new exclusive to be found at the New York Trade Show.
Discover is rumored to be a new beanie as well...

8-14-2004 SATURDAY

A Spongebob Beanie & Friends are rumored to be on the way...

8-13-2004 FRIDAY

A new Olympic Beanie named Victory is now available in the Tystore!!! has a list of dates & locations of upcoming Ty Trade Shows!

8-12-2004 THURSDAY

Ty has retired MC Beanie III Beanie and Sneaky Buddy

8-11-2004 WEDNESDAY

Ty has retired I Love Atlanta & Ronnie !!

8-10-2004 TUESDAY

Ty has introduced a Japanese exclusive Ty Classic Snow Angel!!

Twitch, Kansas City & Minneapolis have joined Bijoux, they have all sold out!!

8-9-2004 MONDAY

Pompey has retired!!

8-8-2004 SUNDAY

It's Gameday & Ty has introduced World Class !!

Gameday over! World Class has retired!!

8-7-2004 SATURDAY

I Love Kansas City!!

I Love Minneapolis!!!

8-4-2004 WEDNESDAY

Bijoux has sold out!!

Libert-e has quietly, been retired.

Pittsburgh SOLD OUT.

8-3-2004 TUESDAY

Ms. Janie has shared a report that says, after a show city bear is retired, its state bear will be introduced starting in September!!

MC Beanie III !!!

Two new Beanie bears, Grandmother and Grandfather have been introduced!!! They each have their name on one foot. It says Grandma on Grandmother,s foot and Grandpa on Grandfather's foot. Grandma is holding a rose and Grandpa is wearing a bow tie.

8-2-2004 MONDAY

The Tystore is selling $3.00 Ty Display Cases !!! They're 8" X 4" X 4"

The New York Daily News has an ad in today's paper on page 17. World Class TM is shown over Yankee Stadium. The Beanie Buddy button on his chest reads: 2004 New York Yankees over a spherical ball. One more line below of smaller writing could not be deciphered. The bottom of the right foot has a Heart emblem and under it is written, August 8, 2004.

The Ty web site has announced M_C_ Beanie II's Retirement !!

Dominion has een retired.

8-1-2004 SUNDAY

The Ty web site has August 2004 Wallpaper!!!

Meet Chompers the new BBoM!!

I Love Pittsburgh!!

The Yankees 2004 buddy is World Class Ty Beanie Buddy...

7-30-2004 FRIDAY

The Ty web site has announced Happy Birthday & Bijoux, the 2 new August 2004 Beanies!!!

From July 31 - August 1 (Saturday-Sunday) it's "Beanie Baby Days" at the Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, Illinois, where the first 4,000 children 11 and under who enter the zoo each day will receive a free Fridge Polar Bear Beanie Baby® and an exclusive Brookfield Zoo commemorative card.

7-29-2004 THURSDAY

The Ty web site has announced that I Love Washington, Chicago & San Francisco SOLD OUT!!!!

7-28-2004 WEDNESDAY

The Ty web site has announced Australian Exclusive Beanie Koo Wee !!!!


7-27-2004 TUESDAY

The Ty web site has announced Teenie Beanies !!!!

7-26-2004 MONDAY

Stardust has retired !!!!

7-25-2004 SUNDAY

I Love Washington DC Bear!!!

The Teenies :

7-24-2004 SATURDAY

I Love San Francisco Bear!!!Sold Out!!!!

7-23-2004 FRIDAY

I Love L.A. Bear Sold Out!!!!

I Love Philadelphia Bear Sold Out!!!!

McDonald's Teenie Beanies are here!!!

On August 8th, 2004, the Yankees will be giving away a new exclusive Beanie Buddy Bear !!!!

I Love Philadelphia Bear Sold Out!!!!

7-22-2004 THURSDAY

True & New York Bears Retire!!!!

7-20-2004 TUESDAY


7-16-2004 FRIDAY


7-13-2004 TUESDAY

I Love Atlanta has soldout!!

7-12-2004 MONDAY

New Teenie Beanies picture on EBay!!

7-9-2004 FRIDAY

Ratzo is retired!!

7-8-2004 THURSDAY


7-7-2004 WEDNESDAY

Official Ole!!

Bye!! Grizzwald, retires...!!

Ty Beanie Babies® Support World Wildlife Fund's Efforts to Save Pandas and Other Animals!!

UPDATE: Ratzo Sold Out!!

7-6-2004 TUESDAY

Official Ty July Wallpaper!!

Alani the July 2004 BBoM!!

Li Mei Beanie Baby, Ty Store exclusive!!

Hero & Valor Buddies retire!!

07-04-2004 SATURDAY

Happy 4th of July!!!

6-30-2004 WEDNESDAY

Official Ty July Introductions!!

Two New Beanie Categories

6-29-2004 TUESDAY

July pictures on Ms. Janie's!

21? 22? Yesterdays report as well as your sale were for 22 beanies while later, the Ty letter said there would 21. Do you know which beanie is the different extra one in the 22 beanie report?


By the way, some good intentioned web sellers will offer good prices, accept your payment, and hold your money indefinitely. Later after waiting so long, you might get your order or can luckilly get a refund, dependability is lost. Such experiences have occurred at a certain web hut. BeanieNews will no longer post new links or news from this type of site if known.

6-28-2004 MONDAY

Check out this Dallas show report at Ms. Janie's!!

It's true it seems that there will be quarterly introductions of Beanie abies from now on. Special introductions will be monthly.
See this Letter from Ty at Ms. Janies...

The 22 new beanies plus one show beanie, 3 new buddies and 9 Classics have been named! There is also one un-named giraffe Pluffie!!

Huggins, Heiress, Banjo, Fussy, Durango, Chili, Deutschland, Aria, Ooh La La, Gypsy, Avalon, Whittle, Fitz, Swinger, Ratso, Juneau, Grizzwald, Scrappy, Yapper, Scampy, Huntley and Twitch

Zeus, Booties, Carnation

Caviar, Apricot, Hutch, Oasis, Sunset, Topanga, Dustin, Bearnard and

The state ears it seems so far will just be the four named Trade Show specials and not one for each state.

6-26-2004 SATURDAY

Check out
Ask Ms. Janie!!

6-24-2004 THURSDAY

Retired Buddies!

Retired Beanie Babies!

6-17-2004 THURSDAY

Ms. Janie has a photo of the new Beanie Bopper
Footie & his Teenie companion!!

Ms. Janie has also reported the announcement of the new
Ty State bears!!

I (heart) Atlanta, I (heart) Texas, I (heart) L.A. and I (heart) Chicago are shown on the postcard.

They will be available at one of 20 schedueled shows and will be named for either a city or a state. I guess we can expect 50 new bears? At least they won't all look alike, like the Issy bears only distinguishable by their tags.

New York has already had I (heart) New York spelled out, and I (heart) NY, abbreviated. This might be a variation to look for in the new beanies. Speaking of variations, beanie baby Union has a flag nose and the UK version has a black nose!

6-15-2004 TUESDAY

Ty beanie baby retirees:
Sam red, Sam white & Sam blue!!!

One dozen new teenie beanie babies are expected to arrive at McDonalds this July one of who will likely be a teenie Ronald Mcdonald Beanie!

There have been rumors of customers being invited to special Ty events. Now, a rumor that Ty reps in the UK are being invited to a special Ty event. It is being said that beanies are going back to being released 4 times per year instead of 12 monthly releases each year!

6-8-2004 TUESDAY

Tystore Surprise exclusive beanie

6-5-2004 to 6-11-2004

6-3-2004 THURSDAY

The Tystore is selling Canada Day exclusive beanie

6-2-2004 WEDNESDAY

The Tystore is selling Canada Day exclusive beanie

6-1-2004 TUESDAY

Countess June 2004 BBoM!!!

June 2004 Wallpaper!!

5-30-2004 SUNDAY


5-28-2004 FRIDAY


Garfield Beanies!!!

June Beanies!!!


5-26-2004 WEDNESDAY

Coming soon!

Legend, Jumpshot, Huggins, Union & Jaz!

Hero & Valor!

5-25-2004 TUESDAY

May 2004 Retirees!!

5-23-2004 SUNDAY

ChariTee Ty PGA Tour Bear!!!!

ChariTee is a brown bear with a plaid driving cap.

5-22-2004 SATURDAY

See the Ms. Janie report on the upcoming new Teenie Beanie Ronald McDonald Bear!!!!!!

5-19-2004 WEDNESDAY


5-09-2004 SUNDAY

One dozen unopened Ronald McDonald Bears!
Buy them now for ONLY $3,999.00!!! $$$ SOLD!!!

Ronald was retired on May 3rd, 2004.

The seller wrote:

"This is an EXTREMELY rare set of 12 Ronald McDonald Beanie Bears produced for the Operators Convention in Orlando. The package has NOT been opened. Date of Birth is 4-19-2004, which is also the day Jim Cantalupo, CEO, passed away. Additionally, Charlie Bell was promoted to President and CEO on this day.

These bears were produced to celebrate 25 years of Happy Meals, and will now forever be remembered as sharing their birthdate with the CEO's last day of life. These bears are in perfect condition, and have never even been handled, as they are in original packaging. You'll find plenty of individual bears for sale, where else will you find a rare package such as this?

These are in-hand, and will be shipped immediately upon receiving FULL payment. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a true McDonald's / TY collector. Don't let it slip away!!!!!!!!!

Did I mention that TY has already retired this bear - meaning this is truly a RARE opportunity."


5-06-2004 THURSDAY

His and Hers wedding themed Beanie Babies are now in the Tystore!!

His and Hers!!!

5-05-2004 WEDNESDAY

His and Hers are 2 new wedding themed Beanie Babies soon to be Tystore exclusives according to the latest issue of Beanies and more magazine!

Sam it seems has misspelling on all of it's tags! It has been widely reported to have the word fourth incorrectly spelled as forth!

5-01-2004 SATURDAY

Ty announces Sapphire, the new May 2004 Beanie Baby of the Month!!!

May Wallpaper!

May retired Buddies!

4-29-2004 THURSDAY

Ty announces the newMay Beanies!!!

Spring, Purr & Sherbert retire!

Here is an update on the Ronald McDonald Beanie Bear!!! There have are auctions on ebay where this bear is selling for nearly $200.00!!

4-28-2004 WEDNESDAY

Ronald McDonald Beanie Bear!!!

4-27-2004 TUESDAY

New May Beanies are coming!!!

New Beanies:
Jack (black nose), Tipsy, Luau and Marshall. Also Red Sam, White Sam and Blue Sam.

The New Buddies are:
lessed, Scoop, Red, White and Blue.

The new Punkies are:
Swoosh, Mambo, Topsy and Zapp.

The new Teenie Beanie Boppers are:
Disco Diva and Smashing Cherise.

4-26-2004 MONDAY

Hallmark exclusive Dear has retired!!

4-19-2004 MONDAY

Tystore exclusive Eggbeart has retired!!

4-16-2004 FRIDAY

more April Retirees!!

According to rumors, Teenie Beanie Babies are coming back at McDonalds!

Adult Happy Meals are coming soon consisting of a Salad, Bottled Water and a Pedometer!

4-15-2004 THURSDAY

April Retirees!!

Have you seen the Ty Bus!!
Ms. Janie has a reader who has received Ty Buses from Japan!!!
One is a School Bus & the other is a Zoo bus.
They hold 3 Beanie Babies or Beanie Kids each.

Ms. Janie's Contest Results!!

4-14-2004 WEDNESDAY

Mom-e is here in the TyStore!!

4-6-2004 TUESDAY

Bo and Bearon retired!!

4-2-2004 FRIDAY

Meet the new Tystore exclusive Siesta !!!!

4-1-2004 THURSDAY

Ty has posted the new April beanies named Class of 2004, Shasta, Pinata, Slick and Pappa!

Pinata has two versions, one has a black nose and one has a flag nose.

April Beanies


The new Beanie Baby of the month is Thank You Bear!!!

April Wallpaper


Dear has finally been announced! While Dear is in Hallmark stores now rumor is that it is currently out of stock!!!

3-28-2004 SUNDAY

What's new..... April Beanies!!! Ms. Janie has reported an auction for April beanies named Pinata, Shasta, and Pappa!

3-22-2004 MONDAY

What's new.....

3-19-2004 FRIDAY

Blarn -e has been retired!!!

3-16-2004 TUESDAY

Eggbeart is in the Tystore!!!

3-15-2004 MONDAY

Dippy Beanie Buddy has retired...

3-6-2004 SATURDAY

Jack has retired...

3-2-2004 TUESDAY

Peepers the new Beanie Baby of the Month is on the way!!!

March 2004 Wallpaper is available!!

2-28-2004 SATURDAY

"DEAR" to be released April 15th or thereabouts. Mother's day bear Listed on the Hallmark retailers site. Only for gold crown stores. "DEAR"

2-26-2004 THURSDAY

March Beanies have been announced.

New York Ty Beanie bear, Mother 2004, Giraffiti, Jimbo, Vegas, Kookie & Mystique!!

I Love NY Ty Beanie bear with only the initials NY was a New York Show exclusive!!

Feb 2004 Retirements

2-19-2004 THURSDAY


Click here to see BLARNe!!

2-15-2004 SUNDAY

Two new New York Beanies are coming !!

I Love NY trade show gift and and I Love New York retail !!

Click here !!

Kookie, Giraffiti, Kookie, Mystique, Vegas & Jimbo!!

More News & Photos !!

2-9-2004 MONDAY

New Asia Pacific Beanie exclusives are coming !!!!

Click here to see Joaquim, Cinta, Nara, Silver, Hannah and Ocker!!

2-6-2004 FRIDAY

I Love New York Ty Beanie bear New York Show exclusive coming !!!!

2-5-2004 THURSDAY

The Ty website has posted Deutschland the Nurnberg Show Special Ty Beanie bear !!!!

2-2-2004 MONDAY

The Ty website has posted February 2004 Wallpaper!!!

2-1-2004 SUNDAY

The Ty website has officially posted Heartthrob the new February 2004 Beanie Baby of the Month!!!

The Ty website has also officially posted the UK exclusive Jack!!!

1-30-2004 FRIDAY

The Ty website has officially posted pictures of the new beanies!!!




Basket Beanies!!!

1-24-2004 SATURDAY

Easter Beanies are coming soon. See more info on Ms. Janie's web site!

Dippy, Mr., Mrs.

Goddess, It's a girl, It's a Boy, Eggerton, Springfield, Eggs 2004 & Petey.

1-22-2004 THURSDAY

Japan Moromachi Ai Promo is at the Beaniehut !

1-21-2004 WEDNESDAY

The Official Portsmouth Jersey is being sold in the Tystore for $40.00 each!
Both long & short sleeves are available.

1-20-2004 TUESDAY

Sparks has retired!

1-17-2004 SATURDAY

There is a new Beanie UK Exclusive selling at the Beaniehut!

This bear will be white with Union Jacks all over it!

1-16-2004 FRIDAY


1-12-2004 MONDAY

Renew and/or begin your BBOM subscription here!

Buy Smooch-E Beanie & Kiss-E Buddy now in the Tystore!

1-11-2004 SUNDAY

The Punxsutawney Official version of the groundhog is sold out. Groundhog Day will be on February 2nd!

1-8-2004 THURSDAY

A Nurnberg Show Special Ty Beanie bear is coming!

1-6-2004 TUESDAY

There are three versions of the groundhog this year.

1. Punxsutawn-e Phil 2004 - Retail Version
2. Punxsutawn-e Phil 2004 -E-Store Edition
3. Official Punxsutawney Phil

01-02-2004 FRIDAY

Punxsutawn-e is now in the Tystore
2004 Punxsutawn-e Phil

The Beanienews has moved to this new location, starting today

The new location will allow The Beanie News to have greater data transfer and best of all there will be no more hourly site blackouts.

The use of pictures at geocities was limited and linking to an image was prohibited.

The main page is now

Links will be made to connect the old site, to the new site.

Please be patient as the site is updated and links are checked. Thank you all for your continued support.

01-02-2004 FRIDAY

"Watch this site for an announcement about our exclusive 2004 Punxsutawney Phil Ty Beanie Baby coming soon!"

01-02-2004 FRIDAY

"Watch this site for an announcement about our exclusive 2004 Punxsutawney Phil Ty Beanie Baby coming soon!"

01-01-2004 THURSDAY

12-31-2003 WEDNESDAY

12-31-2003 WEDNESDAY

Ty has revealed a new Beanie named Jersey!!!
Jersey the bull is the new January 2004 Beanie Baby of the Month!!

January wallpaper is now available at

Goodbye Randy and Theresa!!! Beanieholics has closed. We will miss the wonderful insight and news that has been provided for us so long. We will miss you dearly. ALL THE BEST!!! Click here for more info... 12/31/03 Goodbye, Farewell And Amen

12-30-2003 TUESDAY

Ty has revealed the new January Beanies!!!

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