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Basket Beanie:
Small Beanies with Easter or Spring themes.

Beanie Baby Official Club. Click here for BBOC Membership information.

Beanie Baby of the Month. A monthly club on the Ty website that distributes 1 beanie per month, only available online, delivered by mail. Subscribers may order up to 4 Beanies per month. Click Here for information about the "Ty Beanie Of The Month Club Exclusive Offer".

Beanies are not stuffed with "beans" but are filled with plastic beads. There are two types, PE and PVC. PE Pellets are Polyethylene pellets. PVC Pellets are polyvinylchloride and are considered to be higher quality compared to PE pellets. You can tell if your beanie has PE or PVC Pellets by reading the tush tag.

Any small, plush, pellet filled toy.
Short for Beanie Baby, a small soft toy filled with beans (usually plastic pellets) or similar stuffing. (See PE and PVC Pellets .)

Beanies 2.0:
Interactive online Beanie Babies introduced on January 2, 2008. These Beanie Babies are available in stores and some are exclusives or Tystore Beanies. They are the same as regular Beanie Babies only with different tags. The tags have codes that can be used online to create an interactive version of each Beanie Baby purchased. The Ty Ty Tags have to be cut off or cut to make a small incision to get to the secret code needed to get online.

As of February 2008 reviews of the interactive site have not been very favorable and it is reported to be slow and boring with dissappearing chat and empty rooms. A Beanwatcher reader noted " When I registered Luckier, the same thing with the paw -- like it turned my sweet beanie into a monster. It released his pot of gold and two leprechauns. Not at all following what I call TY's wholesome image."

Beanie Baby:
A bean bag toy made by Ty partially filled with plastic pellets. Some Beanie Babies have matching Beanie Buddies and Teenie Beanie Babies. Click here for Beanie Baby at Wikpedia.

Beanie Babies at A Beany Buddy's Burough.

Bean bag toys and camera bean bags used to be filled with real beans. Most current bean bag toys these days are filled with small plastic pellets to simulate the feel of beans.

Teenie Beanie Baby:
Promotional small versions of Beanie Babies distributed as Kids Meal Toy inserts at McDonalds fast food restaurants. Some Teenie Beanie Babies have matching Beanie Babies and Beanie Buddies.

Beanie Baby Sites:
Beanie Baby and Ty Beanie related web sites, discussion groups and online retail (Secondary) Dealers.

Some of the most known and visited sites include:

The Official Ty Web Site Ty * * *
Beanie News Sites: thebeanienews.com Ms. Janie Beanie Universe Planet Beans Doodles Page
Discussion Boards: Beanie UK Ty Cyberboard * * *
Secondary Dealers: Beanies 4 You Cindys Beans * * *

Beanie Baby Software:
Computer based programs to keep inventory and/or calculate the value of your Beanie Baby collection. See My Collection.

Beanie Board Of Trade / BBOT:
A Ty website feature where members buy, sell and trade Beanie Babies.

Beanie Bopper:
Ty Teen themed boy or girl with floppy arms and long floppy legs and varied sewed on clothing. Some are special sports related introductions.

Teenie Beanie Bopper:
A small version of Beanie Boppers that has bendable wired legs and arms. Some are special sports related introductions.

Beanie Buddy:
A large plush Ty product that is very soft and does not have any "beans" (plastic pellets). Some Beanie Buddies have matching Beanie Babies and Teenie Beanie Babies.
Beanie Buddies at Beansmail

Beanie Kids:
"Ty Beanie Kids range was introduced in 2000 and ran until 2002/2003. In December 2002 all the current Beanie Kids except Babe-e were retired. Babe-e who was a Ty Store exclusive retired in January 2003. There have been no new Kids since then and the range is no longer shown on the Ty Website."

Beanie Kids came dressed in their own removable clothing only found on the particular Beanie Kid who wore it. Additional clothing for Beanie Kids could be purchased and those complete outfits are called Ty Gear.

A discontinued web site.

Most Beanie Babies have a Birthday on one particular day of the year. There are some however who do not have a Birthday.

Bow Wow Beanies:
Toys for dogs. Some Bow Wow Beanies are made in the image of Beanie Babies and some are made in the shape of dog bones in two sizes. Bow Wow Beanies do not have plastic pellets. They have squeakers and make crinkle sounds.

Bright Ideas:
The Ty Talk Cyberboard is the Official Ty Message Board. There are several forums named Daily Tymes, Grins and Gripes, Bright Ideas and Mixed Bag.

Here is the definition.

Click here for B at aboutbeanies:
Basket Beanies, BBOT, BBOTM, Beanie Babies, Beanie Buddies, Beanie Baby Official Club (BBOC), Bopper, BRB

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