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One of a kind Ty products made as a tryout for a new product. Prototype Beanies are sometimes the same as what is eventually offered to the public or in many cases varies in design and color as new combinations are tried out and tested for desireability. Prototypes are part of the the first decision stages before a Beanie or other Ty product goes into mass production.

There was a lot of controversey over the sale of prototypes in 2005. Ty Warner noted on the Ty Cyberboard that prototypes were the property of Ty and the sale of prototypes on Ebay and other sites was illegal. There was a threat to prosecute those who sold prototypes.

The controversy which was heavily discussed on the boards ended and since that time, prototypes are still being sold. One source today is at the online Secondary Dealer store, Beanies 4 You where a variety of Authenticated Prototypes can be purchased.

From The Cyberboard:

Re:prototype Beanies........

The way to tell a Prototype is that the authenticator authenticates it has has checked it's authenticity before authentication.

Many of them have PAX tags or the Advent Corp. tags on them. Some of them have tush tags that say "sample," but many of them do not have either a swing tag or a hang tag. They are totally tagless and there is no evidence of a swing tag or a tush tag ever being on them.

As long as they are "authenticated," rest assured the authenticator has taken the time to confirm their validity. The authenticator only puts their signature confirmation on beanies or prototypes they believe to be real.

Tagged or no tags, either way, if the authenticator knows it's a real Prototype -- they will authenticate it. Otherwise, they will not.

Prototypes are one-of-a-kind designs before the mass-produced beanie is selected. If you own any of them, you are very lucky!


Re:Authenticated or not...
A Prototype, if authenticated, is a Prototype. That's the plain, simple truth -- believe it or not. Not all of them have any tags at all, just ask the beanie authenticators! They've seen them and know what a prototype is and what it looks like. They are one of a kind designs and you can tell the difference between them and the mass-produced beanies. Their fur is thicker and they are more full of beans.

No, you're not lucky to have one....
Ty has posted on this message board that all prototypes are his property. Why would anyone feel "lucky" to have something that is stolen in their collection?

Fake prototypes? or Ty's property?

Ty has posted on this message board that all prototypes are his property. He doesn't know how some got out of his office, but does not want anyone buying them or selling them.

So either the prototypes are authentic, and belong to Ty, and should be returned to him, or they are fake prototypes and are worthless.

Either way, I would stay clear of all prototypes


Re:Fake prototypes? or Ty's property?

Ty did not say that they are his property. Those in the know -- know that he gives them away all the time to his friends, family and Ty employees who he wants to thank. Just ask any employee, and we know plenty of them, and they will tell you that he gives them away. His former employees sell them, just as all the employees do with their billionaire bears or other Ty memorabilia they are given, including employee awards, pins, banners, invitations, etc.

Authenticators only authenticate real Ty products. They all authenticate real Ty Prototypes.


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