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When can I enter the next online raffle?

The Beanie News has just completed the running its most recent online raffle.

Closing date for the competition was at midnight on 31 December 2004, and the draw will was to be made on 1 January 2005.

To enter if you had sent $2.00 per entry and been sure to include in the note section your full name, your U.S. mailing address and your email address.

What could I have won?

The Beanie News was raffling software to be sent via e mail, a Teenie Beanie Baby T Shirt, Ty Beanie Babies and Teenie Beanie Babies in an online raffle competition.

1st Prize

One Beanie News Raffle Winner would have won 2 Beanie Babies, 1 McDonalds Teenie Beanie Baby Ronald 2004, 1 My Collection© Beanie Baby Value Calculator, 3 free e books and 1 Teenie Beanie Baby T Shirt. Winner must provide a valid US mailing address, no International shipping.

2nd Prize

Two Beanie News Raffle Winners would have won 3 e books, 1 copy of My Collection© Beanie Baby Value Calculator and a 2004 Teenie Beanie Baby Ronald

3rd Prize

Three Beanie News Raffle Winners would have won 2 e books and 1 My Collection© Beanie Baby Value Calculator.

4th Prize

Four Beanie News Raffle Winners would have won 1 e book AND 1 My Collection© Beanie Baby Value Calculator.

5th Prize

Five Beanie News Raffle Winners would have won 1 e book OR 1 My Collection© Beanie Baby Value Calculator.

There would have been a small shipping cost reserve figure which, if not met, would have meant that all of the prizes would have been e mailed software.

How do I enter?

Entrants would have paid $2.00 (US) per entry but could have made as many entries as they wished, securely online using a credit card through PayPal.

This Raffle Ended 31st DEC 2004/ 1st JAN 2005"

How your contribution helps...

The Beanie News sincerely and greatly appreciates your assistance in helping to keep The Beanie News online. The past year has been free of pop up ads and lock outs due to high data transfers from visitors since The Beanie News moved from geocities to it's new home at in December 2002. Your visits are greatly appreciated.

The Beanie News hopes to continue to provide timely news and updates for collectors, as well as provide more features in the upcoming year.


e books


The second BeanieNews raffle ended at midnight on 11/30/2002! There was no First Prize winner who would have received Mr. and Mrs., Ty Birthday Bear October 2001 and a Teenie Beanie Baby T- Shirt. There was also no Second prize winner who would have won Flitter, Romance and a Teenie Beanie Baby T Shirt!! You've got to be in it to win it!!! The next contest will soon be posted.

The Winner of the BeanieNews August/September Teenie Beanie Baby T Shirt and Beanie Babies Raffle is...

You did not enter! If you had, your brand new Beanie Baby T Shirt 1999, New Ty Flitter Beanie Baby, and New Ty Romance Beanie Baby would be on the way to you (free shipping in Continental USA)! You would have won and your name or screen name (with your permission of course) would be displayed here!


The BeanieNews August/September Raffle Prize will now be the Second Prize in the BeanieNews October/November 2002 Teenie Beanie Baby T Shirt and Beanie Babies Raffle.
Any raffle entries received between midnight 09/30/2002 and midnight 11/30/2002 will be entered into the new BeanieNews October/November Teenie Beanie Baby T Shirt Raffle!!! First Prize for the BeanieNews October/November 2002 Raffle are a Teenie Beanie Baby T Shirt, Ty Mr. and Ty Mrs., and Ty October Birthday Bear 2001.
Good Luck!!!!!

Teenie Beanie Baby 1999 T Shirt, Flutter and Romance Raffle!

From now through the end of September, BeanieNews is sponsoring a Beanie Baby T Shirt Raffle.

The winner will receive:

One Teenie Beanie Baby T Shirt 1999
(Large or X Large)

One Flitter Butterfly Beanie Baby

One Romance Beanie Baby

Click on the picture below to enter the BeanieNews Teenie Beanie Baby T Shirt and Beanie Babies Raffle as often as you like throughout August and September. The BeanieNews Aug/Sept Raffle Winner will be announced on October 1, 2002. The Contest begins Wednesday, July 31, 2002 and ends at Midnight EST on September 30, 2002. Good Luck!!!

This raffle is for 2 MWMT Beanies as well as for 1 brand new T Shirt from McDonalds 1999 Ty Teenie Beanie Babies collection. The 1999 Teenie Beanie Baby T Shirt was only offered to McDonalds staff and was never offered to the general public. It is dark blue with a small Ty Teenie Beanie Babies emblem on the left top front. The T shirt also has a small picture of Spunky the Cocker Spaniel on the front. On the Back is a picture of all 12 of the 1999 Teenie Beanie Babies with their names under them.

They are Freckles the Leopard, Antsy the Anteater, Spunky the Cocker Spaniel, Smoochy the Frog, Stretchy the Ostrich, Nuts the Squirrel, Chip the Cat, Strut the Rooster, Iggy the Iguana, Nanook the Husky, Rocket the Blue Jay, and Claude the Crab. Under the pictures of all of them it says 1999 in light blue letters.

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