My Collection
If you use My Collectionę your Collection and your Inventory will always be up to date. You can just use it to quickly browse through your entire collection, to calculate your expenses or to see your collection value grow!

If you fill in the chart each time you add to your particular collection, then you can use it as a quick way of seeing what you have and what you need to complete or update your collection or to stock your shelves!

Books like the Beantracker can be great like a Beanie Encyclopedia, but as an addition since no book can stay up to date. More beanies are introduced daily. My Collection excel spreadsheet lists all and can be updated by anyone who has it.
You will be so surprised to see how quickly the dollar value of your collection increases with each new entry as well as with every item retirement or age increase.

You must have EXCEL.EXE installed on your computer in order to work with this program. An Excel Viewer will only allow you to see the form but will not allow you to make any changes to it. Excel is a Microsoft Windows based program that runs on IBM compatible computers. This program works on Macintosh also. Any computer ( IBM or Mac ) running MicroSoft Office software, can use this program. Since software is not returnable, make sure that you have, or install from your Microsoft CD or plan to buy EXCEL.EXE Spreadsheet application.

My Collectionę can be used for small or large collections of all kinds.
My Collection