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4-4-2007 WEDNESDAY


On March 7th, 2007, Jermaine Barrett was sentenced to 15 years to life for murdering Shabazz Muhammad on August 1, 2005. To read more about the trial and sentencing Click here. This incident was life changing certainly for Shabazz who lost his entire life, for his daughter who lost her Daddy, for his Fiance who lost her Baby's Daddy and for their entire family who lost a valued and loving member who never would return.

Jermaine Barrett also suffered a loss. He has his actions to live with for the rest of his life. His family has lost the close contact with their valued family member and Jermaine has lost his freedom. However he is still alive. Any injuries or consequences of his actions are all his own doing. Shabazz did him no harm. He was however under the influence of a catalyst that caused him to act in the way that he did which brought about the current results.

There were three people directly involved in this incident at 2:00 in the morning in a gas station in Brooklyn. Only two of those persons have had the impact of events influence their future. One man lost his life and another man lost his freedom.

A catalyst played a major part and although no testimony came forth in the courtroom, the truth needs to be told. How did Timecca Lee, Shabazz Muhammad and Jermaine Barrett come to be in that time, in that place and in those circumstances? There are more than three sides to this story and many points of view. Shabazz can't tell his side. Perhaps by exploring what is available to be told, the truth will become cleared. The basic facts are already known. The underlying circumstances could be made clearer.

Anything that you may have to offer to shed light on this would be appreciated. When the truth is told, the story will become clear and the lies will become evident. That is how the truth works. It is very very clear. If each person contributes what they know to be true, the clarity of truth will be the result.

Bureau Of Justice Statistics - July 2005 - Guns Used In Crime


April 4th, 2007:

Who are the people involved and where are they now?

1. Shabazz Muhammad:

Shabazz Muhammad was murdered by Jermaine Barrett on August 1, 2005 at 2:00 AM in the morning in a gas station on Washington Avenue between Lefferts Boulevard and Lincoln Road. Shabazz was cremated. He is unable to give his point of view.

2. Jermaine Barrett:

Jermaine Barrett has been incarcerated for murdering Shabazz Muhammad. On August 1st, 2005 he was taken to King's County Hospital Prison Ward where he was treated for self-inflicted gunshot wounds. He was later transferred to the Hospital Ward on Riker's Island. On March 7th, 2007 he having taken a plea deal was given 15 Years to Life in prison with time served, 13 years. He was transfered to Downstate Correctional facility then later to Five Points Correctional Facility where he currently resides.

3. Timecca Lee:

Timecca Lee was the catalyst who caused the events to occur. She was expected to be the Prime Witness at the trial but was spared from testifying due to the plea bargain and the subsequent cancellation of a trial by jury. She was never seen in court in 2006 or 2007. Timecca was recently reported however, a year and a half later, to have claimed to have become pregnant by someone new since this incident and to also be wearing a photo of herself and Shabazz around her neck.

(In November of 2005, Timecca was using this incident and Shabazz photo as an advertisement and as a love/sympathy plea on looking for an online love connection. Info at bottom of page.)

Points of View:

Only those who are directly involved will be named. Those who provide information will only be named if they want to be...

The information learned will be inserted here chronologically in order of the time frame when each incident occurred. This page is the continuation of a page begun in 2005. This section exploring the case however was begun on 4/4/2007. This date format will be used to note additions made to the order of events (Note Added 4/4/2007).

Actual Facts:

(Note Added 4/4/2007)
On July 4th 2005, Shabazz spent the afternoon and early evening with his family at a family Bar-B-Q.

No one in Shabazz family ever met Timecca Lee before Shabazz was killed. Shabazz, his brothers and sisters all interacted in each others lives. Timecca would have been known about and would have been introduced to and would have met family members. She was never met by anyone in his family and was never introduced by Shabazz.

Once during the Summer in 2005 likely in later in July, Timecca sat in a locked car with closed dark windows waiting for Shabazz at his family's home and asked for something to drink when he returned to the car. It seemed odd that someone would hide behind shaded windows and want my hospitality as well without coming out and identifying themself. It seemed to be quite rude and insulting. Against my better judgement I sent a cup of soda.

According To Hearsay:

(Note Added 4/4/2007)
Timecca Lee and Jermaine Barrett became engaged on July 4, 2005 at a Bar-B-Q held at her house.

According To Person #2:

(Note Added 4/4/2007)
Shabazz, Timecca and Jermaine all were at a Bar-B-Q at Timecca's house on July 4, 2005. When everyone else left, it has been said that the three of them remained there at her house.

According To Person #2:

(Note Added 4/4/2007)
Timecca is said to have been with Jermaine knowing that he was involved with many other women. She is said to have wanted to try to change him. She tried to make him jealous to get his undivided attention. She is said to have chased him down on numerous occasions to achieve this goal.

Jermaine was said to have had relationships with numerous women before during and after his relationship with Timecca who thought she could change him but she was not successful.

On August 1, 2005 Timecca is said to have called Jermaine Barrett numerous times before he went to work and after annoying him. She knew he was at Skate Key.

Whatever was wrong was between Jermaine and Timecca and should have stayed between them. How Shabazz ended up in the middle of it was unknown and out of place. Shabazz was being used by Timecca to try to make Jermaine jealous.

According To Person #1:

(Note Added 4/4/2007)
Timecca is reported to have been calling Skate Key many times before arriving there with Shabazz and to have called there to ask if Jermaine Barrett was there. She is said to have known that he was there and that he was working at that time. It is believed that she wanted him to be there so that she could arrive with Shabazz to try to make Jermaine jealous.

According To Hearsay:

(Note Added 4/4/2007)
According to another version of events, Timecca Lee is said to have worked as Security at Skate Key as well as Jermaine Barrett. This version told in 2005 was that Shabazz came there to pick her up from work and that they were then followed by Jermaine Barrett after they left.

According To Person #1:

(Note Added 4/4/2007)
Jermaine left Timecca alone but she kept on bothering him trying to fight every women he was with. She would not except the fact that he didn't want to be with her. Jermaine met Timecca in Brooklyn at her request, he went there only to let her know once and for all to leave him alone that is was over between them. That night Shabazz and Jermaine spoke on friendly terms, but Timecca approached them and caused discord and everything happened.

According To Timecca Lee:

(Note Added 4/4/2007)
Jermaine shook Shabazz hand and gave Timecca a hug when they saw each other at the Skate Key. She said Jermaine went home after seeing them to get the two guns in order to return and shoot her and Shabazz at the skating rink. When Jermaine returned, Shabazz and Timecca had already left. Jermaine she said then kept calling her on her cell phone to arrange to meet and talk.

Timecca said that she told Jermaine that she saw him racing past them on his motorcycle and suggested that he could have a gun. She said that he replied, "come on ma, you know me better than that, why would I have a gun, itís not even like that".

Timecca stated that Jermaine "shot Shabazz point blank four times and when he was on the ground face down dying from his wounds, no threat to no one," he looked at her and said, "You love him like that, you willing to die for him, you love him like that, you love dude more than you love me, ok, your man is dead then," "and shot him in the head to make sure he was dead."

Timecca also said that Jermaine pulled the trigger pointed at her head twice then realized all the bullets were gone and pistol whipped her before dragging her over to get the second gun which had 16 bullets. She stated that she was later given 11 stitches at the hospital.

According To Detective McDermott:

(Note Added 4/4/2007)
Shabazz Muhammad and Timecca Lee. were followed from Skate Key by Jermaine Barrett on a motorcycle. He was noticed by Timecca speeding past them as they drove in her vehicle. Phone calls were made between the vehicle and Jermaine Barrett and an arrangement was made to meet at Junior's reastaurant in Brooklyn. The meeting place was changed to the gas station. The purpose of the meeting was to talk it over, Shabazz and Timecca being together and she no longer being with Jermaine.

It was said that Shabazz and Jermaine spoke with no problem, and afterwards Shabazz went back to the vehicle to allow Jermaine and Timecca to speak to each other. There was said to have been no problem. While talking to Timecca, Jermaine is said to have become angry, gone over to his motorcycle and retrieved the first gun which he emptied into Shabazz who was walking away with his back toward Jermaine.

Shabazz Muhammad was murdered by Jermaine Barrett on August 1, 2005 at 2:00 AM in the morning in a gas station on Washington Avenue between Lefferts Boulevard and Lincoln Road. He was shot by a one gun that was emptied into him from behind then afterwards while laying in the street, he was turned over and shot with a second gun in his eye. Both guns were reported to have belonged to Jermaine Barrett who retrieved them one at a time from his motorcycle seat compartment.

Next he is said to have pulled the trigger on Timecca but the gun was empty. He is then said to have retrieved the second gun and to have gone over and shot Shabaazz in the eye after turning his body over.

According To Person #2:

(Note Added 4/5/2007)
Jermaine Barrett is reported to have said that he didn't kill Timecca because the gun jammed.

According To Detective McDermott:

(Note Added 4/4/2007)
Next the police are said to have arrived to find him holding Timecca as a hostage with a gun to her head. He is also said to have pistol whipped her.

When the police arrived Jermaine Barrett had already been killed Shabazz. Jermaine was holding Timecca Lee with a gun to her head. There was a stand off with the police. Next, Jermaine shot himself in the chest. The police believed that he had shot Timecca when they heard and saw the gun fired. The police then shot at Jermaine Barrett. Next, they moved in and arrested Jermaine who was taken to King's County Hospital.

Additional Info:

Timecca Lee was taken to the hospital as well to be evaluated and to get stitches before she was taken to the police precinct.

According To Person #2:

(Note Added 4/4/2007)
Timecca is said to have told Jermaine's family that she had told Jermaine to get on his motorcycle and to escape before the police arrived, after he had already killed Shabazz.

According To Person #2:

(Note Added 4/4/2007)
Timecca Lee called Jermaine Barretts family to say that he had shot himself without giving additional details. Jermaines family members passed the scene where Shabazz lay in the street and they saw Timecca's vehicle there too not realizing the connection of events. When Timecca met the family members at the hospital she told them that Jermaine had tried to kill her and that he had shot her boyfriend right in front of her. They asked her, "What boyfriend"?

According To Hearsay:

(Note Added 4/4/2007)
In 2005 it was said the Jermaine Barrett's family did not know why Timecca was not by Jermaine's side in the hospital and that she had never broken up her relationship with Jermaine Barrett. as far as everyone knew, theywere still a couple.

Shabazz Mother:

(Note Added 4/4/2007)
Shabazz Fiance, Crystal, called me in the middle of the night to tell me that my son had just been killed. It was the worst phone call that I had and have ever received in my life. It took some time to get to Brooklyn to the police station. Timecca Lee was said to have been in one of the rooms past the reception desk where we waited for hours. Detective McDermott would not let me go to the scene where he said other detectives and police were on the scene.

After several hours we were told that Shabazz had been taken to the morgue at Kings County Hospital and that Jermaine Barrett was there too. I couldn't believe that my son was dead in the basement while he person who had killed him was alive and in stable condition being cared for upstairs in the same hospital. I wished that Shabazz could have made it to the hospital to be helped but he was already dead. JermaineBarrett had according to what I had been told about the sequence of events, made sure of that.

My family members and I went to the morgue to see Shabazz. We had to wait because an autopsy was being performed. I filled out papers and after a period of time, I was told that I could not see him. I was shown a picture of him, his face, taken from one side to identify that he was Shabazz. It was him. That is the last I saw of my son before he was cremated.

According To Jermaine Barrett:

(Note Added 4/4/2007)
Jermaine Barrett spoke in court at his trial. he said he had no anger toward Shabazz. He stated that he had been drawn into this situation by Timecca Lee. (His exact statement will be clearly posted shortly as soon as the transcript is available.)

According To Person #1:

(Note Added 4/4/2007)
Jermaine Barrett is said to have told his family that he was in a gunfight and had better aim and that he had acted in self defense.

According To the DA:

(Note Added 4/4/2007)
"It surprises me not at all that Barrett had an alternative version of events for friends and family. He had to make up something to make him look other then the cold-blooded killer he is. You and God know the truth, and that is all that matters."

According To Timecca Lee:

(Note Added 4/4/2007)
Timecca came to the door for the first time expecting me to accept her in familiar terms as if she had had a close relationship with Shabazz, calling me something like "mom" or a similar term. On the phone she told me she had a suit for him to wear in the casket. Later, she brought Shabazz clothes. This is when I met Timecca for the first time after Shabazz was killed, she told me that she had been with Jermaine for a number of years. She also said that she had known Shabazz as a friend for about 5 years. Timecca did not testify at the trial but she did share her version of the events that took place on the evening of August 1st, 2005.

Actual Facts:

(Note Added 4/4/2007)
Timecca Lee's claims regarding her role in Shabazz life are considered to be less than truthful as well as exaggerated. Her actions and claims since Shabazz death make Timecca appear to be self-centered. She has always been believed to have been the cause of his death. She has never acknowledged the role she played.

Timecca attempted to attend Shabazz funeral on August 6, 2005. As soon as Timecca arrived at the funeral home, several of Shabazz's six sisters and his Fiance confronted her and told her to leave. She was not allowed to stay or to attend the services.

According To Timecca Lee:

(Note Added 4/4/2007)
Timecca did not testify at the trial on March 7th, 2007, but she did share her version of the events that took place on the morning of August 1st, 2005. The main points are quoted above.

November 2005

Proverb 7 describes the nature of and explains the cause and results of dealing with :


All at once he followed her like an ox going to the slaughter,
like a deer stepping into a noose...

Portraits of a Jezebel:

Proverb 7
And lo! the woman comes to meet him, robed like a harlot, with secret designs--
Proverb 7
Now then, my sons, listen to me; pay attention to what I say.
Do not let your heart turn to her ways or stray into her paths.
Many are the victims she has brought down; her slain are a mighty throng.
Her house is a highway to the grave, leading down to the chambers of death.

ALL of the photos above including Shabazz photo, posted in October 2005, over two months after Shabazz murder on August 1st, 2005, were used by Timecca Lee to advertise herself on a dating venue. by Timecca Lee, to lure her next victims, and resulted in a copyright complaint. Timecca revels in the "fame" and wants to keep attention on herself as a "victim".

Timecca eventually removed Shabazz photo and name, after denying his rights. She now has he nerve (2007) to have had the picture put on a chain which she wears around her neck.

Proverb 7


a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.

a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, esp. one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.

Legal Terms defined:

The Death Penalty in New York State is considered only in First Degree Homicide. This sentence has a history of being overturned.

November 2005

Contrary to newspaper reports, Timecca Lee was not separated from her boyfreind of over 5 years, Jermaine Barrett. In fact, he was unaware of having been dumped. Timecca Lee is the ex-girlfriend of Jermaine Barrett who murdered Shabazz Muhammad by shooting him 10 times in the back and once in his eye. After the shooting, his family wondered why Timecca was not at Jermaine's bedside in King's County Hospital where Shabazz also lay dead below in the morgue.

Timecca and Jermaine in addition to becoming engaged on July 4, 2005, were long-time lovers and co-workers at Skate Key where they both worked as security guards. Timecca thought she could buy Shabazz love while she used him to taunt her real lover.

Shabazz LOVED to drive cars and motorcycles. Ms. Lee who had earned a substantial inheritence from the deaths of her parents promised a car a house a motorcycle and instant success in life. Shabazz expected to purchase the car the next week. Unfortunately, the taunting of Jermaine Barrett had already taken shape turning plans into what they have now become.

Timecca Lee who was never introduced to Shabazz Family by Shabazz emerged after his death portraying her role falsely. In spite of attempts to be lenient with her, and giving her the benefit of doubt, she has insisted on taunting Shabazz family with lies and untruths that likely make her forget the real truths. Shabazz and Timecca dated for ONLY 2 WEEKS before he was killed by her real fiamce. Timecca lied to the newspapers about the depth of their relationship. Since that time she has engaged in posting exaggerations and outright lies.

In August soon after Shabazz death Timecca cooked up a money making scheme that involved the use of Shabazz name and likeness. Timecca was told then that she did not have permission to use his name or likeness. She has ignored the facts and has published lies and her one and one and ONLY photo ever taken with Shabazz, during the two weeks that she calls a lifetime of love. Timecca was specifically notified several times that any images, likeness or portions of images of Shabazz "Bazz" Abdul Muhammad obtained otherwise as well as any photos of other persons or works of art may not be used or copied in this format or in any other media format without permission.

Shabazz who was a model would take a picture with anyone. There was nothing unique about the picture which she also gave to the newspapers. Timecca Lee has been warned of her copyright infringement activities in November 2005 and was asked to cease. She has ignored this request and currently (November 18, 2005)having been warned of an impending lawsuit, flagrantly insists on posting strange messages that have to do with her crotch on the WWW in the guise of being a memorial to Shabazz along with his photo.

She claims to be looking for a man with no children and no drama. Oddly, Shabazz has a child and Timecca brought the drama. Timecca insists on stalking him in death, trying to change the reality of what occurred.

First girls then later, young ladies loved Shabazz and he was often fought over from an early age and up to his untimely death at the age of 27. If not one than another were always trying to attract his attention or buy his love. He was like a magnet.

Timecca failed to warn Shabazz that her boyfriend of over 5 years carried guns. Why did she not yell out a warning? Why did Timecca arrange for them to meet in the middle of the night at the place where he was murdered? Pretending to be a martyr, Timecca Lee was more a catalyst than a victim. Timecca played with Jermaine's heart and played with Shabazz and emerged unscathed. According to conversations and statements, Timecca Lee seemed to think that somehow Shabazz daughter would cease to be be a part of his life. Obviously she did not know him well at all. After his death she introduced herself to me calling me "Mom", expecting me to accept her and to reject my grandchild.

After his death Timecca Lee in 2005, sought to arrange meetings with Ex's to "hash it out" over Shabazz. This is particularly disturbing behavior considering the fact that the meeting she arranged for Shabazz resulted in his death.

Talk about the stories we didn't cover in this issue.
Name: oldschoolbrother

8-01-2005 MONDAY

Shabazz was killed on August 1, 2005 by Jermaine Barrett aged 33.

Eleven bullets on Washington Avenue between Lefferts Boulevard and Lincoln Road.

Barrett emptied a .357-magnum revolver into Shabazz Muhammad.

According to the news report, "The first few shots wounded Muhammad, 27, at Washington Ave. near Lefferts Ave. As he lay wounded, Barrett allegedly pointed his gun at Lee only to discover he was out of bullets. Lee said she fought for her life after Barrett pistol whipped her."

As Shabazz Muhammad lay wounded, Barrett pulled out a 9-mm. handgun and shot Shabazz in the left eye, killing him.

Jermaine Barrett of Harlem has been charged with 2nd Degree Homicide.

This case is currently under investigation.

New York Daily News - August 1, 2005

New York Times - August 1, 2005

New York Newsday August 1, 2005

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"Dating in the Bronx is easy, said Jermaine Barrett, 27, as he looked at the skaters... "

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