Dear: Shabazz aka Big BRO
Title: Falling Angel

As I sit here and realize that I will never hear my phone ring and your name show up, the pain starts to shoot though my body. You carried everyone's problem on your back. Anyone who needed you, you were there. It hurts me to know that I will never see you again kid. You were the side of me that I wanted to be. And I was the quiet side of you.

You broke your agreement kid, we said that we would NEVER leave each others' side. You left me alone. I love u so much kid. I'm happy I had the pleasure to grow up with u over the years. We got to the point that we would just call each other and said our favorite phrase "YO YOU GOOD SON" and would be able to tell by the tone of each others' voice how that person felt.

I know you're up there in HEAVEN getting everything ready for the ones you love. I miss you so much BRO, But sometimes I get mad as hell at you because you didn't warn me or give me a heads up about what was about to go down. I had to find out through the street 3 days later. Help me please, this pain is too much to handle.

It's sad that my son will never get to know his uncle kid, but as long as people see me they will see you. I will NEVER let your name be misused. I would give my right arm and leg to rewind the hands of time and to stop those BULLETS from hitting you. You were there for me when I got shot but I wasn't there for u, SORRY BRO.

PS I'll try my best to make sure your LIL ANGEL and MY LIL MAN BE THE BEST OF FRIENDS. I just need your help.




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