Click here to see the Tee opened out of the packaging at the Beanwatcher!

The Pinkys Bag is super soft weave that looks & feels like velvet and is large, 15 inches long X 13.5 inches wide!

Click here to see the Ty patterned lining at the Beanwatcher!
Click here to see it out of the packaging at the Beanwatcher!

The Pinkys pen lights up and blinks fast or medium or a non-blinking solid lavender light.

Click here to see a close up at the Beanwatcher !
Click here to see it lit up at the Beanwatcher!

This Pinky Poo Keychain is the one that has legs.
The first one seen here as well had spaghetti legs!

Click here to see Pinky Poo keychain at the Beanwatcher!

Official Pinkys Kit Photo
Shipping for the Pinkys Pack Set has always been free!

From The Ty Cyberboard - March 7, 2006:

Ty store Pinky Pack..
it has free long has this been going on?

Re:Ty store Pinky Pack..
This been the same since it was announced on 8/26/05..Free shipping but if I'm not mistaken you can't combine this with other Ty store offerings.

I bought it for my daughter, she loves the items and pen...but the batteries ran out and i just replaced them today...3 batteries at $2.99 each! Yikes. They aren't cheap.
Love; Karen

Pinkys Trivia:

One Pinkys that was rumored to be coming but was never introduced was named Chiffon!

From The Ty Cyberboard:

Pinky Poo
What is the difference between the 2 pinky poos listed in my tyfolio. There are so many! I know one is the little toy fair key clip and one is the pinky pack exclusive but of the full size why are there 2 listed? All this time I thought 1 of them was the toy fair but found out that was a small one. Anyone know?

Re:Pinky Poo

OK Cat Lady I will give it a try to tell you the difference in all of the Pinky Poos listed:

1st is the regular beanie size
2nd is NY Toy Fair Exclusive smaller with ribbon hanger on back
3rd is Buddy size
4th is retail key clip sold in stores
5th is Pinky Pack Ty Store exclusive key clip
Hope that this helps!

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