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QUICKSTART: You simply fill in the charts of your My Collection© version each time you add to your Beanie collection. Fill in only 3 spaces Quan. for Quantity / Current Value put in the Current Value if you know it.


Here are some actual Questions and Answers from some wonderful My Collection Users!!!

How do I get the value to go over $1000? it only goes to $999 before it changes to #### ?

Go to the very top of the entire page where the columns say A B C D

The pointer will change to a line like an l with an arrow on each side.

Place the pointer over the line to the right of the column and

drag the line by

holding down the left mouse button down with your pointer finger to take hold of the line and

drag it over to the right to make it wider.

You can go left or right while holding down the button to adjust the size of the column.

Let it go when the column is wide enough and the ##### changes to what it should be.

You can narrow or widen any of the columns this way or in the opposite direction you can make the rows wider too from the bottom of each row.

I don't see a certain beanie!

You can add it or you can request a free revised My Collection within the same week of purchase!!!

Adding a new Beanie Baby or Doll or Truck or Other Item:

Highlight the row below the desired entry spot.

Alphabetical order is used in each category.

Insert the number of new rows desired, one at a time.


Insert a row where desired, Copy one of the Convenient Add A New Item Rows found at the end of each category, paste it into the new empty row, then substitute the text with the name of the new added item or beanie.

This beanie is not on my list.

Highlight the entire row and delete the undesired entry.

I see a typo.

You can fix it or you can request a free revised My Collection within the same week of purchase!!!

The current value is different!
The current price is wrong!
The few prices it has are way off.

You can update the Current Values or Prices yourself as they change over time. Beanie that were very valuable at one time may have decreased in value. Likewise a value may have gone up!

This information can be found on web sites like SmartCollecting through MetaExchange or or by searching EBaY for Ty + Beanie Name or by searching for Your item and its' brand name.

Links To Find Current Beanie Baby Prices:
Smart Collecting
Smart Collecting Price Guide For Beanie Babies By Tag Generation!
Links To Find Current Hess Truck Prices:
Hess Toys
Beaniehut Price Guide for Beanie Babies
Link To Find Current Prices for Anything:
Go to MetaExchange for real time Beanie current values!


My total value is not showing a dollar amount. I was adding items up and it was calculating until I put in 1 in the quan. column, then the total value turned to ####### when I took out the quantity it recalculated.



Highlight the cel in the total value column that you typed into.

Delete the contents.

Copy any cel in that column from another line.

Paste it into the deleted cel.

Let the total values calculate themselves, don't type anything in the:

Current Total Value Column
Total Cost Column

Also don't type into the top sections in the header labeled:

Total Costs
Total Value

You can type into the:

Current Value
Average Cost

Where can I find more information about beanies?

The Ty Beanie Tracker book is a great source of Beanie Baby Information that can be used to fill in the various sections of My Collection. You can find out about the Tag Generations when a Beanie weas introduced and when it retired. There are pictures there that you can use to compare your own beanie to.

There is also an update to the Ty Beanie tracker called "KarenBrit's Update Sheets". Here is a link to order the update booklet:

Link to Update Booklets

How do I deal with the tag generation?
The few generations given are wrong.

There is a column for the heart shaped Swing Tag Generations. Everyone does not neccesarily have the same. You put the Generation in yourself. If you have several generations of the same beanie, follow the directions for adding a new beanie.

Create a new Row for each additional Generation! Every beanie was not made in every generation. The Generation of a beanie depends on when a beanie was introduced and when it was retired.

This January 2006, the latest tag generation has surfaced.
It's the 14th Generation or 14G.

Swing Tags have differences depending on their Generation, Country of origin or if they were sold Retail or the Tystore.

Go to SmartCollecting for a free tag generation card.

I want to change the background! is very hard to read with the background of leaves.

Thanks for the inventory program. I don't like the background as it is very hard for me to read. The contrasting colors are terrible. Can I change it? What do I do? The instructions are fine for how to add to but what do I do with the attachment? I'm not that good with the computer as you can tell. I DO have Excel on my computer.

The background is white. In earlier versions of My Collection, the background was often the same as the background found on You can change it! More recent versions now have a white background.

When I clicked on the help I got the instruction below.
"On the Format menu, point to Sheet, and then click Delete Background."

You can delete the background, change the background color or choose a different background image from image files on your computer. You might need to change the color of the type as well if it appears to become invisible over the new background.

I knew it would be something totally simple. Thanks so much. I'm trying to update my inventory onto the Excel. I had my own inventory sheet in Microsoft Word but no place for Values so this is wonderful. I've worked 2 days solid and have only completed the Boppers, basket beanies and thru A on the Beanie Babies. It looks like it's going to be at least until Springtime before I'm done. (My Beanie Baby count alone is +1500.) Am expecting a huge delivery from John at BeanieHut sometime this week. So that means those have to be updated. What DID I get myself into? ha!! Thanks again for your help.

How do I add a new category?

I hate to be a pest but McDonald's Teenie Beanies from 1998-2000 and 2004 aren't on the inventory list. I just need to know how I can create a colored header for that item. I have them all including a set from Germany. Thank you. and I also wanted to let you know I haven't gotten anything done this week because of this inventory. ha! Thanks again.

I will have to add them too!

If you have a list, can you tell me the missing ones?

To make a colored header, add a row then highlight it (the whole row) by clicking on the numbered column to the far left.

Next, click on the paint bucket tool at the top next to the letter A tool and choose what color.

The paintbucket can change the cell colors and the letter A tool can change the color of your text.

How do I adjust it to fit my computer screen!

way too big on my screen tho ! I'll try to adjust

Press Ctrl & at the same time turn the scroll button on your mouse forward or back to resize .

Earlier versions of My Collection for Ty Beanie had flags posted next to the name of country exclusives. There were also pictures of Tags and several beanies. These images made the file too big to email and were removed. Also, the use of many beanie and tag images in a product would be a copyright violation.

You can add images to your personal copy of My Collection.
1. Open your My Collection file
2. Open the web site or picture file on your computer.
3. Copy the desired image.
4. Paste the image on My Collection.
5. Resize it to fit by clicking on the sides or corners.
6. Move it to the desired location.
---You can nudge it up and down or right and left using arrow keys.
7. Save your file.

You can link directly to photos on the internet!

1. If you go to the Ty website, and for an example:
2. Copy the name of the beanie from it's Ty listing.
3. Next, paste it into the name section on My Collection.
4. Save.

Now, whenever you click on the name in My Collection, the photo of that beanie will pop up!

You must have EXCEL.EXE installed on your computer in order to work with this program. An Excel Viewer will only allow you to see the form but will not allow you to make any changes to it. Excel is a Microsoft Windows based program that runs on IBM compatible computers.

This program works on Macintosh also. Any computer ( IBM or Mac ) running MicroSoft Office software, can use this program. Since software is not returnable, make sure that you have, or install from your Microsoft CD or plan to buy EXCEL.EXE Spreadsheet application.

Send in your questions, hints and observations to if you don't find the anwers here!


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Good seller, perfect transaction, fast friendly emails, highly recommend, thx

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