Gramdma Ducky Ancestors
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Great Grandpa Great Grandparents
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Relatives The Family
Velma Khadijah
Tommy Lee Iyanna"
Barbara Uniquah
Junico John
Moet Utaya
Aja Kishante
Alaya Khadijah
Aryanna Reina
Aisha Nyema
Jovanni" Jerry
Aisha Saihiem
Jolani Janaya
Abena Hashim
Mandela Imani
Michael Jasmine
Haile Kaleb
Shabazz Akbar
Birthday Adira
Shimei Queen
Birthday Trinity
Yahabebe Tashai
Tene Mustafa
Alia Birthday
Elijah TBA
Isaiah TBA
The Future Six Degrees

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Any family member who may not want their picture included here please contact me by e-mail and your photo will be deleted promptly.

If you want more photos posted let me know by email as well.

The purpose of the family web site is to allow young members and distant members of this family to know who their near and distant relatives are. This family tree was developed after the loss of our family member Shabazz who was murdered on August 1st, 2005.

A few tree branches are missing... Their parents taught them not to burn bridges because they might have to cross them upon their return. They were taught not to muddy their waters that might have to be drunk at a later time. They were taught to be truthful but that too seemed to be a great difficulty. Nevertheless, the tree is lacking a few branches but is quite full without them ...

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