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Due to size, the 2006 page has been divided into two halves.
This page is thebeanienews 2006 Part 2 which covers:
July, August, September, October, November and December 2006.

Click here for thebeanienews 2006 Part 1 which covers:
January, February, March, April, May and June 2006

1-1-2007 MONDAY

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12-31-2006 SUNDAY

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HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE 2006 - 2007!!!

12/31/2006 8:00AM EST NYC - Happy New Year to Sydney, Australia !!!

Click here for New Years Eve Around The World Info!

Click here For a List of who sees New Years First!

The Beanwatcher has posted a wonderful note for the New Year to look back on 2006.
Here is an exerpt:

"As 2006 comes to an end, I'd like to thank everyone who made this year memorable. As many of you know, I retired the Bean Watcher site last year. After doing so, I heard from many readers, encouraging me to resurrect it. After months of indecision, I decided to return -- on a temporary basis -- and did so during May 2006. Since then, it has been a pleasure hearing from many of you and sharing the joys of our pastime."

"One of my goals has been to give you a greater appreciation of beanbag collecting throughout the world. Why? Because Ty collectors can be found worldwide. Another goal has been to inform and educate. Why? To enhance your enjoyment of the beanies you collect. If I have attained these goals, then updating this site has been worth my time. Thanks again to all who made 2006 a year to remember"

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

Off season interesting for Hendry, Cubs - in more ways than one
"President Andy MacPhail resigned before the season ended, and manager Dusty Baker was quickly ushered out behind him, leaving Hendry to fix a team gone horribly wrong. ...Though McDonough has been with the Cubs since 1983 - he started the trend of teams giving away Beanie Babies - it is Hendry who will get the credit or the blame for this rebuilding effort."

In New Hampshire, a Texas-Size Love of Rodeo
" Jennifer Rokes will ride into New York City next weekend in her Dodge pickup, but she would rather come by stagecoach. ...When she is not working or riding Dream, her 22-year-old chestnut mare, Rokes is in any town that stages a rodeo. With no cowboys competing in her neck of the woods, she made the four-hour round trip to Castleton, Vt., each weekend from July through Labor Day to attend the Pond Hill Rodeo. ...Along her happy trails, Rokes has corralled some unusual pieces of memorabilia, including a Justin McBride clock, Cody Hart and Jerome Davis Beanie Babies, and plastic figurines of Mossy Oak Mudslinger and two other tough bulls, Little Yellow Jacket and Blueberry Wine."

Khan Bani Saad citizens receive medical care
"Blackanthem Military News, KHAN BANI SAAD, Iraq - Soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 5th Iraqi Army and 1-12 Combined Arms Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, conducted a combined medical engagement for the citizens of Khan Bani Saad Thursday."

"During the CME, medics from the Iraqi Army treated over 300 men, women and children who were suffering from minor illnesses or injuries. Medical supplies were also provided to those in need and were used to supplement the clinics supplies."

"Aside from providing medical care, the soldiers also passed out 250 blankets to local families, Beanie Babies, and 200 soccer balls to local children."

"According to Coalition Forces from 1-12 CAB, the citizens were blessing and thanking the Coalition and Iraqi forces, praying for their safety as they returned to their base."

Abandoned buildings inspire Clinton girl's photography
"Megan Baker sees the world differently than most 15-year-olds. She looks at things through the lens of a camera. 'When I was 4, I picked up a Polaroid and starting taking pictures of my toys,' said Baker. After the toys, Baker moved on to Beanie Babies and her dog as subjects. Weldon Springs State Park and concerts by pop-rock artist Gavin DeGraw also were among Baker's favorite venues as she continued to grow up with a camera hanging from her neck."

Mids host holiday dinner at the Naval Medical Center
"Ms. Green said their 'many kindnesses made for many smiles on the families faces at the end of the evening.' Another example of thinking of others was shared with me by Nancy Edwards, a first grade teacher at Georgetown East Elementary School. The week before Christmas, two volunteers from the Assistance League of the Chesapeake, who have been working with her for some time, provided holiday smiles for her 15 students. Maureen Smith wanted to so something for the youngsters last summer and decided to knit scarves in blue and white, the school colors. I just wanted the children to have something warm for the winter, she said. 'What a wonderful gift! The children wore their scarves to the schools holiday concert. They looked cozy and cute,' Mrs. Edwards said. Mrs. Smiths friend Marge Clemente also considered what to do for the children and donated Beanie Babies. 'These kids love us like a grandmother,' said Mrs. Clemente, who volunteers in the class"

Hendry looking like a shopaholic
"Though McDonough has been with the Cubs since 1983 -- he started the trend of teams giving away Beanie Babies -- it's Hendry who will get the credit or the blame for this rebuilding effort."

Beanie Universe is going into business as a Secondary Dealer and will be opening an online store at midnight! Beanie Universe began this year in 2006 and is known for it's daily Beanie Baby themed video news.

New Year's Eve Notes From The Ty Cyberboards' New Year's Eve Parties! !
(Just a few - not every post...)
The popcorn is all "popped" and waiting for the party-goers-so LET THE PARTY BEGIN! I would like to wish all on the Ty boards a very Happy New Year. All of the Ty staff especially the Mods who have given up the evening with family so that we could all celebrate here and a Happy New Year to Mr. Ty himself-may we see lots of new and interesting beanies in the coming 2007.

Happy New Years, Daily Tymers! :-)
Good evening Daily Tymers,
Just thought I would drop in to wish you all a very happy New Years ahead!! Hope Ty drops in tonight!!
Happy New Years!
Ryan (from the old Collectiblez!)

Oh Ty- yyyyyyyyy!! Where art thou Mr. Warner? :) ......
We can't wait for you to join the party!!
DT Please Moderators :)

"Waiting for the Ball to Fall" is less intense than "Waiting for Mr Ty to call"
We never know when Mr Ty will "drop in", but we know the ball will "drop" at Midnight....LOL
song bird

Ok now Mr. Warner I know that you are very busy and I know that you just love this board and that you read it evey day when you can, I also know how much you love all your beanie collectors so come on in and give all of us a treat and stay with us a while and have some fun you know that you are one loved by all of us not just because you make the most wonderful loving ty products but because you really seem to care about what your collectors think.

We hope that you are having a great time where every you are so come and join us and have some fun with the people that love you so much big bear hugs


I send a prayer for those who are protecting our lives & freedom...
I'm sending a prayer for those who are protecting our lives & freedom.
Giving their all in lands far away - even tho we don't see them!
God sees them all - In YOUR Hand keep them safe from all harms,
Surround them w/ LOVE - complete in YOUR ARMS!
song bird

Did Ty say he was coming? I am gettin pretty sleepy...
Ty, I hope you visit, even though I will probably be asleep... LOL
I Luv Me Beanies

How is everyone tonight?
Where is everyone posting from tonight?
Ty Warner

Re:How is everyone tonight?
Hi, Mr. Warner---
Greetings from Sterling Heights, MI!!
Glad you are here, to talk to us tonight!

Re Estevan Saskatchewan Canada Happy New Year Everyone nt


Re:How is everyone tonight?
just fine here about 60 miles south of chicago illinois....

Re:How is everyone tonight? Hi there Mr, Warner I am
Posting from Souther Illinois, it is great to see you here we have been waiting on you and my I ask you where are you posting from, I do hope that you have a great New Year Mr. Warner and know that I for one just love all of your wonderful products, big bear hugs to you

Ahoy Mister Ty! Posting from Toronto Ontario!
Happy New Year to you sir!
= Elektrobahn =

Happy New Year
Happy New Year to everyone in the eastern time zone !
Ty Warner

Thanks Ty!
Hope you're enjoying what's left of 2006! :)

Re:Happy New Year to you all! Have a wonderful year! n/m

Lol new year is gone by in my place but happy new year 2 u. nm
Serenity the Dove Fan

Thanks, Mr. Warner! Happy New Year to you! nt

Poem for 2007
This Year Big Things will Come
I Hope For Each and Everyone,
Your Favorite Beanie I Hope You Find.
Love, Prosperity and Peace of Everykind.
That is my wish for All of You,
Hoping All Your Dreams Come True.
Many New Friends I Hope You Meet,
And Maybe From Ty We'll Get A Special Treat?
Happy New Year!!

Mr. Warner, What Tyme Zone Are You In Tonight? n/m

And to everyone in the West Coast

Well with just it is now 12:01 so 2007 is now here I hope that the new year brings all of you love, happiness, and joy and lots of great new beanies, love and bear hugs to all

Re:Well with just it is now 12:01 so 2007 ......Guess it's official,eh, Grammie?
song bird

The buffet table is out for the Grins & Gripes party!
Well, I just put a tray of salami with cream chease roll-ups topped with green olives out for early arrivals at the Grinner Party tonight! There's plenty of room on the table. I hope lots of Ty collectors stop by for the festivities! Happy New Year Beanie Grins!

Sounds delish! I'll set out some fresh baked cookies! Happy New Year to all! nm

Re:I'm ready to party and getting hungry! LOL.
Thanks for the rolls ups. They are delicious.
The party will probably move over to DT later on tonight. I think that is where it always ends up.
Watch out for Ty to posts! :) Diane

Re:The buffet table is out for the Grins & Gripes party!
Hi all. I, will bring the chips, and Salas. bearprints****

Popped in for a peek and...
brought you all some Lobster Rolls and Shrimp Cocktail.
I almost forgot the Sparkling Grape Juice that TY enjoyed last year.
May you all have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! Cheers!

Yum, I'll contribute as well... how about some spinach dip loaded into a hollow pumperknickle rye bread? Nice big chunks of bread to load the dip onto. I've some tasty chicken springs rolls and plum sauce as well.
Happy New Year everyone.
QB, good to see you hear I say ever so 'softley'. Miss seeing you around.

My contribution to the pary will be:
fried Polska Kielbasa rings with Pineapple chunks.
wishing You all a Very happy New Year!!!

Re:The buffet table is out for the Grins & Gripes party! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Hello Beaniers! Happy New Year to all.
I've got the Sparkling Grape Juice Ready!
Shoebutton1 aka Cheryl

I'm brining homemade french onion dip with veggies & crackers....
The food looks delicious!!!

Re:I forgot to say what I was bringing.
I'm dropping off some spinach roll ups. Hope you all enjoy.

The New Year is already here in UK but I will raise my glass to you ready...
...for your celebrations across The Pond.
We have feasted on many different dishes with our neighbours at our street party tonight, finishing with a firework display and champagne to welcome in the New Year.

For me it is a bitter-sweet celebration as tomorrow I am losing a member of my family for a few months. I am grateful for all my friends and family, both near and far, who will help us through this difficult time. My very good wishes to all my Beanie Friends for a happy, healthy and safe new year.
Sue (UK)

OMG, food!
I've already had so much tonight it would make Stuffed the turkey look malnourished, LOL!
Happy New Year,

Re:The buffet table is out for the Grins & Gripes party! - O FUDGE!! LOL That's what I'm bringin'! Can't have a party w/out chocolate....Oh, and the moose is here, too!
song bird

Re:The buffet ..Just Made Chocolate and peanut butter Bars!
Take one! Here's a napkin for you!Dancing away...

TY is here on Daily Times!!! n/m

Mr Ty has checked in on Daily Tymes.....n/m
song bird

12-30-2006 SATURDAY

The Beanwatcher has posted a picture of the new January Beanie Baby of the Month ! The official Ty announcement is likely to be next week!

Cindy's Beans has pre-sales for three new Hallmark exclusive Easter Beanie's, Pansy, Petunia, and Posey. These 3 are not expected until February 2007.

Daniel at Beanie Universe has noted two silent retirements. Johnny the 4-H Bear and Garfield 4-H have both been silently retired.

Beanie UK has pictures of John The Phoenix's recent Ebay win, a 1995 Ty Retailer/Representative Catalogue!

Peace Mania! has made a comeback and is celebrating their 3rd Anniversary!

On New Year's Eve the Ty Cyberboard is usually the place to be online for Ty Beanie Collectors. Ty Warner is ususally on the Board that evening and posts various requests for things like themed poems and opinions. Last year he wished each time zone of the U.S. a Happy New Year at Midnight when their time arrived.

The most recent "Ask Ty" question chosen alludes to this!

Question: "Do you have another fun New Year's game for us this year?"

Answer: "I have a couple of ideas . . . . but I am open to suggestions !"

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

The Legacy Of The 'Beanie Baby' Soldier
(The following is the entire article)
The numbers that are reported every night on the news of the casualties in Iraq can be cold and impersonal because every number represents a hero, many from our area. And every number is a story that deserves to be told. CBS 3's Larry Mendte relates the story of Corporal Stephen McGowan - the Beanie Baby soldier.

There are people in this world who can create a ray of hope in our darkest hour of despair.

Stephen McGowan, 26, joined the army in the tsunami of emotion that flooded this country after 9/11.

"For him protecting the nation was an immediate response," said his mother Bobbie McGowan.

And when it was time for soldiers to go to Iraq, Stephen volunteered.

"His roommate had a 3-year-old and he felt it was his duty to go before men who had children," said Bobbie.

McGowan made children his mission in Iraq. Even though he was a medic in a scout group that saw action and atrocities almost everyday, he found beauty and hope in the faces of Iraqi children.

He said dont send me anything for Christmas this year just send me toys to give to the children," said Bobbie.

The easiest toys to carry on missions were Beanie Babies. Stephen started handing them out to the Iraqi Children and the story quickly spread of the Beanie Baby soldier.

"We were inundated with Beanie Babies," explained Bobbie.

The Beanie Baby soldier started getting letters from school children in the United States and he would send back a photo essay he put together to explain to children why our country is in Iraq.

It is still played in classrooms and it still has a powerful impact

"The presentation that we just saw, there are no words for it; is the human soul and its core," said Adam Pranda of the Cab Calloway High School in Wilmington.

"It just gives us hope that there are people like that willing to die for us and its really very touching," said student Meg Barton.

Especially touching because it is a message from the grave.

In March of 2005, Bobbie broke down when she saw two officers making the long walk down the hall to her Newark apartment.

"I just said no, no are you sure its Stephen and he said yes maam were sure," said Bobbie.

Stephen McGowan died when a roadside bomb detonated near his patrol near Ramadi. His body is buried at Arlington National Cemetery but he left us all something; hope in its most innocent form.

The Beanie Babies just keep coming in. The Delaware State Police and a charity named after a fallen trooper have picked up where Stephen left off

"To date we collected over 55,000 Beanie Babies, we put hundreds in boxes and send them 50 at a time to Iraq," said Jennifer Hawkin, co-founder of the Ronald G. Williams Foundation.

Recently members of the Delaware Air National Guard handed out thousands of the beanies during their tour in Iraq. Woody Gilger was there and remembers a little Iraqi girl who was scared of the soldiers until she saw the Beanie Baby.

"That picture is worth a thousand words. She saw the Beanie Baby and came right up to us and smiled. And then I knew I was doing something worthwhile. It was that type of feeling," said Gilger.

And imagine how that little girl feels now or any Iraqi Child who goes to bed with the comfort given them from the heart of Stephen McGowan.

"Its going to be much harder to convince that child that Americans are devils when they have a soft Beanie Baby and they remember that soldier knowing he gave it to them," said Bobbie.

And that is the gift that Stephen McGowan gave us; the gift of hope for the next generation.

Click here for more about Stephen McGowan

Once Every Seven Years
"I told the kids that Mommy and Daddy were putting on a Chanukah skit for the whole family to enjoy. My kids clapped their hands. I thought my husband looked a bit shocked. ...Meanwhile, I had promised props. I scanned our toy shelves. I took a plastic telephone and a colorful assortment of beanie babies. Giraffe, panda, yellow and black striped fish, pelican and mallard duck. No wonder I had these vague, existential feelings that my life was a lot like living in a zoo"

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Why do people keep buying just to store in tubs and not .....
seen. I could never understand that. Seems a waste to me. I love collecting Ty bears but if I ever run out of shelve space, I would not get anymore. Or maybe donate old ones to make room for new. I totally believe in displaying everything I have (including all the holiday ones) year round so I can enjoy them every day. I just collect the beanie baby bears (very selectively). Happy New Year.
Nancy from CT

Ever since the first Ty Punxsutawney Phil was introduced, there have always been three versions. The official version , a Tystore version and a retail version. Sometimes the name Punxsutawney was spelled differently such as Punxsutawn-e. Punxy is the official ground hog who each February is observed to see whether or not he sees his shadow in order to predict how soon we will see Spring!

12-29-2006 FRIDAY

The new January 2007 Releases have been officially posted!!!

Beanie Babies:

Derby 133, O'Fortune and Punxsutawney Phil 2007

Sugarpup, Webley, Brutus and Happy Birthday

Salute, Feder-Bear and Garfield Stuck On You

Beanie Buddies :

Charlotte's Web Wilbur and Gussy

Divalectable and Charmed


Aubrey, Eureka and Celeste

Goldwyn, Mitsy and Shredder

Jeweled, Sophisticat and Catskills

Twiddle and Quake


Gilly, Milkers and Piggy

Baby Ty:

Baby Tiptop Blue and Baby Tiptop Pink

Baby Growlers Blue and Baby Growlers Pink

for your dog... Bow Wow Beanies:

Pink 60's Print, Leopard Print and Cow Print

The Beanwatcher has posted the picture of an upcoming Northwestern Mutual exclusive bear yet unannounced named Quiet

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Federer Beanie Why Ty. Please stop
I am angry. First ty store, then sold out ty store, then ty store, now retail.
Why do this to collectors?
You did with Best Buy, now Ty store
Don't bring beanies out at higher prices at select locations then retail them.
No a good idea..... Please stop

Re:It Is a Little frustrating,but..........
with Feder,It is a charity Bear.So, it makes sense to make as many as possible available so they can raise lots more money. as for the others,I have'nt a clue as to why they would do best buy,etc.
It just causes folks to be choosier!!
Happy holiday!

TY is first and foremost a...
business whose bottom line is profit. If they have excess beanies, they're going to try to sell them one way or another

12-28-2006 THURSDAY

Last night, The Beanwatcher announced the discovery of access to photos of the new January 2007 Beanies! Later, one of his readers had found and provided information about the birthdays of seven of the new upcoming releases!

The unofficial names and photos included:

Beanie Babies

Beanie Buddies


Baby Ty


and for your pets...
Bow Wow Beanies

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

Students answer serious calling with Silly String
"Middle school students like Silly String because it's, well, silly. Troops in Iraq have found a more serious reason to like the aerosol cans of goo -- it can detect the trip wires that detonate bombs. The middle school students at Lake Norman Charter School in Huntersville want the community to collect thousands of items for troops in Iraq, including Silly String. The items will be flown to Iraq with a local National Guard unit that's deploying in January and will be given mostly to N.C. troops, said Rob Dixon, a Lake Norman Charter School parent and board member. ...From there, she said, students realize that the troops have other needs: international phone cards, Ping-Pong paddles, new and used paperback books and Beanie Babies to give to Iraqi children."

Soldier in Afghanistan seeks aid for locals
"Captain Benjamin Tupper is spending Christmas in Afghanistan and conditions there rival winters in New England in terms of harshness, debilitating cold and bleak outlooks. ...Tupper is asking for people to send him gloves, hats, coats, socks, scarves and warm clothing so that he can pass those items along to the children he comes in contact with. 'Just within 3 miles of our base there are literally hundreds of children who have absolutely no cold weather clothing', said Tupper. Teddy bears and beanie babies are also appreciated."

Volunteers deliver a Merry Christmas; 60 Santas make rounds, with support of many more
"Civic clubs in Madison were taking up collections, too, and so were school students, like the seventh and eighth graders at the Madison Junior School who donated books and stuffed animals and Beanie Babies, so other young people in Madison would be able to share the joys of waking to Christmas morning."

HUDSON: Time magazine out of touch
"...Computers and the revolution they have spawned are amazing but so too these machines and our increasing addiction to them, for everything from entertainment to distraction, are still just machines. Computers can make our travel reservations and send us an e-mail but always we must remember that these technological boxes are only as good as the folks who use them and the information contained within. As the old adage about computers reminds us, 'Garbage in, garbage out.' What concerns me most as a person of faith and one who like many has become increasingly hooked on a daily dose of the World Wide Web, is the lack of humanity and human connections in so much of the content and activity offered on the Web. Yes the Web is a place where people can really get together and share ideas. Yet far too often the Web is finally about sitting in a chair. Sitting alone. Sitting and staring at a machine, at words and images unfiltered and poured out on to an increasingly numbed and self-focused populace. Why worry about the war when we can bid on beanie babies on EBay? Things in the Sudan are awful but did you see how Rosie dissed the Donald? And how about that Britney Spears check out her blog. "

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

New releases...more dogs and frogs...
Same old story...Just a little color changes. Time to say goodbye to Ty beanie babies.

12-27-2006 WEDNESDAY

Tystore exclusive, Beary Much was introduced today!

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

On a Mission In a Hard Place
"RAMADI, Iraq -- The soldiers of Combat Outpost Iron set out to help one Ramadi neighborhood get back to normal. The troops tried to learn local tribal politics. Passed out Beanie Babies. Drank tea. Attempted Arabic. Lt. Brian Braithwaite said he truly felt they were making a difference. Then in early November, Braithwaite's Bradley Fighting Vehicle hit a roadside bomb filled with gasoline, setting his gunner on fire. In the muffled intensity of pulling his friend to safety, Braithwaite said he heard sounds coming from the homes of the people they were trying to help. Laughing. Cheering. Celebrating his friend's near-death. ...Braithwaite's unit, the 1st Battalion, 36th Infantry Regiment, has been in the capital of western Iraq's Anbar province since June. Most of the guys here can remember the moment when their frustration killed their empathy. When they no longer felt guilty about knocking down doors. No longer cared to hand out candy."

Ty Beanie Babies celebrate birthdays, with each Beanie in most cases having a specific birthday. This site focuses on Beanies and the Ty World. It is difficult however not to recognize the realities of life in the world.

A few Beanies do recognize those we have lost like Garcia, Ronnie and Holy Father as well as Princess and the Katrina Bears. Don't dare to mention the loss of anyone however on the Ty Cyberboard. Your post will be removed. These subjects are off limits. I was censored when I mentioned the loss of my son Shabazz (1977 - 2005) who was murdered in a jealous rage on the streets of New York. On Christmas Day we lost James Brown (1933 - 2006) and now today, former U.S. President Gerald Ford (1913 - 2006). By mentioning them here, I am recognizing the full circle of life and the fact that they each in their own way, touched many lives.

12-26-2006 TUESDAY

It may feel like a Monday but it's Tuesday! New Years will be exactly one week from Christmas and it always is on the same day of the next week, So, New Year's Day 2007 will be next Monday!

A wonderful program aired last night, on the North East Coast of the U.S.A. it was on ABC Channel 7. The title was:

Christmas Kindness - Oprah In South Africa.

"It's been a year in the makingan Oprah Show like no other! Twenty-one days. Fifty thousand children. A million extraordinary moments. Oprah's Christmas in South Africa. Share in what Oprah calls 'the single greatest experience of my life.' "

When I changed channels to see what was on, the story immediately caught my attention. Doctors who travelled with Oprah's group were shown treating a young girl who had an extreme case of curable scabies under home made bandages. After her treatment she was given a Ty Beanie Baby, Bushy The Lion. Oprah was shown with Nelson Mandela who hugged her and sat with her as they greeted many and celebrated. The program was filmed in 2002 but is still relevant today.

Oprah, her friends and her crew set up tents at several locations where they provided a good time for over 2,000 children at each location. The visit culminated with each child receiving gifts. Ever little Black Girl received a Black Doll to play with. The boys all received Soccer Balls. The children were all fitted with sneakers and also received clothing as well. A picture was taken for each child to have a memory of the occasion. The children at each location left with their filled backpacks happy to have had such a fun day.

At one location a party was held and the children opened their gifts in unison finding first the toys and next the full wardrobe of clothing. A group of children were found wandering the streets in a nearby village. They too were brought to the party and received all of the same gifts with their names. For all of the children Oprah had read their name and they each came up to receive their gifts. When the day was over the stray children were driven back home and were given a months' supply of food.

It was pointed out during the program that the nation due to deaths from AIDS was losing an entire generation. Those who would survive were the children and the old. One young girl who was the sole caretaker of her little sister it was learned would have to leave her sister home alone to go to school. They were given uniforms so they could both go to school. Oprah also took her to see her mother who appeared to be very old but was only 29 years old. She was in a hospital dying from AIDS but was only being treated for her symptoms. AIDS causes one to lose the immunities and as a result other diseases are caught. The underlying cause, AIDS was not being treated with anti-viral medicine because the medicine could not be afforded by the hospital. They did not have the money to buy the needed medicine so the patients were destined to die.

Oprah did manage to through her Angel Network change that particular situation and that hospital is now receiving the medicine to treat its' patients. Oprah said that now she understands why she is who she is, childless and unmarried, so she could help the children who were suffering. "these are my children" she said. She also pointed out how others could help through Oprah's Angel Network .

This morning there are reports that an earthquake has hit Taiwan and it has triggered a Tsunami that is headed for the Phillipines. On the 24th, victims of last year's Tsunami were shown on television practicing how to escape a future disaster should one occur, walking and running to safety.
Update: The danger is over, and one person was reported to have been killed.

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

The spirit of giving gets the competitive edge
"WASHINGTON - High schools sponsor charity campaigns all year long, but the activity reaches frenzied heights during the holidays. This past month at Oakton High School, there was a canned food drive, sponsorship of a family in need, and Toys for Tots. ...On the last day of the toy drive, rumors were rife: 'One mother of a student from another class is giving her entire collection of Beanie Babies.' "

M.L.S. Wants Your Advertising
"Picture this: opening day of the 2007 Major League Soccer season in April for Chivas USA at the Home Depot Center. During the televised game from Carson, Calif., the camera pans the stands and settles on two California women, eyes on the game, ears to their cellphones. They are wearing red-and-white-striped replica jerseys emblazoned with the name of a team sponsor Bimbo. ...for M.L.S., a decision to sell space to sponsors on the front of the jerseys of the leagues 13 teams for a minimum of $500,000 a year is another way for the league to find a seat at the table in the global soccer marketplace. And Grupo Bimbo, a multibillion-dollar Mexican company that markets products like Wonder Bread, is one of only a few potential sponsors for Chivas. ...Other United States companies put their names on the jerseys of European teams in an attempt to increase their presence overseas. Several years ago, Ty, the company that makes Beanie Babies, put its logo on the shirts of Portsmouth in England."

A very special Christmas
" O'Connell said he spent 12 months in Mosul, Iraq, then he and his brigade were extended for another four months of service. "They told us not to count on being home for Christmas," he said. 'One month into the extension, they said we might be back for Thanksgiving, but that didn't work out. Now to be back for Christmas is pretty nice.' ...He was also appreciative of gifts received daily from everyday Americans. "I want to say thanks to everybody in general," he said. "We got a lot of packages and letters; everything from candy to Beanie Babies. That was nice, and it was good to get things from people. It shows that people are there supporting us, and we tried to respond to all of them.""

The Beanwatcher has done his homework and posted information about Holiday celebrations that are celebrated after Christmas. He posted information about Kwanzaa which was begun about 40 years ago by a Professor, Dr. Maulana Karenga, in California as well as Boxing Day which is celebrated in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and in the U.K. as well as St. Stephens Day celebrated in Holland!

12-25-2006 MONDAY

Ty 2004 Holiday Greeting!

Ty 2003 Holiday Greeting!!!

Ty 2002 Holiday Greeting!!

The animated graphics are courtesy of beaniemotion !

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

'Tis a gift to be simple
" I was all about assuring that the holiday drip with magic like frosting off the eaves of a gingerbread house: the drive through the wonderland-of-lights neighborhoods, the children's seven favorite types of homemade (think 4 a.m.) cookies, Christmas Eve candlelight services (paraffin and preschoolers should be illegal). My finest overachieving hour was conjuring the impossible during the Beanie Baby craze, Santa brought Matthew and Pierce scores of the most sought-after and outrageously priced 3-inch stuffed animals, each hidden somewhere in the house. In full disclosure, I recently threw out hundreds of Beanie Babies after, one, our sons denied ever having been a part of the craze and, two, our elder cat urinated on just enough of them to spoil the entire collection. "

Care packages from Iron Range to Iraq
"The troops welcome all manner of toiletries, snacks, games and other items, ranging from razors and foot powder, sun block and socks, combs and cotton balls to yoyos and comic books, tea bags and Pringles, summer sausage and Spam, along with phone cards and disposable cameras and Beanie Babies, which they give to the Iraqi children."

The Beanwatcher has posted pictures of Limited Edition Christmas Card exclusives from the Tystore in Japan!

Click the store name to see the cards from Ty Store Roppongi Hills and Ty Store Motomachi !

Ms. Janie has posted another beautiful picture featuring Beanie Snowbelles for the Holiday from John The Phoenix Click here !

One winner of Ms. Janies Holiday contest who won the Grand Prize was Susan Weaver who has sent a picture to Ms. Janie! Click here !

"Wow is what everyone in the house said when I opened this package. Here are pictures of the prizes. When the next package comes I will have Rob take a picture of me with the package."

Rose who also won has also sent a picture to Ms. Janie! Click here!

Hi Ms. Janie
I wanted to let you know that I received my parcel today, What a surprise, So much stuff, & more beanies Everything is just wonderful, my hubby claimed the musical egg.
Thank You So very much again, I also received the comp program.
Like a little kid in a candy store.
I hope that you & yours have a Very Merry Christmas

The winners of My Collection Complete were Susan Weaver and Denny Miller!

12-24-2006 SUNDAY

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

Police pack food baskets for senior citizens, families
"Fifty senior citizens and families received an early Christmas present Thursday from Murfreesboro Police and the Human Resource Center at Franklin Heights apartments. ...'Its nice for us to give back to the community other than being seen as being the bad guys writing tickets,' Day said. Lt. Steve Teeters said Oakland High School students brought stuffed animals such as Precious Moments and Ty Beanie Babies for police to give to children. Officers included stuffed animals in the boxes. Other stuffed animals will be given to children in crashes and in domestic situations."

Hold over Islanders slips away
"Given that the teams play so rarely, because of an unbalanced schedule and each being in different conferences, this fact didnt much bother the Islanders. But they did get a monkey off their backs last night, even if it was a monkey about the size of a Beanie Baby."

12-23-2006 SATURDAY

Ms. Janie has posted a Season's Greetings Message from John The Phoenix !

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

A Christmas to remember
"...Santa then turned back to the fire and watched the flames dance in a frenzied pattern. He removed his wire-rimmed spectacles, carefully placed them on the mantle and rubbed his eyes. 'Madigan, you've done a good job. Unfortunately I misjudged the demand for Beanie Babies. I thought the craze would die out much sooner. You remember the year we got stuck with all those hula hoops.' "

"Cabbage Patch Kids. Furbies. Beanie Babies. Once immensely popular toys are soon forgotten and stuffed away in closets. ...Keith Yordy, of East Hempfield Township, says the Elmos, Beanie Babies, Cabbage Patch dolls and Furbies he bought as Christmas gifts for his children now ages 27, 23 and 16 have been largely forgotten. 'The most painful acquisitions were the Beanie Babies. I actually fell for the "speculation" aspect and "invested" in several high-priced items that are now worth one percent what I paid,' Yordy wrote in an e-mail. ...However, Cammauf says she was able to make some money off the late-1990s hype around Beanie Babies. Fortunately for her, she unloaded the stuffed toys before the market for them dried up. (A Princess Diana bear she sold for $75, now goes for less than $5 on eBay)."

Keizer kids set high bar for Christmas spirit
"Students in Carolyn Ream's classroom at Whiteaker Middle School held a toy drive that exceeded all expectations this month ...As chronicled in the Keizertimes this week, one child even contributed a whole collection of Beanie Babies 133 in all. Ask a collector how hard it is to part with one's accumulated riches, whether it's stamps or cars or salt shakers, and the generosity shown in such a gift is undeniable. Leave it to a child to set such a clear example for us all."

The Beanwatcher has reported a possibility of an upcoming Northwestern Mutual exclusive bear rumored to be coming soon!

Everyone, if you plan to display a pine tree, please be careful to cut of have the bottom of the trunk cut to allow your tree to soak up water set up under it. Pine needles otherwise can become dried up and flammable. If the cut in the trunk seals, no water will get to the tree. Don't forget to be careful since water and electricity and little fingers are a dangerous combination. Be safe when using incense and lighted candles or air fresheners do not leave them on unattended and do not overload your electrical wiring.

Have a SAFE and HAPPY Holiday!

12-22-2006 FRIDAY

"Beanie UK is now linked to The Beanie News news page included within the links top of the page. Thanks The Beanie News!"

Hi Alln, Beanie UK is also linked to Beanie Baby Chat, Message Boards & Discussion Groups as well!

The Tystore silently retired 2007 the Bear yesterday, 12/21/2006.

12-21-2006 THURSDAY

Happy 91st Birthday to The Domino King!!!

Ms. Janie has posted pictures sent by Eva of the 3 Hershey's Beanies, Cocoa Bean, Hugsy, and Kisses , Walgreens exclusives.

December 21st, 2006 Retirements!

Beanie Babies:

Happy Birthday and Prima

Meekins and Rowdy

U.S. Exclusive Deuce (US Open) and U.K. Exclusive Nigel

Little Kiss and Little Squeeze

Little Bear and Holiday Dora

Freezie and Chillingsly

Jinglemouse and Janglemouse

Joy, Joyful and Joyous

Holiday Teddy and Outlaw

Ho Ho Ho and Happy Holidays

Beanie Buddies:

Whittle and Delilah

Sport and Avalon

Garfield Season's Greetings and Spongebob Pineapple Home

2006 Holiday Teddy and Gift Wrapped

Romeo and Juliet

Jingle Beanies:



Orchid and Scribbly

Silky and Glitters

Sparkles and Ratzo - 8"

Ratzo Key Clip and Glitters Key Clip

Silky Key Clip and Ratzo - 13"

The Hershey's Kisses Bears have been silently introduced on the Ty site today according to a report by The Beanwatcher who has also noted that discussions have been held by Ty Representatives who are considering the production of licensed Beanies with Disney and Nascar!

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Here's a list of beanies' birthdays that are 25th December
1997 Holiday Teddy Bear
1998 Holiday Teddy Bear
1999 Holiday Teddy Bear
2003 Holiday Teddy the bear
2004 Holiday Teddy the bear
Tiny Tim the mouse
Happy Hanukkah the bear
Happy Hanukkah the bear
2006 Holiday Teddy the bear
Eggnog the bear

You can search what their hang tags say under the listing of Beanie Babies.
Love; Karen

Today's Silent Ty Classic Retirements (Big Group)
Bristol the White Bear
Caboodle the Grey Cat
Cartwheels the Monkey
Chestnuts the Holiday Moose
Fargo the White Bear in Snow Gear
Laces the Dog
Meows the Pink Cat
Molasses the Teddy Bear
Mootina the Cow
Romancer the Valentines Day Monkey
Skimmer the Dolphin
Snowfort the White Bear
Tidbit the Dog
Toasty the Beige Bear with Scarf
Wentworth the Brown Bear
Whistles the Bear

Today's Bow Wow Beanies Silent Retirements (Big Group)
Camouflage BoneFor Smaller Doggies Chillin the Snowman
Chocolate the Holiday Moose
Christmas Bone Green Snowflake
Christmas Bone Red Snowflake
Christmas Bone Stripe
Halloween Bone
Lil Bones the Pink Dog
Lil Legs the Frog
Pink Stripe BoneFor Smaller Doggies
Zero the Penguin

Today's Silent Retirements (Pluffies and Baby Ty)
Clomps the Parasaurolophus
Corkscrew the Pig
Grazer the Cow
Grins the Frog
Jingles the Red and Green Holiday Dog
Merry Moose the Holiday Moose
Mr. Snow the Snowman
Ms. Snow the Snowman
Pudder the Pink Bear
Stomps the Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tromps the Triceratops

Baby Ty
Cuddlekitty the Cat Duo
Pretty Pony--White

One Silent Punkies Retirement slipped by me
Big Siren the Valentines Day Bear

12-20-2006 WEDNESDAY

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

Beanie Baby bandit might be cat
"PIEDMONT, Calif., Dec. 19 Police in Piedmont, Calif., investigating a possible stalker leaving Beanie Babies in residents' yards said they have video of a suspect -- a family cat. Police said the feline suspect, Gertie, belongs to the owners of one of the homes, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Tuesday. ...The cat was caught on tape but we don't know if it was moving the Beanie Babies from the location where somebody put them, police Capt. John Hunt told the Chronicle. Clancy said he does not know where Gertie would get Beanie Babies."

12-18-2006 MONDAY

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

Christmas charm spread inside and out
"... If you're seeking yuletide cheer, then you've found the right place. And you're more than welcome to walk right in between 5 and 10 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday through Dec. 31 ...So prepare yourself for more than 30,000 outside lights; inflatable decorations; and 27 trees inside the house. The tour called Old Thyme Country Christmas is free ...Some of the 27 Christmas trees some small, some tall are themed. Among them: penguins, Santas, wildlife, cats, Beanie Babies and snowmen. Dorothy is especially fond of the latter two. She has an extensive collection of Beanie Babies, and she can't pass up snowmen."

Good eBay reputations shouldn't be quite so contrived
" Ebay is one of the wonders of the online world. ...In the past I've purchased cameras, a computer and innumerable Beanie Babies (for my daughter, I hasten to add). A friend even sold a recumbent bicycle - to a guy who works on an oil rig! And every one of these transactions has been entirely unproblematic."

Kenyan orphanage receives donations thanks to efforts of Area Learning Center students
"...Ngatha International orphanage in Kenya. The orphanage will provide a home and school for children who have been orphaned by AIDS. ...The students made quilts and collected Beanie Babies and other items to send to Kenya. Mwangi is a native of Kenya who came to the United States nine years ago to pursue her doctoral degree. She is a professor of womens studies at St. Cloud State University."

Finding Webkinz...
"Traditional plush toys have always been a hit with kids: They raked in about $1.3 billion in 2005. But experts say Webkinz's interactive component is what puts the kiddies in a tizzy: Think Beanie Babies meets Neopets. 'Without those tags, it's just another stuffed animal,' says Steven Josephson, who owns the Toy Box in Mamaroneck."

12-17-2006 SUNDAY

Billionaire Bear 9 has been silently retired.

12-16-2006 SATURDAY

Walgreens exclusives Hershey's Kisses are in hand according to The Beanwatcher who has posted pictures!

There are three Bears, Cocoa Bean, Hugsy, and Kisses ! These bears are supposed to be released in January for the Hershey's 100 Year Anniversary, however, one store decided to release the bears now. Each store will receive 24 bears, 8 of each of the 3 designs.

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

Disability advocate wants to trade Beanie Babies
"After 41-year-old Elena Sain of Ft. Worth Texas was shot and killed by her husband in 2003, Sharonville resident Rodney Jackson was given the more than 3,000 Beanie Babies she collected. A retired law enforcement officer and a U.S. Army veteran, the-now-multiple-disabled Jackson wants to sell the Beanie Babies or barter them for work he needs completed on his house to make it more handicapped accessible and so he can travel the country to represent people with multiple disabilities. Jackson, a disabilities advocate who has already mediated more than 200 cases of discrimination and civil rights violations, represented Sain and her husband, John Ray Sain III, both of whom had multiple disabilities."

When is a gift a tip? Only IRS can say
"In a recent e-mail to all outposts, cheerily titled ' Simple Gifts Simplified: Know when to say, 'No, thank you!' ' the Postal Service reminded its legions of carriers not to accept cash, money orders or stock. Yes, stock. 'Non-gifts,' however, like cookies, coffee, soda and doughnuts are kosher, the e-mail says, as are gifts with "little intrinsic value" such as a plaque, cheap pen, mug or even "an elegant snow globe" - just what every mail carrier wants. Also allowed are gift certificates to coffee shops, bookstores or department stores, though no gift, no matter what form, may exceed $20 in value. The key, according to Hernando postmaster Bob Carleton, is that carriers are "absolutely not" allowed to solicit gratuities - even though some of them do. In 28 years as part of the service, Carleton has seen letter carriers get cats, puppies, Beanie Babies, booze and other gifts. The office has already started to fill up with fruitcakes."

12-15-2006 FRIDAY

The Beanwatcher has reported information about a new Walgreens Exclusive, Hershey's Kisses Beanie Baby!

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

Santa Fund 2006
" The Santa Claus office is still open, and workers are packing boxes for letters that arrived on the deadline date. Unfortunately, no new requests can be accepted for this year. A final total of children assisted is being tabulated, and will be given in one of the upcoming reports. ...In Town Shop donated six teddy bears and Beanie Babies, with a total value of $150."

Solving mystery of the Beanie Baby bandit Culprit leaving toys at homes is discovered
"All told, about three dozen of the once-hot collectibles have shown up on Clancy's property. It unnerved him so much that he called police each time he found them, and he put a sign warning intruders that police would be called. Clancy began worrying that someone might be stalking his 13-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son. Police dutifully made a note of each incident, listing every discovery as a suspicious circumstance, Hunt said. Patrol officers would lurk nearby and speed to Clancy's home whenever they saw sensor lights go off. 'And all they would see are Beanie Babies,' Hunt said. He said the officers' reaction could be summarized as, " 'How the hell did the Beanie Babies get there? We didn't see anybody.' Clancy's next-door neighbor Steven Eigenberg, 54, meanwhile, also reported finding Beanie Babies in his yard. And on Nov. 29, Eigenberg reported that someone had broken a window to his garage. "

SFist Blotter
".Who's breaking into houses in the tony Piedmont area -- and leaving behind a calling card Beanie Baby toy on local porches and yards? Police were baffled. Residents feared a stalker -- including one man who found about three dozen Beanie Babies on his lawn. The man set up a security camera -- and reviewing the footage the next day, he discovered that the criminal was.... his cat Gertie. Gertie's been locked inside in the evenings, and no further Beanie Baby incidents have been reported. Where did the Beanie Babies come from? ("They're not going into Toys R Us, and they're not ordering them off the Internet," says Gertie's owner.) Turns out Gertie's neighbor (a former mayor of Piedmont) keeps a bag of Beanie Babies in his garage. The former mayor, though, claims the Beanie Babies Gertie was bringing around weren't his, even though there's an open window in the garage that Gertie might have been able to get into."

12-14-2006 THURSDAY

Snowdrop has been silently retired in the Tystore.

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

Gifts for adding off-screen fun

"Wilbur the pig and Gussy the goose, hitting screens at a megaplex near you starting today in "Charlotte's Web," make for utterly huggable Ty Beanie Babies ($8.99). These way-soft dolls may be only 8 inches tall, but they're towering figures in the imagination of kids everywhere. And to work those developing noggins, consider the 100-piece "Charlotte's Web" puzzle ($7.95, Milton Bradley) for ages 5 and up, showing Charlotte (looking little like Dakota Fanning) holding Wilbur, surrounded by some of her other animal pals."

Jump-ropers' film to air
""Jump In!," a Disney Channel made-for-TV movie starring members of Cincinnati-area competitive double Dutch teams, is set to air at 8 p.m. Jan. 12. Members of four local teams are featured in the movie: the Rope Twisters and Bobo's Beanie Babies from Greater Cincinnati, the Cincinnati Ropin' Rockets and the Comet Skippers from Mason."

Lot of toys at lot Huge pile sits at Art Moehn with room for more
" You can still catch the redesigned 2007 Silverado, but it's the mound of talking Teddy Ruxpins and 800 Beanie Babies stacked in the showroom that's catching customers' eyes."

12-13-2006 WEDNESDAY

"Congratulations to the following WINNERS"

"I have chosen to keep you in suspense and surprise you with your winnings by not disclosing your prize package content. I hope to mail your packages later this week!"

"Happy Holidays",
Ms. Janie


Denny Miller, Nancy Strouse, Martha Flemming, Rose Shearer and Susan Weaver who have won prizes in Ms. Janie's Holiday Contest! For those of you who won My Collection Complete, you will be sent your software by email as soon as Ms. Janie has arranged for the delivery! Ms. Janie has not posted each person's prize package yet but the full list of prizes is in the news posted over the past 8 days below!

December 2006 Sold Out !

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

Washington Around Our Schools
"The Community of Caring Service Project for November involved collecting food for Saint Mary's Food Bank and prizes for a schoolwide turkey trot. There were two parts to the project. Physical Education Teacher Jessica Goldblatt organized a turkey trot for each grade level and invited parents to join their children in walking quarter-mile laps to earn "feathers" toward raffled items that were donated. Donations included Fry's Gift Cards, Phoenix Suns tickets, Phoenix Zoo Lights tickets, pencils, 14 Beanie Babies, and 67 pies."

House of Trees
"In every room the Terrigino home there is at least one Christmas tree. In most rooms there's more than one, and every one has a theme. There's a Coca Cola tree, a Precious Moments tree, a Hallmark tree, a gingerbread tree, a Vegas tree, and a Wizard of Oz tree. ...The John Deere tree is new this year. There are lighthouses and Looney Tunes, pictures of kids, bears and Beanie Babies. There is a diva tree with shoes and purses. "

Beanie Babies are tops
"As they sorted through piles of stuffed animals, South High School students found everything from dogs and cats to bears, but Beanie Babies reigned. 'We have tons and tons of Beanie Babies and the smaller stuffed animals,' said 17-year-old senior Lindsay Labrador. "

Rebuilding Fallujah, one toy at a time
"Janet Wakehouse, a medical secretary at Mercy Medical Center -- Sioux City, asked her co-workers for donations to send to the children of Fallujah. 'I asked for donations from my whole department, which is physical medicine and rehab, so it includes speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy,' she said. Donations also came pouring in from the Turin United Methodist Church of Turin, Iowa, the United Methodist Church of Onawa, the Queen Esther Chapter -- Order of the Eastern Star, family and friends. One woman donated 10 pounds of sugar. Another donated an entire drawer full of Beanie Babies."

Generosity reigns as Christmas nears
" Many years ago, two young boys walked into The Times Record office in Bath, each with an envelope in his hand. This elf was busy at the computer, getting the daily report ready to be published the next day. Their father escorted them, but they did the presentation. ...Monetary donations today equal $1,821.50. Total to date adds up to $10,019.60. ...Connie Turner, Brunswick, delivered to the warehouse three knitted hat-and-scarf sets and three Beanie Babies."

12-12-2006 TUESDAY

Allan, aka Spongebob Fanatic, the founder of Beanie UK has a new Assistant Manager working with him on this new Message Board, News and Beanie Information site!

"When I got up this am I didn't think I would have a new job by the end of the day!" John
the phoenix

John has noted that "...any news from me will be verified - rumours abound in Beanieland, ...I only send in news, hints, changes to news etc etc that I have checked out. And another thing you can count'll see it here just as soon as I have it!" He expects things to be quiet until the New Year in the UK however he has also predicted that "We can expect the 3rd set of the Beatrix Potter beanies for a start......" !

Official Ty Posting: SOLD OUT !

A number of Ty Items are reported to have been SOLD OUT by Planet Beans' Lisa as well as by The Beanwatcher . The SOLD OUT Beanies are:

2006 Holiday Teddy - Beanie Baby
Meekins - Beanie Baby
Romeo & Juliet - Beanie Buddies
Romancer - Ty Classic
Big Siren - Punkies
Merry Moose - Pluffies

Ms. Janie's Holiday Contest has ended and the WINNERS Are!!!

1. Denny Miller of Bradenton, Florida

2. Nancy Strouse of Waterloo, IA

3. Martha Fleming of Northern Ireland - Armagh

4. Rose Shearer of Niagara Falls NY

5. Susan Weaver of Casselberry, Fl (GRAND PRIZE)

Ms. Janie posted: "A special thanks goes out to all of my generous readers who donated prizes. Without their help this contest would not had been as successful."


Thank you Ms. Janie! I am sure that everyone would agree that this was an enjoyable experience!

12-11-2006 MONDAY


Ms. Janie's Holiday Contest is about to come to an end and the WINNERS will be announced :

Tomorrow, Tuesday evening at 9:00 PM EST!

12-11-2006 MONDAY

Ms. Janie's Holiday Contest is winding up and the 5 Winners will be announced on her web site at 9PM EST this evening!

The Beanwatcher has posted the link to a new UK based website. He wrote that "Allan from the UK (aka Spongebob Fanatic) shares that he has created a new beanie-related website called Beanie UK ."

Beanie UK is a promising new addition to the Beanie Baby World!

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Great News!! Counterfeit Bumble!
I am so happy that I have made a difference in this auction. Well after emailing the seller back after her questions, I pointed out a good reliable authenticating service and pointed out the main glaring reason I though it was counterfiet was the eyeballs. I suspected a no reply and for some poor person to end up with a counterfeit bumble but I recieved and email this morning. It aploigized for all the confusion becuase she has been busy with store she owns. She said she had her husband look into what I said, and she said they believe it is counterfiet so she pulled the listing before it meets reserve and plans to have it authenticated. Hopefully someone who knows more about Web than I can point out his errors.
~Lamore 9

Beanies In The News

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

ALC students tying quilts, gathering Beanie Babies for new Ngatha orphanage
"Even in places that straddle the equator, nights can be chilly. A cozy quilt can offer some comfort while you cuddle a small stuffed animal of your very own. This is the picture floating through the heads of students and staff at the Willmar Area Learning Center as they work on quilts and sort Beanie Babies to ship to the Ngatha International children’s home in Kenya. The children’s home will open in January on an old British colonist farmstead in the central highlands of Kenya, according to Ngatha board member Tammi Joy Parsons of Spicer. "

For 80th birthday, former teacher gets a surprise
" At the party, several former students paid tribute to Niendorff. "Mr. Niendorff's gentle leadership made us feel safe and secure, and we were like a big family," John Cope said. From Kari Smith: "If I could live any part of my life again, it would be my years at Smithfield Junior High." ...The first full-time shop teacher in the Birdville district, Niendorff taught several years before becoming a vice principal at Richland Junior High, principal at Watauga Junior High and then principal at Smithfield Junior High in 1975 until his retirement in 1981. ...Christmas stockings: Several women collectively called the Helping Hands, who live at The Wellington retirement community in North Richland Hills, have been working hard to make 120 Christmas stockings for ill, home-bound children. ...Several other organizations, which were to help with a party for the children Thursday at their homes, include Meadow Lakes Retirement Community, Mountasia Fun Center, Coca-Cola and the Fort Worth Cats. Forrest Benefiel, a student at North Richland Middle School, donated his prize collection of 150 Beanie Babies for the party, Ward said"

Toys for Tots gears up for holidays
"Bathtubs filled with soccer balls. Hallways covered with boxes of games and puzzles, candy and dolls. Entire rooms, meticulously organized into stacks of books, wallets, electronic games and backpacks. ...In the room for older girls are curling irons and cosmetics. Crayons, Beanie Babies, dolls and other items are diverted to the little girls room."

Storage unit auctions draw cadre of regulars
"It happens every few weeks at the typical self-storage facility: A door is unlocked and rolls up, and prospective bidders peer in at furniture, bric-a-brac and boxes filled with who-knows-what. And all of it was orphaned because the owner stopped paying rent on the storage unit. ..."It's a form of treasure hunting," he said. Occasionally, treasures do turn up: jewelry, gems and collectibles ranging from rare coins to Beanie Babies."

Big ‘Bucks,’ Bigger Hearts
"From Dec. 4 to the 8, library staff operated a "store" where the children could spend their hard-earned positive behavior coupons, a.k.a. 'Knight Bucks.' But something unexpected happened. Rather than buying gifts for themselves — like the teachers intended — almost all of the kids bought gifts for other people, especially their mothers, the teachers said. ...Teachers and staff donated more than 2,000 small items, including beanie babies, books, small toys and other odds and ends for the store."

Pirates Steal Show At Niantic Light Parade
"In a departure from Christmas tradition, pirates took over the 18th annual Niantic Light Parade Sunday. ... 'We all live in a Christmas submarine,' played to the tune of 'Yellow Submarine.' 'We spent $30,000 on this submarine,' boasted a sailor on top, as they tossed out aquatic animal Beanie Babies to the crowd."

12-10-2006 SUNDAY

It is now Day 7 the LAST day of Ms. Janie's Holiday Contest. It will end at 9PM!

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

msjanies contest
has anyone found the icon for day 3?
just answer yes or no

Re:msjanies contest
yes...good luck!

ms Janie's Contest
I am not asking for help I just would like to know if anyone doing the contest has found the icon for day 6! My hubby and I are flustered,and have looked all over. If you have found it, please just answer with a yes you did, thats all. then at least we will know that it is there some where,lol. Thanks

yes, I found it but it did take quite some time. n/m

Re: ....Thank you so much..
for the answer of yes! Thats all we needed. We have been at this one since Ms. janie put this one up and we are still going! We are just clicking on everypart of her site, I know that I will find it!

The Grand Prize in Ms. Janie's Holiday Contest will include a set of Beatrix Potter Beanies and a Beatrix Potter book donated by Jenni from Abbey Bears!

Addie's Attic Auction pages have been temporarily unavailable and will be available later this year. Other features are however still available.

12-9-2006 SATURDAY

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:


It's Day 6 for Ms. Janie's Holiday Contest and Day 7, the final Day will start this evening!

The Beanwatcher has posted more names for the 8 McDonalds Malaysia Teenie Beanies who resemble last year's European set and the USA set the year before featuring Ronald. They are "Golden Arches the bear and Happy Meal the bear. "

So here are the correct names for the (8) Eight 2006 Malaysia McDonald Teenie Teenies:

Golden Arches, Ronald, Happy Meal, Grimace, Birdie, Hamburglar, Birthday and Fries.

Beanies In The News:

"On a mid-November morning at A-1 Self-Storage on Monterey Road, auctioneer Forrest O'Brien started the bidding on the first unit at $50 and declared ``sold!'' at $175. ``Lock 'er up,'' O'Brien said, then moved to the next. On this day at the Monterey Road A-1, about 25 people showed up, including a subculture of regulars who know each other by name. They brought cash; checks and credit cards were not accepted. All winning bidders were required to empty out the units that day. `I'm addicted to it,' explained a bidder named Sandor, who asked that his last name not be used. `It's a form of treasure hunting.' Occasionally, treasures do turn up: jewelry, gems and collectibles ranging from rare coins to Beanie Babies."

12-8-2006 FRIDAY

It is now Day 5 the 5th day of Ms. Janie's Holiday Contest. Day 6 will begin this evening at 9PM!

Beanies In The News

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

Always Doggest Before the Dawn
"GILDING THE LILLY: It’s true I haven’t played baseball in a long time, but I still know a bean ball when I see one. And that’s exactly what Beanie Baby billionaire Ty Warner is throwing these days. But that’s to be expected, I suppose. I am referring to Warner’s latest and greatest public tantrum in which he threatened to sell Montecito’s abandoned and dilapidated Miramar Hotel rather than renovate it, as he recently promised. That’s because — we are told — Warner has become fed up with the incessant and sniping demands of the jackals and Lilliputians sitting on the Montecito Planning Commission and the Montecito Association. These self-important, self-inflated petty tyrants have the gall to express opinions contrary to Warner’s about his plans for the Coral Casino and the Biltmore Hotel — which he also owns. In a word, they are out to get him. As a result, Warner announced he is selling off the Miramar, the once beloved dowdy dowager of waterfront hotels. Naturally, we hear none of this from Warner himself. "

It Takes a Village to Fund a County
"Annually, whoever owns taxable property become liable for property tax based on the assessed value of the property. The assessed value is often based on the purchase price of a property—and Montecito’s got expensive dirt. For example, the assessed value of Ty Warner’s residential estate over looking Butterfly Beach is $119,509,665—making his annual tax bill on that property alone more than $1 million. Tack onto that his tax stipend for the nearby Biltmore Hotel, with an assessed value of $132,000,000, and you’re talking lots of Beanie Babies. Oprah’s pad seems mid-range by comparison, assessed at merely a tad over $50 million. With more than 3,000 parcels in Montecito, and very few of them valued at under $1million, it becomes clear that, from the viewpoint of the County of Santa Barbara, Montecito spells money. "

The Beanwatcher has reported news from a reader who purchased the DVD with a free mini Garfield by Ty. "It has the name Garfield on the back of the swing tag and below its name is short message saying:"

I love being me!

"Also another thing about it... Its beans in this mini Garfield are missing in action. Icepack the Ty Store polar bear has more beans than this!! Basically in this Garfield, there are NO BEANS AT ALL.. Even Garfield's feet are bean-less. If it wasn't for the Ty tags you would think this came out of a child's Happy Meal box. "

12-7-2006 THURSDAY

Finally! Yesterday evening (EST) or afternoon (PST), Ty December 2006 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper was posted!

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Yeah, it's finally here...the calendar is finally here! Yeah! Thank you! n/m

Thanks Ty for the December Calendar. . .n.m

Do you suppose Ty is cooking up a .....
massive retirement of beanies on new years eve? It happened that way before, didn't it? I, too, think that there are a lot of current beanies and maybe some styles should be retired.

It is the 4th Day for Ms. Janie's Holiday Contest. Subscriber's to her Newsletter received notes about the contest last night or in the afternoon for those on the West Coast. Readers Worldwide visit Ms. Janie's for Beanie Baby Information and to share their stories and photos. If you are participating in the contest, be sure to subscribe! Here are a few links frm the latest issue!

Ms. Janie’s Holiday Contest MAIN page
Contest INSTRUCTION page
DONATED prizes from Ms. Janie
DONATED prizes from Newsletter subscribers
DONATED prizes from Newsletter subscribers
DONATED prizes from Newsletter subscribers

Yesterdays link to news below about Animaniacs mentioned a Garfield Beanie to be given away with a DVD by . The Beanwatcher has done furthur research and posted the following"
"I was just browsing the new releases on when I noticed that a Garfield Behind the Scenes DVD w/Plush Toy. So I clicked on the link and well wouldn't you know -- the Mini Plush is a TY.... Also, this DVD with the Mini Ty Garfield comes out on December 5th. I guess you never know where Ty beanies will show up. ...The mini Garfield does have a Ty heart swing tag but it is not the current folded style. Instead, it is a single piece reminiscent of the ones used on Teenie Beanies. The front of the swing tag is identical to the 14th generation Beanie Baby swing tag in use today."


Beanies In The New:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

“If all your friends jumped off the roof, would you go along?”
"The first such “I have to have it” event in memory was the sale of Cabbage Patch Dolls when moms and dads and grannies stood in line, pushed and shoved each other and fought over who could buy the doll. Then there were Beanie Babies, causing otherwise normal women to go berserk. There have been other examples over the years. Such incidents are the result of aggressive marketing and the current belief in our country that if kids don't have what their friends have, they will not be accepted. They will become lesser persons."

The annual frenzy has begun
"We forget that Elmos, dolls, Beanie Babies, Pound Puppies and iPods are only toys. Are the frenzy, the stress, the debts really worth it? We feel obligated to spend our hard-earned money on gifts for family and friends. But soon, it is over. Christmas passes. The excitement of having found the latest and greatest toy or gadget wanes. We’ve bragged to our friends about the great deal we got, and now the magical “look what I found” game is over and done. The toys collect dust, and we’re left with the credit card bills. Debt advisors’ busiest period comes after Christmas, when the credit spree is over and the bills begin to arrive"
"Many of the toys had been dug out of Interactors' own childhoods. Bennett gave away her old Beanie Babies. 'It was something I didn't need and something somebody would enjoy more than me,' she said. "'hey were so happy ... with the smallest little thing.' "

Events for Saturday, Dec. 9
"Beanie Babies & Buddies Sale, please use driveway entrance; Danielle House, 160 Riverside Drive, Binghamton. 10 a.m.-2 p.m."

Grinch fails to steal Christmas
"In addition to spending $1,000 of their own money, Welch donated several collectible Beanie Babies she had been collecting since she was 14."

Low-tech accessories
"I found them at CompUSA near the cash register while searching for low-tech in a high-tech store. Most sell for under $4, and judging from the packaging, they're aiming to become the Beanie Babies for the geek set. You can buy a Syburr Tiger, Quantum Leap (a frog), or Bowser Browser (a dog) and on and on. See for more information, if you can stand that much cuteness."

12-6-2006 WEDNESDAY

It is now Day 3 the 3rd day of Ms. Janie's Holiday Contest. Day 4 will begin this evening at 9PM!

Toys Help Take The Sting Out Of Immunizations
" To help take the sting out of children's immunizations, Janice Van Hoesen of St. Ignace has been regularly donating stuffed animals for nurses to give to their young patients on vaccination day. She brings Ty Beanie Babies and other stuffed toys to the Mackinac Straits Hospital Primary Care physicians' office in batches of about 40 at a time, and has been doing so for the past three years."

Animaniacs Leads TV Toons to Disc
"Garfield & Friends: Behind the Scenes offers 15 episodes from the 1980s TV series on a single disc. Released by Fox Home Entertainment, The DVD by itself retails for a $14.98 and there is another edition that comes with a Ty Inc. Garfield beanie mini plush and lists for $19.98."

BSU Athletes Lend Helping Hand
"Lift up America is an annual event that provides food, stuffed animals and even batteries to many of southern Idaho's less fortunate. ...Tyson Foods partnered with BSU to put on this event. The project takes place in 25 cities across the United States, and provides 30,000 pounds of Tyson chicken, shares of which will go to the Boise Rescue Mission, the Idaho Food Bank, The Salvation Army and even as far away as Buhl. '30,000 pounds of chicken, that's quite a lot of chicken, and that is the most we give out at a time,' said David Kleinknecht, the Regional Coordinator for Lift Up America. Chicken isn't the only item being donated, there's 2,500 Ty Beanie Babies and 4,000 packages of Interstate Batteries. Once the supplies arrived there was just one hitch, loading up 30,000 pounds of chicken isn't a job for one person alone; enter the Boise State student athletes."

Manchester council focuses on Hotel Hester
"MANCHESTER, Ohio -- Continuing efforts to improve the face of Manchester were again focused on the Hotel Hester on Second Street, during the regular session of Manchester Village Council, Monday. ...An annual children's Christmas gathering is also planned by Ruark for Dec. 16, 6-9 p.m., at the Caps Building. It is open to all children. Donations are being accepted at the Community Building on Pike Street. 'Any kind of toys, cookies and treats are needed so we can hand them out to the kids,' said Ruark. Last year the program served more than 100 children. 'It doesn't have to be any major gift, just a $3 item or so. If it is wrapped please put on it if it is for a boy or girl," said Ruark. "Blakes Pharmacy has donated 100 Ty Beanie Babies.' "

One of the recent Beanies released is Sponge Bob Best Day Ever. Today I found a Casting Call for Nickelodeon with the same name! Check it out:

"Seeking boys and girls who are familiar with or participated in Nickelodeon's 'Sponge Bob: Best Day Ever' contest...the contest occured on Nov. 9, 2006 and advertising through TurboNick, Itunes, Cell phones, online + more made it the highest rated day in the networks history! "

Finally! This evening we can now download The Ty December 2006 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper!

12-5-2006 TUESDAY

It is Day 2, the 2nd day of Ms. Janie's Holiday Contest and Day 3 will begin tonight after 9PM! Be sure to visit and find out how to enter the contest! The Day 3 info has been posted early so no need to wait until 9PM tonight!

While waiting for the December 2006 Wallpaper, perhaps you might want to Click on the following links see the past wallpaper desktop calendars in the Beanie Lingo Dictionary! The Ty wallpaper desktop calendars have been issued consistantly late since February 2006 when everyone feared that they had been discontinued.

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Ty, where's December's Wallpaper - did I miss it?

Not sure how to deal with ..what would you do?
Last night I won two auction for the same seller. One had a reserve..the other did not. Well, I met the reserve on the one and was the only one to bid on the 2nd auction. I paid him right away thru paypal. Well, this morning I get up and he has refunded my money back to me stating that he had lost alot of money on his auctions last night. Granted..I knew they both had sold in the past for about double what I bought them for. I am mad on one hand but can understand his point of view as I myself have sold things for much much less than I knew they were worth..but completed my auctions anyway. I have emailed him stating that I noticed he refunded my money but I feel I met his reserve and completed the transaction. Would you report him?

Definitely report him. If the shoe were on the other foot - had you decided not to pay because his reserve was too high, I am sure that he would report you.

You should get the item. Report him as soon as possible. He is probably also breaking an ebay rule. Let us know how this turns out. Nancy
P.S. they talk about "no buyers remorse". Well this is a clear case of sellers remorse.

I would report him* n/m (riski)

Re:I would report him. If you met the reserve price on his auction & paid, he owes you the item. He is the one who set the reserve price, not you. Now because he didn't get more, he thinks he can just give your money back. No way, he is obligated to send it to you. Report him, and while you're at it, you should let us know who the seller is so we don't waste our time bidding on his auctions.

Well...this is his reply........
He sent me an email stating that his roommate and he went to dinner and when they returned he found his hot water heater broke and flooded his basement which is where is office is. He lost several thousand dollars worth of office equipment and all his plush. I have a hard time believing this story. I email a guy who bought another bear from him to see if he got the same hard luck story. I don't know what to believe.

Seems to me, he has two stories. You can..........
take your pick. LOL Personally when there's a choice I would pick neither! Report him. Then watch him close for more "dried out" items. What's the ID anyway? Good luck!

Beanie Babies look like pluffies!!!!
When the jingle beanie's came out I thought they looked too much like Pluffies, now some of the new released beanie babies look like a pluffie....What happened to BEANS in Beanies....Why do you think Ty keeps mixing up the differnent types .......Even the classic look is becoming a Beanie Baby. Does anyone else feel this is true.......


The Beanwatcher has received a report from Daniel of Beanie Universe who has noted that the Beanie Baby Official Club is still selling Clubby VII Beanie Baby as well as Fun and Laughter Beanie Buddies, BBOC exclusives whose sale end date was December 1, 2006.

12-4-2006 MONDAY

Ms. Janie's Holiday Contest began yesterday at 9PM EST (Eastern Standard Time).

Looking at this with a 24 Hour perspective today is still Day One and Day Two will begin at 9PM this evening!

It does not matter when you begin to find the clues however as long as you find them before the end of the Seventh Day of the contest after which the contest will end. Be sure to follow the Instruction Page which will change daily!

A number of wonderful prizes will be won by the 4 Winners and 1 Grand Prize Winner!

Prizes Donated By Ms. Janie include:

Prize Page 1 -

5 Porcelain Egg Shaped Musical Ornaments 4 inches tall - 1 FOR EACH WINNER (with batteries)

2 Beveled Jar Soy Candles w/ Gift Boxes by Valerie

4 Ty Buddies
3 Ty Pluffies
1 Set of 8 Jumbies
1 Set of 7 Cascade Plush
1 Set of Precious Moments Lapel Pin and Earrings

Prize Page 2 -
1 Set Of Ty Jingle Beanies
2 USA Winter Games Olympic Bears
1 Lord Of Rings Ornament
2 Wallace and Gramit Bum Bags for kids
1 Princess House Crystal Heart Ornament

Prizes donated by newsletter subsribers and collectors include:

Three embellished bears, HT 98, HT 97, and Wallace donated by Pattibuddy
Ty Information Update Booklet and Fun and Laughter Key-Clips donated by Karenbrit
10 FREE Authentications donated by TrueBlueBeans

Additional Prizes from Newsletter Subscribers include:

2 Chubbley Bears with tag - Spring Fair 2002
1 small red Chubbley Bear 2003 Cherish a Cub For Christmas
1 small green Chubbley Bear 2003 Cherish Collect For Life
1 Chubbley Sterling
1 Chubbley Sterling - second edition 2003
1 Chubbley - Honey Bear - A special friend tag
1 America Buddy and (1) Sahura Buddy
2 Bearon Beanies
1 Loong Beanie
1 Dominion 04 Canada Day
1 Protected Ty Beanie Card 1-7-1995
2 Copies My Collection Complete software
From: Geraldine -
My Collection - - - All of the My Collection Software

Carolyn McQuirt has donated:

2 Kids Over The Door Hanger
1 Boyds - Twas The Night Before Christmas Bag
1 Coca Cola Carry All Bag
2 Stocking Holders
1 Ceramic Potpourri Warmer

This concludes the list of prizes! Wow! This is a great selection and well worth participating in! Ms. Janie has noted that "The donated products are sure to enhance any collection and are bound to be a collector's dream"!

This link will take you to The Winners Page .

Enjoy the contest!

The Beanwatcher has reported several new McDonalds Beanies and Teenie Beanies coming soon to Malaysia!

Go to the McDonald's Malaysia website to see more about this promotion! There will be eight new Teenie Beanies available starting November 23, 2006 until December 20, 2006 with each purchase of a Happy Meal. Click here to see a picture on The Beanwatcher's site!

There will be four new bigger size beanies (My Ty Bear) selling at Mc Donald's with any purchase. The name of the bears are:

1. My TrusTy Bear (Week 1 - Dec 1 to Dec 7)
2. My MighTy Bear (Week 1 - Dec 1 to Dec 7)
3. My SweeTy Bear (Week 2 - Dec 8 to Dec 14)
4. My UniTy Bear (Week 2 - Dec 8 to Dec 14)

50 sen from every My TY Bear sold will be donated to the Ronald McDonald Children’s Charities™ Fund of Malaysia

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Feder bear available again in Ty store
just noticed it did not have a sold out sign

Well, it's 12/4 and still no wallpaper! :( n/m

12-3-2006 SUNDAY

Be sure to check out Ms. Janie's Holiday Contest launch at 9:00 PM EST today!

Click here for Ms Janie's Holiday Contest!

There will be 4 winners and one Grand Prize winner this year. The contest will run for 7 nights and each day the contest rules and instructions will change. Contestants are asked not to share the winning information and url when finding the hidden graphic or any other contest elements.

An Instruction Page has also been posted to explain the contest and it's rules. December 3rd to December 9th will be filled with contest fun. One does not have to have started on the beginning day to participate. Join in at any time!

12-2-2006 SATURDAY

The Tystore Feder-bear has sold out!

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link to read the entire article.
Here Comes Christmas!
"CHRISTMAS celebrations in Barnoldswick took on a traditional theme this year. Organised by the town council and the chamber of trade, the Christmas lights switch-on was combined with a three-day Continental market. The market opened on Friday and with more stalls than ever, 32 at one count, visitors had plenty of choice. ...Father Christmas was another popular visitor along with the Ty Beanie bear."

New Creek students go out on the town

New Creek Kindergarten kicked off the holiday season with a visit to some local area businesses. The first stop was a visit to Martin's Food Store to see how a large supermarket operates.

While at Martin's, the children visited the produce section, petted a lobster, and helped decorate a cake.

After Martin's, the children walked over to Linda's Hallmark where they were greeted by Linda Little.

The children took a few minutes to enjoy the holiday decorations and were surprised with a Ty Beanie Baby.

Linda then presented the class with a new Hallmark book entitled “The Snow Must Go On!”

After visiting Keyser Square, the children traveled to the Candlewyck Inn, where they were treated to a Thanksgiving dinner courtesy of owner Fred Engle.

Think Inside the Box


The bespectacled man then told me the story behind the self-stacking storage system called Sky-Rail. A few years ago Canadian inventor Paul LaMarche noticed his friend's kids trying to display Beanie Babies which, because of their legume-filled interiors, have poor posture and tend to slump into a furry pile of chaos.

So Paul went into his workshop and designed a lightweight interlocking plastic container that acted like a cryogenic sleep pod for Beanie Babies.

Paul's transparent plastic units fitted together in a self-supporting array, so individual compartments could be completely removed without disturbing the rest of the system.


Collectors of everything from Beanie Babies to model cars were thrilled to have a way to store and protect their treasures, and for the past 10 years, Paul's company has been offering the award-winning Sky-Rail storage system on the Internet ( and on TV.

"We've sold over seven million of 'em," says Paul happily, "and nearly 70% of our business is from repeat customers, so we know they're satisfied."

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

where's da december wallpaper?
can't wait!!! It's almost chrismas tyme... lol!

Be sure to check out Ms. Janie's Holiday Contest launch tomorrow!

12-1-2006 FRIDAY

Beanie Baby of the Month Merriment was introduced today on the Ty website!

My Collection Complete Software for Beanie Babies has been updated!

11-30-2006 THURSDAY

Updated information on the posting below! The new releases have been officially announced!

Introducing December 2006

Beanie Babies

Junglelove, Lovesick and Casanova
Cheek To Cheek and Kissable
Pudding and Rhapsody
Spongebob Best Day Ever and Patrick Star Best Day Ever
Mr. Krabs and Gary The Snail

Beanie Buddies

Romeo & Juliet and Thunderbolt


Romancer, Blushed and Sweeten
Tapioca and Jax


Lil' Siren, Siren and Big Siren


Sweetly, Munches and Harts

Asian Exclusives
2007 Zodiac Pig

Today is the last day of the month of November 2006. In the next few days we will be sure to see official announcements made on the Ty website for the new December 2006 introductions. Often in December Valentines Dady Beanies are introduced. Also expected are the December 2006 Beanie Baby of th Month and the Ty Wallpaper desktop calendar. The Holiday Seasion will surely be a backdrop for the introduction and fast retirement of some exclusive beaanies as well.

In the meantime however, thanks to The Beanwatcher we have some esrly news!

Row 1:
(Beanie Babies) Spongebob Best Day Ever, Patrick Star Best Day Ever, Mr. Krabs and Gary The Snail.

Row 2:
Junglelove, Lovesick, Kissable, Casanova and Cheek To Cheek.

Row 3:
Rhapsody, Pudding, (Pluffies) Sweetly, Munches and Harts.

Row 4:
Romancer, Blushed, (Classics) Sweeten, Tapioca and Jax.

Row 5:
(Beanie Buddies) Romeo & Juliet, Thunderbolt, (Punkies Set)Lil' Siren, Siren and Big Siren

Hallmark Goldcrown Exclusives Little Squeeze and Little Kiss were introduced today on the Ty website!

11-29-2006 WEDNESDAY

Billionaire Bear 9 has been silently introduced!

2007 , a new New Year's bear was introduced today as a Tystore Exclusive.
2007 resembles the Decade Bears and is Black with silver sparkles and a "2007 Happy New Year" sash. Beanies In The News:

Ty Warner Plans to Sell Miramar Hotel
"In a statement released Tuesday night, an executive for Warner says the billionaire has decided to sell the landmark following a bitter battle with the Montecito Association. Warner purchased the hotel last year with the intentions of renovating it. He also wanted to build a public access stairway at Butterfly Beach."

Nigel’s such an appeal-ing little bear

"BEALES and the Jigsaw Appeal are offering collectors a unique opportunity to own a little piece of history - and help raise £1 million to improve and extend the Royal Bournemouth Hospital's cancer and blood disorders unit."

"The store, which is celebrating its 125th anniversary, has donated a commemorative Beanie Bear and boxed set of two vans for auction on the eBay website."

"The bear is one of only 5,000 "Nigels" manufactured exclusively for Beales.

"Named after non-executive director Nigel Beale, they have been on sale for £5.99 in the store's branches, with one customer snapping up 100."

"But the bear in the Jigsaw auction has the added value of including a rare signature from Ty Warner, the reclusive US billionaire who made his fortune from the highly collectable Beanie Baby plush toys."

Garfield & Friends DVD
"A perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season, consumers can get the Garfield & Friends: Behind the Scenes DVD with a Ty, Inc. Garfield beanie mini plush – a must-have for any Garfield aficionado that is exclusive to the DVD."

Late Breaking News!

According to The Beanwatcher not only have pictures of the new December 2006 Beanies surfaced, but Punkies are back in production too!

11-28-2006 TUESDAY

November 2006 Retirements

Beanie Babies:

Holly Horse and Garfield Season's Greetings

Beanie Buddies:


Jingle Beanies:

Kringles, Freezings, Icicles, Icecaps and Flakes

Get ready! Ms. Janie's Holiday Contest will be starting in Sunday, December 3rd, 2006! Earlier this year, Ms. Janie had a very interesting, fun and informative Ty Memories Contest enjoyed by many visitors to her site!

The Beanwatcher has reported news about an in hand Billionaire Bear 9 Bear in an Ebay auction!


" 4-H Ty Gift Set of 3 This awesome gift set contains three different 4-H Ty Beanie Babies Collectibles. Includes Clover Bear, 4-H Garfield and Johnny, our new 4-H / John Deere bear. An $18.85 value - save $2.90 per set! "

Beanies In The News:

One-Stop Christmas Community center gives children shopping experience
"The annual sales event is billed by the community center as "an opportunity for children to do their Christmas shopping for friends and family in one stop" with items ranging in price from 25 cents to $5, and both applicable and suitable for just about everyone on anyone's shopping list... The shop was an exclusive "kid zone" with all adults — except for the center's executive director, Leslie Dion and several of her volunteers — banished to the center's upstairs where a crafts fair was in swing. ...Jasmine, while conceding that there was a lot of stuff to choose from, was unhappy because one item was missing. 'The sad part is that they don't have Beanie Babies this year,' she said. Other than that, the One-Stop Christmas Shop lived up to its name"

Toy drive a huge success
"The Review Atlas ran an article on the plan. Review Atlas Editor Stacey Creasy donated hundreds of Beanie Babies that were left to him to the cause."

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

2006 graduation owl beanie
I have not been able to find a 2006 graduation owl for my daughter's owl collection. Have the graduation owls been discontinued? Am I trying to find something that doesn't exist? Will there be one for the class of 2007?Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

Unfortunately this year, the 2006 Graduation Owl was no more and was instead a 2006 Graduation Bear.

The next posting received quite a large number of responses...

Every year, I look at my collection and wonder if I should continue...

I used to buy beanies because they were not only cute but worth holding onto. In the past 2-3 years, many of my favorite beanies aren't even worth retail prices anymore. Which made me think of the following:

Do most people buy beanies because they are cute and cuddly?


Do most people buy them for their potential resale value?

Just wondering. As I look back over the past 2-3 years, I bought them for their resale value. Now that they are not worth much, they certainly don't appeal to me so much anymore.


11-27-2006 MONDAY

Feder-bear today! Monday, November 27th, 2006 at 10:00 A.M. Central Time, through Ty Beanie Baby Web site at !!

Here is today's link !

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Got my notice from ATP on Feder tennis introduction...
They said it would be on Ty's site Monday at 10:00AM. Hope this one will be easy to get. Happy Holidays. Nancy

nov beanies
is anyone else waiting for their nov beanies from john ????

One seller, many auctions, all fake.
Buyer Beware!
The same seller has RBP, OF Violets and Teal, and Magenta and Red Teddy auctions on the bay. All are fake!!! A penny for a counterfeit is not even a good deal.

Wow PattiBuddy !
PattiBuddy. Your pictures of your display's on Ms Janie, are out of this world. You must put alot of time in them. I, really injoy seeing them. Thanks for sharing your,great work! bearprints****

Thanks! It took me less than 24 hours, if you can believe that haha. I started bringing the stuff out of the Beanie Room the day before Thanksgiving. The sofa was just covered with stuff haha. Then after Thanksgiving Dinner, it's my little tradition to begin the decorating. The room was basically finished by the tyme Friday night rolled around. And when I started I hadn't the foggiest idea what I planned to do haha. I don't work on it straight through though. I do my regular stuff throughout the day and work on it here and there. It still amazes me how it all comes together, as I do it.
PattiBuddy, FerociousPlatypus

Clich here to see PattiBuddy's Display on Ms. Janies

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

Modern Attitudes
"The lost promise of a long and fulfilling life is so hard to bear for people who’ve gone through this. But Dawn and Rich Elliott say their daughter Darby, 9, who was anxiously waiting for a heart transplant, now has a life with God. They believe she was in their world for a reason, and in the last six months she was hospitalized, they have learned lessons that only lingering illness can teach. ...A hospital humanitarian group, Child Life, partnered with the Elliotts to get tags made from a mold of Darby’s hands so medical staff who attended her could wear them. “But we ran out of time,” Dawn said, “And we didn’t get them all done.” She praised Child Life for all they do for ailing patients — offering music, massage, Beanie Baby Bingo, crafts and games — to distract children from their treatments and tubes."

Name-change reactions aren't glowin
"EnergySolutions Arena is the new home of the Utah Jazz. ...'For those unfamiliar with EnergySolutions, it's a nuclear waste services company out of Salt Lake City. Yes, the prestigious naming rights to the NBA's hottest team isn't just garbage; it's radioactive garbage. Thus marks a new era of ridiculousness in the naming of professional sports venues, even though company-sponsored arena titles have been turning traditionally classic names into laughable commercial hooey for years.... That's the inevitable future of arena names. Cities like Salt Lake will just have to deal with one of the largest and most famous buildings in town being named after a company that handles material capable of producing fish with twelve fins. I'm not trying to say that EnergySolutions doesn't handle its product carefully; I'm just suggesting that NBA teams do so with theirs. Otherwise, it won't be long before we see Tampax Stadium, Depends Arena, and the Beanie Baby Center.' "

11-26-2006 SUNDAY

Lisa at Planet Beans Has noted that the official launch of the Feder-bear Beanie Baby® ATP Exclusive will be on Monday, November 27th, 2006 at 10:00 A.M. Central Time, through Ty Beanie Baby Web site at

"Designed in honor of No. 1 ranked player, Roger Federer, this 8" Beanie Baby comes complete with his own tennis racquet, teal shirt with ATP logo, and white headband. $5.00 from the sale of each ATP Exclusive Feder-bear will go to support the UNICEF-ATP partnership, ACE (Assisting Children Everywhere)."

The Beanwatcher has posted information about the Blue's Clues Promotional Beanies! According to the Beanwatcher and pictured there is Blue who has a "special US Postal Service (USPS) promotional tag"!

There is also a section about Patrick Star who has more than one version. "The Best Buy version has a single fact about this Nickelodeon character, (and) the retail version has several personal facts." This he says is only one of a variety of differences between the retail and exclusive versions.

Ms. Janie will soon be posting news about the soon to begin Holiday Contest!!! There is also a note on her Discussion page about the gift exchange tradition held through Ms. Janie's Message Board in the past. It's called JTMYS. If you have never participated, the mediator collects the addresses of those who want to participate and each person is sent the name and address of one participant. A price and time frame are set and everyone sends each other gifts. I have participated once in the past in 2004 and received a wonderful package from a participant in Louisiana.

Beanies In The News:

What I'm thankful not to have
"I am thankful I do NOT have too much money, too little money or too many Beanie Babies purchased in the frenzied days of Beanie Baby mania."

Americans gotta have it when it's in scant supply
"Male guest, aka Harold: "Grunt. Nice. Got anything to eat around here?" Well, Harold may be a slob, but he's no fool. You won't catch him standing in line for days on end to buy the latest fad — be it a rock, a Cabbage Patch Kid or a bunch of Beanie Babies... Seen any of those selling on street corners lately? Thought not. "

11-24-2006 FRIDAY

Beanies In The News:

Boca woman holds drive to send Beanie Babies to children in Iraq

"From Boca to Baghdad."

" 'It's a great feeling to know how happy the little children in Iraq will be when they receive their Beanie Babies,' Hayley said."We have so much here, and the children in Iraq have so little. This project really made me think about how fortunate we all are. Hayley donated some from her collection, but her efforts didn't stop there. The sixth-grader at Don Estridge High Tech Middle School in Boca Raton recently gave the Delray Beach-based American Health Association, which deals with health issues and aging, 2,463 Beanie Babies for shipment to Iraq. 'It was amazing to see how many people wanted to donate Beanie Babies,' Hayley said. 'My entire family helped with the project, and we got calls by the hundreds from people wanting to help.' "
. ..."When word got out, local newspapers and television stations reported the story," her father said. "Scott Wehrs, the chief operating officer for Ty Corporation, the maker of Beanie Babies, arranged the donation of 1,000 Beanie Babies after reading about Hayley's efforts."

Christmas Store helps 139 Children's Fundraising Society

"One of the anonymous donations made as a fundraiser for the 139 Children's Fundraising Society is a large collection of Ty beanie toys in mint condition. The entire collection is worth about $1,000. Individual items range in price from $20 up to $75 for a butterfly and higher. The collection includes cows, birds hedgehog, spider, crab, lobster, buffalo, fish, octopus, goose, frog, gecko, penguin and even a buffalo. Anyone who wants a shot at getting the whole collection should give the Ashley's a call or be at the store when it opens at this Friday morning. "

Material World
"Microfiber is weaving its way through our lives... 'Microfibers are any fibers finer than silk,' said Ingrid Johnson, a professor at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology... 'Microfiber was in Calvin Klein raincoats by the '80s - and then in Beanie Babies,' said the fashion institute's Johnson."

Area women give thanks to March of Dimes
"That book shows Kassandra at birth, where she appears fine until you see all the tubes going into her small body. Another photo shows Kassandra lying next to a beanie baby bear, which is slightly bigger than her. Carr still has that bear and brings it with her when she attends community events."

Mercy Hospital Thanksgiving
"Since thirteen other babies in the Neonatal ICU won't be home with their families, Mercy Children's Hospital brought Thanksgiving to them. Staff members handed out Beanie Babies to each family along with a special blessing."

Anita Josephine Mangano
"Anita Josephine Mangano was born to Augustino and Maria Recagno in Willits on April 13, 1914. She passed away on Tuesday, November 21, 2006, of natural causes... She will be remembered for all the wonderful cookies and candy she made and shared. When her arthritis became so bad she could no longer cook, she replaced her goodies with Beanie Babies for all the children she knew and even those she didn't."

Beanie Babies for Angel Tree
"Marshall Frost (l) and Joey Fievet present Beanie Babies to Angel Tree Chairman Laura Toburen as gifts from Fievet's Pharmacy. Angels are still available at First United Methodist Church. Each paper angel represents a Wilkes Co. child who might not be remembered at Christmas, Rev. Gail Seibert said. "These children are provided with clothing, gifts, and family food boxes. Of the 285 children who qualified this year, fewer than half are remaining." Anyone who wants to participate may select an angel from the tree at FUMC, register in the signup book, then purchase and wrap the presents and return them to the church by Monday, Dec. 4"

Civilians, Coalition Forces Partner in Compassion in Iraq
"Four years ago a compassionate Soldier and a six dollar beanie baby named "Courage" brought an unforgettable smile to 4-year-old Sarah's face. Over a million beanie babies later, that Soldier's commitment to the future of Iraq and American generosity continue to impact Iraq's next generation - its children."

11-23-2006 THURSDAY


11-22-2006 WEDNESDAY

November 2006 Retirements

Beanies In The News:

Chicago's Equity Office fetches $20 billion
"Beanie Baby recluse Ty Warner led the Chicago list with $4.4 billion, but Warner ranked a lowly No. 140 on the international Forbes list. "

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Silent Retirements

Silent Retirements:
Ty Classic:
Baby Rumbles
Baby Ty:

The Beanwatcher has reported a promotional United States Post Office Blues Clues set. This 2006 USPS Promotion featuring Blue, Magenta and Periwinkle has the tag printed on the front and back. "The front has the USPS logo, a picture of a mailbox and paw print, and the words, Blue's Clues 10th Anniversary in bold blue letters."

11-20-2006 MONDAY

Beanies In The News:

ATP Shanghai: World's elite aid UNICEF at Tennis Masters Cup

ACEs for AIDS, charity auction, Feder-bear Beanie Baby® sales raise $40,000 during prestigious circuit finale

Shanghai, China – The world’s top tennis players, tournament sponsors and fans assisted charity efforts during the prestigious Tennis Masters Cup in Shanghai, raising funds for ACE (Assisting Children Everywhere) – the partnership between the ATP and UNICEF – through donations made for aces served on court, silent auctions and Feder-bear Beanie Baby® sales on site. Altogether, ACEs for AIDS and player memorabilia raised close to 315,000 RMB (approximately $40,000) during the eight-day circuit finale.

The tournament's premier sponsors, including Mercedes-Benz, South African Airways, Lacoste and RADO, donated up to 1,000 RMB for each ace served on opening Sunday and during the final weekend of the Tennis Masters Cup. The singles and doubles players combined for 174 aces over the four days, raising 133,050 RMB for UNICEF. The first round robin match between circuit ace leaders Ivan Ljubicic and Andy Roddick featured 35 aces alone.

The charity auction at Qi Zhong Stadium featured autographed t-shirts and banners from the ATP’s stars, with Tennis Masters Cup champion Roger Federer’s framed shirt fetching the highest amount of 28,000 RMB. Two Mercedes-Benz bobby cars, signed by all the players in the elite eight-man, eight-team field, attracted a total of 25,000 RMB.

The ATP raised additional funds through the exclusive on-site sales of Feder-bear Beanie Baby®, which made its public debut at the UNICEF booth in Qi Zhong Stadium. More than 2,300 Feder-bears were sold during the Tennis Masters Cup, amounting to a 75,000 RMB contribution to UNICEF. Mirka Vavrinec, the longtime girlfriend of the ATP World No. 1, was among the Shanghai fans who stopped by the booth to purchase a number of Feder-bears.

The Feder-bear is an official Ty Beanie Baby® produced exclusively for ATP by Ty. Proceeds from the sale of each $8 bear will benefit the ACE program. The take-home version of UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Federer will be available for purchase worldwide this holiday season.

For more information, please visit

11-19-2006 SUNDAY

Beanies In The News:

Turkey tales from the road
Santa Barbara: "My wife and kids think of our Shih Tzu, Teddy, as part of the family, so one Thanksgiving we headed up Highway 101 to the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, just outside of Santa Barbara. It was a big – no, make that gignatic – splurge. Owned by Beanie Baby magnate Ty Warner (unfortunately, no relation), the hotel pampers its pet guests. Our dog's name, along with ours, were spelled out in burnt wood letters on the porch of our bungalow. One of the best Thanksgiving turkeys we've ever tasted (moist and sweet – not the usual bland bird) was delivered by room service, along with a big meat bone for Teddy. It was as big as he is. My wife loved strolling through the gardens, while the kids loved the bathtub with a television over the faucets."

When a nickel was magic
"On Facebook, reminiscing is all the rage with such groups as 'I Get 90’s Nostalgia Already.' Have a go at this intro: 'For those of you kids now who have no idea what we’re talking about when we mention [Polly Pockets, trolls, Beanie Babies, pogs]... ' "

Another year, another toy
"I have scoured the metro markets for toys as diverse as Beanie Babies, My Little Pony accessories and something called Pokemon cards. Teddy Ruxpin sent me into a tizzy one year, and I almost wore out a set of tires driving all over north Georgia searching for a Tickle Me Elmo during another not-so-merry Christmas shopping season."

One shot waiting in line for Playstation 3
"In a year or two these things probably will go for a few bucks at a garage sale or stowed away in a box somewhere like the cabbabe patch dolls and beanie babies."

11-18-2006 SATURDAY

Get Ready! Ms. Janie will soon be posting her Holiday Contest! The Holiday Contests on Ms. Janie's website have become a holiday tradition and are looked forward to each year. The donations of various dealers are combined to create several wonderful Beanie Baby themed prize packages. Last year several items were even contributed by an official Ty representative!

11-17-2006 FRIDAY

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

I have been sorting through my daughters beanies and we came across Bongo the monkey but he does not have a tail, this is not been lost, he has been made this way. Could anyone tell me if they were manufactured without tails or if this particular one just got overlooked in the manufacturing process? Poor Bongo he is quite embarrassed, how is a monkey to cope without his tail?

Get it authenticated. The authenticators will be able to say that he never had a tail, and that you didn't just remove it. There are lots of collectors who buy odditys!

11-16-2006 THURSDAY

Eggnog has been introduced today!

11-12-2006 SUNDAY

Beanies In The News:

CityReach/Lift Up America alliance feeds hungry families "The BGCT partnered with the FC Dallas team, Lift Up America and its corporate sponsors, including Tyson, Interstate Batteries and Ty Beanie Babies. Gathering to reap the gifts, Baptist ministers and church members loaded up vans and trucks to provide for North Texas children and families who have no food."

Let the crafting revolution continue "The array of people and designs creates opportunities for collaboration within the subculture. The "cuddlers" that are hand-sewn by a brother-and-sister team who created Mr. Pickles in Columbus, Ohio, are nothing you'd find next to the Beanie Babies and teddy bears in the stuffed animal aisle. When co-creator Rita Volpi wanted to organize a "plush art show" where she could display the company's stuffed Mr. Pickles, Rotten Apple, Nerd Ghost and plastic-wrapped T-Bone characters, other subculture creators teamed up to help her make Plush Rush happen"

Lost in MySpace? Here's some common questions, answers "Are networking sites here to stay, or destined to go the way of boy bands, mullets and Beanie Babies?"

End of an era: Lou?s Hallmark leaving Ridgecrest after 34 years " 'We overbought those Stuck on You, Garfield items and I almost passed on the Beanie Babies. I told the salesman I didn't want to buy dozens of the beanies and get stuck with them, too. He let me buy six of each ' it turned out I should have bought dozens,' Carl said."

Ceremony in Dixon will honor military "Java California will be providing free drinks at the event, and will accept donations of cash and personal items to send in Christmas and holiday care packages to our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, there are plans to send beanie babies to the troops, who are giving them to children in orphanages and hospitals and to children they meet. The goal is 5,000 beanies. The Vintage Valley Blue Star Moms will put together packages at the Saturday event to send to our troops"

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Just got Gary the Snail.
My Best Buy still has some Mr. Krabbs and SpongeBob.

The Beanwatcher has pointed out that "Gary will be available at this consumer electronics store later today. This beanie, which is the Spongebob's house pet, is the third of four characters to be given away for free with the purchase of any Nickelodeon DVD". Click here to place an order for Gary !

11-11-2006 SATURDAY

Hollyhorse and Seasons Greetings Garfield are SOLD OUT!

Beanies In The News:

Torkelson: Renewed lives, not Band-Aids, are the target

"As Olivia Guajardo raced across the country to reunite with her kids in Denver, she wondered: 'But how am I going to support three children without an education?' ...Garcia began a life transformation the moment she walked out of her bleak motel room. In her new bedroom at Sacred Heart, she found a sweet note of welcome and Beanie Babies for her kids. "

To the highest bidders: artifacts of city's crimes

"Dozens of firearms confiscated by or turned over to Anchorage police will be auctioned off to the public for the first time in several years today, along with other, more colorful items from the department's evidence lockers. ...In addition to the police department items up for sale -- which include everything from calculators and toolboxes to a carved moose antler and 47 firearms -- stuff brought in by individuals will also be for sale, including household items and 300-plus Beanie Babies."

11-9-2006 THURSDAY

Introduced today, Snowdrop , a beautiful white owl has more of a bird pose than owls past.

11-7-2006 TUESDAY

The wait is finally over! Now in stock and ready to ship !

4-H Supply has joined forces with our friends at John Deere and Ty, Inc. to create this amazing Beanie Babies(TM) Collectible .

Named Johnny(TM), this limited edition bear features the John Deere logo embroidered on his chest, as well as the 4-H Emblem on his cool yellow cap.

As with all of our Ty products , this bear also includes an official Ty ear tag with an original poem and is ready for display in your home or office!

Due to the extremely limited nature of this product, demand has been heavy - please place your orders early to ensure availability .

We also have limited supplies of our two earlier Ty / 4-H Beanie Babies - Clover the Bear and 4-H Garfield . All three of these Beanies are sure to be the perfect gift or office decoration that you have been searching for.

As always, thank you for shopping the 4-Hmall .

11-6-2006 MONDAY

Elfis was introduced today!

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

Deadline soon for care packages
"Sargent said that Ty Beanie Babies are an easy thing to give a soldier, and they serve an important purpose. 'They're lightweight, and a military member will stick a Beanie Baby into their backpack and will give it to the Iraqi children,' Sargent said. She said this is one way that U.S. soldiers are changing the next generation."

WSU Grad Student Sponsors Operation Gratitude
"Acceptable donation items fall into three categories: fun items, food and sundries. Fun items include computer flash drives, DVDs, CDs, phone cards, disposable cameras, screen-printed T-shirts, socks, small games, novelties, Beanie Babies, packs of stationery, pens, used cell phones and letters."

11-5-2006 SUNDAY

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

Welcomes, not a wall, better for immigration
"When I was a little kid, I lived right next door to my best friend. It was great - we would run back and forth between our adjacent yards and play manhunt or Beanie Babies or baseball - even though the 10-foot-tall hedge separating our properties often got in the way."

Overcoming Disappointment
"There once was a little girl who really liked Beanie Babies. In fact, one day when she and her parents were at the store, she saw the newest Beanie Baby and thought, If only I could have that Beanie Baby, my life would be fulfilled forever. So she made her desires known to her parents.' So, her parents bought her the Beanie Baby. And guess what? She found contentment."

"She grew up to be fulfilled, grateful and joyful. But the rest of her life didn't go so well. She married a lousy guy with whom she had three kids. Then he left her, and her kids didn't stick around much to help her out. And when she got old, she went on Social Security and hardly had any money. But she never whined or cried or complained. Instead, she would think, 'I remember that Beanie Baby. What great contentment and joy I found in it.' And it would bring her lasting satisfaction."

Gift packages sent to soldiers
"Spc. Jason Ouffre, who was stationed in Germany for six years, said he never got a care package while he was there. When a sergeant called his house to ask if he'd like to help with the project, Ouffre, who lives in South Carolina, jumped at the chance. 'It would've been everything to me," he said. "It shows how much you guys care. It's just the box itself. It can be empty, believe it or not, it wouldn't matter. It lifts you up.' Ouffre said the little things that remind soldiers of home are most appreciated - things like Beanie Babies or beef jerky that are distinctly American."

Soldiers seeking school supplies for Afghan children
"Gustafson is stationed in western Afghanistan in an area that has more than 300 schools, with 500 to 3,000 students in each school. The list of things Gustafson and other soldiers are seeking is long, because the people they meet are so poor. For schools, the soldiers want pencils, pencil sharpeners, notepads, pens, chalk, crayons, coloring books (no religious themes), colored pencils, small stuffed animals (Beanie Babies size), jump ropes, Matchbox-type cars and balls of any kind."

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Question about Halloween Contest
Is there anyone besides me in Southern California who has not received their prize package? I won on October 19th and still have not received my package. I read on the board where winners in Canada have already received theirs. Maybe I should contact Customer Service if I don't receive it soon.
Thans for your help
Beanie hugs

Re:Question about Halloween Contest
Hi Nanabanana,

I won on the 29th and I got notice on the 30th and I faxed back my release form the day I got the email and had the package in just a few days. It arrived via Federal Express.

Did you mail the release? If so maybe it took longer to get there.

I would contact customer service either way as they said in the email that you had to respond within 15 days to get the prize. I would ask is there was a problem with the release.

Hope you get your prize package soon as it really is a nice Halloween assortment.

Good luck!
Joan Ann (heidi93)

Re:Re:Question about Halloween Contest Yes I received my email on the 30 October and I also faxed back my forms. I received my package on November 2 in Canada by Fedex

11-4-2006 SATURDAY

It's a 10 Spinner Day Today!

Introduced late yesterday, Harrods Exclusive Bears , Charles and Henry Beanies, Digby Classic and a boxed version of Charles are being sold at Harrod's! The boxed version of Henry has however been sold out.

To order at Harrods, Toy Kingdom, call them in London, England at 44 20 7225 6781.

Ms. Janie has posted a report on Harrod's sent by Nat who was there!

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

managed to get my bears!! i wasnt able to get to see the parade because my friend had to go away and i couldnt stay in london, but i did manage to get through to harrods eventually and have two of each bear, one for me and one of each for my lovely american friend!!
by buying a pencil to cover the last few pence i got the lower postage too!! definitely a dancing day!!! they look like three lovely bears!!

New Harrod's bears
Hi, finally managed to get through to Harrod's and order the new bears. I could only order one each with certificates, so ordered an extra with out. The man said they had 395 order messages to ring back, don't know how many cert ones were for sale. Pip

Are there 2 kinds of Courageous, Courageousness, Courageously?
A retailer sent an email saying that there are 2 kinds and one is extremely rare. What's the diffrence?
Leaves Lover

There are 2 Sets, and they have been listed as such in the Beanie Babies section of this web site. The mane difference is that the Set Exclusive to the Special Olympics Canada will have a different Ty Hang Tag, and it will come with a few extra goodies such as a metal, hologram numbered Tag, etc.. Go check out the Bean Watcher as there is a lot of great information about these Bears there.

11-3-2006 FRIDAY

It's a 9 Spinner Day!

The November 2006 Ty Wallpaper desktop calendar has been posted!

Ty Wallpaper, the November BBOM, November Introductions, October Retirements, Thankful, Halloween Fun, Special Olympics Bears, BBOC Intros and Merribear are all on the Ty Opening page.

11-2-2006 THURSDAY

The latest Ty reports are:

The TY UK Collectors Party Press Release! Also, Johnny can be ordered online now at the 4H Mall! There is no Ty wallpaper yet as usual. You will have to keep track on another monthly calendar because as usual, the Ty wallpaper calendar is late.

11-1-2006 WEDNESDAY

The new November 2006 Beanie Baby of the Month is Stuffed !

The Tystore has silently retired Frankenteddy Buddy and Spells Beanie Baby...

10-31-2006 TUESDAY

Happy Hallowween!
Did you know that just like Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas,
Halloween is the Eve or the night before All Saints Day!
All Saints Day is tomorrow on November 1st!

The November 2006 Beanies have been introduced this morning!

Beanie Babies:

Diego, Wilbur and Gussy

Dora - China, Dora - Russia, Dora - Tanzania and Dora - France

Barbaro, Spongebob GB and Football Star

New Year 2007, 2006 Signature Bear

Farley, Busby, Sneakers

Stargazer, Bravo


Thunder, Hightops and Hudson

Baby Ty:

Baby Pink and Baby Blue

Baby Dangles Pink and Baby Dangles Blue

Baby Whffer Pink and Baby Whiffer Blue

Baby Winks Pink and Baby Winks Blue

Canadian Special Olympics Exclusives!!!

Courageous, Courageously and Courageousness

Carleton Cards / American Greetings Exclusive Classic Merribear!

The Ty Halloween Daily Contest has ended!

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Jumping for Joy in Houston My Halloween Prize Box Arrived

I came home from work today to find that my Halloween prize box from TY arrived. I received a Ghoul and Ghoulianne Buddy, Shudders, Superstition,Ghoulish and Trick or Treat Beanie and a bag of Tricks.



10-30-2006 MONDAY

Ms. Janie has shared the following report from Karen Brit!

"TY Launch: Harrods is delighted to reveal two new Ty exclusive beanies on 4th November, Charles and Henry. Due to huge demand, customers are limited to 12 of Charles and 6 of Henry, or a single piece boxed and with a certificate."

10-29-2006 SUNDAY

The new November 2006 Beanies can be seen on the Secondary Online Dealer, Cindysbean's Web Site . She also has the Harrod's Bears William and Henry, Barbaro -Kentucky Derby version, Learning Express exclusive Elfis and more.

There as well as at other online Dealers like Beanie Hut you will find Barbaro - retail version, Farley, Sneakers, Star Gazer, Signature 2006, Happy New Year 2007, Busby and Manchu.

2 Charlotte's Web Themed Beanies, Wilbur and Gussy.

5 Dora Beanies, Dora China, Dora France, Dora Russia, Dora Tanzania and Diego.

2 Spongebob themed Beanies Football Star and Spongebob QB.

Classic Beanies include Large Hightops, Hudson and Thunder.

Baby Ty November 2006 Beanies are Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Baby Dangles Blue, Baby Dangles Pink, Baby Winks Pink, Baby Winks Blue, Baby Whiffer Pink and Baby Whiffer Blue.


Will the beanie Barbaro only be available at the Kentucky Derby Store or will there be a retail version? Thanks.


Just saw Pix of nov.Beanies...........
quite frankly,They ROCK!!I honestly have to say,ALL of them are great!!
The o6 siggy bear is awesome, Barbaro
Is beyond sweet!I'll be getting a few
of those!!The new years Bear Is Fantastic!
I have to say even the doras are great!!
my niece loves dora so...Guess what santas bringing her??
Thank you TY!!
Keep on Rockin'!!!
you rule!!
peace :)

10-28-2006 SATURDAY

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

World Series: One hot ticket

"Arguably the most intriguing deal for tickets to Tuesday's World Series game could be made less than 200 feet from the gates to Busch Stadium. A man who would not give his name was offering tickets at face value, a rarity for the town's hottest ticket. However, those tickets were attached to a Beanie Babies doll that cost 'considerably more.' "

"The price of Cardinals World Series tickets these days depends largely on where and when they were bought. Online at national dealer, tickets top out at $4,117 ' about 15 times more than the highest ticket at face value and others were as low as $417 about eight times the lowest face value. A local ticket broker anticipated similar pricing, while another street scalper said single tickets routinely drop to around $100 in the minutes after the game's first pitch."

Ms. Janie has reported that there will be several free Spongebob Themed Beanies given away at Best Buy as a Nickelodeon/Best Buy Promotion.

"For every Nick DVD you purchase, you get a free plush Ty Spongebob toy. A portion of proceeds also go to charity. The exclusive Spongebob toy changes weekly, starting with Mr. Krabs tomorrow, October 29. The other toys are Spongebob, Gary, and Patrick. "

"I believe the breakdown is as follows:"
Plush Toy w/o Purchase - $6.99ea ($1 to Toys for Teens Charity)
(1) Nick DVD Purchase - Free Toy ($2 to Toys for Teens)
(2) Nick DVD Purchase - Free Toy ($5 to Toys for Teens)
(3) Nick DVD Purchase - Free Toy ($7 to Toys for Teens)

October 29 - "Mr. Krabs"
November 5 - "Spongebob"
November 12 - "Gary"
November 19 - "Patrick"

10-27-2006 FRIDAY

Ms. Janie's Report from John The Phoenix!

Hi Ms Janie,

It's already known that Harrods will be launching 2 beanies on Saturday 4th November... I can confirm that there will be another bigger friend with them!

A certain number of the beanies will be boxed and numbered, like the Shooting Stars were last year...... but how many?....we'll have to wait and see!

However, the "Number 1" of both beanies will be auctioned on Friday night at the Ty Collectors Party...and they have both been signed by Mohammed Al Fayed, the owner of Harrods! These will be among at least 20 items in the auction, including some Ty memorabilia never seen before - a full list will be published during next week, and I will send more information when I can.

The Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity will accept credit cards as well as cheques and cash....and I can also confirm that there will be phone lines available for bidders who are not able to attend. There have already been enquiries about this, so contact Ty UK if you want to take part!

Light refreshments and a bar will be available, and confirmation emails will be sent to those who have registered by the end of this week - this promises to be a very special evening!!

the phoenix

10-26-2006 THURSDAY

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Elfis Learning Express Exclusive
Has anyone seen a picture of this? Please let me know. THANKS!

Please name all the previous Thanksgiving turkeys.
With Thanksgiving coming, I want to get out all my turkeys to decorate (after Halloween of course) and I am not sure if I have all of them.
Can someone name all of them?
Thank you.

Re: I'll try


In addition to Twigs39 great list, also Tom-e and Stuffings

Just looking at my collection I have:

Gobbles (97-98)
Lurkey 2000
Tommy 2003
TURK-e 2002
Giblets 2005
Drumstick 2004

Tom-e 2003
Stuffings 2005

I can't think if there was one in 2001. I am upside down at the moment having windows installed.
Love: Karen

Hope the MBNA duffle bags ship soon
I have 1 ordered and would like to take it with me to London next week. Will make a great carry on for my trip. Members of BeanieFriendsWorldWide(BFWW) who are going to Harrods on the 4th will be wearing our BFWW reunion shirts.Between us we are hoping to have all 4 shirts represented. Mine will be the red one from the 2nd reunion.
Maybe we will get a picture and send it to Beanwatcher or Ms.Janie.
Can't wait to get there.

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

Foolin' with a fan
"When Richie was a sophomore (at the Air Force Academy)," she wrote, "I suffered a brain aneurysm and he flew home. He had put the cost of the flight on credit and then worried about how to pay for it when he got home. It was 1998, and Beanie Babies were the big craze. Phillip gave Richie his Beanie Baby collection to sell in order to pay for the flight."

10-25-2006 WEDNESDAY

10/25/2006 October Retirements!

Beanie Babies:

Superstition and Ghoulish
Shudders and Trick R Treat
Independence, Independence and Independence

Haunts and Frightful (Borders Exclusives)
(Ty Warner Sea Center Exclusive) Finn and Heiress

U.S. Open Exclusives, Dora - Tennis and Deuce Yikes, Snowbelles and Snowbelles

Hamley's Exclusives, Hamley and William

Beanie Buddies:

Charmer, Ghoul and Ghoulianne

Halloweenie Beanies:

Ghoulianne , Ghoul and Screams
Treats and Creeps



Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Nice Retirement Ty. Looking forward to next month's as well. n/m

Today's Silent Retirements

Whiffer- DOG (LARGE)

Ty Classic
Bag O Treats- PUMPKIN
Bag O Tricks- PUMPKIN
Purrecious- CAT

Baby Ty
My Baby Bear Baby's 1st Christmas Ed


Counterfeit OF Magenta and Flutter on the bay. Different auctions, different sellers, but both are counterfeit.

The OF Magenta is VERY obvious. The Flutter seller goes out of their way not to post a picture of the eyes.

Buyer Beware!


There's also a fake Humphrey and Peking!
Everyday there are new fakes on eBay. Buyer Beware.

10-24-2006 TUESDAY

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

Programs Connect U.S. Students, Orphans Abroad
" The Memory Project enlists students to create portraits and books for children overseas who are orphaned or in harrowing conditions. Teachers say the program touches students, helps them learn about the world, and provides opportunities for authentic learning. ...Last year's students were so excited about participating that they collected 20 Beanie Babies for the orphans, she said. This year, students are creating portraits of orphan boys from El Salvador. 'The girls think they are all so cute,' Winiarski said. 'The students also wanted to know more about where the orphans were from. Ben sent a Web site address so they are going to research more information.' "

Support for our troops
"The Livingston County Farm Bureau, Bank of Pontiac and Pontiac First Methodist Church are teaming up to collect international phone cards and items to be sent to military personnel in time for the holidays. ...These items are handed out by troops to needy civilians: new or used (good condition) Beanie Babies, school supplies, children's backpacks, writing paper, construction paper, pencils, crayons, glue, sharpeners, children's clothes (good condition), baby blankets."

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

I found the beautiful soft Sugarbeary for $9.99 but there is nothing to indicate that he is a Walgreen's exclusive-he just has the regular Ty tags. They also had boxes of the Jingles from last year at $2.99 each and loads of the Backyardigans and Dora. So if anyone is looking for last year's Jingle beanies you might try your local Walgreen's.

10-23-2006 MONDAY

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

Betty Ford Center donates to Pine Grove

"The Betty Ford Center recently donated 100 Ty Beanie Babies to Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services. In turn, Pine Grove presented the stuffed animals to Judge Bob Helfrich who will distribute them to children whose parents are involved in drug court. Jerry Moe, director of children services at The Betty Ford Center, conducted a three-day camp for the children at Pine Grove in 2005. "

10-21-2006 SATURDAY

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

The 40-Year-Old Savings Virgin
"Our real-life heroine didn't hole up and begin collecting Beanie Babies. Instead, she relied on her own pluck, saved $5,000, studied investing, and made her second entry in to the stock market at the not-so-sprightly age of 50. When she died in 1995 (at the age of 101), she had a $20 million nest egg."

10-20-2006 FRIDAY

The Beanwatcher has pointed out that Ty silently has introduced a Ty Classic named Sugarbeary, a Walgreen exclusive.

10-19-2006 THURSDAY

A new Tystore exclusive beanie named Thankful was introduced today. he sports a horn o'plenty emblem.

Beanies In The News:

Crafts and Caring Earn Norfolk College Student a Scholarship
"Ms. Hinman, now a student at New London's Connecticut College, won a Milton Fisher Scholarship for Innovation and Creativity, which is given by The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven. ...She can trace both her love of kids and crafts to her childhood. A babysitter since she was 11 years old, she can't remember a time when she didn't adore children. As a child, she would craft fun and practical things for herself. "Every single one of my Beanie Babies had its own shoe box house, with a name plate on the door and pictures on the walls that related to what type of animal it was. I enjoy nothing more than [sharing projects like that with] children, especially younger ones," said Ms. Hinman, who is considering teaching as a career."

The Word Is Out: Webkinz Are On The Way
"Part Beanie Baby and part Neopet, Webkinz are a line of stuffed animals that come with a secret code allowing the purchaser to enter into an online fantasy world starring that pet. The Webkinz line debuted the spring of 2005, and according to Susan McVeigh, communications manager at Ganz in Toronto, there are presently 700,000 registered Webkinz owners, up from 150,000 reported in the spring of 2006. 'The number of daily visits continues to grow," said Ms McVeigh, "but we tend to average well over 100,000 daily visits from members.' "

10-18-2006 WEDNESDAY

Beanies In The News:

Political Notes
"Blackwell, then state treasurer, advocated that the investment side of the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation report to the treasurer's office, while the insurance side of the operation would report to the governor. If the treasurer had been given oversight, Blackwell said, there would have been no investments in rare coins and Beanie Babies. Blackwell made his remarks at a news conference he called on the second day of testimony in Noe's criminal trial in Toledo. Noe, 52, faces 45 charges accusing him of stealing about $2.3 million from the coin investment he was entrusted to manage for the workers' compensation bureau."

10-17-2006 TUESDAY

Beanies In The News:

Who Will Win The world Series?
"... But, seriously, you think trends are trends because they're cute? OK, maybe in the case of Beanie Babies, but Ty Inc. isn't manufacturing this one. ..."

Plush PlajaPets catching on
"Every toy maker dreams of hitting the next Beanie Baby. Now think Beanie Baby meets Mr. Potato Head. That's what Jason Johnson and Adam Kittelson think they might have. The young entrepreneurs PlajaPets are catching on with local kids and those from South Korea ' and they're getting interest from the famed F.A.O. Schwarz in New York City. 'Kids love 'em. They say they're like a cross between Mr. Potato Head and Beanie Babies, only cooler,' said Johnson of Mankato. The soft, plush toys have interchangeable heads and tails (attached by magnets inside the fabric) that allow kids to create hundreds of variations."

Eric Calderon Named New COO for Ty Warner Hotels and Resorts

10-16-2006 MONDAY

The Ty Halloween Contest has begun!

According to The Beanwatcher , a 2007 Zodiac Pig Beanie Baby, like the 2006 Zodiac Dog, is coming soon and it is expected to be an Asia Pacific exclusive!

Beanies In The News:

Noe Trial to Begin Monday
"After nearly a week of jury selection, Tom Noe's trial in which he faces 45 felony counts begins Monday in Toledo. Noe has pleaded not guilty to charges he stole millions of dollars from a rare coin investment he managed for the state of Ohio. The trouble, prosecutors will argue, started in 1998 when Thomas Noe, a Maumee coin dealer, started getting state investment money from the Ohio Bureau of Worker's Compensation. They allege out of a $50 million investment into everything from coins to beanie babies, Noe stole more than $2 million."

10-15-2006 SUNDAY

Beanies In The News:

Saying Good-Bye to an End of an Era
"Shelves that were once filled with Beanie Babies and teddy bears, Crabtree & Evelyn products, English bone china platers and other specialty items now sit empty as 50 percent off signs dangle above them, signaling the end of a era for many East Bremerton residents." ..."It's sad when you see these mom and pop shops close," Smith said. "It's sad, it's another era."

Livingston County groups to brighten troops' holidays
"PONTIAC -- Three Livingston County groups are restarting efforts to help troops overseas have a touch of home around the holidays. ...The Livingston County Farm Bureau, Bank of Pontiac and the Pontiac First United Methodist Church are teaming up to send phone cards and care packages to soldiers. 'As the war keeps on, it's easy to become complacent about doing something," Farm Bureau Manager Teresa Grant-Quick said. "We hope to help make their Christmas and holidays a little brighter.' ...School supplies, crayons and Beanie Babies are needed for those efforts."

Crowds flea to Olive Branch sale
"Olive Branch Old Towne's third annual "Second Saturday in October" Garage Sale and Flea Market did just that Saturday. ...among the 60 or so vendors selling everything from Beanie Babies to old bikes and more, there was 7-year-old Hailey McMinn selling lemonade."

Family Line: Medway native's first book published
" Louise "Grandma Lou" Paglicco of MARLBOROUGH celebrated her 100th birthday last month at a party held at Heritage Hall in the Masonic Building in MARLBOROUGH. ...Today she lives at the MARLBOROUGH Hills Healthcare Center and enjoys playing cards, sewing and knitting especially for Beanie Babies."

10-19-2006 THURSDAY

A new Tystore Exclusive Beanie named Thankful was introduced today!

10-18-2006 WEDNESDAY

Beanies In The News:

Political Notes
"Ken Blackwell, the GOP candidate for governor, said Tuesday during a stop in Cleveland that a proposal he made in the mid-1990s would have averted the Tom Noe scandal.
Blackwell, then state treasurer, advocated that the investment side of the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation report to the treasurer's office, while the insurance side of the operation would report to the governor.
If the treasurer had been given oversight, Blackwell said, there would have been no investments in rare coins and Beanie Babies.
Blackwell made his remarks at a news conference he called on the second day of testimony in Noe's criminal trial in Toledo. Noe, 52, faces 45 charges accusing him of stealing about $2.3 million from the coin investment he was entrusted to manage for the workers' compensation bureau. "

10-14-2006 SATURDAY

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

Eric Calderon Named New COO for Ty Warner Hotels and Resorts
"Former VP of the Little Nell Hotel Group will manage a collection of Ty Warner's boutique hotels and word class golf courses in New York, Santa Barbara, Cabo San Lucas, and Kona"

SpongeBob Goes Pink For October
"(CBS) The Early Show's special breast cancer series, "Pink for a Week," wraps up with a very special guest -- SpongeBob SquarePants. The world famous sea sponge was on hand to introduce the all-new, limited-edition SpongeBob PinkPants Ty Beanie Baby. The Beanie marks the first time SpongeBob is being produced in plush in a color other than yellow in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Nickelodeon and Ty will donate profits from sales of the Beanie to various breast cancer charities. Lucky audience members on the plaza received the plush Beanie Babies to take home. The SpongeBob PinkPants Ty Beanie Baby is available online at The Nickelodeon Shop and in many retail stores while supplies last. In addition to the Beanie Baby, Nickelodeon has created a limited-edition t-shirt available exclusively at Profits from the t-shirt will also benefit breast cancer charities. "

Chicago toy inventors may brighten holidays
" While the new toys all involve technology, Rosenwinkel said, "Our biggest hit of all time is very low tech--Polly Pocket." The line of fashion dolls has rung up more than $1 billion in sales, he said. In fact, the most elaborate toys don't always reign supreme. Consider the success of Westmont-based Ty Inc., maker of Beanie Babies and other plush. A recent Forbes magazine account pegs founder Ty Warner's personal wealth at $4.5 billion and estimates the company's annual sales at more than $400 million today. That's down considerably from annual sales estimates of $1 billion or more during the Beanie heyday of the late 1990s."

Taylor, Sykes debate
"Sykes pledged transparency in her office, if elected, and said she would increase the auditor's staff and resources to conduct audits. 'I think that the people of Ohio want to make sure that their money is not stolen. I think that the people of Ohio want to make sure that people are not investing in Beanie Babies and wine and rare coins,' Sykes said."

Landmark Bank partners with March of Dimes
"DURANT- The local branch of Landmark Bank's goal is to raise $2,000 for the March of Dimes, for research into preventing premature births and researching the cause of birth defects."
"Landmark Bank is committed to its goal of raising $2,000 for this cause, and they are selling Just a Better Cookbook' for $8 instead of its regular $10, with the net proceeds going to March of Dimes."
"Landmark Bankers have also decorated pumpkins to compete for the best pumpkin by department. The public can vote on their favorite pumpkin by donating money to the March of Dimes. The pumpkins are in the lobby of the main branch of Landmark Bank, and the contest runs through Friday October 20."
"Also, the bank is selling March of Dimes Beanie Babies, for a minimum donation of $6. There is a large assortment of Halloween, Americana, and Awareness Bears. Available until Thanksgiving, or until supplies run out."
"There will also be a silent auction through Monday , in the lobby on Main Street. All items are donated by merchants in Durant. Proceeds benefit the March of Dimes Walk America."
"Walk American will be held on Oct. 28, and the walkers are individually sponsored. Team bankers, with their spouses and children, will all be walking to raise money for March of Dimes research."
"The March of Dimes was founded in 1938 by President Franklin Roosevelt to unite the nation against polio, in 1955 they achieved their goal and polio was defeated. According to their Website, every day 1280 babies are born premature, and 411 are born with birth defects. The March of Dimes is united in purpose to eliminate premature births and birth defects, and keep babies healthy."

Ms. Janie has posted pictures of the Harrod's Invitation !

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Things r gettin mighty quiet again.
Ty - please do somethin'! Da silence is deafenin! LOL

10-13-2006 FRIDAY

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

Owner plans to sell his collectibles shop
" 'We sell memories and entertainment,' Kessel said. His advice to customers: Buy it because you like it, not because it's a collectible. He still is perplexed by the Beanie Babies collecting craze of the late 1990s, when collectors bought the stuffed toys en masse for investment purposes"

Eric Calderon Named New COO for Ty Warner Hotels and Resorts

Former VP of the Little Nell Hotel Group will manage a collection of Ty Warner's boutique hotels and word class golf courses in New York, Santa Barbara, Cabo San Lucas, and Kona

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Ty Warner, owner of Ty Warner Hotels and Resorts, LLC (TWH&R) and Ty Inc., is pleased to announce the appointment of Eric Calderon as the new COO for TWH&R. Mr. Calderon will be responsible for the operations and management of Ty Warner's well-known properties including the Four Seasons New York; Las Ventanas in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Kona Village Resort in Hawaii; and the Four Seasons Biltmore, San Ysidro Ranch, Miramar Hotel, Sandpiper Golf Club, Rancho San Marcos Golf Course and Montecito Country Club all in Santa Barbara, California.

"We are very pleased to have Eric join our team, as he brings a great deal of experience and a keen sense of what it takes to successfully operate our unique collection of properties," stated Ty Warner. "Eric has the knowledge and skill set to build an umbrella brand of superior service for TWH&R while still honoring the distinctiveness of the individual hotels, golf courses, and private clubs."


Ty Warner Hotels & Resorts, LLC was founded and is solely owned by Ty Warner. Properties owned by the company include the Four Seasons Hotel New York located on 57th Street. I.M. Pei, the world-renowned architect who also designed the Miho Museum in Kyoto, Japan and the Pyramide du Louvre in Paris, France, designed this hotel. Other properties include the 75 year-old Four Seasons Biltmore, the Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club and the romantic 500- acre San Ysidro Ranch retreat, all located in the affluent Montecito community in beautiful California. Recently added to his unique collection of properties -- the enchanting Kona Village Resort located on the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, the Las Ventanas Resort in Los Cabos Mexico, the Montecito Country Club located in Santa Barbara, California, and the Miramar Hotel, also in Santa Barbara. Mr. Warner also owns two magnificent golf courses including the Sandpiper Golf Club, located on the coastal bluffs of Santa Barbara and the Rancho San Marcos Golf Course in the illustrious wine valley of Santa Ynez, California. All of the properties are currently involved in extensive renovation programs according to Mr. Warner's vision.


Founded in 1986 by Ty Warner, creator of the wildly popular Beanie Babies, and celebrating its 20th year, Ty is the leader in plush toys. In addition to Beanie Babies, the company's product line includes: Bow Wow Beanies (TM), Pinkys (TM), Punkies, Pluffies, Ty Classic, Beanie Buddies, and Baby Ty. The red Ty Heart Logo, recognized around the world, can be found on all Ty products available at finer specialty gift retailers. Visit Ty on the Internet at .

Ms. Janie has reported that according to Cindy's Beans, Snowbelles is SOLD OUT ! Also confirmed are the names of the new Special Olympics Beanies previously reported, Courageous, Courageously & Courageousness. "ourageous will have a gold nose, Courageously will have a silver nose, and Courageousness will have a bronze nose. The inside left of the hang tag will have a medal for, silver, or bronze....depending on which Beanie it is. There will also be a numbered holo sticker on the right side, under the poem. " Only 333 sets - 1000 Total are expected to be produced.

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

# 1 Bear
I have inherited a #1 Bear. I am trying to see what he is worth.

Re:# 1 Bear - Get it authenticated to make sure it's not counterfeit............
unless you know for a fact it came from the Employee Party held at the Fairmont Hotel, December 11-14, 1998. aboutbeanies has pictures of a counterfeit #1 Bear and the tags and gives common characteristics of counterfeit ones. Plus this: If inside left of hang tag only has 6 lines of text including the main head line The Beanie Babies Collection, it is counterfeit. Must have 10 lines of text.
Inside right of the tag should be have a number hand written inside of it followed by a printed number marking the total number of #1 Bears. Should be hand written number of 253.
Tush tag info in next post....
Rest of hang tag plus tush tag info on common characteristics of fakes:
Some counterfeit tags have wrong info on back. Back of tag should mention the Employee Party held at the Fairmont Hotel, December 11-14, 1998
TUSH TAGS: Beanie name should be written on one line as #1 Bear followed by TM trademark sign. Some fakes have it written on two lines.
The registration symbol should following the word Collection not Babies as some of the counterfeits do.
A #1 Bear should also not have a hologram tush tag!
aboutbeanies has pictures of a fake... Do a search there to find it...

Hey! Where is the Halloween contest?!?!!?
The date is now Oct 12th, 2006. 12:46 PM EST and there is still no sign of beanie babies in costume on the home page. I look forward to that EVERY year!

Re:# 1 Bear .. where does the tush tag say it was made? n/m

The tush tag says Handmade in China 1999 TY INC Oakbrook IL, USA... Thanks for any input. Also inherited 1000's of beanies, buddies, etc. Just trying to see where to start.

Re:Re:Re: It is a counterfeit. The #1 Bear was not made in China. Sorry. n/m

10-12-2006 THURSDAY

Beanies In The News:

Police chief lends hand in Romania
" Romanian law enforcement leaders need a little help in keeping corruption out of their police forces, so Grass Valley Police Chief John Foster took a the 12-hour plane trip last week to lend a helping hand. ...Foster's wife Eileen went along with plans of her own: To meet with community leaders addressing the country's large population of homeless children and to distribute gifts she brought in extra suitcases. 'My carry-on was full of beanie babies,' Foster said. Eileen Foster said she has wanted to help the orphans for years, and last week's trip was the perfect chance."

Kid flew the coop? Make over your empty nest
"To keep or not to keep that is the question"
"Entertain the options that just like you, your child has lost the desire to return to their old digs left just as they were. Suddenly the four-poster bed of yesteryear and the Justin Timberlake posters are becoming less appealing to them. In fact, the idea of a revamp replete with a high-def TV may not get the sour reaction you are anticipating. However, they are probably less inclined to give up on all their hard-earned memorabilia. The trophies, ribbons, beanie babies, pom-poms, and tiaras that once defined them still deserve a final resting place in the new space, and we don't mean the closet. Dedicate a shelf or two on your new bookcase to these souvenirs. Arrange them in a way that treats them as proper collectibles (yes just like your coveted Lladro collection). Saving room for a little nostalgia will do wonders to warm the space. "

Another Path to a Billion
"Last week, Foolish colleague Tim Hanson revealed some of the secrets of the world's billionaires. Surely his findings were obvious to most: Master investors make oodles of money, especially those who faithfully follow a strategy that plays to their inherent strengths. What he didn't mention is that entrepreneurs dominate the same list of Forbes billionaires, including five of the top 10. ...Beanie Babies creator Ty Warner is 52nd with $4.5 billion. "

Go pink
"Countless companies have created exclusive cosmetics, apparel and even food to celebrate October as Breast Cancer Awareness month. From compacts to cookies, many of these items come in pink or are festooned with a pink ribbon the symbol of awareness and serve as reminders of the disease. ...How you can help Spongebob SquarePants has lost his yellow glow. A couple of flavors of Campbell's soup have lightened up. KitchenAid has added a new hue to its rainbow of colors."

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Chillingsly a totally new style of bear? He's a real "stand up" guy haha!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Chillingsly is a totally new style of Beanie Baby bear. He can't sit if he wanted . He stands on his own two feet. I think this is an awesomely cute new style. Love the hat.

Don't get me wrong. I love all the traditional "new face", "pot bellies", etc, but I really love to see that Ty keeps changing it up for us with new and innovative designs. I have been very satified with the amount of choice in newbies lately. My only regret is not having the finances and space to get them all anymore haha.

So be sure to check Chillingsly out. In my opinion, he's one not to be missed! Now I can't wait to find Fargo Classic, since he looks like a good match with Chillingsly. Have a great day all!

PS- also got my Hallmark singing snowman today! He rocks out complete with penguins and a blinking tree!

PattiBuddy, FerociousPlatypus

The Beanwatcher has posted information about the second set of 3 Beatrix Potter Beanies and their availability!

10-11-2006 WEDNESDAY

Beanies In The News:

Calderon takes COO post with Ty Warner Hotels
"Eric Calderon announced Tuesday that he is stepping down as general manager of the Little Nell Hotel Group, signaling the end of an era for one of Aspen Skiing Co.'s flagship properties."
"Calderon will be relocating to California. There, he'll manage such Ty Warner properties as the Four Seasons New York, the Four Seasons Santa Barbara Biltmore, Kona Village Resort, Hawaii, and other resorts, private clubs and golf courses. Like SkiCo, Ty Warner is a private company. "

Build-A-Bear founder: Heart is key to business.
"The Build-A-Bear concept came to Clark in 1996 while shopping with 10-year-old friend Katie Burkhardt for Beanie Babies. But the once-wildly popular bean bag toys were sold out at all the stores they went to. Burkhardt was very disappointed, Clark said. 'She looked at one on display and she said, 'These are so easy. We could make these,' " she said. 'And she meant go home to my house in the basement and get on the sewing machine and go get some materials; we used to do craft projects together. But I heard something bigger.'"

Visit Ms. Janie and The Beanwatcher to see their posted pictures of recently released Beanies in hand. A Turkey Beanie should be expected soon and unrelated to Beanies, the new Hess Truck for 2006 will be coming up soon in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday, so get ready to add it to your My Collection for Hess Trucks list!

10-10-2006 TUESDAY

Beanies In The News:

As Hendry fiddles, Cubs could get burned
"He's their guy, right? Everyone at Wrigley Field, everyone in Tribune Tower, adores Joe Girardi. The marketing guy who rose to run the franchise, John McDonough, loves Girardi more than Beanie Babies. The general manager who somehow still has his job, Jim Hendry, likes Girardi as much as his cell phone. The media love Girardi, the fans love Girardi and, though this can't be confirmed, I hear the bricks and the ivy and the falling concrete chips also love Girardi."

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:


info on harrods bears.


I am writing to you today to inform you of the latest situation with regards to the 2006 beanies. The new beanies will be released on November the 4th, the same day as the Harrods Christmas Parade.

I regret to inform you that it will not be possible for customers to place back orders with us and that all customers will need to phone on the day with payment to secure their bears. The bears will be issued on a first come first serve basis.

We look forward to taking your order on the day and we thank you in advance for your custom


10-9-2006 MONDAY

Beanies In The News:

Minding his business
"With a little help from mom and dad both of whom have retail experience his store was up and running. Frisina was 14. He sold everything and anything out of the store: sports cards, hobby items, Beanie Babies, Pokemon cards. The store was open for about 1-1/2 years and grossing $30,000 a year."

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Previously retired Ty Classics now showing as current again

I just checked the Ty Classics current list and discovered that Mr Flurries, Toasty and Presents have silently come out of retirement, just as silently as they went into it.

I have jotted in my notes that these Classics had silently retired on the following dates:

Mr Flurries (Jan 26, 2006)
Presents (Jan 26, 2006)
Toasty (May 24, 2006)

I'm not sure what exactly what day these were put back on the current list. The last time I checked the list was Sept 25, 2006 and they weren't there. So sometyme between then and Oct 8, they snuck back over there on me haha. Have a great day all and enjoy your week!

PattiBuddy, FerociousPlatypus

B4 I spend my allowance $ on more beanies, r there some beanies that keep their value after 2 years? I been spendin lotsa money on beanies, toss em into a plastic bin and just watch em pile up.

1 day I said to myself, Y M I doin this? I could buy a X-box or somethin like that. So I was wonderin if there are any beanies that r worth somethin after 2 years...

Just wunderin


10-8-2006 SUNDAY

Leaves has been retired in the Tystore silently.

Beanies In The News:

Ruth, Mays, Ryan draw a crowd
Beanie Babies even get into the act

"Participants could view various collectibles from Hot Wheels to NASCAR cars and Beanie Babies to farm toys. Items cost anywhere from 50 cents to $500."
" 'They (vendors) try to appeal to a wide variety of people, things collectors might pick up - limited-edition or one-of-a-kind,' co-organizer Claudia Behr said."
"Behr said the fall show is typically the smallest, with 40 tables set up, compared to shows in December or February"

Trial timing bad for Ohio GOP

"Taft, who pleaded no contest last year to failing to report golf outings and other gifts. Four former Taft aides pleaded no contest to similar charges. Investigators began looking into the coin investment after The Blade wrote about the fund in April 2005. At first, state leaders defended the investment, saying it earned more than $15 million. But then Noe's attorney told investigators the fund had a shortfall of at least $10 million. A state lawsuit later accused Noe of improperly taking more than $4 million from the funds to pay himself and his coin collection business. Authorities raiding Noe's businesses seized coins from the 19th and 20th centuries, autographs including a Christmas card signed by Jackie Onassis and collectibles, including Beanie Babies."

10-7-2006 SATURDAY

Beanies In The News:

Coin dealer trial couldn't come at worse time for Ohio GOP
"TOLEDO, Ohio - Just a month before Ohioans elect a new governor, a former Republican fundraising star is set to go on trial on charges that he stole millions of dollars from a state investment in rare coins."
"Authorities raiding Noe's businesses seized coins from the 19th and 20th centuries, autographs - including a Christmas card signed by Jackie Onassis - and collectibles, including Beanie Babies"

10-6-2006 FRIDAY

This day's notes were eposted twice on 10/7/2006 hopefully this time the entries will remain...

Ms. Janie has posted a picture of a Chocolate Chip Oddity sent by a collector!

Beanies In The News:

NMHS student is a 'huge fan' of anime
"Japanese animation got big exposure to the American public some years ago with the popular film "Pokemon" was released in theaters around the country. Children had been collecting Pokemon cards-a modern version of the baseball card found in bubblegum packaging-for years, and coveted Pokemon characters were traded and valued highly, and the Pokemon rage joined other fads Americans have adopted over the years, like Beanie Babies and Cabbage Patch dolls. But the animated movie drew more attention to the actual Japanese animation-and not all of it was positive, Rebecca said."

10-5-2006 THURSDAY

An E-Mail Message From Feder-Bear!

Hello everybody!

Thanks for signing up on the Feder-bear waiting list. I'm very honored that so many of you want to share your home with me and, more importantly, that by making me part of your family, you will be contributing to the larger ATP-UNICEF community!!

As you may know, Roger is in Tokyo right now. He also says hello and thanks you for your support. He's writing a blog on this week, and I can tell he's having a fantastic time during his first visit to Japan! I wish I could've gone there with him, but I had to make a side trip to visit the nice folks over at Ty, the manufacturers of Beanie Babies, who needed my consultation on a few bear-related things. Hopefully I'll be back on the road shortly though, as I'm itching to travel the tour! I especially can't wait to get to Shanghai for the Tennis Masters Cup. Roger says it's an amazing tournament and city.

The ATP will soon be sending you the exact details in order to purchase me off the internet for $8, of which proceeds will go to UNICEF. I will be making my big debut this December in time for you all to own me for the holidays. Until then, you can read my "Feder-bear Everywhere" blog on, which I will update as soon as I get to my next exciting location!

Peace Out!!!


Spoooky Halloween themed Ty October 2006 Wallpaper was posted on the Ty web site yesterday.

It's a whopping 9 spinner day today at ! October 2006 Wallpaper, Pride retired, BBOC Fun, Laughter Buddies and Clubby VII Beanie, Beatrix Potter Beanies, BBOM Beanie Scares, UK Exclusive Hamish, October 2006 Introductions, Tystore exclusives Spells Beanie and Frankenteddy Buddy, Hallmark exclusives Snowbelles and Snowbelles all have current posted links!

The Beanwatcher reports that on October 18th there will be a Special Olympics Canada Beanie promotion !

Ms. Janie has posted pictures sent by Karen Brit of her Chocolate Chip ! Scroll up for Karen's update booklet link. It is a perfect companion for your My Collection Software now on sale!

Ms. Janie has also posted Pattiebuddys' Halloween Display !

Beanies In The News:

Toy trend fever
'Petty, the Wichita-area Santa, has heard Christmas wishes during several toy crazes -- from Tickle Me Elmo to Beanie Babies -- and says kids' requests usually defy trends.' "

Town Talk
"A mini-collectibles show featuring sports cards, memorabilia, coins and Beanie Babies will be held Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Sandusky Mall, 4314 Milan Road (SR 250), Sandusky. For details, call (216) 581-2346."

Twentieth anniversary of model apartment building for disabled
"Ms. Meyer was 25 when she moved in. She was raised in St. Marys, Elk County, where she went to school. At Allegheny Independence House, where she has her own apartment, she has Harriet Brysh, her aide, who also works with three other clients. While living in Wilmerding, she has worked at Life's Work of Western Pennsylvania and for the Pittsburgh Parks Department. She also has volunteered for the Center for Independent Living. 'I love my family, but I haven't been home since 2000, because they cannot take care of me,' she said. Her apartment is decorated to her taste. She has a row of Beanie Babies over the shelves of her desk. There's a blanket from her sister and photos of her family all around the one-bedroom apartment."

New Cubs' president a man on a mission
"Under McDonough's direction, the Cubs brought in broadcaster Harry Caray; devised novel fan give-away programs copied around sports -- most notably the phenomenon of Beanie Babies; re-invented the seventh-inning stretch after Caray's death as a destination for movie stars to moguls; raised millions for Cubs Care, the team's charitable arm, and conceived the wildly-popular offseason gathering called the Cubs Convention. "


Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

*TRADERLIST has posted a Caution Page for...
Up4Trade. If you have a complaint, please contact a mediator at Traderlist. The previous owner is stating that she sold the business in Jan. and is not responsible for problems. If you write to Traderlist, please let us know to whom you made payment, and the method of payment and date.

Below is a prior warning...

PRE SALES are NOW and have been in the PAST used to TAKE MONEY from Beanie Baby Buyers. If you have ever purchased from jojosbeanies or quick73datsun (same person) on EBay please contact Grammapat at Traders List with your information. Click here

10-3-2006 WEDNESDAY

Beanies In The News:

Coffee Tree Homemakers meet
"The regular meeting of the Coffee Tree Homemaker Club was held Sept. 11, at the Logan County Extension room. President Tammy Thurston called the meeting to order. The thought for the month September was read by Sandra Lennon. Words of Inspiration, The Carpenter, was read by Shelly Williams. ...Annual Night was Sept. 21 at 6 p.m. at the Logan County Extension room and the speaker discussed the Green Family. There were door prizes and a pot luck dinner. Also, the group brought Beanie Babies and school supplies to the meeting and Cultured Arts was there to display what members had made."

Coming to America
"Living in the Atlanta area, he scraped up enough money selling junk at flea markets to pay for his master's degree at Kennesaw State University. He actually started his first real business while still in school - Success Video, a wholesale used video equipment brokerage. When Beanie Babies became the rage, he sold those, too. "

Ty Cyberboard Notes:

GRIPE! Clubby looks alot like other beanies b4 him
So sorry, but I'm not impressed with clubby this year. Get the same bear make it a different color, and viola! There's clubby. This is really an original beanie... NOT!
Thanks Ty, I will be saving my money this year... LOL

The Beanwatcher has reported an auction for the third of only 5 existing Ty signed William Bears found on Ebay. The prior two sold for $1,108.59 US and the other for $973.66 US he reports.

10-2-2006 TUESDAY

Beanies In The News:

Midwest Airlines-Exclusive Beanie Baby on Sale Today
Chocolate Chip Flies Into Collectors' Hearts

MILWAUKEE, Oct. 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Aviation enthusiasts, cookie lovers and bear collectors will all adore Chocolate Chip, the newest TY Beanie Baby.

(Photo: )

Chocolate Chip, a limited edition Beanie Baby created by TY exclusively for Midwest Airlines, shares a June 11 birthday with the popular Milwaukee airline. The brown and blue bear sports a snappy blue tie, airline insignia and a chocolate chip cookie like those baked on board his favorite airline. His feet are embroidered with the airline's motto, "The best care in the air."

His official TY ear tag reads:
Smooth landings make for one happy bear
I'm friendly and I've got cookies to share
I fly with an airline that's unique and so rare
Its fans call it, "The best care in the air"!

The bears will be available for sale to collectors and friends of Midwest Airlines exclusively at for $7.99 (plus tax, shipping and handling) beginning October 2.

Midwest Airlines features jet service throughout the United States. Skyway Airlines, Inc. -- its wholly owned subsidiary -- operates as Midwest Connect, which offers connections to Midwest Airlines as well as point-to-point service between select markets on regional jet and turboprop aircraft. Together, the airlines offer service to 47 cities. More information is available at .

CONTACT: Media Inquiries: Randy Smith, +1-414-570-3665, +1-816-516-2051 (cell) or, or Analyst-Investor Inquiries: Dennis O'Reilly, +1-414-570-3954 (o) or Dennis.O'

Web site: -

The Power of Pink
"SpongeBob's new hue: What are they going to think down at the Crusty Crab? SpongeBob has gone PinkPants! Profits from the limited-edition Ty Beanie Baby ($6), available in stores and at, benefit various breast cancer charities."

I Love the '90s
"My parents always told me never to take off the tags, which was like the worst thing that you could ever do to a Beanie Baby. I used to keep them in my closet, but many of my friends and fellow classmates would bring them to school to show them off ... "

'03 strikes, and Dusty was out
"You will know Cubs interim president John McDonough's influence is having an impact on the front office when general manager Jim Hendry makes a trade and rather than the Cubs dealing a player to be named, they give up a case of Beanie Babies to be named."

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

BBOC will not sending out postcards on this year offer
I ordered my BBOC offers today . I was very dissapointed to hear BBOC will not be sending out the postcards this year. I have saved all of mine and the grandchildrens. From the GOLD BBOC membership. DID anyone else like the post cards????????????

is there going to be a halloween contest this year...
i thought it usualy syarted on october 1st..









Oct-Nov-Dec calendars - please don't make us wait!

Well, we're a couple of days into October and still no sign of the calendar. Last month it was a full week into the month before it arrived.

With the last three months of the year being holiday filled, I sure wish we could see these calendars at the very first of each month. Ty, please!


10-2-2006 MONDAY

The BBOC (The Beanie Babies Official Club) is finally open! Clubby VII a Beanie and Fun and Laughter are in the house only from October 2nd to December 1st, 2006! Fun and Laughter are Beanie Buddies!

My Collection Subscriptions:

My Collection Complete for Beanies is totally updated with all of the new October 2006 Beanies, Buddies, Pluffies, Classics, Bow Wows and Jingles as well as the new exclusives, the new BBOM and more. All subscribers have been sent their updated excel value and inventory calculating spreadsheets. If you have not received your updated version please email with your original email address. If your email address has changed, be sure to note the change. Thank you!

Beanies In The News:

New boss sees Cubs in Series seriously

"There's nothing like making big promises your first day on the job. In his 11-minute introductory news conference Sunday, new Cubs interim President John McDonough mentioned winning the World Series nine times. Nine. That's rather brash considering the Cubs haven't won one in the preceding 98 years. So long-suffering fans are wondering if McDonough might be making promises he can't possibly keep."

"These were his first public words as boss:"
"My goal is singular. The purpose of what I've been asked to do is for the Cubs to win the World Series. Not win the wild card or win the division or win the pennant. It's time to win, it's time to win the World Series. It's time to reward these tens of millions of fans who have waited for a long time."

"Obviously, this will be a different regime than what Cubs watchers have seen for the last 12 years: From the low-key, close-to-the-vest style of the departed Andy MacPhail to the open, gregarious, aggressive style of McDonough, the marketing genius who gave us the Cubs Convention and ballpark Beanie Babies..."

Letting go: Downsizing by getting rid of clutter can be hard, but makes our lives easier in the long run

"Yeah, but it's a collection. There's a difference between a well-tended coin collection and a bunch of Beanie Babies, says Wright. One requires meaningful care and attention, the other you have to dust or else you just feel guilty because you never dust it. See how ridiculous the thinking gets? There's a new adage that applies here: Get over the Beanie Babies. Or browse the Internet to see if they are now worth a small fortune. If so, sell them to the highest bidder and take a fun trip with the proceeds or apply it to your grandchild's tuition..."

"Cash, credit . . . Beanie Babies"
"To illustrate the "yeah, but" syndrome, Lisa Parsons, co-owner of the Salt Lake company Clear & Simple, tells how a college president opened a box and found a note on top of a bunch of Beanie Babies. It read, "Enclosed find payment for my son's first year of tuition - my wife assured me five years ago that these would cover it." Accumulation of this sort may be a modern condition, she says. "Our grandmothers used to inherit a wedding dress or a pocket watch. Now, our parents are inheriting whole houses."

10-1-2006 SUNDAY

It's a seven spinner day today on the Ty web site!

Scares is the new Beanie Baby of the Month!

The new Yankees Exclusive Buddy Pride has been introduced!

Pride has been accidentally it seems, pictured as a double image of the page and looks like a set of twins! Pride is neither listed current or retired and cannot be found in a search. He will more than likely be retired today as were those who came before him. Look for hm later on in the retired list. Here are all of the Yankees Buddy Bears:

Pride was retired today as expected...

Pride (2006), Tradition (2005), World Class (2004)with Ty logo and August 8, 2004 on foot, World Class (2004) with NY on foot, Centennial (2003)

Y Draig Goch Beanie and Buddy are pictured here on the Beanwatcher's site, where you can go to see more pictures and close ups!

Beanies In The News:

Pembroke couple comes to aid of animals in Wareham
By Kelly Fernandes, Enterprise

WAREHAM When Bill and Ruth Foley heard someone stole $300 worth of Beanie Babies from A Helping Paw's thrift shop they knew exactly what they had to do.

We just had to give them our collection, said Ruth Foley. I felt terrible for the cats.

Friday, the Pembroke couple loaded up their SUV with their collection of Beanie Babies they gathered over the years and donated them to A Helping Paw.

The shelter had a yard sale Saturday and sold $80 worth of the Beanie Babies.

Most of these have never been touched, said Bill Foley. They're still in the original glass cases.

A Helping Paw, located on Cranberry Highway, is a no-kill shelter founded in 1998 and is one of only two thrift shops in the state dedicated to homeless pets.

One side of their current location is a shelter, the other the thrift shop.

It began a Beanie Baby drive last year with all the proceeds going towards the shelter's building fund with a goal of $500,000 to purchase a permanent facility.

Two weeks ago more than $300 worth of Beanie Babies were stolen and volunteers have no idea who did it.

I'd like to have a little talk to that person, said Bill Foley. It's terrible what they did.

Foley and his wife have enjoyed collecting Beanie Babies, but did not hesitate to give it up.

There are 177 regular Beanie Babies and 40 big Beanie Babies, said Bill Foley. We used to stand in line for them and all that jazz. When they went on sale we'd wait for the doors to open and my wife would run in.

It's just wonderful what they've done. It takes my breath away to see people like this so generous and they're animal lovers, said volunteer Lauren Clark.

A Helping Paw is open Wednesday from noon to 6 p.m., Thursday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information call 508-795-2887. Donations can be sent to A Helping Paw, P.O. Box 387, Buzzards Bay, MA 02532.

A life lost, but love endures

"There's a dogwood tree in her front yard in Randolph. ``It's my Mama's tree," says Michaela, who is 6. ``It has all the things my Mama loved. See?" Surrounding it are flowers and in it are Beanie Babies and under it is an engraved stone that reads, simply, Christine. ...Michaela doesn't remember her mother. She was a baby -- just 16 months old -- when Christine died. ....Her mother was 28 when she was killed by a drunk driver..."

Tough workout, soft gifts for young Iraqis
By John C. Drake

Framingham nurse Meredith Wolff has been collecting Beanie Babies for a decade, and she's been meaning to get herself back into shape since giving birth to her son about three years ago

So personal trainer Matt Elder's idea for a Beanie Baby Boot Camp, which offered a 45-minute fitness class for the price of a couple of Beanie Babies that would be going into the hands of children in Iraq, sounded like just the ticket.

Elder recruited Wolff and about a dozen other people to participate in his inaugural workout, and he collected hundreds of Beanie Babies to ship to American soldiers serving in Iraq to hand out to local children as a good-will gesture.

While the 23-year-old is still looking for the money to send the first 360 stuffed animals to Iraq, he is making plans to turn the boot camp into a monthly event.

According to several websites that offer suggestions on gifts to send overseas, soldiers appreciate having the plush, beanbag-like stuffed animals to carry around and hand to Iraqi children whom they meet on their rounds.

That made participating particularly worthwhile for Wolff.

``A lot of people don't think about the people and kids that are living among all that's going on. The kids are just innocent bystanders of the whole war," she said. ``Plus, somebody told me they are taught that Americans are evil, horrible people, and this might show we're not."

...After word of Elder's plans spread, he started getting donations of Beanie Babies from people who did not plan to work out. One person donated 75.

...He has rough plans to hold the next boot camp Oct. 17. The theme will remain the same, at least for now.

``Obviously, as situations change overseas, I'll change what I'm doing," he said. ``One of the reasons I'm doing this is that some people are prowar and some people are antiwar. No matter your opinion of the war, you can't be against the kids over there and their situation."

9-30-2006 SATURDAY

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

Circle of Friends, Coffee Tree meet
"The Circle of Friends Homemakers started the new year in a July 10 meeting with the Coffee Tree Homemakers. President Tammy Thurston calling the meeting to order and reading the thought for the month about character, Doing the right thing when no one is looking, by J.C. Watts. ...We were encouraged to bring Beanie Babies for the National Guard to take to Iraq for children. Sandra Kennedy of Circle of Friends gave the lesson, Outdoor Theatre and Plays in Kentucky. Refreshments were enjoyed by all. ...Old business was Sandra Kennedy telling about the quilt show in Nashville, Tenn. and reminding us of the need for Beanie Babies and school supplies for the international project. BRASS is still collecting detergent until Feb. 1. Take it to the Extension Office."

Humor me: Christmas Shopping
"The original Tickle Me Elmo giggled when his stomach was squeezed -- or when he discovered you paid 30 bucks for a stuffed toy that vibrates. But here's the immense leap that tickling technology has taken in just 10 years: ...T.M.X. Elmo not only giggles, he will slap his knee and roll on his back when you tickle him. He might even fall down, possibly on top of your collection of vintage beanie babies or your favorite Cabbage Patch Kid, Levinia Madeline."

A latte support for charity
"THOUSANDS of people over the town took the grind out of their working day - and raised cash for charity at the same time. ...Zoe Stevens, spokeswoman for Nationwide said: "It's been a spectacular day here, and its about more than just coffee, there have been cake sales and also sales of soft toys such as beanie babies.""

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

I was so excited to see all the new October releases, but where is my Thanksgiving turkey? The turkeys are my favorites. I sure hope one comes out in the Ty store!

According to a Beanwatcher Report, Beanie Universe's Daniel has noted that two retired beanies have been brought back. This would make an odd entry for your My Collection Spreadsheets, so just add another row for each beanies new introduction and eventual second retirement.

"Thank you for sharing the news with us! Beary Merry and Candy Cane both retired on December 29, 2005. As of yesterday, both styles were silently re-introduced!"

9-29-2006 FRIDAY

Hamish a UK Exclusive has been introduced today!

October 2006 Beanies introduced today!!!

Beanie Babies:

Little Bear, Jinglemouse and Janglemouse

Chillingsly, 2006 Holiday Teddy and Freezie

Joy, Joyful and Joyous all have wings!

Skis and Hollyhorse

Garfield Seasons Greetings and Holiday Dora

Ho Ho Ho and Happy Holidays

Tootoot and Growwl

Beanie Buddies:

Gift-Wrapped, 2006 Holiday Teddy and Garfield Season's Greetings

Ty Classic's:

Scrumptious, Fargo and Chestnuts

Tippi and Skeeter

Jingle Beanies:

Kringles, Flakes and Icecaps

Icicles, Freezings and Slushes

Bow Wow Beanies:
Christmas Bone Red Snowflake, Christmas Bone Green Snowflake and Christmas Bone Stripe

Chocolate, Chilin' and Zero

Baby Ty:

My Baby Bear and Pretty Pony


Ms. Snow and Mr. Snow

Jingles and Merry Moose

I know that some people think of their pets like children but I find it rather disturbing although they are all Ty products, to list dog toys along with children's toys. Once, my grand daughter did pick out a dog chew bone as a toy for her little brother, but she was less than 3 years old at the time and did not realize that the toy was meant to be for a dog. We all thought it to be rather funny, but did not want to hurt her feelings. She had the best intentions in mind.

The Ty folks are adults and I find it rather odd that children and pets are all being thrown into the same basket. Some discretion should be used and children and animals are not to me the same. Children are humans and dogs are pets. Children are not pets and dogs are not human and some sort of distinction should be exercised. I am glad to see the dog gone on the main page. Now let's give the children a little more respect as well! JMHO


Beatrix Potter Beanies introduced today!!!

Tystore Hallmark exclusives Snowbelles and Snowbelles !! One is red with white snow flakes, the other is white with red snowflakes!!

Beanies On The WWW:

Wikipedia - Beanie Baby

"A Beanie Baby is a stuffed animal filled with plastic pellets, or "beans," rather than stuffing (see PVC). A Beanie Baby is thus a form of bean bag."

Did you know that Wikipedia is written and edited by it's readers? This is a very interesting site where the information is contributed by those who visit the site. If you see something is not included, you can add it or if a statement is incorrect, you can correct it!

9-27-2006 WEDNESDAY

Have you noticed?

It's gone!!! What's gone?

Listen to the Ty Dog's Bark!

That barking dog, and his pawprints are gone! The solid red Ty Heart has returned!!!

The puppy link is gone now. Click here instead to hear a puppy bark! More animals can be heard on the pages!

The Beanwatcher has also posted pictures of the new October 2006 beanies.

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

Do The Math

"Let's say you're a brand-spankin' new 22-year-old college graduate who, as a lovely gift, receives a cool $20,000 from Uncle Ernie, who blew off college and opted to make a fortune selling Beanie Babies "back in the day." "

"Let's further say that Ernie, smart fella that he is, advises you that the Beanie Baby gold rush is over and that instead of investing your (or rather, his) not-so-hard-earned moola in additional furry critters, you ought to plow it into the market, perhaps via dirt cheap S&P trackers such as the Vanguard 500 (FUND: VFINX)."

The next 3 Beatrix Potters are now available to be purchased online. They are Jemima Puddleduck, Mr Todd the Fox and Tom Kitten, deliveries will be sometime later in October.

To order online go to The World of Beatrix Potter website!

News From The Ty Cyberboard:

I love the new Tystore, but am intrigued...
When I ordered, there was a box to enter a coupon code. How do you all suppose we get a coupon? From contests? Will our loved ones be able to buy gift certificates? Will Ty be a swell guy and give them out randomly????
By the way, I LOVE Frankenteddy!!! The Tystore offerings lately have been fabulous!!

Anyone know Yankees Exclusive Bear's Name
Yankees exclusive beanie buddy this Sunday. Anyone know his name?

I haven't heard anything for sure, but my guess is Pride. The slogan they've been using all season so far, says something about Pride, something, something haha. I forget the rest. The rest didn't sound like you'd get a Buddy name out of it though haha. But it made me think of "The Pride of the Yankees" and made me think "Hmmmm, I wonder if the Buddy will be named Pride". So time will tell, but that's my guess haha.
I recall when "World Class" had been the slogan for the season, the Buddy was named World Class that year.
Sorry I only had a fun guess and not any definite info. Hopefully someone else may know. Have a great day!
PattiBuddy, FerociousPlatypus

9-27-2006 WEDNESDAY

Ms. Janie has posted a preview of the upcoming October 2006 Beanies !!!

The Tystore has been remodeled! A new Buddy and Beanie Tystore exclusives have been introduced too. The Beanie is named Spells and the Buddy is Frankenteddy! There are three pages of Beanies, a separate page for clothing and accesories and a Garfield page too!

In addition to a larger selection of products, there are many new helpful links such as the link that tells you how to return and how to get a refund. Overall the new Tystore is a much better experience and it seems will likely have many more products in the future!

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

I like it!
whole site needs to be refreshed, actually. The last time the site was updated was four to five years ago, and it's looking rather stale now. Ty Store is a good start with some interesting new features - now for the rest of the site!
= Elektrobahn aka gotthardbahn =

It looks like its able to handle selling a lot of beanies at one time. Maybe Ty is getting ready to sell his entire beanie line online?

I like the new look, but have a question about the Garfields
are they different from the retail versions? I know the Shaq beanie is the same as retail as well as Tour just wondering if Garfield is any different.

Will Frankinteddy have black feet? Or two differant colors?
BrontyGarciaTheGrinchHawkeye 2B

Beanies In The News:

Click the title link for each news article quoted to read the entire article.

Still life with monkeys

"In the introduction, Folio, one of the Red Heel elders, explains the sock monkey's purpose in "the great thread of being": "We are creatures of comfort. It is our responsibility to relieve human children from anxiety and dismay and to provide companionship in their idle and not-so-idle hours. But unlike Beanie Babies or Tickle Me Elmos, we do not exist within market forces. We are, each of us, unique creatures, made by hand and gifted to children who may or may not want us but who sometimes come to feel that we are a necessary part of their lives. Often, the devotion bestowed on us surpasses that shown to comfort creatures of a more commercial origin. Perhaps children realize that we are individuals just like they are." "

Sale of beer, wine at golf course OK'd

"The board's vote allows for several modifications to the clubhouse facilities and 18-hole golf course, owned since July 2005 by Beanie Babies magnate Ty Warner."

Nastech gets grant to study new vaccine

"A pink SpongeBob SquarePants Beanie Baby will be sold next month to raise awareness and research funds for breast cancer. SpongeBob usually is bright yellow in the Nickelodeon cartoon series that bears his name. Ty Inc., which makes the Beanie Baby, has introduced special editions before in support of the cause. Additionally, pink digital Polaroid cameras and special pink-and-white label Campbell's soup cans will be in stores during October to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month."

Beanie Baby Mogul Gets Go-Ahead For Golf Course Improvements

"Beanie Baby mogul Ty Warner is ready to tee off on a $15 million dollar golf course project. Warner owns the financially struggling Rancho San Marcos Golf Course on Highway 154."

Fort Apache, Iraq

"Above us, the team's truck gunner, a languid ex-cop, Sgt. Dustin Hames, who had been following the conversation on the VIC but apparently had not been sufficiently impressed to participate, ended the debate by tossing the kid a Beanie Baby from the gun bay in the Humvee ceiling. Somebody at home donated the Beanie Babies in massive numbers, and we donated the ones that we didn't give to female MPs ("Can I have your moose?" one had asked us) to kids on the side of the road. Thankfully, this one fell wide right. Earlier in the day Hames had thrown a blue furry animal at a little girl and bonked her square in the forehead. Since then we had been debating the need for Hames to draw silhouettes on the side of the Hummer for every kid he nailed with a Beanie Baby."

News briefs from California's Central Coast

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (AP) - Beanie Babies mogul Ty Warner has finally won county approval to renovate the Rancho San Marcos Golf Course on Highway 154.

After months of debate over the proposal, the Board of Supervisors voted 4-0 on Tuesday to approve the project.

The project first went before the county Planning Commission in late June, when it was unanimously approved, but opponents from the Santa Ynez Valley Alliance and Women's Environmental Watch appealed the decision.

A key issue was an alcohol permit to sell beer and wine. Activists said it could cause more problems on accident-plagued Highway 154.

A Highway 154 turn lane into the course and smoking on the course were also issues.

"We're not trying to stop the project, we're just trying to make it safer and better," said Doreen Farr with the Santa Ynez Valley Alliance.

Course renovations were scheduled to begin in January. They will include the construction of a new golf academy and the addition of a 2,207-square-foot restaurant.

SpongeBob PinkPants?

The yellow sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea is turning pink in October in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Nickelodeon & Viacom Consumer Products has teamed with toy producer Ty to issue a limited-edition "SpongeBob PinkPants" Ty Beanie Baby. Marking the first time the popular Nickelodeon cartoon character has been produced in plush in a color other than yellow, the Beanie is currently available while supplies last at retailers nationwide and on for around $6. Both Nickelodeon and Ty will donate profits to various breast cancer charities.

"So many woman and families are personally and directly affected by breast cancer," says Leigh Anne Brodsky, president of Nickelodeon & Viacom Consumer Products. "Turning SpongeBob pink is a very bold gesture and we hope these limited-edition 'SpongeBob PinkPants' products will both raise funds and also send a positive message of support during Breast Cancer Awareness month this October."

"We are proud to help fund organizations dedicated to finding a cure for this terrible disease," adds Ty Warner, Beanie Baby creator and CEO/chairman of Ty Inc. "So many of us know someone who has been affected by breast cancer, and it is up to all of us to work together to find a cure.

In addition to the Beanie Baby, Nickelodeon will also create a limited-edition SpongeBob PinkPants graphic tee-shirt that will be available exclusively at for $14.99, with proceeds going to breast cancer charities.

Beanie Baby Tycoon Lobbies for Permission to Sell Alcohol

Ty Warner made millions selling Beanie Babies. But today, he tried to convince Santa Barbara County officials to let him sell alcohol on one of his golf courses.

The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors are debating a controversial ban on alcohol and whether Ty Warner's $15,000,000 renovation of Rancho San Marcos Golf Course should be approved.

A green oasis in between Santa Barbvara and Santa Ynez, the Rancho San Marcos Golf Course is popular among pros and duffers alike. But when it comes to the business of golf, they're competing on an uneven playing field.

Tom Endy of Rancho San Marcos says the course needs a new teaching facility, design improvements, a restaurant, and perhaps most importantly, permission to sell alcohol.

"Aside from golf itself," says Endy, "we need the amenities to be a successful operation. It is a really big aspect to a golf course to have beer and wine."

When it was built, locals worried that drunk golfers would cause accidents on their way home. But owner Ty Warner and his advisors say that the argument is outdated, given the growth of wine tasting rooms in the Valley over the last decade and the absence of any proof that it has resulted in more accidents on Highway 154.

"This is wine country," Endy says. "We are right in the middle of it. Going north, there are a lot wineries. Going south there are a lot of bars. And we are right in the middle of it."

Any modifications to the golf course will require the owner to reduce the threat of wildfire.

SpongeBob Turns Pink to Fight Breast Cancer Yellow is out and pink is in for SpongeBob SquarePants in October.

Nickelodeon & Viacom Consumer Products teamed up with Ty to create the limited-edition SpongeBob PinkPants Ty Beanie Baby.

The special offering is available at retailers nationwide, for approximately $6, and Ty will donate profits to various breast-cancer charities in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

Turning SpongeBob pink is a very bold gesture, and we hope these limited-edition SpongeBob PinkPants products will both raise funds and also send a positive message of support during Breast Cancer Awareness month this October, Nickelodeon

Ms. Janie has shared a bit of news about Spongebob !

9-26-2006 TUESDAY

Beanies In The News:

Do we still care about corruption?
"Nothing is more fun than to watch zealots go off the rails. They try to present themselves as rational, independent-minded persons like yourselves, balanced individuals who have examined our great wide world, weighed their options carefully, then coolly decided to devote their lives to Beanie Babies."

Gilroy Teen Opts for Warming Hearts Over Cold Hard Cash
"Gilroy - Like many teenagers, Ashley Harrington, 15, had outgrown her childhood toys, the plush, pint-sized Beanie Babies she eagerly collected as a kid. Enshrined in plastic cases, they'd sat idle, boxed in the garage since her 11th birthday. But there aren't many teenagers who'd forgo thousands of dollars, as Harrington did when she donated 295 of the toys to the Gilroy Fire Department. "It's quite a gift," said chief Dale Foster. The stuffed animals could have netted as much as $7,000 on the auction Web site eBay, he added. Harrington's mother, Wendy, estimated the toys' value somewhat lower, at $3,000. They were originally purchased for $6 each, at the height of the Beanie Baby craze. Whether $7,000 or $3,000, Ashley Harrington shrugs off the cash. "I knew it'd be helping kids out," said Harrington, a sophomore at Gilroy High School. "I'd rather do that, than get the money." "

The Web: Changing society's dial
"When my mother passed away in 2003, I found a Web site called "Beanies for Baghdad" to which I donated her collection of Beanie Babies. They are now in the hands of Iraqi children thanks to American troops, which distributed her toys and tens of thousands of others. See "

According to Ms. Janie, "Many members have written to say that they have been able to pick up Nigel at their local Beales Stores TODAY! You can buy up to 20 bears, and already some are in hand on eBay."

Ms. Janie has also posted pictures of Nigel!

9-25-2006 MONDAY

September 2006 Retirements have been posted...

Beanie Babies:

Squisward Tentacles
Pirouette and Pique
Miami and Senna Kun

Beanie Buddies:

Happy Birthday

Ms. Janie has posted pictures of the Halloweenie Beanies !

Beanies In The News:


September 25, 2006 -- Do not adjust the picture - SpongeBob SquarePants has temporarily ditched his bright yellow skin for a shocking pink hue, and all for a good cause.

This is the first look at SpongeBob PinkPants Beanie Baby, a plush toy for toddlers whose pink tones represent breast-cancer awareness and research.

Sales of the rose-colored cartoon character will be donated to breast-cancer charities during Breast Cancer Awareness Month starting next week, according to SpongeBob SquarePants' creator Nickelodeon.

The children's channel that airs the world-famous sea sponge's shows teamed with manufacturers Ty to create the toy, which feels like a small beanbag.

SpongeBob PinkPants will be available at most retailers and at throughout October.

The Web site will also be selling an exclusive, limited edition SpongeBob PinkPants graphic T-shirt - with all money going towards the charities.

The 400 Richest Americans
"Others who caught my eye include the Beanie Baby guy, H. Ty Warner, who is tied for 52nd with, among three others, Herbert Kohler, who made a fortune on plumbing fixtures. "

Program an effective lesson for children facing parents deployment
"The deploying kids also received mobility bags, which resembled white pillow cases, soft plastic dog tags, a Ty punkies beanie baby named Twizzles the bear, a water bottle and Kudos candy bar"

9-24-2006 SUNDAY

BBOM News:

The Beanie Babies of The Month Order page states that if you "Sign up for the Beanie of the Month program by October 01, 2006... you will receive your first Beanie Baby in January, 2007."

Planet Bean's Lisa has posted a few pictures of Vedes Roger and Mary sent to her by John The Phoenix!

Beanies In The News:

Parents provided tools to combat online predators

"SEARSPORT (Sep 24): Police apprehended a 49-year-old Lewiston man in Modesto, "Calif., just as he was boarding a plane with a 14-year-old girl who he met online. ...These stories are frightening illustrations of the existence and dangers of online predators, said Maine Attorney General's Office investigator Seth Blodgett. These stories are frightening illustrations of the existence and dangers of online predators, said Maine Attorney General's Office investigator Seth Blodgett."

"Even if a potential predator contacted "Amanda01" through the messaging tool in the chat room and received no response, the effort to contact a youth rarely ends there. With the user name, a predator can access a members' home page, which in the case of "Amanda01" was America Online, to access her member profile and most likely her e-mail address. This way, a predator can learn that "Amanda01" is underage, and that one of her hobbies is collecting Beanie Babies. By taking her screen name and a reference to Beanie Babies, a predator can conduct a power search to see if she's posted more information elsewhere. Sure enough, "Amanda01" is easily located in an online classified advertisement where she is seeking certain Beanie Babies. In that ad, a predator got access to her home number with an area code, a time of day when people should call (indicating when people would not be at home), and her mother's name."

"Using the reverse directory on a people finder site like Verizon White Pages, a predator can find "Amanda01's" last name, mother's name and physical address. Blodgett said parents can go to a site such as Verizon White Pages and check off the box that keeps their information private."

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Steve Irwin The Crocodile Hunter
Hi, "I am surprised Ty has not introduced a new Australian Exclusive in honor of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter. He was one of the great conservationists of our time. I see all the world wildlife beanies being made and I agree with them. Here is the chance to honor this man. Either a crocodile named Crikey or a beanie called Danger, Danger, Danger. We all loved this man and he did a lot for all of us in learning about protecting animals. He deserves a beanie in his memory."

MC Buddy question

9-23-2006 SATURDAY

Beanies In The News:

The early bird gets the bargain in Yorkville

Click the title link to read the entire article.
"Farley of Coventry Avenue was one of dozens of Yorkville residents participating in this weekend's villagewide garage sale. Once a year, the village waives the usual $25 permit requirement, and anyone in Yorkville can hold a sale without notifying the village. ...Baby clothes and toys sell quickly, Bilodeau said, a blanket filled with Beanie Babies near her on the lawn."

Sad find at an outlet store...
Fairly close to my house is a "damaged-freight/lost shipment" outlet. I stopped there today looking for some office supplies when I noticed all their stuffed animals were 1/2 price. Decided to take a look and what did I find - 3 baskets of beanies already reduced to $1.40 each. A basket full of flag-nosed Unions, one of Scrappys, and another of Bam the ram (one of my favorites). Half off made them .70 each. I scooped up a couple of dozen of the Unions and another dozen of the Scrappys. They'll make nice giveaways for Halloween; a lot healthier than candy, and a lot more lasting. Wonder where they all came from.

9-22-2006 FRIDAY

Nigel , the new Beales Beanie Baby was introduced on the Ty website today!

Beanies In The News:

Ms Janie has shared the following information sent to her by Suz:

"News on the Special Olympics Canada. I was told what the names of the new Beanies will be, although the release date is still a mystery. The TY Beanies will be named Courageous, Courageously, & Courageousness. I will let you know if I hear anything further."

News From The Ty Cyberboard:

MasterCard VI has Arrived!!!
This is a beautiful bear. MUCH nicer than the picture. Very shiny and fall colored. I LOVE him!

Beanies In The News:

This Day in Gaming, September 22nd

"1997: With the incredible success of the horrid/evil/why are people starving Beanie Babies, it's announced that Nintendo has licensed out their characters for sale at 7-Eleven, JC Penney and other fine stores. How did we miss this? It's possibly, nay, definitely the only positive thing to come out of the beanielust that was the 90s. We know there are a few Kotaku collectors out there among us, so we are going to deal with this like they would in military. Don't ask. Don't tell."

The Forbes 400: Whither the wealthy manufacturers?

"At first glance, manufacturers seem conspicuously absent. The top 50 host only only six manufacturers, three of whom are siblings. Michael Dell is first at #9, tying retailer Alice Walton of the Wal-Mart dynasty. Then not till #21 do siblings Forrest Edward, John Franklyn and Jacqueline Mars of the candy making family appear. Philip Knight of Nike comes in at #30, and Steve Jobs of Apple at #49. Just-misses and tied for #52, Herbert V. Kohler & Family of plumbing fixtures, and H Ty Warner, who created Beanie Babies, a durable good, alas."

Below $1 billion? Not in Forbes 400

"Martha Stewart, founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc., fell off the list completely, as she lost $395 million over the past year. California is home to 90 of the 400 on the list, which includes U.S. citizens living abroad. That's the most of any state. Forty-four live in New York City. Nineteen of the billionaires call Illinois home, led by Ty Warner, who made his fortune with Beanie Babies, and real estate investor Sam Zell. They tied for 52nd with $4.5 billion. Six of the 19 are members of the Pritzker family. Others from Illinois include Kenneth Griffin of the Chicago-based hedge fund Citadel Investment Group LLC, Oprah Winfrey and William Wrigley Jr., chairman and chief executive of the chewing gum company"

9-21-2006 THURSDAY

September 2006 Retirements...

Say goodbye to...

Scrum and Packer

Ole and Pippo

Beanies In The News:

Request for stuffed animals became like the parable of the loaves, fishes
Click the title link to read the entire article.

"When Sandra Blumberg of Brook Drive graduated from Watchung Hills Regional High School in June, she had a simple request. Instead of bringing a gift for her to her graduation party, Blumberg asked her family and friends to bring a stuffed animal that she intended to ship to Kenya. The stuffed animals would be distributed to children in the Nyanza Provincial Hospital, the major center for childhood cancer in western Kenya, Africa. Its Web site is ...Then a medical scan revealed a lesion on Blumberg's lungs. ...Blumberg had lung surgery on Aug. 22."

"...Sandra and her mom, Marta, had resigned themselves to the fact that the project to ship the stuffed animals to Kenya would have to wait while Sandra recovered. However, when Sandra came home from the hospital, she found that the donations of stuffed animals had actually picked up. At last count, she estimates that she has received as many as 2,000 stuffed animals, ranging from fit-in-the-hand beanie babies to a life-sized Scooby-Doo. "

Forbes Says 400 Richest Americans All Billionaires
Ty Warner ranks #52 of the 400 Richest Americans!

52.____ H Ty Warner ____________________ $4.50 __ Beanie Babies

Financial Literacy
Click the title link to read the entire article.
" In my lifetime as a consumer, I have purchased over 300 plastic eyes, pounds and pounds of plastic beans, and heaps of fuzz. Cleverly constructed rhyming hangtags are torturous reminders of crisp dollar bills that have left my wallet. Basically, until fairly recently, the purchase of Beanie Babies was the main cause of my wallet's emptiness."

Typewriters never explode, and other thoughts
"...Same with Beanie Babies. I could have retired on the sack of them collecting dust in the attic."

Women at Work Museum to hold auction

"What does a helicopter ride over Boston, flight in a Piper Dakota to Nantucket, baseball signed by Red Sox starting pitcher Tim Wakefield, Tatutina, tennis racket autographed by Billie Jean King, Beanie Babies, two 2 lb. stuffed lobsters, dazzling diamonds, DreamDinners, and paintings by artists Karole Nicholson and Kris Occhino have in common? They are all among the many wonderful items available for you to take home from the 2006 Auction at the Women at Work Museum. The Auction will be held on Saturday, Sept. 30 from 6:30-10 p.m. at the Women at Work Museum, 35 County St., Attleboro"

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Chocolate Chip, altho your credit card has been charged they will not be shipped until October 2 or later. I called today to cancel one of my orders, as alot of friends I usually get Beanies for called and ordered their own. So I won't need as many as I ordered.
The lady said that charging the credit cards is part of the processing procedures, but the orders will NOT be shipped until after the official ordering date of the promotion.

Trying to recall.....does it open up for new product in October?

Yes, usually in October they have some offer. Have a great day. nm PattiBuddy

TRADERLIST has received threatening emails from two people who have Caution Pages. If you have an outstanding bad transaction with either of these two California dealers, please contact me. Police complaints and fraud forms have been filed.
What a shame that people will deliberately cheat others and then lie about it.
Traderlist message board has latest updates.

According to Ms. Janie Cindysbeans has reported that Harrods 2 new exclusives will be selling in November 2006. They will be Beanie Babies named Henry and William who will be different from the current William.

Ms. Janie has also reported that according to Sue Owens of a web site that "Raising funds & awareness for Cancer Research UK with collectable bears", " 'Henry' is the formal name from which Harry is derived - so maybe these are named after the Princes? Prince 'Harry' is actually Prince Henry!" Ms. Janie also noted out that Sue also pointed out that "there is a connection between Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed (son of the Harrods owner)". Very interesting...

9-20-2006 WEDNESDAY

Beanies In The News:

Not So Fast, Elmo
Click the title link to read the entire article.
"So Mattel has the hit of the 2006 shopping season? Don't be so quick with that crown. Hot toys are rarely orchestrated. The original Tickle Me Elmo, much like Pixar's Buzz Lightyear or Ty Beanie Babies, were unexpected winners. In fact, it's often the initial scarcity that launches a "must have" toy, and that's often the case of low expectations from the start."

Antique Mall downtown sells furniture, clothes, collectibles, jewelry
Click the title link to read the entire article.
"The mall features antique furniture, dishes and jewelry; vintage clothing; records; and new and old collectibles. Some of the collectibles are Beanie Babies, Star Wars figurines, bobble heads and OSU memorabilia."

Western Slope brothers reunited in Iraq Click the title link to read the entire article.
"... little kids you are protecting have toys to play with?? and he replied, ?Not like the toys you and your sisters have ? we hand out Beanie Babies to them ..."

From the Mailbag:


Have you heared about this one. I found this on a forum. I have rung a couple of stores but they are unaware or are they just keeping back stocks for themselves.....

This is really unique Beanie Baby. Apparently this is one of the lowest limited edition's ever and has been produced as personal favour to a friend of Ty's. Beales is a dept store and is celebrating its 125th Anniversary. This is a one off so I would imagine this will become highly valuable. Beales operate 12 stores around the UK

Beales employ over 3,000 employees and i know most of them have pre ordered them for themselves. Beales have also produced a limited edition set of corgi vehicles (limited to 2,000)for their 125th anniversary. The last time they did this was in the 1960's and they are worth circa 600, have a search on google to see..

kind regards


Ms. Janie has posted photos of Steve & Claire's hamleys adventure!

The Beanwatcher has posted news about "Learning Express' Exclusive Elfis" and "The Beales 125th Anniversary Beanie Baby". He posted a Beales Invitation with the new Beanie's Picture ! This bear is expected to be available on September 30th, 2006! The Harrod's Invitation has also been posted on The Beanwatcher page.

9-19-2006 TUESDAY

The Beanwatcher has posted confirmation of a new Learning Express Beanie!

"Yes, we are happy to say that Learning Express will have an exclusive Ty Beanie Baby again this year! They will be available around the beginning of November. This item can not be purchased on our internet site. I suggest you contact the Learning Express store closest to you and ask how you might obtain one."

"You can find the store closest to you on our website: and using the "Store Locator" feature. "

Beanies In The News:

USA Honor Squad begins school supply collection for Iraqi students
Click the title link to read the entire article.
"We went on a mission and delivered all the school supplies, shirts, shoes, and Beanie Babies. This mission was nothing like I have ever experienced. ..."

TIFF Review: Summercamp!
Click the title link to read the entire article.
"... We meet some of the filmmakers' key subjects: Holly, age 9, who collects Beanie Babies and is obsessed with chickadees, and Cameron, an overweight boy who ..."

9-18-2006 MONDAY

A new Tystore exclusive Sweetiepaws has been introduced today!

Beanies In The News:

Children's collecting yields big returns
Click the title link to read the entire article.
"...Houser, whose 15-year-old grandson has collected everything from Pokemon cards to Beanie Babies, has learned good money management skills and now... "

Notes From Ms. Janies Message Board:

Prayers please for Gay (nannyg)
Hi everyone, some of us got an email from Gay's grandaughter this morning that Gay had a stroke last monday.

This is the email I got from her grandaughter.


This is Gay's granddaughter, Mikayla. Last Monday she suffered a stroke but is doing much better now. Her speech and memory is still not quite right. It is very hard for her to read and write and she wanted to ask you not to e-mail her for a while. She will contact you when she can do this herself.

So please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

I am posting this with her daughter's permission as she knows all here knows her mom.



The Beanwatcher has posted news about a Benefit auction for a Ty-signed Hamley Bear ! The proceeds will go to the Stroke Association .

9-17-2006 SUNDAY Mail:

"I've got a peanut the elephant that were given away to the first 10.000 people at an oakland a's baseball game. I was told they are qute costly is this true ? and if so, how much? any insight would be appriciated "
Cencalog Answer:

There have been only 2 Stadium Peanut Giveaways. The Ty MLB Promo Oakland A's "Peanut the Elephant" Beanie Baby, Commemorative Card SGA and Ticket Stub From Game Day were given out. The Commemorative Card gives the Light Blue Peanut Beanie Stats and a full color picture. In one auction on Ebay this set is available for $19.95 plus $5.95 for shipping

Ms. Janie has a page that mentions the September 6, 1998, MLB Oakland A's Peanut the elephant promotion.

According to a Beanie Babies: Sports Promotion List, the two Peanut giveaways were:

Oakland A's vs. Cleveland Indians August 1st, 1998 where Peanut was given to 15.000 children aged 14 & under.


Oakland A's vs. Tampa Bay Devil Rays September 6th, 1998 where Peanut was given to 15.000 children aged 14 & under.

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

To anyone who has or has seen the new Awareness bear
Is Awareness a different shade of pink from past year's bears (Cure and Aware)? Aware looks darker in pictures, but Cure looks similar in color to me.

9-16-2006 SATURDAY

Finn, who was listed as SOLD OUT in the Tystore has finally been removed from the Tystore .

Hamley and William have had their official introduction made on the Ty website!

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Thank you Ty UK for donating William & Hamley - they are beautiful!
I was a little late arriving at Hamleys today but still enjoyed looking at the fantastic Noah's Ark display made by Ty UK. 'Noah's Ark' was the name of the first toy shop founded by William Hamley. If only he could see that store today - all 7 storeys of it!!!

The 2 new Ty Beanies William and Hamley pay tribute to the founder of the store and look very smart - Hamley in red with white embroidered logo and William in white with red logo. Each has a gold ribbon around his neck. Apparently the first 100 people in the store were entered into a draw to win one of 10 Ty signed bears. I'd love to know the winners!

The free gift (on production of an invitation) was Prinz von Gold.

I was grateful to Ty UK for donating a pair of bears to CHERISH. The numbers that we could buy were limited to 3 Hamley and 2 William.


9-15-2006 FRIDAY

Notes From Ms. Janies Message Board 9/14/2006

After 13 days of one setback after another we brought her home today and she is on the road to rehab. Our prayers have been answered. Thank all of you for your support.

9-14-2006 THURSDAY

Learning Express is expected to introduce a new Beanie Dog this year in October according to Ms. Janie!

Ms. Janie has also posted an Invitation To Hamleys in London for the 16th of this month that was sent to Karen Brit!

The Beanwatcher has reported that Yikes has a different second hang tag

According to a report by Tim, in California, the second hang tag is different. The Beanwatcher quoted, "I just found the new Hallmark Yikes Bear, and I noticed that on the additional White Hang Tag, there is a $5.99 price PRINTED, not a sticker and not written, but actually PRINTED on the White Tag. It is on the inside panel of the White Tag."

Beanies In The News

Ty Continues To Fund Breast Cancer Research With The Introduction Of Two New Beanie Babies(R)

OAK BROOK, Ill., Sept. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Ty continues its support of breast cancer research and awareness with the creation of Awareness(TM) the Beanie Baby(R). Awareness(TM), a pink bear wearing a pink ribbon on its chest, has been created by Ty to lend its support to the fight against breast cancer by donating a portion of the profits from the sale of this Beanie to various breast cancer charities. It is currently available in Ty authorized retail stores nationwide. The poem written on its tag reads:

Continuing the support it began in 2003 with the introduction of Cure(TM) the Beanie Baby, which benefited the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Ty has also introduced a special edition of the popular character, SpongeBob SquarePants, in honor of the cause. Sales of this SpongeBob PinkPants Beanie Baby, also available in retail stores nationwide, will also aid in the fight against breast cancer.

"We are proud to continue to fund organizations dedicated to finding a cure for this terrible disease," said Ty Warner, CEO/Chairman of Ty Inc. and Beanie Baby creator. "So many of us know someone who has been affected by breast cancer, and it is up to all of us to work together to find a cure for this terrible disease."

For the past decade, Ty has created numerous Beanie Babies(R) to raise funds for many worthy causes in addition to Cure(TM), such as: Hero(TM) which was created for the USO; America(TM) the bear, to benefit the American Red Cross in response to 9/11; Princess(TM) the bear, for Diana, Princess of Wales Foundation; Ariel(TM) the bear, for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation; and Issy(TM) the bear, for the Terry Fox Foundation for Cancer Research.


Scott Wehrs, 630-920-1515 or


Two New Ty Beanie Babies(R) Carried Exclusively this Halloween Season at Borders(R) and Waldenbooks(R) Stores

Haunts and Frightful Introduction

Healing Field was a profound experience
Click the title link to read the entire article.
"You would have been proud to see my Marines returning from a patrol, having distributed candy, Beanie Babies and soccer balls to Iraqi youngsters, and along the way greeting their parents and grandparents in broken Arabic. And you would have seen the Marines' instinct for goodness and idealism. That behavior is engendered by all of us. After all, this is a struggle that may not be won by force of arms alone but will require each and every one of us to contribute to a society which is strong, vibrant and resilient, fundamentally fair and tolerant, yet unequivocal and unapologetic about our freedoms."

Letter: A successful summer
Click the title link to read the entire article.
" ...Finally, we offer our thanks to all the local folks who donated items for our summer Support Our Troops projects including the Richdale store and a huge assortment of Beanie Babies from a private collection that can be distributed to Iraqi children. They will shipped along with the tote bags and personal notes written by our day camp youngsters. "

Mother and son make big difference in little village
Click the title link to read the entire article.
We maxed out our luggage when we went over there. We brought underwear for the little girls, school supplies, toothpaste and toothbrushes, shoes and Beanie Babies.

9-13-2006 WEDNESDAY

Hallmark Exclusives!

Two New Ty Beanie Babies(R) Carried Exclusively this Halloween Season at Borders(R) and Waldenbooks(R) Stores

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Beginning today, Borders, Borders Express(TM) and Waldenbooks stores nationwide will exclusively carry two Halloween inspired Beanie Babies. The Halloween Beanies include Frightful(TM), a very un-frightful looking black cat, who holds a giant candy corn and wears a witch's hat complete with a spider and spider webs, and Haunts(TM), a loveable gourd orange bear, dressed in a black pointed hat and a pumpkin-decorated bow tie.

Regularly priced at $6.99, customers and fans of Beanie Babies will be able to purchase one of these Beanies at the discounted price of $4.99, while supplies last, with the purchase of any two children's books. To find the nearest Borders or Waldenbooks store, visit .

"We are excited to have this opportunity to introduce Frightful and Haunts to those who are new to Beanie Babies as well as to our customers who are lifelong fans," said Diane Mangan, category director of children's books for Borders Group, Inc. "These loveable characters will bring joy to anyone who gives them a home. Paired with books that celebrate the season, the Beanie Babies will make a wonderful gift to anyone who loves Halloween."

About Borders Group

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Mich., Borders Group is a leading global retailer of books, music and movies with more than 1,200 stores and over 35,000 employees worldwide. More detailed information on the company is available at .

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Hamley's FREE Ty gift?????
I noticed on the invitation to the Hamley and William launch, there will be a Ty gift with every invitation? Does any one know what the gift will be or do we have to wait until Friday?

BBOC - are we not going to get one this year? Has anyone heard? n/m

9-12-2006 TUESDAY

Morning Flash From Planet Beans!

According to Lisa at Planet Beans, "As of this writing at 5:36am EST BOTH Hamley and William are IN STOCK once again. I expect to see out of stock appear soon so if you wish to order you may want to do so quickly."


Lisa added, "SHIPPING COST REMINDER: Items: 11.98 (2 bears) ($22.43 USD) Postage & Packing: 40.99 ($76.74 USD - this is for up to 4 bears) Estimated Tax: -9.26 - TOTAL: 43.71 ($81.85 USD)"

Beanies In The News:

Dad remembers daughter lost during 9/11 attacks
"...Good has come in the wake of his daughter's death. You might recall the Beanie Baby program started years ago. According to Frost, it was started in memory of Lisa. He tells a story about a 12-year-old girl who stopped a convoy in Iraq to alert the soldiers there was a roadside bomb up ahead. She was holding a Beanie Baby which she had been given just days before."

Collectors hustle for latest hot stuff
"Popularity. A few years ago, people could finance a trip to space by trading Beanie Babies. Though there's still a lively market in the stuffed toys, Beanie Baby prices are teenier now."

The future of the Tee
"They aren't a fading fad, according to those who make or sell them. 'They're comfortable and inexpensive,' Webb said. 'I don't see them going anywhere anytime soon. I don't think it's like the Beanie Baby.' For a lot of young people, the T-shirt fills most of their wardrobe, say the Sistahs of Harlem. 'They can be irresistible; they can be snazzy. Like chameleons, they can adapt to any environment.' They are also getting more complex and artistic."

Ty Continues To Fund Breast Cancer Research With The Introduction Of Two New Beanie Babies(R)
Ty Inc. Donates To Breast Cancer Charities

OAK BROOK, Ill., Sept. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Ty continues its support of breast cancer research and awareness with the creation of Awareness(TM) the Beanie Baby. Awareness(TM), a pink bear wearing a pink ribbon on its chest, has been created by Ty to lend its support to the fight against breast cancer by donating a portion of the profits from the sale of this Beanie to various breast cancer charities. It is currently available in Ty authorized retail stores nationwide. The poem written on its tag reads:

Mothers, sisters, daughters, wives
The special women in our lives
Let's all join hands and do what's right
For them, let's try to win this fight!
(Logo: )

Continuing the support it began in 2003 with the introduction of Cure(TM) the Beanie Baby, which benefited the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Ty has also introduced a special edition of the popular character, SpongeBob SquarePants, in honor of the cause. Sales of this SpongeBob PinkPants Beanie Baby, also available in retail stores nationwide, will also aid in the fight against breast cancer.

"We are proud to continue to fund organizations dedicated to finding a cure for this terrible disease," said Ty Warner, CEO/Chairman of Ty Inc. and Beanie Baby creator. "So many of us know someone who has been affected by breast cancer, and it is up to all of us to work together to find a cure for this terrible disease."

For the past decade, Ty has created numerous Beanie Babies to raise funds for many worthy causes in addition to Cure(TM), such as: Hero(TM) which was created for the USO; America(TM) the bear, to benefit the American Red Cross in response to 9/11; Princess(TM) the bear, for Diana, Princess of Wales Foundation; Ariel(TM) the bear, for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation; and Issy(TM) the bear, for the Terry Fox Foundation for Cancer Research.

Founded in 1986 by Ty Warner, creator of the wildly popular Beanie Babies, and celebrating its 20th year, Ty is the leader in plush toys. In addition to Beanie Babies, the company's product line includes: Bow Wow Beanies(TM), Pinkys(TM), Punkies, Pluffies, Ty Classic, Beanie Buddies, Baby Ty, and Angeline(TM). The red Ty Heart Logo, recognized around the world, can be found on all Ty products available at finer specialty gift retailers. Visit Ty on the Internet at

Ty & Hamleys are Proud to Celebrate the Launch of the New Exclusive Ty Display Called Noah's Ark at Hamleys Regent Street, London on Saturday 16th September Starting at 9.30am

LONDON, September 12 /PRNewswire/ -- To celebrate this special occasion Ty have produced two exclusive Hamleys teddy bears which are naturally called William & Hamley, William is red and Hamley is white and are both decorated with a beautiful gold ribbon along with the Hamleys logo.

The day will thrill the true Ty collector as well as introduce many to the wonderful world of collecting. True to form the quantities are unknown and are not of equal availability!!! For a real special treat some of these bears will be signed by Mr. Ty Warner himself.

The event will be enjoyed by people of all ages and both sexes and there will be entertainment provided throughout the day. For those lucky enough to receive a personal invitation to the celebration there will be a free gift available from the representatives from Ty.

About Hamleys

Hamleys was established by William Hamley in London in 1760. Over the years Hamleys has developed an international reputation for choice, quality and innovation. Today, Hamleys is an internationally recognised toy retailer with ambitious plans to further grow the brand. Online shopping enables Hamleys magic to be delivered throughout the world

Johnny is being sold online now at the Store!

9-11-2006 MONDAY

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

There is a new Caution Page on..., Traderlist. If you have had a problem with jojosbeanies, please contact a mediator. It is never to late to file a fraud report.

Beanies In The News:
Collectors hustle for latest hot stuff
"What makes a collectible collectible? ...Popularity. A few years ago, people could finance a trip to space by trading Beanie Babies. Though there's still a lively market in the stuffed toys, Beanie Baby prices are teenier now."

Bikers' spirit of giving on a roll
"AUGUSTA -- Motorcycles roared into the parking lot of the Augusta Civic Center on Sunday for the start of the United Bikers of Maine Toy Run. ...Adam O'Neal and Carrie Clement, both from Augusta, arrived on a shiny black 2000 Softail Harley. The couple donated a Monopoly game, Beanie babies and a cuddly brown bear with a maroon sweater, appropriate for the cool, crisp fall-like afternoon."

Counselor Hopes To Ease Stress Of Young Students
"School is a relaxing and reassuring place, where a small fountain gurgles cheerfully on a shelf, a rocking chair awaits visitors and Beanie Babies are strewn..."

This is being posted in advance as I will not be able to post early on Monday...

Never Forget. I won't. I was there that day, about 10 blocks away, wondering what everyone was staring at on the corner when I got off of the train. I remember how the windows were silvery and appeared to be dripping like tears as smoke bellowed from the upper windows. People were in there I thought.

Throughout the morning, we kept going in and out of the office to see the buildings. A woman was crying that her husband was in there. First one fell, and folks cried out. I emailed family members throughout the morning as the events unrolled. One person with a radio in the office was a second point for information besides our visual perspective and computer connections. A woman in my office wanted everyone to get back to work. We heard about the Pentagon. Soon after, the first, the second building collapsed. It just disintegrated from the top down so quickly. A stampede of people flew past my window coming from the WTC direction heading North. I said, I have to go now and began the long walk home.

People, strangers to each other were gathered in groups around car radios. The traffic going downtown did not exist except for an occasional fire truck. People marched in a steady stream toward uptown. many were well dressed, carrying breifcases but were covered from head to toe face and all in a light brown dust. The train stations were conspicuously empty and avoided. Even if the train was running no one was going down there!

Walkers became concerned when reaching certain points like getting too close to The UN or when approaching 42 Street. It was a very long walk home. Buses became available but were all filled long before anyone else could get on. I finally got lucky and got a bus that dropped me off far from home but closer than I was in the first place. I eventually got there.

It is no surprise that people are now so sick from the air that permeated the area afterwards. For weeks the area smelled like burning pot handles and had an awful stench. I would get off of the train and cover my face to avoid the smell and ingesting the particles in the air. I was the only one covering my face though, and people looked at me like I was crazy. To me, common sense should have made it clear that the bad odors combined with the facts showed that the air was no good. I was once told as a child that when you smell something, you are actually taking in tiny particles of whatever you are smelling. This fact had a lasting impression on me. I requested and got a transfer from the area when I could no longer stand the occasional smells coming through the windows and drifting in whenever the doors were opened. Years later when I mentioned this to someone, a co-worker overheard and commented that there was nothing wrong with the air. Hmmm, Time did tell. It doesn't seem like 5 years have passed.

Here are some links:

7 Online

Comic Book Image of 911 Report A Graphic Novel.

Library of Congress

Please read the notice posted above Re Traderslist and contact Grammapat

9-10-2006 SUNDAY

The Beanwatcher has pointed out a somewhat obvious connection between some Beanies and has coined a name for the group. They are the "Seasonal Bears"

Their poems and Birth Dates which Fall on the first date of each Season he points out support this grouping. So far the group includes Raine for Spring, born 3/20/2006, Miami for the Summer, born 6/21/2006 and Leaves for the Fall/Autumn, born 9/23/2006.

The Beanwatcher is predicting a Winter bear to be introduced by December 22nd.

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

chocolate chip has been removed from the midwest airline store. wonder if it will be back for sale on the site or will we have to call for it. if we have to call for it forget i will just get it secondary

I sold about200 beanies at a yard sale over Memorial day weekend for $1 each. I kept the good ones that I really liked. My wife has been after me to put the rest of them on EBAY. I told her that the reason why I was not going to to do that, was because I would have to give them away, because of the big drop in value. I bought my 3rd gen. 9 line no shell tank which is authenticated in a case for only $90. So I think that I wiil keep my beanis for noe. I have 2 original Ratzo,s that I belive is hard to find.

Don't expect to make money when selling your beanies.
Most beanies, even the rare ones, have dropped and are indeed, continuing to drop in price.
And that's as I see it.
As I See It

9-9-2006 SATURDAY

Beanies In The News:

Book smarts: Agency creates children's library
Click the title link to read the entire article.
"The tiny tomes-haven will serve as an introduction to libraries for Head Start students ages 3 through 5, said Martin, literacy coordinator for CASI Head Start. ...It has 1,975 children's books, including Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham and Cat in the Hat. But there's more. ...Unlike it's older-focused brethren, CASI's children's library has Beanie Babies and other stuffed animals for children. Library visitors not interested in reading can play with the stuffed animals at a table topped with sea shells."

I Need Panda Bear!
Click the title link to read the entire article.
Our daughter Alex is driving us nuts too. She's screaming and whining, "I don't want to eat here. I want to eat in La Quinta. I want to be on bacation.''

Yeah, well, this is part of it. And we're hungry.

So we park, and I go in to put our name on the list and I see the place obviously gets a lot of parent-kid traffic because one whole section is taken up of Beanie Babies. Obviously, someone is hoping the market for those toys goes back up eventually.

I go back out to help my wife carry our four-month-old son, Owen, and Alex is still crying. So I can't help but tease her.

"You're right. I don't think you'd like this place. There are lots of toys here. You don't like toys, do you?"

"I like toys."

"You do? Well, do you want to go inside and at least look?"

"No!" she says, calling my bluff.

"Well, we're going inside. Daddy and Mommy have to eat now. La Quinta is a long way a way."

"But I want to go on bacation."

Click the title link above to read the entire article.

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Got a phone call today about my MC Anniversary 5 bear
Someone from Card Services called me and said that the correct MC Anniversary 5 bear will be sent to me ( which is all I wanted in the first place) And i can keep the MC Anniversary 4 I got by mistake. He said the Distribution Center made a mistake and sent out the wrong bears, and I should have the correct one within 8 to 12 weeks. Happy Days are here again, Grinnin high and wide. LOL

Waldenbooks just got in the two
beanies. I had to pay 6.99. They were 4.99 if you bought a Halloween Children's book. My kids are too old for them.

meta is up but all buy sell info was more are less lost. if you had any thing there you may have to relist it.

Ok next thing to question, when will the BBOC announce a new offering? I believe it was October last year when Snips etc, were announced.
wonder what TY has for us this year.
TYme will tell.

9-8-2006 FRIDAY

The Beanwatcher , has pointed out that "The Hamleys-exclusive bears, Hamley and William , are available once again, as of this writing (approximately 8:15 a.m GMT (London Time)), for online pre-sales." There is still no picture of the bears, just a black silhouette.

Ms. Janie has posted pictures of the two Discover Bears . They are Gold and Silver.

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:


Upcoming "Feder-bear" Beanie Baby...
Support the ATP's charitable efforts for UNICEF through the purchase of the "Feder-bear" beanie baby. The "Feder-bear," a take-home version of UNICEF's Goodwill Ambassador and ATP's #1 ranked player Roger Federer, will be available for purchase this holiday season.

There is a waiting list where you can sign up now to get the UNICEF-FEDER BEAR at .

Beanies In The News:

Barbie goes silver at 25th annual fair
Click the title link to read the entire article.
"If you're interested in buying antique dolls or browsing for other classic toys, the Central Texas Doll Fair might have just what you're looking for. This Saturday at the Heart O' Texas Complex, a Waco tradition will continue with its 25th year of selling "such a variety of everything you could think of pertaining to dolls," said Annette Hartpence, show chairwoman. This is Hartpence's third year as chairwoman and her sixth year to be involved with the show. The fair's purpose is "to buy and sell to the public all kinds of dolls and toys," Hartpence said."
"The doll show will showcase 40-50 dealers. Several thousand people will come from around the country, Hartpence said. A variety of antique and modern dolls and doll accessories, books, teddy bears, TY Beanie Babies and other collectibles will be sold at the show. The most popular dolls have always been Barbies, Madame Alexander dolls and antique dolls from the 1800s, Hartpence said."
"The show is hosted by the Central Texas Doll Club, which has 53 members and meets at Baylor's Wiethorn Visitors Center. Door proceeds will be donated to Toys for Tots in Waco, which collects and distributes toys at Christmas to needy children. The show usually raises several thousand dollars - over $2,000 last year..."

Star Wars Stuff: Underoos
Click the title link to read the entire article.
"Last week's Star Wars Stuff column explored the world of Star Wars Beanie Babies, quite possibly one of the most questionable spin-offs in the saga's universe of cross-promotions. This week we're looking at one of the oft-forgotten worlds of Star Wars merchandise, undergarments. In particular, we're taking a look at Underoos, the famous clothing collection that offered kids the opportunity to wear skivvies that resembled uniforms and costumes of their favorite characters."

Antique Appraisal Faire
Click the title link to read the entire article.
"The Friends of Western Pocono Community Library will hold an Antique Appraisal Day from 1 to 3 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 17. Bring your antiques, art, family heirlooms "' everything except jewelry, collectibles beanie babies, or books. Registration will begin at 12:55 p.m. with the appraisals starting at 1 p.m. Our local expert appraisers will be Raymond Hartzell Jr., John Meixel, James Sittig and John Sittig. Look around your home and bring in your goodies. You may be surprised to find you have something valuable"

Woman driven by devotion to Kenya's orphans
Click the title link to read the entire article.
"RANCHO PENASQUITOS While celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have put Africa in the gossip columns, average citizens such as Kathleen Tucker are working every day, far from the media spotlight, to eradicate poverty and disease on the continent. ...Tucker visited a school in Kakamega in January 2005, armed with a suitcase full of Beanie Babies and $20,000, which she used to purchase an 18-seat school bus. Tucker raised the money in three months, through a silent auction held at her home and from private donations, including a $5,000 gift from a co-worker."

Drop off gifts for troops
Click the title link to read the entire article.
"One might expect items such as CDs and DVDs, prepaid phone cards, computer flash drives and individually packaged snacks to be on a wish list for U.S. troops deployed overseas. But, Lego sets and Beanie Babies are on the wish list as well. Operation Gratitude Gift Drive will collect these and other donations for care packages for military personnel from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. Look for the UPS truck in the parking lot at the Voice of America Center, Tylersville and Cox roads in West Chester Township, and at Moeller High School, 9100 Montgomery Road."

Care packages
Click the title link to read the entire article.
" Dylan chose Delcourt, a reservist who works at Shepley Building Products in Hyannis, after Delcourt volunteered at a fund-raiser for Cape Cod Cares for Our Soldiers in Hyannis last summer. The 20 or so parcels sent Wednesday went to the First Battalion of the 25th Marines. Dylan has friends in the first battalion, and has sent between 50 and 100 care packages to that unit alone. Included in the shipment was one large box filled with soccer balls for children. Toys are often sent, though usually they're small, like matchbox cars and Beanie Babies. The soldiers and Marines give them to children while on foot patrol. Dylan has even dispatched dog food and biscuits for a K9 unit in Afghanistan after learning that the dog handler was short of dog food. Most parcels, whose average value is $100, contain a bag of toiletries and a bag of snacks, as well as socks and T-shirts. Last Christmas, Dylan sent donated portable DVD players in care packages worth closer to $300. "

9-7-2006 THURSDAY

Please send a prayer for Linda who is not feeling too well right now.
Linda and Wendell moderate Ms. Janie's Message Board and Linda also runs the Infants In Need Beanie Shop.

A Note From Ms. Janies Message Board:


Here is an email I sent Lenetta regarding her condition.

Hi Lenetta,
I keep forgetting about that board. Right, I have been quite busy. Linda was ready to come home yesterday, or so we thought.

She started to the bathroom yesterday with my help and the walker, but blacked out on the way, but I was able to catch her and ease her into a chair. She started having severe heart palpations, blood pressure shot up along with pulse rate. She said it felt like her heart was going to explode out of her chest.

They called in a Cardiovascular specialist and others and rushed her down for Echo Cardiogram, EKG, Catscan and other test and found blood clots in her chest along with other problems resulting from the operation. They moved her into a private room where they could treat her problems with greater efficiency. They now seem to have the problems under control and she is resting easy. Needless to say, she will not be coming home this week.

Your prayers are appreciated.

God Bless,


Better late than never!
Ty September Wallpaper!

Beanies In The News:

Cornell Loves to Recycle!
"Look #1: From Stirrups and Sweatshirts to Leggings and Tunics.
Think Granny Smith colored stirrups peeking out under older sis's college sweatshirt sans hood. What were we thinking? People must have been too busy collecting beanie babies and What Would Jesus Do? bracelets to realize that resembling an unwashed potato sack perched on candy colored chicken legs is, if not un-cool, just plain unflattering to the silhouette. Those days are history as currently at Cornell, as this look has evolved into effortlessly fashionable three-quarter length leggings strategically softened with butt beautifying tunic sweaters the ber-chic top it off with waist cinching belts..."

Being No. 2 ...a bad move for career
From: Number One Guy
Re: Running out of Number Two Guys
"...Achmed Ali -- you know, the one with the lazy eye who used to make roadside bombs from discarded Beanie Babies? He sought this dangerous position last summer. "

In Like Flint
"Surrounded by sloth T-shirts, whale beanie babies, and dinosaur stickers, Alex Woods, a UI graduate student, looks perfectly at home knapping away at a piece of flint. Woods has spent his Friday afternoons for the past three years on a tarp in the corner of the Museum Shop at the UI Museum of Natural History, demonstrating how to make stone tools."

Collect yourself -- and these
So what makes a collectible collectible?
"Popularity. A few years ago, people could finance a trip to space by trading Beanie Babies. Though there's still a lively market, Beanie Baby prices are teenier now."

Bush Delivers Remarks on the War on Terror in Georgia
(Click on the link above to read the entire speech!)

"We see that full measure and the strength of this nation in the men and women in uniform who fight this war and who have given their lives in the cause of liberty and freedom. One of these soldiers was a young lieutenant named Noah Harris who was killed last summer in Iraq when his Humvee was hit by a roadside bomb. Noah grew up here in Georgia. He graduated from the University of Georgia. He volunteered for the Army after September the 11th, 2001. He told his dad that people had an obligation to serve a cause higher than themselves. In Iraq, Lieutenant Harris was an officer known for his toughness and his skill in battle and for the Beanie Babies that he carried with him to hand out to the Iraqi children"

"He was also known for the photo of his parents' home in Ellijay that he used as a screensaver on his computer. When his troops asked why he chose that picture, he explained, "That is why I'm here." Lieutenant Harris understood the stakes in Iraq. He knew that to protect his loved ones at home, America must defeat our enemies overseas. If America pulls out of Iraq before the Iraqis can defend themselves, the terrorists will follow us here at home. The best way to honor the memory of brave Americans like Lieutenant Harris is to complete the mission they began. So we will stay, we will fight and we will win in Iraq."

An Addie's Attic Update:

The Trade Boards and the BBOF are now available again.
The Auctions are still down, but are expected
to be back late on Sunday, 10 Sep 2006.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience!

The Beanwatcher pointed out an Ebay Auction Ty BEANIE BABY - HAMLEYS DUO-NEW UK EXCLUSIVES for that had an invitation posted:

The Auction ended at $49.95 with free shipping!

Tystore Exclusive Beanie Leaves is already shipping! Watch out, this one might be gone shortly, just like Raine!

According to Lisa at Planet Beans , Hamleys is now taking orders.

188-196 Regent Street
TEL: 0870 333 2455 ( remember to use code for UK )

An update from Ms. Janie :

"After checking the site this morning BOTH bears are SOLD OUT It would appear that many of you jumped at the chance at grabbing THESE bears."

"Keep checking the site as they may become available in the future. They do offer an e-mail option available to alert you when the bear comes back into stock."

Ms. Janie

According to John at The BeanieHut , "It Seems These Bears Are Going To Be Very Rare, With One Of Them Only Only Available With Invitation And Only On The Opening Day. ...These Are Already Listed As Sold Out On Hamleys Web Site. There Were Only 3000 Of One And 5000 Of The Other."

John has also noted that "The German Exclusives Roger And Mary Will Not Be Available To Order From Vedes On Line. Vedes Is A Toy Coop And These Will Be Only Shipped To Their Coop Stores. Only 12-18 Per Store. Another Very Rare Set. We Will Remove These From Sale After Today, Due To Our Limited Allotment, Dont Miss Out !"

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Update on MC Anniversary Bear
I just received a call from a supervisor at MBNA and he said they are getting the correct bears mailed out now and we should be receiving them soon. He said the person handling the shipments failed to change the setting to MC #5 and the #4s were automatically mailed by mistake. He was very nice and seemed to be very knowledgeable about the situation. There is still hope.
Everyone have a beaniful day.
nanabanana Topica and Google Newsletter Update RE:

"How To Get Over Like A Fat Rat On A Piece Of Cheese Selling Beanie Babies Online"

Hopefully, it's not like the movie of the same name but:

"Hi Geraldine, your refund check was mailed today
Have A Great Day"

9-6-2006 WEDNESDAY

Watch out for fast moving Beanies and falling Leaves! Leaves who was introduced in the Tystore just might flutter away with the Autumn and then again, he might just sit there until Spring! Like Raine, you never know!

The Beanwatcher has spilled the beans on "five new Hallmark Gold Crown Store exclusives" expected to be introduced in the next few monhs! Expected in December are 2 Valentine's Day Beanies, and expected in February are 3 Easter Beanies!

Beanies In The News:

Timeout with: Taylor Fouser, Timberline soccer

Question: "What was your favorite toy as a child?"

Answer: "I was a big collector of Beanie Babies and I thought I was a businessman in the making because I would always try to buy the rare ones with the thought of appreciation and big sales running through my head. However, I could never get myself to sell them, so now all I have is an excess of little worthless bears around my house."

What does your favorite snack say about you?

"PRETZELS: Lively and energetic, those who prefer pretzels crave novelty and easily become bored by the usual routine. They are excited by the challenge-whether it be at work, sports or home. They thrive in the world of abstract concepts and tend to lose interest in the mundane day-to-day world. There is a tendency to initiate new projects without having completed the last, and to over-commit to work or family chores. Happy in the role as a "flirt," pretzel lovers are comfortable dressed in an attractive manner. The pretzel lover will be on top of the latest craze-having accumulated a herd of "Beanie Babies," they are ready to conquer the next fad. Pretzel lovers make decisions based on intuition and emotion. At times, they are overly trusting, especially in romantic relationships. One pretzel lover is a welcome addition to any grouping-they are "the life of the party," lively, "

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Anniversary bear
Are you still getting the wrong beanie?I finally called credit card co. again and the reason we are all getting the incorrect beanie is because if you opened your account anytime in August you get an Aug. 1 anniversary, therefore that is before Aug 12 and you get last year's bear.

I ordered the MC keyclips on Saturday and...
I got the nicest, most helpful customer service person. My only regret is Bank of America doesn't have a mailing address for customer service; I would have loved to send a letter of thanks to her and her supervisor. :)

Still no wallpaper. *sigh* n/m (OtterGongo)

I know! I am really discouraged. It doesn't seem like this should be such a problem to put a calendar together and have it up on the homepage by the first day of the month.

There are a lot of folks that really enjoy this tidbit. I love it! I put it up as my background at home and at work. At work, I also usually add a little display of the featured beanies on my file cabinet with accessories. Like August, I had Alana and Miami with a little "flip-flop" candy dish and magnets of surf boards and flip-flops.

I think it would be great too if the calendar was not always new beanies but featured some of the old ones too!


Re:I know! I am really discouraged. It doesn't seem like

Does anyone know why we did'nt get the September wallpaper? I look forward to that every month.I will keep checking...:)

Re:Still no wallpaper. *sigh*
It's the 6th and I'm staring at a boring old blank desktop, waiting and waiting and waiting...

9-6-2006 WEDNESDAY

Today's Newsletter Commentary:

"How To Get Over Like A Fat Rat On A Piece Of Cheese Selling Beanie Babies Online"

This article exposes some of the the practices of reputable and respected online Secondary Beanie Baby Dealers using Beanie Bait to make cash from unsuspecting buyers. For the most part when you order Beanies from reputable dealers, you eventually get what you paid for, sooner or later. However, there are times when a Beanie might become scarce or unavailable. What happens then? Do you get a refund?

I could say 100% of the time, the dealer will not even mention your order. If you don't keep track when you place the order, that's your hard luck, because the dealers just keep your money and their mouths shut. You will not receive a notice and you will not receive a refund and unles you notice it, the incident will fade away from your pockets to theirs, as if you had given a gift away.

Presales are offered and immediate payment is required if you don't want to miss out. When you don't receive your Beanie, it's Ty's fault, they didn't ship or whatever. The lack of customer service however cannot be blamed on Ty. Ty didn't take your money. The secondary dealer has it. Good luck getting it back though, they take money in and don't like very much to give it back. Some will give you store credit. Then you get to start all over again. No interest is earned on your money having been held for in some cases over a year!

45 Days, What is the significance? The 45 days often stated that you would have to wait are blamed on the fact that the item is a pre sell and will not be available for 45 days. The real reason however is that after 45 days, you can't get a refund. For an example, Paypal and Ebay have limits to the time between a purchase and opening a dispute for non receipt. The 45 days keeps your money in the secondary dealer's pocket.

Getting back to substituting a new order for an unreceived order, your new order might also never arrive! On one occasion I purchased items from when they were first introduced. That was back when Starlight came out. The name changed and a second Starlight was introduced, Later the buddy Stardust was introduced. When the items were not received, I had to prove my purchases through my own records. I was told that I had not purchased the more expensive of the two but had purchased the buddy who had not even been out yet at that time. Many emails later back and forth. The purchases were established, only store credit was given, no refunds, and subsequently the replacement items were received.

When the first Great Big Hugz came out, I purchased him from a secondary dealer who decided after the purchase to raise the price of the bear as well as the shipping. I insisted that the item price and charges should not change after an offer was already posted, accepted and paid for. Eventually Great Big Hugzz made it home according to the original purchase price.

Last year, I purchased Senna, McDonalds UK Beanies and The Asian Set with the Flag Noses from a Secondary Dealer. This Dealer never acknowledged or contacted me to say the item would never be received. The same thing had happened with this dealer when the Teenie Beanie Bopper Suntory Sungoliath was introduced. Hush, maybe the buyer will never notice! I am only one person. The money that is being racked up with this kind of practice must be phenomenal! . The original charges for a set of Flag Nosed Beanies was $149.99 plus shipping. Senna with Brown Pads was offered for $39.99 plus shipping and the UK Teenie set was offered for $29.99 pluss shipping. These items were sold nearly one year ago. If I never mentioned not receiving them, the dealer never would either.

This Dealer I expected might not want to refund so I requested replacements. The replacements were never sent either and some were in fact seen being offered as extra sets later! I have given up on replacements and just want a refund. Instead of issuing a refund, the dealer has sent many of you emails after my request, asking for patience in suffering the loss of a family member. I immediately responded and pointed out that I too had a closer loss, see the link above at the top of this site to the Memorial.

The dealer continues making sales and someone must be buying so I don't see why a refund is so impossible. I hope that this dealer does the right thing. If he does, I will be the first to post my praise for his actions. Much of this has put a damper on my Beanie Collecting. It is difficult to spend hard to come by money on items never received and not being able to keep the collection up to date. It is bad enough to bid and pay on EBay and never get an item without having reputable secondary dealers with their hands in your other pocket.

Sure, most of the items you order arrive. Watch out though for the items that never reach your door. You can be assured of one thing, your money WAS received as payment. That didn't get lost! I hope to have a positive and happy follow up to this article when I post on this subject again. The next article title will be either "Giving Credit Where Credit is Due" or "Naming Names". Meanwhile, keep your receipts, email and electronic records of purchases on file for whatever they are worth!

Did you get My Collection Software for your Beanie Baby Collection yet? It's always up to date and you can easily update it youself with built in instructions!

Get My Collection for Your Collection Today!

(Please pardon the Typos in the Newsletters today. They have been corrected above.)

9-5-2006 TUESDAY

According to a post on Ms. Janie's Message Board it's Sly The Beanie Guy's Birthday!
Happy Birthday Sly The Beanie Guy!

It's the first day of school in many U.S. cities across the country. Grandparents Day is coming up on September 10th and Fall will officially begin on the 23rd. It is already the 5th of September and so far no Ty Wallpaper has been posted. The Ty Wallpaper calendar has been consistantly late for the past few months. Not very timely for a calendar. Many feared it would be discontinued last February. Perhaps it will be posted later this morning or some time today.

The Tystore has been quiet and Finn although Sold Out several weeks ago, is still in the window. The Summer Banner change over to Fall might be a catalyst for change and new Tystore Beanies, especially after Grandparent's Day when Nana and Papa will likely retire.


The six spinners on the opening page are now seven as Leaves was introduced in the Tystore this afternoon!

Finn has finally left the Tystore window, and a Back To School sign has replaced the Summer banner.

News From Ms. Janie !

"Update on the Birmingham trade show....The next 3 Beatrix Potters are there, Jemima Puddleduck, Mr Todd the Fox and Tom Kitten, BUT, we are not able too order them until 1st October with deliver sometime later in October. Also, Y Ddraid Goch Buddy is now available to ALL UK account holders and not just those in Wales, Packer Beanie Babie has sold out in TY warehouse and there are rumours that 'SOME' ( I have no idea how many ), of the HAMLEYS exclusives have been signed by no other than TY WARNER himself!!!"

Beanies In The News:

Miracle Baby
Click the link above for the whole article.

"Brendan McCarthy was born four months premature and his chance of survival was a mere one percent. The tiny baby overcame those odds and now Brendan can look forward to full, healthy life. ...Brendan now weighs 19 pounds and he's getting healthier every day. When he was born he was the size of Beanie baby."

The Beanwatcher has pointed out that Addie's Attic is still down but has posted the following message:

"Welcome to Addie's Attic... Full Service is expected to resume by Thursday, 07 Sep 2006. We apologize for the inconvenience! "

The Beanwatcher has also pointed out that "Packer the bear is now sold out at the Ty warehouse.".

Time is of the essence! What good is a clock to keep the days' time if the day is over? What purpose can a calendar serve if the days have already passed? It certainly can't help on a day to day schedule. A substitute is needed. What if yearly calendars came out in April after January, February and March had already passed? The Ty wallpaper calendar has been consistantly late since February 2006. It was thought that the calendar had been discontinued like Attic Treasures of the past. People however enjoy the calendar which is more than a screensaver because it stays on your desktop with a Ty Beanie monthly theme display and the current dates at your fingertips.

Notes from the Ty Cyberboard:


Re:WALLPAPER (americanmaid)

Please! n/m (thumbsup)

PLEASE II n/m (sweet baby angel beanie)

We really need the wallpaper. n/m (vtigna)

I agree...Put up the September wallpaper please! n/m (SnowSwan)

9-4-2006 MONDAY

Beanies In The News:

A hearty heroes' welcome home
17th Airlift Squadron returns Sunday after three-month deployment

"The squadron moved more than 95,000 passengers and 85 million pounds of supplies in an out of Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, they helped evacuate Americans during the Lebanon crisis."
"They also collected and delivered 100 DVDs to cheer up Marines at Balad Air Base in Iraq and delivered 650 Beanie Babies dolls to Afghan children's hospitals."

9-3-2006 SUNDAY

A Note From Ms. Janie:

September 3rd is Ty Warners BIRTHDAY
If you get a chance, please stop by the cyberboard and wish him the best.
According to the latest list of billionaires just released, Ty Warner is still ranked among the world's wealthiest with a net worth of US$4.4 billion.

Happy Birthday Ty Warner from
Here is a direct link to the Ty Cyberboard's Daily Tymes

Beanies In The News:

Gift ideas just don't work for Labor Day
Click the link above for the whole article un-edited.

"OK, on the count of three, let's have a dignified round of applause for Elaine Chao, the nation's esteemed secretary of the Department of Labor, which may or may not require its employees to dance around with noisemakers and paper hats..."
"It is, after all, Labor Day tomorrow. The agency defines the holiday as "a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our country."
"...Party on, workers. But alas, there is no line of official greeting cards for Labor Day, featuring, say, a worker bee in designer shoes and a tasteful blazer wishing one and all a happy 9-to-5. There are no Labor Day keepsakes available for cubicle or home use."
"There are no limited-special-edition Labor Day Barbie dolls, Labor Day Beanie Babies or Labor Day cappuccinos to be had. Ford has yet to come out with an F-150 Labor Day pickup truck with Eddie Bauer interior or Serta with a pillow-topped Labor Day mattress or Breyer's with a Labor Day celebration sherbet."

Any takers out there?
Click the link above for the whole article un-edited.

"Most of you are probably aware by now that the Press-Republican is for sale... The Press-Republican isn't going anywhere. Depending on who buys us, the name could conceivably change... More companies are getting out of the newspaper biz than getting into it, and while the Press-Republican is profitable, the asking price for us will be somewhat daunting.... For my coworkers and I, remaining part of Ottaway would be just fine. We've been treated well by the company and we're comfortable with it. There are no surprises... Thus I have been quietly contacting deep-pocketed potential buyers. No responses yet, but my fingers are crossed..."

"...I sent a text message to Del from Dannemora (real name withheld). He's a longtime subscriber and supporter. Unlike those of you who have generously been sending in your nickels, dimes and returnable cans, Del is worth a fortune. You can't tell by looking at the outside of his modest home, but he has billions in gold, precious metals, jewels and collectable Beanie Babies buried in his backyard. He likes to read our paper while sitting on a toilet carved out of the world's largest diamond."

The Beanwatcher has pointed out that the Autumn Fair in Birmingham England begins today! The 3 new Beatrix Potter Beanies are expected to be debuted there.

Breaking News From Lisa At Planet Beans !!!
(Click on the link above to find out more details at Lisa's Planet Beans!)

"I received an email today from a very reliable source with the following info:"
"Hamleys Toy Store in Regent Street London, are releasing 2 store exclusive TY BEANIE BABIE BEARS! Their release date is 16th September at 9.30 am. I would imagine they are orderable via their website or over the telephone ( details below ). I am unsure of the ACTUAL numbers of each edition, BUT, APPARENTLY, they are VERY limited!!!!! Happy Hunting!!!"

188-196 Regent Street
TEL: 0870 333 2455 ( remember to use code for UK )

The Day is nearly done and the Ty Wallpaper has still not been posted on the 3rd day of the month. Ty Wallpaper is a Beanie Baby Calendar Screensaver with a seasonal theme. Perhaps Ty is waiting until after Labor Day tomorrow, so the Theme can be for the Fall / Autumn. Perhaps some falling leaves? It's a little early for a Halloween Theme, or is it? Many of the September Beanies released were fof te Halloween season.

More Beanies in the News:

David and Annette "...combed Internet listings of homes for sale until they spotted a four-bedroom house on a cul-de-sac with a three-car garage and 2.5 acres. You can find out more on the Internet about an eBay Beanie Baby than you can about a $1 million house, said Glenn Kelman, chief executive of Redfin, a licensed broker in Washington State and California. "

National Geographic will be naming a part of it's exhibits, "The Steve Irwin Sensory Garden". Steve Irwin gave so much of hisself, his joy and adventure to the world and he will never be forgotten...

9-2-2006 SATURDAY

Beanies In The News:

Bonkers over Beanies Beanie background
Click the link above for the whole article.

"IT was love at first sight the minute she set eyes on the little purple teddy bear called Princess. This exclusive Ty Beanie Baby was specially created to honour the late Princes"

"...My husband and I had encountered this charming bear at a swap meet (flea market equivalent) in Hawaii where we were residing in 1997. But I knew I couldn't afford its steep US$250 (RM930) price tag. So, I left with a heavy heart, said Nancy Aguirre, 57."

"However, her account has a happy ending. On our 13th wedding anniversary, Ray (her husband) presented a gift box to me.' And that triggered her passion for Ty Beanie Babies that can cost between a few dollars and several thousand. I'd spend every week going beanie-hunting at craft fairs. My collection soon grew to 3,000 and I had to rent a space in a warehouse to store them in crates. I visit them at least once a month to see if they're OK."

"As some of her collection included duplicates, she decided to open a gift shop last year when she moved to La Habra, a thriving Californian residential town about half-an-hour's drive away from Los Angeles. That was how I stumbled onto her shop while visiting a friend who was staying nearby. What caught my eye was the big heart-shaped Ty sign hanging in the shop called Cardsmart. ...She said her most expensive purchase so far was Inky, the grey octopus Beanie which cost her US$500 (RM1,850). "

"...Since their launch in 1993, the Beanie-craze has taken many countries, including Malaysia, by storm, escalating their popularity and value. Thanks to their pint-size appeal, they have enjoyed a place in the hearts of many. Beanie Babies are hand-sewn with washable fabric that is non-allergenic, colourfast and non-flammable. They are toys stuffed with plastic bean-shaped pellets The unique quality of Beanies is that each has its individual character, with its name and date of birth printed alongside a short poem on a heart-shaped Ty tag." (Click o the title above to read the entire story!)

NYC group that records songs for sick kids reaches milestone

"Ashley Abernathy was 9 years old, suffering from leukemia and needed to be cheered up. She found her inspiration from the unlikeliest of places: a serenade from David Lee Roth. ...Ashley Abernathy says her song still resonates with her to this day. In the song, Roth refers to the little girl's affinity for Beanie Babies and driving a golf cart with her family."

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Ty Wallpaper
Why have we got no TY monthly wallpaper I miss it???????????????

way to much stuff for september

Being Ty Warners' Birthday on Sept. 3rd......
I think we should all post a birthday greeting! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. WARNER!!! Hope you have a great birthday filled with lots of fun, laughter, love and surprises! :) Have a great day!

9-1-2006 FRIDAY


Hallmark exclusive Yikes has been posted on the Ty site!

It's a seven spinner day so far at Ty. Another announcement is due as well for the September Ty Wallpaper Calendar screensavers!

Addie's Attic and Traderlist who are on the same server are experiencing temporary technical difficulties. Please be patient and try again later if you have attempted to access either of thise web sites. As they say on TV. "Please Stand By..."

A dog named Barklowe is the new September 2006 Beanie Baby of the Month!

Haunts and Frightful Borders exclusives have been introduced! Ty has provided a link to find a Borders Store near you!

Chocolate Chip is the third Exclusive Beanie for Miswest Aitlines. The first Beanie for this airline named Baron came in two versions, Red Baron and Brown Baron. Brown Baron was the rare one of the two. They sold out quickly through the telephone sales at the airline.

The Beanwatcher has found out that the new Midwest Airlines Beanie Chocolate Chip has no current distribution information. According to the response that the Beanwatcher received, "The details for ordering have not been set.".

Roger is a Pirates of The Carribean Beanie styled after Johnny Depp's character in the movie. It is a Vedes exclusive. The Beanwatcher has found out that "Vedes is a well-known German purchasing group for toy stores".

Beanies In or Mentioned In The News:

Star Wars Stuff: Cuddly Wuddlies
Click the link above for the whole article.

"Over the past few weeks Star Wars Stuff examined the different toys and accessories spawned from George Lucas' ever-evolving merchandising empire. Today, we're going to review our favorite selections from Lucasfilm and Kenner's attempt to capitalize on the beanie baby craze of the 1990s, the Star Wars Buddies:"

Past master looking to the future
Click the link above for the whole article.

Cashing in on rich pickings in the attic
"Films like Star Wars, and more recently Harry Potter, have spawned thousands of collectables. Some commodities, like Beanie Baby bear collections, are highly sought after for a few years, then interest wanes. But the children who so wanted those bears will grow up and become sentimental about their childhood. This is what the collectables market thrives on, and what makes it worthwhile keeping your bears in the attic. "

Sports still rules at Bergie's, but other collectibles are finding space
Click the link above for the whole article.

"Beanie Babies, Power Rangers or Pokemon and Yugioh trading cards have been quite popular in the past, and store owner Andrew Bergman said he's always looking out for the next great non-sports collectible."

Antique Appraisal Faire
Click the link above for the whole article.

"The Friends of Western Pocono Community Library will hold an Antique Appraisal Day from 1 to 3 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 17. Bring your antiques, art, family heirlooms everything except jewelry, collectibles beanie babies, or books. Registration will begin at 12:55 p.m. with the appraisals starting at 1 p.m. Local expert appraisers will be Raymond Hartzell Jr., John Meixel, James Sittig and John Sittig. Look around your home and bring in your goodies. You may be surprised to find you have something valuable."

Teen boys lose their older toys
"This is the 13th in a monthly series about decluttering."
Click the link above for the whole article.

" the boys grew, we made no provisions to accommodate their getting older. Toys from their youth were still on the shelves, Beanie Babies stared at the boys from upper shelves, games no longer played were under the bed, and homework assignments that should have been passed in last year ahem were found buried under books that had been read years ago and knocked off the shelves onto the floor."

Squirl goes where eBay leaves off
Click the link above for the whole article.

"A new site called Squirl aims to tap into that passion, which can consume lives in ways that defy all logic and practicality. (Remember Beanie Babies?) As of this posting, its "Featured Collections" include coffins and dead bugs."

Click the link above for the whole article.

MySpace Has Problem Besides Bad Press
Click the link above for the whole article.

:I was reluctant to join MySpace, in that way I'm reluctant to do many things..."
"I did not have a countdown to the 18th birthday of the Olsen Twins; I never collected beanie babies. I've NEVER seen an episode of the Baywatch, and it seems at times that I'm the only human on this rock that does not smoke weed OR play Texas Hold 'em Poker."

Tulips and Investing
Click the link above for the whole article.

"Fools are hereby advised to stop and smell the flowers, but never to get caught up in reckless financial speculation about flowers, penny stocks, Beanie Babies, and other improbabilities."

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

In Regards to the Border's Exclusive Beanies
I have been to my Border's store 3 times this week. They don't have the Border's Halloween beanies. So this morning I stopped a clerk who was stocking books. He didn't seem to know anything about the Border's Halloween beanies. So he called someone and they said the Border's promotion of buying 2 Halloween books and the exclusive TY Beanies wasn't suppose to start till Sept 12 and they are holding to that start date at this particular store. They have the Halloween books out but no beanies. I was also informed they will not be taking 'reservations' for these beanies so I better be there on Sept 12 when they put them out. I said people are finding the beanies already at other Border's stores and he said they weren't suppose to be put out till Sept 12. If you buy 2 books, the beanies will be discounted, otherwise the beanies will sell for $6.99 each.
So those of you who have already found the beanies, you are lucky. I have to wait till Sept 12 to find mine.

Thank You for sharing, sounds to me as if this...
may be a merry mix-up like Lex* the Learning Express beanie exclusive. I remember some people finding it no problem at a reasonable Beanie's price and others, like myself had to wait and then were charged $9.99 per beanie. Sorry to read that you have to wait and possibly spend more for the Boarder's exclusives.
Best Of Luck*

Planet Bean's Lisa has found a likk on the Ty web site image directory for Bali Key Clip !

The BBOC Bits Kit Raffle has been discontinued on web site due to a lack of interest. Look for the wide variety of promised rare Beanies (Auction To Be Announced here) on Ebay in the near future.

8-31-2006 THURSDAY

The Beanwatcher has noted the silent introduction of a new Beanie named Chocolate Chip, a Midwest Airlines exclusive!

Whatever the reason, it seems that someone has fallen asleep on the Ty web site.
The September releases are listed as July Introductions!

September 2006 Beanies, Buddies, Classics, Bow Wows and Halloweenies!!!

Beanie Babies

Shudders, Trick R Treat and Superstition

Ghoulish, Baby Girl and Baby Boy

Furston and Slamdunk

You're A Sweetie, Austin and Tasha

Spongebob Mermaidman and Patrick Barnacleboy

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Beanies, Awareness and Spongebob Pinkpants

Roger and Mary (Vedes - German Exclusives)

Beanie Buddies

Spongebob Frankenstein, Ghoulianne and Ghoul

Blue and Dora

Bow Wow Beanies

Pumpkin and Halloween Bone


Carver, Moonstruck and Bag O Treats Bag O Tricks

Yodeler, Yodels and Yodel

Halloweenie Beanies

Treats, Ghoulianne and Ghoul

Creeps and Screams

- - -

The mislabelled July Heading has been corrected, and now says:
"Introducing September 2006"!

Beanies In The News:

Sports still rules at Bergie's, but other collectibles are finding space
(Click the above link to read the whole article)

"For 15 years, Bergie's Sports Card Dugout in Highland Park has been selling, dealing and trading in sports collectibles and memorabilia."

"Beanie Babies, Power Rangers or Pokemon and Yugioh trading cards have been quite popular in the past, and store owner Andrew Bergman said he's always looking out for the next great non-sports collectible."

"With the Cubs out of contention, Bergman is once again pulling for the White Sox to have a World Series repeat to spur sales. If not, there's always, Bronty, Rex and Steg."

Town Talk (Cleveland)

"A Mini-Collectibles Show of sports cards, memorabilia, coins and Beanie Babies will be Thursday through Saturdasy at the Sandusky Mall, 4314 Milan Road (SR 250), Sandusky. For details, call (216) 581-2346."

From Drakes Island, with love BR>(Click the above link to read the whole article)

"WELLS -- A group of women from Drakes Island have had an unusual occupation this summer. They've gotten together 15 times to pack boxes with all manner of supplies, goodies, and letters. Then, they ship the boxes to either Iraq or Afghanistan for soldiers there to use and read. The soldiers they target all have Maine roots"

"Another unusual request was for children's toys. "One particular group of soldiers had taken on an orphanage [as a project]," said Hall. "We put things in the box, like beanie babies, they could distribute to the children.""

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

what Is Vedes?and where are They???
just looked at the sept.newbies,and I adore Roger!!what Is vedes?are they a store?a catalog? Need help!! anyone know about this?
peace :)

Vedes Exclusive. For those asking about it....
If you do a google search, there is a verdes online store. I wonder if this is it.

A Note From and To Ms. Janie:

Hi, Ms. Janie...
The Ty announcement of the new September Beanies includes two beanies that are "Vedes exclusive". We think this is the Vedes web site that will have them, but they are not shown on the site yet:
Lita and Marty

Knox College:

Opening Convocation, September 7 BR>(Click the above link to read the whole article)

"Knox College will formally open the 2006-07 academic year with a convocation address, "This Land Is Your Land: Reflections on Civic Duty," by United States District Court Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow at 11 a.m., Thursday, September 7, in Harbach Theatre, Ford Center for the Fine Arts, on the Knox campus in Galesburg, Illinois. The event is free and open to the public."

"Prominent cases that Judge Lefkow has presided over include a trademark lawsuit involving the company that manufactures Beanie Babies, a trademark suit against the alleged white-supremacist World Church of the Creator, a statewide class action challenging Illinois' plan for medical care for poor children, and the Air Line Pilots Association lawsuit concerning United Airlines termination of their pilots' pension plan."

I went to get my mail yesterday and there was a box from Ty in it. I was so excited, I couldn't believe they shipped me the MC VI that I ordered the day it was announced or my anniversary bear FIVE that I surely qualify for.
However when I opened the box it was MC Anniversary FOUR. What happened? I received that bear one year ago.
Can anyone help me as to what to do or what could have happened. Should I call customer service? In the past, they don't seem to really know what to do.
Thank you.

Re:Re:I received the WRONG MC also!!!!
This is a BIG PROBLEM as far as I am concerned. I qualified for #5 this year, but I got #4, which I got last year. I may not qualify for the anniversary bear next year!!!!! I want my MC Aniversary 5th Edition Bear and I want it NOW!! Not in oh-so-many weeks from now. Keep these posts coming people. Let's get some action on this. . .
The only reason I keep this credit card open is for the "free" bears. The interest rate is way too high, and I get offers from other cards with lower interest rates all the time. The "powers that be" should take this kind of mess-up a lot more seriously. I don't think they would be too happy if we all decided to close our accounts out. We could just buy the bears on the secondary market instead.

Well I called the Customer Service Number and they told me they had to EMAIL the area that distributes these bears. I was annoyed. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and she basically said the same thing only that they will receive the email within 24 hours and should handle it. There was no mention to me of returning my IV bear. I would refuse to do that since it's there error. I also asked her "What Happened?" She had no idea. I asked her if she found out anything to call me immediately. But, as you can see, we are all at their mercy, as always, as to how they will straighen this out or even IF they will straighten this out. I believe they probably will, but it will take time, and I'm not very patient. Like you Bubble boy, I want my MC FIVE RIGHT NOW.

8-30-2006 WEDNESDAY

Beanies In The News:

Yesterdays game was cancelled due to rain. Todays game should be sunny and dry for the 1,000 Beanie Babies Giveaway!
JackHammers game canceled on Tuesday

"... five remaining JackHammers home games in 2006, including tomorrows doubleheader (Wednesday, August 30) where First Midwest sponsors the Ty Beanie Baby giveaway "

Thanks, Stop and Shop

"Last spring the Sparta Stop and Shop acquired Cameron Drugs. After removing the pharmaceutical and medicinal items, Stop and Shop then donated the balance of the store inventory to The First Presbyterian Church of Sparta."

"...Medical items are being sent to Presbyterian clinic partners in Kenya. Beanie Babies are being sent to our troops in Iraq who then hand them out to the children they encounter. Others were given to the local ambulance squad; still more will go to area hospitals, as well as to missions, which we support in Newark. Other items are being sold on the Internet and greeting cards are provided to the congregation, requiring only a contribution to our missions."

MU joins elite club with lofty goal: raising $1 billion

A framed poster in a conference room of the University of Missouri's Development and Alumni Relations office reads "$Billion Club."

"The University of Missouri at Columbia is one of 13 public universities attempting to raise $1 billion or more, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. The University of Illinois system, already among 15 public institutions to reach the billion dollar mark, plans to announce its second big-money campaign next summer."

" 'Donors contribute because they have an interest in making stellar programs even better and they want their money to benefit their special interest,' she said."

"And while all gifts have value, not all are in dollars. Donations to MU's campaign include Beanie Babies, bovine blood samples and beef. RELATED GRAPHIC University fundraising campaigns"

San Francisco Bay Buardian - Event Listings - SUNDAY (3rd)

"Alameda Point Antiques and Collectibles Faire Alameda Point, Alameda; (510) 522-7500. 9am-3pm, $5. Kids under 16 free. Voted "Best Flea Market" in the Guardian's Best of the Bay, this whopper has on site ATMs so you can stock up on both tasteful antiques, say, maybe a Chinese lacquer cabinet, as well as useless chachkes like Pez dispensers and Beanie Babies. You know, if you waste your kids' college fund now, you'll have plenty to retire on when you sell all this stuff on eBay."

Visitors come to this site by a variety of routes such as through The Beanwatcher or Ms. Janie's or Beanie Universe .

I have discovered however other ways and places that I did not realize and I would like to thank you for linking and visiting from the sites listed above as well as from the following sites!

Startpagina !

Also aol, aol uk, comcast, google,, hickory tech, msn and yahoo search pages...

This Breaking News page began on January 1st, 2006. The total unique page views to date are 2,565. Overall Total: 6,105.

Sign the Guestbook and let everyone know you were here!

Thank you.

News From Ms. Janies Message Board (8/24):

This morning I discovered 9 New Ty Trademarks. That's Right---9! The most I have ever found in one search!
Ty is on a roll!
On August 18,2006 Ty inc applied to register trademarks on the following



Ty Inc listed the following (or something similar) as the goods and services for all 9 new Trademarks....

Plush toys; Soft sculpture plush toys; Soft sculpture toys; Stuffed toy animals; Stuffed toy bears; Stuffed toys

This is the largest list of applications that I have seen for New Ty trademarks ever!

When I started searching for new Ty trademarks back in 1999 Ty only had 73 new trademarks. As of today,Ty has 298. WOW! That's a lot of trademarks! I cannot even begin to speculate what all 9 of these trademarks are all about. Lots of guesses tho but as always......

Tyme will tell!!

Sly The Beanie Guy

The Beanie Universe video broadcasts will not be available for the next three months while Daniel returns to school. Tomorrow will be the last www video broadcast for now.

8-29-2006 TUESDAY

Today marks the one year anniversary since Hurricane Katrina hit. Much help is still needed. is the website for the National Urban League where donations are being used to help. There, you will find this link to " The Katrina Relief Fund".

Beanies In The News:

It's Tomorrow in Joliet. Illinois!!!

The final regular season homestand starts August 29

"The JackHammers also have plenty of fun activities planned through the final home stand. On Tuesday August 29 at 6:05 p.m. the featured promotion is the "Bark in the Park" Halloween celebration where fans are encouraged to bring their dogs to Silver Cross Field for an early celebration of Halloween. On Wednesday, August 30 at 7:05 p.m. First Midwest Bank presents Ty Beanie Baby Giveaway to the first 1,000 fans and Joliet Community Night. Fans can buy box seat tickets at First Midwest Bank for ten dollars with proceeds going to United Cerebral Palsy."

Fit to be tried: Pumping plush

'Matt Elder wants YOU to give him your Beanie Babies.'

'And then he wants you to drop and give him 50'.

'Pushups, jumping jacks, sit-ups and little stuffed beanbag animals -- it's all part of the Framingham fitness trainer's master plan to get people in shape while helping soldiers in Iraq pass on a snuggly piece of America to war-torn children.'

"It's Beanie Baby Boot Camp," said Elder, a personal trainer at Evolve Fitness in Framingham. "You bring me two Beanie Babies, and I'm going to give you a workout that's going to be a lot of fun."

T'he road to boot camp began when Elder was browsing the Web site looking for ways to aid soldiers fighting the war in Iraq. He was intrigued when he saw a photograph of soldiers handing out Beanie Babies to children -- the small plush animals are easily tucked into pockets and carry an appeal that transcends the language barrier.'

'The idea clicked: Beanie Baby Boot Camp. Elder decided to hold a total of four boot camps, Sept. 19 and Sept. 21 at Reardon Park in Framingham. A donation of two Beanie Babies gives the donor admission to either the 7:15 a.m. or 5:30 p.m. session on each day. Registration is through '

Click these two linls to read the rest of the article:
Page 1 and Page 2

Coffee Tree, Circle of Friends Homemakers join for potluck

"The Coffee Tree and the Circle of Friends Homemakers joined together to have a potluck dinner at Sandra Lennon's house."

"We had a lot of fun playing games and winning prizes. All members were in attendance at the dinner and would like very much to thank Sandra Lennon for letting us have our dinner at her home. We also discussed bringing beanie babies to the office to support the Kentucky National Guard serving in Iraq."

Ms. Janie has reported the discovery of two unannounced Borders Exclusive Buddies named Haunts and Frightful! Thir birthdays are September 1st, 2006. Note From The Ty Cyberboard:

Nana and Papa Arrived!
They arrived this morning in the UK!
Very nice thankyou Mr TY!

8-28-2006 MONDAY

Check out upcoming Beanie Pictures!

September Beanies!

September Buddies

September Halloweenies

Back yardigans and Spongebob Beanies with You're A Sweetie

Austin and Tasha Backyardigans

September Classics

Beanies In The News:

See report below 8/24/2006 Beanies In The News, Wednesday August 30 it's First Midwest Bank Ty Beanie Baby giveaway to the first 1,000 fans. For tickets, give the JackHammers a call at (815) 726-BALL (2255), go online to , or visit the Silver Cross Field ticket office during normal business hours."

City salon raises cash for cancer center

"TORRINGTON - People turned out in a constant stream for a good cause at the second Cuts for Cancer at HeadZUp Skin and Hair Studio on Sunday. The salon provided haircuts, eyebrow waxing and manicures in exchange for $20 donations from patrons to benefit the Center for Cancer Care Fund Inc. The fund-raiser collected over $2,500, despite poor weather all day, co-owner Sheri Perbeck said. Mike Mazaik, a board member of The Center for Cancer Care Fund Inc., said that the four-year-old fund was trying to get more publicity."

"Food, including grinders, chips and sodas, were offered at the event. Tag sale items being sold included Beanie Babies."

"Anyone interested in donating money directly to The Center for Cancer Care Fund Inc. can send it to P.O. Box 1801, Litchfield, Conn., 06759. Kevin D. Roberts can be reached by e-mail at"

8-27-2006 SUNDAY

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

GRIPES ? :) Something interesting......I have 3 pets in the house.
Two dogs and a cat. Never has any of them bothered a beanie around UNTIL I purchased bow wow beanies.
Now, all of them think any beanie is fair play. Even the cat trys to haul any beanie around. Anyone else?

8-26-2006 SATURDAY

Check out upcoming Beanies!

Beanie Babies: Trick R Treat, Superstitution, Slamdunk, Shudders, Ghoulish, Furston, Baby Girl 2006, Baby Boy 2006 and Awareness!

You're A Sweetie - Beanie Greetings, Patrick Barnacleboy, Spongebob Mermaidman, Spongebob Pink Pants, Austin Backyardagin, Tasha Backyardagin,

Bow Wow Beanies: Halloween and Pumpkin

Halloweenie Beanies: Screams, Creeps, Treats, Ghoulianne, Ghoul

Beanie Buddies: Dora, Ghoul, Ghoulianne and Spongebob Frankenstein

Classics: Carver, Moonstruck, Bag O Treats Bag O Trick and Yodeler

Beatrix Potter Beanies: Puddle Duck, Mr. Todd and Tom Kitten.

They're Here!

M.C. Beanie VI and M.C. Anniversary 5th Edition have been introduced on the Ty site today! Click the links below to find out about their availability and who can order:

M.C. Beanie VI
M.C. Anniversary 5th Edition

...and now their earlier counterparts have both retired!

M.C. Beanie V and M.C. Anniversary 4th Edition

The Beanwatcher has found a new M.C. Beanie Clip version!

"First there was M.C. Beanie (and his brothers), then M. C. Beanie Buddy, and now... M.C. Beanie Clip! The key clip is the latest exclusive offer you can add to your collection by redeeming 900 of your Ty reward points ."

Note From The Ty Cyberboard:

MC 6 and MC Anniversary 5

I was just on the phone with MBNA, here is a discription of the bear and the poem.

A Sienna (brown and orange blend) colored bear with an oversized gold bow. The bear has the Mastercard Logo nose.

The poem reads:

Over the years our family's grown
And to celebrate this milestone
A new bear's here to get his kicks
Join us to welcome M.C. six

Here is a discription of the MC 5th Anniversary bear. Classic brown color bear
thin red Bow
Mastercard logo nose

The poem reads:

You have earned a special treat
One we think is really neat
Our newest bear to mark the year
The new anniversary bear is here

They are available for ordering on the 26th. The girl said if I call after midnight tonight I can order it.


Beanies Mentioned In The News:

Corporate Governess
"How not to decorate the office; knocked up and knocking on doors; and crying over spilled beans."

"Dear Corporate Governess
One of my employees has a swimsuit calendar hanging in his cubicle, and I'm pretty sure it's angered some women in the office. A few of them have responded with beefcake pin-ups. Should I head off this conflict by enacting rules for cubicle decoration?"

"While most employees' preferences run to portraits of their spaniel or spouse, taste is personal and difficult to regulate. Your efforts to establish a set of dos and don'ts could dissolve into a debate over the relative offensiveness of the accountant's cactus collection versus the marketing assistant's Beanie Babies. What are you going to do, appoint a decorating marshal? So, to answer your question: Rules would be overkill. A quiet word to the offending parties that the joke is over is probably all that's required."

8-25-2006 FRIDAY

August Retirements!

Beanie Babies:

Baby Girl and Baby Boy


Thomas and Benjamin

Beanie Buddies:

John and Meekins

Note From The Ty Cyberboard:

Silent Ty Classics Retirements

From what I can tell, the following Ty Classics have silently retired:


Have a great weekend all!

PattiBuddy, FerociousPlatypus

The Beaneatcher has posted information about ordering one new M.C. Beanie. "M.C. Beanie VI (6) would be available later today (Friday, August 25, 2006) after 3:30 PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time (New York City; Washington, DC; Miami)." According to The Beanwatcher, The Anniversary Beanie was not confirmed.

Beanies Mentioned In The News:

Prepare for Takeoff
"Seeking out this kind of information certainly helped Heidi Jacquin launch her line of tWibbles--plush, collectible toys aimed at the tween market. This Freestone, California, entrepreneur had a background in product development, so she knew how to find the right people to help her launch her product. When she started tWibbles LLC in 2004, she wanted to create something cool for tweens that would combine the collectible nature of Beanie Babies and the fashion sense of a funky accessory. "[I thought,] why not have [something like] a Beanie Baby that was small and would look good as a pendant?" recalls Jacquin, 35."

Collectors go nuts for Dunny action figures
"...Thursday was different. It marked the release of the third series of the Dunny limited-edition action figures. By the time a crowd of about 30 people had formed inside the store, Grote, along with a few other die-hard collectors, had already purchased a 25-box case of the small figurines and started opening them. He hoped that through trading he could complete the series within the day. This may sound like big-time toy craziness, but these figures aren't exactly the next Beanie Baby or Giga Pet. Dunny devotees tend to be younger, hipper, more underground."

8-24-2006 THURSDAY

Beanies In The News:
August 29, 2006 Giveaway

JackHammers split doubleheader in Edmonton Tuesday

"EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA-The Joliet JackHammers split their doubleheader with the Edmonton Cracker-Cats losing game of the doubleheader 9-7 before coming back to win 11-3 in the nightcap at TELUS Field on Tuesday night."
"The JackHammers return home on August 29 to take on the Kansas City T-Bones at 6:05. Don't miss the race for the Northern League East Division crown! The JackHammers entertain the T-Bones for three games before the Schaumburg Flyers come to town over Labor Day weekend. Wednesday August 30 it's First Midwest Bank Ty Beanie Baby giveaway to the first 1,000 fans. For tickets, give the JackHammers a call at (815) 726-BALL (2255), go online to , or visit the Silver Cross Field ticket office during normal business hours."

Following the initial rush for the 4-H Clover Beanie, the market became saturated and it seemed that 4-H couldn't give them away if they tried. Numerous e-mails were sent out in order to attract buyers. Somehow, there wasn't a mad rush as occurs sometimes with beanie exclusives and their warehouses remained full.

Now there is anticipation as people are awaiting the arrival of the 4-H Garfield beanie. In order to get rid of the stagnant 4-H Clover Beanies, a special sale has been introduced where you can buy both 4-H Clover and 4-H Garfield together! - Click here for the sale!

The Beanwatcher has confirmed that "there will indeed be a M.C. Beanie VI (6) bear that will be introduced. Further, an M.C. Anniversary 5th Edition the bear will be sent to eligible collectors. Both exclusive bears will be available on August 25, 2006"!

Notes From the Ty Cyberboard:

MC VI tomorrow!!!
MasterCard bear #6 will be avaiulable tomorrow from my sources. Be ready to order!!

A Note About The Ty Cyberboard:

The Ty Cyberboard has rules that seem to be on the surface, commendable.

The application of those rules however are unevenly exercised and applied.

As a result, it is plain to see that the Ty Moderators are hypocritical.

The Ty Cyberboard is an edited entity and the comments are honed to only reflect what is wanted.

Unwanted comments are deleted.

If a thread seems a bit choppy and replies don't seem to meet up with the posts they are attached to, it's the editing.

Being banned from the Ty Cyberboard for pointing out the truth is of no consequence.

A change in email and a change in username is all it takes to get back on.

It is a shame however that such a well liked entity as the Ty site has no integrity and no desire for truth telling.

Try it.

Post a question about why some retailers or web sites are allowed to be posted and why others are not.

Your posting will be deleted and you will receive a warning. Do it three times and you're out!

8-23-2006 WEDNESDAY

The Beanwatcher as posted news about the three expected additional Beatrix Potter Beanies. He has shared that "... there might be a slight delay in shipping these in September, as something to do with the fur/fabric of the fox was not right. My contact says October, but not for sure. "

Beanies In The News:

Donations bring special warmth to givers and receivers
(Click on the title for the entire article.)

"It began in October when she learned about the Amani children's home in Moshi Tanzania. The conditions there moved her so much that she had to do something. "I just started wondering what could I do, and I thought about sending blankets. Then I thought 'wouldn't it be nice if we could make blankets?'" she said."

"She did make them, a lot of them. And she got her friends and family and anyone she could think of to help. Since she began in October, Bolton has collected 107 homemade blankets for the children at Amani, each one with a note attached to it from the craftspeople that made it. And she will be sending them all out to Africa this week if things go right."

"Bolton has also received blankets from Lehigh Christian Academy and a donation of 100 toothbrushes from Pennridge Family Dentistry, 100 Beanie Babies from one of her neighbors and all the boxes and packing material she needed from Clemmer Moving & Storage in Telford. As Bolton suspected, the personal touch of the home made blankets will mean quite a bit to the Amani children. Alaena Dunn, communications coordinator at Amani, explained in an E-mail:

"It is really important for the children to see that there are people who care about them - enough to spend hours and hours making special blankets for them. Not only will the blankets keep the kids warm at night, but the blankets will also remind the children that they are special and very loved - by people all around the world!"

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Has anyone purchased the TY SOFTWARE To keep track of your beanies? I assume it is like My TYFolio on the system. If so, do you know if there is some way of downloading what we have entered on the system to our computers and can we get updates?

Did you get the one that comes on a CD or the one that is sent to you by e-mail?

Re: were did you find Ty software? n/m

Are you asking about the Ty Beanie Tracker Software that is like the Tracker book? If you are asking about that one, the answer is No, this program does not have updates. I use the Simple Bookkeeping for Beanbag collectors program, that has updates. This program used to have free updates but with costs on the rise, they now charge a nominal fee.

simple booking is very good

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 4:54 PM
Subject: Ty Moderator Response

Dear thereporter,

Your post to the Ty bulletin board was not approved.

Reason for denial:Advertising

You are not permitted to advertise your business or website, or give your User Name for other websites or auction boards.

Post Subject: Re:Re:Are you asking about the Ty Beanie Tracker Software

Post Content:
The one on Excel sent by e mail is called My Collection and it can be updated easily by the user or an update can be purchased.

Aren't these allowed posts about Simple Book Keeping and Ty Beanie Tracker Advertising too since mentioning My Collection is not allowed?
The reporter

Dear thereporter,

Your post to the Ty bulletin board was not approved.

Reason for denial:Level 2 violation

Your posting violates the Ty Talk Cyberboard Rules & Regulations. The nature of your posting necessitates that your access to Ty Talk Cyber board be immediately revoked.
For a full explanation, see

Post Subject: Re:TY SOFTWARE

Post Content:

Apparently the posts are selectively chosen while others are not made available to be viewed.


I'm not Karen, but there is Silver the cat and Silver the Asian exclusive bear.

Another name that was used twice, the cat and the bear. n/m

The Beanwatcher has reported that Abbey Press has a special version of Swinger with a corresponding Card!

8-22-2006 TUESDAY

Nana and Papa were introduced today!
They can each be purchased in the Tystore .

A Note From Ms. Janies Message Board:

Re: There are two new newsflashes up on the Ty site!
You're right, it is a team, but a rugby team. Googled it and got Suntory Sungoliath is owned by Suntory and is one of the Japanese rugby union teams in the Top League. The team is based in Fuchu, Tokyo, as is their local rival Toshiba Brave Lupus. The slogan for the 2006-7 season is: "ALIVE"
Cute gorilla.
Mary Ann43

The Beanwatcher has found out that there are two different versions of tags on Packer! The retail version has a "'BBC' black and white sticker" that is not found on the Harrod's version.

Beanies In The News:

Knights Of Columbus Host 64th Annual Labor Day Picnic
"The picnic starts at 9 a.m. with a white elephant booth for yard sale enthusiasts, along with other booths featuring cakes, the Original Ty Beanie Babies, games and activities for the whole family. The picnic will also include live music throughout the day. The charity bingo game will begin at 2 p.m."

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Now we have 2 Nanas as well as 2 Discover bears

and 2 Silver beanies. n/m KarenBrit

8-21-2006 MONDAY

Alpha Key Clip Beanie has retired today.

Japanese Baseball Team Suntory Sungoliath exclusive Suntory Sungoliath , a Beanie Baby Gorilla was introduced today!

Now there are two Ty products named Suntory Sungoliath. One is a Teenie Beanie Bopper Boy in a baseball outfit and now the Gorilla with his facial smirk!

Beanies In The News or Mentioned:

'Mom' goes to Baghdad
"In April 2003, Shelton, employed as a bus driver with the Berkeley County Schools, was back home in Hedgesville. Life proceeded as normal until Shelton received a phone call on Oct. 19, 2004, informing her she had to report to Ft. Bragg, N.C. in five days."
"She and her fellow soldiers worked side by side with Iraqi civilians to build roads, bridges, hospitals and schools."
Mom wasn't the only older female in the unit, however. A friend and fellow soldier of Shelton's turned 50 while overseas."
'She and I would go to the hospital on Sundays after church to visit with the wounded,' she said.
"Shelton and her friend would pack their bags full of small Beanie Baby animals sent over from a Veterans of Foreign Wars office in Michigan to distribute to the patients, mostly Iraqi males and American soldiers. We always got a smile,' she said. 'They looked forward to us coming in.'"

Click the titles to read the full article.

Strickland, Brown bring bus tour to town
"Barbara Sykes, running for state auditor, promised the crowd, 'You will never open the paper and see we're investing in rare coins or Beanie Babies.'

MARGINAL UTILITY: Oh, the Tangled Webs We Weave
"...some people struggle with an unquenchable need to build a unique identity from mass-culture product, and they, not the purveyors of hits, are those most threatened by long-tail economics. For many of these explorers in the vast ocean of consumer goods, the thrill of the hunt was a large part of the reason they became fascinated with obscurities in the first place. It wasn't so much that Lazy Smoke's album of John Lennon-inspired inanity was any good; it was more that it was so hard to actually find someone who had a copy and would let you hear it. The rarity of the physical object once lent fascination to otherwise mediocre relics. Long-tail marketing makes copies of ultra-rare stuff available immediately to whoever hears of it, which is no longer an especially exclusive group thanks to search engines and the Internet's harvest of links and filters. This ultimately destroys the significance of the content of collector's items altogether. Rare vinyl becomes no different than baseball cards or beanie babies objects with no particular use value. As bigger companies begin to sell to the niches, the small players who once served that tenuous market little record stores and book stores and antique stores and so on; Dave Hickey's cherished cultural underground will be squeezed. More than that, it undermines the items' special significance to building "original" consumerist identities."
"Paradoxically, the vastly increased access to underground cultural goods may make the cultural underground itself disappear altogether, since people will need no longer such stores to buy these things, stores that also served as places to congregate and swap interests and develop networks that fostered the emotional support required to resist the mainstream."

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Bow Wow
Is anyone else ready for the barking dog to leave the homepage? It was cute for awhile, but now.............
Beanies and Books

Re:Bow Wow
More than ready!!!!

Re:Re:Bow Wow
Yes. I never liked it... It seemed to be inappropriate. When in the West rental ads used to equate children with pets and it always seemed to be wrong, " children, no pets".
These is more of a children's page and it has gone to the dogs.

I am more then ready for it to be gone
I agree at first it was cute but after awhile it gets on your last nerve lol.

My dog even barks if I have that volume turnrd on! Tells you that I am more than ready!
fashion princess101

Re:...Doesn't bother me at all. I don't spend much time on that page.

Yes, please put the dog out!!! LOL n/m

Re:Bow Wow
I was thinking exactly the same thing this morning! I don't have pets, so I could not care less about these beanies.

Spangle Keychain - 2 Versions?
This may have already been answered, but I am wondering if there are 2 versions of the keychain just like there was of the beanie (with the ears switched)? Thank you in advance for helping me!!

Re:Spangle Keychain - 2 Versions? There were 3 versions...
of Spangle, but they had nothing to do with the ears. Spangle came in 3 different head colors: pink, white, and blue.
Credo 1

Spangle had 3 different faces -
pink, blue, and white. I have only seen the white face on the keychain.

8-20-2006 SUNDAY

Ty Sea Center Finn has SOLD OUT in the Tystore !

The Beanwatcher has posted the pictures of two new bears expected to be released in time for National Grandparent's Day on September 10th. Their names he says will likely be Grandma and Grandpa .

8-19-2006 SATURDAY

The Beanwatcher has investigated the MBNA Bear possibility of being introduced and has pointed out that this is the time of year that MBNA Bears have been introduced for each of the past 5 Years!. He has discovered that there is a "M.C. Beanie VI (6) bear that will be introduced. Further, an M.C. Anniversary 5th Edition the bear will be sent to eligible collectors. Both exclusive bears will be available on August 25, 2006. Delivery can be expected 10 - 12 weeks thereafter. Additional information is sketchy right now, but more details will certainly surface in the days to come!"

Beanies In The News:

Reaping Rewards; Summer study pays off in a party at Parkview
" In order to make it to PVP's celebration, this second-grader and other PVP students had to complete packets that were given to them at the end of last school year. 'They've got about 40 days' worth of lessons and they're all on reading, writing and math,' said Principal Sari Wood. 'It is reviewing the skills that children have learned over the school year. Because our children are so young, if they don't practice those skills in the summer, many of them are going to be forgotten because they're just new to them.' The packets were given out for grades 1-3, but some packets went to younger students. ...Students also received a certificate and Beanie Baby at the celebration."

8-18-2006 FRIDAY

Notes From Ms. Janies Message Board:

New Ty Trademark!
I discover another new Ty Trademark this morning!!
On August 11,2006 Ty inc. applied for trademark on the word


Ty lists "Plush toys" as the Goods and services on this one.
I have no clue as to what this trademark will turn out to be!
any guesses ????
as always.....
Tyme will tell!!

Have a Great Thursday everyone!
Sly The Beanie Guy

Beanies In The News:

They would be grateful for new home
"I live with 17 Marines and sailors in one room," a young Marine writes. "Everyone got one of your care packages and everyone loved it, especially the cookies and Beanie Babies.
"The cookies are excellent and the Beanie Babies help us out a lot with the local kids. We give them candy and toys, and they give us the location of IEDs (improvised explosive devices) in the area."

Antique Appraisal Faire
"The Friends of Western Pocono Community Library will hold an antique appraisal day from 1 to 3 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 17. Bring your antiques, art, family heirlooms everything except jewelry, collectibles Beanie Babies, or books. Registration will begin at 12:55 p.m. with the appraisals starting at 1 p.m. Our local expert appraisers will be Raymond Hartzell Jr., John Meixel, James Sittig and John Sittig. Look around your home and bring in your goodies. You may be surprised to find you have something valuable."

Which way does the wind blow for hot collectibles?
"Popularity. A few years ago, people could finance a trip to space by trading Beanie Babies. Though there's still a lively market in the stuffed toys, Beanie Baby prices are teenier now. "

Update on 4-H John Deere Ty Beanie Johnny!

Lisa at Planet Beans has found that even though you can't order online yet, "if you are anxious to place an order you may do so by calling the phone number ((301) 961-2934) and ask to be put on the "back order" li"

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

"JOHNNY" is pictured in the beanie baby list-
Check the list of the beanie babies and you will find Johnny listed along with his poem. Very cute bear-Ty-and I have already ordered mine. Thank You.

Here's Johnny !

8-17-2006 THURSDAY

Ms. Janie has pointed out a find of Pinkys in the Lakeside Collection Catalog . They can be purchased through the catalog online for $4.95 plus shipping!

The Beanwatcher has posted several pictures of Clucky in hand, sent in by a reader!

Beanies In The News:

Giving your baby a helping hand
"Zachary was born after just 28 weeks in 2001 after his mother developed pre-eclamsia. He weighed just 1Ib 15 oz and spent the first few weeks of his life surrounded by medical equipment in intensive care. ...Jackson noticed how the tiny Zachary gained comfort from the presence of a nurses hand - and also from the 'beanie baby' left in his incubator. ..."One day Zachary had a beanie baby on his back so I asked the nurse what was the toy dog doing on his back. She explained that babies get warmth, nutrition, and protection from the womb and the boundaries the dog gave him helped with his protection."

Fringe Comedy: Maria Bamford
"The caricatured impressions of each (imitated person) are expert, brilliantly observed and frequently hilarious (though all-out hilarity is tempered by the serious realisation of how clever it is). A large component of the show is the sheer spectacle of live morphing... the pathologist sister, who relishes saying things such as "we're all meat" while others fret. The mother is a rampant consumerist, who buys 40 Beanie Babies"

Let your car dive into Splash Car Spa
"Got a dirty vehicle? Want it clean and shiny? The recently opened Splash Car Spa at 141 S. China Lake Blvd. is ready to help. Weather permitting, the Spa is open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Early birds enjoy free coffee and donuts while they wait. ...Customers will find a wide variety of accessories and gift items in the lobby - from license plate rings to Beanie Babies, litter bags to greeting cards."

Winning Hearts, Minds With a Medical Project (Click on the title to read more...)
"Often the local people hear information about coalition forces and the Iraqi Army that has been distorted by the enemy, Jackson said as he was about to be overrun by a squad of six year-olds who desperately wanted the Beanie Babies in his hands. While the medics were treating Iraqis, Jackson and his Soldiers were handing out toys, pencils and notebooks to the children."

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Royal Blue Peanut Beanie
I just picked up 2 Royal Blue Peanuts Beanies. I would like to know if they are the real thing. They are alike in every detail. One has a creased and dented hang tag the other no hang tag. One has writing on the tush tag. My question is, did TY make the Royal Blue Peanut with PINK inner ears or with LIGHT PINK inner ears. Hope someone can help me. Thanks

Re:Royal Blue Peanut Beanie
The best way to tell is if the tush tag's date is 1993 they are fakes like mine that I paid several bucks for

The tush tag must be the blackand white 1st generation tag dated 1995.....
The most common fakes have the black and white tush tags dated 1993 and there are also some fakes that have the wrong red and white tush tag dated with the right date of 1995.

The Beanwatcher has posted news about a 4-H John Deere Beanie. His name is Johnny . Ms. Janie has provided a direct link to see Johnny in the 4-H Online Store. This Beanie is not available for sale yet. The Beanwatcher says that Johnny will be shipping from the 4=H Warehouse around October 30, 2006. Johnny will cost $5.95 and if you buy 6 or more, $4.95 plus shipping of course!

8-16-2006 WEDNESDAY

The spinner for Packer was removed from the Ty Opening page today.

Where's Clucky? Folks are wondering when their August 2006 Beanie Baby of the Month, Clucky will ship and arrive in their homes.

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Proud to show my collection to others!

Hi All
Lately a lot of people have visited our house for the first time, including over 100 for my husband's birthday party. I didn't know what the response would be to the amount of beanies I have displayed! :-)
It was a lot of fun looking at the beanies through others' eyes. Everyone was amazed at how many beanies had been made and impressed with the quality. I showed the Japanese friends which came from Japan, and then other countries exclusives, and told of the many friends I've made online and have met in person.
Love: Karen

Got Funky and Groovy today, did anyone notice that the fabric texture wasn't the same on both of them.They are 2 different fabrics ( aside from the color)One is smooth and 1 is rougher.
Just an observation, I expected the same.

what, if any, is the significance to the colors of Packer's nose button?

Packer's nose, and the uniform he is wearing, reflect the colours of the truck featured in the children's television programme "Mighty Truck of Stuff", which is broadcast here in the UK.
the phoenix

Can you please explain to me what happened with the Knotts Berry Farm set of 6 Beanie Babies that were available on the website. I heard I Love California and Titian sold out quickly, but I was wondering if anyone got Titan in their sets directly mailed from Knotts? If you did not get Titan were you still charged for 6 Beanies? Please help clarify this for me. Thanks!

From those I've spoken to, if ordered before 10 am, they got Titan with the 6, after that, some got an extra American Blessing to replace the sold out Titan. When California sold out too, they sent an email to cancel the rest of the orders and then listed them individually, rather than replace with a duplicate beanie. Of course, I don't know everyone's story, but that's what I've been able to determine so far with those I have spoken to. Hope this helps.
Love; Karen

8-15-2006 TUESDAY

No News so far.... Perhaps later today. Check back this evening for updates! Meanwhile, sign the Guestbook and let me know you were here! Have you received your My Collection Software yet? Click here to see all of the versions available. Remember you will get a free entry in the raffle if you purchase My Collection Complete. A one year subscription will get 14 Raffle entries!

Morning Update!

UK Exclusive Y DDRAIG GOCH BUDDY has been introduced on the Ty site!

8-14-2006 MONDAY

Happy Birthday Ms. Janie!

Ian of has pointed out that today is Ms. Janie's Birthday! is having a Scavenger Hunt. The Prize Package includes several Beanie Babies including Frankenteddy!

The Prize "Package includes: McFarlane 2 pack mini figures Dirk Nowitzki and Tracy McGrady, Ty Beanie Babies 2001 Hoilday Teddy, Flaky and Frankenteddy, Ty Teenie Beanie Bopper Glitzy Gabby, M&M 1:32 Elliott Sadler Remote Control Car, Sammy Sosa bobblehead doll by Forever Collectibles # 665/10,000, Garfield the Cat lunch pail tin, Spider Man Mini Jiggle Head and a 1/24 scale Action diecast Kevin Harvick # 29 Oreo Goodwrench car!"

The Beanwatcher reports that Bow Wow Beanies can be found online at by typing the word "beanie" into the search box on the website!

The Summertime Fun Bear Colors:

Los Angeles
New York

From Beanie News Google Group Messages:

"New Forum I've just added a forum to my website - it's aimed at UK collectors with info about where to shop for Beanies... I've just added a forum to my website - it's aimed at UK collectors with info about where to shop for Beanies etc. but membership is open to all... drop by and talk about Beanies and other Ty ranges, and maybe make some new friends!"


8-13-2006 SUNDAY

The Bean Watcher reminded everyone yesterday that the Brookfield Zoo is having a Beanie Promotion that will end today. The beanies expected to be given away is Weaver.

"The first 4,000 children 11 and under who visit Brookfield Zoo August 12 and 13 will receive a free Beanie Baby compliments of Ty. Kids can also play fun games or browse through hundreds of Beanie Babies and Ty products on sale"

Lisa at Planet Beans has remonded everyone today that The New York Gift Show and the C.G.T.A. Toronto show in Canada began today! New York Summertime Fun is expected to make it's debut today!

Beanies In The News:

Franchisee built an upscale empire

"It was the most expensive McDonald's built in the United States that year, with a $650,000 tab. A company-owned unit less than three miles away was the cheapest, costing half as much. The regional vice president chastised Mr. Bailey severely for this perceived folly."

"Two and a half years later, I bought that store because McDonald's wasn't making any money," he says, stating fact more than bragging. "I was doing 40 percent more in sales in basically the same trade area."

"He bought the aging McDonald's at Montfort and LBJ in 1999, leveled it and built his $1.8 million monument to the Happy Meal. It's a stone's throw away from Valley View, where his journey began, and it paid for itself in four years."

"He currently has 61 McDonald's (all in North Texas) and plans to open at least two more by year's end. He says his sales and profits are higher than even during the phenomenal Teenie Beanie Babies promotion days."

Project puts compassion in fashion

"The event helps outfit 650 kids, kindergarten through 12th grade, with clothing and school supplies, thanks to efforts of 13 congregations, social service groups and businesses that donate goods"

"At the church's "bonus room," the children picked out what they deemed their favorite finds for the day -- for Gianna, a Beanie Baby; for Joseph, a stuffed frog. Some cereal also made it into their mom's shopping bags before they headed to the last station, where stylist Tina Aspros from nearby Mai Design Hair & Nails gave the kids free haircuts."

Update From The Beanwatcher!

"Today, Ty silently introduces what should be the final two North American Summer Show Exclusives for the year --
Summertime Fun the bear (New York Show exclusive) Summertime Fun the bear (Toronto Show exclusive). By default, the Toronto exclusive bear is also a Canadian exclusive."

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

New York Gift Show
"As you guys know Summertime Fun New York is light blue. Is "Old" New York blue? Can't be, New York is FUN and never gets old! LOL! I asked the person from the TY booth if there's anything new aside from Summertime Fun, it seems there's none. I saw Cabaret Beanie Baby in fur....a must have! Very adorable style. See you guys...still have a lot to cover. Tata! :O)"
I aphrodite I

8-12-2006 SATURDAY

Beanies In The News:

Springtime in South America

"Earlier this year, members of the Norwell family Robertson found themselves in the enviable position of being the messengers delivering 600 toys to needy schoolchildren in Peru. They served as the delivery end of the Vinal Elementary School's 'Operation Beanie Baby' project."

" The Robertsons handed out the large collection of colorful animal plush toys, which had been gathered by Vinal students throughout the school year, at a church in Lima, where poor children from the area come each day for a free breakfast and lunch"

'Before we gave them any toys, they had zero toys,' said Chris Robertson, 41, of Norwell Avenue. 'Now they have two each.'
Click the link above for the whole article.

8-11-2006 FRIDAY

The Beanwatcher has reported that a new version of Swinger is available! A "Hang-in-There" Swinger Beanie Baby and a Card are at Abbey Press , an online store as well as posted in Abbey Press' latest catalog.

Beanies In The News:

Festival is a feast

KINGSTON -- "Hurry up and pick one," a woman laughingly urged her son as he sprawled in a pile of stuffed animals at the annual Kingston Days yard sale on the Plains.

"He wants a bunny," one of the boy's sisters responded, helping him dig through about 300 Beanie Babies and similar toys.

The stuffed toy booth was one of the many attractions Saturday during the three-day festival. Yard sales, artists, antique dealers and local charities lined the Plains, competing for the summer shopper's dollar along with food concessions and games. The Saturday events offered something for everybody.

Ed Fyfe of Plaistow ran the stuffed toy booth. "I made a small fortune off these things when they were in vogue," he said. "Now I pick 'em up cheap. I think I've made $100 already. I got here at 4 a.m., and we opened at 8."

Fyfe said he likes working fairs. "You get to be outdoors, and I like being outdoors. A lot of people come through. They tend to spend more than they do at the flea markets."

(Click the title link above to read more...)

8-10-2006 THURSDAY

Packer has been officially introduced!

Beanies In The News:

Fire destroys home, contents
"Amidst the charred remains of her home, Sandra Hefner, 51, has lost not only more than $50,000 worth of property but more than 40 years of memories."
"I had a collection of Beanie Babies and teddy bears," she said. And "I can't replace the stuff my parents left me -- quilts, afghans, pictures"

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Has something happened on the Grins and Gripes Page? It is practically empty! With the exception of a few posts, either everyone is happy or there is a very large case of censorship going around!

8-9-2006 WEDNESDAY

Beanies In The News:

Visionary Hotel Owner Ty Warner Brings Legendary Chef to New York
" 'Even perfection has room for improvement,' says Ty Warner, the multi-billionaire for whom making the best hotels, resorts and golf courses in the world even better is a personal mission. Therefore, when deciding to introduce a new restaurant that would best complement the I.M. Pei-designed iconic building, the choice had to be one that would immediately establish itself among the city's finest dining establishments. The result is unveiled this summer with the highly anticipated opening of L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon at Four Seasons Hotel New York. For the first time in Master Chef Robuchon's illustrious career, his celebrated cuisine is now available in Manhattan in an accessible and informal style "

Click the title link to read the entire article.

"In addition to L'Atelier, the hotel recently unveiled two new dining venues in the Grand Lobby. In the east lobby, 57 is a stylish American restaurant featuring regional specialties. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday Brunch are served daily in this welcoming environment. TY, located in the west lobby, offers afternoon tea, a sophisticated hors d'oeuvres menu, and premium cocktails in an intimate lounge setting. A stunning fireplace and luxurious seating set the stage for urban theatre."

"In keeping with Ty Warner's goal of creating an experience that would raise the bar for even the most seasoned luxury connoisseur and traveler, he also commissioned I.M. Pei and award-winning architect/designer Peter Marino to create the hotel's Ty Warner Penthouse. When it opens this fall, it will also bring a level of precious materials and artisanship that would be extremely hard to find in even the finest homes in the world, let alone in a hotel suite."

Deal or no deal
"Silina was persuaded by the vendors to try her hand at the antique and collectible business. But there was a small problem: The native Lithuanian and her family had recently moved to America with nothing but our clothes. Rummaging through her garage, she found a few Beanie Babies, a couple of pairs of earrings and children's books and laid them on a table in the corner of the shop."

4-H Garfield has been added to the Ty site.

8-8-2006 TUESDAY

Beanies In The News:

'Crazy Daze' a success in downtown Pierre
"PIERRE - Residents of Pierre, Fort Pierre and beyond descended upon Pierre Street over the weekend for Crazy Daze, the Pierre Downtown Association's annual sidewalk sale blowout."
"Outside Song's Gift Nook, Drew Nafus was manning the Beanie Baby table. A motley array of plush mini-animals shone like a bed of velveteen flowers, and mystery gift bags at the end of the table beckoned the curious. The secret contents of the mystery bags were guarded by a wall of silence, pierced only by purchase, bag by bag. Nafus did concede that the bags held some sort of Beanie Baby, and were a great bargain."

Company Profile:
Thank you for visiting Herald/PrimeTime Online, a site we created for you and the community.
"You'll find we have added powerful Internet classifieds, interactive auctions, online yellow pages and hundreds of pages of great content. So whether you're buying a car, looking for your next house, changing jobs or searching for that retired beanie baby, start your journey here"

Button bucks buy goodie bags for children in cancer ward:
Alison is 10 years old. "About a year ago, Alison Schneider came up with an idea while watching an episode of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." A girl around Alison's age appeared on the program and discussed dealing with cancer."
"The money she raised from selling the buttons along with some in the form of donations came to a total of $137. This amount enabled Alison to fill 20 goodie bags. She bought things like beanie babies, magic markers and any little toys that kids could play with in the hospital."

8-7-2006 MONDAY

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Tradition Buddy featured in Benjamin Moore contest ad:
I know some folks like to save ads with Ty products in them so here's a heads up. I don't know if this would be a nationwide ad or local thing though, so keep your eyes peeled.
This morning's Star Ledger (we're in nw NJ), on page seven of the first section, there's a Benjamin Moore contest ad, featuring not one, but two Tradition Buddys. The contest prize is a Yankee theme painted and decorated room, plus more. I sent a scan of the ad to MsJanie for when she updates her news.
Either they cleverly hid the Ty hangtags or they removed them, as I don't see them on the Buddys. I hope the ones you win come with the tags haha.
Have a great day all!
PattiBuddy, FerociousPlatypus

8-6-2006 SUNDAY

Raffle Dayz are starting TODAY on!

The first Raffle #1 is to win a Brand New Unopened BBOC Bits Kit!

TY Beanie Babies Official Club Kit - w/ BITS the Bear
plus Travel Mug, Markers, Stickers & More!

From the Ty Beanie Babies Collection.
New, mint with mint tags (with heart & tush tags).
Approximate size: 8 inches.
One of the Teddy Bear style TY Beanies.

This kits comes with the following items:
* BITS the Bear TY Beanie Baby
* Travel Mug
* Paper Mug inserts
* Sticker Sheets
* Double-sided Markers
* Registration & Instruction sheets

Inside the tag reads:

Bits of color here and there
Decorate to keep or share
Scrapbooking is fun to do
Especially with a friend like you

Click the picture below to purchase your BBOC Bits Kit Raffles for $2.00 each. Please use a cash payment or a Paypal balance because otherwise the Paypal fees will reduce the amount that you have submitted.

After completing a Paypal payment, you will be automatically returned to this page.

If you have just returned from Paypal...

Thank you for your payment. Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. You may log into your account at to view details of this transaction.

There will be one or more raffles every month on of hard to find Beanies, Boppers, Pinkys, Teenie Boppers, Punkies, Beanie Kids, Teenie Beanie T Shirts and more!

Winners, please send a note and a picture of yourself with your prize! Your message and photos will be posted.

Harrod's Beanie Packer!

Packer is selling on UK Ebay for about $18.99 (US) to start most bids. News about this beanie posted below on 8/6/2006 noted that the Beanwatcher, posted news about an auction for a new Harrod's beanie named Packer who is a representative from the UK TV Show, "Mighty Truck Of Stuff"

Beanies In The News:

Sail4Kids Creates Miles of Smiles and Memories for Children
"Twenty-six children from Maria Fareri Children's Hospital at the Westchester Medical Center, their parents, and healthcare providers signed up for an afternoon of sailing, gutter boat racing, and a barbecue at American Yacht Club on Long Island Sound. On this sweltering Sunday in July, 14 boats and sailors from four local clubs took part in an amazing event. "
"Children in the junior JAYC and Shore Program at American Yacht Club built the gutter boats, one for each participating child, to race and take home. D'Agostino donated salads, the hospital sprang for the burgers and dogs, donated drinks, BoatUS Foundation provided lifejackets for the kids, and lots of individuals donated their time. One member donated collectible beanie babies another donated a selection of brand new children's books about sailing and the sea to the hospital library and sailing salon, which was designed by Sparkman & Stephens, supervised by Olin Stephens and built by Derecktor Shipyards."

Beanie Collectors being compared to As-Seen-On-TV collectors...
Solar Cooler For Car? Cool, It's Not "What is doubly frustrating here is that the Auto Cool seems as if it ought to work, making it an especially easy sell to the legions of consumers out there who collect As Seen on TV products as if they're Beanie Babies. Truly, the concept is pure genius. A solar panel facing out the window powers a fan, which exhausts air outside the car through the hollow plastic lip that clips the unit onto the window."

8-1-2006 TUESDAY

Beanies In The News:

Kids could do worse than get into collecting

"Collections can provide social linkages for children," Karlsson said. "They're not only something kids can talk about with friends at recess; a shared interest can be a starting point for a new friendship."

"When Kelsey Anderson, 24, was growing up, Beanie Babies were all the rage."

"I discovered Beanie Babies in the mid-1990s, at the same time they were becoming a hot collector's item," she said. Anderson likes to tell of when she sold some of her Beanies for what, at the time, seemed like an astronomical amount, but insists - only half-joking - "I wasn't in it for the financial gain. I just thought they were cute and I liked to draw animals, so Beanies seemed like the perfect fit."

"For most collectors, the Beanie Baby craze, which caused rushes reminiscent of Cabbage Patch Kid fever in the 1980s, was as much about "the find" as it was about ownership."

"It was fun to see which ones your friends had and there was always a mad rush at Whoops & Co. the day a new style hit the shelves," Anderson said.

"Sales of Beanie Babies hit their peak in 1996, when the company's founder, Ty Warner, retired 11 models just two years after Beanie Babies hit the shelves. In 1999, Warner announced that he would retire all models, and collectors' prices went through the roof."

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Deuce RETAIL version is for sale now on the US Open Shop. This is NOT the original one with the flames on it. This is the Retail version that Ty will have in the retail stores. I almost ordered it and then went back and looked at the 1st Deuce picture that I had and it was different than the one that came out in the US Open Shop originally. Just thought I would give you a heads up on this one. Have a Beanieful Day!
SnowSwan has a bit of a complaint:

Unfortunately, I am going to have to unsubscribe to a certain news letter about beanies. The news it posts is mostly not news but is self serving promotional information about the site activities. That's ok. The worst part is the coloring and the ads. The background colors are usually so dark that I can't make out the writing the blends in with the background. If that isn't enough, it comes with flashing ads at the top that read and look more like junk mail or spam. The ads are meant for adults and although beanies are collected by adults as well as by children, a more family oriented subject matter would be suited if ads must be a part. The only saving grace is that when it downloads to my cell phone, the backgrounds are subdued and it is readable but not iunteresting enough to warrent reading. The format and layout make it long and uninteresting. Pardon my gripe, but the flashing ad and the poker motif today made me just toss the whole thing into the deleted files folder.

This Gripe comes with a possible solution. Ads are not required on some newsletter sites. for example uses google and Topica. Ms. Janie also has a newsletter on Topica. If you observe The Beanwatcher, Ms. Janie, Lisa at Planet Beans and newsletters sent by email, you will notice that the background colors are white. White is the best background color for reading and flashy items are as annoying as an unexpected flashing pop-up that won't close as well as they are very distracting.

Pam submitted a post about 4-H Garfield to google group today at . Thanks Pam!

More Beanies In The News:

Pet of the Week: Sweetheart Violet wants to be your favorite
"Violet is a spayed, petite kitty, less than a year old. She's extremely pretty, with an unusual coat often described as tortie-tabby mix. Violet is active, gets along well with other cats and is exuberant in her play, with kittens in particular. When she takes time out from playing, she is extremely affectionate and loving a great combination."
"Violet is a favorite among the volunteers. She is looking for a permanent home along with her pink flamingo Beanie Baby. You can meet Violet at the Watsonville shelter today." Boomers, retirees go for downtown life
"The Kortes had to give up rooms of furniture, and Joan had to seriously cut back on her Beanie Baby collection."

Expert explores attitudes we have toward animals
"What do people like about animals?" he mused. "We envy their super skills: sight, hearing, smell, ability to outrun us, to hold their breath, fly, echo locate and make and use poison."
He noted in a national survey the top dozen most popular animals, in ascending order were: Cat, Turtle, Elephant, Eagle, Salmon, Trout, Butterfly, Robin, Swan, Horse and Dog. In surveys he's done locally, dogs, horses, butterflies and robins are still popular.
In every survey, no surprise, cockroaches and mosquitoes came in dead last. Preferably dead. Vultures were more popular than rats and rattlesnakes, but less fuzzy-wuzzy than sharks.
Still, being deified as a god is a lot different from being marketed as a Beanie Baby Bear.

Rhapsody on Blue, Part II
"Near the gift shop (selling drug-sniffing Beanie Baby dogs) is a video of the DEA in action, set to the Crockett and Tubbs theme song."

8-4-2006 FRIDAY

TO celebrate Singapore's 41st birthday, McDonald's has introduced a collection of eight specially created Ty Teenie Beanie Babies, comprising Ronald McDonald, Red, Navy Blue, Lime Green, Blue, Magenta, Orange and Purple.

These will be available at midnight tonight at $3.80 each. Two designs will be available each week.

Be the first 41 at any of McDonald's 80 outlets that offer 24-hour dining and 24-hour weekend dining (Friday, Saturday and Sunday and eve of public holidays) between midnight and 5am, and you can get your set of eight at $33. (Not available at the Drive-Thru restaurants. Log on to for details on where to go.)

But because you're a reader of The New Paper Super Weekend, you'll get a chance to win this collection.

Eight readers can win this set just by calling 1900-914 0801 (20 cents per call) and answering this question correctly:

This collection of Ty Teenie Beanie Babies is introduced in conjunction with Singapore's 41st birthday. True or False? The contest ends tomorrow at 11pm. Good luck and happy National Day!

4-H has a new Garfield Beanie!

We proudly announce the arrival of our adorable 4-H Garfield Beanie Babies Collectible . This is the second offering in our line of 4-H Ty products and is sure to become as popular as our Clover Bear did last fall!

4-H Garfield is decked out in a 4-H Emblem imprinted t-shirt and offers up a lesson in healthy eating, offering a juicy apple in his outstretched paw. Garfield also includes an official Ty ear tag with an original poem inside.

The 4-H Garfield Beanie Babies collectible is a 4-H Supply Service Exclusive Item and will not be offered for sale in any retail store .

This limited edition Garfield collectible will never be reproduced again, so please place your orders now to avoid disappointment!

Item # TY 2
Just $6.95 ea.
6 or More - Only $5.95 ea.

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

A New Garfield
the beanie news says that 4H has a new exclusive Garfield.

Click here to read about the guard dog who chewed up $1.2 Million dollars worth of Teddy Bears!

"Bad boy Greg West and his guard dog, Barney, who attacked precious teddy bears, including one that belonged to Elvis Presley."

The Beanwatcher has reported that Planet Bean's Lisa has noted that the U.S. Open Shop is selling Deuce again, only it is not the Special Exclusive version, it's the retail version. See this link for their pictures together... Deuce (US Exclusive), Deuce (USTA Exclusive)

The whole point in buying a Deuce from the U.S. Open Shop online IS to get the exclusive version. While it is nice of them to offer a substitute for the Sold Out exclusive, it is rather deceptive to offer a similar but not the same bear, that could be purchased at ANY retail Dealer or online secondary dealer's store. The US Open Shop should state clearly that this is not the same version and not have people need to know the difference in design to realize that they might have been baited and tricked unsuspectingly not on purpose.

Beanies In The News:

Scottie, pals hit the road in Scott
That is because Scottie, the traveler in question, is a 6-inch Ty collectible Beanie Baby made in the likeness of a tiny black Scottish terrier, and it's up to his host youngster to tattle about Scottie's adventures.
That is the premise of the popular Scottie's Travel Club, a geography-oriented program for children age 6 to 10 at the Scott Township Public Library.
Meetings are held from 3 to 3:30 p.m. Wednesdays. Participants do not have to live in Scott, and no registration is required. Several dozen children participated in this year's edition of the club.
While the summer program was scheduled to end Tuesday, continuing interest could extend it until school starts.
Club members borrow Scottie, the library mascot, to take on vacation. Then, using a camera borrowed from the library, they snap a photograph of him. When they return, they share the photograph and details of the trip.
Club members mark the site on a map or globe to illustrate Scottie's travel route. And they play games relating to the vacation site.
Volunteer library assistant Pat Maxwell, of Scott, came up with the idea of the Scottie mascot after the library was built in early 2001 and she started the travel club.
Scottie has gone as far as India and was once photographed at the Dr. Seuss National Memorial in Springfield, Mass., birthplace of Theodor Seuss Geisel.
But this summer, Scottie has not left Pennsylvania. But he did accompany Joseph Bambraugh, 8, to a baseball tournament the Scott boy played in. Gyan Mehta, 10, took Scottie to Penn State University. Gyan's sister, Bhakti, will be a freshman there this fall and had to go to State College to get some things ready.
"I like when people share their experience with Scottie, and where they have been," Gyan said.
Several years ago, Emily Shawgo, 12, of Scott, took Scottie to Baltimore; Washington, D.C.; Seattle; and Boston. Captioned photos of Scottie at those sites are in a scrapbook the library keeps of all his trips.
When the summer ends, Scottie gets a midwinter's night rest from his whirlwind travels in the camera bag at the library.
For more, call Scott Library, 301 Lindsay Road, at 412-429-5380.

According to The Beanwatcher, Harrod's has a new beanie named Packer who can be seen in this EBay UK auction #220013670825 and is a representative from the UK TV Show, "Mighty Truck Of Stuff"

8-2-2006 WEDNESDAY

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Q: What exactly happens when a Beanie is marked as sold out.....
Has ty marked them as sold out because he ran out of fabric? Or is there a predetirmined omount of beanies for each style? Thanks for your time!!!
Lamore 9

Re:Q: What exactly happens when a Beanie is marked as sold out.....
Sold out seems to be better than retired. If a beanie is sold out it can no longer be ordered by retailers because the warehouse is out of them and they usually soon retire. Retired means Ty has stopped making them but they sometimes continue to ship for months, in the case of Twigs Buddy he shipped to Japan years later! Ty has never officially defined sold out or retired so it just a matter of opinion and guessing and this is mine, lol.

Other News:

Of course, Tortuga has retired...

Beanies In The News:

eBay mixed blessing for collectibles market
"With the worldwide collectibles market booming, many entrepreneurs are finding success buying and selling collectors' items online, thanks to the electronic marketing phenomenon that is eBay. ...businesspeople caution against giving up your day job to invest full-time in Beanie Babies and rookie sports cards. 'The market is constantly changing, and you can't count on something selling for a decent price...' "

8-1-2006 TUESDAY

First and foremost today, I am remembering the loss of my son Shabazz . A Celebration of his life through a Memory Book of photos has been created online. Please join me and visit. Thank you...

The new August 2006 Beanie Baby of the Month, Clucky has been introduced. He certainly fits his name!

Click Here for the August 2006 Wallpaper Calendar!

The Beanwatcher has posted news about an upcoming Ty giveaway at The Brookfield Zoo whose web site states that:

"The first 4,000 children 11 and under who visit Brookfield Zoo August 12 and 13 will receive a free Beanie Baby compliments of Ty. Kids can also play fun games or browse through hundreds of Beanie Babies and Ty products on sale. We will celebrate monkey and dolphin Zoo Stars on these days, too!"

7-31-2006 MONDAY

It's all coming any minute now, August 2006 Introductions, The August 2006 Beanie Baby of the Month and August 2006 Wallpaper screensavers. Perhaps there will also be a surprise or two!. Whatever it is, the information will be posted here each day before the day is done...

And The Newbies are...

August Beanies and Classics!!!

Beanie Babies:

Thunderbolt, Divalectable, Divalightful

Funky, Groovey

Cabaret, Parka

Deuce (US Exclusive), Deuce (USTA Exclusive)

Key Clips Deke (Canadian Exclusive), Villager (Canadian Exclusive), Canada (Canadian Exclusive), True (Canadian Exclusive),


Moppet and Scoundrel

Beanies In The News:

Wealthy Ty Warner, inventor of Beanie Babies, wants privacy
"...They asked my parents if they knew who Ty Warner was (they thought they were saying Time-Warner?)."
"Warner is the man who invented Beanie Babies in 1993. He is the CEO and sole founder of Ty Inc. and his estimated wealth, according to "Forbes" magazine, is nearly $5 billion. He recently donated the 36-acre park, complete with elegant fountains, playgrounds and rose gardens, in Westmont that the Karl twins and so many others enjoy every day."
"Warner, who lives just a few miles away in Oakbrook, Ill., will celebrate his 62nd birthday in September. He's never married, rarely, if ever grants interviews to the media and he's very reclusive, according to Dorothy."
" 'His company's office headquarters are right next to the condos where we live, but there are no signs marking the location,' Dorothy said."
" 'There used to be signs, but too many people bothered him. And still today, we still get these soccer moms knocking on our door asking which building is his office trying to get these stuffed toys autographed.' "

Not Quite Beanies...

4,500 quilters discover artistry, beauty at Augusta show
"Lydia said she will take the pattern home with her when she finishes and use it to make a quilted wall hanging. The beginning quilter has tried her hand "

The Beanwatcher has posted several Style numbers with names for the August Beanies! Here they are:

Thunderbolt horse40408
Divalectable dog 40409
Divalightful dog 40410
Parka bear 40411
Groovey bear 40412
Funky bear 40413
Cabaret cat 40415
Deuce bear 40417

7-30-2006 SUNDAY

There ia a new Guestbook for!
Click here to View & Sign The New Guestbook!

Today and tomorrow are the last two days for the My Collection Complete Sale! The sale price for this version is only $9.99! The regular price for the Complete version is $14.99, however other versions cost less than $9.99 as well. My Collection Complete lists every Beanie and every Category of Beanie ever madw! Attic Treasures, Beanie Babies, Budies, Boppers, Teenie Beanies, Teenie Boppers, Beanie Kids, Bow Wow Beanies, Baby Ty, Classics, Pinkies, Pluffies, Punkies, Ty Gear, Halloweenie, Jingle and Easter Beanies are all listed! EVERY TYPE can be found!

My Collection is more than just a list however, because it can calculate how much you have spent on each Beanie as well as on on your entire collection! Most of all, it can show you how much your collection has increased in value, and how much more it is worth now!!!

This is a great inventory tool or insurance tool for your valuable collection!!

Visit The My Collection Page to find the My Collection just for you. My Collection also comes in individual categories for just certain types. Maybe you only collect Beanies or only Buddies or only Boppers. Whatever your choice, there is a version for you. How about just Beanie Cats!

My Collection also has a version for Any Kind of Collection. Use it for your stamp collection, Tea Sets, Glass bottles, Antiques, CD's, DVD's or for ANY kind of collection.

My Collection is also available for Hess Toy Trucks. It lists original sale prices, dates of issue, descriptions and more!!

Get My Collection for your collection TODAY!

Beanies In The News:

At the battlefront, a challenge met
"I humped and sweated along a dusty road outside Fallujah with Marines from the 1st Battalion, 1st Marines, a unit "adopted" by the city of Newport Beach, looking for IEDs and trying not to think about snipers, and I watched as Reserve Marines of the 3rd Civil Affairs Group, Detachment 1, handed out soccer balls and Beanie Babies to Iraqi kids, wondering all the while how many of those kids' fathers and older brothers were trying to kill them"

Judge Uses Stuffed Animals to Mark Adoptions
"This may look like just a bag of stuffed animals. But it's much more than that to many children. Each animal represents hope and a chance at a new life, because Judge Louisa Abbot gives one to each newly adopted child in Chatham County."
"At the end of the hearing, they get to pick one Beanie Baby out so they can remember that day," she explained.

Atlanta one of only two U.S. airports with USO
"The USO groups give troops departing overseas a care package that includes a durable toiletry kit, a phone card with up to 500 minutes and other items, such as granola bars, candy or gum, and magazines."
"Troops also are given stuffed animals. USO of Georgia has spent more than $70,000 for 27,000 special USO Hero bears, Beanie Baby bears dressed in service uniforms."

Operation Helping Hands brings gifts to Iraqi children
"DAHUK, Iraq (Army News Service, July 19, 2006) Soldiers brought toys and smiles to children in one of Iraq's northernmost provinces recently with Operation Helping Hands.
The humanitarian assistance mission was conducted by Soldiers of the 142nd Corps Support Battalion, 101st Airborne Division.
The 142nd enjoys this just as much as the kids enjoy it,' said Lt. Col. Ronald Green, battalion commander. 'This will stay in the minds and hearts of my Soldiers.'
Soldiers handed out Beanie Babies, sports uniforms, soccer balls, teddy bears and candy, all donated by a variety of American organizations, said Capt. John Smith, battalion chaplain.
Lake Zurich High School, in Lake Zurich, Ill., sent the school uniforms, as well as boxes and boxes of teddy bears, Smith said.

The August 2006 Beanies were on display at the California Gift Show! The names listed below, posted by The Beanwatcher are the likely names of these beanies. They should all be officially posted soon and will be added to the My Collection Software lists as well!

Visit "Shabazz Muhammad's Memory Book", It has been one year since my son was taken away from us and this is a Celebration of His Life... Thank you much. Geraldine

7-29-2006 SATURDAY

Beanies In The News:

Arriving for bash, they distribute teddies to area hospitals
"This is the second year a group of area riders has donated stuffed animals to the hospitals. ...Even babies are given the toys, mostly as a memento for the parents, Schubert said. Older patients receive Beanie Babies"

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

I was disappointed in the tag quality on the Dora Beanies I received from the 2006 US Open Tennis. ONE out of five that I bought was very close to mint, the rest were NOT even close.
This is very sad for a collector.
Any body else get NON-mint tags???

My Collection on The Beanie Babies Message Board!

The Beanwatcher has found that there are two different poems for Finn. He has also found out the possible names which might differ from this list below, of the August 2006 Beanies!

Beanie Babies

Viva La Delightful the white poodle
Thunderbolt the horse
US Open 2006 the bear
Viva La Divalectable the Chihuahua
Parka the polar bear
Groovy the retro bear
Funky the retro bear
Cabaret the cat

Beanie Buddies


7-28-2006 FRIDAY

The Knotts Berry Farm Beanies have SOLD OUT!

The California Gift Show has begun and will run from July 28th to July 31st.

Summertime Fun L.A has been added to the Ty web site and has also SOLD OUT!

Charming, Miami, Mooosly, Baby Girl and Baby Boy are also SOLD OUT!

View & Sign The New Guestbook!

If you have tried to sign the Guestbook, I have just found that the old guestbook is currently unavailable for signing. No wonder I haven't had the daily spam to delete! A new Guestbook has been started and posted . Here is a note regarding the old book from the provider:

"Guestbook Signing is Currently Unavailable. As of June 21, 2006, free guestbooks can no longer be signed. As you probably know, the spam problem has grown out of control...

Beanie Babies In The News:

Town Talk (Cleveland)
"A mini-collectibles show of sports cards, memorabilia, Beanie Babies and coins is today and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Sandusky Mall. Admission is free. For details, call (216) 581-2346."

Empty the attic: The Collectibles Roadshow is coming
"Almost everybody has something taking up space that they just can't get rid of on the off chance it might be worth something. ...Things you shouldn't bring include Beanie Babies and old paintings. But age isn't always a predictor of worth." (Connellsville,PA,)

Around the WWW:

Collectors World Online News!

My Collection Software for Beanies ,other Collectibles!
"The 'My Collection' Series are collection inventory and value caculators for keeping track of your various collections including Ty Beanies, Hess Trucks and any type of collectible! You can use My Collection programs to quickly browse through your entire collection, not what items you have and which one's you will need to complete your collection as well as to calculate your expenses and watch your collection values grow!"
"Check out this awesome software program...avaliable at : The Beanie News Website What a great idea..and a great program to have to keep track of those hundreds of Beanie babies or other collectibles! Check it out and tell em Ian sent ya!"

My Collection is also available in a program for Hess Truck colletcors!
My Colletcion for Hess Toy Trucks, Mini Trucks and boxes is a wonderful, easy to use Excel Spreadsheet that has a section for every Hess Truck released, as well as your cost, individual truck, mini truck and box values, descriptions, number produced and more!
Get Yours Today!

The Whatever Not Beanies page has a note about website having been purchased by Holdings, Inc. on July 27th, 2006. It's not Beanies but one of my best sources for Beanie Boppers used to be a woman from Georgisa who sold on Ebay and on Bidville... Hi Hairball 3!!!

7-27-2006 THURSDAY

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Pillow Pals & Tenny Beanies
I recently inherited my Mom's collection of over 500 Beanies, Buddies, Attic Treasures, Boppers, etc. I have been very busy logging all these into "My Collection" and I have been quite successful considering I am a Rookie! However, I can't seem to find a catergory for the Pillow Pals...any clues? I still have MANY Teeny Babies to add. Most of them are still in their original promotional packaging. Can I mention the name of the restaurant? :) Are these of any value?
P.S. Most of these are for sale!

Re:Pillow Pals & Tenny Beanies
Pillow Pals is under the "Baby Ty" catagory the McDonald's teenies are not on the Ty website. I just made my own list on a spread sheet and it worked out fine for me, the only thing is I don't have photo to go with them. You could do a search on-line to see if you can find a list with photos. beaniecharge

Re:Re:Pillow Pals & Tenny Beanies
Thanks. I'll try that.

Ask Ty...he talked about him, but why don't we see Deuce on the site yet ?
Ty said he'd take Deuce to the US Open, but Deuce still isn't on the site, why is that ?
just wondering

Wow....I Can't Believe what's been happening lately....
The Sea Center Finn shows up in the Ty Store, and now the Knott's Promo Set shows up for On Line ordering?
If there are any collectors still around by the end of the year, I would really be surprized....JMHO dinofan

The Beanwatcher has found that Northwestern Mutual exclusive, Discover the bear's hang tag's left side is identical to the tag on the first Northwestern Mutual exclusive, Promise the bear.

A Knotts Berry Ty Beanies Update From Planet Beans:

"There is a price change due to the fact that Titan is no longer available. You can order the other FIVE Beanies for $34.75 + shipping."

Beanies In The News:

Promoter in peril
"It was the Knoxville Police Department, or maybe a federal official. He's not sure, but the message was grim: West was charged in a marijuana trafficking and money laundering conspiracy."
"Among their more successful experiments was a Beanie Baby Auction and Swap Meet in 1997. ...They won a regional Blue Chip Enterprise Initiative Award in 1998 from a national business coalition that included the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. It honored small businesses that overcame adversity to become profitable."

What's New at

Collectors World Online has been added to the Directory as well as to Banner Pages . Be sure to visit and sign the Guestbook!

Ms. Janie has reported that an opportunity to purchase commemorative bricks in Ty Park is once again possible according to a message from a reader, Eizabeth from Oklahoma. The bricks can be purchased for $50.00 or $100.00 and can be dedicated From: :_________________ and To:_________________

7-26-2006 WEDNESDAY

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

"Dora The explorer" Offered free In a.....
Catalog called Kids love stickers!
I was just handed this catalog @work.
On the front cover in big red letters,It says FREE "Dora the Explorer"
receive a free dora with your qualifying order. also a lg.Ty heart logo below the text. also on the back cover is another picture with the free have to buy 75.00 worth of stickers in order to get the dora.I was almost going to do it for my niece, then saw the 75.00 limit.
just had to share this news!
peAce :)

Ms. Janie's Collector's Studio was recently awarded the title of Collectible Website Of The Month by Collectors World Online!

Notes From Ms. Janies Discussion Board:

Hi there Ms. Janie!!
What a nice honor and CONGRATS on being the Collectible Website of the month!! I am so happy for you! This is a well deserved honor!! Keep up the good work!! Hope all goes well (and FAST tomorrow!! Laura

Knott's Berry Farm Beanies recently each offered on different specified days and given one at a time to young visitors, are now available in their online store sold as sets according to The Beanwatcher!

Item #32531576 Knott's Berry Farm Ty Beanies
Exclusive Knott's Berry Farm TY Beanies. This set of six beanies include Weaver Monkey, Titan Dog, California Poppy Bear, California Bear, American Blessing Bear, and Union Bear. Each TY beanie baby comes with a KBF Beanie Baby tag. Limited quantities,
Your Price: 41.70

Beanies In The News:

"Still, slower growth in the number of gallons of gas consumed is hardly the same thing as an abrupt reversal in demand, as anyone with a shelf full of Beanie Babies can attest."

Guardian ad Litem to collect dolls
"Regardless of age or circumstances, testifying in court can be a scary experience. For a child it can be downright traumatic. That's why the Guardian ad Litem program for the 8th Judicial District is sponsoring a Beanie Baby drive to help curb the fears of young neglected or abused children that are tangled up in the court system."
'We'll give the Beanie Babies to the children so they can hold them while they're testifying,' said Colleen Kosinski, district administer of the judicial district. Then they'll get to keep them afterwards.
"Raelyn Mosher, recruitment specialist, said her program is collecting new and gently used Beanie Babies. The drive will run throughout the month of August. Even though the drive doesn't kick off for five more days, Mosher said interest has already picked up."

Grimes salon offers hair care, skin care, tanning and more
Question: "What are some of your boutique products?"
Answer: "Arbonne skin care products and makeup. Watkins products. Ty Beanie Babies."

Operation Helping Hands brings gifts to Iraqi children
"DAHUK, Iraq (Army News Service, July 19, 2006) 'Soldiers brought toys and smiles to children in one of Iraq's northernmost provinces recently with Operation Helping Hands. ...Soldiers handed out Beanie Babies, sports uniforms, soccer balls, teddy bears and candy, all donated by a variety of American organizations, said Capt. John Smith, battalion chaplain. "

Bucksville Homemakers meet
"Members of the Bucksville Homemakers met at the home of Leslie Spencer for their regular meeting. Several members turned in their annual report and the school supplies we are collecting for Jamiaca. Enough supplies were brought that we filled a good size box. Also several beanie baby type toys were turned in. The county homemaker are to colect these toys to send to our servicemen for distruibition to the children in Iraq."

What's New at

Under construction, webdesignz , is a web page development service.

Also still under construction is Yard Sale !

7-25-2006 TUESDAY

Ty Retirements were announced today.

Beanie Babies:

All Star Dad & Honors
Arizona & Wisconsin
Dear One & Dear Heart
Smudges & Bali (Shedd Aquarium)

Beanie Buddies:



Angeline Springtime (Large), Angeline Springtime & Angeline You're An Angel

An alert Cyberboard member has found additional retirements as well...

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Silent Ty Classic Retirements

As far as I can tell, the following Ty Classics just retired:

Opal (unicorn)
Opal (horse)

If I have the date of them retiring today, or I missed any, please let me know. Thanks in advance and have a great day all!

PattiBuddy, FerociousPlatypus

Discover bears are now current !!!! nm

Discover (Blue) *** Discover (Gold)

The Beanwatcher has posted a link to show pictures of the Santa Barbara Zoo version of Finn front and back and has noted the following difference from retail sent in by a reader:
"I received my Santa Barbara Zoo version of Admiral today. The swing tag and tush tags are identical to those on the regular retail version but, as previously reported on your site, an additional swing tag has been added. Attached is a scan of both the front and back of the additional tag."

Deuce and Dora for the US Open sold out within a few hours. Another version of Deuce is going to be made available. The Beanwatcher has found out from the US Open Official Site that "Unfortunately, neither one will be available in the future. However, we will be offering another version of the blue bear soon. Please check the site in 1-2 weeks."

Beanies In The News:

Critter travel fare
"An account has been opened at Minnequa Works Credit Union for people interested in donating money to the Critter Patrol effort. The program is headed by Miriam Gillespie, who has collected stuffed animals and Beanie Babies for distribution to Iraqi children."
"Money is needed to cover shipment costs. Donations will be accepted at any of Minnequa Works' three locations 4700 Eagleridge Circle, 1549 E. Abriendo Ave. or 701 W. Eighth St."

What A Decade...

"Reading People's special "Celebrate the '90s!" issue is like going through an old yearbook."

"Relive the fads, such as Beanie Babies, Pokemon and scrunchies on every wrist. Find out what "Clueless" alums Cher, Tai and Dionne are up to now. Remember the tragedies and scandals that rocked the decade."

The Beanwatcher has also found out that "There is no difference between the Ty Warner Sea Center of Finn the shark that is sold at Ty Store and the one sold at the Ty Warner Sea Center in its Museum Store. They are identical in every way, including the tags."

Ms. Janie has received a report of new Ty Trademarks found by Sly The Beanie Guy.

Good Morning Ms. Janie!!
I discovered another New Ty Trademark this morning!!
ON July 19,2006 Ty applied to register a trademark on ...
TY Inc. listed the goods and service for this Trademark as follows:
Bean bag dolls; Doll clothing; Dolls; Dolls and accessories therefor; Plush toys; Soft sculpture dolls; Soft sculpture plush toys; Stuffed dolls and animals.
Looks like Ty has another New Beanie Line up his sleeve!!
as Always......
Tyme will tell!!
Sly the Beanie Guy

Some of the winners of Ms. Janies Memories Contest sent pictures to Ms. Janie!

Here are the 8 WINNERS of the Memories Contest with Ms. Janie's links to some of their photos:

Laura Bridger from Sterling Heights, MI
Bonnie Anne Pagliaro from Waterford Works, NJ
Tanya McKenzie from Brisbane, Australia
Lenetta Haynes from Colorado Springs, CO
Raye Karmelin from South Setauket, N.Y
Connie Wisslead from Springfield, IL
Thomas Livingston from Dover, DE
Darnel Williams from Ontario Canada

Once again, congratulations from!!!

7-24-2006 MONDAY

Ms. Janie has pointed out an auction for two new unannounced Northwestern Mutual bears named Discover .

Date of Birth: July 22, 2006

Discover what the future holds
For those who have hopes, dreams and goals
I bring you opportunity
To build a lasting legacy!

Previous Northwestern Mutual Exclusives who are now retired were named "Promise the bear". Promise also was released in two different colors and each bear has a Northwestern Mutual ensignia on its' nose.

Note From The Ty Cyberboard:
Grin2Gripe-Wingless Quackers!...GONE
I was at a yard sale.While looking at each item I came across a beanie. I looked closer...could it be?...No,it couldn't...IT WAS!!!A WINGLESS QUACKERS!!I Headed toward it. Finally I picked it up. Mint condition,cut off tush tag, mint swing tag,and dallor!I set it down to check if I had enough $.YES!!when I looked up..NOOO!!Someone took it.All my(seemingly)hard work for nothing.So i went home disapointed.I opened my door and SURPRISE my B-day party!My best friend brought me a present.I opened it furiosly.Low and behold..WINGLESS QUACKERS!!mint condition.While I checked for the tush tag I almost fainted.IT WAS STITCHED ON THE OUTSIDE!!A COUNTERFEITED WINGLESS QUACKERS!! My friend aksed if i liked it i replied yes:( My B-day was fun, but I never came across another Wingless Quackers....Sniff...Sniff.
hmanne Finn

7-23-2006 SUNDAY

So far this has been an uneventful beanie day.

The Beanwatcher has posted the differences between the retail and the Tystore, Ty Warner Sea Center exclusive versions of Finn. The Beanwatcher noted that, "Although I did not receive a straight answer, it appears that the Ty Store version is indeed, identical to the one sold in the Sea Center's museum store".

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:


Billions and billions!
Like the stars in the sky... LOL.
And U cant 4get about Finn
1. retail Finn
2. Ty Store Finn
3. Sea Center Finn
4. Double tush tag in Canada
5. Double tush tag in Japan
6. English ty heart tag
Get all of them!

Ummmmm, why would someone pay $20 - $50 for a current beanie?
I hear lotta peeps gripin about Finn in Ty Store, sellin for about $6 and they paid more than that. I wasn't gonna pay a lotta money for a current beanie. And I was right! Now I can get Finn for just $6. I'm doin the happy dance cause I saved lotsa money.
U know what peeps say. Fool me once, then shame on U. Fool me twice, then shame on me.

Re: why would someone pay $20 - $50, because they were told it was only going to be available at the Sea Center shop. That meant travelling and paying an entrance fee to get one, therefore secondary prices were bound to be a good bit higher. Now they are in the Ty Store that is blown out of the water.
Personally speaking, if I was sold something that was allegedly available in only one manner and it turned out not to be the case, then I would consider that misleading marketing.

7-22-2006 SATURDAY

Ms. Janie reports that a reader named Lizzy has pointed out that the "Ty retailers page has added Summertime Fun Chicago (style #40426)." However, no picture was provided.

The Beanwatcher points out that the "Chicago Gift Show Begins Today"! The show will run from July 22, 2006 to July 23, 2006. "Today, as expected, Ty silently introduces Summertime Fun the bear, a Chicago Gift Show exclusive. The bear resembles the exclusives from Dallas, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia, except that it is pink-colored."

Beanies In The News:

Students learn with Beanie Babies, newspapers
"ELYRIA First-grade summer school students are taking a trip around the country without ever leaving home during Elyria Schools Camp Achieve. Kathleen Pero, a full-time special education teacher at Windsor School, introduced a project to her summer class that involved naming Beanie Babies and then sending them around the country to Pero's friends and family."

Operation Helping Hands brings gifts to Iraqi children
(This story was originally posted below on Friday, 7-21-2006 however, it was posted from a different news site... )
"Soldiers brought toys and smiles to children in one of Iraq's northernmost provinces recently with Operation Helping Hands. ...Soldiers handed out Beanie Babies, sports uniforms, soccer balls, teddy bears and candy, all donated by a variety of American organizations, said Capt. John Smith, battalion chaplain."

My Collection Orders:

All orders for My Collection Value Calculating Software are sent out immediately by email as soon as payment is received or clears, on the same day ordered and in most cases, within the time it takes for Paypal to notify that a payment has been received.

A Note From The Ty Cyberboard:

Gripe - I have to say, I do not like the fabric of Anchor. It feels awful. n/m



7-21-2006 FRIDAY

Down from 7, it's a 2 Spinner day on the Ty website. Bow Wow Beanies and Finn are the survivors. Gone are His Majesty (Garfield), Hallmark exclusives - School Rocks & Lovebirds, July Beanies, Pal, Baystars and Winstar...

Ty Warner Sea Center Edition Finn is however now available in the Tystore!

Beanies In The News:

Operation Helping Hands brings gifts to Children
"Green's mother coordinated with a Dayton, Ohio, radio station in a charity drive which netted more than 4,000 Beanie Babies for Iraqi children."

Packers team up to boost Onalaska patient's spirits
"Sam was 7 years old when she was diagnosed with Graves' disease, which is an autoimmune disease that causes hyperthyroidism. It is very rare in a girl so young."
"They brought Sam a football autographed by the whole team, a signature Green Bay Beanie Baby and the three players gave her autographs, which Warden said are now and doing pretty well."

Fund helps blast victims
"Amore was taking a shower when her home exploded, a fact that may have saved her life. She was found by neighbors in a hole where the basement used to be. The other two women were downstairs when the blast occurred.
Neighbors said the explosion sounded like a "sonic boom." Quickly responding to the needs of Amore, who just completed fifth grade at Maple Hill Middle School, and her mother, Junior Girl Scout Troops #560 and #925 are partnering to collect new clothing, household and other items to help the family recover." "Amore loves to read and had a wonderful book collection. She also counted a large collection of cat beanie babies among her treasures."

The Beanwatcher reports that "two US Open-themed Beanie Babies. Previously unannounced, they are a new-faced bear called Deuce, with a US Open logo embroidered on its chest, and a version of Dora with a similar logo embroidered on her blouse" are now available in the Official U.S. Open Shop ! Orders can be placed online by clicking here! Dora costs $10.00 and Deuce costs $8.00 not including shipping costs.


Since the time this was posted, these two Beanies, Deuce and Dora US Open Beanies have Sold Out!

ABC Distributing, LLC an online mail order store liquidator, is now selling Beanies...

The Beanienews has received a note on the Beanwatcher's page:

July 21: From the Email Bag -- More Chatter About Beanies
Geraldine from the USA, webmaster of The Beanie News , shares news of her own beanie inventory software. One of its key features is its ability to calculate the value of your Ty collection. For more information, click here.

The BBOC - Beanie Baby Official Club is expected to get busy soon. The Club opens up with new offers around this time of the year and collectors ar anxiously waiting for a postcard or an announcement of what the new exclusive offer will be.

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Has anyone received anything in the mail regarding the Beanie Babies Official Club yet?

No I have not received anything from BBOC

No, i have not.. but it is getting to be that time
of the year isn't it ?
I can hardly wait to see what is next.

7-20-2006 THURSDAY

Beanies In The News:

Livermore group proves bear hugs go a long way
"The nonprofit Good News Bears is a Livermore-based club whose mission is to provide teddy bears and other plush animals to people in need of a cuddly hug. ...The club's goal during its 10th anniversary year is to give away 10,000 plush animals."
"Since we started, we've given away 41,924 stuffed animals," Haigh boasted. "We were amazed ourselves when we put together those numbers. They're all the way from Beanie Babies size on up."

What's buzzin' at Reuben Hoar Library
"There is still plenty of time to sign-up for summer reading programs for children, teens and adults which ends on Aug. 19. Five-hundred and forty nine children are recording their reading in 20 minute blocks and get a prize after they have read or been read to a total of five hours and multiples of five hours thereafter."
"Last week's winner in the Beanie Baby raffle were Alma Himmelberger and Mae Nelson. Each week young people who participate in a special activity earn the right to enter a raffle for Beanie Babies"

My Collection Complete

Click above for the regular price ($14.99) and to see all of the available versions...


Use the banner link below (click on the banner for Paypal or click on 1geraldine for Ebay) to buy My Collection Complete for All of the Beanie Categories included for only $9.99!!!!

My Collection Complete has every Beanie ever made!!! Beanies, Pinkys, Bow Wow Beanies, Buddies, Teenies, Beanie Greetings, Aquatic Beanies, Attic Treasures, Classics, Boppers, Baby Ty and more!!!

June & July 2006 Software Sale! SAVE $5.00 off with today's link below!!!

Offer ends July 31, 2006

Also available on E-Bay! 1geraldine

What's New at

Don't you just love a Yard Sale? Yard Sale, Garage Sale, Rummage Sale, Yardsale, Swap Meet, Thrift Sale, Flea Market, Highway Sale, whatever you call it, they're great! I have been a yard sale fanatic depending on my location at the time, but now the opportunity to find or have such a sale is nearly impossible in my area. So I would like to introduce to you, Yard Sale ! The "tables" will soon be filled so be sure to check on the progress!!!

7-19-2006 WEDNESDAY

In the North East US Tristate area at 3:00 PM today, Fox 5 is airing a Judge Hatchett episode where a Beanie Baby Collection was being held hostage.

Episode #6055.
"A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for the return of a security deposit, furniture and a Beanie Baby collection."
Original Airdate: March 2, 2006.

The Beanwatcher has pointed out that "today, Ty silently retired Summertime Fun the bear (Atlanta Show exclusive) .

7-18-2006 TUESDAY

Beanies In The News:

Yesterday and today's toys

"...Forbes magazine's list of the top toys of the last 100 years starts off with simple items, including Crayola Crayons (1900-09), Raggedy Ann dolls (1910-19), Madame Alexander dolls (1920-29), the View Master 3D (1930s), the Candy Land board game (1940s), and then gets more complex with Mr. Potato Head in the 1950s, GI Joe action figures (1960s), the Rubik's Cube (1970s) and back to simple with Cabbage Patch Kids (1980s) and Beanie Babies (1990s)."

7-17-2006 MONDAY

The Beanwatcher reports that the Santa Barbara Zoo is having a Promotion featuring a Limited Edition of the Beanie Baby Admiral! This beanie can also be purchased online for $6.95 plus shipping!

Beanies for Baghdad has the potential to receive several hundred donated Beanies! The problem is however according to The Beanwatcher that each of the persons donating can not pay the shipping. Click on the Beanies for Baghdad if you can help by making a donation!

A Note From Ms. Janies Message Board:


Help send beanies to baghdad

Has several oppertunities to obtain much needed beanies for the chilren of iraq.

There are currentially 3 collectors wiling to donate items:

500 beanies from KS

300 beanies from VA

a package from IND

Unfortunitaly the people willing to donate these beanies can not afford to ship them.

If you are willing to help on sending any 3 of thee packages to iraq (apo box) donations can be made directally to the paypal account of beaniesforbaghdad

simply log into this will take you to the homepage, scrool down to bottom and you will see the make a donation button, click that, and you will be taken to paypal to donate.


any questions please check out the forums section of the web site.

or if you have any beanies you wish to donate they can be shipped to

Jim Barker
APO, AE 09338

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Everytime I go to hallmark, I do not see the new ones! (That was related to the July 2006 introdutions.

The July 2006 Introductions have NOT made it to the Ohio Hallmark's either. They're usually there at the first of the month, but not this month. How come Ty?

My Hallmark has the new Hallmark exclusives School bears and Love Birds but no beanies since May releases Ruby, Alana etc.

My Hallmark in North Dakota doesn't have them either!! nm

My local Halmark here in Wisconsin has them

I used to run from one Hallmark to another in my home neighborhood, near work and everywhere in between. I never found the beanies except maybe once when it was a Hallmark exclusive.
I started buying online and narrowed down to certain secondary dealers. I was always able to buy the new ones after that as soon as they were listed, and often got my shipment long before I ever spotted the same beanies in Hallmark.

Just got all Hallmark Exclusives yesterday, but none of the July releases yet!
They're mighty slow coming in. I think Ty released too many for this month anyway, gives me a chance to wait until next paycheck! LOL Have a Beanieful Day!

Re:I haven't found the Hallmark exclusives yet either but I did find Las Vegas!! Tulsa, OK! no less. I will have to wait till next week when I go to Texas to look for the Hallmark exclusives now.

Why not buy from the online secondaries?
They are usually cheaper, even when you add postage.
The Reporter

Because I assume that some collectors, like myself, like actually going into the stores and picking their beanies out. When you buy online you never know what condition the item will arrive in and I like being able to buy or pass on Beanies in the stores.

dbw18. Hi. I have good luck with my secondary... she picks great ones out for me and the cost savings is so great I always buy on line. Also with the price of gas you can't beat it. I never have to worry about bad condition and everything comes tag protected. I guess times have really changed. I did enjoy waiting in lines to pick out my beanies years ago. JMO

Re:GRIPE!!! Everyone is so slow to get the newbies I hardly ever check anymore.
It is kind of a waste of time to go check everyday and I have not been interested in any lately anyway. Our drugstore never even got the June ones. :) Diane

Re:GRIPE!!!....The two stores closest to me stopped getting the beanies, but the Hallmark 60 miles away got in all their July specials, and Outlaw, Houston, pink Dora, and Pompoms. Also got key chains Dizzy, Luke. Silky pig and Frilly pony. Got them in the mail today. So far my favorite is the Love Birds, and the dogs. This is in Montana.

Re:More like BUMMER!!
I'd ask the sale people whats up with no new ty??
It can't hurt.maybe they can direct you to another Hallmark store that carries more ty.
good luck!!
peace :)


7-16-2006 SUNDAY

Ms. Janie has posted some great pictures of Winstar and Baystars Contibuted by Orion of Beanie Tenjishitsu.

From The mailbag:

Re: My Collection Comments
It has kept me very well orginised and things very straitened out. My daughter who is now 14 also uses it for her collections and orginisational needs. I have absolutly loved this program. I am sorry that it took me so long to respond but i had difficulties with my computer (NOT RELATED TO THIS PROGRAM!!! ) and other helth issus to deal with, so please except my deepest appologys !
Sincerly Yours
Shown K.

Beanies In The News:

Value of promotional giveaways vary
The aftermarket in promotional giveaway items is a fact of life.
"Dave Soltesz, vice president of sales and marketing for the Penguins, admits to logging on to the Internet auction site, "After every promotion. That's a way you can tell the success of your promotions. I've seen people outside the arena asking people if they would sell their items. Beanie babies were strong a couple of years ago. I've seen videos on eBay as high as $29.99. Typically they run two to three weeks, then they drop off."

Phyllis Dean Hill
"Hill was employed as an assembler at the Lorain Ford Motor Co. for 20 years before retiring in 1987. She was an honorary member of the Freedom Nation Bike Club. Her hobbies included camping, playing bingo, collecting beanie babies and spending time with her family and grandchildren".

Owners of a neighborhood institution close shop on a bitter note
"Over the years, the most popular item, he said, were probably Beanie Babies, and before that, the miniature troll dolls when they were in vogue. They were constantly on the prowl for new things to add to their stock -- trips to New York, Atlanta, and other places around the country were not uncommon."

What's New at

The Faq Help Page has the answer to a question submitted by ~*~ Steffani ~*~ who asked:

"How do I get the value to go over $1000? it only goes to $999 before it changes to ####" ? Click here for the answer!

7-15-2006 SATURDAY

Beanies In The News:

Toy chest of memories

Beanie Babies

I was obsessed with TY Beanie Babies. I tried to collect them all. Everywhere I went, I would get them. Then, I would strategically arrange them on my bookshelf in a way that every single one of their faces showed. I would even think of the best placement so all my friends could come and admire them.

As part of my obsession, I was a member of the TY collectors club. I got the fan newsletter and all the Clubby bears (which I still have in their original, unopened packages). And even though I'm ashamed to admit it, I once had a Beanie Baby birthday party where all of my friends brought their favorite Beanie, and the Beanies sat at a table and had their own party while we celebrated mine.

I also collected the mini Beanie Babies that came in the McDonald's Happy Meals. I had at least two of each. My dad would drive all over town and sometimes to surrounding cities to capture these Beanies for me.

Yep, the Beanie Baby industry used to be huge. But then, TY decided to end it by releasing The End bear. I never really figured this out, though, because they still seem to be making them today. However, they're nowhere near as popular as they once were, and unfortunately, nowhere near as valuable.

I still have close to 500 Beanie Babies, but none are worth more than $2 these days ...and that's on eBay where people will buy anything.

'Critter Patrol' readies for Iraq

During his latest deployment to Iraq, Calhoun teamed up with his aunt, Miriam Gillespie of Pueblo, to create a "Critter Patrol."

"My granddaughter, Morgan, had all of these stuffed animals she didn't have any use for. I wanted to find a place to give them away to," Gillespie said this week.

Gillespie had heard about a program in which soccer balls were being distributed to young boys in Iraq, so she decided there needed to be a similar program for girls.

In addition to her granddaughter's collection, Gillespie began collecting stuffed animals, Beanie Babies and other furry creatures for shipment as often as possible to her nephew's base at Fort Hood.

What's New at

Learn about some of the languages used online and more at on the Whatever - Not Beanies page.

7-14-2006 FRIDAY

According to reports, the two new Japan Exclusives Baystars and Winstar have gone on sale on the official Ty Japan website! Unfortunately, they never do international shipping...

A Report From Ms. Janie:

"A special thanks to Orion for sharing the following "

Dear Mrs. Janie,
I'm Orion of Beanie Tenjishitsu. Just a quick note.

The two new Japan exclusive beanies were released at the official shop and on line shop today in Japan and I have purchased them. Please feel free to share these photos with your readers.
Please enjoy them.
Thank you.
Take care!
Have the great day!

Summertime Fun so far ...Orange, Yellow, Green.

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Atlanta show
Rumour has it the bear is green!!! Guess we will know soon.

Re:Atlanta show
He's green - pictured in the current list - silently introduced!

One more question
Where can you view all of the key clips? Is there one place that has all of them listed????? Or mixed in with something else - not listed at all.....

Re:One more question
If you use the search feature on the main page and do a search for key clip the same way it is spelled in the beanie names, all of the key clips should result. Also be sure to search All, and not just Beanies if you want to see the Pinkys key clips also.

All key-clips are NOT listed
Keep in mind that there are a few key-clips that cannot be found using the search function as you described -- Pizza Hut/Shedd Aquarium Bali is one example. Others are the Pinky Poo key-clip (style 40267) which does not have the word "key-clip" in the name on the Ty website but IS a key-clip (different from the one that was included in the Pinkys Pack) and the two key-clips given to retailers at the 2006 New York Toy Fair to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Ty. The latter two do not have official names on the swing or tush tags and have not, as far as I know, ever been officially introduced on the Ty website.

Beanies In The News:

Heidi Collier and friends trading stuffed animals for 'strays'
"Heidi and her friends, Caitlyn Smith and Amber Crawford, set up a booth at the Troy University Trojan Center on Wednesday and Thursday and sold cupcakes and stuffed animals as a fundraiser for the Humane Society of Pike County."
< "Parting with her stuffed animal friends was not easy for Heidi but she was willing to do so in order to save her real live animal friends. ...'I have a lot of stuffed animals,' she said. 'Some of them are Beanie Babies, but none of these are. They are just some of my collection.' "

Soldier tends injured Afghans
"After taking the vitals of a man with a torn anterior cruciate ligament, Papierniak grabbed bags of Beanie Babies donated by soldiers' families and handed them out to children waiting for their relatives to be seen by doctors. She pulled out a stuffed giraffe and gave it to Ohmad's older sister, who smiled. In his father's arms, Ohmad was fast asleep."

7-13-2006 THURSDAY

Two new Japanese exclusives Baystars and Winstar were introduced today!

Ty Baystars Bruth, a Yokohama Baystars Teenie Beanie Bopper was also made with this Japanese Baseball Team name. The new Beanie is (I Love) Baystars with the heart symbol like the State bears.

Beanies Around the WWW:

The Beanwatcher has posted photos of the Beanies distributed at Knott's Berry Farm. These are not new releases but are previously introduced beanies with extra tags to celebrate the promotion t Knott's Berry Farm.

According to The Beanwatcher , "Initially, five specially-tagged styles were being offered during five consecutive weekends: American Blessing (May 27-29), Weaver (June 3-4), California (June 10 - 11), California Poppy (June 17 - 18), and Union (June 24 - 25). However, the California bear sold out during its weekend, and Titan was also offered -- as a substitute."

Ms. Janie is reminding everyone today that "the Atlanta Gift show starts this weekend"!

Beanies In The News:

Troop Program Shifts To Wounded Iraq Vets
"The items are for both the soldiers staying in Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas, and for their families staying near the hospital while they recover. ...According to the group, in demand items include gently used or new CDs, DVDs, and video games, greeting cards, individually wrapped snacks, knit hats and neck coolers. Sacks' own list includes new or slightly used Beanie Babies and individually sized packages of toiletries."

7-12-2006 WEDNESDAY

Beanies In The News:

'Rejuvenile': Why Adults Are Attracted to Kid Stuff
"Other more immediate demographic changes are shaping the rejuvenile character. At work, looser hierarchies have eased long-standing pressures to conform -- witness row upon row of cubicles piled high with lunch boxes, action figures, and Beanie Babies. At home, changing gender roles have blurred traditional roles of authority, prompting many adults, both men and women, to identify with their kids in ways their parents would have found ridiculous. And perhaps most significantly, the fact that we're living as many as seven to eight years longer than adults fifty years ago has kept us in tune with our childlike sides longer than ever. As our life spans stretch out, whole new stages of development are emerging -- those periods of adult life that Gail Sheehy calls "bright new cities." In the absence of uniform zoning laws, it's perhaps not so surprising that many of us have reconstructed the carnivals, playgrounds, and nurseries that provided the backdrop for our most vivid early memories."

Gifts in war
"Temptation beckons from the mounds of plastic-wrapped small toys -- prizes from McDonald's Happy Meals and other restaurants -- Beanie Babies and toy cars. They nearly overflow the eight large boxes and two large plastic sacks -- some 4,000 individual items in all"

There has been a report of dissappearing posts on the Ty Cyberboard. This phenomenon ha been noted on Chat and Message Board Page . Ty Moderators it seems have been at it again.

Here is a report from The Beanwatcher's mailbag:

"Yesterday, I I posted a question on Daily Tymes asking for help with the date of birth for School Rocks. The Ty website had the birthdate listed twice, both August 30, 2006 and December 30, 2006. I asked if anyone had found School Rocks with the December date. My question was posted yesterday. Today, my question has been removed and guess what? December 30 is no longer listed as School Rocks' birthdate. Obviously, the December date was in error and my question prompted it to be corrected."

Bean Watcher: "Thank you for sharing your update with us! I had originally posted the birthday for School Rocks as August 30, 2006. However, a sharp-eyed reader pointed out that this Beanie Baby had another birthday - December 30, 2006. Now we find that the latter birthday was in error. It's interesting how such details can change! "

A Note From Ms. Janie's mailbag!

Hello MsJanie
The Ty Retailers page has listed another show beanie but no pics of course.
SummerTime Fun Atlanta style # 40427.
best wishes, Lizzy

7-11-2006 TUESDAY

Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro has suffered a setback and in addition to having infection problems in his injured leg is now suffering from an abcess in the heel of his opposite hoof on the "good" leg. Barbaro who was injured in the Preakness at Pimlico Race Course on Saturday, May 20, suffered from 3 fractures which were repaired with 27 pins holding his leg together. Barbaro currently has a 50 50 chance of survival. Click here.

Ty Beanie Derby 132 introduced prior to and in honor of The Kentucky Derby coincidentally had the winning Barbaros number and resembled Barbaro. This Beanie instantly became associated with Barbaro when the Derby was won. Later, after being injured in the second race, see Ms. Janies post. Ms. Janie's article stated "In the attached photograph you can see a get well gift/ tribute left on the fence of the New Bolton Center for large animals, where Barbaro is being treated for his leg and ankle injury."

A new beanie especially for Barbaro is expected to be introduced in the near future. On June 23rd, The Beanwatcher found that a new Beanie and Plastic replica are going to be made for Barbaro.


Beanies In The News:

Bearing gifts

"Monday afternoon, Randy and Wanda Leftwich gave away almost 150 new-condition teddy bears to the Alliance for Families and Children. ...Don't worry. They still have about 200 left for themselves."

"Mayor Joan Foster, who serves as COO for the Alliance, marveled over the wide variety of bears the Leftwiches had donated, including an angel bear, a bear with a battery-powered 'snoring' feature, and an entire box of Beanie Babies."

The Beanwatcher has found that the Hallmark exclusives Lovebirds and the 3 School Rocks bears are also available and are Hallmark exclusives in Canada!

There are also several beanies expected to be developed for the Special Olympics whose names might be Brave, Braver, Silver, Gold and Bronze!

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Impressed with the Karen's beanie tracker!
My friend in Japan and I just got the newest beanie Tracker booklet. (I ordered one for her.)We are very happy to get one.
All beanie collectors should have this well-made booklet. It is easy to read, easy to flip the pages. Lots of information.
Hats off to Karen!

Re:Impressed with the Karen's beanie tracker!
I also received Karen Brit's Update Sheets. They are a great addition to the Second Edition Beanie Tracker Book.

Re:Re:Impressed with the Karen's beanie tracker!
Mine just arrived this week, so I'll echo that - a really useful addition to the book - neat and clearly presented, with excellent thumbnail pictures! Many thanks to KarenBrit for producing this - I'd recommend all collectors to get it!!!!
the phoenix

Re:Impressed with the Karen's beanie tracker!
The delivery was really fast and the book is very well made. It's about the size of The Beanie Tracker book but slightly shorter.
The supplement KarenBrit's Update Sheets booklet fits nicely into the inside cover of the Ty Tracker Book if you turn the plastic rings outward.
The pages are easy to review and the beanies are alphabetically listed/ There are pictures too!

Yes, me too!! I got mine about 1 month ago!!!! nm

If you haven't ordered Karen's Tracker update, you should. It's well worth it. I've been working all day on updating my beanie information. It's great.
Thanks Karen!!!

Link to Update Booklets

7-10-2006 MONDAY

In The Mail:

It's here! It's Cute!! It's:

KarenBrit's Update Sheets
(With Thumbnail Photos)

Here is a side by side view of the "Ty Beanies Tracker" Book and "KarenBrit's Update Sheets".

The Book is slightly smaller than the "Ty Beanies Tracker" Book and it fits nicely tucked with the binder outward, inside the "Ty Beanies Tracker" cover!!!

The new Beanie Lists are Alphabetically listed and are easy to follow.

This book is a great supplement and covers all of the Beanies introduced since the last "Ty Beanie Tracker" through June 15th, 2006!

Link to Update Booklets

Notes From The Ty Cyberboard:

Summertime fun Atlanta exclusive is pale yellow
looks like summertime fun dallas exclusive only pale yellow

About PAL
Aloha all, I am Bear lover. Please lte me know about PAL, Are you going to buy him? how many? I am still thinking that buy or not....

I am waiting. I think Ty is gonna have his brother. Name is PAY

On going problem !
Has any one found an answer to the problem of the smell coming from the TY Master Card Buddy ? I thought if I left him sit out in an open room that in time the smell would go away but it hasnt.I cant putt him in with the other beanies because of the smell, what should I do ?
yellow bear

Baking Soda?
Did you try putting an open box of baking soda next to him? Something to draw and absorb the odor. Charcoal might work too. You should probably avoid using Febreeze, because the residue could show up in a year or so

YIKES! am I the last person on earth to....
finaly find the Bow Wow Beanies? I was shopping at my favorite beanie store and as I turned around there they were! I heard someone squeal and it was ME!! Franticly I searched and found "Trap"! It crinkled and squeeked. Much more talented than the original "Trap"! But I can't let my little papillon play with this treasure!?! So I bought "Inky" for her. Need I say "Inky" is Autumn's favorite new toy! Thank you Ty!

What's New at

There is a comment on the uneven use of Censorship on the Ty Cyberboard by Moderators on the Chat and Message Boards Page.

Topica and Google Newsletters were sent out today to note the July 2006 Sale for My Collection Complete! Payment links on the site have been adjusted to reflect the sale.

My Collection Complete which normally costs $14.99 is on sale during July 2006 for only $9.99!

The Beanwatcher has posted a really nice picture of Basilico sitting amongst the FIFA Champion Beanies contributed by John in the UK in honor of Italy winning the World Cup yesterday!

Beanwatcher has also posted A List of Recent Non-USA Country Exclusives Style Numbers !

Beanies In The News (FLASHBACK 1998):

Beanie Babies can teach you important marketing lessons
"It's a remarkable story. What makes it even more amazing, though, is the number of widely accepted business practices Ty has contradicted the past five years. Beanie Babies lack a major distributor like Toys-R-Us. They're not supported by any advertising. The line launched without a single promotional tie-in, which is standard procedure with toy introductions. And Ty is the Soup Nazi of toy makers -- If you're a retailer that complains about a missed or mixed-up Beanie Babies shipment, well, it may be your last. "

Oh my how things have changed as well as stayed the same since the above 1998 article was posted!

Promotional tie-ins started with McDonalds and now include Hallmark, Cracker Barrel, Sponge Bob, Dora, Mastercard, Beatrix Potter, Harrod's, The Yankees, Cubs, Astros, FIFA and more! Many exclusive stores have stopped selling Beanies and major distributors like Walmart and Pathmark carry them now.

7-9-2006 SUNDAY

Ms. Janie will post the winners to her Memories Contest this evening!

Here are the 8 WINNERS!!! (Click here)

Laura Bridger from Sterling Heights, MI
Bonnie Anne Pagliaro from Waterford Works, NJ
Tanya McKenzie from Brisbane, Australia
Lenetta Haynes from Colorado Springs, CO
Raye Karmelin from South Setauket, N.Y
Connie Wisslead from Springfield, IL
Thomas Livingston from Dover, DE
Darnel Williams from Ontario Canada

Ty sent out email yesterday with a link to the Tystore Shaqbear Introduction:

Basketball Champ At Ty Store . . . Meet ShaqBear
Your Friends at Ty []
Here is a link to the Shaqbear page sent by email.

* * * * *

Beanies in (and not in) the News:

Collect calling
"From gathering to displaying, people go to great lengths for sets"

"A longtime student of consumer culture, marketing and the psychology that underlies the impulse to collect, Belk says building a collection satisfies important human goals. There is a sense of success and mastery, opportunities for socializing with others who have a common interest and a chance to learn as one's collection deepens."

"At its foundation, the pursuit of collecting, whether it's valuable stamps or salt shakers from the Poconos, antique inkwells or Beanie Babies, is about affection. It can be affection for the object itself or affection for what it represents, perhaps a person or place."

* * * * *

Am I the only one who finds the following post a little strange and seemingly a bit irreverent? It's not their fault, it's the name of the beanie...

(Irreverent definition: showing lack of due respect or veneration; "irreverent scholars mocking sacred things"; "noisy irreverent tourists" )

A Note From The Ty Cyberboard:

how much do Holy Fathers go for ???

Re:not much, probaby...I'd say...5 or 6 dollars...nm

Re:how much do Holy Fathers go for ??? $2.00 seconday. n/m

What's New at

The mandatory PolyHeme study has been noted on the Whatever - Not Beanies page.

7-8-2006 SATURDAY

Ty Cyberboard Notes:

Grins for the Pinkys Pak and Scribbly

I ordered a Pinkys Pak for my niece who went away to summer camp for the first time, and gave it to her with a Scribbly autograph dog. She wrote me a letter and told me how everyone loves it and how many signatures she already has on it. She also traded her Pinkys hat and Poodle key chain with two of her new summer best friemds, but kept the light up pen because she couldn't bear to part with that.

Thanks Ty, for turning a little girl's kinda-scary experience into such a positive adventure!


The Pinkys dog Scribbly is a large pink poodle who comes with a pen. Scribbly has a very hard surface that is used to collect autographs! It is great for any one who loves pink to collect notes from friends at an event, on a trip, when school ends or even from celebrities!

* * * * *

Beanies in (and not in) the News:

Dale Huffman: 8,491 Beanie Babies answer call for war zone duty in Iraq
"As the summer of 2006 begins, here in the Miami Valley, a good many Beanie Babies have been drafted to help in the war effort in Iraq. ...Actually the count is 8,491. That many Beanie Babies were shipped to the war zone in Iraq a few days ago after an awesome coming together of a lot of folks who live in the Middletown area."

"At its foundation, the pursuit of collecting, whether it's valuable stamps or salt shakers from the Poconos, antique inkwells or Beanie Babies, is about affection. It can be affection for the object itself or affection for what it represents, perhaps a person or place."

Rummage sales big business in Lapel
"Craig was not counting on her Beanie Baby table to go untouched, even at this early stage. ...'I don't know what happened,' she said of the would-be collectibles. 'Those things were supposed to put my kids through college.' "

7-7-2006 FRIDAY

A Note From Ms.Janie !

The Contest is over!

For anyone who has not viewed the contest page, this is a quick reminder that it is now OVER! Please submit your answers on or before 9 PM - EST PLEASE post contest in the subject box and PLEASE include your complete address.

Good luck,

Ms. Janie

A Note From Karen Brit !

Hi Geraldine

I am very excited. I have been working on putting together information and photographs to bring your Beanie book up-to-date as of June 15th, 2006, and have had a limited amount of booklets professionally printed.

These can be inserted into the back of your book, if you have your book in a CombBind locally, or you can keep them separately. Details of how to do this are at the bottom of the page at the link below.

I have included photo's of Beanie Babies released since the book came out, and those that have seen them are very happy to have something in printed format to review.

If you would like to read more about them, please click on the link below, then click on the book photograph if you wish to place an order. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Love: Karen


Link to Update Booklets

* * * * *

Beanies in (and not in) the News:

Beanie Baby raffle

"Each week young people who participate in a special activity earn the right to enter a raffle for Beanie Babies. Last week's raffle winners were Bryan Gallagher and Jessica Peterson."

The collector: Oh my, it's Nellie Bly

"Q: Should I insure my antique Beanie Babies?"

"A: They are not antiques, but insure them anyway."

On their way to the war
"Hundreds of soldiers and family members packed the hangar yesterday at the National Guard Aviation Support Facility in Concord. The Bow Mills Methodist Church provided homemade cookies and cake, and children were offered Beanie Babies."

Posey County woman denies cemetery theft charge
"MOUNT VERNON, Ind. A Posey County woman says she's innocent of charges she stole two stuffed animals from a cemetery. She calls the incident a misunderstanding."

"Police say they videotaped 43-year-old Lucinda Jacobs taking two Beanie Babies from the grave of a 19-year-old crash victim buried in St. Matthew's Cemetery west of Evansville. But the woman says she just wanted to clean the toys and add them to a basket of other Beanie Babies she planned to take to the grave."

* * * * *

The Beanwatcher has pointed out that the new Tystore exclusive dog named Pal is similar to a formerly released Beanie named Amigo!

Both Pal and Amigo whose names each mean "Friend" wee introduced to honor "International Friendship Day" !

7-6-2006 THURSDAY

Tystore exclusive Pal was introduced today!

Planet Beans' Lisa has shared photos of a reader's Knott's Berry Farms Beanies !!!

Ty Cyberboard Note:

Love mine!
Just got mine today and am very pleased. You have to realize it isn't a full book. Just an addition with the updates! Thanks for all your work, Karen. That is a lot of work! I can't believe how many new beanies there are since the book came out! I can't believe I bought them all either!

A Note From Karen Brit !


Word is starting to spread about the new Update Booklets I've had printed. I'm very excited about them. I wanted to be sure that those whom I've crossed paths with in the past, get a chance to have the new booklet as I have had a limited amount printed. Hence, I'm mailing to you now.

Please click on the link below to read more about them. If you'd like to place an order, click on the book photograph to go through to the order form.

Link to Update Booklets

Looking forward to hearing from you. I hope all is well with you.

Love: Karen


7-5-2006 WEDNESDAY

The exclusive Ty Warner Sea Center Beanie Finn is selling for as much as $39.00 plus shipping at Cindysbeans, an online secondary dealer.

Last year when the Ty Warner Sea center opened, I was lucky enough to get through and order Opie, the first Ty Warner Sea Center exclusive by phone. There was a significant ability to save on the cost for the two I ordered. I wished I had bought more for resale when the price for each one from secondary dealers soared.

A Beanwatcher Report:

"At this time Finn is only available through the Ty Warner Sea Center store in Santa Barbara. The last time we tried to do phone and internet sales (Limited edition Opie) it was very difficult for us. We are a marine science center and did not have the infrastructure or staff time to mail all of those Opies. Our phone lines and computer system crashed and it was hard to operate as a museum. "

Beanies in (and not in) the News:

Seattle is on the forefront of the latest collectibles craze.
"With boxes of cartoonish characters stacked high on the shelves, a Belltown boutique is selling ber-trendy toys faster than you can say "Beanie Babies." The difference between Schmancy's products and the legendary stuffed animals of the '90s, however, is these figures happen to be painfully cool." Launches New Toy and Baby Stores !
"'s new Toy Store ( carries a wide variety of leading brands, including, Fisher-Price(R), Hasbro(R), LeapFrog(R), Lego(R), Mattel(R), and VTech(R). In addition, also carries the complete lines of Ty Plush (including Beanie Babies(R) and Pluffies(R)) and Madame Alexander(R) dolls. With 17 categories of products such as Dolls & Accessories, Games, and Learning & Education, the new Toy Store has something for children of all ages."

Oxford man trying to brighten Iraqi children's lives
"Jeremy Michael is a Black Hawk helicopter crew chief stationed in a place called Taji, just North of Baghdad, and is typically responsible for transporting troops and equipment in and out of the capital.
...According to Carol Michael, Jeremy's mother, Jeremy drops the stuffed animals 'typically Beanie Babies ' in the slums of Baghdad for Iraqi children.
...At one point, Jeremy considered dropping soccer balls as opposed to Beanie Babies, but worried that at over 200 feet in the air at over 100 miles per hour, soccer balls could be dangerous to both people and property.
...Carol is still accepting donations of stuffed animals, preferably Beanie Babies, to send to her son in Iraq."

From The Beanwatcher:

July 6: From the Email Bag -- Another Ty Tissue Page
"Geraldine from the USA, webmaster of The Beanie News, shares word that she has posted a Ty Tissues site. These tissues, from Ty Store, come in a variety of patterns and shapes. They are certainly worth a look! To view the sites, click here and click here."

Bean Watcher comment: Thank you for sharing word of your sites with us!

Thanks Beanwatcher!


What's New at

Several new affiliate links have been added to the Business Banner Pages as well as the Friends, Links and Sales pages. In honor of The Year of the dog. Several species have their own links on the Friends Banner Page. If you don't see your favorite dog there, contact!

7-4-2006 TUESDAY

Happy Independence Day

Beanies In The News:

"Green's mother coordinated with a Dayton, Ohio, radio station, "Rebel Radio" and disc jockey "Flying Brian," for a drive which netted more than 4,000 Beanie Babies for Iraqi children. Some of the stuffed toys are still on their way, so the 352nd Corps Support Battalion, replacing the 142nd, will still have plenty of toys to conduct their own humanitarian mission, said Green."

Gary Page's granddaughter holds fond memories of beloved coach
"Not many people know this: He was a closet Beanie Babies collector," Julie said. "He had connections. He knew people that worked at Hallmark. He'd call and get Sam the ones that they didn't have."

Woman arrested after theft from Posey cemetery
"Officers later found the Beanie Babies inside her Ford Taurus, which was stopped by police at Tile Factory Road and Sixth Street in Mount Vernon"

What's New at

Information from was added to the Beanie Lingo Dictionary Generations entry.

Do you have a Beanie Baby who needs a doctor?
Check out Dr. Lu's Bean Hospital !

Ty Cyberboard Note:

This is the 1st, 4th of July of the Ty Talk Cyberboard without a picnc :-(

I packed up tons of food from our family get together and was gonna bring it to the picnic. We had a good ole fashioned southern BBQ. Did I miss it? Or didn't it happen?

Ty, where are you. I'm sitting here all by myself with a car load of goodies and nobody to share them with...

Happy 4th of July, wherever you are :).

Lena At Lake2

7-3-2006 MONDAY

Little things make difference
"Since January 2005, a South Bay group called Adopt-a-Chaplain has been sending care packages to chaplains in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait. Every Tuesday and Thursday, volunteers meet in a Saratoga garage to fill boxes with everything from DVDs to beef jerky to Beanie Babies that troops can give to the local children."

What's New at

This section is new! "What's New" will point out new additions to this web site.

This week Audelco joined Business Directory page!

PE and PVC Pellets were defined in the Beanie Lingo Dictionary.

Today more links are being added to the My Collection Help and More Help Pages. To help find more fill in information like current values, birthdays, introduction dates and more.

7-2-2006 SUNDAY

The First National Special Olympics Games begin today at Iowa State College and will continue through this week!

Don't foret to participate in Ms. Janies Memory Contest! Follow the links, it's an enjoyable and historic journey!

Pet fox inspires charming children's book
"Barensfeld's children's book Fox: Lost & Found: The Kit Story is narrated by Zach, who was 9 when Kit came to stay. The little dog (that's what you call a male fox) seemed socialized, taking food from Barensfeld's hand, so the family surmised he was an escaped pet or on the lam from a fur farm. They applied for a permit to keep him, and soon he was litter trained and stealing Zach's sister Ashley's Beanie Babies."

Doll shop's days numbered
"As the owner of 17,000 dolls and a stagnant doll-parts business, she feels left behind. Although she hates talking about retirement, she's getting old. ...She shuffled past the paper dolls, the $275 dolls from "a little lady in Germany," the $2 bonneted babies, and the Beanie Babies that seem to reproduce like germs."

Notes from the Ty Cyberboard:

Tortuga means turtle in Spanish...connection ? nm

Tried and True - BowWow beanies

Just wanted to spread the news in case anyone had any doubts about the Bow Wow beanies and their ability to hold up. My boyfriend has a German Shepherd who just tears into toys, (as my BF says - he's a destroyer) and I gave him a Prickles to play with. To this day, he has not been able to tear the squeaker out of it, and instead carries it around like its his friend. Its true - Beanies are everyone's pal! Just a little tidbit! :)

Patriotism On Parade "Just a few minutes away, the town of Ayer was also celebrating Independence Day. A similar cluster of white tents sat on Paroni Field, selling food and a variety of trinkets. At one tent a woman browsed earrings adorned with polished stones from the Dominican Republic and another piece of jewelery made with fish skin. A large number of Beanie Babies in bright hues sat in another tent."

On East Side Drive, he was Santa Claus
"John Waite shopped all year for the toys he would give away to strangers on December evenings as he stood, dressed as Santa Claus, in the front yard of his East Side Drive home. The first year he gave away candy canes, then he switched to coloring books and, most recently, Beanie Babies."

News briefs from California's Central Coast
"SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (AP) - Beanie Baby mogul Ty Warner's proposal to upgrade the Rancho San Marcos Golf Course won approval from county planners."

Beanie Babies, Now Keeping Our Troops Safer
"When our troops go out and run into people who they've given Beanie Babies too. They keep an eye on our troops," says Katie Muschinske. "They tell them when they see insurgents over there, when they're digging in the ground. That gives a heads up to our troops that we should check that area a little closer."

Pennies for Postage still going
"The pennies will be cashed in by volunteers with the Marion B. Fletcher American Legion to be used to pay for sending various items to the troops in Iraq, who will in turn give Beanie Babies and toys to Iraqi children"

7-1-2006 SATURDAY

It's a whopping 8 spinner day today on the Ty Main page!

The July Beanie Baby of the Month is Tortuga , a furry turtle!

July 2006 Wallpaper is all about Independence Beanies and Independence Day!

Auction keys fund-raiser for Brickerville site
"An auction including a handmade quilt, bird feeders, Pittsburgh Steelers memorabilia, gift baskets, gift certificates and a number of other items will begin at 10:30 a.m. Also making an appearance at the auction will be Bubbles, a Ty Beanie Baby, said the Rev. Russ Hobbs, pastor of the church. The stuffed, black-and-yellow-striped fish is sold every year, raising up to $30, he said. "

6-30-2006 FRIDAY

Summertime Fun the bear (Dallas Show Exclusive) has RETIRED !

Ty Warner Sea Center Edition Finn has been introduced! This is the second Ty Warner Sea Center Beanie. Now, Opie has a friend! Opie was introduced as an exclusive with brown eyes only available opening day at the Ty Warner Sea Center and as a retail beanie with blue eyes. Finn will likely follow a similar route having both exclusive and retail versions.

And the new July 2006 Beanies are....

Beanie Babies:

PomPoms, Charlie & Admiral

Houston Outlaw & Dooley

Finn, Anchor & Starboard

Spongebob friends... Muscle Man Star, Patrick Star keyclip, Musclebob Buffpants & Spongebob Squarepants keyclip

Dora Del Tenis Dora (wearing a pink outfit and holding a tennis racquet...

Keyclips Dizzy, Luke & Poofie

Beige and Pink Purses Glam Bag and Cool Clutch

Beanie Buddies:

Admiral and Kiki

Happy Birthday (Blue Birthday Hat and bowtie & Happy Birthday (Green Birthday Hat and bowtie)


Sugarcoat and Pinwheel

Faithful and Charisse

Stubbs, Boone and Colonel

Catalina and Lyric

Raj and Regent


Keyclips Silky and Frilly

Baby Ty:

Gwowls, P'nut, Twacks


Tiptop and Bloose

Dotters and Leapers

Hallmark Exclusive Beanie Babies:

Lovebirds, School Rocks, School Rocks and School Rocks
2 Cool 4 School, recess rulz and allstarkid! Notes from the Ty Cyberboard:


"I just got back from seeing the new Superman Returns Movie which opened in Theaters today. Anyway I could have sworn in one scene of the movie I saw a stand of Ty Plush in it. Its the scene when the breaks on a car go out and the car dives into a stand of Plush and I could have sworn for a split minor split second I saw Snort the Bull Beanie Baby on the stand when it hit the windshield of the car. Of course I won't be able to be sure if it was a Stand of Ty Plush or not until it comes to DVD and I can hit pause on the scene. I just thoguht I would share this with you because maybe this means that the rumor to there being a Superman Beanie Baby could be true if indeed this was I did See Snort the bull and possible other Ty Products. "


The beanies came from Aussie Bear and Friends....

They are a store in The Rocks, in Sydney, Australia. The whole movie was shot in Sydney in 2004 / 2005 and the producers purchased a large amount of toys from Aussie Bear and Friends for a scene that had something to do with a car crashing through a window.

We dont get the movie for a while yet in Australia so it will be interesting to see.

aussiebeanie Don't foret to participate in Ms. Janies Memory Contest! Follow the links, it's an enjoyable and historic journey!

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