It's a whole new world at Ty!

The Girlz Site Opening Page has changed (4/14/2007)...

There are many pictures but only two links on the new Ty opening page. One linl leads to the previous Ty opening page for the Beanie Baby World which still has the Ty Girlz Flash in the Center, spinner links along the bottom and that page has not changed. The second link on the new opening page leads to the Ty Girlz Splash and the Ty Girlz opening page.

On the Ty Girlz page, hen you click on "New Member" a page opens with a box that invites you to enter your "secret code".

Underneath, the front view of a Ty Girlz Tag animates and opens up to show that it is a Lovely Lola Tag with XXX in the spaces where the code would be.

Log In Tag 1

Log In Tag 2

Log In Tag 3

Oops - Wrong Code

Forgot Member Name/Password

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My Experience by Ms. Janie!

A special thanks to my friend KarenBrit for selling me one of her Ty Girlz in advance. Without her kind gesture I would not had been able to Log Into the Ty Girlz website. After checking around and realizing that there were no reports on the Ty Girlz site, I thought I would share my own experience.

First off, allow me to say WOW!!!!!!! This was nothing like I expected, a total surprise, kids of all ages will enjoy the site! I truly mean that!

Now that I have entered the site, let me share how exciting my visit was!

The Ty Girlz tour is great! The games are awesome, at first I was a little slow at Paparazzi but once I got the hang of it, I loved playing.

Jewell Jam was also fun but you have to be quick with clicking the mouse!
Music Maker allows you to put on your own concert and you have full control of the music.
Three Girlz in a row - You must arrange a puzzle so that you line-up three girls in a row. This one was a little more challenging for me, but kids will love it.
There are 4 other games which I did not play, but have plans to go back and enjoy later.

I did enter the Girlz chat room but need more time to find my way around. It looks like it may be a cool place to hang out and have some fun.

Of course the bank is always my favorite place to go. I was surprised to learn that I had already earned four dollars in my account for the Ty Girlz games I played. I must make a note to go back there and have more fun and earn more money!

I must admit, Ty did a fabulous job on the Ty Girlz page. It is full of exciting things to do, offers challenge and keeps you looking for more! I am totally impressed and will say that the wait was worth it! It I sound a little excited, itís because I am. As in The Price Is Right - You never know what may be lurking behind curtain number three, BUT in this case, Ty truly has a HIT behind all of the curtains.

I hope you have the opportunity to have as much fun as I did with Ty Girlz.

Ms. Janie


The new opening page to the Ty Website has two links, the link to the Ty Girlz site and the Llink to the original site. The link to the original site is decorated with a picture of "all of your favorite Beanie Babies". Most of these seem to be licensed Beanies like Charlotte's Web, Sponge Bob, Dora and Blues Clues Beanies.

The second link on the new opening page as well as the center piece flash "Who's That Girl?" on the Ty Page lead to the Ty Girlz site. A report from Ms. Janie was posted in yesterday's Daily Beanie News Report below. As of 10:00AM EST, there are absolutely no posts regarding the Ty Girlz Web site posted by any user. It would seem that someone would have had something to say. Either no one who posts on the Ty Cyberboard bought any Ty Girlz, there is a Cyberboard Blackout or All of the Moderators or on vacation. LOL.

The current Newz ia available on the Ty Girlz site without a passcode:

Here are some observations from people at Beanie UK who have purchased the dolls and who have codes. It would have seemed that each doll you purchased would have her own room at the inn and individuality with their own Bank accounts etc... Apparently from the following report, this is not the case.

Notes From Beanie UK :

Hi All
Anyone else tried it out? The games are fun. It's a shame they've not yet shipped in the States yet. Richard, have your children tried it yet? I registered one in my id, and am not sure whether to have Jessica register one, or whether to register all in my name. She's not tried the site yet, but will be interesting to see how the children enjoy it.
Love: Karen

Hi Karen,
Yep, as soon as I realised the site was up and running when I got into work this morning, I registered 1 of each asap and 'SNAP'!!!! I was in!!! played every game...many times, earned extra $$$$$ and then bought furniture for the Manhatten Pad! and still have the Beach House, The Dessert Home and the Mountain Lodge all still to decorate!!!! I did pop into the chat rooms, but no-one was there :( so went back too shopping instead!!!!! LOL
Let us know what Jessica thinks of it ( if you decide to let her play too! LOL )
lov jen

Hi Jen
I had sent 1 of the 6 to Ms. Janie. I registered 1 and Jessica registered 3 more of the 5 in my name, the 5th one wouldn't register, so I'm working on that.

However, from what it seems you don't get different girlz, just more cash. I wouldn't have used them up had I have realized that.

Unless we're doing something wrong, it seems very hard to earn money. It shouldn't just be that you have to buy a new doll to get cash. We've earned $2 or $3 at a time, and Jessica didn't get any for the 10,000 points she earned on the bouncing game.

Let me know how you get on.
Love: Karen

Hey Jen/Karen,

After Jen kindly lent me her user information I managed to successfully log onto Ty Girlz this afternoon. I must say, as Ms. Janie did, I'm so very impressed by what Ty has done here! I would love something similar with male touch LOL.

I played all the games and have had a good look around! Jen I managed to get you $12 LOL. I'm amazed by how much you have already ;o)

I think the games you can get money on are: Jewel Jam, Three Girlz in a Row, Trivia Time, Who's that Girl, and Match Girlz.

I went into the Chat Room as well however no one was there LOL.

Jen, I'll let you decide what to spend the $12 on! LOL.

I would strongly advise avoiding the Girlz Bounce game. It is possibly the most mind-numbing game available; it never gets any more difficult - I played it until the end just to see if anything did eventually happen, but at Round 200 it just stops sending Girlz to bounce and that is it. I ended up with 68 lives remaining and Heaven knows how many points, but I think you only get the dollars for the amount of time spent playing, not the eventual score.

I'll tell you what is really great though is that we get first dibs on the account names. I've called mine "Loopy" - i think the odds of getting this name later would have been nigh on impossible.


Hey Paul,
Thanks for the warning! I only played that game for a little while and didn't get anywhere near Round 200 LOL.

Oh good point about the user names! I'm glad you managed to get yours without any trouble :o)
I've just had a nasty thought. It is now possible for someone on the Girlz web-site to take the username of somebody else from the Ty web-site (for example I could choose "KarenBrit" as my Ty Girlz username); this must open things up for fraudulence, as a trusted name on the Ty web-site is now an unknown on the Girlz web-site.
Hi Paul
I used KarenBrit. However, since my daughter will probably play on it too, I probably should have had some different name.

I remember once when some people on aol chat were messing with names. They were setting up user names close to someone elses and pretending to be them. They'd do KARENBR1T, which has a 'one' instead of an 'i', or say for LOOPY they'd use L00PY, the number zero, instead of letter o. It was a real mess, you never knew who you were talking to. They thought it was funny, but one person had terrible trouble when the person went onto ebay with an id trying to represent her. I think she did eventually get them to close the id that looked like hers.
Love: Karen

Hi Paul
I'm with you. That bouncing game could render you brain dead. I was waiting for a next level, something different to happen, but no, it went on and on...I ended it in the end. Jessica had more patience, but how sad, after all she did, we got NO cash earned.
Love: Karen


Hi Allan
Glad you had a laugh and thanks muchly for the $$$$ I will let you know what I put them towards at a later date :)
Just to let you know though in case you think I spent all my time playing games to earn the $$$$$, I got $500 when I registered the first doll and also a bonus $1000 for being one of the early registers and the $500 for each additional I registered and a couple of bonuses for something else along the way...I forget what now...sorry so anyhow, after I had registered all 6 I found $6000 in my bank account!!! cool huh, so , as any FG would....I went straight to the mall and spent $600 on furniture, clothes and boots!!! LOL so, now I am trying to make it back up to the $6000...may take a while though at only $2 per game ! LOL
anyhow, thanks again Allan and borrow the code any time you like :)
lov jen :)

Hi everyone!

The Ty Web Site has a whole new look today. The Girlz Page and The other pages like the Ty store and Beanie pages branch off from the new main page. A screen shot review will be posted on shortly.


Just noticed. Clicking on the "Enter Site" will take you to the old style page.

Thanks for pointing this out, David - when I read about it earlier I thought the whole site had been changed! I wonder why they have done this?

the phoenix


It looks like an attempt to make it appear to be new and changed, to be more exciting and to show a distinct difference between two sites by creating two entry points. One entry goes to the original site while the second entry goes to the Ty Girlz site.

Curiously though, the original site still has the flash in the center for the Ty Girlz. If it didn't, there would be no way to get to the Ty Girlz from there without a new link or Ty Heart to lead to the Ty Girlz...

Beanies In The News:

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Pet Project
"But Ty Warner -- creator of the once omni-present "Beanie Babies" -- is also jumping on the interactive bandwagon. The company recently introduced "Ty Girlz ..."

The Ty Girlz Web Site is a part of but separated from the original Ty web site. If you do not have a code, you will not be able to Log In on the Ty Girlz web site. In addition to those above, here are some of the images you might find as a non-member:

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