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April 20th to 21st 2007:

Did you ever pay way too much for a Beanie?
I remember when Goldie first came out there were none to be found at the usual places, so someone sent me to a secondary place. They had the beautiful Goldie and I paid $65 for it-only to find out just a short time later the Hallmarks got them in for regular price.I felt pretty silly, but I kept my expensive Goldie anyway-I really liked her and have her to this day. I think I learned a valuable lesson here-but I still love my Goldie the Goldfish. Guess lots of novices made mistakes! How about you?????

Yes, I paid over $100 for Princess when she first came out. That was early in my collecting days - I learned from that mistake!

How well I remember. I paid $70.00 for 1998 Holiday Teddy and then later found him for regular price. I shared with my sis who had recently lost her husband and she couldn't find 1998 Holiday anywhere, so I didn't mind so much paying that for him.
I've learned my lesson though. If I don't find them for regular price, I don't buy.
Have a beaniful day.
Beanie hugs

Yes, I paid 45.00 for a princess!!!!
At that time they were selling for 4 and 5 hundred! So, at the time I thought I was getting a Bargain!!LOLOL! that was the last time I did that!I later saw shelves full of Princess!!

I payed over a 100 Bucks for a Garcia about 9 years ago. I learned from my mistake, never again !

I sold a Maple for $400......and yes I was LOL! But paid $80 for Thank U #2 nm

Re:Yes! I paid $180 for Germania. A few years later a whole bunch surfaced and it was selling for $8.00 to $12.00. Just made me sick that I had spent that much.
:) Diane

Too many times than I care to think of! lol n/m

I sit here and chuckle, but I spent well over $200 on Libearty years ago. I sent him in to be authenticated and he was NOT really authentic. So I traded for 2 more Libeartys, they were fake as well. I then traded for 1 last Libearty but never did send it in for authentication. Years later, I recently purchased a Libearty on eBay and sent it Peggy G to be authenticated. I really did not know if it was authentic, so I went out and spent the money on ANOTHER Libearty through eBay which was already authenticated. Then the answer came from Peggy G that the one Libearty that I had sent in was AUTHENTIC!!! I have TWO Libeartys and I was JUMPING UP and DOWN!! I was SO excited, thrilled and just really happy that I FINALLY got a REAL Libearty, well TWO of them, I was madly excited! Libearty is truly a beautiful bear in my book and I will continue to collect AUTHENTIC Libearties for as LONG as he is around for collectors.

Too many times, but the outstanding ones were Royal Blue Peanut-$1500 about seven years ago, but it was authentic, and Deep Fuschia Patti, which was found not to be 1st Generation. (It has to be 1st generation to be authentic Deep Fuschia,) but my money was refunded on that one.

Yes I paid $40.00 for a Unity beanie that now you can get for $5.00 when they first came out. So now I wait and wait till I can afford one or wish for them.

And I'm not even counting all of the other country exclusives!!!
I have a huge sack of other country exclusives and I'd have to look up what I paid for them, but it was plenty.I know I paid $40 for Germania, and not long after, they went way down. I have Buckinghan, Nipponia, etc. etc. and have never tried to sell them. I bought them through a friend who assurred me this was a reputable dealer, and back then it was the only way I knew to get them.Oh yes-I also paid quite a lot for the Unity Bear. I remember one thing I really liked about so many of them was their colors-quite different from the average Beanie. Think that Buckingham's royal bergundy is my favorite, and while I might some time sell them, I'm happy with them right now. But we all sure learned by putting holes in our pockets haven't we? :) Any other stories to share?

Sort of...mostly I just overpaid a little not majorly like by $10 or $20
Every once in awhile I will get so excited for a beanie I will buy it right away for $20 or something then a month goes by and its going for $8 but I have never overpaid majorly like hundreds of dollars. I got lucky and found Princess and Peace at a garage sale when they were still going for alot and it kind of makes a funny story that I should tell sometime when I get the chance.
~Blue Stripe~
The Blue Stripe

i never overpaid on my beanie babies, either i got them for free as gifts, or i went to a hallmark but now, i get them from a grocery store for only 4.99 each! so i never over paid for beanie babies!

Hi TheBlueStripe-interesting story-Now please tell---
Hi! Thanks for sharing. But now we're interested in your "funny story". We all probably have more than one ourselves. It would make a good new topic. Finding Princess, etc. where you did is just amazing!

YES!!!! I...........................................
I PAID $ 7.50 EACH WITH TAX OR $ 90.00 FOR THE 12

Even thought a few tymes I've paid top dollar, I never consider it overpaying because my philosophy is this:

At any given tyme, if there's something I can only obtain through secondary sources, I watch the prices. If the prices are in the range I can afford at the given tyme, AND the item is something I really, really want and I don't want to take the chance of the price going up and totally out of the range I can afford, paying "top dollar" at that given tyme will always be worth it to me.

Now, have I paid a lot for something only to watch the prices drop? Sure. I've also watched things get virtually impossible to find later on too and had been ever so glad I jumped on them and paid top dollar when I did.

It's a philosophy that has worked for me in my almost 7 years of collecting and I can honestly say that my bargain finds more than make up for the slight minority of pieces I have paid top dollar for. I have no regrets. Keep having fun and have a great weekend!

PattiBuddy, FerociousPlatypus

I paid $50.00 for Princess when she first came out to a retailer in Dallas. The most I've paid for a Buddie was $100.00 for Quackers. I haven't regretted that much for Quackers for one minute. I was out waiting for the UPS trucks to make deliveries early that morning. When one store didn't get anything I gave up and when home. The very next store got 6 wingless Quacker Buddies!Just my luck!
Greatgrand mother 3

Yes, I paid $130 For Maple, and $125 For Germania

There have been a couple of others I paid way to much for only to have them be worth nothing a short time later. I now have extras of all of them that no body wants, but I will always keep the ones I first bought and paid high dollar for.

I miss the old days, when collecting was fun, and the thrill of the hunt.

But at any rate I do still love my beanies.


Not really. Princess comes to mind but I really waited and .....
waited to get this one and finally got one when the price dropped to $35.00. I just love this bear and still think I did good at the time when she was going for $125. Nancy

OH YEAH!!! Garcia and Seamore story to follow.....
Attended week long conference in St Louis soon after the 1997 Fall October retirements, much anticipation on the "next" batch of retirees. Must get them before they retire!!! Many of you can relate to that long ago emotion I am sure. Long story short....I bought Garcia & Seamore for the bargain deal of $280 for the pair at a kiosk location. Now what do you do with such a prize purchase? Can't leave it in a hotel room, might be stolen. Can't take them with you during the conference. Believe me, I love beanies, but it would have been a credibility issue. Answer, wrap them in tissue, put them in the front desk hotel safe. The young man was really sweet, didn't once laugh at me. We both agreed it was a first for each of us. Ohhhh, those golden beanie days.
five bears

I sure did. Never again will I make that mistake.
I bet you thought I meant buying expensive beanies. Nope. I meant, getting married.
I over paid for a lot of beanies when I first
start collecting them. Than, I got married
and my husband said he would build me a beanie
wall for my beanies. Well, after the fact, he
said there were no beanies allowed in the house.
He proceeded to give them all away. I bet you
can guess, that marriage didn't last very long.
LOL. I am collecting again!

$300 for Maple $100 for a princess and peace
$125 for sakura
after i found several maples for retail
same with princess and peace

Beanie UK's cheshirebear1 pointed out the completed auction posted on 4/22/2007's Breaking News, for an authenticated Quackers oddity spelled Quacker. Anonymous bidding began at GBP 82.99 on April 20th. 33 bids and two days later on April 22nd, the final bid was won by the 2nd of 4 Bidders whose winning bid was GBP 10,009.00 that is US $20,065.04 ! The above posts from the Ty Cyberboard ask if you have ever spent too much on a Beanie. This was certainly a rather expensive one ! For more info on this sale see the 2007 Breaking News page!

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