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Twentyfourseven Kids

Educational TV, DVD's and Videos
Entertainment, ABC Mouse Computer Learning
Your Baby Can Read Progam, Leapsters, Leap Pads, Puzzles
ABC and Duplo Building Blocks, Frontier Logs, Magneatos ...
Toy Houses, Castles, Tools, Dolls, Toys and more...
Hexbug Nano and Tracks, Thomas Engine Trains and Track Sets.

Available 24/7

The 24/7 Kids Web Site is undergoing redevelopment. Over the past year we relocated from 10466 to 10467. Many of our infants and toddlers have grown up and started school over the past few years and continue to visit 24sevenkids, serving NYC for the past 4 years... Many new infants and youngsters of all ages have joined our group as well over time. A new and more varied set up provides educational entertainment for all ages including our older grade school aged children. Visit us at


Day Night & Weekends Child Care
Bronx, New York 10467

1-800 728-8281

Beautiful daycare located in the Bronx.

If You are looking for an affordable & loving daycare for your children, look no further!

Developmentally appropriate materials

Opportunites for exploring and learning

Daily routines promote thinking, talking, exploration, discovery, and learning.

24sevenkids is a positive learning environment where children explore and learn through fun activities, which include art, songs, stories and games and so much more!

Active Learning

Hands on Activities

Child Growth and Development